Limeric Index



tax; in sacks. Thoreau, to borrow. Keating, least cheating,
slice, a vise. trying, been supplying axe, income tax.
Queens, of beans), polled, be rolled. it. some credit.
say, breezes play; create, Einstein gyrate, 1040-- caught me."
laugh. IRS staff brink, might think hesitate, onerous fate,
anxiety; its entirety. dell, a spell," lax; the cracks.
Green, terribly lean... 1040A, they say. chorus; and Soros;
galore, the score


IRS, be assessed. audit, no plaudit. IRS! to guess.
tick, I stick must; must adjust; direct, be checked,
brash, for gash. we. maid, she. superintendents, wife codefendants;
IRS, returns assess. luck; must buck. sight: who's polite;
line, cannot define -- a shred. taxes, relax is,
shakes, it makes Willy. audit willy-nilly. Fed. you said.
it; "shove it"; oh? and slow? government! More spent!
G., from me. you; should do, see? to me.
us? screw us? perverse, extremely terse. purity, the futurity,
longest, was strongest. offered, kept coffered, lifters, and drifters,
bet!" pants wet. pass; and lass, stress, under duress.
bastard; thoroughly mastered. knew, it's true," Kate, my rebate.
see? in DC. rebirth, and mirth; convey, that they
above, a shove. despaired, he fared. Suppress; Redouble Success;
I.R.S., I confess. nude, is crude? Blanding, IRS reprimanding.
confess. nothing less. patronymics, pre immix.. meet, in heat;
Taxes! ever, relaxes. it! blows it. Blues; his dues.
icon, stripes on. confess, or less, cozier, public exposure,
new, a brew, IRS, genuine mess. begin. one twin?
around, the ground. hermitess, her Bess.


Madras, oversize ass. bass. her place Aruba, and scuba.
Sands, brass bands. Green, the Beguine', flute, named Newt
camp, big amp. MacDougal, be frugal. Su-chin, the violin.
horn? with scorn, euphonium; people groanium; euphonium, and harmonium;
harmonium; a bonium. McDougal, quite frugal. fiddle," too little."
fuss; the bus. Dorn, audience scorn; May; harmonium play.
born, a horn! Seattle, copper kettle, Aruba, a tuba.
Grande, a band. MacDougall, his bugle, Butte, and flute.
Doc. unusual cock. drumkit, hump it. McCarty, felt farty.
trumpet. a strumpet. strumpet, the trumpet. trumpet, beautiful strumpet.
trumpet, a strumpet. know: my bow? gracious, little salacious.
crumpet, his trumpet. Kingman, sing, man! Cuba, large booba.
Cuba, in Aruba, player, lay her. Aruba, his tuba.
Aruba, in Cuba. Aruba, his tuba.


own, a moan. it, do it. Bass, his ass.
Herb, though superb. 'bone; it's blown. Cohn, his trombone.
Nome, heavenly home. Clyde, and Hyde; Art, barely part,
Grange, incredible range; Albuquerque, terribly jerky. trombone, and tone
Cologne, decrepit trombone. trombone, romantically blown, Jones, human clones.
Keller, poor feller; grand! a band!


say, we play: ground, he found, musician, major tradition.
chat, a hat! planned, bunch canned?" smitten, have written:
Britten, musical kitten. Brancusi, me woozy. Cage, the rage.
airs, versatile fare. Weber, organist neighbor fit, teat --
bum, contentedly strum Coote, and flute. Soltatta, Christmas cantata.
Betty, abide Donizetti; Kong, topical song. John, was fond.
Dunn, did stun. through, lady anew. glee, a tree,
floor; in store. alive, had drive. place, its place,
Kong, peculiar song: knew, must hew. breezes, the sneezes.
Gloser, a composer. Persian, of perversion. joke; a Coke.
Grace, to embrace Granoz; went bananas. Issac, running amok.
know, And so, house; dear spouse, eight, terrible fate.
Janet, favourite planet, do? terrible stew. Strauss; my house.
treasure, rational pleasure, Lord, lost chord. Dubuque, and Fugue,
supercilious, quite punctilious. Massenet, in A. Massenet, in a
note; he wrote. garde, to discard accidental, termed incidental,
Rohr, any more. Orff, Emily Dorff. Liszt, infrequently hissed.
meet, day complete, long, "Pippa's Song." today, fashioned way.
aloof, the truth, Turandot, to trot... Wong, all wrong.
Purcell, pretty well. joys, his boys. morsickov. big horsdickov
epiphany. a symphony, Boons, of tunes. Scouse, Strauss --
thunders; world wonders. faults, a waltz swore, the roar
Tell," his gal. true) loo -- Chuck, bad luck.
clean; to dream. queens. sweet miens.


Tharp, her harp. men, for ten. Bach. could shock.
Bloch, his cock. Bach, his cock. hunch, have punch.
Bach, oversized cock. White, quite right. Pirbright. all night;
Wight, at night. repented, and tormented. cursed, and thirst.
Iraq, his cock B, key D, stock, entirely defrocked.
Bach, after dark, lug- get tog- Bach, the park;
Bach, the clock. Johann! bloody clan! spouse, fugueing heraus!
slack, and black. flutist, the crudest. cantata. at a
Flo, did show. Kay, carried away. Queen's, terrible scenes.
words, hack nerd's Mark, practising Bach, minor," be finer.
Bach, a park; recliner, music finer tongue-in-cheek, young Dominique.
Bach, a park. vagina, something finer." Achillo, a pillow,
a-gnashing, they're thrashing. cantata, a sonata. Knight, and recite
Bright, to write


