Limeric Index



Hilda, a builder. ambulat, qui aedificabat Khartoum, her doom.
Brown, herself down, ravine, screwing Kathleen. sex," does vex."
smart! to impart. crap. a sap! mean? be seen.
you, your view, debt. no etiquette. art?" the heart...
say. Don't delay. way," my day; right, the night.
learn. ladies yearn time. love rhyme. sure. enough lure?
stones. and groans. state, to relate. race, losing face.
ways, with 'sauvaise', beers, the queers. dame; a shame!
measure; no pleasure. side. she sighed. Nevada, he'd hada,
Biddle, agreeable middle. Canberra, an error. Moke, a poke.
Mame, to blame. Jane, some pain; Claversham, ravish 'em.
horse, of sauce. brute, Sunday-best suit. Manion, lady companion,
Main" a stain. frightening, were heightening, fascination, the stimulation?
dead, gentleman Fred; chase, final embrace; dead. as Fred.
twat, make hot. Lupescu, the fescue; Lanka, a banker.
Flynn, a sin. Virginia, were skinnia. paid. get laid."
whore, Pussy Galore. slut, her gut. drink. you think.
Gomorrah, in horror, Sexetera, the bettera. shores, named Dolores.
twat, I've got. Nick, both sick. more. had four,
what?" I'm not." sleep." like deep." Dot; I'm hot.
McKesson, was undressin'. Hyde, a ride. Negroes, tree grows.
City, a pity," Wade, and played, work, young jerk.
Cotell? Eden Motel, eyes; golden-brown thighs;


Luckner, was stuckner. Racine, daily routine. yard, to regard.
wife, bi-coastal life. call, the hall... Fife, his life.
Dunn, honey bun. strife, to wife. Breton, and pettin'
Dawn. a yawn. wife; Major's fife. corps, exceedingly sore.
boy, to employ. snow, forty below. Drury, his fury.
feeling, is kneeling. Muller, of color. Bowles, many shoals.
Fundy, and Sunday, Japan, a man. X, about sex?
Fife, my life?" three, against me. Bruhl, real jewel;
Fenster; incensed her; Deex, longingly speaks, Lee, no guarantee.
Ken, of men. grub; the pub. taboo; now too.
Nicky, bit sticky. Jack, of flak. dreidel, played al-
Chase, wife Grace Morse, will endorse): magic, seemed tragic
Boshun, much devotion. Lee, to me; Corning, the morning.
Rand; every demand. Winkle, did twinkle. Virginia, from Kenya.
bed!" I dread... favorite, savor it. Bright, get right;
Blighted, very delighted, Rand; stubborn stand. Rex, a hex.
McCready! old Grady Bright, up tight; net; to pet.
Pitt, a bit. Nell, her spell. pre-nup, her cup.
Delores. the forest, Banquillo, old armadillo: attentive, lacks incentive.
ask, the task, Ealing, such feeling, foam, to roam:
luck; be stuck. McEwen, his screwing. Chicago, a taco.
Gene, fucking routine. Jack, the sack, Rigg, godawful prig),
delight, me alight; Tree, it's free. (OR) sexual thilla.
vow, the how. hill, big thrill. marriage. never disparage.
Goring, his whoring. Fearly, very dearly. Atlantic, me frantic.
Paw; to Maw. proportions, doin' contortions. Hind, not blind;
swearing; be sharing. doubt, sexual bout, would, views understood:
Sherman, with vermin.


break. to make. years, my ears, crap, your trap.
year, hold dear. years, and tears. changed; not rearrange.
year, your dear. wrong; that long. Fyfe, for life,
struck, her luck. Zuck, ears stuck. bent, he'd invent:
street, might meet. transmitter, fit her. flack, the sack.
it. to it. so. a go. director, activity inspector.
tonight; and fight? be, toward me, prick, would stick,
cunt. in front. know; good blow. say; my dismay.
go, good show. Joan, the phone; Joan, the phone;
erection." one correction. biting, marital fighting. beyond, are fond
glee, sitcom TV. griever. blond beaver!) beyond; well-endowed blonde.
marriage, or disparage. wide!" willing bride fool, a rule:
say, church-sanctioned lay, Burkitt, smirk, "It


McCall, on all. Police: fair police. reflective; very protective.
discreet; a retreat. locality, your neutrality. care, be fair,
surprise, and fries? blare, be there; Baer, the fair
detective, somewhat protective. done, for fun. squad, Schwartzeneggeresque bod.
undertaker, a WISEACRE. Finnegan, sin again, Fleet, the beat.
milksop, a cop. tree, they see. Lash, stuff's trash.
detective, often effective. cutie. such beauty. horn, rather foreign)
scuzz, store was. secure, ourselves pure. Morse, on course.
desperation, with termination. tall. to fall. just? is just
police, at peace. three, and Charity. sport; in court.
TEN, missing again. Duluth, a sleuth. police, in grease.
cop, him "Stop!" Phipps; her chips. Barking, when parking.
dock, in shock, crew, will do). stranger. not endanger.
bet, veiled threat: grudge, will budge, few, in blue.
zoo, big kangaroo; firmly, germ he sensation, the station.
Tipp, and gyp, James: chase dames, pant, a slant;
Grace, use mace. star, his car. Arkansas, [whore]
Claire, a dare; whopper, a stopper, Sy, saying goodbye;
Zook, sheepherder's cook, waste. a taste. Ark, the mark,
Dwyer, rube testifier. bag, silvery swag. shirt, won't hurt
Natchez! snatch snatches, Georgia, certainly fleorgia? congregate, they ate.
LTD, Malcolm McGee, best. each arrest. tricked; they picnicked
tale, little avail. Dot, the spot. inside, safes beside.
Nick, every trick, struck, truck -- action. wily distraction.
stop! -- kerplop! town, will frown cop, to stop
beat, a seat. cop. fridge top, niece, named Treese.
West, the best.


Algiers, he appears; Macs, making attacks. Fred, a red.
Pfizer, comply, sir." plea, toward leniency, thing! to swing,
should. I could." Frank, in rank, Bernice, border police.
Guadalajara, car. A Marge," true charge; Stover, sexual rover,
sun, her bun; Clengarriff, a sheriff. power, to cower.
bleeders, catch speeders. fool, his cool. Pace, in disgrace,
Sonny, any money. brutal, you till... crime, wouldn't chime,
cop, to stop. pair" with flair; Chester; arrest her.
tomb, the flume. comb. at home. intercom: the prom!
Hoboken, are spoken. firmly, squirm; he Mose, my ho's!
Ray, for play. peace; does increase. Bruce, a moose.
BOBBY, a hobby. Bruiser, a loser. doxie, in Hoxie,
Talzoff, hauls off. cease, dramatic decrease, brutal, his noodle.
hooker, sultry good-looker; Brown, bystander down. said, is dead.
kill, from Brazil, run, a gun? botched; cops watched.
fix; at six. bought, is hot, Dick, night stick.
tourists; bourgeoise boorists. 'em, a "Madame", Gail, annual sale.
Utrecht, of neglect, financial, Grant Hill, piece, would cease.


