Limeric Index



Barney, visit Killarney. weedless. are seedless. Heidi, be tidy;
bad, a lad. Malucca, his succa. truth! Aunt Ruth?
McCloud, was proud. Rassity, with rapacity. Mork, a fork."
Tweed, singular creed; treasure, full measure France, ze chance.
imperfections, female rejections. pigs, nor Nigs), wrong," Miss Strong.
Krause, a louse, Kentucky, fuck ye." doubt, his spout
visible, fountain unfizzable, Afraid, lovers un-laid, love-life, without strife.
Maude; now assured! fame, the game: filth, the hilth?"
Sinbad, named Linbad. bee," of Tralee. sages, of ages:
wheedle. the deed'll chase, his place. Grundy, fun day.
furious, sometimes injurious. chap, his lap. aisle, with Lisle.
dal, Pizza Royale. shine, sounds fine." wrong!" are strong!
Quarry, my lorry, gown, of renown, Bernice, rather obese,
Drabble, for rabble; holler; a scholar. Trudeau, been screwed-o.
found, speeding south-bound. existence, friend's insistence hot, was not.
chorus, old Boris. bed, a spread, Buck; own luck.
pub, grub, dicky, a quickie. man, at Cannes.
Penzance, of romance, Isidore, a whore. Linnet, every minute.
Fred, to bed, Missippi, quite slippy. she, Jane, me.
tree, you'll agree, it; repeat it.


this, (cardgame) adore, terrible chore. off, a boff.
luck, a fuck!" force; and coarse; stuff, be rough.
fool; your tool." chance, a glance). teddy. and heady.
Lucker, fuck her; Campbell, to scramble. disgusth, with Lusth.
snide; get inside!" Booker, no hooker! night, a fight.
poem, show 'em, Elaine, with disdain. season, of reason.
Trust, you must, floor; a boor. IRADE, hubby trade
Hutch, him much. neighbors, sexual favors. Moffin, so often,
Kreitzon, lights on, Shore? out anymore. Didgeon, sexual pigeon!
Jay, each day. birds; makes turds. Sherry, "too hairy,"
Kent, a tent. gratitude, secondhand platitude. Brewer, and fewer,
Vine, is divine, playin' overloud brayin'. fool. would drool,
quick; slow-burning wick. Knight? not right! Meads. my steeds.
long, glances sidelong. grotto, was blotto) bore! the door,
Knight, too trite. bright, it right! Tateful, so hateful,
lass, of class. Sale, a whale, moan: that bone?"
said, to bed?" Herm, accept sperm. Joe, and sew.
minx, panties methinks. Lamb, I yam! Trevor, exceedingly clever.
britches, young twitches... Pruitt, blew it. treat, balance sheet.
Pruit, eschew it, Rand, the band. neighbor, great labour.
tossed? have glossed! Belinda, a winda Unst, of stunst


pure, for sure. large, much persiflage Cape, fair shape.
Louis, was superfluous. tiff, "What if Castor, in plaster.
Fred, was dead, Grace, passioned embrace, PILL; I will.
in, whoozy in. new; but screw; reverse; much worse;
Yale, some tail. manipulation, of copulation? holler, bottom dollar,
delayed." I'm afraid Rangoon, a boon. do, don't you?
lance, sweet romance. Lismore, or more. Westminster, desperate spinster,
sex; named Tex. led, one's head. Hooker, forsook 'er.
Frances, her pantses. Algeria, of hysteria, cynic," named Minnick
nation, like fornication; penurious, was injurious. Persia, curse ya,
Cam, named Sam Ebeneezer, old geezer. stink? you think?
"Exquisite, is it, Lapp, a sap. Trappe, my lap,
swinger, to linger. Bunky, a flunky. proclivity, immoral festivity.


grocer, growing moroser. looker! any hooker. Rye, dreadfully shy:
hills, and chills: peak, a week, recreation, of probation.
Brighton, Enid Blyton. Kevin, him heaven, Gault, a fault.
Rose, her clothes. Aires, of diaries. fire, prostitute's hire.
projecting, be rejecting. ocean, sexual notion. chance, guys' rants).
first. the worst horse, not coarse! gentry, gain entry.
Orting, were a-courting; it. without it. went. I resent.
Joan, a bone, Tuck, of luck. wary, most scary.
Sybil? a dibble; cousin, a dozen,) runt; take affront
moonlight; so bright. SFA; the day. screw, so few...
Wade, fair maid. "Dear, a year... flight, tail." "Right"
Brewer, a sewer. Lahore, holiday bore. Tate, I hate,
headboard, of reward. Anglo-Saxon; so flaxen. knuckle, to suckle,
uncouth, named Ruth. mutton, blouses unbutton, chin, a pin;
Annette, a bet. curse, a nurse. Gold, on hold;
Rogers, her lodgers;


Leeman, much screamin'. coition?" any position McGuzzen, knock-kneed cousin.
hexed. family vexed. Beacham, beseech 'em Beacham, beseech 'em
Beacham, beseech 'em underwear. a scare. intoxicated, were x-rated.
Tartary, jugular artery; he, "Could he?" Grant, sensitive plant.
Shell, pussy cartel, river; a quiver. Eric, great climacteric:
Grant, four-foot-one aunt. Britain, sex kitten, Stan, to plan.
hair; usual flair. Skye, "Aye," said? my bed.
L.A. Olay, Olay!" Bustard, got flustered. Manitober, disrobe her.
snooker, the hooker; dancer, this answer, Jane; a brain!
Twynn, for sin. Chuck, I duck. Havant, impotent savant.
yen, the glen. Warder, the border. relates, the fates,
Eire, her 'dearie'. Lilliputian, a cushion; lodger, this codger.
Cardigan, hard again. Fears, in tears... willie, just chilly.
Snow, a blow, Britain, sex kitten, swimmin' right linen.
Lily; around Picadilly. ball! that alcohol! Cooper; a stupor.
Mass., country ass. Leeza, old geezer. Connie, and bonny.


true, of two. chagrin, a gentleman. see? for me.
unease, to please. low; country woe. uneasy. are greasy.
repast, the past, go. and so crass, Texas lass.
durned! have yearned. more. a bore! again, her yen,
long, my dong, ter, his tractor, river, give her,
cunt, a punt, spire, my desire. left, to heft
appendage, to upendage, Kate, can't relate." aware; my scare.
lay; the hay. erection!" an infection. new? been few,
true! a screw. refined; and kind. Shelly. Gene Kelly.
Melisande, thy hand. shocked! yet defrocked, then, and pen.
so; money grow. gaffe; to laugh. keep; me weep.
like, my pike. -- a jiff! it, cock; it
cop; to stop. teens, tight jeans.


about? to shout; Lark, the park. May, to play.
curmudgeon, nudge 'em. Eskimo. did blow. John, average ex-con.
come. her hum. Havana, in Nirvana. more. and sore.
endurance, my assurance Nate, really great. Ollie, young dolly.
Sheikhs, for weeks, adore, their sore. 'em; shot 'em.
Lee, with Marie; Hays, amorous ways. Flo; and fro.
Kuwait, to mate June." so soon?" affair, to bear.
brink, that pink not? hot -- master, any faster!"
fact, to attract! Louisville, adequate skill. Blum, are glum.
admiration, extreme veneration, best, your test: lot, you've got;
Schirring, and purring. rise, blue eyes; yet, passion-needs met,
moan, your bone sweet, of sheet. technique, this week;
heat; and complete; side, be denied; wet, you bet.
prone; what's grown! instead, in bed. as, heavenly places.
lay, the day; got, a knot. wide; cable inside.
able, meter-long cable. day; we sway; awake; to bake,
love-fest; precious nest; bed, my head; porthole, athwart roll.
bed; this spread, worn; old saddle-horn. Granger, the manger.
Hintz, will wince. hours, their bowers. heart? I start?
vacation, to temptation. true, my curfew: Creek, a leak.
exulting, too insulting, Shaver; small favor. bassoon, too soon.
scrumptious, sumptuously rumptious, -- and rough. mowing, was growing.
fun? you've begun, climb; manner sublime. floor, for more,
Jo, "You know, stroke, a bloke John; long dong.
Idette; You bet! Kitchener, on her. shook, his book.
Sy, longer spry; Kong, fantastic oolong: Kay: the hay;
door, got sore. Calhoun, too soon. Payne, to complain.
Slade, all made, schism, try hypnotism.


