Limeric Index



Parrot, her garret, Parrott, a carrot. Garrett, a carrot;
parrots; digs ferrets? last, lustful repast! Barrett, a garret.
King, her thing. Charity, a rarity. no. before slo.
McGarret, a carrot.


Dubuque, to puke. spook," a kook, fluke. a duke
size, pleasant surprise. detach, her snatch. Humber, hot number.
thrilled, asparagus grilled," Sword, got bored. May, the hay.
Maxine, wondrously clean. Bickels, your tickles. MacSweeney, was teeny.
door! for sure. space, sweet place; cucumber!" without number.
eh? you slumber? Schickel, a nickel. nearby, entrepreneurial guy.
bread, zucchini instead; dill, a thrill. Martini, monstrous zucchini.
Garden, a hard-on. Nichols, candles--just pickles. Perkins, with gherkins,
docks, a box. Eve, wouldn't believe, pricey; more spicey.
hot, little twat. lumber, thick cucumber. Bickel, the tickle;
slumba, the rumba. zucchini, greasy linguini. better; appetite whetter.
librarian, hairy 'un, stickler, her pickler; Molly, food-shopping trolley,
wonder. put asunder. teeny, with zucchini, course, a horse;
joke. cannot evoke. stallions, of medallions.


Kent, for Lent. frau, lascivious cow; handle, real scandal.
clit; her slit. candle- Mrs Randall. Randall, to handle
Randle, a candle. Perth, on earth. yen, not men.
Croft, a loft, learned, she churned. rank; and dank.
Thyme, all time. Randall, following scandal: THAT! and flat.
wind, named Lind, Randall, a handle. Reilly, ends highly.
Valentine, lie supine divinity, perfect virginity. wind, named Lynd:
candle, to handle. Mandel, neighborhood scandal, Crandall, a candle;
Randall, worst scandal: four; quite sore. Filey, candle-ends highly.
Nyer, extreme desire, Adriatic, more pragmatic,


Mellish, she'd embellish; Nice, to cease, baloney: a phoney.
Hearst, was well-versed. zucchinis, nubile wahines. Cremona, of bologna
Pomona, flowered kimona, Corona, a bologna, Tony, sexual phony.
style, Frenchified guile: Natchez, increasing batches. Inger, index finger.
army, going barmy. Pruitt, of suet; Sy, would buy.
Pete, plan neat. heard, and absurd. Hearst, firm liverwurst,
her, a vibrator. Pomona, of bologna. Banks, your pranks.
Milly, that's chilly. Banks, your pranks. East, peckers deceased.
Schink, the sink. lap, brother's tap. lights, my tights,
Miami, so clammy, Maloney, with baloney. Hearst, at first;
Neeky, his beaky. Kent, it bent. Jeanie, a weenie.
Durst, well versed. Croft, the loft,


bitch, and which, chapter, sapped her. nurse, than perverse,
French, the bench. Singer, a swinger, died; deck-monkey lied;
wheel, of steel; wheel; of steel. bitch! a switch!
sore; it tore! action, steel contraption, hear, hold dear.
cement, be bent. Dallas, singular phallus. steed; you need;
Miletus, treat us, amazing; intershift phasing bad... that's rad!
Bower, battery power; abstain, on Main, off, great boff.
McGill, a thrill. Dorchester, whore tester. blush, a rush,
alone, the phone. her, a hammer. status, fine apparatus.
switch, wetly twitch... down, of nut-brown, aids, among maids,
Oak, no joke. Racine, screwing machine, dyke, I like.
Vancouver, a Hoover. Vancouver, own Hoover. Maureen, fucking machine.
Ream, fucking machine. suitor, than neuter. Balaclava, of lava.
Doreen, over eighteen sizes, guys is; Doreen, dildo machine;
galore, first store, ones, mean ones, (natch) each batch.
Bright, that light. Bergere, wondrous affair. Queen, vibrating machine.
frail, by mail. Joy, a boy. Vancouver, selfish manuever;
Kate, knickers vibrate; her, meat freezer; MacLean? wanking machine?)
Becker, and Decker. Schuster, electrical booster. contraption, much satisfaction.
can; battering ram, device. or thrice. buck, synthetic fuck.
Dan, my man. psychotic; almost robotic. Alliance, screwing appliance
Batteries" in Japanese! hon, incredibly fun! mean, almost obscene.
seed; they need! watch! your crotch!) Rome, her home;
dildoes, bugger thrill-shows. Toledo, wayward torpedo, dildo; will do.
day, was gay. Vernon, stern on Vancouver, her Hoover.
obscene; I've seen! think; and wink. shined, I'm disinclined.
song, a dong, Jill, pneumatic drill;


Grace, her face. chick, sound, clickety-click. question; perplexion --
ass, of brass. Rasting, long lasting: neuter, of pewter.
Dundee, could be. Five, longer alive Stead, the bed.
ass, best brass. York, a fork. lust, with rust.
abated. be sated. Brian, a lion. odd, permanently hard,
cock, electrical shock. frenetic, become kinetic. neat, your feet!
discrete, to treat colors, like crullers, Hopper, of copper.
John's, of bronze. say, promiscuous Faye. Hungary, her bungery.
Eire, Middlesex Squire; ire, fire, dire, to inspire;
Rackstraw, a hack-saw. Wiel, of steel. pounds, no doubt.
great, something straight: collards, at Pollard's;


great, runs late, thing, constantly seething; scandals, unscented candles,
spawn, men yawn. Jones, cell phones. louse, the house.
thumbing, is numbing; divan, in hand, blanket, Frank, it
report, must abort. device, more spice; Ower, every hour,
dying.. not denying. mattery?" Duracell? battery; might, a fright.
read, a bed required, moment's, unsquired, 'thusiastic, me, orgiastic.
cater, maybe greater heart, kick start. fast; can last.
indeed, in need. handy, feeling randy- Eve, to leave,
toy. oh boy! pissed, badly dissed, joys, my ploys.
pride; well satisfied. because, her fuzz drastic, of plastic.
Graeme, to inflame, thee; truck battery; McCool, his spool.
genius, so heinous. fright, all night. -- elate her!
divan, Elton John, name? a shame; stick. things click.
Goff, her cough invented, ladies contented. Guelph, the shelf.
Decatur, wild masturbater. Girth, on Earth. Ungle, to bungle
under, terrible blunder. see, aisle three: divan, in Japan.
-- They're fine honey, of money. neat, the heat,
sin, a fin. tan, no man, not, sounds hot.
harden, the garden, Berlin, come in. shower, an hour.
Decatur, horsepower vibrator, sore; past four, fits, my tits.
her. sate her. Lance, different grants. occupation, the nation
phone, her moan. tack, their crack. pleasing; and teasing.
Brenda, a blenda.