C., low key. cried, his side. Clyde. they died.
Dardon, guard on stick-ups) girlie-type pick-ups; ride, he tried.
bold, a scold; coarse, full force. Poirot, horny marrow,
saw, in awe. law, a flaw. "Bess, nothing less!
mover, one goober, Vancouver, move her. you'll, Dillinger's tool.
fraught, you ought consternation, inside information. concealing?" the ceiling!
Stewart) of shocks, enough? real rough? gun, has done.
cells, tidy nutshells. wood, the good!" Goetz, it hurts.
whiz, a quiz,


bred, to bed. stammer, the hammer, Frist, his fist,
blanket, Hank, it Dormerly, rather abnormally, diet, to riot.
jail; give bail. passed, clenched fast. drugs; little bugs!
send, my friend. ile, long while. Hope, couldn't cope.
Jones, he owns; uncool; a fool. walls, the halls.
wishin' asked permission. attacks, eating snacks, Kent, at Trent,
me, Johnny McGee. cake, jail break. Folsom, bowl some.
Dwight, he'd write. Lee; of me: adaptive, a captive.
yearly, furnished austerely. pen, a yen; cars; sport stars;
does, irately abuzz. Magellan, serious felon. bleeper; a sleeper.
jail, without fail, in, spent in Monte, rich aunty.
Troy; to destroy. Correction, penal perfection; Stan, the man.
Cotton, haven't forgotten brawn, before dawn. Knox, a box.
keeps, and creeps. crook, us, "Look, bail, in Braille.
Bing, Sing Sing. Lissen, in prison. Nate, night, late.
presidents, the evidence wink, the brink. crime, bad rhyme!
guess. much less. Bell,. is well. brother; to another.
Kline, family line,


books, second looks, LIFO; your FIFO. Leloitte, to exploit;
Adelphia, in Chelsea, crooks; the books. earner." fast learner.
books, dirty looks, ya; rig ya. cooks." the crooks.
totter, corporate rotter, Payne, ledgers maintain. rules, bookkeeping tools;
Shane, raise cain. crises, current prices killing, CEO Skilling.
Toronto, on to) execs, to sex, today, isn't gay.
paints; and faints. thee, old Ponzi! Bermuda, corporate barracuda;
laws, eagle's claws. scheme, final extreme. Kellum, sell 'em.
Lay, passion play.


Kent, was bent. Road, did unfold. weed, poppy seed.
Drugs, of thugs. mislead, can read. suggested, needs protested.
back, a whack. wide, crack inside. sweet. my meat.
bail. faraway jail, mess; anyone's guess. tongue, you've sung!)
Wiz, the biz. shorts, to report. France, of romance.
here? and appear, stops, more crops. shit, get hit,
speed, Officer Reed, Ray, to purvey


list, be missed. life, a knife. frightful; is delightful.
ground, burn Chinatown. Krauss, could douse. one; fight one.
could, East Hollywood. Beruit, bright-yellow suit; sort; a sport.
it, planned it. eaves, raked leaves, Kentucky, how plucky!
Nob, his "job." Gail, in Braille. Bled, her bed;
fails, house sales. Draper, latest caper, wattage, his cottage,
be, like me. Fox, picking locks. fright, up tight.
said, her bed, Geraint, a saint. guises, and sizes.
Miller, gruesome thriller. assassin, robbing delicatessens, Fakenham, fakin' 'em.
nations, wrong occupations. back, to crack, Quayles, in nails.
who, the zoo. Texas, eleven exes. Spooner, or sooner,
egg? you beg. street," of deceit; Briscoe, a disco.
Maude, of fraud. Gar, make car. X, their paychecks.
Willy, a filly. Ira, a hegira; Wheeling, illicit dealing.
whines: ominous signs well; even spell. Gail, diamond sale.
van, devilish plan: plan!" said Gran. Gran. young man.
Sue, "It's true Dellow, did lend, control, to stray.
Creep, was asleep. took, their nook, listen, you're missin'.
Purcell, to sell; Kilgore, a store, George, would gorge
Berlin, johns in; defamed; they claimed. scowl; that trowel."
bank, quickly sank. craw, of law, Times, lascivious rhymes.
LaCroix, with awe. pocket, hock it. McDykes, some spikes,
trail, for sale, surprise, so wise, felon, big melon.
crook; just took. crude, said "screwed". way, hardened-criminals play,
clue: for you." Cape, far escapes. Flint, he's skint!
up, kick up said, someone dead. Marie, a tree;
profession, an obsession. "We, for free, slave; to rave.
crash, then dash. Nolan; had stolen. Frank, his bank.
locks, Fort Knox, Moines, for coins juice, Satan loose,
Lyme, his prime. inventions, of intentions. plan, Year began,
dead; the head. well, time befell. pain, memory lane.
Sale, can't fail." Glitter, the shitter. Josh; a cosh.
confessed." what's best.


plane, in Spain. frugal, in Portugal. nuts; has guts;
Freneau, you know, Musquodobbit, mob it. Rockies, their Cockies.
crabby, bit shabby. Morse, of course. Amsterdam, no scam!
starts, border guards. neglected; thoroughly inspected. Bess; it, nonetheless.
Peeler, a squealer, Madrid, he hid. Argyll, arresting smile.
Bath: Mrs McGrath, name, my game, bold, their gold,
horse, most coarse, glade; fair maid. glance, his pants.
gown, to town. BOBBY, so mobby. Greece, young niece.
Po-leez, parole, heez Po-leez, parole, sheez Pete, street --
police! never cease!" Fred, he said, McCann, his man
shiver, quiver -- Cologne, maid, Joan. be, favorite hobby.
Jason, I'll hasten Todd, Old Sod,


Day; blown away. beer, "My dear, criminal. urges subliminal,
Capone, were unknown, Capone, would moan, rare, of care
tries, the guys. indiscrete, IRS cheat. comorra, and begorrah,
Voight, from Detroit; Don: came upon Nitty, "Nitty gritty,"
-- molls "bangsters", a, Colchester Mafia, Mob." and rob.
jack, a lack claim, to blame. Mike. he'd dislike.
say, the hay; sly; they ally. chops, the cops.
blackguard, a Packard. Gene, local machine. Tony, were phoney.
story." Joe Pescatore: bed, have read. not-notch. weren't Scotch,


fries, Junior high. Strabane, no pain, hooker, enchanting good-looker,
Belaugh, and dealer; -- one's broke. Booker, real looker!);
Hind, a find. Custer, a fluster. was, association because,
jail, my bail. warden, would pardon gender, victim's suspender.
Peru, past due. stop, bed hop. Shouse, by Strauss.
Bill, the till. braw- her, "Haw! Bernice, by police
walking, and talking. crimes, measly dimes, Lucian, the solution.
Stan, his van. top, you stop, super, 72 per,
Phil, the till. ticket: a thicket. Hillary, the pillory.
Dale, in jail. veil, white sale. Mosher, a forger,
Brahmin, the common, McGill, his quill. clues; of shoes.
came, my aim. hairy, be wary." (OR) town calaboose
Lyle, was guile. Hale, Lordship's bail, Cancun, a balloon.
say, fine day, University, worse city? Street, my feet,
mall, press overall. Poughkeepsie, crypt. He pugnacity; for sagacity.
Carol, as apparel, ago, a blow. Missouri, a fury:
Pam, white van, price. real nice, Skye, an alibi.
wise, (law court) Herring, admirable daring: ports, of sorts.
strand; her hand. stop, a shop. fare, not there."
store, knickers galore. "Hey! I say! Dirk, a perk.
dole; his goal. Fixit, chocolate biscuit. Lyme, of crime.
Straw, the door. fella, 'a capella'. Zeke, last week.
implicit: towards illicit: is, must is. disdain. a pain.
deficient, judges proficient. condition, of ambition, play, they say.


instead; his bed. Black? newspaper hack. am. in Ham-
Hutch, the clutch. clues. he'll choose perplexed. wholly vexed:
impress, a dress, tale. would fail start: a part-
feat: and Pete, own, a groan, mighty, Aphrodite --,
deep, the creep. verge; an urg- clunk, "I thunk
receding, not heeding. shed, in bed, suppose. in prose:
Finnegan, in again. gumshoe, husband, Lou. scream, no self-esteem.
detective, and ineffective.


