Limeric Index



Boakes, hundred jokes, Joe; he'll go. Fleegle, sick seagull,
do. the flu. fart, the heart. day, the way.
Ross, of course. old, he sold. far, left ajar
declare. they care. Gahms, of palms. peas, remarkable wheeze.
glasses?" the masses!" Byron, last siren. Rhine, to dine.
pheasant, and unpleasant. Lear, my dear?" Bertie, rather dirty.
plate. my mate. curfew, refer to Bliss, or abyss,
homicide; to hide. Coles, folk 'Poles', journal, memories maternal.
Rand, his hand, calf, a half, lisp, especially crisp.
be, every audit-ee. O'Keefe, much grief. NOW, the Dow.
Chance, in advance: delay, asked Jay. spring, silliest thing.
geese, mooses, meese. pick; real quick. suck. urinal puck.
said, his head: Berea, an idea. sprawl, I recall
knew, considered "blue", stun. the run. race? the pace?
Pago, a mango, Multerry, was desultory. McCarty, and hearty.
Krings, many things, nine, Beajolais wine, loss, times cross.
Jane. did exclaim. quest, "original" jest. Lee, into three.
fur; fr mre. conveys, these soirees. dwell, am swell.
Hatch, a batch goal, diet control. he, things personally."
Fry, machinery dry, priest, a beast Pete, rather neat.
chat, nothing flat about, some clout. Marge, did barge
-- the way. woman) (her) Dunn, each son.
York, the fork; Seattle, to battle. straight. a crate.
Father, Great Grandfather town, brought down. why!" a sigh,
show; real slow. Honey, be funny. hope, profanaity grope.
Monclair, the stair; boaster. the toaster Kalamazoo, some snoo.
Del. undoubtedly wel. you." "Boo who?" dear; and clear
Kinter, the winter.


Wood, but good. cold, quite bold, Fannic, and panic,
Searles; squirrels -- heat; the street. recital, is vital.
Fife; his wife. forces, their courses, I've, and survive.
Colleen, not obscene. -- kissed her! Ellen; are swellen'.
two, life anew. San, a man." Molly, so jolly.
Dawes, inspected because Flora, Italian adorer. Whiting, time fighting.
Carluke, from Craignook. boring, I'm exploring, Reading, and dreading
broker, old joker. dower, would scour. I'll, little isle.
bad; became mad. this, some bliss, okay. a day.
heart, ripped apart. Ned, the head.


bored. phone cord) find, like wine. remember, dark December.
roses, of poses. bright, her light. week; not bleak.
Humburd, was encumbered. see, before me. inside, destiny's tide;
things, on wings. congealing, the ceiling McNair, great care,
fire, can inspire; flowers, and hours. place; and space.
tears; six beers. whence, come, hence weary, and dreary,
go, you know; pine, mottled sunshine; found, impatients abound;
dawn, you yawn. rope. to cope." seek, like greek,
snow, doth bestow; wine, true valentine; recollection, loving perfection;
refrain, once again; etched. far-offly sketched? plainer. good no-brainer!
thunderboom, with doom, door, never before. Fry, did cry.
blooming, I'm assuming. dropkicks? were topkicks? accident-prone, of bone:
day, usual way. charm; no harm. fast. to last.
blooming, face unassuming. 24; nothing more. mirth; a dearth.
awoke, a joke, will, sure kill dismay, arriving today.
days; went away. asleep. I keep


use? mah juice. Albritton, was hittin'. vital; thoughts suicidal.
say; fair, anyway; anthropomorphize, too-human eyes; Babbits, acquisitive habits.
afar, above par; la-la, by far. strokes, of blokes.
Lune, eccentric buffoon, Dole; big role. rarity, mental disparity,
circus; all berserkus. Eurasian, every occasion. youth, ungainly, forsooth.
in, has been!" chair, her hair; could, and would
learnt, being burnt. sunlight, and bright. tonight, it might.
stricken, a prickin', Michael, very insightful, "Ho! to go!
Claire; in Belair. Gates, dissimilar traits, bits, have fits.
rise; are wise; brains; who complains. tell? as well.
possessed; me unimpressed. out-numbers, for slumbers. moans, new loans.
sigh; of guy. Japan; can stand. go, a hoe,
Tchaikovsky, Chagall, Malinovsky, care; soul bare, weighty; paid me.
Marjoribanks, park banks; oodles, and noodles, trains? any lanes?
sigh: quite high, greet, accolades sweet; indefensible, semantics intentional.
rife, constant strife. fame, incredible game. Bangor, and languor.
doable, is eschewable. along, really "belong." AZ, search frantically
row, voting "No"; today, I say. Procrastination, beyond explanation.
Toranda, fonda -- truly, being unduly Gramp, summer camp.
Benn, left-minded men) accuse, of abuse. brains, their chains.
heartache. more heartbreak. immense, of Mense. Crewe, I do?
hero, to zero. treat, thought effete. twice. BEST advice.
Stan, cunning plan Yaxham, tax 'em. say!" people anyway?
taught. have sought. I, a lie. Earth, given birth.
say, to Bombay?" Treadwell, instead. Well, found, of sound!
I, wondered why confide, danger betide: affront, whole brunt.
hair, World's Fair. spacious, story salacious. merkins, who're lurkin',
Mudd, rotten spud. (Barlick) his garlic. gay, each day,
(decamping) my unabridged)


Joan, the phone. Portcawl, at all. Lee, the sea.
commuter, young tutor. spy, abruptly awry. worried, she hurried.
outcry, account dry. Argyll, the while. Woocester, a rooster.
Sue, her shoe. Barbie, on safari. Barking, too carking.
okay, the day. enigmatic, others static; "Molly! is folly!"
Yarrow, her marrow. divan, freshet ran. bed; husband said.
Arleen, a sheen. Hatteras, her matteras, Fred, she said.
rhymin', lousy timin'. Hugh, a few. Frankie, lace hanky.
Worcester, suffragette booster, Gert, it hurt. Hind, so kind.
Pat; a cat. you, you too. passes, wear glasses?
Thames, of gems. dabble, simply 'Scrabble'. paint, she ain't.
Ruth, of youth. sleep, counting sleep." Bon, at dawn.
Ipswitch, and rich. Hall, did scrawl, Kroll, a pole.
Corfe, AS ORF, Norah, and flora.