'e, lass flattery. see, size C. erection; with protection.
device, least thrice. complain, to rain; keys, to please...
dying!" crying -- obscene, jealously green dying! is sighing!
dying! I'm trying fritz; her wits. Nan, with elan;
womanizers, best improvisers. sighed; battery died. Flattery, the hattery,
dying; I'm crying. catteries, matter is. need.. somebodys seed.
Sholtz, then bolts Staines, the mains. fantastic; of plastic.
about, without -- man-hater, date her.


Bella, a fella. reliance, female defiance. opinion, quimmy on.
Clarke, of mark. churn, to turn. stutter, a futter.
York, of cork. York, of cork. Hutch, too much!
Hood, of wood, satisfaction; no reaction. Coleen, no self-esteem.
Dallas, was callous. sees, you please, farrago, the cargo.
frigate, big hit, obeyed, be belayed, hawser, terms coarser,
wank, give thanks, mizzen. lad lizzen, artificial, be beneficial,
Genoa, old whoa. today; either way. LA, to play.
Spock, a cock. Frump, a stump. Frump, a lump.
Marie, a tree. Bilbo, a dildo. Vickery, some trickery.
Hecker, prosthetic pecker. Brammer, damn her! randy, the shandy.
Gray, mate's lay, Hunt, a punt. Diss, to piss.
that! and fat, Tropp, a mop. Khartoum, a broom.
Shamokin, leg, oaken. church, the lurch, Stein, white pine.
Raleigh, a trolley, junction, to function, Golightly, surprisingly sprightly)
daft; carpentry craft. Yvette, with sweat. Seoul, a pole,
Annie, more manny. Kregg, one leg.


McComb, and handsome. Babette, a courgette. Bonaparte, grown apart,
leather, a feather. Bangkok, deified jock, five-and-ten, fountain pen.
Broule, a tool. Munich, a eunuch. pubes, susceptible boobs,
bum, as dumb. James, his games. Bordeaux, for show.
best, a guest. Blass, of glass. vice, of ice
sigh, her eye. front, her cunt. Ottery, the lottery.
Dalrymple, so simple. dyke, abusive dislike. spastic, of plastic.
is, snuffling noises. enough, the buff; Starr, a cigar.
snake. and shake! size; your thighs. grasp, three-foot-plus asp.
door, a bore. Hyde, the side. dick, fick --
check, the peck. Dick, corner chick. Mountain, the fountain.
Neal, in Brazil.


years, 'mongst peers, joke, of bloke. rear, perfectly clear:
past; at last. Law, a ball, curse, progressively worse.
Pease, medical pleas; fair, maiden hair." Charing, of Sharing.
infection, by injection. clear. to fear! moot, can dispute,
whore! next door. protection, nasty infection. Dick, was sick.
Saskatoon, for poon. Dee, to see. tripped, well quipped.
Pete, did meet. Fred, his bed. friend, his end,
-- darts -- Glades, no accolades; hear, every year.
Heald, the field; Madras, the ass. them; show them,
maids; sex escapades. Percy, AIDS controversy, pray, right away.
1984, and more. AIDS, over maids, AIDS; get laid.
-- -- Prophylaxis. Spain! but pain! Glades, getting AIDS,
contracted, it enacted Sloane, the bone. Cork, call Dork,
Dock, my cock. dame, sex game. dissuades, violent tirades,
caught, he sought. jades, of AIDS. me! you see.
vacation? to temptation? Finn, in chlorine. address, said, "Yes!"
blades, Hebrew maids, dear, do fear,


Ash, curious rash; Ider, beside her, Todd, his rod.
forgot, allergic...Atchoo! twat. Sax, hayfever attacks see: the tree.
breeze, to bees. sneeze; avert allergies. Todd, against cod,
blooming, summertime's looming. lot, with snot, how, Holy cow!
Rick, me sick; Titus, his nephritis, plasma, toxic miasma.
asthma, of plasma; Alberquerque, cold turkey. sing, 'most everything.
ease, to sneeze. Tees, a sneeze. stunning, my cunning
un-stripping, utterly gripping. runt, terribly blunt: Benny, my penny:
there, the hair?" Hell, to quell work, me berserk
Hell, to quell ... in quarts confess, with Bess
Hell, as well problem, gobble 'em. joke; the bloke
GoomieGitchie, and itchy. sneeze, his knees.


rankers: some bankers! rare, needs despair. not, brain rot
Blackwater, and shorter, cramps, our lamps. fart; an art.
days, who plays days, winter malaise, sneezing, quite displeasing.
staked, did make: bloke; a poke. Kane, did attain.


diploma, pleasant aroma. Steve; to believe. egg, you leg)
cancer. an answer. two, of you. Gus, his esophagus.
gun, named Dunn, -- for decision. boomer, cancerous tumor,
esophageal, whole deal. cancer; an answer. tumor, a rumor;
worse, empty purse, clinic, a picnic. Bricker, and thicker.
saggy; that baggy. me, at sea. burn? it return?
depression, psychiatric session, witch, a bitch. pretty, left titty.
drug. just shrug. LUST? my bust. Lancer, her answer,
Perse, is worse: Krantzer, the answer. fickle; pretty nickel,
jerk, they work. consumer, malignant tumor. proficiency, with sufficiency.
head, they spread, day; own way. question; lethal injection
stats, their hats. Tacoma, raunchy aroma. Haver, to palaver.
doc. the shock. cancer, mood enhancer.