Claude, Bunco Squad. Yarrow, or borrow. young, MELLIFLUOUS tongue!
today, to pay Makalele, almost daily. Nigerian, the custodian
indeed, you feed. Obaka, and tobacca, bed, dead --
loot. government's boot bucks, is stuck. truth, need proof.
penned, to send flash, will dash, stole, big hole.


brain, of strain. props. the cops. ago, not low.
said, their heads. theory, too eerie. things; he brings
stated, delinquents hated. Darwin; is predetermined. so! the sink-o!
mind. am blind. see, like me. me, but agree.
such, as much. Association, through motivation. Durkheim, the time.
Durkheim, has crime. nation. for exploitation. anomie. of conformity.
best; mental distress. ago, the superego. Hobbes, British law-jobs.
conflict: the rich. state, all hate. crime. of Dimes.
states, we hate. adaptation; requires innovation. nation; is variation.
anomie, Merton's theory. reference, of preference, Merton, principals certain.
said, big head. crime. the time. opportunity, place fruitfully.
bad; a lad. crime; the time. publicized, would abide.
theory; were leery. taught, get caught. pain, potential gain.
neutralization, try decriminalization. Sellin, get mean. faces, other places.
bad; Lombroso had.


cop, this shop." go?" "I dunno." said. my head."
aft." then laughed. cops, be tops: thought, I ought
Baltimore, The poor finds, "What kind drag," Copper Skag.
cop. traffic stop Yates, for dates. sir, to bolster,
will; would kill! way, it lay. baffled. all snaffled.
stop, new crop. check, empires wreck. "Disgrace," to erase.
screw! and you. Dad. ain't bad, Scot-free, God-awful fee.
best, the test. again, great pain. Rudy, day on-duty.
sped, code red. britches, the stitches. fray. utter dismay,
away, I may". her, stiff foreigner. Gus, to discuss.
shop, quick stop, jerk; did shirk. York, a walk,
Cork, New York, Albania. Klept-nymphomania. Albanian, sis, Transylvanian,
right, the light, work, the jerk nurse, that perverse.
believe, to retrieve. caught; an afterthought. jail. quite pale,
off, a trough, a-clanging; mournfully banging befalls, grim walls.
cord, there enthralled, wide; warder cried, bike, old shrike.
ticket, lick it. her, closure -- lusted, I trusted
entrusted, I adjusted disgusted, she gusted; distrusted, quickly adjusted.
crusted; disgusted -- adjusted, and thrusted. door, sub-section 4
4, the law?" ages, of pages; fun, sub-section 1
Jake, sponge cake, take, baked cake. prize, young thighs.
crust, her bust. mutt, little butt. who, dog poo.
aback, a sack. steal, good feel. cry, the eye.
girl, white pearl. breast, the chest. wail, long tail.
hound, easily found. caught, been brought. crime, this rhyme.
Hooten, and lootin' said, the head. theory, be leery.
learned, is earned. CB, to me. "Hey, the way.
clue, to do.


Bouquet, moved away; spittin' and hittin'. Mort, good sport.
bar, the far, fire, a wire. Boar,' once tore,
creepy! grow weepy: sucks; drivin' trucks. pains, the reins,
undone; couldn't outrun. prairie, to bury. Sarubin, you been?"
rope; his hope. talk, numerous stock, advance, looked askance,
Manitoulin, any foolin', powwow, right now. spaces, have chases,
splendor, feminine gender, drinkin' and stinkin', a-courting, was sporting.
brass, the pass, Logan, my hogan; City, tough titty.
Spence, common sense. men, a zen. Branch, named Blanche,
Potrero, for dinero. dawn, a yawn; us, a phallus.
pursuit, named Klute, saloon, the room; day, I pray?"
stick-up! your pick-up!" Keele, working zeal, road, once showed
gate, dire fate; plants, Indian dance; bad. and unclad.
demands, naughty glands. Weed, his steed. plains, and claims.
whiskey; ferociously frisky. pasture, ran faster. Hooter, big six-shooter,
McGraw, the draw, beans, and means-- west, the best.
Russell, and bustle. daughter, Sparkling Water. Bird, all concurred.
roam... their home; fear," named Lear. Wyoming, wild roaming,
Injun, St. John; stale, get tail. Callahan, ah can
said, town red!" fart, two-wheeled cart. Clyde, the divide;
bet, never forget. Pete, elite -- style; a smile.
Bear, isn't fair! old, be sold. Sam, little lamb.
coot, his route. small; a wall. bossy, He
bruising; of losing; plowboy, a cowboy); shy, the sly.
Bull, was full. perhaps, the claps; forces; their courses.
TX, women exPX Louis, a Souis. sure, endure --
heared, highly revered. US, may repossess. recall, in stall
Pete, is neat. pass, winter grass, cluster, long-gone lustre.
lope, a slope. Timbuctoo, real buckaroo. Biggar, to snigger.
trail, the dale "How?" barked, "Pow-pow-pow!" braves, Man behaves,
heels, bell peals. Cox; without socks; itch. get rich.


gun, and won. indeed, I bleed Kid, well hid.
Billy, seem silly. 101, Was Won. Dance, a chance.
roundup, ground up, mode, they rode. Alfredo, of Laredo
Doc, the flock. Quest, the best. concur. per fur.
said: one dead Corral, a gal. "Draw!" his paw)
best, neatly pressed, request, your behest, guest, a vest,
grim, declared Jim, rains, fast trains. cranky, bank; he
Bruce, a noose, men, and when, disband. side and
cuss; rip-snortin' fuss;


Bill, a thrill. Bill, buffalo Bill. Earp. who'd burp.
City, a pity. Carson, the parson, Dillon? women willin'.
deeds, their steeds, west, I suggest guys; big surprise.
belief, suffered grief. usurp'll, no twerp'll Dale, the trail.
Raft, a shaft. ride, with pride. Piscataway, flat away.
fame, a shame. cheats, their seats. Hickok, know trick-shot.
Earp, and burp. clod! quite odd: Earp, could slurp.