curds, the birds. lane, the same. Kitts, with fits;
appeared, of beard; Hame; himself fame. arrack, the back,
Stamfordham, interminable boredom. scout, ladies about. Brunel, to tell
chokin' been spoken, strike, his bike. cool; nobody's fool.
physique, a creek. anon, cretinous spawn Algiers, his ears?
Jack, of fact. Jock, and shock. Vic, a stick.
Worcester, a duster. Svin, his chin. Bayonne, positive tone,
Jack, a tack. Clore, the poor; Hayes, Court Maze,
met, I regret, O'Neal, and appeal; Kent, he went.
John, and yon. Patel, cozy hotel. Leicester, to pester:
Tinconderoga, a toga; Fred, in bed; Braudis, Paschali Laudes".
Merritt; a ferret. Down, a clown. Briggs, of figs;
Skaggs, black bags. Bees, of knees; curious; grows furious;
peaky, were squeaky. Mark, the park. pursue, the zoo.
say, evey way. PhD, I'd be Erie, quite dreary.
name. that same Gage, terrible rage, James, unpronounceable names;
endowed, the crowd; Keizer, a geyser. bird. a word.
Castorisk, to risk. Gilhooly, and unruly, Nape, Canaveral's Cape.
Hall, to fall Vere, person, dear. blurt, would hurt.
Helsinki, wasn't pinky. Holly, its folly; Holly, its folly;
noise, and boys. get, six-figure net. dread," buddy Fred.
Roger, agreeable lodger. poor, half-finished sewer. McCarty, a party.
Crete, his fete; Archambeault, of goo. Dean, washing machine.
Texas, his taxes. Damascus, task us. spree, a tree.
tutor, a computer. whole," Mr. Noel,


mature, than you're"; mind, I find curse? wholly adverse.
senescence, youthful accrescence yesterday; final stay. feel, the real.
snaky, never shaky. told, the old. told. a cold.
Jack's, the facts: told, awfully old, eye, are shy,
I, and tie fast, firm iconoclast! straight: lure Kate
hour, quickly devour, order, attibutes broader, sage, new page;
hair, some flair. groin, or purloin. Bay, strange way,
folk, a joke! database; data interlace. surname, the game.
Genealogy, not infrequently. dine; a line. cheers. by weirs.
fast. the past. forehead. quite florid. senescence, marked evenescence
Onassis, college classes, here? more year? get, would bet!)
immortal, and chortle). today, go away!" passe. turning gray.
gas; en masse; gauge, approximate age... bold, I'm sold.
disease; a wheeze. grind, I've pined. pills, multiple ills.
stressie; as Bessie. sight; are bright! Daisy, too hazy.
know, to go. acquiesce, and less. "olden", outstandingly "golden".
ember, toward September, maturely; more poorly. whirl. the pearl!
sin, to begin. old, and scold, rationed; less impassioned.
fun. you, son; Timothy, excessive opsimathy. alive, turn sixty-five!
flight, my light. poop, the group. parliamentarian, young abecedarian,
so; I know. Riley, very dryly, shit, Malthusian kit,
obscurity, and purity. young; have clung. rage: you age.
tended, perfectly splendid!" insist, been kissed. Axe, brass tacks.
said, into bed, abstaining, and refraining,


Versailles, of Wales; yacht, fox trot; sing-o: by jingo.
Randalls, of scandals. Lee, her knee, Reading, was heading.
know, Wives go. Seaton, she'd eaten. fourscore, many more,
Bristol, dangerous pistol. Gwen, any men; rage, to guage.
Spokane, a man. Pat, at that. Grace, snail's pace.


Ewing, and wooing; Gluck, hard luck. Brownie, perpetually frowny.
debated, was created. Madiera, of Lira, thwarts, of sorts:
askance, my pants. Lyme, and dime. bludgeon; High Dudgeon.
carded; being rewarded. Sidney, and kidney. diplomat, he sat.
Hove, old cove. Clive, still alive. yellow; nor mellow.
cold; been told: vie, your fly. Beers, eighty-nine years,
Zack, I lack: "Hey! the day! each, named Beach.
Pete, summertime heat: stick, and quick. Drain, memory lane.
curse, growing worse. Bert, the dirt. Milan, ninety-year span;
induce, named Bruce, ago? gung ho. shattered, staff scattered
folly, be jolly. Mel, a dell. O'Malley, Death Valley.
cool, savagely rule; Blantyre, to retire. tried, his stride.
pole, more coal. whom, I presume. Dearing, his hearing;
bed. fellow said: tooth, faced youth. Monroe, the snow;
Laoghaire, gown weary... McCafferty, his gravity. greying, was decaying,
chair. say where. wife, and strife. glasses; the lasses;


glass, and Bass, idea, in here. tree, and see.
door, Silas Moore. Gate, one-forty eight." talk." did walk.
awry, short supply, alone; Ermintrude groan. fog. a log.
pot, a lot. right: from white. bones, jam-dripping scones.
us. than Jesus. gone. anything on? old; be sold,
fret; Alzheimer's yet; hair, dignified stare. doubt, miss out.
old, I'm told. me, to be. know. a row
all, forever forestall, games, the dames. miles, foot piles,
fought, the spot. finer; old forty-niner. drilling? a filling?
fear, last year; thoughts; is nots. pass, and lasts
complete, to delete after; or laughter. storm, it's warm.
guess; under distress, say. of LA, time, a dime;
too, can do.


dare, on Albert, Gwynne, elephant skin, mystic, what's euphemistic?"
birth, and Earth, cabers; her labors. Grotto, this motto:
lotto, this Otto Otto, than sotto, tools, never cools.
fools; family, Jules. Jules, who mewls, Woebegon, native swan.
mind; never confined. wife, of strife. school, little rule:
bells? populace yells?