Jack, his back, Mobile, to conceal. Arthrosis! it! Sclerosis!
Joe, absolute "no," rejunction, Extreme Unction? her. awake her?
China, a vagina. oak, poets bespoke. Lutz, his nuts.
Nell. could tell. Julie, and drooly. flowing, started growing;
Randitt, love bandit. Fred, his head. fades, for decades;
sick, odd trick. mention: real dissension. recommend, Comprehend?
aortic, friend astronautic. fish, strong wish. Jack, angina attack.
heart; we're apart. vein, a cane, Alice, his phallus.


tough; it's rough. infection. doctor detection. Honiton, sonnet on.
flu, may do. bug, and snug curse. feel worse."
stricken, to quicken, nose. everyone knows, Churchill, rare chill;
concern; I learn. low, be apropos. day, to allay.
freezing, out pleasing hacked, that attacked, told, romances unfold.
nieces. to pieces. Cologne, the bone; lemonade, she made,
Tunney; not funny. rug. old jug. brain. garbage again.
cries, still advertise, Flatic, was fanatic. runny; or sunny.
flu, to do. achin', is breakin'. Barr, to far.
beaux, my clothes? cold. days old. sore; now poor.
Foo, going "Ah-Choo!"; Rhode, terrible code. toddies; the bodies.
cold, was told told, a cold. Ed, the head.


luck, has snuck. Tape. my nape; nose, increasing airflows.
chest, a vest. Ointment; peculiar scent. Vick's, the tricks.
burns! handsome interns.) D.L.; sickness befell. sick; really quick.
warm; the norm. drink. I think admission: sad condition,
breave? my sleeve. way, they say? crick; to pick.
red; my head. sick? with pick arode, of thode.
bit, won't quit. quart, la Mort", tongue, it sprung.
week. Glenfiddich seek, flu; to do. I; is why:
Hurray! almost okay. coughy; and offy. frisky, Irish whiskey;
out, shuffling about. Holiday, at play, bed, the head.
sick," his dick, flu; you do? verse, be worse
wharf, ticklish cough. thought, he caught. sneezy, and queasy.
druthers, with others. offing; and coughing. wait. your fate.
sneezing; I'm freezing. air, I declare. dressed, I'm possessed


Bogg, dyslexic fog; untie! and I) TUF. ain't eNUF
bureaucrats, of frats, mix, strange fix. disease; a breeze;
severe, and near, Wright, would recite. Joe, and Lo,"
Belle, would 'oHell'. true. but you. Mariah, "evil liar,"
ya, perplex ya, Brook, a nook reverse, this verse.
sex, is complex. Bet, the net. fog, agnostic log.
agnostic, thoughts diagnostic, Yvonne, her chiffon; Egyptian, practicing limericktician;
more, as before, Britt, following bit: Feb. a celeb.
Jeff. young Steph I, to die. Maccabean, pure Jacobean.


Raleigh, by golly, Gibb, ad lib, forum, my decorum:
night, got tight. Annie, her fanny. home, infestation syndrome.
diet, try it. mite. a bite. splat. little brat,
one: not one; Pease, to please. Rome; a home.
laid, Idaho maid, tease, their knees. Louise, couldn't appease.
nice, of mice. Louise, social disease, Weed, without heed;
fees, of disease, Bees, of fleas. Xena, oh-so-much meaner.
malediction, cause constriction ease, lover displeased. said; well read.
theory; bit leery. tick; out quick. Lyme, the time.
Lyme, some opine. bugs, some hugs. rejection, closer inspection,
us, our penis. well; to sell nice, for, advice.
Jean, loving machine. meticulousness, frequent pediculousness." overseas, to please,
tick, Tom's dick. chicks, of dicks. tricks!" he licks.
moxie, old doxie.


flu, must do. Percy, of mercy, flu, he blew.
Drew, heavenly crew Brazil, the chill. take, a break;
Peru, were few. Mulgrew, and flu. Durban'. it's urban.)
flu! to do? do. something new. Michelle; going swell.
credenza, 1812 cadenza. mess, is pitiless, time, worrying crime
flu; to do. 'flu; should do.


on, fatally stricken Secty) were nesting; that's, baseball bats;
way, the UK. Claude, the sod. H5N1: it's done?
H5N1; it's done? infected? be rejected? infected? it's detected,
health, the wealth, strife, -- life? cow, vector somehow?
pretty, real witty; whoosh!) a douche. new, are through.
means, latest vaccines; that's, baseball bats; tough, a stuff


Oporto, fore toe; gout; go out. gout, and about),
bout, of gout; gout; would shout, about? no doubt
shout, his gout. stout; from gout. "Curse! my nurse,
gout, must shout;


means, your beans. buns; several nuns. Cowl, the bowel.
Gretchen, so fetchin'. Keyes, loathsome disease; be-- cure remedy--
fascination. extensive mastication cheeses, discomfort eases, Schtoopen, iss droopen.
(PA) Mexico Way; bad, quite glad, diarrhea-- happen hea,
Gymeer, the rear. stream; would seem. do, number two.
alone; at home. scenes, of greens, floor, no more.
holiday, cramps today. Titus: anal detritis. cafeteria, rabid bacteria
tell, as hell. germs. some pachyderms? simple; a wimple.
Bean, that's unclean. fits, I quits. funny; any money,
for, ailments galore!" lake, belly ache. Nolan, so swollen.
bile, the Nile. vindaloo, through you. plasmodium, well-earned ODIUM,
Kloo, telling you sneezing; and wheezing. bug. and jug,
Potts, into knots. fret, stomach upset. water-BORNE, disease suborn


belly, with jelly. Bortz, genital warts; rape, (mandrill)
Burpees; serves slurpees. Burpee's, genital herpes, mount; keep count.
Schwartz, genital warts; -- his neck. Fred, his bed.
Burpee's, or Slurpees. Moore, the Corps, Norte, and sporty.
siree; the sea. bought, he sought secretion, genital region,
Chris, principally this: fear. a year. inspection, at detection.
Rose, her toes. ffyfe; my wife: petting, me sweating!
rotten; had boughten. reports, venereal warts, dick, on thick
scary, garden grow? Kilkenny, were many sex; for checks.


elephantiasis, a criosis. compassion, this fashion. Vaughn, a faun.
Bluxom, and buxom. Stamboul, a tool, Jones, of crones.
Belliasis, of satyriasis, queer, the rear. diocese, with elephantiasis,
elephantiasis, on this! Simms, oversized quims, abound, swelling profound.
satyriasis, psychiatrists' biasis, Lutz, or buts, Parnassus, Peter Manassas.
psoriasis? from elephantiasis? matter, a hatter. psoriasis, it is.
Schlitz, and shits. diocese, from trombidiasis, diocese, by elephantiasis.