Gitchygoomi, quite gloomy. hides, fur inside, genus, eating penis"
treasure, without measure. war, many before. chronology, no apology.
Hiawatha! a tosser!" go, the flow. Chippewas, no bras.
spurious, been furious, drifted, were lifted, creature, every feature,
away, to pay. dad, easily had. please, his knees,
Dollar, bitch, Money-Ha-Ha. prize, her thighs. peering, is steering,
say, same way. laid, her shade.


brow, asked, "How?" Toronto, and Tonto; Ranger; his twanger.
"Tonto!" on to Ver- swill ver- wrench," named Mensch,
Away! the fray, dead. with lead. guys, were unwise.
rode, in tow. ver- ill; ver- Granger, copper-skinned stranger.
see, were Cherokee. Toronto, on to. cried, doing inside
Ranger, Handsome Stranger, so, into -- there, our hair!
blue. but you."


Shirk, a jerk, past! a lass. Ibsen, fib, son.
audacity, prodigious capacity. brain-- complete disdain-- bored, villains adored.
thriller, a killer; rebuffed, been scuffed. trigger, I figure
Trigger; just snigger Roy! favorite toy. Trigger, to 'figger'
compete, so complete. Trigger, a frigger. vest. never digest.
varlet, or scarlet, Barter, a starter, Mix. only kicks.
Mix, their kicks, cutie, her beauty. part, with heart,


inclined, West declined. clustered; got flustered. course, slightest remorse
her, George Custer. sweeten, defeat in Horn, been born.
luster; and bluster. Custer; of bluster. gall, the call;
scribe, a vibe. late, dire fate; muster, General Custer.
lore, who swore grand, his hand, disband, in hand.
grand, Fire Brand. Colonel, his journal: gun, a one.
thought, been taught. Custer, its luster. Custer, to muster?
Buster, a duster. caught, for naught. John, move on
defeat, Strategic Retreat. Custer, and bluster,


Apache, hair patchy) west, was best. pact; both attack.
Cochise, on lease. groves; Indians goes. to, a tutu.
Sioux, bright blue. Nation, higher station. vast, he'd blast.
Snartz, private parts, bed, once said, Tahoe, a go.
stud: running blood. Potawatami, a lobotomy, Seminole, "How droll,"
snow; you go! Sioux, is untrue; Nation, big celebration.
Eeno, we know... "How! scalp now." Nations, privy electrifications.


Neely, Widow Sealy. sag; a nag; storm; 'bout form,
know, just show sack, her back, lass, the grass,
eyefull, or trifle wagon, said, braggin'. exterior, really inferior;
ranch, for Blanche... Greer, I fear. Clutt, to strut;
whores, Spring chores. missed, away pissed; hand. best expand,
rookie, old Cookie; speed; a lead. said: call Fred;
stud, the crud hire, the fire; Cree, you see.
Jane, a pain. fun, her gun. Heather, was hell-bent-for-leather,
Nevada's, her status. Lee, hot Cherokee: do, wouldn't do,
Harriet, her lariat. Harriet; a lariat. cattle, would straddle.
drive, could survive. prevail, a trail. Brasso, his lasso.
- a beaut. arrange, Lil Grange', Belle, and fell
acquire, the fire. Sioux, named Lou. West," your chest."
shocked, knees knocked, dress; more stress, Schuster; ain't useter!"
Chicago, the embargo Sioux, I do?" west, were dressed,
McGraw, the law; City, nor witty. Brenda, her agenda.
City, Miss Kitty. beaux, any prose. blunt, to hunt.
directions, had connections. fame, his name. technique. to speak.
blessed, the rest. factotum, my scrotum. Wyoming, the gloaming.
Wyoming, go roaming. West, the best. wickiup, hicky up,
Stedman, red man; Smith, ridiculous myth; hominy, the Chickahominy.
cave, this knave. poking, of smoking. alone, still unknown.
smiled, who's beguiled. us. daunt us," side, a bride.
strange, the Range, change, quite strange. luck, is struck.
mia!" up Sacajawea would, you should. place, women's case.
Carruthers, my brothers. Sal, the corral. Mesa, phase her,
Anna, my banana. sleepy, my teepee!" Cheyenne, a man.
law, first Chickasaw. Nell, to tell, Harriet, and lariat.
Craigellachie, to catchie. Victoria, Indian warrior; blow, rawhide lasso,
Quebecois, le bois.


gone? of Dawn. sure. were amateur. cooks, their looks.
cooking, apparently looking Bill, at will: rage, after page
sent, heartily meant: Danville, from Granville; penis? at Venus?
know, good blow; got, and hot. shot. care not!
glance, his trance, relents; becoming intense. Primrose, her clothes.
dear, right here. pocket, gold locket, down," a frown.
rude, be shoed. waiting... room contemplating... noon; real soon."
beer; were clear. Buck, the fuck! plan, he ran,
Saloon, to swoon, far, tin star. door, the floor.
shout, all about. lad, who had floor, the door.
man, all can Herb, simply superb. heard, indigent Serb
Bob, his knob. Bull, was full. knob. better job.
job; old slob. Bob's, interesting knobs, knob, a squab.
knobs. are snobs. mob; fine job. daughter; they oughter
her; the buster Yank. a spank! muster, trust her;
born, Bob's thorn. Bighorn, will warn. Bob, his knob.
polite, that invite. sweet, should meet, treat, hasty retreat.
range, to arrange swoon, always croon drool, his tool.
Mamma! small comma. Seminoles; and Lowells. note, they smote.
souls; political goals. gaffe, last laugh. resume; just today.
-- to straddle. chaw; the law. fitter, fence sitter.
dancing, the prancing song, the throng, door, for encore.
Carol, my barrel. know, that show. Dakota, named Cleota.
her, nail her.


crotch, drink scotch. crotch, so mach. crotch, I debauch.
Tulane, to complain, hay, did say, Chris, thought amiss.
pricks, their dicks. dress, I guess surprising, husband's rising.
"Peut-etre" scarlet lettre. lust, diminutive bust. gent, he went:
by, Miss Blye, treat, my sweet. applies, exceptional guys.
prick, a stick, crass?" did ask. Hexameter, him amateur.
O'Leary, me weary. critique, unfortunate technique. Fay, staggered away:
sleepy," the teepee. Dawson, flaw, son. snore? for more!
Keating, human secreting: Session, in progression. Keating, sexual meeting:
asunder," no wonder, Fred, his head. car, by far.
fount, the count. content, and went. Stamboul, big tool:
Durante, his shanty Strunk, postcoital funk, Bloor. for sure."
Pratt, her flat. MacDowell, girl howl, spry, did fly.
sleep?" "Normally keep ditty, the city. sweat, one yet.",
Joe, impossibly slow. zoo, a gnu;


technician, exciting position. Parma, his charmer. Bees, you please,
miss, called Chris, town, him renown: boys; their toys."
Belgrade, her played, Valley, been pally; Freonne, me, Leon,
Arbutus, root us. Chicoutimi, to me." -- passion song,
unite! ignoramus's plight. Astoria, bore ya, Chloe, is snowy;
it, the summit. it; thumbed it. twice, every vice.
learn. to churn... Cal., passionate gal, lay, the hay.
McPugh, crackers too. mate, utterly great!" good. you should)
doing?" just shooing agree, about me, spoke, feminine folk:
Ealing, was kneeling. Rick: right quick; short; for sport.
Antigua, you are! clit?" a twit. Hoo! real hoopty-doo;
sod, your prod, preocupation, and copulation; find, the behind,
locked, off half-cocked.) Missouri, terrible fury, grant?" to pant,
Ewing, I'm doing. E.N. young men. egotistic, just onanistic.
surprised, dong criticized, T-shirt, knees hurt. fun; gun --


