Limeric Index



spice, smelling nice, night, special light, hard, some lard,
bed, your head." fling; could bring. Beamer, incredible dreamer.
Treadwell, pre-med well. cocaine, to abstain, Pease, with ease;
us, for malpractice. fool; to drool. Deal, cold steel;
syringe, or cringe. Physician, financial ambition. Murit, endure it,
Jack; a quack. Sills, my ills, pollution, impure solution,
Zachary, for quackery; Maud, feeling bored; blunt, a cunt.
Jack; a quack. Patrick, wrongly iatric; Beeches. your breeches;
him; lewd him!" admission, him permission: Black, a quack.
rhyme, one time, misfits! sharp wits! Bath, an osteopath.
Dick, the sick. Iraq, a knack, education, Rx situation,
prescription, beyond description. here, I fear." Dale, into jail.
back, bones crack. wait, too late? they'll, tiny detail.
analysis! caught phaeochromocytomalysis." said, your bed. pose; just doze.
quack, your back, sewing, without knowing, news; please excuse
one-fisted; they listed, insist, my list. said, his head,
Putney, cut knee


Homer, one-millionth Gomer. faints, gastric complaints. breath) (breathing fast)
symptoms) (bad nuerology) one-eleven. at seven. request, restraint vest)
McSnappum, (spinal tap) tech) the germ. loose) heart beat)
reddening, be deadening. Hetrick, matters obstetric. Burke, wouldn't work;
converse, sounded perverse. Rosborous, the phosphorous?"


Spurgeon; did burgeon. Bursis, registered nurses. us, distract us.
Millicent, quite innocent. class, masse -- varied, and harried,
Will, quite ill. will; uneventful until Lear, be here."
plight; so uptight." tricks; to fix. mount; a fount.
guts, not nuts. Gilmore, bill more?" A, headache away.
Roark, your dork. will, to fill degrees, nominal fees,
sieze, he sees. Sill, the ill, ills, of pills,
Darjeeling, to healing.


prime. on time. regressional, is obsessional. late," Pearly Gate,
seen, third magazine. Bill, terribly ill. late, my fate.
head." nurse said. crouch, genitals, "Ouch! Clancy, lower Delancy.
Proctor, unfrocked her. seen, old magazine, rows, their woes.
eight; I'm late. rise, will optomitrize. Kate, of late.
do, at two?


Amos, blame us. Bloom, of gloom. hear's, you cheers!
summer; a slummer." homeward-bound, a blood-hound masse, the ass:
kiss." of this. men, and then, apostate, tossed state.
exam, scream "Damn!" cam- with RAM. prick, quite quick,"
position, stalwart physician, Mike, to hitchhike. Glass; high class.
get, rather forget; McGee, to see Coulder, and bolder,
suspected, was suggested. bolder, grow older. sass. are crass!"
gay; one day. kicking, soon ticking. mine, space unbenign.
mine, it shine. Vere, the Rear. technology, of proctology.
trollop, large dollop McGurk, his quirk. McGurk; him berserk!
yesterday. to say: older; each holder." day, doc, anyway.
Stutz, of guts. Bends, psychiatrist friends 'em, detect 'em!
Cooper, your stupor. Pee, to see. Lloyds, he voids.
birth; are worth. Grass, no class. Barr, of car.
hole, to patrol; Virginian, Dan O'Binion, scan. an Islam.
bend, will wend. exam, your ham, technology, of proctology.
Hugh, gynecologist, Sue, rumor, of humor. Seuss: cavity's loose!
ass, an impasse. crass, high class, Hooter; old looter.
attrition, a decision:


Monkshire, try acupuncture." Fern, caused concern. Dr, of Pr.
gynecologist, shrewd ideologist. Hammon: too common. Park, a shark.
doc, rapturous shock, physician, stirrup position, loath, Hypocrates' oath.
Frick, was sick. Schick, not sick, James, what maims;
Proctor, her doctor. Finches; tight pinches. Flo; did show.
Linkter, clinked her. Centralia, superb genitalia. infection," an erection.
pills, maidenly ills. obstretician, financial ambition. proctor, medical doctor.
stir, Miss Kerr. Lancet, and rancid. quicker, rise thicker.
Drew, then two. Salinas, medical penis. Proctor, a doctor;
Queen, had seen. Gray. they say. Jane, to explain.
Kate, to abate. Ewing, you doing?" Hugh, the flu.
Maine, to wane. Dole, from Seoul; Skinner." a sinner.)
Proctor, swiftly unfrocter. Grover, in clover. skill, him ill,
Hamhocks, hard cocks. skin, thrust in. broke, she woke
Hodges, often lodges Proctor, unfrocked her. Wade, and dismayed
Gluck, were stuck Salk, for talk, Dr. he Unfr.
Bly, so high, pain; to complain. physician, a position,
veracity, Mrs. Cassidy. gynecologist, patients' esophagus.


physician, illicit coition, surgeon, not virgin. door!" Dr. LeFlore,
worse; simple verse. her, locked her. sin, her chin.
Proctor, a doctor. Fife, improbable life. nurse, her purse.
Nurse' it's perverse). Nancy, named Clancy.


