Limeric Index



Prague, the fog. Charlie, my Harley"; Farley, his Harley.
Charlie, his Harley. Carly, of barley. Snyder," maybe wider.
Squirrel, a curl. Charlie, a Harley. Charlie, a Harley.
Madeleine, was stradeleine, Gillian; a million. gnarly, man's Harley.
barley, Bob Marley, Carly, real gnarly; bogs, and fogs,
Sturgis; she perches. pounce, to bounce Charley, his Harley,


Venice, of Guinness. rising, quietly surmising: down, to drown,
light, into night. die; Why Curls" entirely girls.
Perth, its berth, ship, did quip. Krakow, to plow.
night, not water-tight. Bligh, would ply view, pass through,
tuned; and swooned... cruiser, a doozer! Biscayne, gravy train!
perchance, from France. say? Portsmouth today? shore! the door
O'Dare, to Kenmare, Terry, the ferry. seas, the breeze.
abeam, they scream! us, been Venus? schooner, a 'nooner'.
Erith, or heareth. gloats, their boats. Rank, millionaire Yank.
Tripp, his grip. thread! my head! canoe, practically new!
sea, might be? sailing, the railing. cried. nice guy.
-- Helga's satisfaction. passed, down fast, okay, ran away.
flood, seafaring blood. Lincoln, started sinkin', sunset, without let...
Carol, in peril; Quebec, upon deck; Gast, and fast.
Adriatic, rather dramatic. game, the same. -- prototype tug.
renowned, Puget Sound. about? no doubt; sports, many reports.
shocker, a mocker. Mort, some sport. yacht, a knot.
Arbor, the harbor. abound; in round. Una, world schooner.
be, us three. Hetty, with spaghetti. Dick, Mill Crick.
remote, sailors afloat. whetted, and fetid. nib, a jib.
trip. a quip: middle, iron griddle. Fook. my nook.
paw, in scrimshaw) quick, my dick!" mist, quite pissed,
cruise? a fuse; law; she saw hubby, their cubby,
it, the hatchet." cruise, of booze. -- a ghost.
fear, Madeira, m'dear. board, my sword. mate, bit late;
rear!), party, m'dear. Mediterranean, princesses Arabian;


carrier; a Harrier. Royal, Brit soil. brig, very big.
ships, drivers tips designer, a Bayliner. Manila, Spanish mantilla,
Jerry, quite merry. doors, muscular chores. Hoonah, canned tuna.
spot, is hot, fire, burning desire aground, the Sound.
snort, the port; snort, the port; sketch, a ketch.
sea. are alee. Scott, a lot. note, something float.
Decatur, a freighter; Sherry, big cherry. schooner; it sooner.
aft; is abaft. medallion; elegant stallion. Peck, battered deck.
clipper, nothing hipper.


McGinnis, a finis. failing: take sailing. pale, Humphrey Gale,
Browning, started clowning. dote, Tracker, afloat. Timboo, a canoe.
canoe. the Sioux. Dote, a boat; Dan, little plan.
Lunt, a punt. hands; and headbands. Choptank, suddenly sank,
Seattle, a battle. (Hunts) their punts; dogs; in bogs.
rocks, for crocs. socks, the docks, big, they dig;
chicks, middle-sized dicks Joe, and fro. Azores, over oars.
Blunt, a punt; Neagh; a Mayday! Florrie, with Cory.
McGrew, and true; Torquay, the sea. Torquay, the sea.
wench, catch tench. north, and forth. narrow; an arrow.
runt, a punt. pole, their goal. name, notorious fame.
adieu, young crew. dare; la Mer. Hugh, to screw.
Sue, a canoe. Ealing, quite appealing. Tanker, large anchor.
droop, a sloop; whoop, a sloop. anchor, large tanker.
Tudder, a scudder. Ewing, lady canoeing. fix, some pics.
frowned, was aground. blue, He knew bank; a wank.


U-boat, did float. began, a man. canard, be barred,
space, and lace; parity, standing disparities, conditions, of missions,
course, submarine force. unconvinced, good sense, devise, go awry,
credo, conventions lingo, promote, it haute hip, new script:
expositions, a symptom small, a haul. ship, are hip.


Britannic, me panic. Titanic, quite megalomanic. panic, amateurs, Messianic;
Atlantic, the Titanic, found, not drowned. renown, wouldn't drown!
Marge, unusually large. drown, go down. Marge, Titanically large,
out, nights cookout. in, everyone drownin'. down, her frown,
what? a slut. sighed, audience cry. down, shimmering gown
yes, enormous success. late, terrible fate. fanatic, don't panic:
Delzanic, suddenly panic. Rose, diferent beaus. drown, the clown.
frantic, the Titanic. Annick, to panic; romantic, the Atlantic:
manic, ship Titanic. -- more Puritanic! hit, dit dit.
worst, go first. some, feeling glum. taxed, adrenaline's maxed.
drink, you think. cruised; flirted, amused. Glens, the men's;
furs, with, "Sirs, cried. and sighed. matter?" "I'm fatter."
undone! a nun." class, beautiful lass. Titanic, did panic,
Hispanic, on Titanic. France, a chance). Titanic, to panic.
manic, to panic. what? such smut? Atlantic, to panic.
Titanic, to panic. Titanic, quite frantic. Britannic, with Titanic.
"drown." go down. Titanic, -- Hispanic. advice, a trice,
Titanic, said "Damnit!, oceanic, drive Satanic? it, forget it,
town; or gown. unsinkable, simply unthinkable. trip, unsinkable ship.
admission, without intermission, unthinkable, utterly unsinkable." Hispanic, was Pyrhannic,
esoteric; so frantic. thirst, alcohol burst,


bus. road-rage fuss." France, a trance. Greg, I beg.
Nan, green van. Frisco, with Crisco, Gus, without fuss.
bus; and fuss. lamb, a tram. Rus, a bus,
bus; passengers fuss; wed, their bed. OMNIBUS, as Gus.
Rill, taken ill, Whitney, a jitney. Malayer, bus fare
underrated, long prated, discuss, the bus, Vail, and frail,
Kilbride, the ride. persuasion, on occasion. bomb-proof; sit aloof.
treat, their feet. waited. was abated.


French," a drench. planes; is trains. car, very far.
Litton; he smitten. see, of energy, say, taken away.
pop. car's top. 35, a drive. Bab, her cab,
there, many fare. quim." looking grim. goats; with boats.
car; from Da. car; go far. -- travel far
passe. right away. condition; dominant position. sticks. no chicks,
Lancaster, passed her. mods? the odds. Joad, tire explode?
Zaccaro, superstraight arrow; Bode, great load. pump. we jump
travel, or gravel. Barr; to par. Buster, his Duster;
curse, a hearse. Barr, to far. "Circe," with "curse;"
scars, wearing stars somewhere. over there. van. I am.
ride. sit alongside. us, vex us, cabby. and crabby.
decree, longer be. -- every one. taste, have embraced
start, heart -- Fred, and said, West, the best.
tail; yard sale? lush; could blush; undertaker; forsake her.
Phil, any hill. car, said, "Papa limousine, trim machine;
tense, less dense, O'Farrell, a barrel, Clere, my dear."
halt. the fault. ear. some beer, dents. and cents.
Accrar, exceedingly far. lay-by, passing by lamented, were prevented,
Mercedes, gorgeous ladies. gas, Reading bypass. inspire, of desire,
"Good. handy wood, glands. your hands!" bitch, to hitch,
sale. won't fail. Bethel, from methyl; Mars, down bars.
B'ar, a star. cage, not assuage, expert) "This irks
far, the bar, Mark, the dark. compel, dealers sell.
overhauling; was appalling. Wise, by surprise. effectively, sixty three.
verse, little perverse; limousine, name's Gene, country, truck, see.
Frank, the bank. Chun, wouldn't run. blank, the rank.
Barr; throw-away czar. Knight, fanciful flight. are. Commissioners par,
Brahms, her charms. bent, you're sent, jam, a clam,
drag; you sag. necessitates, first rate. comet, from it.
Larket, the market. modernity, driving fraternity, around; is sound;