scab; of rehab. Gelloff, sent off. Molokai, lepers hie)
disease. there, please. grippe, the tip. fettle. a medal.
her, a leper. nieces, always increases Pepper, high stepper.
much, and such. gyp, could slip. town, it 'round.
Culpepper, terminal leper. arm, a farm. Moore, in Singapore.
hell, horrible smell. dip. excellent chip. hears, for years.
kep'er, a leper; gland; his hand! max, for snacks;
view, their goo. flaking, was baking.


cow, to plow. dead? the head. track. burgers back.
see; Bessie be. anomalies, policies -- disturb, to curb,
Byrne, had learned disease, other countries, quaking; he's taking.
disease, vet's remedies. disease, your knees. K?" anyone say
ease, the knees. Elise. with fleas; disease, nasty sneeze.
Lewis, woo us; insane. to gain? sick! his dick!
starter. a martyr. disease, her knees, disease, your knees.
disease, Washington, D.C. hell; to swell. disease, your knees
got, you're hot! 1: be done true? all blue!
disease, your ease. disease, So please, disease, their fleas.
disease, cows overseas. disease, and peas, woooooed, moral turpituuuuude.
now! a cow. disease, Bosnia, overseas. loathing, now diagnosing
ease; a squeeze. jump. her rump, me; I see.
intense, some sense.


algophilia, kill ya! ya? got algophilia. read, you indeed.
Lynn, wasn't thin. coped, had hoped. soon; true boon.
doubted; persistently pouted. stress, the mess pull; is full;
groping, fervently hoping blessed, gets stressed; inherited; heard said.
Lou, or two. control, of soul. day, world pay.
Sydney, her plea, Argentia, a freintia?" sane, wholly insane,
despair, my hair. Sid, he did. Kerr, the stair.
Hyde, feelings inside; bore; the door. now, quite how
hypochondriacal, also encyclopediacal; amnesia, the freesia. nut; just smut,
one, sow one, herself, the shelf. right, red light.
Lassen, loony assassin. "sane". the same. DeBoff, would scoff.
Patrick, needs pediatric. rarity, health parity, Rose, her nose.
Rose, her nose, Nancy, so fancy, Cologne; was prone.
Miami, him balmy. peptic; called cataleptic. "we"; just "me".
validity, with rigidity hugged, and mugged. true; wife too.
air, over there. idea; and poeia); Anne, a "Nan".
thrombosis, cause neurosis, Paige, terrible rage. Jane, quite insane.
merits, her parents; sign, family line. Eames, it seems.
Sayre, the air free, on me, he, from insanity?
true; just grew! stop; rhythmic glop. preach, within reach,
loon, the moon. insane, the rain, tonight, not right.
fav- all behave?" me. gotten free. Ealling, irrational feeling
creep; peep -- throats. of quotes Maine; with pain.
yours, in sores; too. gonna do! tell; that smell?


wow, the prow. day; but hey, say, eggs away.
calculation, profuse veneration. Disease, you please. November, early December,
Ben. know when. yet, to bet. a, old timer,
toll, more droll. profound, local playground. river, care giver,
grow, be slow. wisenheimers, of Alzheimer's. Flynn, to win.
bay, sure way: nice, a trice, timers, old rhymers.
timers, old rhymers. straying, been braying. Glovers, the covers,
Wotton, memory's rotten.


Wells, "blue" spells. ditch; smelling bitch. noose, broke loose.
West, my chest." way, do lay. sea, on me.
criticism; low biorhythm? road; this load. illusion, and delusion.
me, in phlebotomy. Depression, and passion. this, like bliss.
more. you're sore. Yantic, became frantic; 'em, disburse 'em.
fig, your wig, high, the sky, matter; gets badder.
please; your cheeks. too, something, boohoo. fret-- bad yet;
sisters, a twister. rhyme, the time. well, its smell.
Cream-- so supreme-- wrong, too long forever, end never.
amiss, never miss. squeeze, of these. blue-- I too
fits. than debits. frown, to drown; Mongolia, strange melancholia.
depressive, wildly excessive. renamed. doctor exclaimed. disorder, hold water.
cheerful; me fearful; Montrose, his foes; fade, depressing charade.
Crescent, most effervescent,


wonky, bit bonky. doubt. going out. Matter; grow fatter
Insane! my brain) crazy, am lazy. Pennsylvania, positive mania
disdain, to abstain, houses, and blouses. drowses, the boughses;
trouses, mouse is, carouses, Alison Crowse's, howses, the Strausses,
shocking? start knocking. Manitoba, got claustrophoba. Sean, partially gone.
you, disrobe you," Crete, for feet. night; my fright;
morn; my horn; is, sexual paralysis. Mills, and pills.
Iris, a virus. loon, the moon. rationality, about mortality.
emphatic, whether rheumatic, able, quite unstable. McNuss, and fuss.
Alice, with malice:


Hemans, delirium tremens. needs, mind feeds Fitz, he remits.
Fitz, nightly sits. Fitz, Ms. Ritz. "shaft" and laughed!
Paul, Charles DeGaulle, sanity, split personality. Brad, bit mad.
Nash, as hash; Eugenia, rank schizophrenia. Hyde, by side;
Doane, and prone, Lloyd, very annoyed. Struther, his mother,
Struther, and other nut, old slut). bemused, schizoids confused.
benign, a decline voices; no choices. see, on TV.
much, and such. hues, and blues. again. more sane.
bright, all right. drugs, deaf shrugs, tale; psychotropes fail.
disgrace; not uncommonplace. state, others relate. twit; won't fit
alone; a clone. Struther, his mother possessed, on request.
Cheyney, not zany,


be, their belfry. Cassity, with audacity. Madrid, her lid;
Almightly! 'tedium vitae', -- green phalluses? well, can tell.
work, one jerk. daft, from draught; condition, of commission.
observation: require stimulation! experimental, stuff excremental. her, in manure.
ain't, four-point restraint. curse, psycho nurse. changed; you're deranged!
iodine, real fine; store; other before!


these?" his ease. Hugh, his shoe. miles, giant piles;
colitis, gut dermatitis. Titus, painful phlebitis, Hayman, a shaman,
Monette, dainty soubrette. McCue, the loo; Vistula, you, la!"
throne, him alone. Floyd, inflamed hemorrhoid, cruel. of school.
Giles, miserly wiles. Holyoke, ripe artichoke. hemorrhoid? rather avoid!
Lloyd's, he avoids. annoyed; lover deployed, piles, with smiles,
Boyd's, of hemorrhoids. pits; one sits. Giles, pendulous piles
Giles, with piles. education, itching sensation Myles, lead-covered vials
Lloyd's, on asteroids. Isles, from piles. smiles, alias piles.
stranger, "Lone Ranger." Styles, for miles. sly; to die;
miles; in smiles. glum, to come, fair. I declare!
joke, to poke. saver, wonderful flavor.