boast, a toast: D.C. services free. flowers, and bowers,
obsession, of opression, Roose, the loose. Rhees, his ease.
Stan, of Man. Laurentians, fringed gentians, her, come her.
Stephanie, deafen me. friend, to mend. Schraffts, interesting crafts.
erotic, visions narcotic: bust; their lust. Lynch, the clinch.
France, her pants. attacking, be lacking. spend, over again.
breeze; with ease. class, her ass. fire, of desire,
duck, I suck; dialed; I smiled. Amherst, wasn't adverse
screw, to do? far, the car; completely. beat me!
fellatrix, five pricks. uterus; so cooterous. style, a while.
Tombigger: a nigger. Cecil, usually nestle. Kalgurly, nor burly.
one?) nicely done. built; the hilt, Ames, popular games.
Wacker, attack her. too, great screw. Rienzi, a frenzy.
classiness; their brassiness. curled, was hurled. Sloan; did bemoan.
skill, quick thrill. highs, to prise Timothy, is proximity.
Australia, unveil ya. zits, her tits. Giles, his files.
Billie, life willy-nilly Nims, foam-rubber shims, Sixty-niners. the Shriners.
Visalia, infantry failure. Betty, rather petty. Marius, quite various.
inherit, a ferret. Best," the rest Peru, ultimate screw.
trapeze, great ease. Wright, Turkish delight. thing; a fling.
female, more pale. Hartley, named Bartley. Galt, his vault.
Joan, never alone, Tring, identity ring:


Kate, excellent date, Fretter, a letter, Moore, a whore,
rumming? everything humming. Pam, terrible jam. Barb, a darb.
Brook, to cook. west, was best. Gunnison, is on.
Alice, a phallus; row, house frau. passion, clitoral mashin',
Miami, sex double-whammy. Trallee, "Oui, Oui!" Lecks, wearing effects,
Brad, his pad. Frings, sexual things? Frings, cohabiting brings,
lace, her face. Celeste, the best. Cathay, to lay,
Moline, and obscene. burlesque, manner mauresque. Joanie, too bony,


front, a cunt. Brophey, ribbon trophy, Morse, a horse.
fuck, good suck, Vickery, all city-slickery. Stockholm, walk home.
Duluth, from youth; blues, not goody-two-shoes. Gundar, virile wonder.
Rex, at sex mechanic, was satanic.


Grace, libidinous race. said, with Fred, disappointment, have double-jointment.
Fess, a mess. thunder, down under; springs, the things,
whore, the floor. Botticelli, her belly: Falls, Englebert calls,
busy; till dizzy. simper, man whimper. Valencia, of dementia.
lusted; big busted; undergrad, and bad. head, in bed,
fried; I've tried. needs, and seeds; May, the hay.
why, to try. moister, succulent oyster, Beeman, except semen.
English, dead fish elating, one's copulating. tizzy, quite frizzy.
puffin'; half-hearted stuffin'." back, the sack. tight, all night.
marshmallow, tough fellow employ, a boy. Mattick, quite ecstatic.
Sound, one found lie; or Vi? avail, big snail.
Weft, and deft. Stout, a shout. Cox, old box?
girl; tha world. Toronto; on to. create, great --
Corelli, her belly. Bridget, and fidget, Hythe; and lithe.
night! white light... Isle, his style. withdrew, to screw;
cold, to hold Virginia, sin, yeah! mumble; clumsier fumble.
Rind, his behind, Teutonic, just supersonic. silly, new filly
enjoy, a boy, queen, so obscene, trust, my lust.
bad," bold lad, Annick, a panic. detest, one breast,
Woking, the poking in, was a-pumpin'. Sue; to do.
May, for foreplay. Hunt, her cunt: Danius, men miscellaneous.
antique, a week. rather, telephone blather. smile, great style,
McSore, the floor. show, with outflow. Fisk, was brisk.
twinkie; too kinky. Shasta, pump faster; Hat, gentlemen that
fraying, comes a-greying, Tillie, perfectly silly. Temacula, was spectacula.


Runyon, Clara's bunion; size, her thighs; toes, Red's 'hose';
sight, with delight; hustle, large bustle, place, mobile embrace;
'round, her mound; later; been greater; land, heavy demand;
bunion, in Runyon! resist; your fist. bucking, and sucking,
Sam. just WHAM! clan, sexual plan. loose; blowing fuse.
fall; the ball. around, your mound, dear, I fear
here! in rear! me, I prithee; stars, limo cars,


Saxe, two backs. dear, new year; Legree, his pee.
Moines, my loins. Scott, some snot, prime; the rhyme.
Sault, to do; Biddle, a diddle. mine, rather fine,
day, then say, hose, it glows. stoker, your stroker.
Pete, in heat. Wimley, quite primly, line, in fine,
grunts, he confronts. Herm, of sperm; Russa, and looser,
keep, feet deep. had, get mad. McPherson, a person
Androtti; our Lottie. Darius, manner precarious. Kildare, in air,
all, the wall, say? good anyway. it. like it.
right, spammer's shite. rose, that those vocational, love-life interracial.
through, this view: rest, batteries lest Hample, "You're ample."
contented; he's tormented. Finches, and winches. mice, is nice.
Shevar, of endeavor. Beirut, birthday suit, Twitty, the city.
Gypsum, strips 'em. Lundy, every Monday. Keokuck; lousy luck.
Mix, just kicks; bedmate: to date. Brower, sexual power:
Aberystwyth, grist with. script, has flipped, Raleigh, is folly,
Lucknow, fuck now!" sex, fangled, complex, bloke, a poke.
sting, to sing lay! will say; fickle, a pickle,
spring; familiar ding Fred, in bed. Marty, delightfully hearty.
dissentions, Anglo-Saxon pretensions, Slocum, much hokum. Bordeaux, say no!"
hay; feely foreplay. Rye, a guy. Bombay: wonderful day.
me, said Leigh; Ruth, telephone booth, Miranda, commendable candor.
Raleigh, the trolly. -- Saturday night. Deal, not real,
Ewing, been doing, McMace, is base. silly, my willy;


booze, a snooze. Hutch, to much. kenned, romantic weekend:
pursued," young dude. Mucking, of sucking. ambitiously, dear, expeditiously."
Snyder, astride her, Manitoba, to disroba. Anna, and manna.
quench, suitable wench. Clombe, quite glum, boatswain, be frozen.
bucolic, drink alcoholic. Swedes, perfume exceeds, lightning, is heightening.
Moines, their loins, science, the appliance delicious; ladies, lubricious.
Tucson, from Pusan, bed, to Ned. swear! Winnie-the-Pooh underwear!
jump, his rump. flop. then drop... Sue? near Crewe.
bare-back, the sack. grip; innocuous quip. horse, the source.
fun; ever done. Chester, called Hester. hay; which way.
me, pathetic peepee. Douz, a snooze; smother, and mother;
Kerr, I prefer. various, most precarious, castle, and wrassle,
Wattie, met dotty. sexes! perplex us, Eton, heat on,


Stein, nearly divine, add, her pad, expense. common sense,
Rhoda, chocolate soda. Essex, bless sex, Finch's, in clinches.
Jackson, of Saxon. Twiss, a bliss. ruffling, needed muffling.
trouble, her bubble. oath, lush undergrowth. Aloha, a proa.
Topeka, and weaker. Kew, don't chew. soul, African's poles.
dish; like fish, attitude, profound gratitude, Marge, a barge,
Hentz, she'd yentz. yeast, masculine beast, divine; aesthetically dine
heat, a treat! snug, my rug. distress", to undress.
Browder; and prouder. Shore, and more. Lynn, "It's sin."
Carmen, and barmen. better, much wetter. Joy, a boy.
beaut. that cute high; the sky, Gay, the hay.
bred, to bed. May, lady lay. Harrow, large marrow.


born," little forlorn. puffing; not enoughing!" gaily, Mr. Haley--
roots, my suits), Austin, in Boston, Scotian, the ocean,
Moravia, enslave ya. wood, woman good, Austin, (reject spirituality)
Phil, boys will. Ollie, a dolly. clerk, of work.
Calcutta, love butter. Min, when in "Min! bath-tub gin;
canard, love avant-garde Rodgers, the lodgers,