Fred, to bed. Berlin, without sin. mood, for food"
Crouch, a couch; inquire, isn't spryer. Nestor, best her.
Starrett, the garret. Parma, his charmer. Cape, a rape.
teepee: me weepy. droll. a roll. cue, to screw,
enough, her muff. sack, you lack. Joe's, to doze,
Spake, and shake; Persia, sexual merger. Gus, sexing fuss.
clothes, to toes. Adam, beautiful madam. bedtime, any time.
Shinnigan, sin again; Dover, drove her doing," his screwing.
Ringer, opera singer. thumping; horse show-jumping. Zeke, and peek.
Bruckener, fuckin' 'er, boist, his foist. Rossetti, "Oh Betty,
embrace, race -- Finnegan, in again, Madras, deep shore-grass,
Leeds, patently needs Lutz, the nuts. crept, who slept.
mall, a haul. Hance, life askance. Marceau, "Ah, no.
Myer, lovers desire. geek, would peek. Kew, between two
Piscataway, a way


Clyde, he fried. falling; been stalling; Groton, was besotten.
Ned, to bed, Quaker, a baker. Peters, computerised meters.
lead; they said. Winona, at Pamplona. clowning, us frowning;
Milwaukee, new walkie-talkie. Kalamazoo, somewhere new; Sir, - Sir.
Clem, remarkable phlegm. Hoover; city Vancouver. Sue; very blue.
Sour, horribly dour; Gerard, some lard; Crewe, he knew.
sure; of yore Limerick, a rick. Bull, bag full.
fog, a bog. Dundee, the sea. Ruzzi, floozy --
side; died -- day, without pay. Bill, Bunker Hill.
road, and explode! Lee, falling marquee; man, high-powered fan.
foreclose, named Rose, Yale, bannister rail. groom, their doom.
Bruce, new noose. Surrey, a hurry. Blunt, pitiful runt,
Hoover, Heimlich maneuver, Treater; gas meter. sense, pleasures intense,
yard, and charred. flag; did lag. Young, be sung)
Groat, he wrote, Devon, and seven; Fox, cylinder blocks.
Buck, bad luck. insane; was plain. West, last rest.
missle, a pistol. mastered. while plastered.) Bart, Thou Art."
Sidney; right kidney. Bryce, and precise, Weir, of fear.
Dinah, lover's recliner, been, as seen. everywhere, to dispair.
grin, going in. Cory, the story. Dunn, for fun.
arrive, of five halt. her vault. Knight, some light.
ambition, from position. halved, its graft. Hilda, St. Kilda.
Surrey, a flurry; scar; as far truck. bad luck.
Lee, at sea Devon, to heaven. Blore; the door.
cigar, a car; revere, and sincere, tannery, plentiful granary,
Bangor, its hangar. Jim, are grim.' Pete, the street,
Kalamazoo, suddenly through, Hayes, did graze; soup, the stoop.
Fred? the head. digest, at rest; swallow, was hollow.
Marriot, his lariat, Pete, did beat. surprise; great size.
Topping, without stopping. Kadle, its cradle. Cain, a train.
O'Brien, was dyin', terror, Mr. Lehrer load; he strode.
forgot, the lot.


dismal, water baptismal. drinking, been sinking; Midge, Saddlemont Ridge,
Ems, the Thames; Taft, a raft; fool, were cool.
town, a clown. Jane, the rain. banker, a tanker.
she, could be. Drovasis, horses molasses. (Lancs) in pranks;
be, iced tea. Dennis, in Venice, snake, the lake.
Cotter, to totter. peer, a pier. Chad, so bad.
tide; was wide; Gloucester, lost her. Sudan, anyone can,
Chalamazug, a tug. Blood, thunderstorm flood. St.Lawrence, named Florence,
around, soon found Scott, helluva lot. Bianca, the anchor.
Del, a well; Bub, a sub, Jake, his brake;
wide, invited inside, scream; a dream, resound, all around;
Lynn, be thin. Treves, watery grave; maiden, go wadin'.
Rod, a facade; Boston, of Austin. Brisbane, his plane.
side, a hide. dear, a pier; Maginn, a swim,
Honor, "prima donna." bride, the tide. snoose, it loose.
Wheels, she feels. Hale, a gale; Lee, a tree;
Price, be nice Clyde, he died; Clyde, the tide.
wonder, a blunder.


plane, his brain; airs, her affairs, stopped, was dropped.
heels, and squeals. Northwold, incredibly bold. -- of bladder.
trapeze, assistant, Denise. coarse, his horse; Dwight, every night,
Barriage, her carriage, beamish, so creamish, Skipper, motorized chipper.
Pete, of concrete; dead; his head. whiz, now his;
stand, Liberty's hand. Boyle, of oil; Bob, did sob.
Lori, a quarry. Thames, cheap fems. fine, white pine.
Cory, decidedly gory. jet, circus-tent net. Hoak, an oak.
Ron, passed on. White, every night; Herb, a curb;
yard, incredibly hard. Luigi, in Fiji;


chop, and "Stop! Zeus, amazingly loose; view, a few;
row, don't know. Peru, to sue bound, eyes around,
it, long-ago maggot name, earlier claim. misuse, of abuse?
loose!" the noose. which, a bitch numb, best humdrum.
elocution, no circumlocution, Ware, electric chair; switch, would twitch,
Cope, Good Hope; Faye, good day. true, a few,
pay, expense anyway. Ed, quite dead. rope, to cope.
right, huge appetite. Sacco? anarchist wacko. wreck; the heck...
Carter, a martyr. moronic, a phonic? king, to swing.
Ned, extremely red. writ, postscript -- top, will stop,
last; weakening fast. Young, and strung. young, trap sprung;
Gwinnet, in it. Young, mostly unsung. grief, quite brief.
Ember, to remember; McClung; been wrung. stayed, and prayed,
penalty. not me. nurse, a hearse. Grock, a shock.
intention, in detention. all, a shawl. noose, got loose.
Gene, be seen, black; the rack. Corliss, and lawless.
snit, couldn't commit Glendening, executions, depending note, rebellion afloat,
Mario, the barrio. Quito, Loco, subito; Chung, have sung.
schnauzer, his trouser. Brown, to frown. execution, just retribution;
it? pluck it? stake, a flake! Zorn, been born.
in, fair win, Bedouin, named Edwin agree, to be.
yard, watchful guard. Sunday, exciting Monday. Roos. let loose.
objection, lethal injection; O'Hare, the chair.