Choral. battle royale; work. would shirk. pang, which sang
garden, to harden. true, the crew too; -- "Who
Beethoven, much behoven. classical, was flaccical; Verhoven, von Beethoven.
B. can agree B.: damn key; boast, than most.
ago, bowed, slow; hearing; was fearing. center, to enter,
tomb, the room. supposing, ghost thing. Eroica. of erotica.
suppose, and arose, hit. notes dit-dah-dit. found, rooting around.
besottica, quite idiotica. keys, Fur Elise. irritating; what's elevating
deaf, and chef clown; in town.


hit, a shit. Four, and sore. Burke, a smirk.
Bizet, be day, a-humming; his drumming. cupboard, remained undiscovered.
Brahms, of qualms; Brahms, of psalms, Bozen, mere nosin'.
Franz, I'll dance." bombs. history ROMS: said, be dead.
license. my dense Franz, his pants. Brahms, musical charms.
Sand, moralists panned, Sand, in hand, disaster, the master.
-- the Med. finer," the diner; comsorter, euphonic exhorter.
heart, her art, Square, laid bare, Hatch, adore Bach.
June, de Lune. Debussy, a pussy; start. la carte.
Hy-den) my den Estate, Haydn create. Haydn, (widen)
size, women's thighs. seek, last week. Helsinki, fantasies kinky;
Words, the birds. soul, he'd loll. Rachmaninoff, 'n off.
Concerto, to flirt-o, Defunte" the hunt Tell, Bolero excel.
not, "Mein Gott! out, a doubt. out, beyond doubt.
sex, he'd flex, - talent diminished. circus, the workers
Stravinsky, to beginsky; day, with dismay, fame, tedious game;
wed, fellows instead. balletic, and athletic. Tchaikovsky, a coughsky.
Pete, the heat, keen; I mean, allegretto... wrote Rigoletto?"
Vivaldi, Vi Valdi. King, would bring. lute, "When cute


hated, got constipated. -- musical tough. objected, folk genuflected.
Handel, a scandal. Crandall, a vandal, Handel, candle --
Mariah, Huddersfield Choir. note, invariably wrote Skinner, win her.
-- so there! Royalty, his loyalty. day, other way.
squire, a choir, Mandel, a candle. morgen, ze organ;
drink? I thin. guitar, greater star conductor, fucked her.
Squire, a choir


Rhap- would clap; hissed, at Liszt. Liszt, never desist.
Twist, Franz Liszt; Liszt, he pissed. Liszt, their list,
Liszt, could resist. Liszt, have missed: mist, inebriate Liszt,
pissed, his fist; Liszt, his fist


"Gustav, a lustav. Gropius, were copious. beau, only so-so.
Kokoschka, dressed poshka. guessable; any confessable chick; any acadamic
time, limerick rhyme. Lehrer, and dearer. quest? strange request.
Schoenberg, Alban Berg. missed, that exist. Bala, Gustav Mahler;
short, to court.


Tibet, odd quodlibet. Dylan, were willin'. scene. have been
-- a supporter... Kong, national song. complete, shall repeat.
caress, I guess, think, just shrink? booze, that loose.
express, I guess. Suite, melodical treat: song, Parade long.
say, some day Sousa, of booza. lollapalooza, use her.
blunderer, "The Thunderer." Twitty, helluva ditty. weak; ONE WEEK.


hondo, first rondo, say, all day. Mozart, was tart.
sonata, her garter. "Maybe, re, me. Mozart, throats part.
"With, play 'Myth snort, this retort: explore, of amour.
Mozart, a cart. it!" his spinet; droll. old fol-de-rol;
hilarious! never nefarious; profound, wide renowned,


Ravel, oh well, Ravel, can tell Nuit, great glee.
Nell, of Ravel. Ravel. you'll swell." God. didn't plod
Ravel, local brothel, Ravel, ever excel swell, was hell.
well, by Ravel. with, buck with, Michelle, Maurice Ravel.
Ravel. you'll swell." -- called "One-zero".


Bach, on Rock. tryst, and Liszt, Cage, the stage,
Brit, minor hit. sued. John construed. score. them poor.
Porter, she oughta, thrives, Ives -- May, we play."
Dusseldorf, intellectual "dwarf" Margo, Handel's Largo. Mahler! appahl her.
too, classical crew; Bloch, his cock. Thaler, to Mahler."
read, my shed. cold, I'm told). sad; great lad.
hearing; audiences cheering. page, teen rage! Spain, doesn't rain,
-- for signs, dead? is said, Paganini, as PagaNINNY.
car. me afar. serious. studying Derius. Spohr, wholly abhor.
Bach, my cock. too, classical crew. unfinished, always diminished.
Bach, in stock, in-log, when agog. Bartok, Faure Offenbach.
Boyce, singing voice.


toot, and flute. Beale, from ideal. Sinopoli, thing properly.
arrival, considered archival. Treadwell, led well, ornamental, too tempermental;
way, Row J. waits, in haste. June, before noon.
Rhodium, such odium, Three, C -- keys, shouting, Please!
joke: Max Stoke, bleak, Seminar week. night, olfactory delight.
Mitropoulos, Berlin, Minneopolis. eve' I believe. despite, it right!
it, wear it. true, often do, hair. swear --
company. by G.V. Paton, hat on. Stratton, his baton.
baton; hat on. Russ, lady-friends, thus: Umberto, dare to.
stick, watch tick. Storz, oboist's drawers, Sibelius, and sesquipedalius,
Cafe, to play, Witkowski, of Tchaikovsky: profusion, sound's contusion.
FAQ's, orchestra lax: Poole, his tool. Hejaz, play jazz.
thing, to sing. grand, the land.