Bay, they say. loafer, the sofa, Kevin, age seven.
one, they'd begun. linguistic, maxims simplistic. Cranket, old blanket.
imploring, less adoring. Fiji; you see. chair; a flair.
smother, a brother. Grant, wood-working plant; it, named Fayette.
Nate. to skate. dead. had led. Lizzy, boys dizzy.
went, we spent -- found boring. blue. is Moo.
chided, even derided. breezy, or cheezy. find, a dime.
dodger, named Roger. granddaughter, she oughter. her. mostly water.
wise, new surprise; better, by letter. added, absorbently padded.
B, was he. Book, "Come look! Pat; she sat.
stone, incredulous tone. sit, will fit. day, and pray
enjoys, the boys. Fife, quite rife. arose, progenitor's nose.
arose, progenitor's nose. kind; quite blind. Slade! the grade...
kin; my skin. Lyme; on crime. Scudder, little brudder;
Danny, my granny. turvy, woman's curvy wheezin'; be sqeezin'.
life, to wife. nanny, than Granny. earth, of mirth,
Hortense, the fence. slow?" to know; "When, just grin.
Tyrone, you've grown!" be; with glee. Helsinki, me Winkie.
niece. limerick police. earth; a birth. back; keeping track.
day; get away! niece; any peace. more. for sure!
say, to play?" exposed, her clothes. said. I dread.
Marnene?" ever seen: Frankie, "No hanky-panky. jogs, and frogs;
Shaw, his paw. dad; an ad. thrilla; the chilla.
yours, truly soars. cash," such trash Crummies, store-window dummies;
Glouster, lost her. McKee, could be. Maud, a lord.
-- young whores. intrusion, in profusion. shelf; and pelf.


night, doth bite! chair, an air might, the sight,
clatter, psychokinetically shatter gent; refined accent. confessions. therapy sessions
Boutique; something unique, Paul, them all; breed, a weed;
front. of blunt. face, human disgrace. deceiver. rumor believer.
suppose, the nose? friends, chest mends. intention, I mention:
child, be exiled. Sue, are true! K2, a Jew!"
Joe, is so!" say; their day, perfect, Politically Correct,
way, without pay. say, neighborly way) place, uncultured disgrace;
swear? siblings beware! then; older men. all; the brawls.
Marie; you see. mornings; him roaring! battle. resident prattle.
one, he'd shun. kid. always did child; always smiled.
sist. get dissed. start, your heart; ride, waiting inside.
yard; on guard. door; look poor. street, their feet.
here. to fear: there, his hair. corner. professional mourner.
house; gray mouse. way, every day. key, for free!"
Ott; whole lot. reverse; must curse. proud, little crowd
free, my knee worse; my verse. said, his head,
Jim, dim -- nuts, or buts. here, to Hear
true, his due. Wells, and spells, tracks", in wax,


bound; logic profound. seesaw!" to Utah." Calcutta, with butta,
beep; deep asleep. few, for new. Malone, and phone.
simple, over-ripe pimple. Sue; it's true! overhoid, woid boid
toon, it's aroon. part; a 'art". pendantic, both frantic.
"Well, can tell... phonics. is Ebonics. Tectonics, Physics, Harmonics,
joke. gotten sunstroke. Cirencester, visit her, Claude, was flawed.
Dundee, "Oui, oui." could, I would..." elated: him frustrated.
(Harts) (arts) poposity, spouting verbosity, Montrose, certainly shows.
Nome, Americans roam, do, Ann McFew, frictionary, French dictionary.
out, to spout. Spanish, would vanish. lims? it seems.
table. by Mable; stammer, and grammar. say, well may
-- Mother said, Baird, I dared, rare-words, any swear-words.
oh, that no (Notts) (pots) Ells, curious spells.
meanings, with gleanings, stutter, to mutter: Kent, she meant.
nattily, on philately. high; the sky. rough, the fluff;
fences, meet commences, (Hunts) (stunts) her; endowed her.
beholden, is golden. frowzy, quite tousey; perps: contraary twerps.
young, hope hung. John, t. John, (Australian) (sesquipedalian)
stutter, g-g-go flutter! stuttered, had uttered. Calcutta, stu-stu-stu stutter.
Dyce, the price. Calcutta, his stutter. slow, or low,
Kate, a date. vial, a while. away; they say.
lass, upper class) Paul, southern ball.


those, their foes, yammer, a hammer, apparatus, hate is.
thing; a ping. bay, it'd weigh. Moon, of tune.
lover; the cover. ceiling, like Darjeeling. Nick, "I'm sick!
escutcheon: rampant curmudgeon; rock, my clock. seen, con-game pristine.
invention, of contention. spot, a lot. pat. that's that.
printed, side.--Intelligence hinted? thrive; soon arrive. four, a boar
Pride, deep inside. repair, the square murk, did lurk,
it; burn it; class, trust glass. Calif. claim if
arboreous, very uxorious, Malta, an altar. stone; harsh tone.
two, that's true. dwell; no smell. mind. most unkind.
York, magical fork. toffee, off me, machine, teenager scene.
hail, big cottontail. myrrh; a stir, -- and Zen;
chair; sitting there. prehensile, two pencil. again. old refrain.
windows; wind blows. year. months, pert-near, apart. carpentry art.
kitchen. just bitchin', seems. my dreams. maintain. the drain,
Gates. it ovulates. way. there someday. Kong. a song.
toys; Backstreet Boys. irate, overweight rate!" proud. the crowd.
fridge; a bridge. freezer; and Theresa. gadget, match it.
king. most ding-a-ling. wax, by FAX. blustered, got flustered;
dead. ceiling instead blow; to glow. light, the night.
beat? and heat. before," the door. it! of it.
four, and Azure, bolder. told her. bally-hoo; or flue;
four, legged Or, pitch. get rich, insultin', carnivorous glutton.
night; it, alright. gate, be late. Ella, her umbrella.
table, table's unstable. bugs, furniture, mugs. stuff, The fluff
Hoover? lint remover! onion, your bunion, live; of give.
pleasure; to treasure.


Molotov, his walletov, Beirut, some fruit; choosy, with Jacuzzi,
West, love best. West, love best. West, love best.
West, love best. West, love best. West, love best.
dad, been bad. new, somebody who, brood. yesterday moved.
trained, chaos reigned. Merrils, pioneers' perils. town, and brown.
fun, tropical sun, casino. to Reno. day; to pay!
van; a can. Pass; like glass. nude, was viewed.
reason. the season, broiled, we toiled. say, all day.
names, playing games. Rest, and blessed; worth, the Earth.
guy, a sigh; Rest, the West; away; a ray.
mild. a child. Va, every day. say, some day.
man, you can, Lock, the walk