pleasures, of Measures; abstains, but retains moved, that you've
Naf, own epitaph: Sound, and profound; Laconia, had pneumonia.
Dirk, to shirk, amass, but alas, Price, anything nice.
Shawn, before dawn. Gelling, one dwelling. horse, using force.
Scott, he sought. care, no hair. Round, the ground;
marinade; will biodegrade. door, read NEVERMORE. Hill, This skill
Stoner, petrified boner, frail, wilderness trail; hopin' of gropin'
sleep; soul keep. bird, was stirred, grey, each day.
absurd, you heard? removal, ex-wife's funeral. lot, this spot.
taker; and shaker. delight, eerie moonlight. fate, the great.
Clyde, was spied; Brown, the town, Jed, he's dead;
Jones, morbidly owns, Bert, grave, unhurt. a-stiffin', gave in.
Liss, pure bliss. Wise, and flies, died, NO pride;
mummy, very funny. Carrier, bury her. demure; gather, concur;
said, all fled. guy, suddenly die endure, lady McClure.
learned: duly earned; Terry, and merry. Wace, trysting place
Paul, was small; bitch, a witch! Jake, his wake.
around, the ground. Faye, on display. birth, cold earth.
grand, are banned. Art; and heart. days, whiskey craze.
sound, valley resound. his, forte is. fry; drop by.
Moffin, would soften. grieving, be leaving sea; me --
Steve, to grieve. Crist, would insist. Moss, to sauce.
bed" are dead. be, down-and-outers hostelry, McGraw, to thaw.
moan, my phone. found, the ground, farewell, or Hell.
thunder, in wonder. Ed, by dead. Ranee, practice suttee,
Corners, three mourners: over. what drove'er? bungin', good toungin'.
Lou, always do. inert, Uncle Bert. remains, seventeen cranes,
Bruins, the doin's, crumbling; been rumbling, weep, may keep.
boring... no scoring! out. the gout!


Nunhead, of lead. Fern, terrible burn; Groover, the louver;
request: loved best, miss, a kiss. Baker, bone undertaker,
Lord," named Ford, affair, I swear; Bold, of gold
Spears, of careers. John; a blonde. divine, and pine;
loud, not proud. Snive, buried alive, Grone: a phone,
SARCOPHAGUS, from athropophagus. see, to be, Fred, the dead,


Pete; his meat Ron, was on); boots; in cahoots
bust, immortalized just- Cologne, the trombone; Rust, victories nonplussed
molest, not manifest. Klotz, of twats. Crank, every bank.
jejune, be hewn. Reed, a need, die, on high,
-- million gaffs sinner, considerably thinner. epitaphs, SHALL PASS.
bliss, the abyss, Sod, old bod. Joan, you're alone.
Mauffin, a coffin; Missal, of thistle; Drone, and alone;


ass, a pass buzz, pussy fuzz. ass, with gas,
goal, were tol'. brave, fine grave, dead; I said.
this, a hiss. it, internals commit. service, be nervous.
hearse, he'll curse. go, the pro- tears, three cheers.
admitted, was committed, Maeve, unmarked grave. blight. grim night,
day. to gainsay. fright, their might. down, the ground,
owl, unspeakably foul? sound. the ground. grass, had passed.
-- is it? tradition. or fiction. miss, a kiss.
flowed, so cold. body, E- boffin; a coffin,
oak, finally croak, Clive, ashes arrive, Clive, ashes arrive,
Boston, his coffin. closed. not disclosed. see, with glee,
Dave. I gave: curin' while endurin' ball, ultimately fall,
cemetery, moral penury, treasure? to measure? fatter, much sadder.
times, quickly unwinds. mire, the fire. bread, to bed.


Fred, it said: ill. but still, reflection, lethal injection;
mind, voluntarily signed. be? to me. late, earnest debate;
Bill," subtler still. -- and despair. unsheathin' she's seethin';
Fred, he said, Clive. still alive. Phil, the bill.
boffin, of coughing: McSligh; I die, Beth! death death;
Glover, the cover, Mumford, he slumbered, Clyde, being fried;
cursed. the worst. Titanic, no panic-- Ealing, for healing.
fuss; your lust. said, the head, last, my past;
-- where -- o'er, a whore. end, will ascend.
please, the breeze. Arden; the garden. come? our Mum.)
renown, a frown. Mose; last throes. Slough, up now.
true. me too." confide, book inside. mirror, hear her.
Reaper" fee per Brume, of doom. feller, town dweller.
spin, all in. astound, turned 'round. bring, (Elvis?)
insane. perfectly plain 'em, thrill 'em. O'Keefe, much beef.
O'Keefe, in beef. continueth, hith thinewth, adventhureth, hear-say conjectures)
Frye, he'd die. wait, natural fate. awful; will waffle.
destruction, for construction. DNR! stay far over; the clover.
queer, hold dear, found. me 'round. okay, at bay.
agreed, shrink intercede. Bend, his end, colonel, regions infernal.
Butte, cannot refute. smog, dense fog, Neath, his teeth;
Nash, my gash. young; been sung figure; much bigger.
"Hell, perpetual farewell. frantic, briny Atlantic. fear!" and beer,
Lloyd, to avoid. absurder? to murder. West, social unrest.
-- to him. Dave, friend's grave. adult, suicide cult.
Bled, his bed. fate, but wait-- oughter-- my daughter,
lean; is obscene. nine, flooded mine. tightness; exceptional lightness.
chips, her lips. Clive, stubbornly strive squeeze, deep freeze.
sublime, and crime. Fay, whole day.


shout, to pout, 'un. corky 'un. passe, plugging away.
willing, merciful killing. become, to some! true, to you!
I, do try see, to me. way; will play!
keep. to weep. me. chastise thee. claim, well...undying fame.
hero, than zero. ya? amaze ya? raised, been praised.
Brett, "Kevorkian get." get, Russian Roulette. pain, always remain.
said, in bed, Ma, my car. spouse, my blouse;
Dad, type lad. bland; or stand. PhenFen. too thin.
position, of nutrition. deglutition, grave condition:


world, quite knurled. Adam; had 'em.) girls, golden curls.
then, Anglian fen Earth, subsequent mirth cursed, of wurst.
yours! and wars agree, always PC. slog. some grog;
Sachs, the max: Bartz, into parts; Andrew, planned to:
change, to derange. stride, to hide. Phil, a hill;
newspaper; mad raper! Goring, bit boring, year, Condit's career;
reservation, sad abberation. Joe, cash flow-- galleon, a stallion.
archival, no revival. Nate, to skate. outback, did lack.
Matt, his cat. rain, poor Jane; Vector, Production Director,
Claire, caught unaware; knew, should do. insidious; been PERFIDIOUS.
west. his chest. Brown, lady's gown, White, violent fright,
Hassin, training assassin, crime, of brine. Dar, manner bizarre;
Iran, to ban. Budd, and blood. zero, than Nero;
gore, room floor; fan, would scan; track, went SMACK!
Alexis, both sexes. pro, Mafia dough. Smith, a myth.
rocker, "dock" her. Florence, that warrants slaughter, old daughter,
terse, every curse. attest, murderous best. Scowles, his bowels
Pucketts, of Ruckets; Donner, on her. Derrish, he cherished.
Dunbar, his ma. Mark, quite dark, Manila, paid killer.
-- a demon Flannery, his granary. give, don't live
Ted, the head. Yuma, a bloomer. actor, true benefactor.
Wayne, the rain; Max, an axe, Venn, of men.
William; filled 'em. Slater, and pater, Burns, nobody yearns;
Nepal, nearly all. May, one day. dud, the mud.