Lakes, stupid mistakes, Levy, exceedingly heavy. antique, Pike's Peak;
streak, very weak; Motorway, a delay. wreck, his neck
late, was great two, the queue. Ash, a crash.
peregrination, green vegetation, Bill, the hill." rate, certainly state,
came, my claim. curve; prayed ferv- shoulder, large boulder.
Bill, a hill. tourer, great furor. stare, "I declare,
hood, too good. newspaper) accidents traffic hood, not good.
drive, will thrive. drinks. that stinks. drinkin', was thinkin'.
test, to rest. brass, invisible gas. excited; officials delighted;
last, very fast. rash. the lash. flash, thunderous crash.
years, weather's severe, River, his liver. Chevrolet, feeling risque,
light, my right; tender; send her. so, would go,
straddle, a lad'll groove, to prove scene, had been,
extrication, lame explanation, wife, my life. over; model Rover.
Fife, his wife--. car, not ajar. Margate, to relate.
pools; become fools. Reid, of speed Shriver, good driver.
go, I know!" Yield. I peeled. like," named Mike.
motor, Labourite voter. goes; it shows. jump, the pump.
rejoice, new Rolls-Royce. book, I'll hook. brash, the dash.
side; of inside; show; as snow. Schneider, of cider.
Drake; the cake. Nash, and dash. flat; with that?
Jim, a spin. Hatch, wrestling match, lake; the brake.
fast, was cast, Harold, he barrelled. Sleeth, the heath;
vehicular, car, perpendicular. Lars, the stars spree, bother me."
Gently, the Bentley. crash, with cash. court; their report.
learning; slowly burning. buffoon, a swoon. Jaguar, a car!
City; a pity. drive, you're alive. survive, all alive;
appear, I fear, ladies: named Davies,


Chevelle, looked swell; (Chevette) I can. Chevette, you bet!
(Chevette) above it. Jay, every day. Clay, dad's Chevrolet
Ray, for pay. White, one night. fun, this pun:
rusted, be trusted." Levy; his Chevy. today, salesman say:
Brett, shiny Corvette. bevy; were heavy. May, her sleigh.
see; sleek S.U.V. rocks; the shocks;


Amarillo, his peccadillo. Ray, each day. striving, are thriving.
thick; amazingly slick. care. a scare. U.K. wrong way.
who, like you. flit, one bit; fear. next year.
town, foot down. on; a song. girl! highway uncurl.
anger; fender banger. Sharon, Red Baron. Reid, high speed.
run; of fun. Prix, will be. hovel, a shovel.
Lance; in France." spy, Why? traffic, locales geographic:
ample, a trample, rehearsal, ordered reversal right, just might.
war, far more. horses, Piccadilly courses. Book, I took.
sight, blue light. shoot, was cute. Eileen" then green.
bleeding, Dnieper, conceeding. say, car today!" Calais, Rome-Turin rally,
Sally, much dilly-dally. Lee, the sea, true; shaded blue.
Irving, of swerving. Winona, at Daytona. Otto, he'd otto.
berserk. particular jerk abode, have towed. in...park! a spark!
snow, doth blow, know, did grow. whereat, you hat.
post, to boast, wait! the State. mind. I find
night, the light. Spokane, fast lane. Tamar, new car.
Kane, fast lane. rental; sports continental. (learner) would yell.
great. then instigate. blast, up fast. prone, driving alone.
Fleet, one-way street.


co., don't do. despotic, than exotic. Pop, he'd drop.
Explorer.... and horror, tire; the fire?" would, he should.
fire?" to expire. Ford, can't afford. bucks; company sucks.
dire; faulty wire. doll, be bored. Ford, really bored
roared, a Cord,


Glashule, 'Twas cruel. Kent, big dent. thwarted. has departed.
misunderstood, the hood, mechanic, and tyrannic. snap, distributor cap
junk, a hunk start, the heart tell; feeling well?
car; gone far. fear; to year. -- longer made.
sleek, you seek. installed. I called. wrong, comes along.
it! the fit bad, quite sad. stuck, the schmuck.
axle; by faxle; take, and make. thrill, this 'til..."
hire, of fire. nod, nipipindoodledum rod maintenance, to chance.
hood? I've misunderstood! repair; you aware? true, a screw.
say? screwdriver, eh? trouble; the double. shop. you drop?"
darlin'; (AMC) that! nothing flat. complete, real sweet.
not. been shot, spiffy, a jiffy. Pacer, a chaser.
bars, the stars. berries! on ferrys. keep. I sleep.
Ives, still survives


rowdy, a Saudi. drift, a lift. quick, him sick.
nifty; being thrifty. bucks, attitude sucks. snuff; friendship tough;
daddy, car-loving laddie, Rexus, perplex us. blinking, to thinkin')
mispoke; obfuscate smoke. Becker, old Checker; Jim, looks grim,
convertible, habits pervertable, styles, time trials. Dragon. be braggin'
Lodge, his Dodge. Omni, shape, 2-tone(teal/hominy) me, or lodge;
starry, my Ferrari. Pakari, fellow's Ferrari. age. a sage.
Jay, "They say heel, big deal. Wanda, to ponder?
Wyke, the pike. bad: once had. thank, the bank.
go, to Oswego, Bud, his pud Kaiser, a geyser.
Fraser, a razor; yonder? be fonder. Paganini, Signor Rossini;
Andover, Land Rover; go, San Diego. mean. and obscene.
Davis, to Avis. Mercedes, the ladies. eighties, the ladies.
Mercedes-Benz, make friends Lucien, grand institution. car? too far!
Benz, the winds. heap, last week. -- you'll agree,
night, terrible fright, bad. a lad? woad. Hole Toad.
fair; too rare. Mitsubishi, with dishy; Mitsubishi: ingredient's vichy-
Mitsubishi; looked dishy. Mitsubishi, old Maharishi. Starbucks, from barbucks.
Shoppe, Nash jaloppe. Horace, girlfriend Doris, roam, shiny chrome.
Olds, catch colds, unfolds, to scolds, Peugeot! to blow!
Trudeau, new beau. Hodges, and Dodges. Porsche; of coursch.
over, Range Rover; say; one yesterday. demanding. while standing.
bride, honeymoon ride. Joe, to show. choice, named Joyce.
Joyce. those boys. Joyce, silver Rolls-Royce. baksheesh, a leash.
beg; one leg. crock. in hock Bob, new Saab,
snob, a Saab). Studebaker; no faker. economical. are comical.
bizarre, the bar, Jake, a Studebake. War, new car."
constrictor, licked her. neat; the street. Clete, in heat.
aglow, new Volvo. fold, joints old; Teal, with zeal.


far, fancy cigar, Dottie, classic Bugatti, they, bought today,
Stoner, old loner; River, old-fashioned flivver. car, by far.
Izzy, Tin Lizzie. Prout, the route fliver, a river.
Hank, a crank. spot, finally got putz, his Stutz;
fume. an heirloom. Steve, did grieve. MA, hardly PA.
few, cars new. years, growing fears, Ford, frequently scored,
prouder, Al Howder. -- my permission. wreck, a check.
Nantucket, his bucket, seat, acrobatic feat. dreamer. ream her.
Steamer, sexual schemer. Butts, his Stutz. tank, my bank.
Ghent, she spent. Giles, lady's wiles. speak, leak --
vroom, final doom,


