Limeric Index



Spiro, a hero. Bush, insolent push. vainly, most plainly:
shot, long snot. chagrin, the chin. tonic, implant, electronic.
ploy, Jewish boy, sarcastic; is fantastic. mate, lecher berate.
TV, for VP. war, the floor. strife, my life?"
historical: an oracle. brainy, anything zany.


Gore, a war. Gore, "What for?" bore, a whore.
trample, for example, Bush, to push/ hesitation, big donations.
recently? on TV. gone, will spawn. win, not sin.
door, another whore. bore, everyone sore. Gore, eye sore,
Gore, the door. duel, adds fuel. Gore, get more


swear. don't care. tomato, spell totato. queers; good dears;
erred. as absurd Brown, her down. bright; to fight.
find, Quaylean mind. Quayle? him e-mail. conveyed, he made.
Quayle, campaigning trail. ex-): with checks, fail, the rale,
pains." Republican refrains. Quayle; quite frail. Quayle, cute tail,
dead. have said, play, to say, lad; was glad.
Quayle, his tail Dan, wonderful plan. Dan, been canned,
Dan-ser, every answer Dano, go mano-a-mano hard. or scarred.
hard, to retard Mars, for pars, fate, media's plate,
'E' liberal glee, bee, grade three. he, tiny peepee.
Venus, between us Spiro, our Hero. particular, matters testicular.
notoriety, of propriety. brings? inarticulate things." water, we oughter
me, about me! Brown, a clown; Tucker, struck 'er,
Tucker, romantic sucker! Vice-President, completely non-resident. heard, a word.
wild, and Child. black, the attack. Hero? to zero.
appeal, his steel me!" will be. Quayle? To jail?
tell, or hell. directions. voters selections? Kelle, a spell.
slightest, the lightest. pro, misspelled potato. Quayle, campaign trail.
Quayle? him e-mail. say, AMERICTECH way


fidget; and midget. gloat. nation's afloat, passed. at last.
meet, who compete: November, to remember: Bess, a mess
throne, to testosterone, pain, humans refrain. day, of A.
Victoria, of euphoria; collected, been elected electoral, than inspectoral:
choose, to lose block: in stock Mears, in arrears,
emoted; are quoted. force, the source. education, the relation.
see. the free', event; elect president. Ong, comes along
election, their selection. view, to you. trivia, give ya.
note? and vote! campaign, folks feign. selection; your section.
pick, each prick, nerve; they swerve. election, ballot depression.
confess: the best. Duck, worse luck. glad, bad --
clear, quadrennial year; must! isn't just. sought, and resort
votes, guys throats. two; you adieu. many, a penny,
trouble, a bubble. vote, who dote dimwits, two bits.
'Gored', recounting hoard. friction, B's jurisdiction. presidency; on TV.
lunatics, bad fix. polls, and trolls. ONEROUS, and thus
true, fell through. Landon, hand in." election; ballot inspection,
admire; tallies entire -- not avail. workstation, our nation.
blinkin'. rednecks thinkin'. mess, to address game, to blame.
grows, terrorist blows. authority, their majority. decoder, this odor;
conjectural, truly "Projectural." think, without chink. noting: from voting
year; I fear. agree, for me. Grover, be over.
chagrin, the sin, Nantucket, struck it. do, and you.
unopposed, ills diagnosed: debuts, glowing reviews. emote, would vote,
side, political bride. rebut, a rut, election, throbbing erection.
selection. need protection. objection. foreign defection. revolution, the Constitution.
vote, neighbor's goat.


proclaim, without shame. Egad! by chad; see, to DC.
Gore; some more. soften, your boffin', collect, they respect.
noting, I'm quoting. keys: spending sprees. Iran, day plan;
cute. elections, absolute! pearly, quite surly. digging, and zigging,
elections? grand imperfections, tradition? fresh ammunition vote? of note
dead? they said: place, attache case. soften, and often!
twenty-two, was through. Halloween, are seen--


rages, huge wages. done, nobody won, losers, the choosers.
conclusion? a contusion. today; great USA; this: slips amiss.
curium, worry 'em. left, is bereft. town. hanging around,
year; in gear. wicket, and picket. Dave, he gave:
mood, president dude, election, his selection. speed, Court disagreed;
Chad; a tad. Clyde, couldn't decide, more: the floor)
detected; was rejected torts, the courts, slow, definitive blow,
McBride, a landslide, Tipper: old Gipper! rote, your goat,
Harris, to embarrass. day. of A., lads; pregnant chads.
State, they're late. bunch, strong hunch, done. his gun.
done, number one, chads, just had new; suits you.
compunction, federal injunction. haw, can jaw, use? Democrats choose?
mass, parties, alas! right, observer's delight, sore, the floor,
excuse; in use. behind! can find!" call. inaugural ball.
Al, cried "Foul!" inane. presidential campaign, more, for Gore.
bitter, the shitter. absentees, the ID's, made; in Dade
lie, our guy. stun: and done... impropriety, civilized society.


Hill, her swill. Bella, a capella; pig, a wig,
Dekalb, imbecilic blab. Christine, party machine. Condit, It
"Run! their fun! wicket, pick it. shush, a push;
Mondale, not male. married, they parried. Fritz, by bits
Gore, a bore. Bennett, current tenant, top, did drop.
bore; beats Gore. afar, star -- Gandhi, a brandy?
Ghandi, with brandy. Janet, the planet. convention, high tension.
Bob, short knob. sob, the job!" Dole, a poll.
shrew, House crew. grow, can flow. bugs. and shrugs,
list: (both hissed): excuse, they abuse. swear, my hair,
Hillary, their artillery. knock, and rock. shady. Jim Brady.
York, eraser-sized dork. Tipper, be hipper. more, Tipper Gore,
push: our tush, Mondale, to fail. note: political goats.


