Currently Serving Aboard Whitestar 38

Commander = Lydell
Species =

Background = My parents were travelers who wandered from world to world. I was born in Hekba City on the Narn Homeworld. Shortly after I was born, my parents were caught in the crossfire between a few angry Centauri and Narns. They died shortly after the fight. I was sent to live with my Aunt in Virgina. When I was about six years old she sent me off to a Boarding School in China. There I learned the Martial Arts. After I graduated, I started traveling just as my parent's did. Eventually, I heard of a group called the Anla-shok on Minbar and went to join them. So here I am... 20 years of age aboard Whitestar 38.

Killed in Action
Second = Firefly
Species = Minbari
Background = My name is Firefly. I'm 17 years of age, and was born and raised on Minbar.

My father fought in the Earth-Minbari war but, did survive. Some years after the war, 2259, my father and I were out on a planetary expedition. We encountered a strange looking ship near a planet system called W'dra'San. My father kept distance from the ship, as we could see it digging up another ship from the ground. We never tried to make contact.

After this incident, I soon got to know what we saw out there. The Shadows. I tried to join the Anla Shok, but they said I had to wait a few years more. I was too young. My father on the other hand, was excepted at once. He was killed during the free Earth campaign.
Now, the time has come, I have been accepted as a Ranger, and even though I'm young, I promise I will serve with dignity and honour. My father thought me everything I know, so I'm hououring his memory and acknowledge by thinking and fighting like he did.

I have always been close to Humans, and therefore my name is Firefly. It was given to me by some friends from Earth, when I went to Babylon 5 with him. My true name is Calannan, but I never use it anymore. Even my father called me Firefly.

Transferred to Whitestar 0

Intelligence Officer = Len'or
Species = Minbari

Background = Born on Minbar, his parents were on their way to a research colony on board the Black Star when it ran into a minefield; they both died. Len'or was with his mentor at the time when he heard about the destruction of the Black Star. He went into seclusion until he was 17 when he joined the Rangers and was assigned to White Star 38.

Current Mission:
To evacuate the population of a nearby colony planet due to a series of un-explained geological phenomenas.

Commander Lydell

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