Wentley, so gently, Barr, seems bizarre, state, a date...
Dan, new van, pride, a ride. BUCOLIC, eating garlic.
are, of car; cunning; was stunning. derive, said Clive.
on, in Tucson Mawr, by far Schenectady, rather dejectedly,
Mawr, a car, Phil, named Lil, par; the bar;
Ferrari," said, "Sorry, Dutch, girl's hutch. said, a bed;
stop. new prop. Lord! a Ford. bucket, to forget.
Darren, named Sharon, Shifty, that's nifty!" Chevy, pert bevy.
tall; would ball. panache; a crash; dear," vituperative Nadia.
Parr, a bar. bliss, my Miss. dear; around here.
score. something more. Texas, a Lexus. vehicular, ctivities extra-curricular.
far, the car. Gus, the bus; soir? a bar?
are, a car. Iver, a fiver; Doles, his Rolls,
Hoboken, was jokin'. instructor; train conductor. fees, does please;
wheel; of steel. Loire, the boise. chafe, young Shafe.
Purdue, did pursue. car, you are, wreck, to neck.
dark, to park, Hays, tolerant ways; face, to embrace
Tina, college arena, admission, sluggish ignition medium, winded comedian.
Gord, his Ford. Pete, the street. Waller, a dollar.
star; so far; putz, his Stutz; chicks, Cavalier '86.
Fargo, for cargo. Trebarwith, far with, Brinker, turning blinker,
Slade, just made. Ballon, Oscar O'Fallon,


neurotic, little exotic. best, the rest. worst; unquenchable thirst
car; so far. stain, to explain. am; be sham.
fear, happened here. please, a disease. cure; Grand Tour;
flick; pretty quick! "Would, you should?" hell; real swell;
play: will stay; man, or van, is: his penis?
Chevrolet; wrong way. concealing; was revealing. ceiling. I'm revealing!
place, couples embrace. heavy, a bevy discreet, taxi backseat.
check, to neck. saint, quite quaint. M1? the run;
M62, won't do! distraction, in action true, Betty Sue.
then, among men. Sue"! she'd do. in, vertical grin.
us, our lust. Levy, and heavy; Lord, and torrid;
Joe, long ago; date. to masturbate sweet, and eat,
tricky, a licky. neat! great feat.


bizarre... psychic scar? Boston, an Austin, Boston, gray Austin.
Boston, an Austin. Ralls, shopping malls neater, tiny two-seater--
Boston, his Austin, Nealy, '62 Austin-Healey; Babbitt; her habit.
Crewe, to do. bet, and Chevette McNair; his Corvair.
Moon, at noon. Watson, a Datsun. Watson; a Datsun.
Watson, a Datsun, great! soon mate Fiat, key at?"
126; it fits. ponder, from Honda. Hue, is blue!
Bude, well understood. wick, over, QUICK!" knew. year, '42...
Lloyd, and annoyed. MG, after she MG, ran idiosyncratically,
bored, we've stored. Dorgan, his Morgan. Boris, his Morris,
Norris, of lorries. lorries, Norris -- Minor, be finer.
china; thing finer: Hambler, his Rambler. street; their feet.
budget! fudge it! fine. than mine; attorney, a journey,
Porsche; of course. biz, said this: sight, in sunlight;
found; I'm bound. about, flat out! buck, with luck,
two-seater. the heater. Candy; and dandy. Randy, and dandy.
Reliant, who're compliant. Zumbrota, his quota -- to pay.
scored, and Ford, car, smooth tar, Copenhagen, little Volkswagen.
Bar, Volkswagen car, spit, a pit; blue, or two.
Flannegan, bran again. shrug; old plug. Sudan, VW van.
ride, with pride. Phyllis, a Willys. oh; mi amigo,


train? the rain. train, or Spain. Railway, all pray;
Joisey, is noisy. repairs, in spares. me; small fee.
Ling... Bing-bing. profuse," a goose quarter, was shorter
Houston, at Euston. could; on wood. insane, the train.
hour? the power? rare, lounge chair. her, a fissure.
Rye, to dry. tracks, two backs. Carr, to Forfar;
choo-choo; to you. crack, and black. nation, ranch vacation,
Maine, a train; plains, in brains; France, a traince.
Moose, looked loose. Maine, a train. Jones, orgasmic groans.
Pickett, no ticket. Tulane, a train. points, the joints,
Tonga, toward Ongar. scored, Ms. McCord. precision, wear attrition.
remind, a grind, train, behavior, refrain. Jim, a whim.
Spain, the train. strain; the drain. choose. did lose.
Jane, -- Shane. crash. did splash: Wapping, all dropping.
Naragansett, in transit. turbine; distinctive whine. fun. the 7:01.
train, the strain; Amtrack, the pack. Haines, for trains,
Lachine, was obscene. chew, to screw. Lane, midnight train.
Jane, a train. Hunt, to shunt, mind. to unwind,
mine; the line. her, oil her. stoker: strip poker.
night, it's light, kind, his mind. Caine, the train.
alack! the track, gain, exceedingly plain), Worth, short berth.
Nerd-and-a-half; my staff stand, in hand. absurd, a third).
advice: somebody nice. Flo; or so MD's, of disease.
Tyne, Eastern line. Crewe, the flue. Clyde, to ride.
train, your brain. Waterloo, day through.


E.3, could be. around, far underground; tried, and cid-
best, at West- said, undoubtedly dead. Sta- the day.
assist, order. "Resist, sys- of this; groans, feminine moans;
wom- of quim, na- we'll play stand, and Strand,
hot, to squat. could, their wood. Piccadilly, a chilly
one, a nun, around; the ground, Bank, but frank-
stopped, gentlemen dropped store, They saw guys, their eyes,
had, it's sad, Line, for nine sat; interesting chat.
delayed, her maid quick, a dick- city; is shitty.
two, actually true. train, young Lorraine. flap, braking mishap.
city, and pretty eyes; I surmise. hand, mammary gland;
press, I confess, Line, pretty line.


me; manager, see? four? a door. treat; a seat
me, with glee. turbine; distinctive whine. dead; his head.
thirteen, about 14:15; excursion: that Persian Dan. I can."
me; must be." Ware! I swear." Morrow, his sorrow,
rag, a snag screw, that's true; train, and again;
Express, me guess, she, your fantasy. fuss, the bus
city; a pity. Jane? by train tell, as well;
matador, "Je t'adore. pain, a strain. seat, the heat,
hours, of flowers; woke, old joke) why, my fly
late; before eight. stopping, even off-dropping. slow. a glow.
planned, to stand; train, Miss Jane trains, and pains;
Lorraine, a train. star, and far. Express, to redress
precision, wear attrition: lass, on grass.


Hackensack, libidious snack, branch, corporate ranch. Stan, delivery van.
Castelamorrie, a lorry. learned, truck, overturned; luck; some duck.
bored: from Ford. snow, a tow. Fred, his head.
SUV, so moderately. struck; bad luck. truck, is pick-up.
Buck, 20-ton truck. Gray; I survey. Gray. inches away.
Gray. all day. Gray, would say, Gray, L. A.,
Gray, a lay, Gray. his lay. Gray, not say,
Paul, long haul, bummer; whole summer. crank; to thank.
fife, than life. ungentle, shelf continental. Abyssinia, win ya;
lass, sweet ass. height"; a sight. Tucker, a trucker;
sucker, luck, her ease, (sexually transmitted Lori; I'm sorry.
sane; not complain. wilt, little guilt, Gouch, no slouch.
need, not greed, Mac, some slack!" cavalcade, a maid,
quilt, her guilt, Thad, insensitive cad 4x4's; that roars.
truckers, for suckers. agree, and three. McBired, he hired
Bryerder, hired her Bryan, to Cairnryan. see; two, three.
high, passenger's thigh, great! I'll wait. Mabel! am able.
buck, a truck.