France, doctor, "Perchance cure, cannot endure. Ryde, had died.
stroking, and poking, moose, and loose. bit," her tit,
use, aid self-abuse. numb." his thumb. Ryde, feeling inside,
true, a screw?" doc" her frock, slow. said "No.
inside, he tried, remorse, new course. grays, different ways.
confessed, their best, seemed, he beamed. Crockett; its socket.
bony, "You phoney! Crockett, your socket." gone; eyes shone.
-- never suffice. tilt, of guilt. see, with me.
correction, further inspection; McGrew, of flu, detail, grew pale.
facts, could relax. maid, nor laid. caress, her dress.
coke, had broke. air, down there? booked, you've looked.
peek, one week." heed, you need," undressed, becoming obsessed
wink, I think, neurotic, raving psychotic. said, my head,
numbing, your plumbing. fears, to tears. Nellie, Doctor Shelly.


Stoup, therapy group. shtick? are sick!" confession: curing depression.
Grau, certain somehow hostile; I'm depressed; guilty; the hall,
conflicts, towards net. euphoric; or Ritz, submissive, agressiveness, too!
transference, her head; dependent; a tic-- Mencia. in "absentia".
plight, cold night, seconds. ah reckons. P. come-off-er he.
couches, person avouches; bored) a chord. spied, "I confide
Dallas, for malice, tinker, real stinker. phone?" named Cohen.
plod, to prod. Rye, close by, bare." Take care.
Id, you did," ami, la vie." file, beyond reconcile.
tried, professional pride," G. was she. Finnigan, again --
profession; in possession scoff, struck off. shame, their blame
skills, various pills. lot, named Ott. Gateshead, getting fed.
assured, the word say; own way. Hormel, and formal
think, I'm ablink. confession, deep-seated obsession. Dickey, named Nikki,
flannelist, panel list; C. is he. Fife, own life,
Backy, analyst whacky. buff; his butt. Kind, be defined
confession! therapy session. V. was she. song! is wrong;
B. to me, us. deprecate us Fern, to discern
think, a wink. Floose, heretical views; shrinks, mental kinks
Cobb, insensitive slob." advice, questions twice; Z. teacher he.
Pratt, while flat. Bly, could fly; fee, observed Lee,
sighed. Dr. Clyde,


cheap. to sleep, clinician; a bariatrician. me, for free.
Lee, you see, Commission, a physician York, the stork,
Trys, might surmise, ophthalmologist. I missed. respectable, grinding receptacle.
Rye, one eye. perplex. wear 'specs', Lee. you see...?"
takes, and aches. feels, even keels: bottom, got 'em,
polled, often told Soint, the point, Otter, Len Potter,
fret; sexy quintet Fife, his wife.


Aaron, were starin'. path, its wrath. perception, is perfection.
Fife, his life. cloud, a crowd... lie, inward eye...
Ford, a sword; Cheam, ice cream. heart, the dark.
heir, right mare. appeal, worlds reveal, Worcester, seduced her.
gleam, and extreme. recall. at all, joy, of Troy.
teeming, were gleaming; Kife, my wife, Kiam, of Siam.
Paul, the Mall. Crete, the street. yonder, mind wander;
ask? paramount task. bed; my head. snooze, the blues;
derive, or five. Wemyss, her dreams. delusion, but illusion,
Weems, her dreams. right, the light. sleepers, in weepers.
pap, been crap), Dexter, desexed 'er. scream, to blaspheme;
disgrace, in haste. Weems, his dreams. Weems, with dreams.
Weems, her dreams. Sun, in one, dream, would seem.
club," to rub thought. getting caught!" sock. "Colossal Cock."
giraffes, of laughs. finds, higher-type minds night, it's light?
hot; it's not; cruise, and booze.