Flanigan, ran again; taxes!", poetically waxes, dismay, this way!
due, councillor who wealth, National Health. me; be free
suck, this muck. chance! our constituents! Jesus, deceive us.
voice, and rejoice. bulsh, incredibly fulsh, prose? too verbose.
rejected, am elected..." Dole's, socialist goals, speeches, mind reaches.
today, or nay? wingers, some zingers. campaign," through rain.
servility, of humility. emotes, nobody quotes grotesque, though picturesque,
run, while none best, have messed race; to face.
late, they debate? Crumb, how come, lie; they try.
race, (nice place). gall, last fall. plod, appear odd.
Hutch, are such, fail, and Yale. Secaucus, high office;
debunker," Mr. Bunker, Maine, language inane. seen, candidates preen.
tossed, he'd lost. told; me cold. boffin', numbers soften,
Routh, from South. class, a bass; folly, by golly,
sinister, to administer panacea; crackpot idea. noted, who voted
Stout, any lout serum, cheer 'em, blames, Mr. James,
rex, ROSA sex,

POLS - CANDI - 1992

GOP, for V.P. beat. sound retreat. Dole, this poll!
though. of Perot.

POLS - CANDI - 1996

thrill. get ill. States, political fates. talking, while walking.
knows? big foes! toe; real slow. Dole, a hole.
Dole, his soul. clear, draws near: know; all show.

POLS - CANDI - 2000

quaint! is faint. (2000) muttering fucks, wins. of sins.
wire, to hire. reports, the courts, pain; to abstain.
choices, clamoring voices. store, Al Gore. bad, a lad:
Bob, liberal mob:

POLS - CANDI - 2004

piety, much impropriety. mix, would fix respects, Kerry, 2004)
unwinds; our minds. whore, nice score. debate; pet hate.
me? I'll agree. note, and goat. Kerry, a cherry
decide, with pride. Clinton, was bitten. fly, best lie.
chief; a thief. ball, to call. know; average joe
Fall? at all! cheers. your fears. stench, the bench.
Kerry, sweet derri- sherry, so very. sob. it rob.
swill, I will, star, too far. stroke, I choke.
me. to be." race, "Hey, Ace, ass, and crass.
square, get there; willing, equal billing, sins: candidate wins.
knows; finally goes. inspire, a liar!" mice, just suffice.
nice, her eyes, know? about dough. White! the right.
most: Tse-tsung's ghost. boasts, to ghosts, twiddle, this riddle;
sure, the shore. trawl, factions recall, think, the brink.
night, just might job, no job, and, guys, and
George? to gorge Gore, and more. Gephart? Gary Hart?
list, Bill Frist. see, and three.

POLS - CANDI - 2004 - DEAN

bashing; vicious tongue-lashing. Vermont, in want. dismay. the Day!
nomination, in anticipation, Hannity; or humanity. Nation." cause consternation?
Dean? and clean. Dean, quite mean. Byrd; was absurd.
annointed, are disjointed. quarters, U.S. borders. Dean, campaign careen
presidential, consider essential. contrary, disinterested, very. funny. in honey.


shush, the push face, the race, Kerry, just scary.
Kerry, get's scary.) up. bind up. vocal, yokels local.
Boston, than Austin. 'em. and Rodham. Bible! is liable
know; a row. true, half Jew? true. catholic view,
top, the crop. name. his aim. Kerry, being very
Kerry, ideas contrary new, sorry crew. few. my view.
new? Senate crew! IQ, is true: man, his plan.
curse? and verse:


votes, quietly promotes. dismay, a way Missouri, a flurry
brain, a pain. nice? the price. fader; a raider
Clark, his bark. Clark, the dark. Clark; Dean's bark.


Kerry, are very Kerry, old Tipperary.


Electoral. and oral. for. keeping score. time? called prime.
Dukakis; too raucous; Dukakis? mock us? swoosh? his tush?
up, fuck up. Ferraro? the morrow!" two; for you.
chase; limerick place.


Dole, some pole. plain; to complain. alarm, be harmed.
-- it be? men. lion's den. soul, his goal
Dole, great control. Dole, of Poll. roll! my soul.
Dole, the role role, without soul. Dole, back hole.
Dole, respectable soul. Dole, his soul. undoing, he's wooing.
schemes, liberal themes. inedible, too incredible. wired; ain't retired.
ahead, be led? pale, their sale. rot, and plots.
away, in L.A. mine, so fine. Dole, every hole.
Pole, a role. Creed, Now freed, new. their crew.
decide, his side. plain; rival, McCain. dough; her show.
sire, up wire. shaken, man achin'. it, do it!'
candidacy, U.S. presidency; DOLEFUL, merely woeful; "bump", ratings jump)
Dole; in control. mystery. will see. Dole, a mole.
clever, Senate's endeavor. illusion. a conclusion. control, the poll.
lack, the sack,


Pole, a hole. bore, no more. bore. to snore.
bore, a whore. send, our friend!" '04, open door;
distract, a fact; ; the know. pride, were tied.
Gore; a whore. nice; to entice. door, he'd score.
cheerier, Russia's interior, obsession, special session. lie, the eye
ranted; outrageously slanted. more, Al Gore, winter, a printer.
bowel"; screaming "foul!" hero, absolute zero. poor, to Gore,
success, Money mess, pain, the same. printin' just hintin'
ticket! sticky wicket! smirk, won't work. law, one flaw.
Gore... the floor, insurrections, outlandish directions; known, is unknown.
cost. he lost. MIEN; more pristine. Gore. Bill's war?
Gore. the score. bore; a chore. proud, hole allowed.
-- little whore! Gore, a bore. care, their hair.
us, the chorus. Gore, terrible bore. Sam, that sham...
SUV, poignant plea. munched, style hunched. spine, to align
skipper; a dripper. campaigning, not gaining? boss, October loss.
Gore! votes more! Gore, a bore. courts, the shorts.
bore, the score. Gore; feels sore. rejected, been resurrected.
Gore, like war; Gore, liberals adore, snipper," looking hipper).
smarty, canards hearty. four. many more. more; President-wannabe Gore?
pleading, be conceding; whore, intern before?" book, only look.
implore, no more Al: right now!" sure: that's secure?
awfully, dark toffee. tense, his defense. dear, to hear?
careers, any tears, -- he score? Gipper; probably hipper.
Gore, mass snore.