prehistory, quite suddenly. Murray, a surrey. class, some grass.
Holly, as jolly. Quickmart, his art; drink; will stink.
steer, without fear. start, the mart. rough; was enough.
farther; "Push Harder". Harriet, a lariat. Harriet, marvelous chariot.
Harriet, luxurious chariot tractor, an actor: engineer, experiments here.
flagon, horse-driven wagon. Rundle, a bundle. part: ox cart,
way; one day. clerk, named Burke, Jack, go back!
woods, we go. Murray, a surrey. proof: the roof.
Morse, the course. he, Replied he,


Baker, make her. Gold, been rolled. Hoboken, ain't jokin'.
Anne-Marie, additional fee; bent, tight vent. McNary, you, Harry."
humped, been gazumped. Darjeeling, leaves, revealing Barry, NEW CHERRY.
bride. with pride." Mary, her cherry... namin', was tamin',
Bhore, gallants galore. Simon, a hymen. Hinches, the clinches.
Spitzbergen, a virgin, seek, manner unique. shit, her tit.
she, as me. matters, red smatters today, virtue away.
complaining, a draining. Wise, marriage disguise: aisle, virginal style.


frustrated; has mated, fun, be done, new?" Junior, "Curfew.
thirteen, the green, blouse, very aroused, mound, I'd found.
mean, this scene." prime, a crime. Burgeon, living virgin;
lad, a cad. Louis, much ingenouis, Pete, and discreet.
Biddle, to fiddle. Tangiers, 45 years. Anne, a pan.
Anne, they ran. Anne; her van. Anne, and Gran;
Anne; her fan; Brook; to cook. Kentucky, so yucky.
Ben, since when... Lou, first screw. copulation, sensation! Inflation,
Andy, from candy, Herb, ever disturb. Lapland, was grand.
horse, great force, distraught, been taught.


Trinity: my virginity-- Samoa, named Noah: Hadley, very madly,
taste, have raced. Pecking, of necking. Mary's, the dairies.
Kerry, a berry; Boulder, rolled her. Pete, a treat.
wooed, never screwed, Phipps. her hips. yummy, tight tummy."
girl, the world. nice, with ice, true; unsavory crew;
me, a knee humours, her bloomers. Charlotte, to harlot.
coed, legs spread. tease; you please. throw, say no
Legge, I beg age, a rage. fair, will care.
on, granddaughter, Rhiannon, Rubik, and cherubic, Dover, named Stover
Eva, deceive her; Simon, "Why, man, Rand, as planned,
Sturgeon, a virgin. fear; or queer. ago, not so.
maid, and staid. Trinity, an affinity. Goucher, touch her.
rotund, had gunned. Amarillo, her pillow, Dalkeith, of relief.
tonight; just right. Scott, a yacht. taste, be chaste.
Dagmar, shag, Ma," AUGUST, big bust. big, a swig.
West, her chest. sword, I poured pure; spoken, demure.
flat? find that hat; all that. be; to me.
inquisition, of derision. sight, a fright. exist, of this.
spark, make mark -- and basting. prude: are Lewd.
Prague, horribly vague; state; any rate. Lynn, with sin;


clavier, named Xavier, cowarder, showered her, Baer, at prayer.
Teen, and pristine. Saul, late fall. Venus, a penis.
Berlin, a Finn. Happ, a nap. do, a Sioux;
Alice, a chalice. Jones, her bones. Kerry; on berries.
bench, of wrench. Kentucky, and lucky. complexity, virgin perplexity;
heat, tender meat, horrida? Inn corrida, me. devour me.
'n, and rhymin', Dora, bore 'er: Mahoney, of baloney.
Berlin, of sin, ago, say no. mine, with wine.
you; to do? biz, premature jizz... shag, sleeping bag,
bank, gratefully sank, cave, so brave. swell; like hell.
car, so far!" fence, perimeter defense: say, the hay,
bed, comfortably wed. prancer, a dancer. deduction, general reduction,
"B"; mine, see, pervy; most nervy. do, to you.
rare, to spare. Fred, to bed Long-- the prong.
Spurgeon, without urgin': sin, to win; lusted, and thrusted.
prayer-- still there. Ewing, about screwing. uncanny, or Danny.
it, caught it. Boulder, rolled her. Schmidt, my slit."
Nat, it's at, Reg, the hedge; Ederle, him steadily.
Clem, as "Oh--them." Drew, a screw. Cherry, became temporary.
-- a shower; -- fiance -- Neals, ass feels,
Christine, Miss Teen. Iago, from Chicago. yawn, Miss Dawn...
beat; the heat. infatuation, first menstruation, you! a few.
Dinah, North Carolina pure, Buster McClure... allure, and pure,
fart! your art sealed; will wield Stout, think about...
Munts, with cunts. Maine, red stain. Pugh, a screw.
Child, and wild-- pure! for sure: door, a bore,
treasure, conjugal pleasure, resistant, persistent! shame, named Mame.
Jennifer, were fer. virgin, counting kin. Kate, a date.
root; my snoot! clinches, you Grinches. White, than light.
scant, young Brant. white, exceedingly tight; dear, I fear.
beauty; virginal cutie. Beirut, been put. yester- to fester;
Spurgeon, a virgin. Madrid, been rid. nowt, give owt.
Pruett, Do It!


Trastevere, ever a Carrie, for Harry. maiden, trade in.
Carrie, quite scary. Pruitt, a druid. virgin, and urgin'.
petticoat, old goat, Bath, a lath, surprise, my eyes!
Pak-tuk, his luck. cotillion, a million." around, the sound
pure, and demure. purities, at ease. Jerry, a fairy.
jokin', was broken." affinity; the vicinity. yen; but then
Dee, to see Brook, gentleman's hook, Lynn, to sin,
Lynn, to sin. Reed, humans breed, Amy, tame me,
defended, was ended. Celt, it felt. Brewer, into her,
red; the bed. Missen, awkward position. me, I be."
whore, just before. relations, surprise revelation. try, to cry;
bolder, girls older, six, the flicks. height, Wednesdeay night,
boy, with joy, virgin, no urgin'. floor, the door.
tear, kept clear. chick; to quick. chick, was thick.
Algiers, young cavaliers. Sturgeon, no urgin', bower, her shower.
Gail, of tail, Pelopennesus, Sweet Jesus! Legman, beg 'im,
Kerry; her merry. hairy, it's scary. her, all bluster.
sister, her mister. Clewer, screw her. Ewing, for screwing.
bed, give head. affair, my hair, kissing, for pissing.


Eleanor, in store, beckon, I reckon handy, are randy.
use, hymenal abuse, horse, reversal resource. waste. make haste;
forgot, the lot, off, I'll doff, trusting, verses disgusting,
Dover, a drover. Scott, in thought. Wooster, seduced her,
Daisy, and hazy. you, penetrate you. 'em. sold 'em.
Simon, shy man. Bliss, a kiss. Illinois, of joy,
Gary, Mary's cherry Gertie; age thirty. it!" review it.
Baghdad, be had, Holden, to embolden; Lynn, of men.
Isles, with smiles; Worchester, seduced her, Coward, being deflowered,
Smither; with her. Hyatt, a riot. virgin, of urgin',
land, we stand. well, little dell." crud? your blood?"
apparatus, her, gratis. December; to remember. Glastonbury, it merry.
Arizona. good boner. use, manned use. Grissing, been missing.
Florence, in torrents. fair, her hair. REDOUBT, was about.
Isabel, to hell. Fletcher, a lecher. Knight; to delight.
Leningrad, been had, Durango, whang go. Dart, true heart.
Jim, so trim. delight, wonderful sight. harpoon, the moon.
Sperling, and whirling. boondocks. use padlocks. surgeon, his urgin'.
Jones, the bone. Moines, could purloin. Sow, know how.
Dublin, got in." Jersey, some controversy. Pearl; innocent girl
Sherrie, quite merry. Fred, with dread.