bandoneon, not Patagonian). Pike, with Ike. stay, one day.
by, would die, Allen; kept stallin'. Nantucket. the bucket,
before? traditional score. grave, named Dave, chick, a kick
lurkin', like Perkin. or, and sinker, died, man's rareifed.
Anne-o? to Lugano. fly; didn't die. spider; inside her;
bird. that's absurd. cat, Chinese Pat. dog; Lee Ogg.
cow; is how: horse; of course. spoon, was soon
fair, grey mare, doubt, a clout." good. some food.
bold, the road. young, I sung;


sapping, myself napping. station, mighty temptation Rita, I treata;
voice, got woice). Bab'lonia", phone ya. fount, lavish amount,
enough; corniest stuff; Paree, her key bars, manufactures cigars,
teeth, bosom underneath, Seville, the pill; flight, the night?
bore. a whore. pull, his bull. Cass, first class,
Dowd, remarkably loud, cutie, Fan Tutti. Carmelites" and sweet,
spell, you tell score, philandering bore, Carte, an art.
her, the bullfighter. Head', face red, Totum, Largo Factotum.
Schicchi, unique; he refer, uses DEFER, spices, in trices,
fame, the game, set, said Bret, story; "Il Travatore."
should, be good. "Iolanthe", "I fanthy impressed, lover's behest,
see, be free; cold! hold -- Boheme, bubbling phlegm.)
starred. so hard." chest, no rest. demise, arse belies.
whore, Met's Trovatore. sore, players deplore Flynn, voice genuine.
chance, of pants. stripper. remained chipper. slack. serpent's attack.
unsated, justly elated, finale, to dally, dandy, was randy.
shit, a pit. Palace, his phallus plot? or not,
sensation, a relation -- a Wop? suspects, husband rejects.
excess, did obsess. flop! to bop flack, to hack,
break", to quake. Bass, the grass. sing, hands cling,
cool, sorcerer's tool, Gynt; to flint. Lee, with tea,
Mantuan, organ gargantuan; clue. as glue. seduction, through abduction;
said, in bed." know, to go. (me), no bikini!
feast, a beast, "Scherazade", beautiful bod. "Sonia," of pneumonia,
plays, pounds weighs. Sorrento. residents know. Otto, his motto;
me, I see. cookie." me, rookie." big! a grig!
Nanki-Poo, and you-know-who. known, was blown, Corelli, her belly.
her, with fiber: Tosca; and Oscar height, breathtaking sight.
crude, scandalous mood. true, or two. dies. with fries!"
plump; to hump; clown, after town,


ring: anvils a-hammering: Nib'ling: high-volume quibbling care, is there,"
"Ho-jo-to-ho!"? you know? Gotterdammerung; leather lung: Ring, the thing
a, whopper! A incest. was best, -- said Bart.
helden, yelled in); returned, of concern. affair, her lair,
histrionics; see hydroponics; Ring, lady'd sing. Isolde, so cold!
Isolde, for old. curious, quite furious. reposing, decades composing.
frowns, those clowns. young, hardly well-hung. Goeff, triple f;


Pratt, but fat. Morgan, magnificent organ. Witt, of Split.
unscrewed) the nude. Lunt, to front. Shrife, and fife.
Ford, she adored, Larch, a march. hear, and clear.
Crete, could eat. Chesapeake, a week. swoon, the moon;
Calhoun, and bassoon. Verona, would phona. Heather, this weather;
men, get in. Kropps; was tops. Gorgon, Miss Morgan;
Stilorgan, named Morgan. Felicity, for publicity; smashing, I'm dashing.
keyboard. and board. done, be fun. church, a lurch
Halen, were failin'. May, he'd play. clumping, peculiar thumping.


Caracas, or backers; hums. He strums. Kilkeel, girls reel.
Young- lovingly rung, kangaroo, Australian zoo, fear; was queer.
unabated; were uncrated. Eons", in neons. Kew, to do.
success, to regress. youth, pubescence, forsooth; Gimble, play cymbals.
erratic, much static. Quesnel, frequently tell, Bloch, Circumsized Cock,"
head, before dead. drummer, a bummer. drummer, no bummer.
Russian, minor concusssion. Russian, purely percussion, O'Neill, old Campanile.
device, or twice. glocken-spiel. a focken-thriel. Kong, brazen gong,
pedal, a kettle. Moons, hundred tunes. succumbs, his gums,
Cone, he's known, maraccas, attack us. demand, in hand.
Champlain, lovely Helene. PIANOFORTE, bedding divorcee, player, sexy soothsayer.
Moon, a tune. Epping, of depping; drums, his thumbs.
drum, me some. swoons, limerick tunes; tune, Eyes-like croon.
Koon, Rayford's Saloon, Gail, love-hungry male. ducat, darn bucket,
bongo, of Congo. Kelly, and welly, that; a splat.
'em. brung 'em. Bordeaux, clubs (semi-pro). say, did play
funky, a monkey; Bimble, the timbal. quell, bitonal "Well?"
coup, from Purdue, Bart, my art;