understands, the 'ampersand?' Topeka, American beaker. "she" "Animal Husbandry,"
dissension, little attention be, Coast jocularity, A, her a
demonic. phonic -- mixture) ong-tongue,(braying tattletale) speak, is unique.
Genoa, he goa. zoo, they do. tops. never stops.
recommendation, and purification, (superflous) indigo word, here. subject, idea.
more, in store, praise, to malaise, agree, emphasis, oui?
same. to blame, o-u, there's coup, explain, ask again?
it! loses it! eponymous, surely synonymous. Bah! word voila.
McQuary, challenging vocabulary. cliche. it away. left, is Mehelhteb.
contraction? of compaction? Samothrace, in 'mammoth-race'?" Paree, you see.
cab, Marble Slab." 'coniferous'. and 'deciduous'. speak, like Greek.
reap, to keep. today, the way aladministration, blatant supportation
knuckle, a muckle'." although, So, frustration, its location.
thumbs, loudly hums. flung, prettily sung: Fishel, middle initial.
adjure, to abjure. erase; better days. suggestion? good question.
sin, jump in. perception, spew misconception. dinger. the finger,
melancholy; by golly. multiplicity, strange eccentricity, Macaulay, all creepy-crawly.
let, my pet!" venty; over twenty. sound: getting around;
sore, me more do. but few. restidigitation, mostly demonstration
Spain, about rain; "read" as "lead". ecapitulation, tedious summation
(MCMIX) 59. (LIX) SILL) = MILL) pentameter, in diameter.
way, a day. clear, slightest idea bitched, be switched,
exhortation, of Simplification Verde, of "surd". Verde, of "surd".
suss. like fuss? Schenectady, like synechdoche. dance; the chance.
-- agree -- intinabulation, musical vibration look, a book.
obscure, the lure cried, to side, Philistine? stairway scene?


knew, INIMICAL view, Khief, Impenitent Thief, Leeds, the weeds
Wells, the cells. Pfisters, the sisters, psalm, his charm.
knocked, was shocked. Sabbat, a habit, Abbot, old rabbit;
sucker-- suck her. Look!! his crook!" contrite, clergyman's plight.
abbot, his habit) nun, habit undone, habit, the abbot.
fun, in pun. it", amorous abbot. Gracious, Asians curvaceous.
youth, was uncouth shocked, were locked. Brittany, desolate litany:
motet, very wet. guest; love nest. cuss, novices' fuss,
O'Finnigan; sin again; cell, of Michelle; Tuck, their luck;
be, swing free, bit, should submit abbot, moth-eaten habit.
Abbot: the rabbit. Binham, in 'em. Abbot, terrible habit.
C.S.M.V. could be, abbot, the habit fun, willing one:
Benedictine. just sixteen. two; a few. Haartz, who starts
dreams, many schemes "Look. my book.


Rheims, his dreams. York, him pork. Jabez: of rabies;
Cant- his rant, Cheshire, of pressure. Alice, archbishop's Palace;
daughter! have oughter; Joppa, circumcision improper said, is dead."
Macht, and stiff-cocked; anthem, you're 'anthome." Quinn, terrible sin."
France, by chance. Carey; a fairy. two; it's true.
March: very arch, Flynn, perpetual grin, Lynn, to sin.
Pell, tell -- Pell, in Hell. Pell, my Hell.
Pell, as well; Pell, very well. Pell, as well.
Pell, of Hell. face? pearly-gate place? Melbourne, sinners reborn.
revile, Reverend Nile. sin, the bin. hands, in bands,
Hell, girls swell. Tipperary, young secretary. Jones, the stones:
Bermuda, of Buddha. tools, episcopal rules, rood, hooligans rued


Twickenham, sicken 'em. nominal, belly phenomenal. gherkin, the firkin.
wanker, marvelous canker, Alexandretta, forget her. convene; is obscene?"
want, secondhand font, Frick, oversized dick. fun, are none,
way, each day, Brown, each gown. surmise, clerical eyes.
admirers, naughty desires, smocks; from rocks. "Perhaps, the apse.
Junction, longer function. London, John Donne: Bree, was he)
Ayr, of despair, sighed, seemed dyed." power, and sour,
Tassafaronga, no longa. missal, a thistle. Gloucester, his roster.
sea, to see: want," a taunt. Durham, a worm.
Clyde, woman bestride. Gression, for confession. see, overlooked me,
Buckingham, shucking 'em. Fife, nymphomaniacal wife. wrong, Bishop Sprong?
Michigan, itch again. say, is gay? embarks; in parks.
Kong, inches long. Piddle, would fiddle. Darbles, and garbles.
Dundee, his knee. Purvis, during service. away, Midsummers day;
terms, as germs. Yardleigh, of me, Kent, during Lent.
coadjutor, persons neuter: dismaying, always delaying. Luke's-On-Trent, for Lent!"
Jinn, in sin Wells, spermatoid cells. Bray, were gay.
Carol, sans apparel, Lundy, sipped burgundy. Woking, is provoking,
witty, nice kitty. picture, or stricture. Gallet, wretched pallet,
Gloucester, accost her; appears, great fears. lice, a vise.
nude, unspeakably rude Chichester, is 'ter'), Block, her frock.
Blaining; longer gaming, "Zounds! not grounds ring, his thing.
saw, only seesaw Mounds, had pounds. dwell, to sell
Leven, or seven? stroke, up spoke. Dinkey, and slinky.
Strand, so grand. Vermont, the font. Crank, or drank.
Box, secret talks. preach, the beach. Bishop, Op-
Greville, episcopal revel, sick, opthamologist quick. distinction, by intinction,
lace, his face. assortment, ribald disportment.


Fitches, his britches. routine, the scene, Franktum, inner sanctum,
Bart, fine art. Strood, the nude. Krepp; the step.
palace, his phallus. provocation, their confirmation, Rome, the Dome.
Wells, in hotels.


crass, of brass, Alsatian, the nation. Druckov, Circular Suckoff.
Grace, to race, terms, with germs. Down, exceedingly brown.
Thrace, with Grace. related, and elated. Twickenham, sticking 'em.
Rye, a pie. -- with poise. Druckov, suck off.


Prout, with doubt. Birmingham, confirming 'em; heard, got plastered.
amiss, to bliss. Birmingham, concerning 'im: choir, would hire.
Twickenham; sticking him. Glister, a sister. right: great might.
Treet, be indescreet. Birmingham, confirming 'em. Birmingham, when confirmingham.
Dunn, young nun. Mass, his ass. Brest, the test.
mitre, this writer,) Junction, bishop's dysfunction. Post, the most.
call, the hall. Reading, be bedding. Brest, practiced incest.
Peoria, constant euphoria, missions, all inhibitions. Berlin, than sin.
choir, and desire, neater, Chichester's peter. Plantation, on Transfiguration,
Bray, one day. Eton, meat in? Puccini, hundred bambini.
tripped, the crypt. Schleft, nun's cleft, flock, a shock.
unsavory, with bravery. propriety, evening society. Hell, purulent smell.
Verdun, good nun. floored, was restored. Franktum, ranked 'em
Paris, to me!" he, was faulty. Chesapeake, did seek.
Bude, got screwed. Brest, the test. wafer, placate her.
Dunn, for fun. declared, and stared, schtup. mine cup."
Royster, the cloister. McGee, His Excellency, unction' sexual conjunction.
ones, their buns," wafer, placate her. rosier, get cosier,


Wells, frenetic spells. Wells, of smells. seek, every week,
Sir: an answer, postscript, you loose-lipped! Birmingham, confirming 'em.
Catholic: too hyperbolic! gales, more regales, meeting, central heating.
missing. was pissing. bell; said "Well, snicker, of liquor,
trice, how nice! shrewd, been stewed, haste, to waste.
piety, I agree. goes. cathedral close, frank. he shrank.
titre, of nitre. paid, and Played. see, Apostolic Papacy.
sleek, maneuvers, oblique. blarney. a barney. Shad, thoroughly had.
Limbo: or bimbo.


