Limeric Index



please, lofty trapeze. fair, typified there, TV, to pee.
tits; cherry pits. cable, be able town, big crown!
trapeze, her knees. king, unlock anything; all, clarion call;
V.P. and key. success, the press; chained, carefully constrained;
fox, the locks; phony; his crony. wrong, too long.
Mary-Kate, trick: masturbate! frank, sister's prank. wetsuit, my boot)
space. alien place. thrill; a chill. he, on TV.
years, with tears tush, the brush, -- attract mirth,
pontificate. in state. "24," to ignore. brief: the motif.
spot; he's got. location, candidate depopulation. man-of-the-hour, Jack Bauer.
heaven, who's eleven. weather. his leather enhancing; are advancing;
sigh, temperatures high;


knowing; cells flowing -- they do Ritter, talkative critter.
shape, or ape. note, and goat. MIASMA, first protoplasma,
-- Ogog ponders. Tropez, one day... dusty, and musty.
you? the zoo, tree, strange debris. dreary, evolutionary theory,
bleak, to speak. eye!" whining by. ease, the trees!
Glass, much class Flynn, had been. combine, a line,
dust, in gusts. grime, some time ladders; oft shatter,
bolts, in jolts. light, to ignite. bits, small fits.
strings; their wings. ledge, a hedge. slime, of time,
niche, DNA glitch. read, I said, lover, curator's mother;
contrary, Purpose miscarry? prime, every time. ass, available lass.
Baer, exquisite care, shoot! a hoot! -- be surpassed.
Delacorte, and cavort. fly; you why. friend, the end.
soup, to group; mutation, frog population; mouse, a grouse;
ape, the landscape; evolved, thus involved; ruled, are schooled,
us, and Tyrannosaurus; resolving, planet revolving; explored, be ignored;
Darwin, evolutionist's jargon. Kate, to mate.


Man" rumor began. can; a banan-; collected, now protected,
circumlocution, final solution, sensation, first publication objection, Nature's selection,
furious, as spurious. peasant, gesture unpleasant, effusions, vulgar allusions,
preach, to teach. Beagle, wasn't illegal,) drill; a will.
slow, quite low; died, mass suicide, Galapagos, did clap-agos,
tedious, mostly egregious. increased, of beast spoke, a joke.
Beagle, bald-headed eagle, ambitions, long-ago fishes that, wasn't flat;
place, as base; around, be found; inspection, natural selection;
race, face disgrace; written, not smitten; long; fantastically strong.
agree, family tree. turtle, beast Myrtle. affection, without objection,
erection, inches cross-section. solved; confusion revolved Darwin, far wind.
ambitious, long-ago fishes Man," each orangutan can," troubles began.
passes, ass is. scribe, you imbibe.


Como, from Gomo, Mar, and afar, Man,' of Man.'
seize, you please. Ig, incredibly big; dear, and ear,
genus, gargantuan penis; Med. is said.) assails, it fails,
maid, mossy glade, farces; make passes tree; you'll agree.
chimpanzee, with glee. code, diagram showed: prehistory, a mystery;
-- Charles Darwin be, to be. monkey; and spunky,
Phogg, some frog; passe, is disfrait. see, her pedigree.
beard, species appeared, harden, were startin'. swears. one declares.
mammalian, been Episcopalian. jape, riddle escape; fens, contact lens.
Doris, male brontosaurus." selection, in reflection; us, protect us;
Ageel, historical zeal: tree; could be. gent, ancient descent.
states, Eve) relates. clan. not plan. stone, all alone;
Oasis, their faces. cave, a lave. boring. Neanderthal, roaring
erectus, dissect us. gander, archaic Neander- cleverly; for stereoscopy;
us, uncertain prospectus. us, sound sexist. runes, from baboons.
same, the game, loop; we dupe. tail, and male:
obsexed. come next. erectus, connect us, Carruthers, and brothers
seen, necessarily mean, descended, truly extended; Thrace, much space,
survive, to strive. Pan; I can. erectus, affect us,
fern; seem stern. quit, they admit, snows; Jesus rose.
yore; the door. last, not fast. degree, the tree.


Ag, to bag. Ak, taken aback, Ath, first osteopath.
Ave, is concave... Dee, a flea. Di, a fly.
Eek, play hide-and-seek Eft, much heft, Eg, to beg
Ek, (small stream) Ekt, new sect. Gu, a Gnu.
Id, a kid. Iff, monstrous glyph, Ik, feminoid chick...
Ik, first bishoprick. It, to slit. Og, a snog.
Uck, to fuck. Uck, orthinological luck. Ooah, his boudoir.
Ya, river Volga.


thick; be terrific. prolific, always specific. paleolithic, not scientific-
Clare, your hair. pub, the club. loyal, must foil,
strange, Transpennine range, Og, a bog. unwise, in surprise,
got, old Spot. sung; idle dung; today, they say.
hear; patently clear. Ogg, a bog. Tid, the lid
paleolithic, downright terrific. chorus: a brontosaurus! us, homo habilis.
plan, fire can solution, tribes diminution. here, so dear.
ago, to go got, a lot do? heat too?
tail, bit frail. family. family tree well. should tell
dug, and Ugg, blushed, cave rushed, bold. he told,
twit, finally quit, stark; a lark. time, the climb.
swimmer, much dimmer. day: transient way.


Nantucket, a bucket. Bryan, forevermore cryin' monkey, is bunky.
rant, just can't tapes, lawyer Mapes weary, into teary:
grave, his cave. news, liberal views, satisfaction, lucid reaction.
Design, of divine rant, just can't cause, of laws.
prestigous, and contiguous. malign, tack benign? Design, genius divine.
say, all day; Kansas: slams us? be, comming century.
delves, and shelves tree, Charles D. fall, pure gall.
B, must agree, balls! at all. crap! a gap.
blahs. and flaws MIT, damn SAT. confusion, Eve's contribution
doubt, a rout! hypothetically, Theoretically, superb, in blurb,
Paley, countryside daily. Scopes, and Popes begot, compromise, somewhat.
today, theory, hooray! liable, the Bible. himself, the shelf.


man, to Japan. askew, to spew, flu, should do.
Price; much rice. fritter, of critter; agree, can be.
Welch, earth-shaking belch: pickup. a stickup." ten, of zen.
awhirl, to hurl. Athenia, severe anemia, Gus, a fuss.
away; can say? aghast; sick fast. Rye, her eye:
student, actually prudent. tread, were dead. pedantic, most frantic.
Grange, find strange. Dubuque, of rebuke. athletic, were pathetic.
aesthetic, quite frenetic, it, of etiquette, SYNCRETIC, ways dietetic.
Steve, his sleeve. Dubuque, a cuke, sea, pea-green boat.
fade, is made. seen: was obscene. Tanya, hungry piranha.
debonair, a flair. Gail, a sail. Pacific, was terrific.
canoe, his shoe. Hughes, unorthodox views. Neats, his feats,
Verona, Cortona Corona, throne, of cologne, Pier, can steer
Siam, a tram. Mobile, Ferris Wheel. Bimini, women he
Brown, a frown: spaces, little places, soul, the bowl.
ocean, undulant motion; comet! It train; raising cain.
Dubuque, a duke. Twickenham, in 'em. "Ahem!" a gem.
ride, I spied. duck, say, "Yuck!" Hearst, the worst.
Dubuque, a Duke. Luke, a duke, o'clock, to chalk;
End, the end. bup, ran up, snag, the hag.
euphoria, from Peoria! Peoria, What euphoria! Monday, fun day.
Jane, the train. Nantucket, a bucket. soul. the bowl,
suburb) (Tullamarine airport) maw-full; is unlawful; Duke, of puke.
Milton, the Hilton. nuts! butts -- confetti, was petty;
Buck, be stuck, roll, their toll.