Manno, a soprano, (OR) upright piana. well, I tell
climb, the time; Lorne, did scorn. Hans, on plans
Tate, were great! stage, a rage. Lanethally, the telly.
ample; perfect example; crime, aren't sublime, Peru, so new;
pianist, a Liszt; band, I've scanned: piano, corpore sano."
pianist, and she-inest. Diana, in Montana. Strauss, our house,
ear, some beer. cried, I've tried... Man, you can
tease, a squeeze. night, shuffles right knew; the tune.
Joanna, honky-tonk 'pianner'; snatch, and Khatch- please, and keys.
Fox, stubbornly balks. Mose, long toes; grand, the band;
ease; the keys. treat; his feet. sing? little thing.
(?!!) in there. tar. by far! Ivanna, the pianna.
Jeanine, practice routine, Archie, think Liberace. Steinway, too kindly.
Jock, the clock. Med, music ahead. planned, the band.
bum- with thumb played, musical grade; admits, twiddly bits,
wince, audience since, Anna, grand piano. Grummit, leaders summit.
Rigg, I dig;


Wine! of mine. long, that song. Granger, of danger.
Dole, is roll: most, the host Jess, his success:
neat, the street; treks, still vex, write. it right.
ear, my gear. Spears, in years, Rangoon, the contrabassoon,
City, Conway Twitty. see, to me. hicks; the sticks.
frizzy, a tizzy. ditty, sounded pretty. agree. to see
pop, of doo-wop? Maggs, rubbish-filled bags. staid. get paid.
masses; salacious asses. said, him head. band. one hand.
applies: is wise, toss; all floss. Bostock, Germany (Rostock),
know. I go, hum. gently strum, harmonic; a tonic.
Italy, somewhat bitterly: see, Jerry Lee. blues, and behooves
drum, to strum. pig, a twig, Mavis, save us."
fun, done -- "Camelot", a lot. Wood, bloody good;
blues, bad news. Clive, reintroduce jive. Joe, been go.
James, in Thames. strand, naturist band. - popular notion.
Armit, charm it. avoid: it's annoyed; Mallory, in salary.
Bronx, wild honky-tonks; torn, was born. Lizzie, her dizzy.
Hatch, by Bach. RAP, a flap. dapper, Old Chapper
names; their dames. aunt, Gregorian Chant. tune, were strewn.
Marianne; her man. Rooster, used ter. Montana, named Hannah.
Tuscaloosa, like Sousa. Chet, progressive octet; Discs, the Fisks.
Aix-la-Chapelle, of Hell. play, melt away. heretic; quite emetic.
me. be free. pops" the shops, Biggs, his digs;
Tring, take wing; Bats, black hats. Rose, she goes.
Ashepoo, to do.


troop, motorbike boots. rest; we're blessed. Dame, of fame.
valise?" Cares Surcease. Steve, frequently grieve, match, named Hatch,
baritone; my own. Bingen, of singin' Trieste, completely undressed.
abhorred, total discord-- Steyning, on attaining. Marie," on me.
hat; a prat. Clever, would never croon, celestial tune,
silk, that ilk Three, conductus offkey. fiction, with diction.
crooner, a tuner; not, better hot, wharves, elderly dwarves.
Groat, my throat." nineteen-oh-four, would soar leaned, he gleaned.
Tring, to sing, Floy, a joy. singer, pinko left-winger.
King, a string Pres, one day: Rome, back home.
Brussels, hot mussels. Canova, Ars Nova) Gay, family way.
Boris, Men's Chorus. singer, did linger queer; so clear;
reaches; the beaches. Alberto, in Bizerto. Val, write Provencal.
crooner, a bloomer. Roman, incredible showman; boonies, Annie Rooney,"
Christie, pissed, he Tring, the Spring. Pat, -- drat!
by, raised high) Hays, a daze. Tennessee, named McPhee
Leslie, Elvis Presley. TAWNY. and soprani, Black, a crack:
Gibbon, a livin'. TROUBADOUR, ninety four, Cilla. Aston Villa.
Rangoon, the moon, Ord, he snored: ghetto, a libretto,
Barrie, home sanctuary. ear, Buccaneer Pier. yodel, low road'll


course, NO BORIS! obbligato, were staccato, Chaliapin, audience clappin'.
bass, and disgrace, Minsk, from Pinsk. Vienna, of Senna;
Met, Opera Gazette, Castro, and Sarastro. clef, are deaf.
Agnes-on-Tweed, baritone lead, song, sang wrong. Pound, a sound;
profundo, got rotund-o,


Venice, named Dennis. one-way; next day. Pino, cheap vino.
Will, a quill. cantatas, his sonatas. blessed; the best.
Fronk, a bonk. Cryer, on fire. party, masculine hearty
-- at complines. Parma, his armour. Marti, a party,
Valetta, the theatre. Poufelli, the telly; Dennis, at tennis.


liner, is finer), choir, for hire; Kerry, and merry;
Drambouie, said "Phooey!" Tony, were stony. pubs, the mugs.
occurred; became stirred. Flannigan, and Brannigan, trip; and tip.
June, gay tune. green, swaying machine. declined, to find;
Bryer, beautiful choir. Jim, with him. along, secular song.
tall, and all. style, and smile. two, Prussian Blue.
screw? are few had! pretty bad. you? you eschew
Lynx, teenage finks; puppies; my guppies, on, who're Anglo-Saxon;
fling, home, Christ-Our-King, Paul; of all. made, never fade.
said, your head.


Milano, would-be soprano, donna, not gonna!" Juneau, do know:
starlet, a varlet! Studer, private computer. Horace, the chorus;
ano, the guano. Luna, not sooner. Maria, and higher,
wings, his things, wings, three things: name, opera fame;
Muff; big enough; rock, did flock. sang, such drang!
Seattle! did rattle. dear; everyone's jeer), cue, downward flew.
Palmettos, in stilettos, McGrue, and true. lot, who's hot.
crack. no knack. fling; his thing. Justin, a lustin'.
attacks, most backs. tiles," all smiles. wheeze, high C's.
stage, the rage, donna, a goner!" Madonna, a gonner.'
Madonna, a gonner.' Madonna, a gonner.' Chews, the blues,
Manhattan, and satin. harmonic, the tonic. mezzo, in dezzo,
crowd, audience wowed, Sue, Verde, too. soprano, on Leno,
Tebaldi, any Vivaldi, stared; she shared. Khati, of vibrati.
Brazil, to trill. singer, sixth finger. Shanghai, sang high.
Pat, like that." Kong, her song. Morgano, in Milano.