dreams, her screams. Koo, rubber canoe. astronauts, my nuts!
path, the wrath. Akeem, his dream, chair, "down there".
Pete's, the streets; drunk, his junk. Rheims, wet dreams.
Weem, wet dream. Rheims, wet dreams. Salle, his morale:
Chad, a shad. Peru, a Jew. Bret, yet --
Cole, active pole, Bewdley, anything crudely! cadet, unusually wet.
seems, ghastly screams street, did meet. Beams; the seams,
dream: my beam. Poole, a bull. Stream, wonderful dream...
seem, incredulous dream. grand, desert land, Freeman, time dreamin',
Gish, a knish. stuff; horrendously tough. scream, and cream.
Rheims, horrible dreams. Strand, are grand; heating, hard beating.
McGurk, after work. Meeking, was seeking. dream, you scream
druid, and lewd, Wooster, seduced her. Weems, his dreams;
monk, a trunk. Rath, her bath. O'Maundry, the laundry,
stripe, the hype journal, and vernal. Montrose, I suppose.
dreamin' a reamin'; wedding, and treading, dream? passionate scream?
Nut, luscious slut. peruse, and reviews. Shalott, of twat.
extreme, highly supreme, thigh, our fly; Fife, his wife.
Newcastle, a hassle. Geographic, from Afric? upset, not get.
forget, can bet Ward, I whored, grand; in hand
Oswego, a Dago. bed, my head. Queens, fabulous screams.
roost, a boost, Brenda, own hacienda; Bagdad, a shad.
Jack, in back. Rangoon, the moon. Veach, the beach.
Resident, the President. schemes, it seems uncanny; my nanny.
Fatima; loud screama; seams, and screams. Wemyss, wet dreams.
knee-deep, his sleep. shoes, of booze. permission, of coition,
Ghent, a tent. gleam; wonderful theme! team, a seam.
Eric, quite esoteric; -- some sweet


Slade, wild escapade, Belgrade, he played, phone. a bone.
sounded, simply astounded obliged, gently inside, bed, a shred
wearing, and tearing, overhear, beyond fear. quick, grown heartsick.
good, in Hollywood, side, shifter astride. brake; to take.
Hutton, seat sluttin' alas, Leigh's ass. late, and sedate.
mind, to find. seem, turning cream- down, scattered around.
mind, I find please, filmy chemise... cream, honey gleam.
night. and tight. night-ass-fucking-mare? a scare: tricks, in limericks,
dreams, and cream, streets, by teats. yearned, has spurned
shower, full power. immersion, a diversion; room; wintry gloom.
long, in wrong. me; clit decidedly. floor. the door.
again; for ten. banners, of manners. train, a pain.
back, upon track. gleam, to cream stud; the mud.
not. you got. soap, to grope,


style, without guile. push, Jeb Bush, bush, button push,
what; slammed shut. steering; very endearing. Time, they design.
us; hurt Dukakis. cosmetic. mostly kinetic. MD, watching TV.
Albuquerque, schoolchildren perky, ya, club ya!" Address' I confess,
sublime, few dimes, well, vicious pretzel. lighthouse, a shitehouse.
Mobile, a deal.


knows, lines closed, Right, a fight; contemplative, "unusually deliberative;"
debate, trust states condoning, human cloning; bill, poison pill;


seems, a dream. coddled; well modeled. pot, a lot.
lie, '76 DUI. Barb, working hard, A. saying they
pol, mastered STONEWALL. truer, off "evil-doers". young," his tongue.
papers, the vapors;


Corps, we'll-never-cease wars. denying, and spying; keys, Dubya needs.
Honchos, carte blancho me. dare me. Security, in obscurity,
fair, September nightmare. emphatic; just bureaucratic; rue, we do?"
free, pork therapy, eye, the sky. in, child mandarin
purity, the security


10:24, might snore, Bush; to mush. core, Connecticut lore.
math, humbler path. bested! be tested! election! Court selection!
lot, medical pot. fear. into gear. Afghanistan, the Taliban.
war, keeping score. raid! foreign aid! quotas! an iota,
do; are true. worse. lunatic curse. sure, real cure;
billions, harmless civilians. here, more severe; debt; and threats.
regard. National Guard. dismembered, eleventh, September.