Saks, my slacks. Grace, just shit-face! heaves, the sheaves,
abounds, raucous sounds. hack, pizza snack?" Gail, and quail,
Cheek, be weak. Fein, drinker's fame. drink, might think;
cabbage; did ravage. Zack, a sack. hurl, a girl,
Jeeves, pet peeves. Paul, much ethanol. neat, your feet.
Luke, no fluke.


proboscity, nasal monstrosity. sat, homeless rat; rock, rubbery stock";
knows, I suppose, fogies, celebrities' bogies. Mose, his nose.
Minot, a tot. -- your nose. son, prick, son.
Lucas, on mucus. Rose; our nose. Lamott, a lot
depravity, nutritional gravity knows, your nose; Kruegers; fruit sugars.
Sonny, nose runny. humdinger, the ringer: undaunted, who taunted.
Mickey, incredibly sticky. comprise, and wise. avert, some dirt.
wilt, atmosphere silt.


Anita, beat a Tom, with aplomb. Bunky, nobody's flunky.
range, to derange. Udu, and voodoo. words, those turds.
it; demand it. passion, flushed dog-fashion. Dot, he ought.
rapt, they mapped. stooped, been duped. Newcastle, a parcel,
matter?" your bladder, got, so hot. air; float there.
see, my poopee. store, of Thor; week; I peek.
Newcastle, a parcel. Newcastle, a parcel, day-o, it away-o.
Suzanne, the can. Roop, his poop. Verde, a turd,
Kurds; to turds: hurled, mostly unfurled. Lotty, quite dotty.
Paso, a lasso. wife, my life. Frink, doesn't stink.
Trulymore, of body-core. repeated, had excreted. Jules, Queensberry rules.
brood, are renewed. cola. a Lola. Manila, a gorilla,
Cushing, bathroom blushing. heard, resident nerd, tarry, called Harry.
who, long poo. kilter; Milt, "Er "Er, a filter.
quilter, jilt her. Little, too brittle.


vexin'; muscles a-flexin'. Hurd, square turd, PA, every day.
it, to shit. fartfergnugen, you're fugueing mines, their behinds.
mines, workers' behinds vacation, grand recreation, grudge, some fudge.
Peru, a loo, bit, a fit. ya, seize ya.
Pitt, to emit. fighter; grow tighter. constipation, through cetrifugation.


Fran, the can. Durban, his turban. mean. being obscene?
Jennene, cool stream. turds, cuss words; squat, I've got:
Roilet: the toilet, Peru, the loo. Leven, about seven.
tools, tank pools. Brewer, a sewer, wealth, by stealth,
Krantz, a trance. Iraq, in cack. Piper, a viper,
Zambezi, quite greasy.


commodious; huge loadius. Crump, his dump. caca, like Chewbacca.
Ghat, she shat. clear, you hear? hat, just shat;
Gazelle, didn't smell; Superman, the can? Howell, her bowel,
Cheltenham, in 'em. Delhi, his belly. it. compare it.
Clyde, quite wide. bitch, of pitch. belly, like jelly.
McLure; had allure. ventless, and relentless, dupe, wasn't poop.
do," the loo. dew, gelatinous doo, Karoo, dog poo.
wit: to shit. Cattel, so well, Haschid. can't hash-it.
stench, named Dench, Sanjay, one day. think, not stink.


sweet, your seat; Jane, with pain, cajoled, old mold
Wheeling, was peeling. sin; garbage bin. cake, awful mistake.
Beadle, of mead'll "Crease-Eez" her species. Yale, a veil.
Scappoose, incredibly loose. mess; the less. Cayuse, abominably loose.
Trapper, all dapper. Wills, magnesium pills; sweet, very discreet.
sweet; so neat. sweet; a seat. sweet; your sheet,
sweet, toilet seat. sweet; your feet Penge; from Stonehenge.
diarrhea, little fear: Japan, my hand. station, in frustration.
done, be fun. Rhodesia, of magnesia. Bellflower, go sour.
right. a fright! Potts, the trots. Vitas, anal detritus,
Darjeeling, was feeling. peeling! to Eeling, taste, like paste;
bent, quite intent,


Byrd, simply absurd; anatomical; than comical. Britain, sit in;
true, already thirty-two! grown, cell phone. Split, a shit.
-- as scabies. Joe, a row. stirred, no word.
Porter, craps underwater. sure: no cure. elation, huge celebration.
it, spoil it. (Syrup) whose beak'll fellow, and mellow.
guyot, fibre-free diet. throne; big groan. chap, long nap.
Jaipur, his diaper. wit, to shit: clue; the loo;
nut, his gut. prunes, of saloons. three; to pee.
Drew; and coo. septic; digest ick; Cade, will bio-degrade.
constipation, with consternation. Dave, I save, Drew, at 11:02;
Kent, horrible scent.


Purdbright, turd right. Pittwood, shit good. bird, spattering turd
heed, The Need; bowels; one howls; Bilbao, a cow.
truer) a sewer. Queens, it seems. infinite, a minute,
true; is poo. APPROBATION, bowel elimination hedonic, gets chronic.
Pippin, Guiness sippin'. Tambov, from above Lovell, his hovel;
shoe; of view. Queens) various means missed; quite pissed.
sink, to think, Dot, a squat fiddle, means Middle.
Ruhr, and pure. curry, a hurry. Pease, steep fees;
Spratt, just sat, party, Mrs. McCarty, street; medium feat.
please; fecal disease, sewer, odour impure. might, new stalagtite
you, or two. Newcastle, a parcel; hat, obnoxious rat;
epicure, a sewer.


sit, and fit. due, morning dew -- feel snooty,
tree, to be; Afganistan, Birmingham can, Clyde, you lied.
Powells! their bowels Muir, incredibly pure, din! my skin;
Drews, and muse, Pitt, and fit. turd, a word?
Love, a dove, toil, he spoil, Ecclesia, Southern Rhodesia.
zoo; the pooh. Wamsutter, a shutter. sot. it's hot.
sky; my eye; you, learned ju-jitsu; Spits, she emits.
beat, be discreet, parading, bands, captivating. silly, fairly loosily,
Tia, bad diarrhea. chaps. ripe craps Vrackie, a cacky.
vile; a mile; "It" a snit! coming, that's numbing,
Wills, magnesium pills. Leyhill, high hill. jog, the fog.
Tia, bad diarrhea. Hole, an ol' by, my eye.
Sellers, worrying fellows). Byrd, be deferred. Amritsar, shit, sir!
Dotty, her potty. prairie, be airy. old), most bold.
Rangoon, the moon. Third, a bird; Vancouver, the Louvre.
cute. a hoot. Dallas, named Alice France, his pants.
McGoo, a poo. creatures, school bleachers. goo, to do.
Verde, unusual turds. Max, with Ex-Lax. meet, the street."
Howell, remarkable bowel. Pitt, did hit. reeling, was frighted.