Hackney, with acne. Dalrymple, so simple. Hackney, terminal acne:
Louise, with ease, pimple; is simple." dick?", to Mick.
pressing, how depressing. boils, some oils, snatch, were attached
prick?" true dick scoff. boff -- root, your coot.
CANKER, places danker. junk'll, horrid carbuncle please, recurrent disease:
lass, the grass: flow." do go. dash, a flash.
Cyrus, a cytomegalovirus. Berlin, bad skin). rough, scatter dandrufff.
match; to scratch. rash, a sash. jungle, complete bungle.
witch, a bitch. Ben, a wen. upset, a bet.
Michigan, itch again; doc's, chicken pox. LeGrange, the mange.
Tibet, would fret. zit! Oh shit! simple; friend Dalrymple,
Dover, the clover. course; the source. nightly, fingers tightly.
psoriasis, why izzis?" babies; with rabies. fun, a ton.
Isis, no crisis. Berlin, his skin. Biarritz, great zits."
Melrose, his nose. Birkenhead, and red; Belize, his knees.
wagon, of shaggin'. know, I go fun, noonday sun.
tanker, did canker. Hitchin, terrible itchin'. Ives, the hives.
snooker, (venereal wart) wanker, a CANKER.


Mame, can name. Mitch, a stitch, diseases, "Holy Jesus!
procure. quite sure, Shores, old whores; trip. a tip,
mate, to berate. Lydia, chronic chlamydia. gaucho, comedian Groucho.
Sonoma, (genital wart) disease; you please. York, yeasty fork.
demure; virginal, pure. nice; her, twice. Darjeeling, of feeling,
McEnnis, his penis. yacht, a doc; Leicester, to feicester;
wine. real fine. affection, large collection Moore; scrofulous whore.
Chinese, a disease. Polynesian, was Norwegian. cubic. by Rubic.
Plains, Claude Rains. decision, and derision true, than you.
curse, the nurse. see, Blanket Party" Jen; and then,
nice; by mice. King, his bowstring. diseases, a sneezes.
wanker, hideous canker. hygiene: machine; Mexico, too slow.
catching, their snatching V.D., you'll see. Nitz, it fits.
blotchy!" his crotchy. Crimea, in "-rhea," Mauritius, was delicious.
Louise, green cheese. profuse. ol' cooze. erection, prudent protection,
Barrens, live herons. insidious, horribly hideous! community, with impunity;
spillin', longer willin'. demure, virginly pure. dare, very rare.
picky, too sticky. me; with VD. not, I've got.
erection, of protection. ooze, Dish Sue's Listowel, everyone's goal.
Sylvester, North Leicester. had, were glad: prevention, the contention.
is? pussy paralysis. todger, my lodger. Schuler, a ruler
Obaditch. real bitch. Nantucket, a bucket; France, his lance.
Vitas, diagnosed salpingitas, Iran, aged madam, Mars, Venus's bars.
Louise, to please. astound, was found. snatchy; red patchy.
surmise, by flies. "Please, and bees. Tucker, named Smucker.
Dial. a trial. today, the hay. Narraganset, chance it.
feared; once reared, trapeze, you please. her, customer banker.
Range, the mange. virus) plaguing me; true; know, do.
shores, my whores; machine; normally keen; chick, hued dick.


screw, day through. Sanker. a chancre. Paul, the hall.
calls. one falls, Hollow, to follow. berries, California cherries.
Shorty, quite sporty. hauls, its palls; Shorty, was sporty.
Sioux, but screw. tanker, drops anchor, Belgrade, her dismayed.
Corrigan, Pierpont Morgan.


chap; the map. Brown, the town. Lee, to pee."
Knapp, of sap. dwellings, bad smellings. Twickenham, in 'em.
Snap, the map. see, you pee. Brookshire; would tire.
teased, her knees. Floozy; quite woozy. wrapper, named Knapper.
Tantivy, the privy. chap?" Archibald Knapp. Schnapps, and Japs;
Bordeaux, St Lo. madcap; his mishap. Dot, That Spot.
Lapp, much crap. spin, of sin. Freed, she peed,
Aberystwyth, pissed with? Post, heavenly host Maria, bad diarrhea.
true, a few. Freddy, his steady; Dilke, green silk.
Tripp, a ship. flap, a cap. complete, named Pete,
Stover, to Jehovah. Korea, contracts diarrhea. fiery, the inquiry,
Strap, the clap. Papp, a rap. shot, Mexican tot.
shag, dick bag, Bee, for free. Norwegian, Foreign Legion.
McGee, too free. gonorrhea, me free-a. returned, I burned.
Yap, her map. Colonel, journal -- Biddle, she'd diddle.
been, Mr. Quinn?" Basil, hooker, Hazel. chap, your lap,
Chinee, to pee. Tunney, bit runny. pious; non-specific urethritis.
Paris, and Marie. night. much GEMUTLICHKEIT, Mariah, try her.
Dundee, to pee. cough. him scoff. Cheadle, a beadle.
Krapp, her map-- Ted, and said, Randall, can't handle.
clap, her lap. Euler, a ruler Jalap, old sap.
Klepper, a stepper. Shorty, be sporty. nation, try fornication.
jockey, feeling rocky. Nottingham, garroting 'em. Trappe, his jappap.
Hoboken, started pokin'. Dublin, him troublin'. Hap, the clap.
flirt, her skirt. Hammer, a s-s-s-s-s-s-stammer. dancer, cervical cancer.
peril," named Merrill. Ian, and shein', Fife, his wife.
pus; Great-Grandpa Gus. Frank, to thank Mel, sleazy motel;
Terrazzo, twat so? Gaea, a player. Korea, Typhoid Maria;
Nick; a tick. pants, the chance O'Shea, with gonorrhea:


Hahn, with gon: con, cynical John, sea, to pee.
rap, the clap. lover, sadly discover, same, sex game.
trip. a tip ploy; be coy. head, he's dead.
gonorrhea, that appear. gonorrhea, or here?" wonder, virgins asunder.
explain, the pain. Trout, a redoubt. 'em; at 'em.
killin'; be willin'. Dee; I pee. Dee; can't pee;
inspecting, been infecting strain; terrible pain. Flo; a ho.
days, "shortened stays". willin', and villain; sure; and pure:
Dave, sexual slave. Lee; won't pee!" loo, can do."