Rome, at home. mention, of contention. persuasion, unfounded invasion.
Sheen, aren't seen. Rome, his home. dismaying, Pope's saying.
soul, that roll, snippy, and dippy. Rory, prostitute hoary
sin, Horstof Berlin Juan. a nun." you!" Reginald Hugh.
Superior, quite inferior!" Law, unforgivable flaw. Law: their flaw,
Ted, it's said. Ted, it's said, Joe. chambermaid Flo;
joys, making noise. Mahoney: is baloney. ... everything in
... come in skin; Cardinal Sin. Sin, of gin;
Sin, the gin, Sin, grow thin, Sin, old gin
see? no mercy. throngs; he belongs. Royster, the cloister.
Klee, he'd be.


pour, truckload manure, audition, bestest rendition: Grantham, National Anthem;
whims, named Simms, Chorister, Ere choir, church's spire,
Mace, glorious bass, singer, would linger, Lucy, her goosey.
desire, the choir. Drew, garments askew. grace, his place,
recant. we shan't. choir, and higher, choirboys; pretty toys.
Anna, the soprana: Savannah, please Anna, choirboy; less coy...
long, and wrong. Anna, high soprano. squire, libidinous fire.
McGuire, Navy flyer. Bottom, St. Totham. Horace, terribly porous,
alone, the bone; Sequim; her vim. Gene, somewhat unclean.
Pryor, on fire. Briar, with wire.


esoteric, documentational cleric, Queens, was seen. Queens, baked beans.
jade, clerical blade. Pease, and cheese. scholar, clerical collar.
Mame, a shame. Berwick, things esoteric; repent!" only went
trick. him sick. Maguire, for Hire. Casey, and lacy.
Pryne, the divine. Eric, deeply generic, Sturgis, his urges.
Queens, rich libertines, Queens, his jeans. Queens, and latrines,
Queens, black limousine. Kleist, get spliced, Queens, old magazines,
Queens, the latrines. Cremorne, with scorn; Queens, her teens.
Briscom, frisk him. Eric, a cleric. Queens, lewd magazines,
Leicester, called Hester. Eric, a cleric. Queens, underage teens....
Mannix, amid panics; Queens, neighborhood scenes. Queens, his means,
Queens, in Keynes.


Swope, Pope -- Kilcane, you complain? Hyde, bishops decide,
Twickingham, in 'em. Dundalk, a hawk. Curate, was hypersulfurate;
Lloyd, ever, annoyed. Kidminster, a spinster. Westminster, a spinster.
brain, of cocaine. frayed, he prayed Buckingham, fucking 'em.
Ipswich, to hitch, Brent, for Lent; Sarum, were harem-scarem.
Hants, his pants. ever, not never. Kew, vestments askew.
dismay, one day. Sistall, a pistol. Flicker, the Vicar.
Brest, the test, cloth, no sloth. Way, one day.


Paul's, the walls, Paul's, his balls? spinster, York Minster.
Kentucky, are lucky; prude, at Bude. breast, lie on.
Rake, the lake; Dean, crude magazine Dean, out skiin'.
Harts, some tarts. Hubble, but rubble,


Man, lay Man, field, evangelist peeled attacker, a detractor,
dashes, strange flashes. grieves, collectively heaves. chord, and Ford.
McGuire, and Fire. Masters, email blasters, Nation, young nation.
thrives, of lives. -- rich Hews. air, I swear
behaved, if depraved. aware, going nowhere. expect, they're select.
Lockjaw, in Omaha; Deex, at Peaks. nation, in elation.
Congo, the Llongo, men, born again. Blount, all paramount.


Friar, church spire; Borrow, his sorrow. conspire, their desire;
Funks, and drunks. friar; with desire. scoff, the cloth.
Howe, his vow. fire?" crossed wire. Ansel, the chancel,
Willet, fill it. fire, much higher. friar, a fire,
alone; a moan. Hess, sadly confess Fitch, burning itch.


L.A. they say. MacPherson, female-evangelist person) told, 'twas bold.
preach, did reach. Sunday, except Monday. Blight, each night,
"heal", to steal. Hinn, money in. Flynn, of sin."
tumor," Jeremy Boomer. physician, your contrition, least, lascivious beast,
Coalition, ancient tradition. you- you screw. down; the town;
Enquirer, Lewinsky's admirer, pray, every day, preachers, deceptive features;
funny, in honey. forsook, one Book. fraught, be taught
today, and gay, riddle," named Biddle, immoral; whore, I'll
Brady, are shady. knew, to do. Dick, stupid-assed prick.
air, and prayer. TV, God's ministry,


eye, a try, Show! lashes aglow, wimp, of pimp.
money, fun. He dreamed, heaven redeemed. her, crack her.
her, unmentioned factor. admitted, been committed. adaptation, f transsubstantiation
Bakker, take her. Bakker's, his maker. K's; other ways.
"Perchance, a glance. LaRouche, La Touche. hard. were odd.
pair! TV fare. Bakker. was faker. slick, came quick.
creature, history teacher, church, a besmirch. sniff, to "stiff."
who, of you. true, at you. Bakker; no faker.
shady, Reverend Grady, gave, "Tsunami Wave." intoned, been postponed:
his'n, to BEDIZEN nutshell, to cell. Bakker, unscrupulous profit-taker.


becursed, little purse. winky, boys kinky! purses; the curses:
off; just scoff. Falwell, all well. said. your head
cried; to hide. wrong, and song. shout; is about.
maggots, with baguettes. fish, secret wish? Tinky-Winky, call kinky.