Emporia, named Gloria. Kay, sailed away. Meggs, her legs,
husbandry) one swoop. bed; she said. blonde, am fond.
came, by name. booth, the truth. rape? overaged grape?
air, French) Baudelaire; Harting, of parting, tight; wonderful ride.
men, virginity then?" Matthias, exceedingly nice, wince, with hints.
stores, not whores. passes, wearing glasses, Strong, night long:
Storr, no more. Penelope, best recipe Seward, been skewered,


pet, I get." Ostend, to defend. cast, virgin's aghast
sisters, with misters. Simon, a diamond. rootless, went bootless.
Russo, a trousseau; it, queer iit, Boker, stoke her.
Koppler, topple her. Violet, remain inviolate. Carrie, her cherry...
affinity, daughter's virginity, devout, some doubt. virgin; started urgin'.
Hessian, sacred possession. Lorch, hot torch; Slattery, and flattery,
Sheds, girls' maidenheads. urgin' of mergin'. Cliff, if --
Cork, the stork. good," his wood. Ostend, the end.
Brewer, screw her. deflower, South Gower. Dakar, that far!"
Lynn, a sin. Flynn, gave in,


Atlantic, half frantic. Lord, a Ford. rhymin'" delicate hymen.
cursed, had burst. Molly, young folly. you; do you?
Delano, dormant volcano. hoo... hymen, adieu! Previn, 'twas heaven,
wed, his head: broken," miserable token Terry, felt merry.
divinity, my virginity. couch, suddenly, "Ouch!" Wright, one night.


taste, and chaste, taste, the waist. Bates, the fates.
Stave, a Wave. ready, or spaghetti. Bunny, her cunny.
Watussy, her pussy. Olivette, to get; Kentucky, awfully lucky.
red, thy bed? slackest, thou lackest sixteen; neighbors. Christine
admit; a bit; titties, my mitties. sixteen, in between
Manchester, to pester; Bower; to deflower lecher, named Fletcher.
Pam, is sham. Bliss, even kiss. others, half-sisters' mothers.
Snyder, ride her. humdinger, to linger, Tess, virginal stress;
Bude, were viewed propriety, great anxiety. Cass, first class.
Lumpur, feel insecure. L.A. this day. true. Do you?
say, that way. went, have spent free! about me.
Toronna, said "Donwanna;" urgin', a mergin' cologne, and sewin';
men. sigh, men. Lantz, man's pants power, her flower.
dog; a log. yet. I bet inland, the hand,
Montana; of Hannah. off; would boff. bower, delicate flower.
allotted, be prodded." Virginia, in ya!" bluestocking, were shocking.
Montrose, Antarctic snows. action, no satisfaction. abeyanaace, your payants.
Wyomissing, am missing: Bates, the Fates. true, with rue.
Shore, "I adore Dallas, a phallus. Merry, her cherry.
hot, I'll not. Venus, his penis Metabechuan, you on!"
Heidi, kept tidy. Gluck, of luck. Mia, the idea,
defense, galvanized fence: chaste, to waste. Kong, cabdriver's dong:
Jerry, and hairy. striven, called Riven. Laura, with horror.
rare, you stare. Leicester, caressed her. Baker, young Quaker.
tried, pecker inside. Hoboken, was verboten. affinity, displaying felinity.
petition, cheerful coition; Heidi, kept tidy. Blaydes, the unlaids;
duress. I guess, Kenora, kneeling befora; Nantucket, pluck it!"
breaker... Tillie Traker. D. would see. Myrtle. or fertile.
Maduro, named Truro Carrie, got hairy: lie, loud cry.
amigo, in Toledo. 30, be flirty. wild, a child?
Bermuda, sick barracuda. Haste, died, chaste. Ford, a board.
Nissing, was missing.


Reno, holy Bambino. child, her wild. Laura, tyrannical horror,
Donna, a goner. Mick, his dick. sexes, have exes.
me; door key, ask. big task. tarried. I married.
this; sexual bliss? duct, been fucked. dupe? the scoop.
books. small nooks.) Boyd, was devoid. Preakness, of bleakness.
Siberia, stringent criteria. Lou, quite pseu- bath, righteous wrath,
bed, tight maidenhead dejection; with reflection. prude, quite crude.
sale, and hale. queuing; for viewing. whine, long line
Crewe, was true! Richter, nicked her. Griffin: stii 'un.
Corvallis, a phallus. Anna-Marie, exceedingly wee, flinch; a cinch.
Anna-Marie, so wee. affinity, to infinity, Tate, and straight,
gender, mend her. Barry, her cherry. Lake, the make,
"What, elegant twat?


Milt, of guilt. pillage, the village. it? fucking planet!
Reese, would cease. stones, with groans. sincerely, died yearly.
gods; and clods. Troy, we toy War, years more;
see, and country. War, live for. Flo, lets go
Laetitia, wing militia. plotter, were hotter. poop; this group.
card, the guard. lightening; takeover, frightening. crap, a sap.
restrictions; more maledictions, Heil! to smile! crying; terribly trying!
little; the shit'll humankind, with mind. obsolete, their deceit.
release, acts cease. fools; in pools. swell! folks hell.
view, come true. mothers, or others. shatter, do matter.
conversing, globally coursing yen, to Darien. endeavor, so clever.
-- in store, glance, to dance: sham, a damn.
I, dependable ally? -- find one day: should say.


say, though they plowshares, brass unawares, Vet, a bet.
guns, just begun. malaise", can raise. civilization, and nation,
before, the war. entrancing, is glancing beating, voice repeating
belong, word's wrong. Aix, for breaks, is, its forces,
discernment, a deferment, alas," at mass, defeat, front seat.
teams, (Russia) sham; a jam, afar, a bar.
front, or Grunt; professional, Medal Congressional. Shiloh, no mo'.
announce, body counts; bright, quite right, built, his kilt.
degrees, consumate ease;


accrues, the Vingt-Deux. "Yuck!" were stuck. Lorne, was born.
GI's, rather wise, Don. the brawn. Drum, a slum.
Frank, or rank, forces, some courses. shallow. did bellow.
Cooper, something super. Chirk, to shirk; King, a thing,
Joe, the foe, droops, favorite groups; Mahew, uncomfortable stew,
PHILODOX; "hard knocks". Moldavia, through Moravia. 79, just fine.
handed, as commanded. crawl, and all. reside, our side.
functions, the luncheons. tank, named Frank. front, no cunt.
scenes, named Jeans me; chuckled he. Headquarters," the mortars."
Kossoff, boss of attic; ham-radio fanatic. vet, can get.
CONDOTTIERI, so mercenary, Fred, his bread. Sarge, named Marge.
Beddles, his medals. Jones, his bones. Banks, the Yanks;
undresed, her breast, Bliss. last kiss. Lear, it's clear
Snife, foxhole life. Kircaldy, a squaddy. recruit, than astute;
or, major offender. show, to know, Killaloe, a stew,
Mack, panic attack. weird! been cleared, Gump, to jump.
inviting. usually exciting, it. survive it. sense; particularly dense;
seek, Army clique. waiting; was abating. drank. and stank.
Herring, were unerring, men: ye ken?" Iraq, Little Rock,
life; and strife. groups, well-disciplined troops; strumpet! a trumpet!
Green, the scene, Grey, upper A. Grey; far away.
Grey, boiled away; Grey, in dismay, Dupre; exercise, Grey!
Grey, marched away. grey, right away; Grey, them obey
Grey. January Day.) Dupre, in dismay; at, arrive at
run, of fun: Corps, to snore; Jervis, the service,
sight, us right. precision, army division, freak. terribly weak,
crafted, were drafted, pension, past mention. hell. every shell!"
description, recumbent position. Madrid, powerful id. claim, the same.
grief. brings relief. Ned, and bled.