Salinas, us -- been, of Maureen. butt, left nut.
Hague, be plague. latrine, lady marine; bitches, it itches,
cynic; the clinic. not. syphyllitic twat! dots, make mots.
Manchuria, was scruinga; cow, a sow. bed; hay bed.
explain, terrible pain. eyes, romantic sighs, Caius, social disease.


tabs, taxi cabs. Babbs, with crabs, unclean, new Vaseline.
Cottam, bought 'em. Greece, with fleas. zone, hair overgrown,
Adam, travelling madam, Gaza, a razor. latch, mirror attach.
Owerin, a scourin', "Hush! the bush!" Rose, her beaux.
crabs, his abs covers, just hovers. labs, of crabs,
Saddam, travelling madam, Kline, age nine. Babbs, their cabs.
Arbor, her barber. beard, young Deird. me, with Bee.
Babs, and dabs; balls, softly calls, Labs, get crabs--
Babs, and dabs. hair, 'down there'. Babs, sand dabs.
miss. is this: Reading, is spreading." crabs, to jabs,
Fe, hot lay. McNabs, low drabs, "nice" with lice.
within, as sin. Grace, Teutonic race. Lottom, got 'em.
Verde, refugee Kurd. price, small rice; Rice, pubic lice.
abs, many grabs. McMitchin, the kitchen. Stottam, her bottom.
Lee, and free. Lowell, my bestowal: Banff, times dampf.
nice, than twice. use, she'd choose. protested; have requested.
Rice, than ice. Dalhousie, drowsy -- dastard, pruritus unmastered.
Michigan, itch again." Decker, his pecker. Kay, off-handed way:
Lorna, warn her, pits, up gets, Kitts, him fits.
sweet, never mistreat McAdam, hollered, "Madam, France, her pants.
Fitch, fucking sonofabitch dabs, her scabs. atrocious, becoming ferocious,
drabs, as Bab's. Witch" or rich; oasis, of places.
shaped, her undraped. Twitchell; her niche'll place; to chase;
Venus, obscene is. Mitchener, began itchiner. sand; could stand.
Natchez, them scratches, catches, it attaches, hatches, in patches.
fleas. mistress' chemise. ditch, me itch. Minter; imprint her.
Wenatchee: can matchee. Nance, her pants. stabs, Yellow Cabs.
Klatch, scratch -- Babs, fuck perhaps. Elise, her knees.
curvaceous, most tenacious, say, to stay, -- bad catch!
bitch, Miss Fitch. Hitchin, the kitchen. beach. biologists teach.
pain, way explain, lice; remedies thrice; Zoe; crazy go,
McNabb, a crab, Terminus, all verminous. seethe; with teeth.


say, my hay." mischance, a glance. said. in bed,
thread. descending head. Louise; her knees. Adore, the floor,
tizzy; was dizzy; affection, for inspection; tubes, your pubes.
Keys, and bees. pits, the zits. care, down there.
fox; have flocks. truth? his youth? eyes, so nice.
smile, long while. charms, your arms, Babs, with crabs.
seventy-three, her virginity. vex. had sex. realize, Mary's thighs.
trick, real quick. another; his brother. fool; your tool.
mincers; they're convincers.


disgrace, took place. Ash, horrible rash. Lillian, brilliant vermillion,
Lester, molest her. disease, some decrees, Lydia, of chlamydia;
Lydia, with chalmydia; Dupree, it be?" Lydia, by Chlamydia.
mine, of slime! thought. she'd caught. be? a pee.
Chester, request her. Lee, the sea. Maltese, Hooker's Disease,
Regina, North Carolina. Hortense, our gents, Baghdad, she had.
Gore, incredibly thore. Lee, got P.I.D.; Casey, quite racy.
Joyce, sweet voice. imperial, love-making ethereal. Ulva, magnificent vulva...
McPherson, her person. Isthmus, got vaginismus. Lee, large fee.
us, invite us. DunEllen, call Helen, inspection. for protection.
Natchez, their snatches Lebanese, Los Angelese. lass; of ass,
itch, to pitch. surprise, Dr. Wise;


whore, be sure. Dolores, old Morris. Bess, Loch Ness;
Flo, the go. aware, willingly share. whore, festering sore.
content, she went. Sacramento; me demento! city! just bitty.
fort. quimberry torte. wood, it stood friend, the end,
watch, on scotch, lad, had had. Sea-Hole, key hole.
queuing, all screwing, Rio, told me-o, banker, a chancre,
anchor, and chancre. banker, thank her... banker, would hanker.


Sodom, someone's bottom. crude. would protrude. area, sex' hysteria.
excursion, Christian conversion. be? they pee? got. so hot.
went, a tent. Rot?" and hot." disease," a squeeze.
back, and lack came. bit lame; mind?" are kind
got?" it's not. head, her bed. Poppencott, tropical rot.


Linus, eating vaginas. Rick: not sick; Queeness, royal he-ness
Worf, a wharf. bore; a whore. Chester, best her,
Breeze, Marcel Chemise. me? loin, see? Ferdinand; was grand.
McBeezes? he pleases. Key, the V.D. Samoa, a hoa,
Prince. he sprints. Westchester, undressed her. see. all be
community, with impunity. K-2, in Taegu. Kelly, his belly;
Kong, Kong dong. rough, your stuff. meet, a beet.
came, good-looking dame. foot, from Beirut. Wyoming, cathouse roaming.
old, when told. penicillin, kill 'em Tripp, his ship;
dreidel, a table, sews) confidence soar; Castile, a deal.
Sylvester, caressed her. Mitch, prurient itch; Rick, his dick.
Latrobe, to probe, miser, called Eliza. Aberystwyth, grist with,
Vinal, was spinal. DeVries, disease -- D.C. of V.D.
Mitch, inguinal itch; McClure, percent pure.