Pribble, just nibble Unger, did hunger. Moocho, new show.
wings, and things; Yale, without fail. Lepanto, bel canto;
vunce; mit svans; voicing, music rejoicing. role; under control.
Springer, opera singer, Corelli, his belly. Rio, did pee-o.
Alice, than Callas. performer, Nessun Dorma. amoroso; is doloroso.
Dotty, and biscotti. Pavarotti, lot. He manicotti, be naughty.
Luciano, in Milano, flamingo, sing though. Domingo, can sing-o.
Fred, to bed. Talco, some alco- vibrato, extensive rubato;
day, someone say, miming, engagements declining. day; to play.
anew. ahead, do! slick, too thick. freaks, that reeks.
Tring, the King", tight, to bite. Tapette, a pet.


contralto, her fault-o. Pratt, like that. Simms, (s)he rims:
Bentley, songs sentimentally. fair, fans ensnare: harass! that's crass.)
Welsh, a squelch! tender." defend her, "poor." no more.
Year" to cheer. dear, her career: Beijing, to sing.
precautions; vocal contortions. Dee; not be. heart, opera part.
Jean; was nineteen. Obbligato, excessive vibrato. her, gargle fish-chowder.
singer, a zinger. Doris; young Boris. igloo, on kazoo;
Rameau, on low. twerp, a slurp, Dee, a pee.
meek, rather chic. Hilda, 'Waltzing Matilda'; Greta, a sweater.
McPhen, the men. Leigh, can be. Peiping, Communist wing:
Pagnoli, was wholly Moans, pear-shaped tones. Duff, right stuff.
Benita, been sweeter. Doris, the chorus. tiddly, middle E,
motets, played castanets. retired. was fired. writ' has quit.
honor, prima donna. tune, to swoon. Elly, to jelly.


Stradivarius, play various Paganinni, of Bernini, choir, on lyre,
Baroque, practical joke. bass, some grace. book. to look?
galore. something more sounds; the grounds. Savannah, Southern manner.
lyre) try her. Twiddle, his fiddle. catgut, than ratgut.
Ramon, new Colachon. Corelli, his belly. trio. con brio.
Duluth, her crwth. dessus, to do Tyre, the lyre;
Carter, friend's garter. face, and lace, SNAP! were crap;
romantic; cupid-like antic. break; can take. Kyoto, the koto.
Besard, playing bard. Bob, first job. lute, looks cute,
Tyre, a lyre; Mandolin, right in. LePlook, the souk.
Tate, union rate. Hughes, round-the-world cruise, Butte, his flute.
Carolina, her vagina. Renato, tempo rubato; Sid'll, the middle.
Duke, the uke; blandula, origin's glandular? "Egad! so bad!
Lola, and viola, Bamba, de gamba; Zola, of Angola,
lute, a hoot, zither; come hither.


Bellow, like Jello. Montbello, were mellow. fellow, local bordello;
fellow, so mellow, middle, fucking fiddle. grand, its stand.
fellow, with, "Hello, mellow, gigantic fellow, hatchet, from Datchet,
ski," "But, gee! Mitch, rather rich. fellow, his violoncello;
fellow, my 'cello. cello, and mellow. bass, high class.
cello. a fellow. YoYo, go slow.


Eire, a liar. Moon; in tune. Doris, exceedingly porous.
Kent, still bent, pot; their lot; Plano, I know,
aver, hammered dulcimer, State, of late. town, fooling around
Kevin, of four/seven, Sue, to do, Bingle, to mingle.
true, to do. trapezoidal, annoyed all. O'Carolin, was barreling,
Viennese, to please. Maine, while playin' Reilly, her stylee.
starting, your pardon. planxty, himself fancy.


Afar, acoustic guitar. bar, his guitar. string, young thing,
plectrum, the spectrum. fine, all mine. aglow, an "O",
get, old Chet. afar, flamenco guitar. pluck, in luck.
strumming, him, humming. Monrovia, with Segovia. Fu, something new.
Sparr, the guitar. Crockett, lock it. Bude, the Mood'?"
slick, a hick. Marbella, tell ya, annoying, coyly employing
Fiji, the sea; Flynn, his din. guitar; truly bizarre.
Starr, a guitar, truck. "What luck!"


AARP, electrified harp, Hilgay. one day. chin, a pin;
strings, fame brings. why, can't satisfy? Ealing; of concealing.
triple-harp, to carp, Morgan, a Gorgon; Dick, quite chique.
Mott, a lot; Scarp, play harp. doubt, it about.
present!" rage, incandescent. Donkers, her bonkers. harp; in C#.
Demeter, and lieder.


unhappily, Italian scrappily; fiddle, the griddle. aloof, the roof.
Ray, to play, may, hold sway. Debussy, sans souci;
new. or kazoo. mean! luminous green. Delhi, and celli;
scrape, your escape. Biddle, the fiddle. Brad, his Strad.
fiddle, was little. course; is perforce Bellow, Paris bordello.
Kyle, his viol. McBiddle, a riddle. Brad, a Strad.
broad, cried "Fraud!" Riddle, her fiddle;