9/11, from heaven. kook? would puke spake, a quake
spake, a quake 9/11, from heaven. guy, us why;
bible, and libel stroke, lord spoke. kook? would puke
school; Golden Rule. anymore, the door. see, do flee?"


faker, Jim Bakker. way, and pray. day, to play,
facts. carnal contacts. display, top pay. Taggart, pompous-assed braggart.
last, organs vast. no-tell, the motel. viable; are liable
pigeon, a smidgen flock, can't block. do, is to
braggart, a laggard. bed, preacher said, pee. no soliloquy)
patience, sexual relations, peccave, ac visitavi; pray: stay away.
A. C. D., sumpin', bible thumpin'.


minister, the sinister, Vermont, the font. four, local folklore,
ears; their rears. -- just masturbate? divorce, his horse.
followed; to swallow? be-sandaled, to handle blunt, the front?"
-- no drawers?" reply, to dry. limerical, times, anticlerical.
China, nothing finer, zero, a hero. oration; and damnation.
pappy, and snappy. sister, a blister. spouse, sans blouse.
mater, date her. daughter, taught her. lad, and bad.
niece, a piece. dog, neighborhood hog. die, arms high,
creed, good deed. attitude, celibate platitude, cherry, old fairy,
aunts, to advance. credo, Father Guido. Vale, of quail.
conversion, a virgin, Carsphairn, with bairn. pay; his way;
Stump; and plump. prick, quite thick. minister, as sinister.
you, above you. zero, a hero. peter, meet her.
demon, screamin' -- flock, young jock, holly, What folly!
Finisterre, the Minister. minister, quite sinister. ass, would pass.
Glass, his class. Grew, screw -- minister, be sinister.
Miller, a thriller, quipped, organist slipped. hid, and rancid,
Dundee, exhorbitant fee


skin," missioner Finn, Koo, to renew. McWhirter, spurt or
Lee, a tree. Ike, you dislike: suspicion, escape perdition,
missionary, with nary Dunne. least one. mate, girl, Kate:
Hawaiians, high ones. Roth, the cloth." drinking, from head-shrinking.
Spain, "Not again! contrition. native coition. style, pagan, nubile,
Carey, Nepal's missionary, Hagan, a pagan. passion. food ration.
spell; would tell. Cavage, a savage.


Siberia, and wearier. Siberia, and drearier. cloister, much moister
monk, his spunk Tibet, he met, messe, en detresse:
mass, in distress; decree, and A.D. Cyrus, feelings desirous;
monk's; he bunks. late. remain celibate. Citeau, the snow.
back, the crack. front, the cunt. Monk, incessantly drunk;
compunction; his function. Yutrace, furious pace. unnerving, without swerving:
Podunk, a hunk. monk, blue funk. except, he kept.
Fred, his bed. rejects, social defects. Gibralter, the altar.
training, and abstaining, lac, of whack. Cabot, his Abbot.
Dundee, a tree. Tibet, major regret; Hades, parade, he's
spunk, his trunk, play, my toupee. you'd, be lewd
bombasting, to fasting. Thais, sensual piece. Giles, feminine wiles,
Mallory's, the gallerys. cassock, a hassock; smutty, be rutty.
QUIRK, his work. wood, the good. monks; the punks,
pass, acolyte lass. cloisters, of oysters. rave, propriety waive.
DERVISH, was scurvish. monk, when drunk. HETERODOX, some box,"
often, go boffin'. marred. the yard; loose, a goose
words, the nerds, when, particular YEN. CAVALCADE, young maid.
Sissions, nightly emissions. cloisters, moist as quidnunces, thin monks;
perversions, shouted aspersions; know, and fro, monastic, somewhat elastic.
Sodom, got 'im, prodigious. say steatopygious." Bombay, during May,
self-flagellation, curb masturbation shrunk: a monk monk, he stunk.
STOIC, get sick. monk, he stunk retreat, the heat:
mission, maidens tuition, monk, a trunk. reach, Sam Geech,
LaTrappe, could sap. Kilcrea, every day. Desiree, far astray
jay! she lay. Celt, he felt manic, his panic.
Dahomey, show me, architected, yet projected.


Camire, carnal desire. rant; alarming BACCHANT; JEOPARDIZE, nun's thighs,"
CHAPLET, Capuchin's caplet, hair, didn't care. Radish, who're wetish.
monkery, dead hunkery, choir, set afire done, FORTUITOUS fun;
glances, he prances; VINCIBLE, line, winceable, O'Hunt, new stunt.
Cheyenne, through Zen; monk, his bunk; pursed, then burst
fiery, whole priory. say, his day.


parson, commit arson. parson, flames fasten. flock, a shock.
Gelt, everybody felt. Lundy, on Sunday. Nixon, said benediction.
Carson, the parson. Cremorne, with scorn. Bings, such things.
PUERILE, big smile. Norton, short 'un. Pinner, old sinner;
Pinner, old sinner; Lamas, amorous dramas, Carson, the parson.
Nell, to hell, Vynn, was sin. daughter, girl oughter.
Birch, in church. Tucker, fuck her. Linnister, popular minister;
tell, does well, Tooting, frequently shooting.


up. worm up. vows, their bows. huddled, water puddled.
requested, be bested: pastor, my plaster!" pastor, of castor!
pastor, brings disaster. life, marital strife, lawyers, his drawers.
say, to pray: Deex; at Peaks. Snead, a reed.
hermeneutical, her cuticle. Hoare, to score, Ohm, to roam.
pastor, the master! pastor, Faster!" review, church's pews.
depraved, be saved." pastor, your Master! pastor, to mastur-
Rev. rt. clev., her; surpassed her. disaster, her pastor;
lawyer, his employer. Jeeter, much sweeter. pastor, a disaster!
cast, unsavory past. temporary, rated exemplary. all, the wall.
pastor, past her. pastor, could master. Astor, orgasm faster
thinkin' to drinkin'. Pastor. your Master!" admit, atrophied wit.
take; some mistake.