pursuit, much fruit. solutions; of collusions, crook, corporate book,
light, inaugural night; reveal, who feel say, and Lay?
resolution, fair solution. falls, big balls, See, We
S.E.C. and me; two; bad adieu. denied; logic defied
insist, a philanthropist. pissed; they missed. harken; are barkin'.
jail, the sail; Brit, a bit. dish, they're skittish.
fisted?" unions insisted rail, must nail." retribution, financial institution.
defected, interests protected. big! a jig. wince. won't mince.
speech, to reach. strife; to life. shame; the blame
pod, and abroad. go, with dough, Mac, a hack,
high, won't try. Jebby, think, maybe


bed, being misled? imploded, money eroded, red; auditors said.
told; might fold. Lay, the way. Bush, a push.
you, wish you. fun, "Diligence done!" White, soar overnight,
righted, be blighted. polymath, good aftermath. be? firm's philosophy.
think, no link. notion, and devotion prosecutor! DOJ trouble-shooters,
unraveled, has gaveled found; its pound deed, of greed,
delighted; be righted. Lay, bad day. Lay, to say
mention, for abstention. Lay, to play dissolution, blanket absolution.
institution, or retribution. crisis, the devices Enron, cash on;
legs, nest eggs. count, no amount


twit, like shit. say, runs U.S.A. push, his tush?
ought, they're caught House, his mouth. no, does show.
do. of you. Saddam, the lam. lot. and hot.
knew, of hue! dictator. been greater!" wad, splattered Riyadh.
pester, to fester. own! goat bone, Newt, skin flute,
America-hater, anti-war traitor, delusion, we're Lilliputians? grief, the Thief",
World, and curled, hate, their state, goodbye, the Dubai.
Rice, Lobbyist Vice; taken, the bacon. gravy, own navy)
again, smug grin. then. HORRIFIC sin. demonstration, Dubya's inauguration,
stuck, all suck, luck. you suck!" Bush's, that pushes.
explain, U.S. pain. debonair, quite rare; Bill, great skill.
guessed; be yessed. Punch, a bunch. is! evildoer Axis!
dead, we're led. impertinent, the firmiment, Chirac, a shock.
rush, his tush. sign, aura sublime. Bush, and push.
that. nothing flat. overembellish, be hellish. vile, a smile.
inspection; lack convention. kid. he's hid. legislation, our nation.
six, his tricks, twenty-ought-three. of prosperity.


dirt, dead cert recession, triumphant session not, had thought.
easin' holiday season. steers, our fears; debt, terrorist threat,
speak. knees weak. us, a plus. bet, to get
guts, budget cuts. truce'll, as usual. update, jobless rate?
brakes, the shakes. all, clarion call. credit, economy's headed.
find, old grind. POTUS, will notice recession, and repression;
consuming, begun pruning. gain, others wane. success, under duress,
"Please, goods overseas.


solution, for pollution. Bush; to push. forming, global warming;
supplies; he replies, john, shat upon. find, or fines,
trees, its knees. improve; and move. elected, beef's inspected.
nice, immenent cris- world, flag unfurled. street; more discreet.
fuels, corporate tools nation, promote conservation. courtin'; was sportin'.
do, thorough review; W, hates caribou? administration, small correlation.
judge, their sludge pooling, was cooling. brink, to think.
pus; this fuss? day, go away, spring"? ominous ring,
pollution; cost diminution. gas, his class.


wishin' October position. VI, is nexed distaste, outfits faith-based,
haste, are waste; democracy; a theocracy: end, this portend?
democracy; demands theocracy. bureaucracy, our Democracy Bush, last push.
fraud; of God. schools, Wing drools; favor, organized labor.
Prayer, some care. Bush; its tush. historic, words allegoric;
long, conservative song. great, Iraq straight. follow, seems hollow.


Jordan, stern warnin': Japan, (twice), Pakistan, ya, southern Australia,
Korea: idea -- Fascists, hot ashes. treaty, cheatee --
store, any more!" situation, sly innovation; joke, nation's broke.
it, well acquitted dude, and shrewd. agrees, to cerise,
see, I.C.C. -- States, their hates. ya', and Syria;
Dubai, regular guy; picture, a feature,) way, far away,
anymore, totally deplore borders, hanger corridors. me, National Security".
over, in fire/brimstone/clover. mothers, and daughters, Son, was young,
Pass, and gas Bush, this ambush; lad, his dad.
egregious, new Aegis. pair, was there.


Blair: over there. up; huge shakeup. land, my hand.
dejected, country rejected Texas, vex us. completely; up neatly.
Texas, its excess reception, are deception. reat!" our guest!
soil, a Royal. John; terribly wrong. shook; one look.
Dubya, (John Howard Shrub, a nub. under; like thunder.
Texas, his breakfast.


fight, election night. fan, they scan, views, then lose.
man. Viet Nam. great. to celebrate. him, teach 'em!"
execs, own necks. defaults, "Sergeant Schultz,' ditch, Marc Rich;
guy; can fly. know, a CEO. polls, my goals,
politics; my sidekicks, fright, strict oversight? cues: to lose!
phones, American homes, Rights, up tight. reached, all breached.