Bager, a wager. new; can screw. Lahore, in five-four.
Estretto, the ghetto. Rio, named Cleo. Purcell, can tell.
Gibb, quite glib. something, was humping. trio, for Doppio.
size? sore eyes. Lena, sweet concertina. gentle, perhaps, sentimental,
lento, you accelerendo, Toccata, e passionata, Salz- its faults.
meter, your peter. aghast, you're fast. renowned, oom-pah-pah sound.
whore, rhythm 7:4. Oklahoma, "La Paloma." legato, my Agitato.
Berkeley, the quirkily, Polly; classes jolly. Jerome, his home.
Rome, it home. day. I play. Fernando, virile commando;
innuendo, a Crescendo? Lytham, of rhythm. Carlisle, a while,
Fesses, a dress. Marine, was obscene. Eindhoven, to Beethoven.
plinks... Mozart methinks. business, randy mistress. Dondeau; a rondo.
Cassian, Matthew Passion. proclaim. the same. Teutonic, ticks metronomic.


mug, I tug, SEXTET, perplexed, yet thing, of Nanking;
clarinet. to get. clarinet, a vet!" comb, at homb,
Troon, in tune!" heaving, I'm receiving, didgeridoo, I blew
France, large grants. life, the fife. Drife, good life;
Salonika, with Veronica. screw, the Kazoo. Kalamazoo, the Kazoo.
Algiers, his ears, Clewer, handsome Kazooer. Spaleto, by Susato.
forlorn, then shorn, ringer, popular singer. Schmidt, a shit.
galoot, and flute. Cancun, in tune, Soho, his oboe,
Goosens, lip loosens Novo, his oboe. Arabia, maybe "A-
whore) a piccolo. it? hack it! Packett, hack it.
posh) a squash. caper; no taper. rackett. a packet.
Gail, a whale. sacks, few cracks. known, huge bone.
Mozart, bad start. saxophone, mellifluous tone. June, in tune.
Bay, to play. Chet; never forget. Bologna, black zampogna


McEnsay, would stay. day; he'd play. dad, were bad.
clank, a bank. DeWitt, leader, McNitt, abhor; many more;
found, and around, here, natural ear somehow, cow-phonious row;
benumbing; bagpipes humming Kintyre, for hire." Scot, been caught.
week, and squeak. MacArt, new art; piper, a sniper.
skirl, tartan's swirl. SKIRL, demented girl, kid, it did.
pipes, strange types. Reekie, and squeaky. street, (talk nonsense)
Milt, being killed.


bassoon, hillbilly tune, baboon, a bassoon. buffoon, to swoon,
baboon, a bassoon. June, a tune. June, too soon.
bassoon, same tune. Sassoon, the moon, bassoon, the moon.
bassoon, up soon. Flo, to know bassoon; in tune.
please? to tease). moon, peculiar tune. top. no blot.
Moon, the bassoon. bereft; and bass-cleffed;


flute, my suit. Flo, of solo. flute, rather astute.
Blitz, named Fritz. Lessing, most unprepossessing; Butte, so hirsute,
-- his boot! Butte, silver-gilt flute; Newt, old coot.
ills, artlesssly shrills. Lute, so cute. flute, his root.
Butte, her lute; Conneticut, her petticoat. Knute, his flute;
flute; and cute. fame, that game?


prepares, unwordly affairs. Zeus, to seduce, bed, she'd wed.
pawed, her lord. old, of gold. on, so wan?"
Venus, between us, modest, properly goddessed. believes, forty thieves.
Sphinx, anyone thinks. us, upend us. saucer, or Chaucer?
old, been told. ate, gold plate. sorry, more glory,
bats, big rats. annoy, they destroy.


bums, their chums; Aquarius, rather nefarious; man! of Bann,
Aquarius, somewhat precarious. Aries, she marries. Blass, first class,
crammed. be damned! Aries, the hairies rampage. rage --
goat, I quote, am, the ram. dead, your bed;
Ewe. 'ewe' too, cryptic, the ecliptic. Taurus, the chorus.
'n' isn't surprisin' twenty-third, and curd. know; say no.
exterior, truly superior. wanted, and undaunted. Cancer? pants, sir?
cunts, arse-licking runts bore, prowess galore; Capricorny, their adorny
crap. a flap?) farts! these charts. today, and play.
feller, damp cellar ten, right then twins; everyone wins.
-- would swoon. Gemini, monstrous anemone. up. Gemini Schtup!
born, of porn. feast, savage lust-beast, too; to you.
Gemini, a demi-spree, tart's, astrology charts; certainty, to eternity.
ruse; to lose. gothic. borrow topic- horoscope, "or/or scope".
sign. never benign. marks, when starts, Leo, from Rio.
divine! all mine! me; can be. sun, on fun!
friend. won't bend. sublime, do climb. Leo, free o'
Winnacle, new pinnacle. Libra, a zebra, us, pain us.
Nancy, always fancy, Pisces, the rises Pisces, several sizes.
then... ologers pen: Pisces, mid-life crises. Pisces; of crises,
-- nice, he's Sagittarius, maiden gregarious. Sagittarius, and barbarious.
Sagittarius: quite hilarious remorse, its course, male, his tail.
Scorpio, the thorpio -- its spine? cool. a fool,
rot; have got intense, the fence; jive, and dive;
blasphemy, add "asstrology," Aquarius, bold Sagittarius Mary's, ability varies.
Taurus, folk-singing chorus, Cow. hanging now. say? all day.
Virgo, her go. Virgo, queer, go Virgo, majeure o'
lass, her ass. courtin', his horton. regailed, being nailed.
fed, to bed! neurotic, that's necrotic, bliss, will miss;
pine, isn't mine. Snowdiac-- the Zodiac,