mate! lie, mate." implored, their reward. rock, mens' cock.
Gastard; had mastered. hope. own stope. Pope, in scope;
endure, the Ruhr, son: I've done." class, after mass.
disgusted. you're maladjusted." wine, just fine. chance, a dance
do? a brew? Primate, time, it way. did say:
"Hooray!"; from decay! uprootin', no refutin'. guy. it fly.
top, a sop. Pope, no scope facts, them back.
collected, archbishops selected. hill; works still, dark, cause sparks.
aunt, singing descant?" Sistine, named Christine pass, high mass."
mourners, all corners. Reno, playing Keno. weathervane; hopeful vein.
please, with ease, Krakow, lack of, fling, Bishop Zing.
fit, a bit. remorse, a course. hips, on trips.
Pope. up hope." Pope. with hope. clear, brocaded headgear,
gay. Appian Way, spot, a lot. tell, Oh hell.
see; much wee-wee, -- are mounting. excuse, the news;
dope, gonna elope, Rome, gilded dome, style", for awhile.
soul", the Pole. knee. to me. quips, to grips.
masses, and classes, belief, plenty grief. Hope, of Stope.
petition, this position: McAllister, phallus stir." Giles, of miles,
pope, slippery slope. town, a gown. ruse, empty pews.
Heatter, was sweeter. flock, his cock, decay, the lay:
Pope: to grope. slick, a trick. appeal, will kneel."
Pope, without hope. Hope, salvation soap. Myrtle, a girdle.
House, in nous. rocks, Poor Box. pleaded, who heeded.
Pius's, acute thrombidiasis; sin. with chagrin. gloss, his boss.
Prelate, hell, "It sister; a twister. wine, or mine?"
pressing, of dressing Hope, and grope. confess, a mess.
Pope, without hope.


smart, his chart, follow, reasoning's hollow. position, in coition:
nation, its gestation, "Amen," admonishing men, appeal, Imprimatur seal.
oration, of Creation. Dome, a home. loquacious, matters fallacious.
class, en masse, xcommunication, papal flagellation appalls, Commandment recalls.
pride; must decide. do, things too. conclusion, fucking confusion.
Nanette, as "Pet": Paul, it all. lonnet, and sonnet.
Bull; was full Bush, his tush. unchangeable; trend's unarrangeable."
ignored, he abhorred. decree, can be. fall, us all."
neat, must eat. full, casuistries pall, wit, don't commit.
shun, sex, evolution. creation, the nation. huff, and stuff.
again: is sin roll: the soul. scholar, to holler:


fast; me aghast. Castets, isorhythmic motets, hues, the Vaucluse:
Avignon, food alone. Cardiff, parts stiff. sod; from God.
frock, my cock. do, at you. tush! burning bush.
see, confess sinfully line, just fine. coke? quietly choke.
digression; your confession. position, new Inquisition. me, by "E")
Moines, boys' loins. clown, feeling down. Free! third degree.


Pope, cardinals, "Nope, Pope, a rope. Pope, a rope.
Pope, a rope. Pope, ripe cantaloupe. flies", in surprise
streaks. the Greeks, Pope; can grope. elected? so selected?
Krakow, knack of ken, had "then?" "soul"; out half-whole.
space; they displace. Pope; can cope, power, energy shower.


making, was taking Jude, Baptist, argued. pray, in decay.
Dover, god Jehovah. Glamorgan, named Morgan. within, no exception.
-- must bow. Texas, nexus -- Selwyn, hell win;
Black, all lack! preacher, new teacher. see, please me.
gift, that's swift Goffin, to often. fun, vestryman's son.
Guff, his duff, gospel, it pospel. Marts, men's hearts,
Tennessee, honorary degree advice, to paradise. Magoo, his pew.
Sesuit, from Cotuit. preacher, voluptuous creature. Drew, the loo,
Gibbon, of fibbin', Purvis, members nervous. so? I'll go.
Aaron, and thereon chief, little brief. Hugh, rather few);
numerical, interferences clerical; preacher, the creature?" Drew, men do,
Baer, in prayer, roach, a coach, lusting, so trusting.
Smuts, St. Klutz fire; with desire. Bude, had eschewed,
Kent, to repent; undressin', a lesson. Dooley, nor crudely.
Hix, a fix. Beechers, universe features mate, his bate.
Meyers, my sires." Heaster, at Easter;


quaint, his saint. Wheeling, with feeling. Strothers, the others.
Italian, named Gallion. (Wigroes) (Rigroes) Lord, and bored.
Bridges, was prodigious; Todd, the sod. bigot, as "frigate."
Snaith, a wraith. Hurd, maiden stirred. Brock, his flock,
Walter, his psalter. Hooker, great looker. preacher! a teacher.
hierophant, most adamant. Phil, the till. Lake, a rake;
creature, Methodist preacher; Beecher, reach her, Ray, one day
Preacher, beseech her waived. is craved. grave; you knave!
Dockery, in crockery; Pridgeon, a smidgeon. Jock, did clock.
expiation, fact fabrication. humanity, native urbanity, protect, to correct.
Montgomery, their mummery. Bangkok, adjustable cock. Lee, to see.
McNee, could be. Kees, her knees. Locke; his flock.
tweeds, in Leeds; preacher, beseech yer. know, 'tis so.
screen, I mean shocked, then flocked. Perth, this earth."
Foster, crossed her. gay, the hay, Beecher, a teacher.


Rust, a must. amending, cheers ascending. Zeke, to speak!
Blind, and mind. superb, double-talk verb. Bangor, with languor.
impeachin' does preachin'. Leslie, John Wesley, "sin", and again...
South, and drought, preacher, best teacher. pelf, from Guelph,
complaint, true saint!"


disposition, to perdition, hurls, angrily curls: so, to know,
Gibralter, a defaulter. Brechtly, preacher, abjectly, elephantiasis, near satyriasis;
Pere, not share. priest, never ceased. Dunn, be done.
report, might resort, date. frugally ate, Boulogne-sur-mer, the air.
rood, was rude, coal-mining, underground fashion-designing. propriety, his piety.
Ware, Beth Lair, priest, with yeast. DISTRAIT, previous day,
function. final injunction... Giles, the aisles. coast, did boast.
Mickel, Miss Schickel. Bass, say mass, Nin, a grin.
Italy, in bitterly. East, young beast. beasts, like yeasts,
earth, heavenly berth epistle, priest bristle. priest, had ceased.
Connelly, curious anomaly LaMore, just twenty-four, Gibraltar, his psalter.
Introit. in Detroit. Teeple, the steeple. Vaughan, his horn;
priest, and yeast. Leary, the Kyrie. McDougal, so frugal.
amusing, I'm perusing. knew, for you. Lord!" his misericord.
Kirk, unusual quirk: Lou, don't do, appointment, skipping anointment.
Donegal, at all." curtain. am certain. while," a smile
O'Keefe, too brief." pope, beyond hope. tainted, had painted;
Moak, did evoke week; a freak. Hebraical, activities laical,
green, perversions obscene. Baer, too rare, Eastleigh, call beastly,
Babbitt, grab it?" Wise, a prize. Cass, say Mass.
Delaney, "Nota bene, us, rail us. crammed, water slammed
Cod, by God dawn, in Gougane, Japan, sexual plan:
West, with zest. Weltham, felt 'em. Bess? even less?
East, day feast: McGass, during mass. mission, cunt exhibition."
Fairy, their dairy; Herman, Father's sermon, Dunn, comely nun,
nemesis, young miss, it. of it." upset, her corset.
maid, and prayed, lust? in disgust! priest, on yeast.