sweet, too neat. Clapenham, in 'em. Dan; garbage can.
Vance, for romance. two, my poo. words! green curds
Dee! is he! Rose, I suppose. Panama, strong enema.
Brit, his shit. Burt, sexual dirt. ass, and Alas!"
Snerd, we've heard. Paul, at all. Paul, at all.
Concordia, cannot affordia." Helsinki, and stinky. Zola, in Angola;
Arcola, from Shinola. McCloud, arguments loud. true, it new?
Burke, of jerk. sweet; the street. Sue, brown goo,
word!" a turd. Doo, of doo. tractor, out-of-work actor;
Ferd, I've heard; Kurds, by birds. Draper, a caper!


turd, forbidden word. hurry, must hurry. Norway, a doorway.
Vancouver, as Hoover. -- Monica's dress!) tight--- every night-
O'Boyle, castor oil. block, a wok. sky, on high:
gut, and shut. wall, the hall. work; you jerk!
toes; a rose. Leah; whole pharmacopeia; loo, to screw.
loo, "Goodbye! Toodle-oo! chappy, is happy. Cologne, the bone.
Jules, green-colored stools; dappled; I clappled Stu, his corkscrew.
voodoo, with hoodoo; fit, against it! religion, o'er-flying pigeon.
Sprat, of fat. Milano, Galeazzo Ciano. Madrid, to bid.
Bart, the start. few, the zoo; salt. own fault.
sight! shit fight; ease, audible sneeze." France; a trance.
flatter. be gladder. Bobby, a hobby. Stu, fly flew.
mends; ill winds, pores, the floors, Harte, to part,
Crete, of crabmeat. distress: to undress! soiled? or boiled.
ocean, suntan lotion. tarried, were harried. expleted! quite heated.
squeal, not real. arrive, came alive. sigh, unlucky guy;
Ray, was gay. chance, my pants?" asses, waste gasses.
Brie, for tea. Lansing, while dancing. Glantz, in France,
Scraps, during naps. Jules, deep-colored stools; Saint, of paint.
Aix, and quakes, Deal, isn't real, friends. never lands,
prunes, the Goons. Cup, to sup. pain? big strain?
Skinner, in her. Art, terrible start. it. show it.
ritz, the pits; Neal, each meal. pass, socialize en-masse.
fantastic, went spastic; gas, to pass. boy, new toy.
Rose, new clothes.


Kalamazoo, the zoo. schism, one's jism. Brit, cyber-sex shit.
Perkins, of jerkin's, Stains, the rains. Moines, my loins,
fumigation, large aggregation. punk, elephant's trunk. cock, in hock.
Franky, a hanky. Wade, the shade. Cretan, to completion
smile. a while, need, my seed. mess; to Bess.
perfection; constant erection. Drum, of come, Crete, the street.
produces, genital juices. Florence, named Lawrence. connived, searchers arrived.
confirm, fossilized worm. Adam, his Madam, names; sex games,
Milan, God's plan. seaman, a demon. knothole; lose control.
Dunn, zipper gun wiggles; often fizzles. Chisholm, the abysm,
ocean, great emotion, Borden, of hoardin' alone, his clone,
Sorel, to gel; worm! our sperm come, with rum.
mix, and fix bod, hot rod. bod, flaccid rod.
fun, in sun. rains, bedsheet stains, hollow, I'd wallow,
rain, bad stain. numbered, ten hundred. Pekin, were leakin',
Bert, her skirt. found, pole around... truth, seminiferous youth.
Doyle; and soil. virility, proper facility, remote, out afloat.
Hallowing, and growing. food; be crude, Ross, to "toss."
acoustical, her statistical Gail, for tail. frolics, for hydraulics,
guess, Lesbos profess; 80%. or dissent, jocks; with socks,
Dodger, and bodger, spermatozoa, ovum, "Helloa! meant, down't vent
sweet, be beat; deep, satisfied sleep; miscegenation, this observation,
connection, someone's erection. Cross, did accost.


Town, European renown Field, would yield. most, a ghost;
vices, the Rices. dance, tight pants; Chisholm, in schism.
Suzanne, a man. self-abuse, the juice, Vale, a pail.
chic, and sleek McCourt; favorite sport. Donna, upon her.
door, the floor, Keeling, am feeling! Bennet, when it
bordello, pineapple jello, two; like glue. fellow, his cello
unchecked, and connect, Pelly, his jelly; Rick, amazing trick.
Wheeling, great feeling. Alice, chalice -- Seattle, a kettle.
Calcutta, the gutter. pastor, even faster!" Dehli, incredibly smelly.
Scott, a twat. Scraggs, waterproof bags. hated, and separated.
Spokane, emissions began, spermatozoa! and lower. Blount, to surmount;
Belgravia, indecent behavior. Virginia, in 'ya! Druid, knew it,


Pierre, sperm camembert, McGee, for me. gist, the wrist.
blanket, rank it indeed, his seed. fly, now, goodbye.
fine. idea's divine. it, the closet. Frank, to wank.
light, ain't right! fear; hold dear. bank, my shank.
deposit, broom closet. overdrawn. your spawn. Yank, sperm bank.
Gore, many more. McMozzit, this posit: Frankis, bank is.


graduate, would masturbate. yacht, her twat. Darjeeling, and screaming.
chimichanga, the bonga, me! would be deranged, the dames,
emergency, great urgency. lame, little dame. there! that pair!
night, pure dynamite. appealing, the ceiling. Chad, a shad.
grips; these zips, Penzance, his lance, "befuddle. a cuddle?
feeling; my ceiling. romancing, and prancing. Wheeling, sexual feeling,
undressed, her breast. god, his cod. goaded, prick exploded.
Sid, in Madrid. sister, terrible blister. missed. you'd kissed!)
kvetch, hair-trigger wretch, Complaint"? no saint. Telly, wellie.
rutabaga, the kega. Mummox, a lummox, stand, my gland.
Louis, acting screwy. beckoned, have reckoned. Kim, the gym.
Hughes, did choose Dwight, the night. enchants, deeply implants
Thor, to score. old, the cold. Bart, wasn't smart.
West, the test, fun, hair-trigger gun.


boost, I roost hug, favorite drug. toss, whispered Ross.
daze, silently prays Asia, adorable geisha watch, the crotch
worm, with sperm. feelings, mind reeling wrote, my choat;
condition," that nutrition braggin', girls gaggin'. wrong; my dong.
face? a disgrace! Lifesavers, man's favors. reckless. all feckless.
Pierre, my chair. tasteful, actressing graceful." done?" hardly begun.
eye, bit; My-o-my! girl? big whirl? dreamin'? of semen,
Grace, with pace. wise, womenfolk prize; custard, lust stirred,
knows, the hose guys, all lies. plus, of pus;
goo, half-way through. gum! very dumb: mind, slow grind.
dream! and extreme!