2004? the floor. Bradley; so badly, Powell, the towel.
Powell, he'll disembowel. now, spic-and-span now. spawn, new dawn.
maturer, deal securer. Mondale, to entail fur-man? worm in?
paint, major complaint. shame, can blame. bizarre; too far.
tart, very smart. tart, la carte. -- very smart.
sense, was immense. fuss; who's plus; cavorts, Mrs. Schwartz,
chipper, old Gipper, misuse, Forces disuse. Brown, and renown
Kucinich, is spinach, more, the floor; he's, Big Cheese
say, American Way. it, the toilet. push, into mush.
trusty, quite busty, smarty, a hearty means, and teens,
1992; are few. misapprehend, man's friend, pretend, man's friend,
confess," in distress, schiz, his wits. got, is hot
greater, to crater,


like, old Ike. Chote! his coat, go, on Perot.
loss, President Ross. farts, for starts. thank, left flank.
cheer. 'cause "We're awhile, big smile. squeakpip; a quip.
know; Aliens go. "Whoa!" really know. NO! HO HO!
Perot, political foe. Perot, upcoming show. Ross, dental floss.
Ross, did toss. Perot, the show. around. very profound.
donkeys, its knees.


Buchanan, biblical canon. classes, Jackie Onassis, candidate, he'd create.
assumes, from barrooms. Buchanan, ran on. quoted: who voted
late. of Haight. campaign, John McCain. clear, to hear,
aghast... was passed!" down, spread aroun'. Bauer, a glower,
Hush! President Rush? lean, fucking machine.


immoral, matrimonial quarrel. Siberia, approach posterior. Claire, his hair
Hyatt, Mr. Wyatt, Clyde, night outside Crete, very discreet;
Navaronne, methods unknown, Burgess, merge us. technician, gross juxtaposition.
angled. quite strangled, body, little roddy. physician, coital position.
wings; it brings. kicks, usual tricks; Brown; a frown.
word, I've heard. Dover, blue clover; HEFT, quick left,
condition, to perdition. lay, to play. Kelly, the telly.
dashin', i.e. passion. before, consummate bore; Drew, screw standing)
Penticton, convict on, smoulders. great boulders. kitchen, I'm itchin'
sweetheart. should start. propositions, crowded conditions, fed, my head.
rest; a test.


dong? and strong, hot; her twat. a-bouncing! and pouncing!
there; to share. suckin', for fuckin'. pride, UNDER bride.
inferior, "female superior." quick; the trick. blunder, you wonder
love, riding above. pride, their hide. her, to polka."
Charmaine; a train. wait, a date,) Shirley, too early.
Snyder, beside her; Ocean, with lotion; best. get messed.
remorse, the Norse. Clyde, it inside, pup, we'd sup:
pop? you stop freed, a steed. Spokane, tan --
choad, large load. Dundee, much free. Pate. couldn't wait.
striding, came sliding. say? the hay? boff. can't doff
Ida, inside her, fop, on top. gaily, than daily!


Kyle, for awhile. uncouth, from Duluth. smile; a mile.
blind, real kind, Paris, lay me. Nellie, to belly.
Constantine, Vatican shrine, Wainwright, dog might. John, have drawn.
bride, to confide: beg, my peg. Greg, named Meg.
bitch; his itch. dark. the park." passion, doggie fashion?"
he. each amorously. Carolina, her vagina. Og, his dog.
grand-prix, finally man-free. delectable, mine erectable all, cried Paul.
behind, will find Peg. he'd beg. style, ear smile.
letter, be wetter! smile; a while. need? setter, proceed
groggy; and foggy. Luxor, bucks for. clover, turn over.
bin; just grin) name, to fame, Carolina, from China.
see; to tea. park, to spark. Clayte, my weight,
lass, her ass.


pleasure, a tether, after, a rafter, innovation, sexual stagnation.
idea: gilt chandelier. ease, eighty degrees. bad; was had!
door, the store. fun; the one, profound, I found.
Beard, was reared. fourteen; I mean? heap, I leap
rear. my spear! Bill, to drill; Turkey, quite QUIRKY.
Yost, the most. Glover, love her. Stavanger; hang her
Randall, a scandal. Gore, any more. Nantasket, a basket.
Brown, local renown:


vary, scary -- Mission, of coition. supine, her spine,
air, pubic hair, loach, could broach; physique, clever technique
coition, spaceship position. bimbo, old Jimbo. Keith, the teeth.
hairy, strict seminary. mission, pious contrition Good, the wood.
stop, on top. Brunswick, I pick yore, supine, evermore,
mission, of perdition. gas; humping lass. weird. I peered.
bark. every mark jump, a hump, around, I found.
sack, dear back; supine, her spine, position, a magician,


multifarious, are AERIOUS, Hideo, his libido. Lee, it immorally.
Air, or chair, action. her satisfaction. Vinal, positions: synclinal,
sate, one eight? tooters, stranded commuters, angler, horse wrangler.
Otis, due notice: May, did play, wench, account blench
Bart, his heart. fun, are done. Jay, each day,
"Toots! circuitous routes. Biddle, to diddle, find; just grind.
top; will sop. Greek; each cheek. week? very sleek.
Niles, for miles. Cog, quiz dialogue. Otley, and motley,
coition, a condition. Fred, her head, suspended... all blended...
Jopp, out "Hop "No, that hoe, East, able artiste.
Otley, him hotly; edition, w/several conditions, San, can --