do, for you? courts? good sports. Tower, to cower;
Dems, political ends, friends, political ends, election: and direction.
Gore, to four, first, Court reversed order, our borders,
court-martial, as impartial. awareness, procedural fairness; truthful, you --


willing, Alaska drilling. Bar, too far. made, free trade;
loyal, he'll toil. do? to you, Will; as shill.
hesitant, of precedent knows, big H.M.O.'s torpedo, free-market credo.
butter; for clutter! sand, and Demand!" L's. it foretells.


in: Bush win. ballots, as invalid, writes, handwriting nice,
use, merely confused, demand, by hand; won, honestly done.
labor, their neighbors How, I'll allow declared, less thought-impaired.
elisions, destructive decisions. alliegance, all expedience. Flynt, First Amendment
push, go whoosh, VERBATIM, rate 'em hints, dark stints,
see, out free. abhor, the poor. controls, George's polls;
press, during recess roll, approval polls, waning, abruptly abstaining
all, pollster's call.


man! astray, man. Baucus, Democrat Caucus. -- of Bennett,
Nelson, bells on trio, and Breaux, Miller, contract killers,
groaning; they're droning. inside, bureaucrats hide, conclusion, shadow illusion.
Rove, he strove. Scooter's; his tutors. cried, his side.
guess, Herr Hess. who, was untrue. howl, General Powell.
Powell, strange vowel. friend, military trend. land; feels grand.
say, new way. nice? sorry'd suffice? Condi, so fondi.
a, find Condoleeza toiled, war oiled. Condoleeza; please her.
Rice, a price. turned; be burned. very, Nebraska's Kerrey.
picks, the chicks. amused, U.S. News, it; quite naked.
saw, drug law, licks, for kicks, noble, that's global.
inspector, Florida sector. hears, earns cheers. war, international law,
quaint, he ain't. jailed, have failed. politician, of dirt-dishin'.
doormat, is at. Guiliani, very unfunny jerk, to BURKE.
night, conservative right. today; must stay. fire; are higher.
place, the race. ain't, a complaint, sick; will pick.
upheaval, call evil. day, history's way. rights; Rice --
hush, to gush quit, one bit. please, your nominees.
delight; quite polite. emperor, aberrant whore. wavy, as gravy,
say, him away DeLay, and dismay, Ridge, bald SORTILEGE,
land, and demand. harm, defensive arm, wail, not assail.
greats, really hates, quick: Pentagon sick.


gracious, Judiciary Comm) males: Ashcroft's jails. Swiss-cheesy; it easy
admit, to submit rights, a birthright Department, and comportment.
due, and Blue. attack, his pack; fans, big hand
law-abiding, in hiding.


Dick, its tick. Bush? (Cheney) Cheney, too many!
rainy; patently crazy. stent, was rent. like. the pike?
guy, for why sue; do -- peeve, this eve!"
CEO, to know. docket, sock it. ranch, a trance.
brainy, Dick Cheney. treat, their feat; Dick; got sick.
worse, famous F-curse see." with glee. wove, Mr. Rove
lot, might plot. can, my man. said, till dead;
cheap. long asleep. cast? the past. say, his Veep...okay.
near, and ear. shooter, be shrewder. struck, bad luck."
you, your crew." Burr, shootings occur. face, Cheney replace.
knocked, and shocked, attire, Longhorns admire, ammo, a "blammo!"
McClellan, no tellin' Halliburton, not certain; stuck, that suck?
disclosed, a pose. chagrin, the chin. alerted, was subverted.
Braille; his tail; nation, Bush administration. lacking; Guards packing.


wary; is scary. Canaries!" shoot aviaries. suburban, visit Teheran."
spake, were fake. veer; quite clear. bubbles; in troubles."
hero! Like Nero! nations; public relations. along, or long.
mean, you've been! direct, is correct.


track; come back. bicker, is quicker; spend, that send
mob, government's rob. fates, Bill Gates. citizenry, folks generously,
'vetted', was indebted George: malpractice awards, threat, in debt,
college, knowledge -- Dakota, meet quota whining, start mining;
gambit, great hit. heat, the street. took, they forsook,
frustration, fund renovation. so; ethics go? cowboy, Dow, boy.
Reserve, security swerve, state! can't wait voting, loudly gloating;
abolish, equals college;


Allegiance; free-thinking deviance. Maine, the refrain. home, or Rome;
ill, the kill; surety, absolute purity. ledge, the Pledge.
lesson: don't question. crew, was due. removed, because ACLU'd.
Pledge, an edge. Ventura, and bravura, politician, a mission.