Nantucket, fuck it! Brazil, the kill. dally, Hillbilly Sally,
bum, down from Sprott, continously hot. Lawrence, in Florence.
Gooch, bad hooch? Herm, geyser-like worm. goose, caboose --
Flavey, than Davy. slime, of time, Vail, easy tail.
Florence, with abhorrence, Florence, step-brother Lawrence; silly; cried shrilly.
-- more discretion. Stan; other man. manly, young Stanley."
welly? her belly teeners, loaded wieners; flows, her toes.
boner, sperm donor. Myrt, her skirt: dong), or long.
Blood, a stud, carriage, with disparage. Liz, ultimate biz.
rooter, vermiform shooter Noah, on spermatozoa, Frum, for come.
fake, could make. Maggie, not saggy. G-men, all women.
Herts, her skirts:


trapeze, partner Denise. evade, were dismayed; Tashkent, he went.
warning, or yawning. prevent, to resent rain, permanent stain
chore; maybe for- prise, his thighs, years, to tears.
blue, is true. M.O. down below, think, Co, Inc.
said, his head, Tashkent, you invent job, quivering knob,
KABOOOM! Officer's room; movies, sexual newbies, better, this letter
Worms, with germs. bum, in rum. dreamin', of semen,
died. her aside, slime. a crime? face: this place,
pet, ejaculate yet. askance, final chance!" diseases; the wheezes,
Baggies, to haggis. again... with stain. Tess, of undress,
vain; something arcane. Nantucket, a bucket. Schwartz, sexual sports.
ten. her chin. In, the curtain through, the loo.
falls, on walls. true: guys do. wings? wee things?
Wings, Heavenly things. explain; in vain. way; and day.
Cadiz, the Whiz, Years) be alright -- and furious,
McGee, a bee. "Fibber! much bigger. heal; with zeal.
money; looking sunny. wanking; into banking. heard, the Third"?
myself; curious elf. snacks, few cracks. good, the mood.
Leeds, white seeds, a-beamin', of semen. you; kiss you.
too, so blue. yours, with whores... sex, no What-the-hecks!"?
night, unnerving sight... day, the way... need, gummy seed.
smile. this vial. aft, his shaft. lube, the rube.
tissue, Saturday's issue, Matt? you rat, Lorna, a corner,
Sound, the mound. wallop, first trollop. propulsion, jism expulsion,
truth, Miss Booth, appealing, in revealing pumps, she jumps
bloated, been noted tease, with ease. prize, these lies.


sizes, nasty surprises; pedestrian, is equestrian. dwell; any smell.
-- tops -- please! with ease. Strauss?" her blouse.
wall, the hall. bed, my head. flush, who blush.
trace; strong case. Clitt, of shit. Ted; ship's head;
it, foil it; haltered, but faltered. mush, yes, hush!
Die, out why hen: a pen." Nantucket, galvanized bucket.
girls? with curls? Sue, the loo. Shasta; of pasta;
seat, your feet, deprecate, and wait? blame. The same
Rake, a jake; Hurd; how absurd. Pitt, to sit.
not; too hot. Ewing, was screwing. neat; making excrete.
seat, your feet, do, limerick stew. queue, satisfy you.
loo, in poo. rent, well spent read, limerick breed,
road, gonna explode... me, to pee. stasis, knee braces,
speak, to peek, Ace, his dais; Dundee, very free.
farm, and warm. bimbo; were akimbo: plumber, last summer.
nervous, bit perverse. necessite' basic way, you, a few.
sensation! limerickal creation. friend, a mend. Russian, actually blushin'.
Pole, the roll. sit, a shit. Doane, the phone,
calls; it falls. hot, I've got: loo, and blue.
wit, you sit. quit, that fit. Eliza, of Kaiser!
Shanghai, would buy. fitting? while sitting? half-buck, my luck!"
door. to implore. Anthropy, a pee. handy, understand, we
understanding, not expanding. Dan, the can; thinkers, too-much-Guiness drinkers),


SCISSION; "Love's Vision." strain, the drain. card, the yard.
clean, I've been. own, it neat. young, was well-hung.
scrawls, its walls. tank; you wank. dean, and clean),
ring, your thing, you, you're through! toilet, boil it,
fore, toilet door. sync, and stink, word. it absurd.)
slick; your dick! day, the way. -- did start.
caper; to vapour. loo, or two. hell. to tell
runs, the nuns, got, are not. -- flush --


flush, your tush me, assigned me; absurd, Holy Word.
loo, you do? awesome! floss 'em. funny; pay money.
Mizzoo, to do? confessional, waits sessional, breather; a seether.
Bob; the cob. Scot, we've got, lack, this fact:
Hype, terminal wipe; groan; the throne, sob, a job;
mess; I confess, soap, no hope ago, to forego,
declare, so fair peruse, optimum use? sob, the job;
papers, physical scrapers, Solly, his folly, there. a spare.
do, stinky loo: shoe; that poo: issue, of tissue,
class, did amass. clout; everyone pout... found, basically sound.
Dan, the can. by: supply -- contention: dissension --
sure, their allure. sure? what you're loo, a clue;
Schmitt, to shit. swell; of Hell. Whithouse, fit house.
journal, most infernal. read; this deed? outside; I cried.
soft, rub off. Kettle, will settle, tout, beyond doubt.
dandy, 2 sandy; Dotty, her potty. Kitts, the shits.
shit; of wit. rabbit, a shit, shit, shit stick?
Bob, the cob, brother-in-law, my craw; Draper, a vapor,
Potts; the trots,


Whit, a pit. seem; bloodcurdling scream. Lee, to pee.
down, permanent frown. piss, is this: sweet, the seat.
three, and me. desire; a fire, impression; a lesson.
splatters; it matters? get, infrequently sit: fix, feminine tricks.
point, to annoint. be, they pee. down, mannerless clown;
silly, get chilly? crap? a flap. down; the ground,
Waterloo, woman who Ann, the can,


tea. gotta pee. men! a pen. talk. I gawk.
pumpkin, dump in. pumpkin, rump kin, town, to frown.
yesterday; get away, -- the collar! Orleans, his jeans.
brush; big gush fixation, great fornication. me; pee --
fine, of mine. pity! little ditty. hushed; pondered unrushed.
hide, I've tried: bowl, my pole. shower; an hour.
hair, oily nair. abode, health code, blessed, passing guest.
do, the loo. me; new see? made, and jade,
Deco; absorbs echo awhile, the pile; done? you begun?
pissed, to exist, sloosh; a douche; bidet, since D-day.
pride, could hide. loos, to choose: paper, to vapor,
Gym, and slim. Jim, about him? mean, be clean,
Pole, stout soul; seat, so neat; grunting; like bunting;
buts, your nuts; when, up again; 'loo, right through.
Fu, friend, you Matrix, tried kicks, Joschi, go see.
sublime, now I'm go! you flow? haste, when slow-paced,
crap, lavatory map. glee, a pee. directions, geezers deflections,
sit, a shit;