store, (a bore!), butt; a nut. Lorraine, serious pain.
FORFEND, a "friend," beckon; I reckon. fair, the air,
affront, my cunt, Hinde, had entwined. Vicky, too tricky.
drawers, she deplores. bees, wonderful ease; ambitions, my suspicions.
Mandy; her candy, unrefined, and kind. Spear, and queer.
pier, "My dear, Carol, skimpy apparel, Dare, to beware
truth, snaggle tooth. pole, your control. Bombay, Fashioned Way,
Bengal, quite tall. Greer, the rear. endearing, am nearing,
dear, and clear. misters; with blisters. fear, think queer.
behind, you'll find, town; got down. Jack, her lack
drool, my tool. hack; all black. Kelly), her jelly.
beer, her rear. do. at you McAllister, calloused her.
Ealing, and squealing. Dundee, the sea. Carol, model's apparel.
table, you're able. Gump, friend's rump. whined; her mind.
Mickey, throbbing dickey, Bols, usual roles. Wheeling, while kneeling.
mind, completely refined. Sally, occasional dally. "Pardner" a hardener.
nod, sizable rod. Jack, the sack. fits, never quits;
Treat, is neat. fours, her pores. bitch? every stitch.
Gold, the cold; front? the brunt Fritz, thing quits;
Fear, carefully steer


Marybeth; to death; please, without tease: cave; old Dave
grunt, about cunt. blunt, you punt dispense, some sense.
treat; be beat. fours, of doors. back, your crack
mine, the line. pet, anything yet behind, won't mind.
perm, your worm. "Jack!" rear-end attack. furrow, would burrow.
Jack? the track? grind. more refined. control, and roll.
kisses, my wishes. knees. say please.) position, sweet superstition;
behind, doggie-type grind, fours, the floor. past, happening fast.
pad, getting bad. red, simple instead, grouch, sure vouch.
stalls, knees crawls wishes. is delicious, lass, a glass.
said, the bed; sings, sure stings!" clear. to fear.
beer, in here. quitting," I'm sitting; all," does gall,


said, the bed. Ruth, telephone booth. balls, in halls.
knows, their toes. LaRue, to screw. List, be missed.
Lee, a tree, Nicolla, prefer perpendicolla; state, are great.
hipped, good equiped. Beirut, hard put. Wade? reprehensible jade.
Madder, a ladder. youth, and vermouth.


capitulation, wild copulation. Bright, one night. David, badly behaved.
comical, weren't economical! treatise, famous Epicetus, NY, his fly.
bars, with stars. incandescence. with tumescence. Australia; a failure.
true, the clue. tot? a lot. fun, the bun.
floor, bag, galore. chasin' with elation. fun, the sun.
sailor, look paler." conversational. still inspirational. Lyriad, and myriad,
annoyed, really toyed. Ocquerk, as clockwork. Myrtle, a turtle.
brain! with disdain. elf-perpetuation, an avocation; Cotter; get water.
proclaimed, some dame styled, often beguiled ejaculation, an equalization
fine, of line. sex, so complex! conception, penile erection,
grown, left home. pain, that again! boff, worked off.
Stone, the bone. today, peculiar way, donors, new owners,
Rhett, of regret before; front door. daughter, taught her,
hissed, your wrist! Philly, was silly, -- they unite.
Blake, no mistake. Cork, in pork. cool, after school.
Falls, bird calls. population, for elation. Clancy, her fancy.
lust; protection fussed. shrinkage; no linkage. Alaska, ask her.
introduction, gentle seduction. avid, her habit. droll, her hole.
capitulation, of copulation. leg, does beg. O'Rourke, of Cork,
York, of torque, York, a fork, boy; so coy.
numb, the slum. time, was mine. Peggy, 'way leggy'.
sighs. those guys. zips, sexy lips. wail! in jail.
P.C. to me. guy, to detoxify. cruise. to lose.
flutter. a nutter. two, should marry, said, I dread.
Marge, and large, Jan, handsomest man, Julie, you unduly.


Westphalia, twin genitalia. joke. they poke. Lilloet, her silhouette
ruing, spent screwing. York, from Cork. among, FACILE tongue,
Alberter, for murder. Joad, fixed abode, France, out romance;
load, to explode, IMBIBITION, virgin inhibition. Ann, the can.
Davey, his gravy. Escariot, his chariot. menstruation, unpleasant sensation.
Birch, never besmirch truck; the luck. Purdue, long overdue.
unjust, lover's trust. Verdun, a bun. Sam, in Siam.
Mabel? I'm able. frolic, old alcoholic; gay, the hay.
Quaker, called Dacre. David, 'Metamorphosis' (Ovid), Stan, a van.
Joy, big-city ploy vail, the vale. Angelique? last week,
Nuys, of guys. tubby! simply chubby;


Elaine, faithfully train. Tommy, of Mommy, Tidd, I DID."
joy, a boy. deny, you apply. bored; his reward.
abroad, have scored, Fork, a cork, best, in jest.
a-chuckling, my duckling: wean, a scene. sexagenarian, a Bavarian)
Earth, internet birth girth, contractual mirth. Framingham, blaming `em,
bust, slumbering lust. egalitarian, weren't riparian. sexagenarian, a Bavarian)
Lynn, in sin; neighbour, my Sabre.