Grey, the hay, May, all day; Fotheringay, trouser affray,
-- his pay. smarmy, been barmy, mad; the lad.
test, battledress, vest, Hood, he could. lot!" be shot!"
pace; a disgrace!" fool; finishing school. lot. has got;
brigadiers, their ears. Thermopylae, strategic monopoly large, regiment's charge,
down, "My coun- said, be led." said, who've bled.
Adower, a flower. complete. and deceit; bass, blockbuster gas.
embarks, the parks. brightening, or lightning. way, General Pinochet.
gone, a yawn, Dismay, general way. pay, to say
overdue, so too, Willett, fill it. wrong; so strong.
stench, fifty-cent wench. stars, strip-teaser bars. chaff, innocent laugh,
France, a chance. general, men; ral- tell, cannot dispel
fret. all wet. score, to war: Norm, too warm.
gay? this day. charmer, the alarmer. camp, young scamp)
Mongolia; through Anatolia worse, ain't averse. score; maybe more.
trial; single file. say, that day. embarks, the parks.
Brigadier, a year, Maye, at bay, Gammel, of enamel.
tanks, say thanks. Debility, Utter Futility. claim, his fame.
Norman, allied warmen.


Karachi, and starchy, plan, is Afghanistan. here. bloke, near?
chap, pure crap. pay," Spanish quay; Skavar, the Czar,
air, captains everywhere: trews, the Blues, agenda, maiden's pudenda.
colonel, language infernal. collar, silver dollar). bases, Oases!"
Calcutta, and stutter. brim, and trim. colonel, his jolonel.
battalions, not medallions. scene, of between. teenager, small wager:
HQ?" you knew. colonel, making infernal low, great show,
Jess, his OCS. it's, Five; it's askance. to advance!"
Bowes, orders disclose, tricks, shit bricks, speed, rapid indeed,
herren, wife Karen, Ames, of dames Point, a joint.
boot! fight loot! Drew, and flew.


me-thinks, the chinks. please, lousy chinese. art, people apart
'em; abuse 'em; friend; we send, ker-plooey! chop suey.
it, within it. Frank, a prank. swear, their share.
lord, chaacter in psalms, using bombs: Potomac. the Bomarc.
standing, bomb's landing. smashed? utter trash. Jerome, Americans home.
perdition, my mission. trees, your knees, blue. haunt you.
fun! a gun. hill, to kill. AK-47, should leaven
unfurled, we've hurled, field; he kneeled. hustlin' procurement's dustbin;
race, to face. fate, will detonate, wait, jams infuriate.
Pentateuch; for nuke. radiation, other mutations? doubt, hear about
Japs; by satraps. million," named Lillian Gatling, stop rattling.
Annick, were anti-Germanic. Pruitt, caribou suet. Hank, army tank.
grove, would move. charmer, his armor. crest, a test
Tom, thousand-pound bomb. hate, me irate. IRA, one day.
Grommet, bomb it. use, Sergeant Hughes, span, on Japan;
Japan, been banned. cuss, without fuss, boast, West Coast,
like, to strike flouts, any doubts knife; cause strife,
Somme, five bomb. Sandia, bombs handier. tank, big prank.
reduction. causing ruction. done, a gun. touch; and such."
judged, was fudged; complete, spendid feat. stir, said Kerr,
Tom, wonderful bomb. today, for pay. fuss, crotchety cuss,
salt! my fault!" archdukedom; rebuked 'em. trench, they're French.
O-bomb, from Saddam Harris, a Polaris, A. one day.
assignment, missile consignment. tanks, force ranks. Frank. a tank;
shot, the Patriot. Algiers, said, "Cheers!" creases, his nieces,
ammo, jam o- or, some armour. politician, my mission;
gun, the fun. forever, and whomever; noon, Honors Platoon,
blitz, to bits. funk. their junk. more. dad's folk-lore.
"Son, you're done. trusting, subject disgusting. prayer... of despair,
zealous, services jealous.


fine; to resign. insane, the plane. Hun, he'd done.
red, had bled. faternization." this explanation: Hear,hear! this year.
opined, been blind. remember, in embers. remember, in December,
humiliation, our nation! day, war away. grow, still flow.
war. lots more. fight; was right! die, granddaughters cry,
Spitfires, the shires. sadly, General Bradley. Montgomery, been summary,
Yankee, was cranky. firm? to learn brave, are engraved;
appears, hundred years. Louvain, All-Mightiest pain; cruise, hard booze.
Bataan, their plan; slaughter, it oughter, tribe, a scribe,
found, go around brass, the ass strong, Viet Cong.
shouted, enemy routed. away, to stay. free! to see
been; have seen; -- WANT YOU," Rhein', Patton's sign,
Penh, it again. again, make plain store, he saw,
cried, to decide, line, the Rhine, panoramas; such dramas.
confound, giant, musclebound. Day, comfortable way. lie. the sky
O'Hare, that's rare-- Harry, at Gary. Hannah, in Savannah,
Fred, and said: Jim, were slim. Whitler, stop Hitler;
there; a prayer.


alone, make moan. say: No way! -- its own.
thrilling. that's chilling. jokes; those folks insane, leader Hussein.
us, been thus); brain, madman, Hussein. rejoice, his voice.
principle: truly invincible! show, say so, Iraq, camels bareback.
slack, in Iraq; ruins, its doin's, enough. dictatorships tough,
rhyme, a crime, stone, your own. great. to abate.
should, your neighborhood? day, new way. Saddem, a bomb.
counted, and recounted. attacks, ramshackle shacks Suzy, felt woozy.
fought, who've bought contain, Saddam Hussein. run, smoking gun.
malefactor, bad actor. days, devious ways. Satan; hardly abating.
buffoon, a loon. fair, the flair flirtin' been skirtin'.
basement, their amazement, revealed, been sealed, trace, ugly face,
strong, for long. war; we score. loss, now gloss:
Iraq, much crack. Iraq, all back? Airport, and exhorts
hunt, stupid cunt, news, or Jews, fine. to sign.
mammal. old Saddam'll inspection, create misdirection, Iraq; his back.
fled, he sped. pack, our back. plan, crazy Saddam.
PALAVER, nuclear haver, obscene, to demean. Iraq," strike back.
(2005) who won, shed, free head. Iraq'll, total debacle.
scuds, just duds; Iraq, stupid attack. Iraq, your back.
it, knew it." alike. first strike. aboard!" bangable broad.
glee, can be;, small, YOU ALL. pickle; a trickle.
grieves, moment receives election, silly selection. quick; magician's trick.
invasion, great indignation. hate; now, WMD-gate!


compound: for Saddam"--Profound! Hussein, really insane. Saddam? old Adam.
Saddam; on macadam, plain, Dubya's game. Hussein, Tomahawk game.
Hussein, mass destruction) gain? Saddam Hussein, quad, his God
raid, Victory Parade. hand, Quaeda band rock; on Iraq.
Saddam, had 'em harassin' I'm amassin'. last; now past.
first," lips pursed. compete, on deceit. block; even knock.
Kuwait, did create, tense, breathless suspense. trying, headquarters identifying.
guy. to die. rubble, of trouble list, thought terrorist.
prospectus, Homo Erectus; cave, very brave. flanks, Swiss banks.
science, treaty compliance. plain; punish Hussein. ends; the "bends"!
Saddam; Viet Nam. son-of-a-bitches; the Milosevic's. facts, smoke stacks.
funny, and Sunni, manned, his hands. apace," his face.
Iraq, the sack, Baghdad; he had Madam, bother Saddam.
insane, no brain. -- he's insane; ramifications, United Nations,
Allah! top dollah. buy, the sly, son-of-a-bitch; a ditch,
Horn, and torn. oats, the votes. us; a ruckus.
ecological, war biological. sucks," in flux, about. dictator devout.
case, high place. cowers, superior powers. doubles, Baghdad's rubbles.
Kurds. big nerds. Hussein, agonising pain. dictators; witless dumb-waiters.
taught: have fought,


it, up, half-undecided. proof, the roof. dancing; and entrancing.
one. much fun, shoe, old you-know-who, doing, is, shoeing
it; dull it. you, the loo. sad; a tad;
warning, something's aborning, unfunny; so cunning. bristle, do whistle.
hidden, and unbidden; morning; without warning; strikes, our dislikes,
skin, his chinny-chin-chin. Iraq, and black. other," his brother.
example, to trample. well; can tell. -- less alarming.
hair. mustache compare? trouble, his double. late, humbling fate:
shits, world shit-fits, pizzle, of jizz'll attuned: all marooned
nerve, not swerve, words, by two-thirds. Turks; he smirks.
rubble, the trouble. ruse; of clues: gloat, be smote.
goat, penis abloat. seen, Saddam Unseen, there; a hair.
lines, the times, Texas, affects us?" silly. shows clearly.
sad; were mad. a-quake, friendly sheikh; lifting; and shifting.
remains, Saddam Hussein's, about, not allowed booms, cloud-like mushrooms,
dark, fell apart. feared. has appeared. -- the fishwife.
demographic, the Catholic.