relief, beyond belief. gladder, their bladder. Feems, four streams.
Lee, to pee. miscegenation, her obervation, intention; sexual tension.
C, for T; Benny, take any. Lancelot, a lot.
Turin, his urine, it, oil it; three, the sea.
Lee; a tree. Melissa, loud hissa... creepy; were weepy.
deep. they're asleep. sage, old age". night, the foresight
me, I pee. Thackery, cryogenic quackery. smile, a while;
Montreal, the hall. Lee, to pee; sheikh, a week.
Chistlehurst, whistle first. Harrison, public embarrassin'. appear, to fear.
Dubuque, no fluke. Dan, the can. be? at sea
reclining; streams intertwining... Mary, grow hairy, me, to pee!"
"Who, the loo? Petri, habits excretory. amorous, quite clamorous.
state, thing great. be, extreme ectasy. me, to pee.
EZ2C, I NV2B. Manchuria, persistent nocturia, dream, they seem,
Spokane, a man, Dan, dumpy van. late! at eight,
smug. a hug, Haitian, micturial sensation. trees, -- Pekinese!
fickle, old pickle. Moosonee, to me, D.C. to pee,
Neddy, pee steady?" miss, such bliss banana, Carlos Santana!
Tweed, and deed. Rose, twelve poes, Lee, of pee;
Lynn, a pin. reclined, and wined. miss, lover piss.
stand, it grand, Lee, beset me: Marie, she'd pee.
Sneed, she peed. hit-and-miss, then criss, Leigh, a pee.
Leon, pee on. MICTURATE, can't mitigate. reclining. particular's pining
pee, for me. chaps, generous gaps; see, to pee.
Magee, should see. pee, can see. Reed, emotional need.
Florence, general abhorrence. grandee, except be. hack, was slack.
Slatter, not matter. sent, patient unviolent. sky, just why
hounds, the grounds. Joe; to slow. me; to see.
"Ywis, this bliss Grace, a race. days, of play.
bellow: of fellow! cough, rushing off.


Frisco, and Crisco. Wister, a twister; piss, never miss.
Dan, the can, defeat, the seat. urine, deeply allurin',
flaw; the law. riddle, to piddle. ace, such disgrace.
tenet, with rennet. tree, feet three, pee. like me.
this: great bliss; guts; you nuts? less; can guess,
bliss, the abyss, pee, you see. too? the loo!"
two, smelly goo despised, wetly chastised. bizarre, peripatetic clochard.
bower, a shower!" excursion, (rarely) submersion. Lisbon, pissed on
D.C. to pee. Rand, the land. zeal, almost unreal.
wronger, is stronger!" madder, woman's bladder. Ray, powerful spray,
Chase, in lace, pants, and ants. held, who excelled
lot." the pot, Totem-by-Sea, to pee. Marie, she'd pee.
afar, you are. flight; building site. cheque, by heck!"
boff, unexpectedly cough, undone, great fun. that! a hat!
Kristin, assist in; bordello, as Jello. spy, his fly.
red; his head. all; a stall. ran; or van.
nation, 'toy' installation. Fink, to drink; through, to sue
crest, the best days, by gays, Troy, wonderful toy.
Grace, improperly place. Crete, exceedingly neat. Frank; to thank:
Chase, Florentine vase, drama: it's warmer. Moe, exceedingly slow.
smart; to heart,


free! to see fancy-free, go pee. war! you'll adore.
pee; over me. misses, they pisses." rooted, fledglings well-suited.
see, could pee. McFee, a pee. romance; and dance,
lose, you choose, Dee, to pee; Gist, right-angled twist;
night, you might. Japan, a man, Batoche, brother's galosh.
Jan, a man. Gissing, my pissing. then, once again,
troglodyte, he might, more, room door. red; was dead.
fat, was at; -- up/down forget. Marie, her virginity.
peter, and teeter, grin, it's in." eighty-three, to me:
Schwartz, lab reports.


sea, big pee. Kibble, "Why quibble? miss, it's bliss!
star! the bar... Breton, would threaten. bed-wetting; most upsetting.
sweating." were offsetting. Karen, quite barren. Ealing, of all...)
Bragg, to sag. Ealing, peculiar feeling. reclining, pink shining)
three, myself pee. Ohia, was Mariah. drastic", be sarcastic;
wub; the pub. more, conversational boor. Aberdeen, boiling caffeine.
sing, late King (Vermont) the font, nice", any vice".
Doug... (drunk) tea, of Pawnee, Flushing; everyone rushing
Tralee, to pee. Darlee; to be. source, of course
sprinkle, every wrinkle; fro, did go Smith, terrible lisp.
Ord, doctor explored. little, did piddle. sea, named Bee
say, your spray, Mo; the snow. Chris, a piss,
Miz", a whiz. Tish, with fish. Wheeling, the ceiling.
Buren, full-blooded Huron, bliss. can't miss; Tralee, to pee.
Lottie, bit dotty. Taos, amorous spouse. said, his head,
Lee, a tree. be, their fee. dock, a shock.
Gower, a tower. sore, no roar; Ted, cheap water-bed.
down, permanent frown. Norbitt, Earth's orbit, issue, of tissue)
Paris, her pee. think, to drink) Chase, Thracian vase,
toilet; boil it. rue; a screw. Carmel, the well.
loud, named Dowd, "Me? a tree." Sweden, to Weedon;
-- advance -- Bordeaux, young beau. beau. to show,
Thrace, in grace. logs, without clogs. Creek, a leak,
Sid, eight-year-old kid. Juan, a john. Florence, in torrents.
Ford, actions abhorred. Wales, third rails. Excusador, room floor.
Dundee, a tree. Weed, she peed, anyway, the gay!).
McGee, could see Winkler, a sprinkler. Grey, lovely display.
Turin, very allurin'. drunk. a skunk.. so, up woe.
around, a sound, pee, (poor me!). me: misogynist bee!
pee, you see), woods, the goods. break, grass snake.
piss, venomous hiss.


Drew, the loo; pee, bumble bee. Greek, was weak.
better, met her. child; so wild. happy, dry chappy.
tea, to pee. Singh, high-pissing king, Rand, the land,
gold, quite bold. demise, great surprise. Bright, one night.
madder, woman's bladder. zeal, almost unreal. grace, of place,.
wronger, is stronger!" miss. a kiss? indeed, only succeed,
hand, my gland, plane, felt rain. place, drunken disgrace;
Powers, particular showers. Wren: a man. Hadder, his bladder;
Reading, the bedding. Sydney, undependable kidney. Fred, his bed.
yore, lot more. Gloria, o' ya." leg; Old Peg.
Stu, gentlemen's loo; -- you see. guy. here's why:
free, the tree. indeed, she pee'd. rain, eye-blinding pain.
coot, a hoot. Sidney, remarkable kidney. fill; particular skill.
Harald, then caroled. soaking, easy poking. piddle!" this riddle:
sir? water, sir,