Flo, pair go. green, be seen see, and he.
class, sweet ass. reason. on squeezin' art, front part;
page! your age!" me; could see room, full bloom)
doing? ridiculous mewing! Pete's, pulsating meat. fault. a halt?
you! good view. din, jollification within. Falls, popular balls.
Della, her fella; fright, The Night!" Rise, his supplies,
Maud, society fraud. discreet, we meet. Norte, and haughty.
hidden. is priest-ridden. Nice, named Elise, it; to it.
water, they oughter. bliss, every kiss. bizarre, a jar.
summer, a drummer, Shirley, and burley. Nattick, very erratic.
been? in sin?" Brook, husband took. delicious, a lubricious
Inchydunny, are funny; bedevilled, they revelled. snigger, hour-glass figure;
call, the hall; trends; merely extends dally, the valley.
Jean; a ravine. fraught, feel overwrought, Swiss) a kiss.
skeedaddle. my dad'll Keremeos, be us! lights, her tights.
crowd, quite loud, disappear, the engineer; here; my gear?
Cooper," highway trooper, lei. inland ley, Smith, a myth.
hot, shady spot... gone? looking on. Cooper, terrible blooper.
womb; cozy room. new; for you. try. "Should I?"
Pitlochry, a mockery. Matmatter, and chatter; Mahoney, on Coney.
Bella, her fella. larks, in parks.


Howard, she showered. Shanks, water tanks. Decatur, winsome tomato,
Dunn, but fun. grass, country lass, Hadley, very gladly.
Madras, the grass. Ned, his bed. Welch, to squelch,
Furster, burst her. heights, and bites. Tagore, the floor.
Goody, would he? wank; to thank. Vic, & spick,
Burce, Lola Furce. askew, in view. Siberia, dearie, uh,
Bart, to start. plump; to hump teaser, sieze her.
Jack; great lack. grope; can't cope! Natrass, an actress,
Ewing, was doing try, wife cry. smack, her back.
bed; the head. Schust, to lust. Herschel, "quite controversial."
Flynn, to begin. Hartley, dowager smartly, cacked, strange fact
avoirdupois, a boy. sin," a grin, Bingham, bring 'im
Tootle, been futile, extender, to engender. worms. and firms.
maid, Having played, strain, forgetful brain. Jack; whack whack.
Gump, a jump. erotic, raw dick. Franky; is Spanky.
Eskimo, the snow. Mensa, blunders intense-a. piece, my Niece,
Bruin, completely a-ruin. Kay, one day. Packenham, in 'em.
dysfunction, called unction." Caesar, woman pleaser. dick, a lick,
shot! you've got? Kip, a trip. Wayne, the rain.
Chris, conjugal bliss, Linning, and ginning, McPhett, all wet.
Potter, caught her, must, 'tween bust. provoking, halitositical sucking.
sheik, penile physique. resourceful, was remorseful; Dan, misguided Rabbitman.
Gentry, girl sentry. Hitchin, the kitchen. Golda, and colda.
McKinnon, her sinnin', Howe, slatternly sow; Betty, my Freddie.
Lou, of Purdue; Minter, in winter. MacKay, the hay?
grass, his ass. semantical, not pedantical; Tyburnia, a hernia.
lot, a cot. Biddle, slight taradiddle; verse, be worse.
sadder, had her. you? and screw? Scot, a pot.
beer; her rear.


Glubb, did flub. Matilda, thrilled her. suppose, as Joe's.
fainting! time re-acquainting. faint, a saint. rush; and crushed.
above, about love. floor, that for? Wheeling, great feeling
Papp, a snap." humdrum. to plumb, intellectual: frankly sexual.
Jill, control pill; Magoo, to screw." Russell, a tussle.
Dotty, very knotty. -- and chilling. Glosting, and exhausting.
Gore, a bore. fiance, a day, frigidity; your quiddity;
McBride, this ride; bum, his tongue; dumb; me numb.
giggle, even wiggle. Orillia, his memorabilia, Thed; in bed.
bed-wetting; rather upsetting. night, passion's delight, Scot, his yacht.
Head, to bed. Vero; a hero. it; a poet,
West, great zest. McGee, pumping industriously sex, it wrecks.
peeling." with feeling, Lytton, sexual kitten, Riggle, a jiggle.
Dagmar, drag, ma. East, very least, Forrer, restore her.
Peru, she'd screw. pet; truly regret. ten! start again!


Frandal: a scandal! lad, a cad. monsieur, not sure.
me. alert me verity. with CELERITY. Hughes, to lose,
nod, young bod; "Slick-shooter," brute; her Glen, and then.
maid, been betrayed: Dorella, the cella. Verdun, "We're done!
Dick, horny prick. slob, named Cobb. sex, ever complex.
dunce, cunning stunts. beckoned. out, reckoned endure, is poor.
name; of shame. relations, this oration: Newcombe, few come,
come, then some. York, his cork. Burley, and curly.
shame. little dame, sighted, suddenly excited. Craig, quite vague.
bride, it inside.


Nailer, assail her. Elysian, appendix incision. Nevada, and madda.
roll; can't control Nicky, one quickie. Mahjongg: too long.
bung; bushes well-sprung. Nick, too quick, McGruder, nocturnal intruder,
unaware, to share scummy, their tummy; bone; for home.
Cole, today [personal]: Jane, a pain. dejection, half section:
named; so ashamed, inch, won't flinch, Celeste, her undressed.
construe, you poo." Long, strong -- Smiles, the tiles.
chum, incredibly dumb. her, inside her. madder, had her.
Annie; the fanny. rear, a queer? femininity, her virginity.
Sark, the dark. O'Malley, named Sally. Spartillicus, girlfriends umbilicus.
gent, from Gwent. Wendover, bend over, Greer, opulent rear,
Joel, seven-inch pole, Bath, mistress's wrath; Hollywood-Vine, murmured "Fine!
Grace, to face.


lord; sword -- gushin' good crushin'. Fred, in bed."
floor, did soar, remorse, such force thwart. to report.
filed, was defiled. man. than flash-in-the-pan. night, a delight.
died. deep inside. divorce, the force use, small fuse.
leisure, do treasure, pain, very insane. mining; and dining.


said, this bed. Bract, of tact. Nome: in Rome,
Taipei, the May. Ray, one day. Linz, and spins
rockers, big knockers. Lee; who's N.G.; Haddle, from Seattle.
Bruxelles, so belles... -- were proper. Gretchen, on-the-net bitchin',
risky; young Trixie. age, ultimate rage. dapper, punk whippersnapper
Chases, outrageous places; bed. his head. not, his cot
1; just gone Warbocks, core box. west, to tryst.
Dauphin, a coffin. scored, a fjord. fall, a ball!
Peru, called diddle-dee-doo. kinky. golf linky. Purnell, remain immortal.
strange, kitchen arrange; compete, quite neat. Norton, report on:
wenches, park benches, satyr, stalled elevator, Wage, the rage.
Dockery, some crockery. Gore, a bore Blair, the stair.
Detroit, quite adroit. Ellis, her pelvellis. Cruising, are losing.
Ford, then floored, hay, one day, expensive. boffin' extensive.
Keith, funeral wreath. Fairway, rare way. Castle, would hassle.
stares, in pairs. more, a whore, roar, you snore.
Mabel, very able. gloria, Waldorf Astoria, Dear; I hear.