Prother, a bother. Keast, "At least germ! term --
Thame, her shame. slim, vous aime." Hume!" David fume.
laddie, my daddy?" Shub, a rub. Bates, latenightly dates;
Fiji, was P.G. Butte, paternity suit, Prother, a bother.
morn; the corn. more, to score. Shoe, is true.
Snow, hollers NO! Lil; the pill. inducible, a crucible.
scatter, to flatter. Corning, offspring aborning, Nettie, or Freddie,
lyrical, get spherical... September. in November. Lunt, and blunt...
milkman, my clan. milkman, us can knows, I suppose
mind, you'd find, Gladys, fad is? McCann, by plan...
Reno, a bambino; Steve, you believe named; be blamed.
fine! Divine! humanoid, her abdumanoid. block, new cock.
Adam, a madam. Framingham, naming 'em, same, their Mame
York, the stork. dismay. pregnant today!" surgeon, a virgin,
seduced, quickly reduced Stan, Anne's plan: dismayed? a prayed!
out? is about? Strother, helluva bother. show," blaming Joe.
Worth, give birth; mind, so kind, puking, for looking
came. to blame. pleases, my thesis: Tid, now bid
need," to breed." linger, bring 'er; Chatham, at 'em!",
Strother, no bother. Ritter, fit her. Bagdad, just had:
Kant, her gallant. laid: be paid. Moose, the deuce!


Cletus, beat us. lay, Back Bay Delhi, her belly.
debonair, sex LAISSEZ-FAIRE, blunder, are fecunder: vexed; do next.
late, our plate...) conception, old deception. child? and mild.
pace; the place. infertility, 'mutual sterility.' admission, on parturition,
dish. (parent's wish). mind) be blind. Kitchener, itchin' her,
Bay, the hay, Annie, a granny. Nellie, named Kelly,
Devlin, needed "levelin'." Potter, the water. Flo, too slow.
slouch; Prince's couch; cookery, her bookery, glee, that's three!
increase, in Greece, ontogeny, human phylogeny.


brother! some other. shade! Chaplin made do. problem, true.
here, I fear. hard; without Dard. advice, my vice;
say. the way? blue, for you. layette? to get?
do. a clue! help. will whelp. -- my honor!
you, for two! here) I fear stuff, quite enough.
dumb, my sums) me; the sea van, (Typical man!)
sums; just dumb. girl, to twirl! pronounced, then pounce.
appear; of Fear dawn, a yawn, bed, little head,
stop. will drop. stop. will drop. bladder, much fatter.
father-to-be, you see.


#1. ovulation's begun. #2. Glutinous Goo. divulge, did bulge:
Perth, great girth, contraception, an exception. Scranton, babes pantin'.
Dell!" with gel. cringe, the syringe. delight. that night."
advise, never surmise; batches, up snatches, Platte, very fat;
Khartoum, her womb. Park, to remark, died; came inside.
Blue? twenty-foot didgeridoo? spew, to brew: knock... watching clock.
Kent, were sent. Blanche, her ranch. cow, the plow.
Paint, a faint; Troon, with ruin. deed, his seed
deed, simple greed. pissed; been kissed. child; them mild,
Carla, the parlour. Lowell, my soul, B. not amicably.
reservations, proxy procreation; agree, baby B., great, to state
shy, know why). Olivia, not trivia. slut! sexy butt;
fun! special someone... Funtua, you are. Perth, giving birth.
date, do wait. mean? I've seen. howl, most foul.
fears, the tears. fella, tell ya. Cossitt, was it?"
Eclampsya, he vampsya! Scot. a blot. Trieste, the best.
sure; to blur. wild; it mild. Kong, of Majong.
bed, it led Roy, his joy, pants, become aunts;
maid, to crad- Treadwell, thread well. lackin' for packin'.
other; then another. forcing, been horsing Wren, and ten.
great; hours (late). joy; a boy. teach; the beech,
had: going mad, sad, young lad. LaPaz, and aaahs
did; carefully hid Scott, or not; Bloomer: a tumor.
babe'll, Jan label? Karen, prove barren, Spelling, home dwelling.
Mills, greatest thrills (Bracket) hidious racket fucks, he shucks.
Day, in dismay? Meyer, could hire. joy, be coy...
fertile, be worthwhile. lot, you ought, tale! seems they'll
Leamon, he steamin'? sequel, sleep well, sequel, technique will
inferior, her interior Jane, pregnant again. knew; or two.
pay, the hay, protection, or infection. screw? for two?
now; baby cow. Lopp; bam, pop! Grant, you're enceinte;
mope; said "Nope." relation, the nation,


tradition, without inhibition. Beth, boy Seth. impregnating, complained extricating
flow," Wanda Jo; Huff, so gruff, Eve, to believe.
treasure, this leisure, Claire, an heir. Mike, a dyke.
Shipper, wee nipper; Artha, called Martha. fun, a bun
reflects, about sex: one, my gun." bigger, hair trigger.
sure, your lure! Wing, your thing! greed, by need,
Bly, we try; grace, her face. O'Rourke, New York,
York, the stork. believed, somehow conceived. star, and far.
groom, I assume?" urgency; an emergency! pregnant, most indignant:
smiled, remain undefiled, follow, to wallow! fact? your pact?
Jayne. from Spain, "I'd, in stride, techniques, and leeks...
dejected; had expected... landscape, pregnant shape. apprehension, might mention.
realized, who tantalized. sat, to begat. riled; never defiled.


London, "I'm undone! week. she seek? consideration, the occasion.
foetus; to boetus, Kentucky, was lucky, teens, by deans,
wills, nor pills. dastard, her plastered, sob, the job
May-Bette, basic layette. while, vomiting bile. go. will grow.
sensation, of elation, MATRICULATE, her fate Syosset, the closet.
Leeds, for misdeeds. York, a cork Canning, needs banning.
Dwight, one night; doctor, sweet-talked her. doctor, Miss Proctor,
Piddle, her middle. Sawyer, annoy her. Shaster, the Astor.
Deer, bed, dear." Mae, the hay!" Mum! mummy, Mum.
Harry, they'd marry. McTidd, a kid. Mort, to abort,
Malta; a defaulter. Clare, hither stare. Madrid, her Id.
from, but dumb. up, this lock-up. Bangkok, carpenter Brock.
bad. she's glad known, a loan, Thos. his pros.
daughter, she oughter rubble, her bubble. top; the crop.