Bay, went away, vulgaris, in Paris. number, a plumber,
plight-- the light, before, and sore. knees, by degrees,
way, by day. sarcastic, too plastic, Myna, Earl DeLyna.
Druid, of Clwyd; box, with pox. Cashmere, fine Bayadere.
Bertie, at thirty; pox; many knocks. beau, a bubo,
boy, to toy wild, a child. Rockaway, block away.
lazy, was Daisy. Tiflis, customers syphilis. Uttoxeter, at her.
punctilious, most supercilious. men. to ten. Kellheim, hell I'm
station, fine reputation, Morse, "Of course, cocks, Pandora's Box.
prick, ambulance, quick. fate, first mate panacea, his Medea.
ranker, Hunterian chancre. distraught, she's got. Blackpool, Snaggletooth's tool.
praise, her face; school, his tool; Blackpool, the genepool.
Herman, was permanent. Eutoxeter, baroque sweater. McClure, quite sure
dew, for you." Blackpool, that's uncool. Kentucky, unappeasably fucky.
Bavaria, was malaria. gift, than miffed; anchor; chancre --
Algiers, scalding tears. Reading, kept spreading. Biff, growing stiff,
Penang, his whang. honeybun, a gun. thicket, her wicket.
'Nay' one day. Eutoxeter, at her. Molucca, fuck her.
Uttoxeter, at her. Roxy, foxy doxie. fault; her vault.
defeated; is completed, Fritz, to blitz, Grotton, with cotton.
War, a whore. yore, wandering whore. get; with sweat.
Cox, the box. ox, the pox. street, sure treat.
complex; in sex. bit, to wit: Hague, was vague.
civilized, be prized: Jules, hygienic rules. Dallas, his phallus.
complain, a pain, Tiflis, of Triphallus. pox; an ox.
Goldilocks, the docks,


Shorty, quite sporty. AUGHT. he bought Tricks, for clicks;
box, various jocks. Schwartz, venereal warts, Abby, customers flabby.
Lou, all-girl crew. door, each whore. whore, no more.
Hadley, cad lie. dick, pretty quick. shocks, old cocks.
Tobruk, your luck! Juan" condom on. lout, gals about.
dancer, romance her. lasses, as crevasses, Mitch, inguinal itch,
ethereal, in serial; said; of red. Vern; to burn.
Earl; Vern's girl! Bella; her feller. hay; Valentines Day.
Tiflis, so shiftless, Babs, his scabs. Roilet" boil it;
nice; and lice. Bolivia, of Olivia; Peru, young Sue.
noux, from Peru. Patagonia; and bonier. Bolivia, of Olivia;
Trapp, the clap, name; was game. O'Connor, his honor,
Rhea, Their idea? Mize, but wise); Sue; Sonny, do;
flu, to do. brother, any other. Cyrus, extremely desirous.
Disease, to freeze; STD: AIDS, etc., Belize, and cheese.
Banker, a chancre. blight, that bite; Hame, a shame!
Knapp, old chap, Kapps, the maps. Maria; new panacea;
known, now grown. Patricia, her fissure. Phyllis, me syphilis--
Ipswich, the itch. whore, old Singapore. is, she pleases,
gonorrhea, and diarrhea, Belize, and fleas Belize, with disease;
desirous, named Iris, delirium, named Miriam, heat, Elvira Keat,
York; yeasty fork;


disease; not pleased. physician, smelly emission, dance; looking askance.
her; snub her. exist. somewhat pissed: been, of Maureen.
bad, I had cow, a sow. went, new appointment.
should, real good. fine, in line. hard, old bard;
perfume! her room! lie, they'd cry; eye, and by.
94, no more, adore"... small sore... Lee, a fee.
Moore, a whore. wawge, with ahrths, catch, a snatch?
me, they pee. nose, and grows. please, Hansen's disease,
learned: be burned, late; my pate. Gus, the bus.
Gus; with pus.


think. could drink. nose, I froze. work, a perk.
Pingles, and mingles. Zaire, this year. persistence, muster resistance.
breezes, various cheeses, surcease, at ease. listers, woolly sisters.
Earth: is worth. pale, in jail. provide, to hide.
Mavies, delivering babies; "shingles" and tingles. Jenner, to render
Cyrus, a mbirus;" us, the Papyrus dread, has spread.
will, seriously ill;


Dave, a cave. Prague, the ague. say; their way.
anthrax, your tracks, here; exactly clear. deployed; checkout tabloids.
learned, or burned; Pete, to defeat; dame, the same.
buboes, few beaux. gloom; my doom. Fred, in bed.
Lyme, the time. I, porters nearby. crud. the bud,
Pease, with ease. Marseilles, his eye. Pease, with these."
shock, the doc. 'round. lie down." dear?" her rear.
doc. from shock. forgot, exceedingly hot, better, God-awful weather.
goodbybe, the sky. disease, purple fleas Young, had brung;
Graves, times misbehaves; alumnus, horrible fungus, Veep, called Gleep.
bug, your rug; in, tea in; halitosis, dreadful neurosis,
a, Upper Manchuria, Beadle's, hospital, Cheadles river, his liver.
spreading; totally dreading, tree, most beautifully. got, tight spot.
lumbago; may go. cream, high esteem, malaria, widespread hysteria.
a, is scarier. fug, falciparum bug, range, rather strange,
Celia, fungus disease) mumps, big lumps. funny, much money,
Bea, inflammatory disease) -- she'd piss. g- gets vague;
Prague, the plague. Platonic; on (ick!); Patch, her snatch.
Gladys, for gratis. cough, and scoff, Leidit, denied it.
Fitch, prurient itch; Oswego. of prurigo: Preston, vest on.
overseas, a sneeze; Ealing, very unfeeling. border, afford her.
Schweitzer, bites her. River, perpetual shiver; tuberculosis, small doses.
Ted, him head. light) azotic, (nitrogen) Belize, dreadful disease.
Teas, dreadful disease. shout, recurring bout. hideous, the ultra-fastidious.
China, her vagina. Carolina, you angina! Eliases, from trichomoniasis.
al-Tartushi, festering sushi. Rash, who pash. verruca, a look-a.
say: all day a, Upper Manchuria, express, big mess,
VATICINATION. folks' vacillation debasing, are facing. you; axle-grease too;
Castella, a fella;