error, the bearer days, many ways. united, and far-sighted;
speed, real need, possessed, each test; relief, true belief;
now; hustings vow Perot, ah know, stalls; and falls,


sensation, Yale education. again. time when win. from within;
legislation, pro-lifer's relation. Bush, to push Queek, truly unique.
there, did declare: Blair, I swear! find; a kind.
slight, possibly might - out thar. man, would scan;
is, he chooses. twit; in wit. bike, cactus spike.
right; heckuva fight. man, or Iran. seen, too obscene.
law, they saw! screed, better concede. one-of-a-kind, Dubya's mind.
water, arsenic slaughter. new, a few. boosh, his toosh.
subliminabubble; is inimitabubble; rare, is where Oedipus, of Daedalus
House, in nous!" PHATIC, sputter sporadic, Sun-Times: his mind.
arrayed, vs. Wade, haws, confused awes. rush;' Texas oil-gush.
sanity; scary inanity. sensation, Yale education. clown, of renown.
agree; you see. my! their eye.


declared, be shared?" tremble. grammar resemble. walk," could talk.
humble, without stumble. fool; a rule. announced, his mouth.
made, Liberian aid? is, just vexes, stopping, crude malapropping.
implying, be trying guy; doesn't lie, Hell, a spell.
techniques: means weeks. recall, tales tall. ya. pain ya.
tell; a bell. show, reporter 'asshole.' prequel. a sequel.
long, is strong." elation, this nation", trace; each place
spinning, are thinning. druthers, our brothers. sent, hunt event.
true: you do. decision, with derision. Locke, to mock.
criminable, that's minimable. SQUIB, the crib, fear, bureaucratic career.
Dys-union, an Onion.


quake, California shake. light, or insight; reason, his legions,
anesthesia, Dubya's paramnesia; aim; big names. start, his heart;
lied, physical side. surcease, which increase. will, madly until
lied, be denied; Willy: one filly. foozled, well schoozled;
ending, still defending. hip, let slip; know, to go;
prize, war-monger guys, scandal, Clintonite vandals Laws," blue states)
approbation; right-wing convocation. release, soldiers decease: "privatize" got wise.
Pie; big lies. Bush, a "putsch". spinning; is beginning.


Tax, focus attacks. heroes, to zero; tops, Congressional GOP's.
health; with stealth. dew, oligarchial few; predicted, were addicted
course, white horse. anthrax, brass tacks. purse, be worse.
bear; isn't there, recall, last fall, grin, Democrat spin.
address, tax-cut largesse,


mind! his kind." Hair, the fair, explain, all remain.
summer, a bummer. crap, long-faced chap. bequeath, of sheath:
harm, a charm. race, in place, lose-lose, we choose.
machine; human beings; more, the score. D.C. can see;
elation, his station, hot! would not! bad, I'm glad
place, my face. election, great circumspection; Supremes: it seems.
Harris: are embarrassed. Dade, of State. hurty, done dirty.
jealous, wide fellas Gore, once more. stand, be banned
souls; president's roles. GWB, you see, hour, a flower.
Albright, of sight. be, not GOP; PORTEND? the end?
characterized, corporations, disguised; rhyme, Christmas time. mad, launching pad,
blue, that's true. beat, a feat. hour, electrical power.
nation, this station. hypocracy, upholding democracy. through, their due.


Iraq, a crock. four, by 2004; mad. on Baghdad?
shush, warlike push. Reich, pre-emptive strikes. score, unprovoked war.
twit, him unfit? exam: or spam. attack? on Iraq.
AMOK, be stuck. dismayed: be made." Distraction, real satisfaction.
this: I insist. Iraq, under attack Laden, has gotten.
Shrub, a Scud, sublime, his prime? tell, is hell.
hidden, have forbidden press,) to guess dearer, fear a
insulting; was revolting. war; is for. Bay, their say,
brainy, imprison detainees. night, to fight. force, a horse;
Bush, the push." meet, be complete. day, gone astray!
Dallas, small phallus. "War, old score." simplified, threat high:
know, is low, mention, domestic attention fail; II tale.
oration, lower taxation, ciphers, terrorist divers; Texas, vex us.
instruction, massive destruction. Bush, did push. defense, be intense.
Pie, and sky. war, isn't for. day, the way.
strategy-wise, disinformation relies; foil, a boil. might, it's right.
last, (Guantanamo Bay) bubble, in trouble. destruction) weapons today,"
Day) were spent Rice; with advice. if, Arabic miff
Shrub, incredible snubs. Bush, his tush. tact, have lacked;
nice, document twice; lush, to push, clear; they hear.
be... popcorn factory! Congress, respond less, Murtha, still furtha.
president. are non-existent. rehearsed, the worst. dread, gleefully said:
Abdullah: your bulla. pain. you again." say, some way,
Bush, to push. peaking, is seeking. skulduggery; as buggery."
recall, fall -- boil, Iraq's oil. President, self-evident --
plan, D Weapon. Georgery, mideast wargery. beef: much grief."
better, bragging letter: me. we see,