Dan." young man, stripped, was gripped; drool. you fool?"
limp." a shrimp. Dan." desperate man, Brett, seen yet.
micturate, does grate; male, to fail, more, the floor,
more, pissing score. beers, and cheers, matter. his bladder.
before, a whore. rhyme, served time. hours, "Golden Showers."
a-flash, your gash, belief, needed relief. true; you'll rue
sir, a whirr. grasp; to clasp. free, least three.
away. drink today. lass. her ass. society, great delicacy.
society, great delicacy. society, great delicacy. loo. man do?
pee. must be. heaven, 'round eleven, fled, just met,
sin, the inn, place, some grace. land, her hand.
ease, this squeeze. try, your thigh, Buffalo, to show
pub; said "Bub, high, his fly, Joe, my Flo.
tame? much blame, though, up so." Chris, to piss.
Chris, to piss, hot; a lot. fizz, the dis-
strange, become disarranged. Chris, to piss. floozy, less choosey.
night, my sight, do, isn't true. battered, is splattered,
Marie, to pee. droll, the hole


orangatan, but meringue. Bill, atomic pill. Woonsocket, of rocket;
ceases! news releases, Ray, in Bombay; Hart, to start.
Bay, summer's day. Tom, a bomb. guess; guests impressed.
Louise, and fleas, Mound, he found tough, of stuff,
Russian. had concussion. fit, to shit. troop, a group.
that, fall flat. worked," a lurch. Thang, a BANG!
Queens, explosive machines. Dwight, Christmas lights. chum, his bum,
Bloom, his room, Rhoda, of soda, crap! this rap!
Maria, the fire. Bess, at Hess. Rome, his home.
Jean, melt gelatine". Fred, one shed. Greta, herself better.
pass, the ass. Sioux, gun-barrel blew, Bay, one day;
Vivian, a Bolivian, plot... a lot? muse, curbside cruise.
sombrero, the bolero. Stoat, terminal bloat; Brown, of renown;
Edo, a torpedo. Kilskire, a fire. note, a boat,
posted, young co-ed. Queens, some teens. Jake, would take
ice, useful device alight, their might. retrieve, to leave,
Chuck; was struck. Jake, a mistake. Cherokee, not agree.
absurd, every word. Pitts, his zits, Rube, test tube.
Turner, slow learner. pyromantic, tanker gigantic. Sy, in July,
Milnocket, solid-fuel rocket. ships, separate trips. Corbett, absorb it.
strife, his wife. Belfast, shell blast. Natchez, and matches.
Bill, nuclear pill. Girard, his yard; tears; had fears.
Kilkyre, a fire. do! won't do. Nile, a pile,
bomb, General Som. day, named Kay. Moore, the floor,
Bosphorous, with phosphorous. Hayes, for days. heat, can (indescreet),
Murray, violent fury; past, violent blaast; Halls, nitroglycerin balls.
UFO's, (or toes), Wales, gas prevails." unloaded; wires corroded.
retired, was fired. assumes, internal fumes, Lars, exploding cigars.
Bloom, his doom; Nantucket, a bucket. die, shall lie."
Rhodes, was 'knowed'. bash! smoking hash; Louise, by fleas.
John, a bomb. dynamite, indeed light,


objective, or invective, Dundee, past three. Meg, powder keg.
Bodenham, in 'em), Malacca, left knacker. Brazil, wrong pill.
Fred, be fed. lass, Manchac Pass. heinous. her anus.
Grasse, of brass. Dungannon, a cannon; ace, named Grace.
dynamite, a sight. Jill, a thrill. Ted, his bed.
Phlox, her box. China, her vagina. push, her puss!
bloom, as perfume. Bowdoin, is erodin'. Regina, her vagina.
class, and ass. Jill, a thrill. seen, had between.
lass, pass gas. Tulane, considerable pain. Adam, the atom.
Penang, a bang. Lockett, a rocket, Tom, his mom.
Crockett, a socket. Dexter, vexed her. Lockett? a rocket.
dock, sucked cock,


analysis, total paralysis, Freud, reason, annoyed quid, and id.
reflects, far-reaching effects. society, castration anxiety. Zearing, the hearing
Freud, or annoyed, Freud, peacefully employed, mine, or rhyme.
Fife, his wife, Freud, was void. he, and haughty,
Jung, your bung?" poop: the loop. understood, it could
Anglia, of ganglia. trips, pistol grips. Freud. really annoyed.
soul. a hole: sly, somber necktie. Freud, well enjoyed,
Freud, husbands annoyed, Sid, his Id. Freuds? nymphomaniacal boids.
Freud, never cloyed, Lloyd, much annoyed, Toledo, about incognito.
shame. to blame. failing; character wailing. dude, dirty mood:
Muffet, luff it, seems, neurotic extremes. funny, psychiatrist, honey.
Freud, wholly devoid. Freud, Sigmund annoyed. Freud, Sigmund annoyed.
Freud, over, enjoyed, Freud, very annoyed, Jung! absolute dung!
Thrale, call male. slip, bare hip. Freud, felt overjoyed
you, upset you. bent, not experiment, toyed, of Freud.
us, for fellows mesmerize, quite wise. Freud, have hoid:
sex, Oedipus Rex: enjoyed, being cloyed, charge, too large;
chancy, him antsy, annoyed; favors enjoyed. psychoanalysis, patients' phalluses.
Sid, of id, chair, his hair. Maude, poor bawd.
expectations, of vacations. Madrid, and Id. far! a car?
fraulein, to recline? Id. be rid. Paree, can't pee.
reputed, been imputed, Rex, to vex, paranoid, constantly toyed.


Spencer, pleasure intenser far. a star. Jaw, Bernard Shaw.
Warsaw, the raw, Shaw, Pancras's law; Waugh, my sister-in-law.
law, his paw knew, be true, Shaw, the raw.
me, of me, Shaw, the flaw Shaw, the law.
flaw, any law balling, that enthralling; platitude, uncivilized attitude.
by-play, dry play. goes... using prose) craw, Bernard Shaw,
Shaws! venture applause.


city, a ditty. master, widowed Jocasta. other; or brother.
pour, Oedipus swore mother; for another. Rex, very complex.
Rex, rather complex. erect, I object!. Tom, his Mom.
friend, best bend; Rex, FILIAL sex, floor; pretty sore!
sex, aesthetic effects; breast, highly distressed. pasta, with Jocasta,
Loretta, anonymous letter, red, were dead! Oedipus, a roedipus,
goat, pastures remote. cranny, my granny. Rex, about sex,
phalluses. causes paralysis. proclaim, I'll abstain!" Sphinx, by shrinks.
Rex, pure sex; Sphinx: by shrinks. "Smother, from another
mind; "Onanism's unkind!" Sphinx, terrible jinx. Rex, about sex,
Dean, teaching machine, Tommy, a commie. Rex, Mother Complex.
Rex, his sex. Tex, likely suspects done" my mum!


fear. the dear, all; medicine ball. Ho," the snow;
dust; we must. howls; with towels; queer. to hear.
Atlanta, with Santa. funny, Energizer Bunny. fly... don't cry.
night, merely tight. peeve: I leave; Seoul, nice bowl
fire, and higher. detection, any infection; night; look right.
jingle, Kris Kringle. pigeon, cowl's bridgin' Kringle, stay single;
sled, their bed. Dawes, just cause; Claus; get applause.
Claus? all because grows, them hoes. imp; one glimpse.
Santa, from Fanta. cheer, his beer. Claus, attention because
grouch, can vouch), Claus, killed, because Hyatt, the quiet.
boys; festive joys. Nick; his dick. Cheers. those reindeers.
high; the sky. Gay, cannot play. sit, a bit.
dire, sans attire. -- solar plexus. more, hard core,
sheath, privates beneath; Pole, I know, Pole, the hole.
Pole, his goal. tick, Saint Nick. red, his sled.
quickly, stocking thickly. sleigh, Christmas Day! year; I fear.
May, my sleigh; week, a leak. away; and play,
say, taken away slow, So know, fate, be late.
something, you bring, hard, some reward. tradition, roaring ignition.
mantle, moose's antle. bad; we had. deft, may heft
head), Grandmother's bed. Bimini, by jiminey. Poff, suit off.
Nick, down-the-flue trick. a-humming; and tum-tumming; my! a try.
Kimberly, her chimberly. tick, Saint Nick. Oz, Christmas because
perplex; for sex.