Ewell, more fuel, enigmatic, not automatic, Reeding, and bleeding
curmudgeon, (resentment) oil, to recoil. hard, our yard;
Koresh, a mess! Lee; you see. detestin', his mess-tin;
joker, retired broker. fender; a bender. bell; the 'ell,
macs; the facts. surprise; their eyes. bitter, hit her.
attacked, savagely whacked; bridge, a smidge, Jed, named Ted;
head, her bed, snores, annoyance ignores. Tabor, tossed caber,


Yates, could take. Adelaide, old maid. Letitia; kiss ya.
quixotic, rather psychotic. Fred, and lead." slew, a slue,
fond, a pond. Pridgets, of midgets. Ted, for head.
Beam, a stream; Dot, than not. "buts", boss, Lutz;
Nell, terrible smell. Letitia, kiss ya.


Botts, judge rots! Gaines, and pains. Inventor." his mentor.
Ed, their bed... Drury, her fury, Dumblane, and again.
town, the crown. lad, by Dad. Charest, the west;
say, the hay; Hussein, is insane. Cologne, the phone.
earl, beautiful girl. Pentagon, to rentagun. Bristol, powerful pistol
schemers, redeem us. Nate, too late!" headaches, try Dianetics.
sore; overpriced whore. meet, three feet." teenagers, to rages.
mother. which brother strife, your knife.


Kealing, and dealing; pair, very unfair. pair, child care.
Bella, her feller. Slice, very nice. Nash, a sash,
Jill, to kill; Lee, could be; Blogg, to jog;
demise, so despise. diet, It screaming; was beaming;
Lucan, home cookin' stretto, a ghetto, is. was his
Lizzie, a tizzy! Ed, one said. Ives, African knives.
wife, you strife, neat, my sweet. wife, whole life.
Meg, named Greg. City; tioux pretty. Young, were unstrung,


trace, troubled face. vile, bass viol, telly, his belly;
bride, nicely fried. invention, defies comprehension) -- saturnine sneer.
understand, seem bland. bizarre, too far, you, wouldn't do.
today, to replay. crank, you drank Gardiner, in her;
Munch, at lunch; Dale, terribly frail; macaroni, with antimony.
smart! my heart. Pot, got shot. Mort, cut short,
Torquay, red-letter day. Tonga, any longa; seen." Detective McQueen!


Clare, of despair; expire, garrote wire; Grower, his mower.
-- kills counterparts. Jewish; be shrewish. Kent, in cement;
Glory; a story. demon, a seaman. knife, his wife;
laurel, family quarrel; Fife, his knife. sleep, a creep.
Gloser, constant opposer. Caesar, freezer -- Ebeneezer, old geezer.
life. a Swiss-Army-knife. ocelot, a lot. Jill, the grill.
Pence, his sense, Daw; a saw; Grange, the range;
Bart, his art, Herridge, to disparage, Geneva, leave her.
cow; my vow. Kim, husband, Jim, preener; a dreamer.
Thatcher, catch her, Bantu, want to, cried. patrolman replied.
years; media smears. Miller, social pillar. Knock, the dock.
Pete, be beat. Manila, kill her. Schenectady, neck today!"
wife, bitterest strife; Westminster, tailor-made spinster. strife, her life.
Fife, his wife; Seth, her death. oils, heating coils.
news. using screws. Fife, his wife. grammar. a yammer,


aunt, amorous entente pride, greedier side, miffed, went adrift.
pad, gone mad, grew! murderess withdrew, start, spare part,
design, uniquely benign, Bay, a day. one, his son,
rich, the bitch, nerve, they deserve? comer; of summer,
noon, a prune. swoon, by noon inn, a spin?
you, be true? remember, last December. quim, to him.
hill, he will, true, she flew, sigh; to die.
doom. away room; believe; by Steve, cent, sake, spent,
mat, (for that soon, after noon, killing, a filling
found, a mound night, horrible sight clean, story's obscene.
said, him dead, play, the hay, bat." the cat.
tore, the floor. on, my garden. said, the head.
pain, happy again; bitch, a witch. miffed, her adrift.
happy. her ex-chappie. falling; simply appalling. proclaims, play games,
relate, -- Hate! gay; carefully say slack, is black,
choose, his shoes. Poles, their souls. slob, witnessing mob,
daughter, hadn't oughter. peasant!" thought, "Pheasant!" Clive's, throwing knives.
away, a tray. sabers, his labors. saber, sunbathing neighbor,


May, of way. inspired, he'd acquired must, to dust.
Fred. he's dead. Jude, quickly ensued; Deever, dying retriever.
hilarity; geat similarity. dysfunction, extreme unction; Mariel, for burial.
Faye, a day; Zeke, to speak; Ruth, for truth.
curse, men's universe. dead, Daguerrodargue said: write; causes delight.
treasure, his leisure. Stickley, terribly sickly; night, only right
Decatur, a potater; Erving, very un-nerving. Hades, and/or ladies;
sung, innocent young, womb, our tomb; Perth, his birth.
Ned, is said) Berms, with germs, fine; as mine.
Gore, in store: Ray, passed away. Kell, sickly spell.
tontine, Joe Green. Sy, said goodbye. hearse, been worse.
me. to be. Christy, quite misty, Genoa, owe her.
Saturday; bad way. Persia, nasturtium 'nasturtia'. Kurtz, that hurts;
say, fade away; say, every day, died; was fried.
died, his side; great. won't abate. Clyde, he died.
great! "statistical fate," mention, some discretion. Faye, and gray;
Shrife; this strife. win; the chin. agape, velvety drape,
said, in bed politician, changing position. Kent, extensive lament;
Kent, unlikely event. reward. crowded Ford. Death, philosopher saith,
jiff, lucky stiff! CA, the hay, Grundy, one day
said, you're dead. Sy, he'd die, distressed, got dressed,
Phools, these rules: Joan, a stone; Bell, very well.
bed, certified dead; best, to rest. cough, to doff
Fred, went dead; Stoneham. known 'im. Nimes, a dream.
up, a truck Marblehead, in bed. Bride, he died.
seizure, freeze yer humble. terrible jumble; Perkins, her gherkins;
debt; that regret; town. all down. Weep, her sleep;
scope, or Pope, Millie, was silly. Thrace, the place;


lied, and cried. Bradley, fared badly. cried, and died.
Claire, hold air; Sue, suddenly through; head, recently dead.
yeild, unhappily sealed; said, my bed." Joe, to hoe,
fellow, arsenic paella. Hyde. he cried. Fritz, violent fits;
Seth, dying breath, Stimper, a simper, Bernie, unending journey;
Hyde, somebody lied: Clyde, his side; dean, the spleen;
Quince, his flints.


hatched; you're matched. obscene; in between. keen, it clean,
deliberation, the nation cried, tenets aside; Sally, the Valley.
priest; has ceased. away, that day? die, on high.
cough, him off. bough; a cow. through; a few.
dough; some woe.