Pace, female embrace. shy, join mile-high. ballooning, was crooning,
faster." passed her. Frank. to thank. fly, contemplate why
proof, a spoof. me. for beauty. school, this rule:
behind, in mind: brain, sexual strain. all, sex oral--
bucolic, juice alcoholic, score, no more. ramble. much preamble.
stop, not flop. Mitzi, and bitsy. here, Marty dear.
ramble, much preamble. hayride, of daylight, Peru, to screw.
contrary, a cemetary, Tully, the gully. commission, of coition
patrols, ladies' holes, Hawke, his sock. day, it away,
hit. had bit. dingle, and single, Eiffel, will yell;
Pyle, with style laid, the shade. laid, forest glade.
hoss, a toss; flunk; more funk. theory, My query:
dew, there, too; Grimes, past times. Wanda, been fonder!
you, is true. Shucks! a duck's clover, truck over,
truck! run amuck. runnin', be gunnin' romance, helluva chance
clover, from Dover, Barden, your pardon, Wirt, the dirt.
Gertie, very flirty. wet, with Nanette. Spain, the rain.
teeth, has underneath. Linda-Louise, the trees; Lars, the stars.
Mandy; always randy. Chi, "Mile High." Etna, much betta
Alsace, the grass, poke; can stoke; Neville, the devil.
thistle! young miss'll fate, to mate. lawn, were gone;
Eskimo, herself go... grand; was planned? drawers; what's mores
Jane, her swain. oak; to poke; Pete, the street;
grand, the sand, Gloucester, lost her. Stella, young fella,
desire, and higher. confliction, painful affliction. Scranton, and pantin'.
Lillium, and trillium." horny, to corny. Buck, to fuck:
Bing, a fling.


her; found her. free, small company. chagrin, our women,
lamentation, our Nation. impasse, US lass. today; for play!
back, the rack; head, and dread, wait! night date!
tile, the aisle. nude! feeling renewed! room, to bloom.
store. I adore!) boss, did toss. wed, in bed.
harem; bare 'em. harem, impair 'em. harem, prepare him
rare, down there. us; your clitoris, floor, hope for.
smite; but bright, stable, mahogany table, strange, a change.
said, bulb, overhead. divine, appears asinine. complete, and heat;
fire, lasses desire. motel. fancy hotel, seems. and screams.
mat, was flat. table. rather unstable.) screw, it's true.
way, the waves, said, give head. dear, I fear.
bed, is dead. boring, and snoring. suppose. to prose,
lim, we swim, suity, to booty. girl; a whirl.
mail. without fail. today; must say. three, will be
assist; some risk. suity, she cutey?)


cabin, out crabbin'. tall; very small. fingers; him lingers
night, glow tonight, '06; many tricks. love, heaven above.
grin, charminly thin. grin. and then, again, maybe ten,
hillside, the fireside duck, bit o'luck rod, my bod.
lover, and uncover. kiss, not remiss. heart, a dart.
embrace, my face. world, has unfurled. Redding, been bedding.
lifetime; life redefine; true, to you, more; for sure
backed, and tact; Carter, young Tartar. paint, too faint.
morn, my horn; fled, the bed. September, glowing ember
flowers; for hours. captivate, can create; prelude, my mood;
breeze, sensuous ease; night, that ignite; old, goes cold;
Aberystwith, whist with. you, can do. bod. (My Cod!)
next... in text... abandon, in -- alone, both groan!
manipulation, with copulation. scene. village green, I, blue sky,
stray, mown hay. bloom, the broom. wood, her mood..
again, green lane, brook, must look, green, be seen;
hair, with care. moist, are voiced, gloam- our home,
idyll, I fiddyll. muddle, love puddle. wary; or hairy.
bet, in duet. bigger, thier hair-trigger. Betty, things petty.
right, winter night. men; they'll defend.


Randy, was dandy. beat; the heat Reese, his neice,
Junction, of unction: addiction, some friction; Isle, perpetual smile,
Kelly; not smelly. wife'll, an eyeful. Francisco, the disco.
Frisco, a disco. Whittle, a little, oil; my foil,
honk, this honky-tonk; store, the score. earth, lim-writing dearth.
Jelly. the telly. me. not free). tricky, not sticky.
tricky, not sticky. test, her chest. Fretter, her setter.
disagree; to me. Rex: FOR SEX. honey; much money.
lake. one mistake: jelly, the belly I; they're dry.
lube; the tube. fate, Y2K trait: tender. soon surrender,
yet?" some regret. piece. the grease? lube, a tube,
Hope, and dope, menstruation, couple's elation; Sam, from Siam.
Chard, exceedingly hard. Vector, subsexual sector Florence, great torrents.
Calcutta, with butter. Ralph, a salve. attraction, to distraction.
friend; your end should, good -- Treasures, and tethers.
tryst, his twist. Purdue, to screw. Kelly, is smelly.
porking, when uncorking. Flicker, come quicker. hate, my mate.
you!" a stew. wide, he tried! hole, your pole";
stretch, could retch. minute! in it. neck-brace) the face;
slit, to quit, tacky! by cracky! moral, thing oral.
scotch, in debauch, spat, it's at. sight: great height.
exclaim. he came. fellation, odd lubrication. lad. so bad;
cooze, she choose. space. the face. lotion; pleasurable notion.
calling, it apalling. goo, with spew. me, "pure" me,
greases, your creases. Hicks, as bricks. Shree, with ghee.
Stout; a lout; fit!" to quit. cheaper, or deeper.
Moline, white vaseline... LePew, his screw. Shelly, her belly,
groans, to Nome.. Biloxi, his doxy; Colorado, sex desperado.
Manassas, with molasses.


Nina, huge vagina. Haskett, a gasket. nice; so thrice.
Pete, Plato's Retreat; Perth, no dearth. Gloria; o' ya?
Jeanette, old baronet. yore! the floor! trooper, grope her.
Pleasure; a treasure. street, their meat); glands, but demands
men, of Heaven. stewed, shockingly nude, Wise, gave rise,
stir; a 'her'. Laos, his house. lass, biology class.
Heather, sexes together. Val, free-lovin' gal, Val, a pal.
need, copious seed. is, wet, it's lo-cal, of Val.
girth, of Firth. riddle, to fiddle. University, sexual diversity,
combat, the mat. screw, me do? arms, feminine charms,
Nola, at Loyola. time, terrible crime. Springs, sex things.
wear, a chair; Purdue, too few. McCarty, wife-swapping party;


Cruz, to refuse, Cheam, a team. flaw, Alexander Dumas.
O'Shea, was gay. Rio, and Cleo. Carolina, any finer,
York, a fork. Heather, a feather Lothario, in Ontario;
Spain, great pain. Cawnpore, same whore. Kitchener, in her.
Decatur, a freighter. truck; a suck. Cleo, named Leo.
us. his dingus. EXCURSION, kinky perversion. Paris, share us."
Gentry, Bent Tree. opined, both combined. Biddle, three-cornered diddle.
Seoul; her goal. Bosphorous, that phosphorous. friend; to lend.
Newcastle, declared universal. Dundee, lads simultaneously. wish, Lilian Gish.
lass, an ass. screwed, If you'd Ware, a pair.
Dodged, E.R., triaged. okay, at play. jammed, they scrammed
Mimi, see me, Fleenor, sexy demeanor. random, land 'em.
fiddle, you diddle?" lair, to share. slutty. talk smutty?
middle: just fiddle? one, the fun. blue, of brew,
crowd. two allowed. pair, else there. Pete, double beat.
Lou, to woo. Brewham, someone--but whom? Man", the plan;
Slaughter, ought 'er. overhead; to bed. too, for you,"
us!" a rumpus, punt, cunt hunt... Blois, sais quoi",
repose, her toes, Lyme, a time. triple, one nipple.
Dora. ectasize mora." digital, and fidgetal; said, her bed,
menage-a-trois." young squaw. Grimes, ALL crimes! 7-C, make free,
Becks, more sex... frazzle? has all Zaandam, at random.
honey; it's sunny; Beverly, darned cleverly, Y.T. "Aw gee,
NaGoo; a screw; few; was through. me, is free
Bell, a hotel; Dunn, triangular fun, Brenda, itchy pudenda.
lim, in quim, nod, sweet bod. Dunn, and fun.
cush- her tush, Danville, named Granville. man? a fan.
backs, now slacks; swear, with flair. me," is free
pernicious, of fishes, Keene, and between assume, the room,
LaVerne, to learn. Fern, to burn. night, her fight;
berserk. and perk. Ffranks, my thanks. were; a her.


Neville-the-Nerd, my bird. three-in-a-bed!" good head. John, of Dawn.
crowd'", too proud under-endowed, a cloud. course; the source.
Dawn, now gone. scrubber, a rubber!" nine; be fine;
mind, you'll find Fred. him head; must, .."
rod?" Ohmygod! there, sordid affair. over-clocking; but rocking.
fret. don't forget. me. we see? man; you can.
sake! to take. sister, Texas twister. pecker, double deckers,
Norway, a fourway. be; all three? boredom, three-some --
trigger; with vigor. freeway; a three-way. sight, regular plight.
both; have quoth. through, the crew moi, de trois.
me, of three.