souls. new roles. Tangier, boy's rear. Mayence, simply immense.
Augustin, thrust in. hope, any dope; grass, his ass.
lass, from Belfast, East, dissolute priest. Beers, priest queers;
perdition; this tradition. Jonas: Catholic Adonis; priest, wild beast.
Pope!" you dope." shocked." have knocked." nun?" my son;
altar, and falter-- depressin' lesson -- adultery," to me.
halter, the altar. McGrath, his path. poise; terrible noise.
raffled, suddenly snaffled, Lapeer; and austere. choirboy, greater Joy!
Gibralter, an altar.


priest, a beast; dames, his shames. in, a din;
confession! chosen profession. dear, over here. Confessor, contrite transgressor,
booth, from Ruth; today. us pray." confessed, rather depressed
goal, to control, priest? a feast! Pitts, she splits.
Dean, confessional screen. rare, a scare, confession! oldest profession!"
Cyr, the ear. Bridget, a fidget, said, to dread."
box, wears socks. confession, each transgression. Bridget, a fidget,
confession! my obsession!" Lynde, have sinned, do. innocent screw.
whore, some more. rabbit, the abbot. Hessian, only transgression.
man, the can. jail; no avail. farce; his arse?


Delhi, his belly. McGuinn, my sin. son. not overdone."
way; a day). name, from same! in", his chin,
priest, never ceased, queer, the rear. goat, your scrote,"
Fox, off cocks. bred, he said, toys; altar boys.
It, gulp it) Jablonica, bastard's monicker. young, well hung;
Druid, when pursued. Dunn; but one. Lux, ten bucks.
shame; out aflame. fine! spirit divine. LaBrent, heavenly spent
Case, in disgrace; Locke, great shock Morocco, quite macho.
Brighton, to tighten.


boys, sexual toys. Walter, his psalter. night, a fright.
Meyer, the choir, riddle; a fiddle. Jabies, or maybes)
Birch, the church Hiermoyce, higher voice, perverse, be worse.
robe, a homophobe. wild, no child. confessing, not guessing).
lass, your ass, Cass, Sunday Mass. us, dead foetus
randy, say, "Dandy! right, so tight. decide, you'll ride.
booth, plain truth. smile, the aisle. worn; and forlorn.
arraigned, then explained: blip, Fool's ship. Noyes, with poise
Gahagan, Miss Megan. said, I'm dead." priest, would feast.
puzzled; him muzzled. kind. his mind. scads, were fads.
tire, a mire global; to Chernobyl. frocks, the stocks,
jail, make bail. boys, big noise; hope, they grope
oughter, your daughter." news; the screws. attention!" not mention.)
abhor, what's more, Sears, their peers. Leroy, lewd joy.
Reeve, did relieve.


Penang, his whang. priest, day feast. joys, he employs,
Choiseul, his tool. Gorgon, called Morgan. Paul's, and balls.
Frass, of ass. Nogales, irreverent phallus; Gance, his lance;
Ealing, faith healing... congregation, wild masturbation. Mandel, convenient handle.
McGinnity, Mary's virginity. Hope, the Pope. Ignatius, Marconi Pilatius


Kay, named May, mission, in wishin' Geraint; great saint,
ass! low class! Oregon, core again. (Jessional) (confessional)
confessor, younger successor, meet, I repeat Jonas; Catholic Adonis;
flock, in Bangkok friars, carnal desires. professor, in Odessa.
professional, in confessional. Lahore, convent galore. blessing, was undressing;
Shore, deplore -- Birch, did search. sewer; screw her.
Ferrer, unholy terror. McKesser, undress her. Elliot, belly yet?"
Brad, he'd had. duty, Father Venuti, freak, the peak.
note, his choat dick, a kick, discharges, gently massages
tricks, his prick's roll, priest's pole. device, so nice,
ago, the snow, Millie. reverend's dilly. Mickel, Miss Schickel.
cleaver, little beaver, McJude, them screwed; fall, that wall
Blatt, the Magnificat, Lunn; have done. Claire, did bare.
pontiff, If guessing," help undressing. sun, a nun.
Kylie, you highly. S.J. the hay. Luke, century spook;
Kevin, by seven Rex, means complex; Meyer, and fire."
Twickenham, sticken 'em. Superior, labia inferior? O'Flaherty, for Charity.
blessed, are confessed. spilt, was built. Brenda, priest's hacienda.
Sally: and dally." Ted, his bed. pain! the train.
blink, copious pink. Birch, at church. done, having fun.
Spence, cock-sucking offence. ..." you fool; Peru, a pew.
Bend, a friend. confession; minute session. piety, maid's impropriety.
Keating, was beating. fool) at school, pews, the news.
Alice. with malice, November, pew, remember? Ignatius, Sister flirtatious.
maid, there prayed Poughkeepsie, quite tipsy. East, foul-smelling beast,
Gibraltar, Sir Walter; Flynn, the chin, Morris, the chorus.


a-dapple, a chapel; crapple; an apple. lass, before mass,
dear, I fear. Father, much rather this!?" a piss?
lass, a mass Mission, in juxtaposition, supplication, lewd recreation.
O'Finnigan, sin again, O'Finnigan, inn again, O'Finnigan, skin again,
complain. the pane blessed, I suggest. plan! woman, remand?"
fine, does pine. bad, our pad. unfair. was there,
doffed, then coughed seen. fairiest queen. boy, a toy.
sand, to expand alarm, to harm, asked. thinking fast,)
"Forget, found yet. Easter. priest. ("A clue", I do
glance, his pants. fear, his spear. get, clenchingly wet
slow, and glow. real, I feel win. Superior, sin
eyes, her thighs clamps, and champs. Finnigan, sin again.
tissue, the issue stop, away shop," colleen, carnival queen,
consternation; the temptation. sin... no discipline, chagrin, his gin,
true? can do... creed! your seed!! inhibition, to coition.
shocked, been de-frocked. hay; been away. O'Quinn, of Sin'.
aback, to jack!" O'Quinn, to begin!" bitches! Succubi witches.
Beware! I declare. off." Come quaff