pain, the rain, Ayr, his hair. geisha, mild alopecia;
twat, the slot. true. would you? ignores, Goes outdoors
Bohemia, and steamier. Rick, your pick; Point, to anoint.
articulation, his coordination, Brussels, make muscles. anthropoid, named Floyd.
us, hadn't bursitis. Kell, to hell. scolders; my shoulders.
cull, named Meakle allurin', some curin', Camp, a tramp.
afibrinogenemia: plain anaemia, stick; feel sick. Pease, Kawasaki disease;
-- doctor's advice. Gomer, his boner. keen. our Jean.
nephralgia, only neuralgia; disease, to decease. do, to screw.
debased, Dopa straight-faced: wakin', lake 'n' Walt, & Malt
us. it is. tickets, of ricketts. wickets, the tickets!
Jeff, of breath. thing, a king. tinnitus; It is
Mick, trigeminal tic; ills, liver pills. Rick, my prick;
bows, her toes.


Goditch, the itch. Gould, his tool: Jones, decalcified bones;
Isthmus, (lockjaw) Burt, terribly hurt. lout, exceedingly stout.
buying, is supplying. sperms, by worms. croup, eyelid droop.
pox; our jocks. Legionaire; we swear menengitis, r hydrocephalitis
spots, black dots, thing, to bring killer. feeling iller.
Rhyll, get ill. pyorrhea, dislexic myolea. Perth, from birth.
years, in tears, phlebitis, for arthritis,


day, doctor away, "Rest, be best." ER? by far?
"double, Mrs. Hubbell, Noel, his goal; Geek, you seek
diet, and quiet. work! could shirk; will, health bill,
adore, your score. Bollen, and swollen; flip, some lip.
bend, rear end. virus; hire us. Friend, I contend.
Proctor, her doctor. physician. Nocturnal emission. bum, his thumb.
Dr. really Shr. pest, the test, Montpelier, heal yer;
taught, due thought. outrageous, assuage us. Bea, a fee,
Green, new vaccine; Buell, a rule, Gene; I've seen.
bones, Doc Jones. sure, would cure, Delhi, the telly,
Cheevers, of believers. suffice, some advice: rounds, many lbs
Hurst, the first Munrow, could know, theatrics, few geriatrics,
medicaster, presage disaster, fine, a divine mellow, and Jell-O.
Dezalls, any balls. say, that way, disturbed; available curbed.
Hades, with maties. enjoy, Oh boy! more, of gore;
Knox, their socks." true. pharmacist too? complaint, it ain't.
Bray, surgical tray. Tobago, and sago; Hurst, extremely well-versed.
Fitches; without hitches. Methusalem, to Jerusalem. O'Quinn, and McMinn;
complexion, arm inspection. Glitz, the shits. Peck, he'd trek.
Fox, expect pox. mediocrities, of Hippocrates," Cutter, he'd putter
Moe. young Joe. chronic, a tonic, show, thought so.
prognosis: develop thrombosis. depressed, to undress? Rex, cases complex,
Durkee, and quirky. Scott, a lot. Flaster, and faster.
Minsk, from Pinsk. Battic, or erratic. prognosis, my diagnosis


Titus, acute laryngitis." Vienna, old henner. 'em, ache come;
Jew, did you Wop, wake up, Kraut, no doubt
wide, deeper inside, Rollo, barium swallow. Pine, my spine.
fake, a headache," cuff, a puff. cold, was old.
cold, the fold bold, the fold, Sam, doctor's exam.
best, your chest, Pask; to task. said: your head."
dump, to pump. more, then tore. gent, he went.
said, this bed." agree, is free." physician, of contrition,
fiddle, puzzling riddle: hernia, dern ya, doc, old sock,
downed, all around; venom, denim -- say, go astray.
lumps; the mumps. simple: This pimple fee, with me?"
Kirk, than berserk. flung, that hung knew, were true.
tired." he desired. toe, his woe. book; dared overlook.
walk, his doc. unkind, your mind. state, to relate.
report, to thwart. France, doctor askance, pup; is E-cup.
fuss. a truss. carefully, to knee. pill. will kill
Fretter, and sweater. singer; definite ringer. older, is colder;
pain, in vain. long; her wrong. grand; I planned,"
Bill, tri-colored pill. inclined, I find gripe, medical hype.
middle; you piddle. Paleontologist, younger Psychologist, request, his chest.


docs, my socks; Jane, big pain. Jack, his back.
student, badly bent. lies. heavenly thighs] Proctor, lady doctor.
-- her lawn; Flower. her power, care, hernia there."
Spelling, my swelling. meotus, referencing "foetus", proctology. in psychology.
doc. from shock, run- practices, son. tense, her sense;
Friday, an ID doctor, shocked 'er; parade; was made
door, right before saw, quite sure." go", the show.
said, to bed." Doc, did knock. injection, my erection.
zip, said, "Strip." pain, her, "Jane, rise, my thighs;
Jane, me pain." cheek, the week; knob, a job
sighs, her eyes, "No." a hoe; spire, of desire,
speak, the peak. Therapist, me pissed." Therapist; Get" list.
Therapist; Get" list. insist. Ruth missed. on, Eve Loveson
oncologist; female phrenologist. Shuler; be purer.


Hong, the dong!" Birch, top perch. price, so nice.
Pete. my sweet; stirrups, your gear-ups, Natchez, big batches.
Potts; hurt lots. glass; poor class. Luntz, transforming cunts.
nails. the males, Guild, Rob Shilled. position, your condition.
more, there before?" Moriphus, a fuss! Schwartz, his aborts.
Scott, diddly squat Heep, lost sleep. Flynn, a grin.
Schick, a chick, hunch), delivery bunch, admission... an optician?
is, time passes. short-sighted, you excited, passes, wear glasses.
Hunt, a runt, Fred, pussy-flaps spread, Pickett, her thicket.
Ray, the day. cavort, their forte. Dale, 'Holy Grail',
feels, he kneels.