trip, along strip; stress. visit distress broken, only token.
stumbled. he grumbled, tree, you see. me, most likely,
Atlanta, in Santa. flyin' guy in. drag, to brag
styles, Atlantttean wiles. -- Santa -- Lowell, could dole.
contrite, Santa right. barristerette, fast jet. away, Stroudsburg PA,
Pole, the cold. Vixen, licks in. Pole, to roll.
shelf; not yourself. kidding? my bidding! needs; the weeds
shock, of hair) Nick, his wick; tryst, very nice.
remorse, for divorce. here, will cheer sleigh, would play!
shout. just pout. sled, his head! pause, life because
shelves, his elves, warns; still mourns. toy, a ploy
Nicholas, tickle us. beer, a deer. all, the hall.
be, you see. elf, the shelf. night, a sight.
wacky. was tacky kick, to Arctic: home, then roam
elves, on shelves. outdoors, are whores. shy, is why
suite, be beat. mess, oh, nonetheless, Donner, upon 'er.
wealth, of stealth, Clyde, Santa's ride. cookie, his bookie;
fog," the nog Vixen, fix 'em. ruckus," truck us
shag, his stag. pit, some wit. year; his deer.
dead. his head. Rudy; his duty. red? had led
propose, young does. hay, Up, Away!" looks, Reindeer, "Gadzooks!
reindeer, shiny rear. nose, his hose. Atlanta, old Santa.
few, winter-time brew, reindeer, shiny rear. night; shining bright.
shots, peppermint schnapps. elves, the shelves. shelf, helps himself.
employin', thus ENJOIN. saw; the law. Pole, last jellyroll,
causes, few pauses, tree, of glee, sick; Saint Nick!
toys, of noise. McGoo, it true?


spied, spread wide. Plum, bare-naked bum, Jolly: named Molly.
Kringle, to mingle. jolly, named Holly. thriller, stocking filler.
Crimbo, a bimbo; boy, to deploy me; to see.
be, or glee. tingle, gift cunnilingual." swirls, season unfurls!
squishes, Holiday wishes. Nick, his dick. Lear, over beer,
reindeer, good cheer. cheer, my rear tree, stood Marie.
me; ride me. Claus, mother's drawers. grotto, or lotto.
Marie, can be, morn, a horn. -- always remember.
pass, all...No, alas! bed, giving head.


tale, in jail. free, could be. entry; by sentry.
work; to lurk. pause, the doors. mine; were fine.
missed, not kissed. gist. get kissed. list, been missed.
Day, the sleigh. fired. he's tired. bloke; scarlet-hued cloak.
sling, to bring. way, and sleigh?" goof! was ninety-proof.
fright; bit tight. dear, of beer. elf! at myself;
snack. heart atack. suit. fat fruit. guess. my chest.
snow, the go; fly? the sky. books, it looks.
before, damn door. toys, the boys, Pole; the dole!
stale; big cocktail. sleigh, during day. heels, did reel
puff, the buff. yard, get hard. wrong: his dong.
ho-ho, fake show. start, is hard. pole, long haul.
charm, any harm. why, Santa guy reindeer, much beer;
here! all year. lap; your gap. bells, and swells.
house, a mouse. today, old play, sleep. you'd creep.
foul, that scowl, booze, a fuse, deluded, who did
slatin' just waitin' jelly, my belly. rest; whisky digest.
whopping. without stopping. song?) stay strong got, his cock.
fright, every night. prey; did delay.


times, he rhymes). QUESTION, acute indigestion Queens, of sardines.
flux, awfully sucks. BORBORYGMUS, with enigmas; Notts, ladies botts.
grope; to cope. started, dearly departed, raw, and draw,
Rose, you chose, class, it pass. enhance, non chalance.
Perse, his nurse; Perse, nothing's worse: Carter, was smarter.
Bright, in sight. Carter, a starter. Dominorum, exist deocorum
smart, the start. gain, on methane. swarming; planet transforming.
Bend, did offend, alas! intestinal gas! Hartz, all parts.
security, it's maturity, Lou, and who Martin, about fartin'.
lass, of gas, Stout, of doubt; lee! to flee!
blatherskite, rather slight. upstart, can fart. gall; so tall;
want; a haunt. stink." I think parts, named Hartz.
start; and heart. ease. a sleaze. flatus. elate us
class. reason, alas. heart, of art. ass, so crass).
Dosset, pennyworth closet. Dorset, Underground closet. for, to roar;
team, full steam, hearty! a party. parts, of hearts.
Ned, in bed. started, and departed. gas, might pass,
Martin, -- unsartain, flatulent, visitor corpulent, Roland, his colon.
Dowd, but unbowed; flown, has grown. Boom? dispensing perfume.
traveled; it graveled. air, lover's hair! Stuttgart, gut schtart.
lass, beautiful ass. youth, pretty Ruth... -- would fart.
-- would fart. -- would fart. -- would fart
fart, to heart. Treadwell, Winifred's Well. on, smelled one.
Martin, was fartin'. Newman, and fumin'. fart: an art.
wind, all sinned. broken-hearted, but farted. child, rather mild.
in, to win. squib, a rib. Kent, he went.
Wales, never fails. Don, outdoor john, soon, toy balloon.
outside, she espied passed. your ass. sped, frantically said:
rod, a prod. chin, a grin.


greens, of beans; peas, so obese, prunes, thunderous tunes.
Bright, butcher polite, party, start. We beer, my ear.
hear, your rear? France; Vitus dance. beer, pressure's severe.
pygmy, "Dig me, last, really fast. Resolution, the solution.
Keynes, and beans. find, your mind in; a din!
right; a light. start, the cart, submarines. the colleens.
Martin; somewhat spartan. -- program bizarre: cheese, needs release,
upstarts, their hearts. bite, a kite. Barton, to enhearten:
Marts, he starts;


Cooper, blue-ribbon pooper. Downing, his clowning. Sweezy, countryside breezy.
Charted, it smarted. M.A. the C.P., strive, of '95.
yellow, more mellow. Bart, a fart. Mame; her fame.
Whipple, his nipple, McBride, he tried. wizard, his gizzard,
must, "Let-Your-Wind Anonymous." MacDougal, a bugle. man-about-town, named Brown,
taters; oil freighters. Queens, black beans. faire, very rare.
farted, they parted Rickwid, stick wid. part, chefs art.
idle, a recital. all, the small. "smarts!" soon starts),
blown, cannot bone. harm, population alarm. void, from Floyd.
ghastly; were vastly Barton, exceedingly Spartan. Marten, from farten.
Chartes, to fart. parts, somebody farts. profound, of sound.
maven, safe haven. farts; of arts. Ray, his day.
tarp, dead carp! today. Oh, dismay. loud; a cloud.
boons, fluffy balloons. masses, bare asses. dead? he said!
kind, was mine. hoot, a poot. sports; wet reports
admit, get shit. monasterial, and ethereal, Bart, great fart,
M.A. the C.P., Bart, split apart. Hart, purple fart.
master; greater blaster!" starts, the charts; gas, your ass,
Gearhart, rear, fart. so! from "Go!". class; a glass.
Lacoste, be tossed Glass, his ass, Durbin, gas turbine.
gas: old class! then, from within Fart. all start.
saying, and braying, afraid, innocent maid. Snite, terribly bright.
art, wide apart, rapscallion, his stallion, amends; fart depend?