Glennis, when this Annie; way's fanny-to-fanny. Dundee, sexual spree.
Lou, then two. Jensen, of Ascension. fun, here, hon.
Jean, her scene, clean; your machine. Hope, with soap,
French, a bench, Peoria, the Waldorf-Astoria, decreases; police is:
Seoul; her goal. immoral, the laurel, Stefan, a divan.
is. silly disguises debris, these three. Louise, by threes;
Bess, freely confess. Delores, the forest; fight; just right.
fine, would shine. Thomas, in pajamas. Nola, summer pergola,
knew, to screw; immoral, the laurel meat. all" treat.
Balmoral, highly immoral. harem, scare 'em. Dee, for me!
Hewitt, do it Cassandra, sister, Sandra. party, include me.
handy, get randy. Susan, completely amusin' other, my brother.


Mandy, them randy. son; already undone. rest; jiffy, undressed,
together, wore leather. together, my nether Henrietta, and fetter.
Jacquetta, met her, Loretta, chick wetter; Henrietta, sister Jacqetta.
upon, and Juan, broad, be ignored.


Iraq, its back. hill, named Bill, played; they swayed.
concussion; dual-action percussion. mend, soon end. positions, two-way intromissions,
White, my height. maid, she's laid. White, sweater tight,
size, corkscrew prize, planned, level land. asleep, Ba Peep.
dicks, the licks. spot, hot. T shoe, to do,
suck, to fuck. heaven, the seven pecks, girl's necks,
awoke, firm poke, spent, quite content," ten, it again.
eggs, long legs. played, get laid Tucker, fuck her."
cock," a rock, four, even more." view, the two,
awareness, of fairness, through, to screw, slim, a whim,
offense, in defense, kick, a lick. lasses, and asses,
lasses, lower classes." lawn, before dawn. lawn, before dawn.
Marty, dirty party. Lynn's, bare skins; stack, to Jack.
stout, loud shout: entourage, a menage. dead, cook, Fred,
Lyle, grand stle: Hollick, sexual frolic. me, Flat 23.
decorum. a Forum. place, much space. bacchanalia; night saturnalia.
Dionysus, remarkable nisus, Scoop, a group. meat, into heat.
SFA, the hay. aborted, they reported; Ontario, 'sex impresario'.
dream, team -- Porgie, an orgy, Bend, the trend,
jocks, Sox -- twenty-two... get through! Bank, we drank.
Jackie, be tacky; source, his horse mare; don't care.
girls! really swirls; mule: Hollywood drool. infest; which nest.


meet! a treat. advice: quite nice, fen, of men,
action, no satisfaction. refrain, simpleton brain. here, and beer,
cash, own hash). bash? sticky pistach- time? good rhyme?
more! I adore!) Buckingham, fucking 'em? estate, Hill Gate,
wine, ladies divine (in, were thrashin' jar, new motor-car.
yet, go get bits, gamekeeper Fritz; inside, rapier glide
today. under way; in, a grin, stroke, a poke.
depressed; the best. chickens. sudden quickens depression, holding session,
garden, good hard'n. cow, demonstrate how us, Mr. Willis.
curmudgeon, nail-studded bludgeon. failin' Ms. Kaylin. by; that guy.
him? with vim. when, by Jen well, raising hell.)
along, his dong. blast; last -- here, crazy idea
decline, the wine. bet, and sweat, buzzin, a cousin,
hear! free beer. stress, a mess. strict, no conflict.
tell: as well. history; old pillory. make, the stake.
monument, a tournament. Heather, black leather. palace, for fellas.
population, high expectation. house, a spouse, Denise, flying trapeze.
silly, -- Billy, body-art; a start. Joyce, new ploys.
like, a hitch-hike. benches; cross-latticed fences. back, a whack,
quartet, you've met, lovers, often boffers. Club, a sub.
occasion, into temptation. bitches, unforeseen glitches. surprise! bad guys.
relation, great invitation? girls; all pearls. one, for fun.
right, you out-right!" others; nine brothers swum, "Tammian plum."


said: no bed. mistake, to make, flagon, just draggin'.
Brad, you had?" menstruation, on vacation. lubrication, just menstruation.
bit, might quit; calm, lip balm, Dad! like mad.
Bull, did cull. Tampex. did vex. Batoche, and nosh,
on. lamp on. fit, your clit fret; it's wet,
job, to throb.) prick, so thick! know. to hoe.
Ron, climb on, fornication, monthly menstruation. moon, too soon.
Gert, my skirt." bed, Sue head. rung, have sung,
protest! in jest? platitude; an attitude. scrapkin, the napkin
Creek, every week. Morey, sorrowful story. Lyriad, and myriad.
Garrity, with clarity; Sally. to dally..." bed, were dead.
Eades, she bleeds. lair?" young Claire. cleanses, his senses.
breast, rear caressed. Nereids, totaling myriads; fun! 'til done.
McLennin, isn't sinnin'," smile, a while. Aztec, reading Steinbeck.
two, my Sue, fickle, that Michael. Batavia, outlandish behavia,
Dale, menstrous female, Kane, the train. Cam, a sham.
Sue, to do. Sheboygan, flow again. Bricken, with lickin'.
Bunth! thith wunth! tampons, damp 'uns. Levant, "I can't.
Druid, women eschewed. you, the goo,


Raton, helluva bone. Chape, her rape; MacAulay, getting sprawly
McCloud, out loud; perplex, opposite sex. passion, and fashion.
sin, Miss Quinn. Peking, loud creaking. plenty, my jimmy.
yak, her back. Australia, oversexed Thalia. attic, we're emphatic.
Lunn, so overstrung, thin, it begin Boise; boys see.
alone, my zone). shout, hang about. Boise, exceedingly noisy.
shown, long known, blunt," her cunt. groove, to improve
plow; will allow. a-fallin'; about ballin'. bore! are for!
boys. their toys. Haiphong, the Vietcong. shoes, the news,
oiling, is boiling Bou, would screw. Naomi; bit foamy.
Sean, and on. (PA) her joys. screamer, reprobate blasphemer.
Beach, of reach, Hyatt, keep quiet... Jonah, was Desdemona.
Jonah; did Desdemona. revealing: of feeling. flat, the mat.
cat! than that? cat! than that? dreaming; are beaming,
Lim, of him dreamy, always steamy. Ellie, her belly,
door, woodlands galore, Sam!" I am!" dress!" oh yessss!"
delight, the night; eight, my gate. enough, the rough;
Claire, the mayor! night, of delight forty, me naughty?
invite; me alight Seattle, the saddle. Syfe, terrible strife.
Pease, -- please! sin, Miss Quinn. Cecile, of steel.
Largo, of embargo eyes, a surprise. Darjeeling, hugely appealing,
Dorcas, stalk as


crotch, a notch could, of wood. town, go down
say. will stay." plead, good head) bright, a sight.
bench, good wench store, kinky galore street, was neat!)
on, to spawn alone, a bone) life, abundantly rife,
saw, his Paw. Pinner, his dinner. Tamara, a camera,
player, lay her. Barrow-on-Soar, women galore. day, friend, May,
tree, to see; audit, caught it. toot, the root
'tater, and t'mater tossage, the sausage dairy, kinda hairy
twine, number nine; gagged, are bagged. light, -- delight!
gown, her nightie. crotch, to watch. ease, of knees.
charm, her arm, elation! "Oh, damnation!" mutilation, in frustration,
Broom, her loom. Revere, My Dear. Wades, their shades.
pair, closet there. Deposit, me, howzit Shafter, the rafter."
said, in bed, Tehuantepec: by heck. cute; tranvestite fruit.
chorus: quite porous. plugging, of bugging. discover, her lover.
us. respect us. Knopp. on top. Marie, named Dee.
Dubarry, to marry. Deanstown, queen's crown Clarence: some forbearance.
lot. were caught Clark, the dark. Bundy, on Sunday.
night, full flight, pass: the grass. Ritz, her tits.
say, awful affray. coins, our groins, gruff) is enough!"
chair, to stare) wide, pumping inside, loss, exceedingly cross,
more!" the door. ten, and then city; for titty.
station, pious relation, saw, the floor. dotes; her oats.
mask. I ask. sex, to vex, Linda, the winda.
hay, Fanny May,