Elizer, espies her. victor! tricked her, Audrey, bit tawdry.
December, I remember; Goleen, of poteen. grief!" sheer disbelief;
France, a chance, Lenore, the floor. Barry, to marry.
Princess, and rinses. Ivan, a drive-in. trout, 'round about.
faux-pas, say, "Pshaw! her. aid her. cried. been tied.
Cash, newlyweds Nash. Khartoum, a room. Vicki; a quickie.
Butte, did dispute. Claridge. about marriage." exec, to expec'.
Dunning: so cunning. Sally, consummate folly Bork, by stork,
Day; aft agley: Mork, his pork. dismayed, getting laid.
accord, on board. Hill, the Pill. Bend: a friend.
sea, a Bride-want-to-be; N.Y.U. I do. Cleo, to Rio,
linger, bring 'er; Boris, bit porous. Clyster, eyes stir;
Phyfe, brother's wife. time, popular pastime? Molly, the trolley,
need," to breed." York; my cork.


huffing, was puffing. arrogant, girls daren't. Perth, increasing girth.
Cincinnatter, doesn't matter; Pat, and fat; apparent, maid incoherent.
Moose, the deuce! Antelope, shan't elope; Lourdes, night, self-assured,
grand, the sand. (OR) family way. Wantage, took advantage.
Katz, usual stats. Perth, a birth. tension, belly's dimension;
Claire, a dare. Kent, a tent. O'Farrell, was sterile.
Lansing, mere glancing McSpurgeon, a virgin, Black, you lack;
his, Gee whiz!' Ellen, so compellin', jelly, pregnant belly.
sister, kissed her. wait; my fate! 'em: face 'em:
rummy, bloated tummy; Perth, of child-birth. Barrage, would assuage.
Wouter, and stouter, jeans, that means. sale; young tail.
sale, my bail. Lapland, to expand. Blake, to take.
Reyes, seventeen days. women) a seat. France, to dance.
tempestuous, parties incestuous. Welling, was a-telling; creature, her teacher,
Yately, lingam lately? Rose, certainly shows Cass, a mass.
Collette, a debt. dummy, a mummy. Thrace, to lace.
heinous; pain us." State, some weight. case: won't lace;
Louth, the South. Kate, on weight. `em, face 'em;
Mid, with kid, Sway, one day; masses, mouth passes,
Burley," lie early. relate; on weight. proffer: you offer,
Whitely, workover nightly... Mellie, the telly. show; to know?
Head, the wed, swelling, constantly telling,


Son; only one; Liar? go higher. best, to West
stranger?" Texas Ranger. disgraced, they faced. knell, taciturn swell,
creamed, were screamed; pardon. the garden head, properly led.
cynical; my pinnacle. Ford, were restored. Ford, climb aboard,
R. or Tsar. Roosevelt, was dealt. December, his member.
sure," this tour never!" my endeavor not; a lot.
House, a lighthouse, Grant, his pant. condone, bourgeois tone;
starting, left smarting. 'em. land 'em. Vancouver, President Hoover.
Vancouver, Herb Hoover. say, broke away frock, a crock.
for, vow, Fifty-four remembrance, his descendants, -- 'twould seem.
Monticello, tolerant fellow; all, to fall. Society, quite untidy:
heart, Gary Hart. say, with LBJ." J. in L.A.
Bronson, in Wisconsin. Booth, seems uncouth. shocking! be mocking!
fair; was where Fife, his life. shower, God-given power.
history, so blistery? nation, of abomination. said, sexually dead,
scoffed, and loft. last, his past. presidents, to residents
Taft, once laughed, slick, a trick. Leon, pee on.
Bess; anyone's guess. "Sure, shouting 'Manure!' fumin', is inhuman!"
feet, war-path street. way! I stray; Prez; oh yes.
(George) I forge, rattily, myself nattily,


sup, oversexed pup. game, Lincoln's name? Bush, underage tush.
attack, no slack. man, a hand. loose, damn goose.
fun, or gun. all, free fall. Colorado, and Loan)
ale, on sale! rage, her cage. hale, without fail.
dupe, damn loop, torrents. tears warrants!" door, old Monsignor,
Hon; our run. dim, a limb grim, a limb
spoke, common folk. politician, voter suspicion. quips, my lips."
elected, madman respected. ale, to fail. cleaning, and scheming.
notes, belligerent quotes. Toledo. named Guido."


day, "Let's play!" smart, fall apart. Carter. Hillary's garter.
fear, next year. grin, To begin Jim, a sin.
rut; big butt. cuts, biting rebuts. nations, Rights violations,
heart," a tart, state, won't rate.


L. no spell. kind; will find, heart; bad fart.
hope, and scope; cheat, President's beat? charms, the farms.
long, her thong", job, chores lob swore; Civil War,
shot, the spot; panted; if planted. Lincoln, was stinkin'.
press, a mess. said, my bed! comedian, parenticide man,
perceives, nondescript weaves, appears, in arrears. yore. a bore,
said, my bed!" nation, his LUCUBRATION. pun, with gun.
dates, past greats. dress, we'll caress. throat, this note:
climb, called sublime. Lincoln. was thinkin'.