lust, I'll bust!" Ted, to bed. Salina, her vagina.
four, once more. willing, a killing; Fred, into bed;
a, above Merthyr; lass, mountainous ass. nameless) quite shameless.
Clyde, he died. while, in style. Jane. to complain.
dead, and head; dear, were here. you, killed you.
McSnead, from speed; Nate, his mate, Magician, for permission
coition, favorite position. fruition, the mortician, Gary, a fairy,
Baker, named Laker. Clay, every day. Fred, geriatrical bed.
Nash; the crash. hung," named Chung, care; the hair.
contractions, sex satisfactions, meant, cardiac ailment. Fred, to bed.
Al, a gal. nubile, of Argyll. Mose, his toes,
Florence, in abhorrence. Bob. his knob release, her crease,
God, old sod." grin, is herein. son," the fun.
manana, sexless Nirvana. proud, heavenly crowd?" carp, o'clock sharp,
Peter. sweet senorita. bed, the head. said, in bed.
attire, passions afire. Brunhilde, jerry-built builder. Reese; without cease;
Heath, a sheath, affection, penile erection; Kent, always hell-bent.
Morris, servicing Doris. case, its base. Chalmer, calm her.
fuckers, corn shuckers. sick, his prick; hand. he planned.
Fred, to bed. Hewing, was screwing. Darien, was marryin'.
horning, until morning. Major, fine stager. Italian, a stallion.
Farlet, harlot Scarlet. Rex, peculiar sex. thirst! you're immersed.
meant, cardiac ailment. Joan, odd bone. Jake, the lake.
untrue, was due. ignore, the score. awhile, quality style,
thirst, not cursed; Swim, a whim. Dutch, the clutch;
coffin, can soften Nantucket; fuck it. four, a whore,
Matilda, a dilda. Thrace; into space. (Private, investigator)
Phipps, pleasure trips.


mean, back, seventeen. Nantucket, the bucket. boffin, the offin'.
puttered, and shuttered; care; not fair." Bains, scarlet stains;
Ted, his head. Kentucky, was plucky. grain! going insane!
dread, my head; son, a gun, McBride, and died.
Scott, everyday sot. Newcastle, a hassle. friend; the bend
gal, named Al, trod, perpetual nod. Ted, in bed.
light, quite uptight. incredible! is inedible?" Marie, a tree;
wed, off dead; Malaysia, of ephasia. ill, a thrill.
Baines, with chains, Fredonia, of ammonia; Knox, his rocks;
sex) by flex. Estonia, one begonia, emphatic, were sporadic;
goose; a moose. Canajoharie, would marry, Hari. Hari carry
crazed, love appraised, Japan, handsomer than. Larry. I'll marry".
Wyde, gun curbside. McGrew, of stew. Ward, a cord.
kissed. be missed. red; in bed. Dredge, a ledge,
Clive, floor twenty-five. brain, the train. Moore, twenty-ninth floor,
Newcastle, a hassle. fling, and bring Ballindine, railway line.
went, my bent). spied, commit suicide!" averred, a bird.
Jane, her brain, Seoul, historic role... aloof, the roof:
care, in despair. Michigan, last wishigan. Pelf. in Delf.
fate, Empire State, Doug, a shrug, alone, markedly grown,
Huff, too tough. descending; be ending; Lorraine, a plane;
Joe; the flow. Toulouse, the blues. Ted; himself dead.
Dido, said "Right-oh." commit, a shit. deride. and snide.
hope, could cope. Lang; he sang. Malaysia, been lazier.
Hayes, terrible phase. red; the bed. vexed, being sexed.
Herridge, into marriage; Hilda, St. Kilda. Pat, unbearably flat.
Nell, the well. roulette; in debt. years, her fears
abuse, a noose.


Shotwell, not well true, to you. Lee. rich legacy,
relate, your estate. Bill, a will. Bill, paper mill.
Gore, in store: patter, resounding clatter; street, friend's feet!
Birch, a lurch. fill; or Bill." concern, my urn.
Sloant, says, "Don't!" Gil, the will. Jill; to grill.
cream, of steam. Ing, God willing, Bill, quite ill.
Melville, strictly dullsville. thrill, last will. aspiration, estate's confiscation;
heirs; for shares. coil, Earthly turmoil, knife. high-school fife.
sold, and old; chinchilla, lover, Priscilla. Pierre's, was theirs.
dead, testament read: Bill, a will; heirs, my shares.
Vance, deadlines askance, dears, and sneers, day, the hay.
Dad, doubt, iron-clad. fake. a mistake. day. named Mae.


Cancun, girls swoon. grand," newspaper stand. got, so hot?
jumble, a fumble. grumble, a tumble). cush, my tush?"
banned, must reprimand. Amarillo, new dildo. into, dildoes anew.
Crewe, with glue. prick, too quick, stoic, size heroic.
supreme! a dream. Dufferin, was covering, device; maybe thrice.
me; of simplicity. Jesus, phallic prosthesis. ass, and crass.
Ward, great fraud! "Goddamn! a ram. dildo, nice 'blow'.
Lowell, fruit bowl. best, the crest. divan, did ram.
Shaver, with disfavor. jail, for tail. noise, brand-new toys.
perplex: mechanical sex? Dade, old maid Foxy, named Roxy.
narrow; wheel barrow. me, new technology. play, It's OK".
bombastic, quite elastic. bored, named Ford, Prim, and grim;
Inspector, a defector, me, to me. plastic) or elastic.
Tish, the wish machismo, rubber gizmo Wales, two flails.
Lee, divorce decree. Hahn, a con, Matildo, wholly fulfilled-o.
Lima, a steamer. furious, I'm curious. Gwen, a twen-
Gore, a store. Alice, hard-rubber phallus. loofah, her doofah.
Fife, a wife, device, feel nice.


ill; of Jill. heat, big beet; meat, SFA...Even Pete!
midwest, were best. shy, how I shorts, deriding snorts
Naupactus, a cactus. Naupactus, a cactus; Alice, near Dallas.
knew, and through. York, a cork. Cobb, a snob.
bed, it said, Bob; small knob. slob? the cob?
Diane, the can full, girls pull; farm, salesman's charm,
force; due course. -- growing branch Kerns, and burns,
Hunt, perfectly blunt; loose, cucumber use. number, a slumber
car, gone far. Christmas, Panama Isthmus Greek, did seek.
Alice, substitute phallus, miss, of bliss, Durango, a mango.
right, every night. absurd," you heard? astute, of fruit.
faddish, a radish, Passee! frottings, allay! says, salady ways.
days, many ways, juicy, and fruitsy. -- you please.


Lana, to Montana Montana, a banana. Susquehanna, it manana.
Hannah, this manner: Tarzana, a banana: Said, in bed.
Sitges, in stitches. Palmas, discarded pajamas, Lana, a banana,
Anna, smoke marijuana. Savannah, a banana. Savannah, a banana.
Ilana, was half-Afrikaaner. Havana, down-to-earth manner. Havana, in Montana.
be, you see" Havana, no pajamas. Hannah, to Havana.
Anna, with manna Susquehanna, a banana; Savannah, elegant mannah,
Jim, a quim. Pollyanna, to NIRVANA;