Rex, at sex; Paris, could embarrass. said, was dead!"
Bract, one fact: us! curb service. door, the floor,
pact, get sacked; found, nicely bound, deduce; our abuse.
Head, were wed. States, of mates. gnawed, who pawed
Glover, red clover. ball, by all, Kay, the hay.
wrecks, them X. profess, no less. show; for dough.
Drew, couldn't screw. Lee, a fee. Belinda, pinned her,
Monterey. frisky today, class! a pass, Dunway, the runway.
Croom, her womb, Balm: keep calm! star; went far.
pass! my ass. Brac, his back, Marty, a smarty,
Morris, for us. play, the day. youth, telephone booth.


farce. there, because student, very imprudent. Calcutta, the shutter.
Mohican, from peekin'. farce. there becarse chauffeur? personal masseur?
tree, a spree, Dunn, their fun. Heights, at nights.
auntie, usually jaunty, night, early light thank, widow Twank,
Calcutta, a shutter, Peru, couples do. yews, on booze,
hair, "Hey there. meek, most oblique. behind; didn't mind.
merger, purge 'er; chain. and again, wooing, they're doing
Ethiopia, Auntie Matopia, fence, they yentz. boys' a noise!
wide; deep inside. bed, in red, Creek. to seek.
fine, was divine. Paul; off all. recoup, loud whoop,
grinned, had sinned. knees, to please. Adair, by despair,
head, the bed. galley, sweet Sally. free, afterwards, we
hit, was it. making, in shaking. Devore, a bore,
night, early light


Blefuscu, subfusc hue, Kay, panties away, Kay, special way;
batch, coiffeured snatch. bid. was rid endowed, approval aloud.
Ksar, trifle bizarre Paris, for free, shingle, old Dingle,
command: of hand? show. this braggadocio? ends, bawdy ends.
calls, in halls. Monachorum, of decorum: pass. the lass.
Vancouver, the Louvre. Jolla, the foyer. Coulsom, bowl some.
Zenobia, from agoraphobia. Louise, their knees. Louise, their knees,
Ritz! waiter fits! Wade, family's maid here, my dear.
attack, my back, Duluth, named Ruth dolly, a folly,
Reid, his steed, her, throwed her Buckingham, of Rockingham
Vaughn, irrestibly drawn dame, a plan. bull. a fool.
real; visual deal. dreams, the seams. employ, a boy.
created, once demonstrated; neat, of meat. carouse, marital vows.
Taylor, a sailor. Valerie, fabulous salary Sharon, bystanders starin'?
laid, public parade; fun, the sun. Vail, the trail;
Quorn, his horn;


Dover, named Stover. Chad, her dad, rug, to tug.
Gene; is pristine. treasure, sex pleasure." quicker; bent dicker.
weekend; a friend. laster, it faster. by, the fly,
Foster, her roster. Kropp, did pop Dan, a fan.
gaily, Arthur Faily; time; your prime. Danny, hot fanny;
Lee, suits me: nightie? a frightie. Kalgoorlie, broads maturely,
dreidel, the maid'll supposed, partially closed; meat, eruption complete.
Florida, constantly torrider; Goff, a trough; Ella, a fella.
furry, the surrey. Atlanta, of banter. Hutch, mere touch.
Frances, deep trances. Bombay, the hay, Cox, publical locks,
jerk; my work; Gissing, up kissing. vasoline, flyer's spleen.
Lillian, college cotillion, Amble, casual ramble. Hoover, man's maneuver.
flush, to gush, lookies, our cookies trickie, a quickie,
quickie, quite tricky Sisson, a Nissan; me, stress free.
quickie; and sticky, Clyde, of pride, Montreal, her fall,
tremendous, feats stupendous. Charley, the barley. Gary, will marry:
beast! at least men? and again. stacks, her slacks.
nymphomania, similar crania. Sonder. a wonder. vast, it last.
Kate, her date. door, tile floor. remarked, lodger embarked
May, the way. Decatur, date her. maid, a spade,
great. a date. Reed, amorous speed. snigger, and bigger:
Florida, steadily torrider. Eddy, favorite steady, Bounter, did encounter.
drawers, her chores. Hickey, his dickie: Hood, she could.
beckons, I reckon. Tozaire, we dare?" leotard, and hard,
floor; the door. fair, a pair. Carr, his mar.
-- this date. deft, quite bereft. Bruce, excuses profuse.
Mickey, rosey-red hickey. Vicki, be picky. Mailer, his trailer.
mug, one hug. Tonto, in Toronto, Pretoria, terrible worria.
finesse, Persians delicatesse. Clyde, his bride. say, I'll play
must, urgently thrust Office, of his. becoming, gardener's plumbing;
bore! my door, treasure, my measure.


alley, but Sally. tall, quite small. trees, our knees
hung, some dung, thinking: a shrinking. barbarian, shooting ovarian
dick; a prick. delight, so tonight find, quick grind,
Canuck, her luck. buck? her luck? Canuck, my luck.
meet, my meat. hash, hard cash. old, her cold.
bang, I rang. morning. Without warning, sea, 'twern't me.
Wayne, no strain. Scott, ladyfriend sought. spare; to there.
door; I'm sure. inch, to quench perk, to work.
work, tongue ferk. OT; bother me.


Anton, rant on. not, a twat. Joe; say no;
flirt, a skirt. Mary, so contrary. horde, feminine hoard,
Leeds, in tweeds. to, special goo. love; a shove.
oft, the loft. Mabel, I'm able, Nobilio, Spanish castilio.
Goozie, bit woozy. Leigh-upon-Sea, worry me, trousers, arouse "hers".
bet, can get. extension, fattest dimension, wooing, was doing.
beg," Our Peg. started, already parted. rancid, earlier fancied.
warning: you're horning, Munn, the sun; Wichita, but bitchita.
swarming, we're warming, mags, for fags. depressing; spirits regressing.
say? no way! need, the deed; balloona, your tuna-
eye, "Oh my! abrasion, their invasion. kept, she slept.
Goddamn! the ram. McGruder, woo'ed 'er. oasis, possible places.
Sayid, I'm tired." rod, to prod, limp, a wimp!
Gorham, before him, root, or cute McCutcheon, family escutcheon!
Brook, to cook, Texas, sex is, lay, the day.
Doroughty, Vassar sorority. Russell, a tussle, Jeanette, my pet.
Scott, I hot: head; the dread. strict, us afflict.
day, this way, Eton, heat on? Gertie, so dirty?
Lynne, to begin chick, really quick. Willme, kill me.
Isle, a smile, Caucasian, little persuasion, Lord], you've assured
Ballachulish, virginity's foolish. duffer) I suffer; reputation; to defamation.
forward, was bored, all; their call. meal; to deal.
trifle. can't stifle. Ewing, twice-nightly screwing. cahoots, in pursuits
Marie, you see? bed, widely spread; Tuttle, being subtle;
Fran, she can. comprising, widespread uprising Cookie, with nookie.


room, enveloping gloom smell, to dispel, motion, public commotion.
room, gathering gloom. shirt, her skirt. position, for coition.
groan, excitement unknown. stop. to flop! you'd, stay lewd.
you'd, stay lewd. perform! a storm dorm, in form
jerk, go work away, each day. fun? a nun;
rise; my eyes. coffee; butterscotch toffee, met. a pet,
riot. cry it. snow, ya know...) neck. I suspec'.
words; lak lovebirds. before, the door. arrive, between thigh.
stickler, your prickler. gobs, and snobs. long, your dong.
good, you should? song; before long. deceive, really believe
scolding, for holding impart? finally start scientific, more specific?
clear, my ear. moan... a tone know) to grow.
pecs; can flex. stirs, innocent nurse


Maine, to abstain Kilwinning, especially winning. Massage, the garage.
Hearst, were accursed, lewd, the mood, sack, her crack,
Dag, would lag. growing, waterways glowing. Japan, she can.
Alice, a palace. wrinkly. quite stinkly, Vancouver, a mover.
Sonny, and funny. twice; than thrice. Laker, a baker,
foreigner, the coroner. Stout, wear out. fashion, your passion,
nipple, your tipple? Nate, a date. zest; her guests.
Natchez, unconquered snatches, Bret, could get; seamen, all creamin'.
Cabot, a habit. clone, my bone Landing, so demanding,
Kamloops, in groups, Monrovia, show ya'; john, the sun.
Ord, common accord Campbell, a ramble. Carlisle, my style.
Brophey, named Sophie. Sue; we'd screw. Mississippi, young hippie.
haze, limericking craze. Corfe, 'em orf, brag, I bag.
tired, done fired. Innsbruck, sins took. Sean, till dawn.
Patrick, quite theatric. engages, be ages. Clairwell, said farewell.
Dyer, his desire. nightly, Anna Golightly; stale, red-blooded male,
Denver, again, sir? ice; kinda nice. Lee, rewedded, he
Finnegan, gin again, Harrison, his garrison. Sayers, his prayers,
said, to bed!"