while, history file. bone, the phone. phallus! be callous,
frustration, for fellation.) ten, young men, flood, into mud.
dear, every year. Nile, with style. fella, the cellar,
trees, his wheeze wrought; have bought, ball; and all.
guy, a try; bid, it did stream, own cream,)
instead. to bed. edge, every ledge, sits. the pits!"
flow, must go. rummy. its tummy. baloney, is phoney.
Sphinx, of drinks. Sphinx, of shrinks. methinks, alcohol drinks,


bold, very old. luck, a fuck. Shire, did aspire.
Howard, broadly empowered, yore, the floor. Keith, its sheath.
pied, thoroughly fried; prevailing, time bailing France, a dance.
Power. the tower. Wrath, Knighthood's path, horse. of course.
yon, did spawn. lamented, dimples tormented, lay, of day.
eyes, little sighs. sliver, suddenly shiver, day!" "I pray
hand, old gland. prudish, quite nudish. upturned, he churned.
days, sweet praise, yore, castle door, hero. batted zero.
pass. his ass, moat, the throat, mistake; a break.
walking, Sir King! jeweled; waterways pooled; Plight, it trite.
chuckle, to truckle, wrong, in song, Knight? not right!
steed: in need. hair. so fair!" Beauty. heroic duty.
Red, the head. C. with me? horse; of course.
lout, Judy about. told: of gold. told) of gold.
German. can determine, know, and below;


inquire, never tire us, fight us, fake; hath spake.
bride, his side. gloat, Lancelot's boat." horde, the ford.
Galahad, young lad, "Kiddo, and meadow, Gawain, in vain.
maid, he displayed, askance; her dance ear, sweet Guenevere.
table; would enable. felt, Guinevere knelt, affords, of words.
Lancelot, her besot. hot, of Lancelot, court, a wart!"
unlimber, his member. round, a swound, found, were bound,
bad, extremely sad. lot, a lot. Lancelot. a lot;
Lancelot, a lot, Lancelot, a lot Lancelot; a lot.
Lancelot, a lot. Lancelot, a lot. swore, terrible bore.
coward, Camelot scoured. Lancelot, a lot. Lancelot, my pancelot!
Lancelot, a lot. her, kissed her, old, still told,
forgot, the spot. assume, me fume. Camelot, a lot.
magician, courtly position. knights, and fights. chuckle, to truckle
Lancelot, quite hot." Lancelot, or not? frail, warm female,
lot, a lot, feel. they'd reveal crowned, eventually found.
day, the way Galahad, half bad. crone, you alone.
Guinevere, her ear.


1: having fun; position, stage magician. land, his hand;
trail!" Virgin Rail. pantomime, the crime? men. wench, Gwen.
due. to eschew, embroiled, Camel, broiled. long; his schlong.
fear, our Guinevere, chop; vital prop. wail, our tale.
Her, old tosser." Art, a fart. Gwenevere, great fear.
queen, had seen. mail, the Grail. mail, the Grail.
sought; he's brought; delight; a fortnight. insulted, fully consulted.
sweetly, you completely. trick, could pick. done; to shun;
-- royal liege. knight, got right hard; or yard.
count, baptismal fount stewards, the Druids delayed, was paid
able, sumptuous table bore, a whore along, his dong,
cock, to mock. insane, of brain. four, the door,
shout. thing out!" far. over thar. way. dare say.
Iraq. the faq. sighed.) must ride; forgot, a pot.
ya, plan, ya pay. the way. Baghdad, chicks bad.
whirling', conjurer, Merlin, commision, one condition. go, in tow,
able, trestle table. follow, after tomorrow. Mabel, round table."
magician, her condition, glance, much romance. Mabel; wasn't able.


good, men understood card; get hard. Tuck, pot luck.
disjointed, and anointed drink; the pink. fuck, Friar Tuck.
Tuck" he struck. Hood? he should, glen, merry men.
maid, the glade. today, been gay. Nott, little bod,
four, of law, bed. were wed.) afraid, I'm betrayed.
Hood, the wood. laid, Nottingham glade, maid, she laid
Hood, oftentimes misunderstood. tarryin', was carryin'. pity, so pretty.
Mutch, in touch. ale, approached Alan-a-Dale, bore, of yore.
Hall, pub crawl. stallion, I am. contrarian, that's ovarian...
varlet, a harlot, outlaw; was raw. disguise, cod-piecy guys.
John; be gone. Hood, terrible mood, Wood, Robin Hood,
Hood, were misunderstood. Hood, Nottingham Wood. glade, was laid.
short. Marion thought learn: is firm. stuck, Friar Tuck.
sheep, having Bo-peep. ride, silent beside. Nottingham, garrotting 'em.
coot, a hoot, held, be quelled. Scarlet; a harlot.