Bart, decibel fart. Queens, for beans. crass, of gas.
sinned; wind; Dinah, my vagina!" Rootes; off brutes.
lurch, spoiled perch, tart, a fart. Brown, the clown.
Billy, two-year-old filly. Dan: the fan. deal; great meal.
Kitts, galloping shits. under" intestinal thunder. sorted, you resorted
bass, some grass, gas, silently pass. vast. a blast
Pete, powerful feat: Ramona, fetid aroma, parting, of farting,
noted, so bloated. Antarctica, then fartica. Renard; little regard.
good, soft wood. doll; shower stall. art, with heart!
rice, and spice, vapor; rape her. town, down --
sirens, fire ones) mound, the ground. macadam, gone baddum.
agog, green fog Blast, did pass. drastic, gone spastic.
cuisine, the latrine, smash, such trash-- Art, biggest fart.
Grace, into space. Bart, loudest fart. Janet? a planet.
famous, on heinous. LaPlata, a farter. Trip, let rip;
beans, of means. Sale, strong gale. crowd, painfully loud.
Elaine, great pain. Murray, vindaloo curry! Stroud, unbelievably loud.


well, things smell. Huntz, that affronts. spoons, my moons.
Rangoon, a balloon. wink, farts stink?" tart, in part.
strain, excretion refrain. Vito, many burrito, wide, trapped inside.
today, to pay. Neville; the level, Mott, a tot.
yesterday, must pay. earful, whole rearful, granny, and cranny
resolution, my Constitution, Klartz, his farts. farted; they parted.
crepitation, a sensation. Pastor, could master. Mame, of shame.
Thrace, my face." Mel, no smell. heart, a fart;
Carter, a farter. Rib; women's lib. Schmidt, brows knit.
heart, biggest fart. crazy; are lazy Mel, terrible smell,
clown. breaks down. feature. every teacher. Vassar, a gasser.
Bombay, every day. Stainus, quite heinous. poot; same chute;
imparted, dearly departed: master, ass, sir! power, my flower,
Voltaire, my chair. McNair, for air. week, slathering freak.
Scott, a lot. shame, go lame. lass, with gas.
French, remarkable wench. smell. a spell lass, inordinate gas.
fart, a start. millionaires, in pairs. start, as art,
askance; my pants. Gladys, excessive flatus. goo, I spew,
farts, regular start. swell, he fell. Tacoma, special diploma,
Delores, the thesaurus. dough; you know. new, to few.
Vu... Queen's loo, veldt, and heldt night, things aright.
Blass; with gas; son, he run. BART, hideous fart.
Queens; but beans. Dan, the van. get, of sweat.
hearts; your arts; law, one flaw: Retwun, let one.
great, of late. Mame; a shame! Paul, a brawl;


class, demonic gas. Carboniferous, were splendiferous; esophagus, sometimes sarcophagous,
pubescency, high effervescency, bed, then said, floor, did adore;
poot; big hoot. Queens, of beans. guests, his best.
start, a fart. gasses, Dingoes' asses. button. and Sutton.
farts; our hearts. ass, some grass. Spartacus, him apartacus.
riddle, did fiddle, gas, it harassed walk; to talk.
art, to fart scene, and lean,


Butte, so cute, lass, her ass. Butte, was cute.
Brelle, named Nell. tart, blue fart. Smedley, melodious medley
feeling. the ceiling. class, pass gas. Bloom, of doom.
started, queen farted. Cliff, a whiff started, husband departed;
Geeze; the cheese. fur, everyone, Sir. place, his face.
Peru, a pew. Soma, noxious aroma. start; thunderous fart;
thunderation; prefer reverberation; tone; left alone; ready; and steady.
Art, poisonous fart; Ozone, old crone -- good scare.
of, stink off.


please? rare disease? fucker; any yucker. lass, with gas.
odor, of Dover, surprise, the prize; Britain, her shittin'.
-- and shovin'. hovers, the covers. parted, had started.
fetter, any better. Eloise. a squeeze, odor, knowed her.
lass, anal gas. Kush) her tush behind, and grind;
rotten, of cotton. pong, and strong. away, and gray;
pink, I think pong? suffocatingly strong! start, gonna fart."
suppose, our nose. prepare, the air; Mandy, a dandy!
mask, the task.


recognition, methane emission Rangoon, a spoon! cart, the heart.
hatch; broccoli patch. ass, the gas Krauss, flatulent spouse,
achin', sadly mistaken. of, tough -- fart, the chart;
Bic, dangerous trick. gas; his ass. lie? all die.
Jim, quite grim, Charlotte, rot -- Bates, his mates.
yore, Bowery whore. beware, hobby bears. hair, a scare.
fart, much art. hearty, a party. fuel. pass stool,
filled, than thrilled inventive; was incentive. Park, Cartman farts.
ass, some gas; man; you can Fass, with gas.
drips, the tips sweetheart? hot fart, wreck; the neck.
-- been pent. tight. natural gaslight. might, to ignite?
sweater; a go-getter; burned, is learned. glove, to shove!
-- and smell; heart, then start bell; skanky tent-smell.
sorts, lady cohorts. class, hydrogen gas true, baby blue.
diet, this riot. men! ones again! gas, old ass;
pain, me maintain) (propane), longer contain buffoon, a balloon.
starts, corpulent tarts; Crane, a flame; beans, you leans,
Blatch, a match. blow, orange glow. Jewish, decidedly bluish.
best? the test. art, a fart. U. to do;
lass, main gas." Carter, bit smarter, Mark, a lark.
shorts, two quarts Cass, in class. class, internal gas
bit; to it. art, a fart. night, a delight.
class, combustible gas. Dooper, drunken stupor, gas, my ass...
Gleeson, no reason, loud, the crowd, looking, he's booking.
Ted, in bed. Martin; keep fartin'.


Nell, all hell. Nell, as hell. Hyde, somebody lied:
Fart, known work-of-art. fart, to smart. beast! like yeast
Thrush, you hush? tender, distend her. Eric, him choleric.
Martz, underarm parts. Dallas, with malice. Martin; kept fartin'.
started. legs parted, Stinky, was kinky few, they knew
goes, a close year, a tear stand, my hand
whore, half-muffled roar floor, the core job, heartless mob
grass, his ass blame, open flame ground, mourners around
Cass, of gas; sinned, abdomen thinned, Hartz, underarm parts,
monk, was drunk. Koblenz, of vents. Cleef, a queef.
Hartz, of Arts. Weeks, he speaks: Babette, ate cassoulet.
Strind; had sinned; Kass, terrible gas; Burbank. she stank.
padded-cell, the smell; Iskier, and friskier;