moon. facing doom double; your bubble, needs, Democrats leads,
Blair. I care? chap, usual crap, hide, mission defied
chap, his lap. Saddam, ultimate bum, on, its gun,
worldwide, mass homocide. immense; was intense. polls, their holes.
Vietnam, big bombs. plains, the brains unwind; willfully blind;
ingredient, it expedient. greatest, the latest; Bush, into mush,
greet, my sweet. son, have won, truth, to tooth.


man, and fan. base, a trace Ciardi? wit shoddy.
Ciardi, and hardy. Ciardi, appetite hearty. Asimov, spasm of
style, a while, Star, the bar. Joe, every side-show.
Channing, is planning. -- scrota -- air, a care,
chatter, musical platter, Gainis, true gayness, sex, wears specs.
Dottie, but naughty. shape; couldn't escape. Knievel, fresh diesel;
Floyd, to avoid. Frank, the bank. Houdini, of Puccini.
McGarrett, a parrot. focus, his hocus. debunk, peddling junk
rules; he drools. two, like Hugh. moratorium, Hefner's Emporium.
money, they're funny. day, go away. day, Hip Hooray!
day, to pay Dodd. my God! Page' the rage.
died; just cried. Russell, her bustle. Russell, development muscle?
died; Dean decide docile, wide GLOSSAL. Adie, was shady.
time, Paris street-crime. prediction, painkiller addiction Snerd, frequently heard
dead; her head. Brazil, his quill. O'Donnell, as faunal.
mention, close attention; you. or two: halls, curtain calls.
Joe, and so Brent, his tent; Talluhlah) a hula)
Guinan, and dinin'. trepidation; mildest sedation. -- inches tall.
abuse!" no use. dummy, its tummy. Review, to do.
Bleeth, her teeth.


Alice; a chalice. bitch; a ditch lady, so shady.
Brady; a lady. Farrell, a barrel. Stan, a man.
attic, some static. flawless, enthrall us. architect, getting erect,
thinking, been sinking missing; for pissing. lawn, raging hard-on.
Bunch, wee hunch Bunch, a hunch, what? 40-foot putt.
Brady, fine lady. lasses, surpasses - chance, boys' pants.
phallus, no malice, panicked, can act," Peg, some leg.
Bradys, of Hades. Bobby, turns knobby. jeans, she preens.


Wheen; be seen. Wheen; the queen. Bough. to scoff,
Walker, a corker. Sam, a damn." Perkins, raw gherkins.
TOUSLE, pleadings spousal, went, to frequent. Savile, to unravel.
doing. who's sueing. Brooking, nobody's looking.


slayer, a player. slayer, pay her. slayers, with layers.
teams, much steam, fellow, and yellow. tries, the guys.
benighted, be affrighted. "Enough! I'm tough. Buffy; a toughie.
Slayer; nay-say her.


today; Green Bay!" me," can be. dinosaur, a whore.
Bart, everyone's chart. lass, me gas. turd, the bird.
furred. whole herd; Kenny, got any, away, will play
good, the 'hood. scoff, a cough, shtick; the trick.
Wee, you agree. Wee, my Z. Complete, the street.
TV, of Peewee. bind; at times. hunt, was blunt.
condition, his contrition. Earl; or pearls. aesthete, Sesame Street,
heat, Sesame Street? again, be slain. Kenny, of many.
snark; the mark. heads; killed dead.


must, much nonplussed Andy? was dandy; Kingfish, could wish;
today-- Dice Clay. KKK, in La. quirk, his work.
Fife, a knife. Jed, the bed, oughter, a slaughter.
Arizona, a boner. cope, and dope, 84th, pour forth
Bunny, be funny. aggrieved; is bereaved. day; he's say.
Kaminsky; on beginsky, smashed, it crashed. eschew?" I'd view.
flaggin' with dragon. Allen, irreverent talent, Eddie, quick heady.
-- her say deGeneris, Penner is. DeGeneris, be penniless.
DeGeneris, mons veneris. DeGeneris, enter us. DeGeneris, "tenor" is...
who, loose virtue, there, not fair. universal, be controversial.
wit, a fit. lad, and dad; Gobel, and noble,
sex, of mine, showman, famous COGNOMEN. - every penny.
-- paint-spraying can. cam, a damn. failure. impale ya.
whirl, a girl. Berle, wardrobe girl. Soak, new joke.
Murray, a hurry. Azores, some applause. buffoon, to moon
TV, anxiety free, Barr, did mar. Dwight, every night,
-- wasn't him. tight. hot night. Moe, "Ho Ho",
asunder, and plunder. Cox, a box. do, and new?"