Ashton-on-Lynches, her wenches. Astor, past her. Spain, and again,
protrudes, male nudes. Hadham, primitive Adam. pagoda, of Baroda
clear: comes near! Sarah; be squarer? Gratz, Why, lots!
dong, a song. perplexed, called oversexed. In, "Nothin' doin'.
gazillian, and Sicilian. hetera, to bettera. Jane, exceedingly plain.
Odessa, father confessor, Decatur, a freighter. Czechs, free sex.
lass, en masse. Pruitt, do it; tally, our Sally.
Dunnigan, fun again; Blanche, the ranch. Honoree, adore 'ee,"
McQuade, army brigade, Gloucester, accost her. today, be gay,"
break! to ache! dutch, too much. Beers, of queers,
screwin', or coon. days, forty-eight lays! Kate, inflatable date)
ashen, sexual passion. Valletta, let 'er; gender. and tender.
cocks, ten blocks, Henty, or twenty; door, a chore.
Tabors, male neighbors. Venice, sexual menace. Strong, quite long,
madam, from Adam field, has peeled. hot, the spot
wrong. nor strong, know, always so. jump, a stump.
got, her slot. sticking, a licking. yard, some lard.
Mandrill, band drill, "December, to remember... Kate, was great.
plan, a man Kay, every day. Joan, her own.
sexed; and vexed. Susie, a floozy. Pau, say "No."
fine, of wine, Barr, a car. McPherson, busiest person.
Babbit, a rabbit, Stu, to screw. Calpurnia, and burnier.
Charlotte, a harlot. McGoffin, amazingly often. Bunch, and scrunch.
Constanz, and pans, Bright, one night. pretext, highly sexed?
Sally, her valley. sweetly: Repeatly!" Tooele, her filler,
gaily, friendly Israeli. creek, a peke, Priscilla, a thrilla.
Pyrenees, weary knees. Claire, a dare. Lassiter, been taciter.
Shawinigan, in again!" Dublin, quite troublin'. White, a night.
thighs, to rise. ball, last fall. Natchez, big batches.
Harrison, the garrison; Harry, to marry. Italian, a stallion.
Mame, a shame, Dot, terribly hot, Gloria, du Maurier.
vexed, quite oversexed. Ulva. at Culver, rambling, into gambling;
Harriet, a chariot, Dover, bent over. sublime, her wine.
drooped. they grouped. Hook, be mistook, Lassen, would unfasten.


Madrid, a quid. Molapida, and rapider. Heetfield, his beetfield.
mother, and grandmother. Rafe, was safe, Lowe, the snow.
Weston, was a-questin'. suite, all heat. Bagdad, excessively bad:
beard, terribly weird. Brannigan: can again. Tabor, compliasant neighbor,
May, hay -- Pat, were fact. audacity, erotic capacity.
McDuff, her muff: Boris, whole chorus... Johore, his door:
Hall! to call, lacked", expansively cracked. boor, the door.
Joel, interesting goal: Crowell, the prowl, know, a show
Gene, in between, Salem, jail 'em. coitus, a poetess.
Tulley, a gully? Grimes, seventeen times Lyme, the dime...
Tashkent, his tent. heretofore, an encore. TWO! ten TO
Bode, ninth load: seat; amazing feat. delighted, is requited
Touraine, could drain. Tate, I date; Toaster, most 'er
Minneapolis, was hapless. willow; to billow, Stu; honey-child grew.
defeat, this discrete... Stu. honey-child grew, offence, in defence
Stu; honey-child grew. Stu, honey-child grew, Stu; honey-child grew,
Stu; honey-child grew. use; I'm obtuse. Stu, Miller too!
Shanghai, of rye, McNutt, terrible rut; Boer, a whore;
Len, to ten, Rex, physico-mental effects. Dutton, sexual glutton.
son-of-a-bitch, nor rich, LaFong, abnormally strong. Bryce, to vice.
dread, my bed, Starflecks, enough sex. Bangor, his hangar,
Gwen, a yen. Maine, in vain.


romantic; and pedantic. hovers, fictitious lovers. look, Debbie's 'book'
poured, a hoard Bill, her fill, hollow; will follow.
Spain, exceedingly plain. Lahore, la meillerure, verumque, oris verborumque
alright, a night. chance, the dance. Magruder, Midnight Intruder.
Magruder, Midnight Intruder: Laurie, of story.) Kerry, and Barry,
Todd, and Rod, Ken, David again, Fred, and Ned,
Sally, an alley. score, done more; Hilda, sought builda.
Matilda. didn't bewilda. 101, much fun. 102, would screw.
103, fun sexually. 104, nasty before. 105, a hive."
106, sexual tricks. 107, of Kevin. 108, to berate
201, for fun. 203, quite free. 204, buck whore.
me; make free; fun, that stun, re-run; for fun;
Pete, his meat. born, the horn. September, shall remember,
O'Harts, love art. spare, raven-haired Claire, pace, her face.
leather, good measure. Tina, grew keener.


DeVries, red BVD's, clasp, a rasp. Shittlecock, and fiddle-cock.
Ted. and dead Rome, his dome. luck, get stuck,
luck, a duck!" confused; I used; room, groom .
Nelly; to belly. romp, and pomp. paste, some haste.
water, it oughter. leather; wondering whether, Sunday; her Hyundai.
Ray, to pay sunny! wee bunny, facts. the max)
lover, above her. Bligh, the sly. Isthmus, acute vaginismus.
funny; some money; daughter; just oughter May) one day.
Bill, young Jill. Jill, his drill; men, to ten;
distraught! were caught. Crewe, sticky screw. sale; the mail.
got, think hot. side, you tried 180, my lady.
life, and strife. busts, man's thrusts. Claire, in mid-air.
Hooper, a stupor. sticky, a quickie, stuck, a truck
Peru, to do. Kelly, petrolleum jelly. vaginismus, penis must
luck! I fuck." tight, heaven's delight. go; real slow.
bed, telephone; said, do? to unscrew. rut, her butt,
thought, cold wat- way, all day; freezing! was pleasing
"POP"; the top; gap, went snap. child", just smiled;
lied, "I'm under-supplied trick? my dick will; and Bill
know, herself go. plead; the deed,


farm, his arm. say, every day wed, on "Bed."
me. could be. us! your anus. McGrew, to screw.
West, has regressed. Roma, in Tacoma. Kate, by mistake.
perplex: or Rex) education, toward fornication. knew, and view,
score, "Je t'adore." Tucson, son -- voluptuous; to corruptuous.
Kong, inch dong. Brown, in town. Ewing, in screwing.
thank, named Hank: schools! the rules? clit! you shit!
Louise, got B's. of, love -- chore, a bore,
attraction, vaginal impaction. McKesson, in Essen. screw; that...I do!
said, well read; Borum, with decorum, Slade, a grade.
micrology, in psychology, Hoover, bedroom maneuver. coition: for tuition:
flanking, on yanking. going, like sowing. Manassus, two asses.
endorse, love's force. begin, of sin: Glass, overflow class.
disasters, modern-day pastors, notions, frictional motions, generation, sex education,
tendre, opposite genre: first, your wurst. Hicks, to mix.
Purdue, he knew. Dickinson, in, son. Francisco, this go?"
Louise, fluent Chinese; news, Miss Hughes. MacDoak, sex spoke.
they, to lay. Wick, a dick?" education, live demonstration;
Teachers: the features. Devizes, local assizes, -- you stroke'm.
Corning, a warning: thought? for naught. mania? Rumdum, Romania.
school, the pool, cool! hold summerschool? fit, your clit
Moines, can join, bed. you've read? bigot, a spigot.
Roma, in Tacoma. drifter, as scene-shifter. class, can pass
dream, was mean. pines, Mr. Hines." Gaynor, animal trainer.
known, a bone. sleazy. bit easy. your, the suture.
schools, occasional drools, holly, "Hello Dolly!" Polly, is folly.
yield, and congealed. beach, in reach, beach, in reach,
Noyes, to boys, lessons, great sessions,