Kite, the night, gapes, the drapes, '72, I knew."
Clinton, Rich Nixon, fate, too late. design. did shine.
president, Whitehouse's resident. rat)? once sat see, the credulity.
mistook, to look. -- shoots grouse. said. or dead.
Dean, the scene, shook, been mistook!" maybe, as Bebe,
condemn, this stratagem: wandered, both pondered sly, does rely.
great. pros urinate. straight, his fate; Nixon", were fixin'.
law; we saw, Dick, the trick, Nixon, tricks on?
Whittier? pity her?)? Nixon: prick's in! fixin', in Nixon
heard!" the bird, shop, could stop. bum, will come.
Lil, me ill. Greece, the fleece. alas, are crass.


upon, Nation's con. off. stop off. Rea- a day."
is, raise taxes; sky, will die. pain, much strain.
conspiracy; Hatch see afoot! like soot? day!" the fray.
allow, here now. Hinckley, certainly stinkley. nation, severe devastation,
glee, his presidency. land, Dr. Rand. chagrin, him in.
pagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronnie, and brawny see, for me."
R. fancy star. vague, an egg. Ronnie; not fonnie,
swear, dyed hair. fame, the acclaim. Reagan, mad-bomber Begin.
(C), man, see. selection, and affection; Thatcher, match her.
atomics, Superman comics, dismay, must say Rage, incredible age,
fault, "To halt blame, a shame, pain. can explain.
glaze, colloquy strays. indeed, upon greed; cheers!) four years:
retreated; is depleted. squirreled, are hurled, president, as resident.
best. that mess. benign. is fine. zing, one thing.
-- right -- foregone, be drawn good, he could.
Wars, lots more. hot, was not. dive, scandals thrive.
start, horseperson's art affirm, this term right, a fight.
relax; opponent's attacks; right, by might. vague, a plague.
constipation, with elimination. Fair, was bare. come, frequently, chum?"
Reagan, a pagan. -- on eggs.


wary, story contrary: sea, should be. "Gee, after me,
Choate, vessel afloat, wept, to accept. dad, you had?
'em. see 'em, big, a prig." brigade, I'm afraid,
Delaware. snipers everywhere, renown, cut down. file. the style,
Forge: brown gorge... lie," know why. Forge, of gorg-
dare, cold Delaware. wreath, its sheath, lie." say die!


compassion; come ration. levee, '64 Chevy. curvaceous, or sagacious?
barn, a yarn Transvaal, tactful withal. Cass, who pass.
McClure, with allure Drext, dame, oversexed. Brighton, did frighten.
garden, said, "Pardon?" traction, your action; chick, Now pick
Leeth, girls underneath. runt, so blunt. box, my sox
Dick, my Bic; slice, least twice. famous, dame is.
luck; tape, duct. mama, . ?" Montbello, said, "Hello."
vice, perkily nice! Philly, it silly. intention, otherwise mention,
lunk, and bunk. trimmin', my women. prick, not stick.
Ed, and said, goat. his throat, through, in Kew.
grass, his ass. woo, really grew. scoff, or wrath,
Magruder, wooed her. beat, young treat. ether, Thweet Peether.
boasting; a roasting. clothes, I suppose. Nebraska, unmask her.
Hoboken, being outspoken. beauty, bounden duty Speers, were queers.
luck, you're stuck: fuck!" get struck scanties, smooth panties,
Babbit, nab it. Summit, to vomit. Mick, his dick.
shock, your knock, Louvies, the boobies, fuck?" me suck.
sincere, me, dear. fear, flirting severe. crooked; took, kid.
bitch? seven-year itch. in; the fuckin'. play, the hay.
stone- tropical zone, true. probably bue. quim-eatin', quim beatin'.
obscene, answer machine. Infernal, sex internal. McGee, screwing spree,
straight; sedate. Clare, a bare horny, anything corny.
Pitts, my wits; Piddle, a riddle. 'tater, much greater,
up, pent up. derriere, so rare. day, to lay,
panic! quite Satanic. heightened; now tightened. crowd, Miss Dowd.
hall, you call; rose, and grows. settle; than metal.
Sloane, the phone. lay, to say. Kay: to pay...
smelly, watching telly. fly; a fly. Rose, do propose.
Buck, 20-ton truck. Wooloomoloo, to screw. Flossa, in Mombossa.
Chisworth, this worth?" together; a feather. Gus, team bus.
suggestion, my digestion.


Hyatt, fly it. Chuck, of luck. quaff, your carafe;
McGrew, she'll screw. Vancouver, the Louvre; spooked, and unhooked.
pocket, crotch rocket. patch, a scratch year, all clear!
erection, wet mid-section. astounding, sweet sounding... able." the table.
Mabel. furry sable. clue; don't do. afar, by car.
Sicily, can't he?" hall, to enthrall. stair, were fair,
back. a whack. Keith, from beneath. waste? me disgraced!
colt, a dolt. hopin' just gropin'. mock, wonderful knock-
Australia, nail ya." me; devour me. eggs, my kegs,
goal? a foal. brute, ain't astute. goddess, or modest.
hill, riverside mill. bollock, vista bucolic; vice, least twice.
would, I could. Lynn, favorite sin; FAQ?" her BAQ.


today, and gray you; a screw?" sight! nipples tonight?
steamin'; merely dreamin'. romance, the dance, daring, your caring.
lance, your pants; dance? and romance. France; a chance.
chance. your pants. lips, composure slips. battleship, those lips,
true; on cue: rude; and crude. begs, square eggs;
dark, the park, dally; the valley up, and cup
cold, I'll scold two, and blue. bleat> how sweet.
moonlight; get tight. lick, it slick. true. "Fuck you...
class; you're crass. Toledo, a Speedo. Escondido, opposite credo.
best, a chest. topic. the Tropic bench, something French.
guts! me but courtship, the hip: guys, my thighs.
rod; my bod. brightly; it nightly.