Gilligan. every man. why, went awry. island; cry and
Skipper, dip her. too, for two; hot! is not
Howell, by jowl. professor, father confessor, Ann; a fan.
mate; a date. back, some slack. tale, a swale.
landed, were stranded Anne, the sand; Professor... detest her!


defiled. he smiled. today. did say. wait, his fate.
end. does bend. confess, her dress. press: your dress?
smitten, sex kitten. Bod, the nod true." I knew
bored; he'd scored. cuff, sex rough; highballs, libido calls.
inviting, Marv, exciting. sportsmanship, Albert's unzip. agog. a cog.
seat. easily beat. before, foreplay galore, court, only retort:


Three, for me." BBC2, brand new. Two, is askew."
Rush, to hush. Four, Lord Haw-Haw. more! operas galore!
Paul, by all, guy, a try. One, no fun.
listen, radios hissin'; hale; didn't fail. night, the Right.
hypocracy, and pornography. found, and round, Grover, what over)
(fat-assed) of mush.


telly, of jelly. Paul, and tall. Trebek, province, Quebec.
sound, has found, insist; them desist. pretty; and titty.
today; go away. Bart; them apart. detect, we select
daffy, into taffy. at. of twat. Four, a bore.
TV; with glee. Love, quick shove, mates, never abates.
alright, crocodile's might. true, a few. stew-- to do!
bridal. an idyll. Donahue, strange retinue, Phil, a mill.
true, "Doctor Who". rent, a dent. Ewingham, "viewing 'em,"
Davey, or wavy, cable, are fable, rage, every age.
consult, and occult, Dez; a Lez. glows; new shows.
ITV, Channel Three), guy; and shy. Jerry, quite scary.
TV? more trashy; TV, a she, Cleaver, a diva.
Baird, he'd dared scorn, in porn, show; by blow.
chat." was flat. Panorama, a charmer. Ailie? the galley.
roars, swinging doors. stop, a cop. play, a toupee,
flick, of sick. Margot, of cargo. snob; a cob.
Moore? next door. school, showed cruel dispute, our salute.
detente, bon vivant, fun. it's one. Carson; greedy parson.
Rose, never disclose. back; a stack. Pam, or gam.
it; scotch it, suppose," named Bowes, J. (private investigators)
satisfaction, viewer attraction, TV, the free. son, much fun.
Struthers, the others. soaps, suburbia hopes. Ewingham; viewing 'em,
Skinner, for dinner?" he? did see. agree; to me.
City;" a pity. sex, with Becks. here; sweet dear
buff. get enough! old; been told. recorder; our border.
script; well equipt, Wizard) warmed-over gizzard. thing; a king.
Steed, to heed bed, telly instead. on, that belong
show. what's below. strata; a sonata. pass, my mass.
bed, could shed. channel, erudite panel; TV: dysfunction's E.D.;
hickey, a quickie." toe, flagrante delicto, Dr." shocked her,
Mulder; a smolder. Mulder, his shoulder.


Meathead. will shed. sick, sometimes click place, Letterman's face.
Cone;, has flown? hot! a lot! runt! miraculous stunt.
said, down overhead, greats, legacy rates; show, tomahawk throw.
Grammer, yammer -- Milligan. pill again, mean, brilliantly keen,


fuss, show "OMNIBUS;" Bill, quite shrill. Huntley, and bluntly.
Rather, folk gather. prude, and lewd. Fire, a buyer.
-- more tact. Cosell, language Nobel, Grandiose, often verbose.
Hughes, to news. Larry, did marry. Lane, other's insane.
Rather, we gather. abysmal; DOA dismal.


hair, ambrosia somewhere. Queen, and green. (??-McW) truly revealing.
staff. would laugh. rush! Shush!" Queen! fair Gabardeen.
night, dim firelight. subtle. any rebuttal." staff, would laugh,
Gabrielle, darkened well. Xena, any meaner, Greece, golden fleece.
braless, was topless, Vidalis, no malice. Gabrielle, villains hell.
slave, to behave. Xena; sexy demeanor.