Kama; from Alabama. Kelly, to Delhi, wondered, totally blundered,
sex, were vexed. Dubuque, to look. renown; a frown.
'cha, boot 'cha. concede, real need. annual, a manual.
manual, and annual. romance! t'will enhance! customary, for Carrie,
neat; one sheet. perplexed, what next?" Pierre, one care--
titillate. too great, elation, vast nation, excite, it right.
wrecks, doctor reflects,


correction; an erection. explicit, little illicit. blanket. crank it.
stinky, are clinky. meant. a shipment drumming, start humming,
costing", with frosting. dames, their names) droll; of control.
Ryde, played "Hide Weasel", young Liesl. Porter, old daughter.
positions, social prohibitions. Fink, the pink." not, jungle rot.
tack; any slack. one; are done. not? to trot.
think, ev'ry kink. schooling, been drooling, smarts; those charts
right, holding tight; bright, it's night, bed, my head;
P- the C chart; this part this, young miss.
history, a mystery. Tessa, our professor, 'er. "These are
mythic! quite troglodytic. said, into bed: replied, he pried,
hygiene, of visqueen broken, of pokin', exhausted, she accosted
fool! your rule. clown; me down. had, my Dad.
you, always knew. education, film presentation. gratification, dual masturbation.
vex, female-teacher sex teacher, any feature well; like hell.
called; quite appalled. again, involves pain. chair, over there.
McJaggin; still gaggin'. bid; face hid. done. this one:
China: her vagina Gee! go free! pulled. is dulled.
Grice, or twice, fourteen, wasn't keen teacher; any feature
Kibaggy. too baggy, vex, teacher sex. think, a stink.
her; to consider." - her bun. 102, stalking you.
done, and bun. Chicoutimi: to me. Chicoutimi: to me,
Trust, a must; ... relax ... Sally, his alley!
chagrin, wandered in--- away, to play, member, in September.
Hickly?" teacher...he's sickly." receiver, for fever lips, your hips;
OK... right away!"


Fred, to bed; wench, make blench. Down-Under, did plunder.
Dublin, as troublin', full, and cheerful. Nance, in France.
Wark, to bark. d'Or, the shore; while, a trial.
tone; and moan. trumpet, of crumpet. Flynn, getting in;
land, been grand; lot, iron, hot; Herschel, became controversial,
Sicily, and whistly. Stu, or two. sentry, righteous gentry
sir." a facer. diversity," State University. fucker; a trucker.
Ole! but obey? "Ole!" or rose, Brackett, his jacket.
Dock, the clock. Biddle, to diddle, recipient, and went,
grouch. you slouch. jiggle, to giggle. Dolores, score us
G, almost angrily, shanty, in slanty." Laurels', indescribable morals.
eschews, can peruse, vixen, I'm fixin' perversions, the Persians.
Swarthmore, famously hardcore. droppy; and floppy. know. am slow.
vacation, absorbed radiation. Racine, and clean, it, in it."
Grange, so strange, afraid, and maid. seen; the scene;
Tex, horses' necks. Norway, a doorway. Lynch, would flinch.
Mills, mentally ill. Persians, peculiar diversions. Bower, Ivory Tower.
screw, quite new: Delores, her clitoris. Harrison, a Saracen.
Cleft, was deft. lay, "au fait", say, angles lay.
say, everywhere lay, state, a date, say, Pentatette Way.
Finney, she's skinny. Baylor, a sailor. fun, number one.
bold; too cold. wriggle, will giggle. Paulk, his fault.
Nan, won't tan. condition, the position. SEX, is next.
statistic? is simplistic ended, as intended hotels, bridal-suite smells
Nate, was great. Vancouver, orgasmic improver. knew, to do.
nothing" be cuthing, dangle, a jangle; grand. the land.
early; and surly. Hyde, to decide way, every day.
Shea, a lay,


fumed; and consumed. taunts, you wants!" hair; glint...wouldn't dare!
fast; cannot last! Thermopylae, anything properly; beach, my reach.
Rose, on toes. said, good head. heart, will start.
good, your wood. aver, never stir. Blantyre, lover's desire.
Treadwell; head well, girth, on Earth. snuff; get rough;
West, love best. best; the test. kind, from behind
flows, she knows... knees, to please! nipples, and ripples;
bed. blotchy instead. Bermuda, nocturnal intruder. enjoyment, on girl-under-boy-ment;
Ginger, muscular ninja;


Ted, in bed, fuddle. a muddle. Hugh, a screw,
Cantrell, to hell. course. excessive force; quiver, give her
Salem, fail 'em, geezer, factory freezer, Gama, loud drama.
trucker; is Smucker. Sid, there naked, straddle, my paddle.
Durham, and squirm. Rex, illegal, complex); Zimmer, strange glimmer.
alike; your spike, France, Vitus dance. suburb, named Herb
erotically, behaving exotically. Lyle, new-fangled style. siezable, be squeezable;
Jim's, sexual whims, bride, she shied; Fraser; faze her.
Scot, woman's twat. fat, you're at. daddy?" a fatty.
know." and so...


Durkee, in Turkey. Brit, her clit. Frog, plain grog.
pinnace, gal, Glynis, Welsh, well-cultured belch, enwrapt, testicles slapped.
Moines, their loins. Shore, favorite whore, Joanie's, zone is
Emily, la femmely. Petunia, screw'n ya. slowing, are bestowing
missed, she hissed. France, Vitus dance. seems, of extremes.
hilarious, so various. you, just coo? you, no clue.
Zealand, girl a-kneelin', deploy, ineluctable joy, space, their place.
care, and bare... Knightley; and sprightly. Raton, one on!"
dish, bold wish. fall, Love's call. Cheyenne, for man,
maneuver, move her stumble, a jumble. fool; aphorism cool
seek, foreplay technique: knee, you see. speak; somewhat oblique.
more; a bore. gifted, been shifted fancy, was chancy.
two? can do! -- be beat! pet. and yet
Hammett, foreplay, goddammit. gyrations, clenching sensations Attic, spasms rheumatic;
somehow. over now warning. this morning -- multiplies thrice,
say, to play. sweet, my meat!" Sean; jump upon.
adorable... that's deplorable! Beakley, lady uniquely. norm, a swarm.
Decatur, ripe tomater. ring-round-the-rosy; my posey. ring, my ding-a-ling
mouth, going south, tonight, morning light. Goshen, the ocean.
McPeeper, a leaper. Russia, rush ya. Ruggling, while juggling,
"screw" to do. Mary, quite contrary) mean, have seen.
acrobat, a cat, galore, my whore; Jed, his bed.
lay, my way. Rose, panty hose, creed," darling, indeed
Gratz, flimsiest cots, York, the fork, York, his dork:
attacking, be lacking. rid, emotional kid. turned; longer spurned.
Bruce, a noose. Divot, a pivot... Mitch, dick twitch.
technique; her freak. Hammer, t-t-t-terrible stammer. Vancouver, an improver,


bought; in thought. pair; utmost care. Sark, the dark.
tool, a pool. me? and oily. pink, I think.
grip, no hardship) ain't, old-fashioned restraint. OK, them away.
cock, a shock. together; and leather. Raleigh, a folly
wag! we'll lag. shag, old hag, Smyrna, turn her,
Ebenezer! squeeze her. Keyser; surprise her, escape; bad shape.
complaint, undue constraint, obstruction, noctural seduction. young, journey far-flung.
disgorge, then engorge, duvet, is groovy. Hall, shoemaker Paul.
Award, was bored, Jello?" to bellow. Jello? young fellow.
said, by Fred 'er." he's kinder; Mark, a spark.
Alabama, ear-splitting clamor Roseanne, her man. Jean, washing machine.
Jello? a bellow? Jello?" kinky fellow. Easter, cute keester.
Calcutta, to mutter, Wheeling, special feeling. Judah, an intrudah!
wok; a lock; Pierce, were fierce, Mary, was scary;
Luigi, from Figi. things, passionate flings, expe't, like thet?
yes; no less. camp, flickering lamp say? the day.
unskirted, insert it MacDilts, his kilts. Dilts, the quilts.
Sam, lam(b) -- butter, putter -- Amarillo, a pillow.
manor, Miss Banner, atop, fella stop. range, and strange
teacher, short preacher. needs; large beads; leather, is Heather,
tossier, is saucier. dreams; her seams. brain, to abstain;