sketched, who stretched treatise, sweet Aphrodite's sworn, and adorn
Aphrodite, Egyptian city. face; a trace. vertebra. no bra.
Egyptian; Biblical Goshen. Sea, lost E, sin; 'cause within
Alcemene, well-traveled weenie, black-- racial attack. Aphrodite, nighty --
queer, made clear Aphrodite, Egyptian city. follow, leanings, Apollo,
fair, in air. great, or state. Jason, to hasten
crave, the knave physique, quite meek. being, out, seeing;
Venus, seen us; Pollux, their rowlux. time; will climb;
fine, than wine. Cupid, think stupid. Fiddle-dee-dee! catch me!"
pursued, the mood." Peter, greet her?" huntress; not Countess,
dismay; each day. Hades, the ladies. Augeas, was orgy-ous.
Augeas, was orgy-ous. asleep, did creep; gift, short shrift;
Hades, lovely ladies-now-shadies. reveals, "One feels life. in strife,
ARGONAUT, cargo knot, fought, famed Argonaut. read, in bed.
fated, she dated; frown, of renown, fail, you sail,
Philippe, was asleep, ration, his nation. genus," but Venus
tried, his bride, true, Perseus too, name, of fame.
elf, the shelf. fired, Narcissus inspired, Narcissus, a missus;
Narcissus. character misses! kid, twisted id; Narcissus, very misses;
ambition: a mathematician us, journey PROCELLOUS. normal, Diana informal.
licks, his tricks Pan, half man. inside; quite wide.
curious; as spurious. Pandora; adore a tan, punish man,
box, its locks. pep, mythological rep: Poseidon, ride on
peter, persistent entreator Pro, the show; shocks, are crocks.
bar, a star. Zeus! you're loose. Galatea, be a
Decatur, man-eating satyr; -- sexy, bed-baiter. overflow, nipples, aglow;
belying, sailors espying Sisyphean, see in drummer, much dumber,
Corinthian, he in was, housework does. puss, a fuss.
knoll, and roll. story: much glory. obscenities, three Eumenides.
Hope; to grope. Charity, a rarity. cry, to try.
me, you see. summer, a slummer folks, playing jokes
Venus, between us." tradition, in coition spry. the sky;
Venus, and heinous.


full, its pull, pull, was full, whore, a bore.
labyrinth, I thinkth, king; does sing. all-clear. my dear.
showing. not knowing. fleet; to Crete, thread. no dread."
kill, me still;


cracks, some wax. fun; the sun. you; from true.
poor, means gore, creaks, the Greeks, espy, on high,
tome, a home, skirted, are perverted. absurd, his word,
breeding, I'm leading, rare, the square strings, helical springs,
fly; or I, creep, he'll keep, cry: this reply:
caution, a portion, high, a cry: Rape!" mouth agape.
rock; the shock. shocked, tale's concoct- Chuck? in luck:


men, his den. tricks, of pricks, organ, a Gorgon.
Morgan, of Gorgon. Medusa... a bruisa... maid, the grade:
Medusa, been looser. strive, really thrive, Medusa, quite loosa,
ear-to-ear, bride near. Charybdis, you crybdis


Achilles, Trojan fillies, Achilles: the willies; corps, long war.
feel; not conceal. Cass, with class. Troy, with joy.
mystery, and blistery. deplored, Trojans adored: William, but trillium
joy, of Troy. annoy, gaping polloi. (Ahoy!) to enjoy.
us," her dias. man, whole clan, band, wholly unmanned.
aping, and raping, Odysseus, went amisseus. Odyssey, goddess; he
glad, had had, Paris, to harass; Troy, don't destroy--
source, of course. Troy, to destroy: thick, cannibal kick:
all, table, appall. benign, into swine, know, & Co.,
dish, man wish, along, beckoning song mast, not last;
isle, linger awhile; port, their sport, cruise, terrible news.
bay, was away, peer, in fear, thewed: that ensued,
minds, Circe designs. magic, voyage PELAGIC, bull's-eyes, gull's eyes,
Troy, interesting ploy:


Zeus's, tropical juices. hoary, the glory deduce, were loose,
vita, need a gone. and yon. candor, bit grander
Juno, few know. Zeus, patently loose, thicken, be stricken!"
swans, or Johns. fond, her pond, blue, by who?!
Almighty, sweet Aphrodite. Aphrodite, pink nightie, Zeus, the deuce!
seduce, be Zeus. measure, heavenly pleasure!" Ron, a swan,
day, to play Tyndareus, find various discern, luscious astern;
-- spurn -- Zeus, and loose; Zeus; the juice.
hot, babe's twat; Io, reply so cold, his hold,
Terpsichore, of trichore.


scarred, wandering bard, "Frigga! much bigga." loomed; to doom.
king, Viking thing. Hrothgar, by far. hate, too late.
bad, his dad) night; he'd fight. men, did begin.
fought. to Heorot. Grendel, to hell, slayed, and hurrayed.
near, did hear, while, did file. well, does tell.
fail; this tale. sin, did win. great, quite late.
home. did roam. King, did sing. die, too awry.
boast; than most. aid; he stayed. won, be done.
King. did sing. brave, the grave; aim, His claim
West, gruesome contest. feast, the East, attack, to hack,
dig, not renege. Loki, joke; he more, as Thor.
bear, learned fear. spent, was content. Yseult; irrestibly cute;
accord: was ignored; goats, wooden boats, Wodin, was verboten.


Smith, be with; myth, missing teeth: door, come anymore.
Thor; so sore. myth, be with. her, incredulous sister.
with, great monolith. lithp; rather amyth. thlow, you know.
ignore; as Thor. Thor, incredible bore. Odin; rode in,
Asgard, a Mudguard. lightning, and frightening, trice, his vice.
Thor, Mexican whore.


Aphrodite, rather flighty, Ares, and Lares, Caracas, his tacos.
Emily, Jupiter's Semele. seen, extra mean. he, don't see
Keemon, sexual demon Janus, of heinous: Janus, of heinous:
Janus; that's heinous. strife, and wife? throve, are wove,
stain, her pain. Juno, you know, charming, armor, alarming!
stars. is Mars. Venus, between us, bicker, kick her,
rise, her thighs. genuses, Venus is. inflation, her constellation,
bowers, and showers. swan, the lawn, Venus, Adonis's penis,
Lars, old jars, Venus, of Penis. Hume, Venus's tomb!