Rome, the foam Davey, the Navy, weighty, named Katey.
Navy, quite wavy. Bee, at sea. Lee, Australian Navy.
vest, gentle behest. boat, to bloat. Smitty, chronically shitty.
here, buttons appear; ports, all sorts. all, blokes all.
Davey, hairs wavey. rude, inquisitive brood; it; dig it.
trunk, his bunk. Gibbs, outrageous fibs. money; him Gunny.
quip, ocean trip. Graves, troublesome knaves, Koch, to watch,
band, is grand; supersonic, arms electronic, Paul, fresh funeral;
jaded; had faded. Gold-Brick, midshipmen sick; sport, it ort;
salute, Official repute; Parade, buttons arrayed; Navy, you see,
willing. king's shilling. art, to Depart; Regulations, alluring temptations;
undeterred, the word. her, old anchor. Wren, called Ken
Piraeus, warn us Corps, the war. Davy, the navy,
right, I write. road, he rode.


Tahiti, penultimate sweetie, birthday, nothing dismay hip, his ship;
Keef, a reef. Troon, a baboon. (Horatio) needed fellatio,
boat! be afloat, parts, everyone's hearts. see? for me?"
left, his cleft. apart, Nelsonion fart. Seattle, this prattle:
Vermeer, with beer. Gene, big submarine. men", out captain.
wail, the rail.


arrangement, wanted containmet. marine; in cream. Saskatoon, naval platoon.
chase, legged race, said, the Med. Navy, at sea,
moon: its tune, Eugene, a Marine. sore; and more.
Gore, the war. forgotten, was verboten. whore, to score.
Eleanor, forever more. brass, that pass. tension, Navy convention;
Marine, from Racine. grunt, the hunt.


helter-skelter, raid shelter. -- he'd come. war, a whore.
able, my stable, fled. no dread. sense, tough-guy pretense.
dues, draftee blues, great, to wait, velocity, Cemtex's ferocity.
Belgrade, a spade. fart. no heart. impart; brain fart.
before. and gore. -- our clothes. tears, young fears
would, possibly could die? to fry? other, to weather.
Clyde, great pride. feel, were real. masses, Fever classes.
Seattle, a battle; groups, of troops, appal, at all.
navy, that's wavy, Moore, by war; be. dawn prodigiously
slave, were brave. Persian, casting aspersions. whore, a score.
pity?" very pretty. military, shockingly sanguinary. true, may do.
way; no say. saw, in Warsaw sky, to try,
score; than war. Tom, in 'Nam. million, Private Killian,
adore, by war. insanity; is profanity. Day, did portray
war, MX's galore.


writ, of wit. stun, left undone; Afghani, my Granny.
USA; bombing today. 'em, pile 'em starts, dog's farts.
flee, to be Powell, the towel, Hassin; Hassin hasn't.
raid, was paid. Abdul, his school. Belfast, a blast.
Atlanta, old Santa, Islamic, presents atomic, Class," a lass;
far; they are. it's, stick, it's Bourgass, call crass.
well; is swell. Afghani, was uncanny. stark, towards dark.
narcotic, who're despotic, arrange, as strange; knave, a cave,
race, colonize space, rejoice, mighty voice; land, nomad band,
'em, pile 'em fear, this year. Air"; fly everywhere.
knows? without clothes. say, here today. fly, you die.
contain, to restrain; fun? never done, crusade. instictively made.
sick; their pricks. Rickety-Rax, kamakazi attacks! express, WTC mess.
proud, and loud. pen, it again. sky, to die.
us, explosive knickers. jell, to hell; trauma, ongoing drama.
land," turbaned band Alliance, little defiance. destruction, convenient expression
word; right-wing nerd. night, is white, comic, times philanthropic.
left, completely bereft. each, to preach. lies," that applies."
luck, to fuck. allies, horrendous surprise: KABOOM! doth loom.
Laden, hard un. run, have won. Afghani, wholly uncanny.
Abdul, from Kabul. drag; a fag. steel. beyond unreal.
ill; less still. pederasts, add terrorists; urgin's, under-cooked sturgeons.
epidemic, the polemic. fright; the night. Kamel, seed-pod enamel.
chancey, to fancy tools, Victorian jewels. appalling, then falling;
gone, and pylon; heart, the start; minds, one finds;
gloom, a tomb; tell, Center fell; concludes, Reid's shoes,
explained, the plane. 587? deafened -- -- his shoe.
taut, was not line, this Einstein. befall, the mall.
woes, war goes. Laden, were rotten. run; they begun.
Bahram, es Salaam. Charon, world barren. Islamic, presents atomic.
love, the dove; awake, must take; lapse, tower collapse
roar, and gore, al-Zarqawi, like Maui. dead! and behead
clad, his pad.


away, help McVeigh. McVeigh, a stay. waved, and depraved,
McVeigh, at bay. kind; are blind. perks, the works,
fine, sixty nine. harder, new martyr. odd, the rod!"
rights, their plights. thought, underground fraught away, Tim McVeigh.
Way, Tim McVey. execution, crime-fighting solution,


Afghanistan, called "Taliban." birth," undisguised mirth. Osama, for "Mama!"
Laden, be sodden. sand, home land. pain, Kush Plain.
cave; deep grave. Saudi, to see meted; have conceeded.
Laden, and madden, trial, and guile; enclave, to save.
bore, what for. firm, Osama squirm. one, a gun.
thunder! went under! respected; is expected. Omar, very far.
Osama, a bomma. besmirchin' be lurchin', gay, his day.
Laden, immortal pardon, modem, quote him: glum; his thumb.
found! been downed. Osama, his mama, Laden, for jihadin',
in, his kin, prospered, I offered; shame, to blame,
thought; he's fought. boulders, his shoulders. said, of Mohammed.
Laden, his hard'n. bitch, seven-year itch. gaffe, his staff,
Laden, was proddin'; Osama, and mama. say, clean away.
heard, is absurd. decree; shall see. thrilled, Islamites drilled,
bitch; he twitch- dance, looking askance Osama, hairy banana.
Hussein. a pain. DC3's, you please. detect, won't suspect.
update: to hate Laden! us downtrodden. Alive! been neutralized.
Laden, quite rotten. Osama, and mama; said, Laden's head
kooks, has nukes; Osama, serious trauma, York, a fork.
bleak, did sneak. Saudi, bit rowdy, Bay, Taliban way;
ass, top brass mention, Geneva's convention, Jew, to screw.
demon. drink semen sins; great Djinns. children; Dubya's admin?
millionaire, the air. Asian, Moslem persuasion, smile; on trial.


is: USO hostess, is, USO hostess, Violet. compile it.
glitches: he snitches. Leedy, army, indeedy. hoots; old coots.
Arabia, abnormal behavior; roar, it tore. afraid, Baghdad parade,
retreat, tout suite. Butte, girl recruit: dame, the blame,
hope, are groped, reach, "Let's impeach!" warm, longer swarm.
38-Ds, a Vietnamese. pretended, captives defended. leash, my niche!
distance, parents' insistence) beer, a tear. marine, very keen.
factory, over sea. Racine, motion machine. tent, ass meant.
get, war vet.