Claire) A Millionaire." ember, since December; Julie, most truly;
rake! my shak- Pete, to beat. rakes, one-eyed snakes!
fakin', you're mistaken. blow; let go. dork, pejorative talk,
screw, as you. heft, your cleft. sex, in Tex-
wrenching. of clenching offended; socket distended, buff, tough stuff.
eye, a sty, Bond, good-looking blonde. red, in bed.
Borneo, me so? dear. coast clear?" Baily, social gathering)
fiddle; a griddle. implored, a board; Pilockery, a rockery.
Bombay, a lay, monk; to boink. lake, the make.
skin, to sin. Klondike, blonde dike. lass, of pass.
Freddie, Miss Hedy. Isle, you'll, I'll." Jo, but no,"
Ruth, the tooth. Pratt, of That? Defauw, so raw,
Monique, wooing technique; Foster; an imposter. daughter, caught her.
morn, stiffening horn. Bret, a Corvette. Chase, were base.
Jolla, former emplolla. Jackie, felt wacky, Nantucket, tuck it.
fuzz, I was. beer, I fear. buns. you tons


Yangtse, you fangtse loner, a boner; Pole, my hole.
Beecher, elegant creature. Shedd, made bed Annie, trim fanny,
Montana, a cabana. Lutz, named Butts. cock," a shock?"
then. you, then. son), ya, Hon? dear. me cheer.
Towcester, (coster) Carmen, the barmen, thing, a swing.
west, my chest, desire, she'd require: mink, you think
boy? little toy? Lizzy, me dizzy. Peggy, was leggy.
Crocus, hocus pocus few, the queue. Jervis, your service!"
Ellie-May, the foreplay. encounter; mount her. school, his mule,
persistence, much resistance. Connecticut, woman's petticoat. endowed, and proud,
Hooker, forsook 'er... us! a penis." France, men's pants.
Glandore, no more. satisfaction? horny action? Mass, in class.
Suzanne, marvelous plan. Madoc, way, doc. Rose, her clothes
sick, landlady Nic- tree, 'long me, Devon, to heaven,
jerkin' Jane Birkin. play, other day, Gormley, quite inform'ly,
muffin, and puffin'; play, all day. bumpy, said scrumpy
right! utter delight, girlie, all curly. weigh, today --
stand, so grand. Dee, a she: Lance, would glance.
Geneva, relieve a disactical, somewhat stalactical, Clarisse; golden fleece.
Willie, Veronica chilly. Dunsmier, do comier." Nance, by chance.
curs! Pussy purrs! Sum, fine room. slut? this smut?
wing) a fling, addiction; only fiction: "Enough! too rough.
Faroukh, "Now loukh, Betts, mostly sets. Bath, the math,
duchess, much as Dare, yourself bare thicket. Paul Pickett.
Babby, and crabby, Crowther's, and grouthers; Pearl, a churl.
oft; the loft. Price, quite nice; wooed!" the mood,
stuff, play rough, Liz, to biz."


play; kindled today. mood? some food; order, roll over.
knots! need lots. you, I'm through. dishes, your wishes
Wooster, used ter." 'er, accused o'. Serge, terrible scourge.
Dee, with me?" push, my bush, rethink, my drink.
leer, over here! guy, to my long, your dong.
bare, he wear; low, come slow; ripper, and dipper;
enough, libidinous stuff; tease; said "Please", me, can see.
brooded, I concluded caressed, further undressed; me? you see.
well; was hell. maids, Julie Kincaid. horse, of course,
Moines, his loin, Moines? his groin out, to bout,
subsides, he slides. -- carnal delight! torch, not scorch.
muff, incendiary stuff. porch? to debauch. propose: your nose.
glee; you see. ROE, some mo. -- a rock.
crotch, to touch. say, may play. cow." know how."
man. called Dan." sheep." a cheep.


hour; to deflower Solstice, enjoy this. vous; entre nous.
Francois, active boudoir. off, a cough. species, wee shes.
assent, heart's content. hollow, I'd follow; Kosovar, police officer.
cattle; will straddle nestle, train trestle." bird, your word
Pink. I think." Boulogne, de cologne, gal; Erie Canal.
Brown, in town. fled? to dread; Jolla, adore 'ya,
Lance, a dance. dancing, by romancing. line, sixty nine.
fool, your tool... today, not gay. Golightly, nakedness nightly
derogative, rightful prerogative bed! ain't dead! Alison, dally, son.
Leek, a week. girls; your curls. around, the ground;
Saul, a call?" beauty, bounden duty fly, all awry.
Miles, over stiles. -- to kiss! Law, for moi
Lee, for me. Lie, for I stuff, her bluff.
Haitian, gentle palpation. Haines, spinster Baynes. cherie; aujourd 'hui.
night; true delight. feather, the tether, Peoria, fondly adoria.
Coyne, her loin. will. of skill! leave, by Steve.
Tex, little Mex: Virginia, from Gdinya. form, the dorm.
ploy; little drummerboy. Bouch, a couch. Marquis, for debauchery.
divine, along fine, garage, of camouflage; squeeze, my knees.
laid? get paid. shiver, all a-quiver. see, as me.
Restal, type Vestal. tonight; good fight. fags; crude wags)
fantastic, something drastic: Moll, the hall, her, a swagger:
true, feeling blue. me. about me. thigh, a sigh,
Gail, to tail, "Virginia, win ya. Jillian, silly an'
fickle; a tickle. Beatty; said, "Sweetie, fence, you're tense.
snackies, their sackies; suite, the fleet Bray, one day.
plight, all right. meat? My Sweet? Schacht, his tact.
dear, it clear France, of chance, Dock, you stock
Hunt, too blunt.' Shawn, until dawn; sake! head ache.
Paz, her bra. Mott, know what? affray, to play.


lass, with class. down? to frown. tea, her knee.
Blum, but dumb. testify, athletic guy. pickle, clitoral tickle,
gregarious, simply hilarious. away, when bare willing, and billing
wide, with pride. sportin', my horton. day; to play.
girl, first whirl?" disgusting; still lusting. me; a spree.
brain, yet again, Pierre, an affair; chance, that stance.
Picayune, the moon. fun; sweet honey-bun? love! to shove.
- I fear. I, a try?" delight, body tonight.
repress; I confess bed; you head, dreaming; was steaming;
time; I climb. dear, my spear. hum; to succumb.
orchid, I bid. pickle; so fickle. full, luscious armful.
Pratt, Sand Flat, Nip, to strip, Sue, to do;
Montrose, "I propose Oliver, Susan Taliaferro. see? visiting me!
pants, a chance, crack. I've whacked, miss; like this.
you! now do. assistance; take persistence, Ray, fine day.
Klein, just fine.