Hearse, or worse; lass. a bypass. us. excite us.
glue; it's true; suggest, the best. wrinkles, graying sprinkles;
true; the view through, in Kew. antique, a week.
uncanny, at granny. her. caught her say, to lay.
peeved, who believed nears. old appears. Meg, one leg.
dross, green moss. shabbier, and crabbier. 40, and naughty;
sporty, the naughty; middle-age, the rage. Ruth, the truth.
Pringle, and single. Cholmondely, but comely. day; any pay,
appeal; I feel: gloves, her loves. ninety-nine, perfectly fine;
miss. say this: bold, I'm told. charm, no harm
come; them mum- Katie, be eighty." Ruth, of Youth.
me, old Tennessee, "mature" for sure. Bleakrit, General Meekret.
harem, bare 'em. men; but then sober, neighbour's Dober-
Leicester, addressed her. cried, young bride, hills, nor pills.
dee! you see. Nesconsett, her Quonset. celebrate, who's first-rate.
McCoo, this zoo? Mose, it shows. heard, dog turd.
Morty, girl-hunting sortie. Kent, English gent. forty, and sporty.
Rise, a surprise; pram; young mam. honey, and funny;
Dragon; is waggin'. lace, slow pace. rocker, astounding shocker.
Rideout, tried out. Clacton-on-Sea, around three, observing, are perving.
two, as you. night, by fright. Toulouse, to lose.
Betj- did lech, Oneida, a speida; Blatt, quick chat,
please, one, Louise, friend, Alzheimer's and clear; aim near.
whim: rather trim! boring, busy ignoring


Alaska, John Astor. Tennessee, for free, frail, our tale.
calves; scented salves. McDuffen, his stuffin' better. her sweater,
hurt; like dirt. cover?" fantasy lover. breasts. in nests...
Tashkent, with cement. Cholmondeley, and comely, glamour, to stammer,
Barbara, of Scarborough; headed, being well-bedded. tight, memorable night
Jenny, me any?" Veronica, the harmonica; Broadway, mod way,
call, Mae Hall... Drax, with thnackth. Hughes, bad news.
Whence, folks offence. floozie, too choosy; Nevada, Eric Estrada.
Steve, but naive. Red, they said. Anton, would rant-on;
went; were spent. board, a cord. vices, it entices.
stall, at all. -- for years. rent? you meant!
found, me spellbound. marquee, on me. bed, Instead
look; and took Sally, hippie rally. snob; foul-minded slob.
Maud, floored -- Rose, also dose; randy, in handy.
Jacques, generous stack; Gaspe, sumptuous lay. Marge; was large.
Fricker, her knicker. Churl, sometimes twirl. lay, in play
male, is stale. wed, brass bed. beads, her needs.
society, for sobriety. ponda', quite fonda'. Kent, "For Rent."
frayed, the grade. crass, of ass here; my dear;
please, and squeeze. rod, your bod. lick, throbbing dick,
need, to feed. suckle; the buckle. contrary, Virgin Mary!
horror, and Gomorrah. kinks; Rome-Irish-Catholic links: start, say, alt-dot-art,
alone; and moan. Lakes, the shakes. tea, the brie,
Dove, in love. Dove, bringing love; Purdue, with you.
renown, the town. Wheeling, quite appealing. sexy, Oedipus Rexy.
hard, on guard, go-getter; the better. Redding, for bedding.
France, a dance. York, to pork chambermaid; penny arcade.
sierra, and terror. Blanding, most undemanding. Harrison, of comparison;
Oregon, professional whoregon, floozie, you see? Toulouse, and caboose.


dear? in here. her. nasty dictator. Elaine, but complain.
"You, you do, Bong, day long. strapping, constantly flapping,
Joy, the boys. see, me -- pleased, be seized.
jealous, the fellas, rich) a switch, unrequited, troth plighted.
drums, with Canadians. tail, young quail. rich, feminine itch.
Delia, feel ya. wife, a knife. forgiven. and shriven.
Tobago, vicious virago; droll, all control. tricks,) (washing-the-plate tricks,)
Rochester, noches, sir." beer, named Leah. admire, to sire,
bitch; of which Lucerne, could discern. begun, had fun.
Bologna, own ya'. Clementine, just fine. cuter, six shooter.
scene: are mean. Aurrie, her quarry. spring, mood swing.
Jean, and mean. wooing, and cooing) Mehitabel, so inhospitable,
loose, dead-end excuse. O'Bangeller, mangle her, alone; the phone.
note: fur coat, dried, I've tried say, would stray."
screw, and blue. mess, me stress. mail. the trail
Foley, me solely, there, fair hair. unrequited? hopes blighted?
Andalusia. refuse ya. Rose, men chose: behold, are old.
Ealing, and appealing. cock? you shock, Irene, a teen;
word: is absurd. Congo; what's wrong-o! listen; into remission.
Chrissie, kissable missie. -- a river! Garret, a ferret.
Fyffe, large knife, invention, our attention. confess. such stress!
Blake, did forsake. page, old sage: whore, she saw.
war, they swore. blue; were true. ruse; to lose.
pitch, this bitch, Mass, the ass. quaint", a saint.
Regan, holding Vegan. Fry, her eye. slapper, looking dapper.
Dionne, pee on. gem! spelled 'femme'. Pettit, whet it,
alone, to groan. sweet, beat feet. Michigan: bitch again!"
appals, the walls chase? a disgrace! taste, her disgraced.
drag, incredible nag. without, or doubt. Hulk, beddable bulk.
uppity, gentlemen, puppety. Dave. a rave. perplex, about sex:
past; too fast. Fresno, says no. lecherous! are treacherous!


Nick, foot dick! snake; a rake! four, the whore.
police. his release. head, was dead! fled. he bled.
bird. her stirred!) stunt; more blunt. shit, good fit.
decks, old Ex. fate, named Kate. Kate; and eight.
#1; the sun?" #2; and screw?" alack, of attack.
Jerri, so scary, plead; that breed. vain, a train.
beast, the least. dame, and Name. thee, like me.
too, with you. witch. a hitch. quilt, I'd built.


park, innocuous remark Wong, and song, matter? will natter.
spree, much glee. fight; her right. fainting; was tainting.
back, "Yack! Yack". lorry; awfully sorry. Greece). would cease.
stamina. 'er -- dirty, remotely flirty. -- artificial respiration.
uninspired... has transpired! fear; in gear. man, men can.
Dave, to save. Beauchamp, reach 'em. Claud, easily bored.
night; a fright. quit, a snit. Loring, go exploring.
Montpelier, paramour's feelier, Moritz, her tits; Deville, Hotel Seville.
Bella, cave dweller. Thrupp, to sup, seems; would scream.
night, a fright! Lou, age forty-two, Athlone, erogenous zone."
willing, the ceiling. housekeeper, light sleeper. lazy, like crazy.
think, a pink inspection, prodigious erection. Beavor, grieve her;
(Maine) freight train. Dunny, isn't funny, Perth, was worth.
39, W/S/M Valentine: Mitzy, quite ritzy. Donder, did squander,
Amy, blame me! wives, their hives, coiffure. divine pedicure.
Singapore, a bore. d'oeuvres. my n'oeuvres. Jack- definite lack.
Fritz, chair knits. Twitting, her knitting. Cassie, well-prepared lassie.
tub; the bubbles. Cruller, and duller, sluts, their buts.
restiveness, and festiveness; court. this report: me, much coffee.
haven, environment savin';