Limeric Index



grey, charming bouquet. flavor, to savor; feet, them complete.
"non-sweet," compete -- mine, the vine. tried. the inside.
notable; words unquotable. learned; get burned. prude, anything crude;
Sue, with goo; Sue, some brew. Anita, the litre.
crush; or blush;


a, a foray good; I should cash, can stash.
best; the rest. Bob, hollowed-out log. dine, Canadian wine.
jive, buds alive. Madiera, a cheerer: beer; sweet cheer;
Lagger, a Fagger. glass, an ass. fort, on report,
stout, was gout. quart, furnish support. Short: the sort.
Norm, his dorm, stocking, something shocking. port, carelessly court.
court, a snort, port, caught short. SATIETY, of piety.
Nagasaki, ostentacious lackey, Merritt, share it. delight, whatever tonight.
way, come play. play? further delay!


anti, Italian wine) Esther, caressed her, albino, drink vino.
day, to A, Linder, the winder. Bronte, of Spumante,
Claret, of merit. Garrett, old parrot; garret, a carat,
lurkin', my gherkin; apply, too high; wine. clear incarnadine.
so. vino collapso? merlot, somebody's toe. Merlot, but No!
Garrett, a parrot. asks, two casks. guy, too high.
pink. to drink,


absinthe; and rant. liqueur; am sure: Contessa, bless her.
grapple," some chap'll beat, a treat. steam, me scream.
zone, don't moan; drink; I think. quail; in ail.
ail; me pale. happy, menthe frappe. Creme-de-Menthe, full strength.
Bodd, his God. bummin' went slummin'. Oh, so macho.
cider, offsetting rider. links, for drinks. lock, a crock.
Swede, his mead. need, Venerable Bede Soddy, hot toddy,
most, a toast. monastic, of plastic. Yankipoo, cologne shampoo.
host, a toast, terms. stomach turns. Eth's. the deaths.
Bogalusa, to amusa. Aberdeen, on Halloween. Hamm, of Spam.
ouzo; you know. morn, were worn. Jim's. serves Pimms.
brandy, very randy. Parsnippany, in Whippany. Stinger; a zinger.
Avery, in slavery. glade, fervently paid. ferment, defer meant?
fast, one last. head, binning sped. laconic, my tonic.
Darrell, went feral. vermouth, so uncouth. fear, for beer;
nice; or twice; fun, number one, meagre, visiting Riga,
turn-off, only Smirnoff. duzzed, all fuzzed. Turkey, very quirky.
time, where rhyme reds; their heads. Ben, and again.


us, get us. topic. so microscopic. Leeds, of seeds.
Leeds, with weeds; home, your loam, bugs, and slugs.
Mort, new sort. Plantimal, half animal. Gant, a grant.
Block, in stock. Mary, extra contrary, Chickeweed. little Hayseed.
fun, the sun; garden; your pardon). kerfuffle, enough; I'll
freak, so weak. atop, crop. Ted, his head.
Babylon, went on. mess, I confess horticulture, the mulcher.
se, as risque, Gulcher; me, vulture." fed, its bed.
grey, horse-drawn dray. Bombay, lettuce spray. Camp, fresh ramp.
Clint, some flint. plead, I need, Grant, man-eating plant.
dreaded, be shredded. "Why, I lie, small, meters tall.
Nora, with flora. Linda, a winda. succeeds, inhibiting weeds,
Trevor, were clever. mold, stunningly bold. away, each day.
me, for thee. Nicholas, pickle us." 'burbs, their herbs;
Dietz, the sheets, Trucial), what's crucial; Tatum, hate 'em.
hope, a heliotrope phyllo; my pillow. Lebeau, I know.
grows, everyone goes!" today; way -- plant, old ant,
Naupactus, a cactus. any! to Botany;" leading, selective breeding?"
is, that is,) stuff! had enough. Gus, a fuss;
-- his wife. myrrh, did bestir. cloves, oak groves.)
Chickweed, scatterin' plantseed. said, it spread. clothes, the rose.
needs, of seeds. Deex, the creeks Brown, trees upside-down.
who, to screw. 'em, local arboretum. week, to speak;
link, just blink.


not, a shot. Cleves, of seeds. woes; his toes.
Ansonia, spouse's begonia; old, the bold. rose, are "Oh's."
NECTAR, with detector, spots, some "forget-me-nots." bright, their might;
bouquet, as May; Botany, Dr. Monotony. by, say, "Hi."
Hollyhock, the clock. Hollyhock, a lock. Daffodil, The Pill.
plastered, that bastard. Plants", another nuance. triphyllum, Araceae subphylum.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit, gulp it; Veronica, red japonica. mate, so great.
Bray, into decay. yawn, at dawn, meconopsis, a synopsis.
hours, thundery showers, Australia, new dahlia, rosebud, a dud.
anther, to enchanther. name... name) became. day; I pray:
gals, his Phals. Amanda, demand a collector, postal inspector.
trees, the breeze. Brenda, of Zenda) opprobium, of dendrobium,
pot, could not. Bunny, were funny. Billy, wonderful willy.
me, and glee; trees, and he's sleaze, Ranger's pleas:
Bowers, his flowers. red, Ceasers bled. Phil, it still.
Cays, both knees. frillier. and chillier. phlox, of box,
snapdragon, the wagon. row, all grow. mum? are dumb.
Frost, great cost, titanic; quite phallic. garden, your pardon.
leaf, our disbelief, hell, this smell. smell, as well.
yelled! the smell. is, Sydney Green'us, lily; rather silly.
night, of sight, flower, pungently dour. Australia, terrible failure!
plants; and dance.


grim, and prim, day, to play. measure; to treasure.
nil, no skill; fruit, to boot bend, waterways, friend.
buts; some guts. shape, the grape: droop, a hoop,
No. deadly cuco. hairy, and airy; see, for me.
suspicious, mushroom's nutritious. notes, Redswell Bloats. Plato, a potato:
Huntz, of cunts. Russa: seduce a week, must seek


hoax, engendering oaks; Mark, the dark. trust, "Arboreal Rust".
Dwight, incredible fright. Knight, a fright Pappy, was happy.
sags; stuff zags; go, she blow. pole, old Sol,
obviously, last tree, Stone, da phone. boundary, a tree.
Lee, a tree. chap, great handicap; Freeze, in trees.
Rivers, the shivers; winter, a sprinter Clark, after dark.
Earl, a whirl. Lee, a tree. Lee, a tree.
Lee, with esprit, be, of tree. mow; with grow.
deeds, grass seeds. Spurgeon, deep urgin'. Fogg, could jog.
tree; bore pussy. court; very short. me, my progeny;
B.C. a tree! Lee, of Dundee, MacFogg; a dog.
Teas, in trees. park, it's dark; hay! I say!
please; with trees? harm- a farm me, limerick sea,
dashin' lunatic passion way, Oak A? turtle-dove; of love".
Liggatry, a tree. Claude, how odd!). began, a plan
Tandy, quite randy; tree, fun tree. Decker, check her.


acacias, "Good gracious! ash, her gash, aspen, first raspin'.
phalsa, in salsa. Dwight, all night. beech, to beseech
you, a screw you, a screw birch; great lurch.
birch, terrible lurch; bo, with Flo. Jean, Masochist Queen.
teen, pubescent coleen. cactus, into practice!" camellia, to Ophelia.
laurel, acts immoral; tree, you see. ash, a flash,
wheedles, their needles, mooted, well suited. grief, of de-leaf.
park," named Clark, elm; sexual realm eucalyptus, gripped us.
under, can sunder pods, the sods. all, in fall.
tall, the fall. rebutts, botanical ruts. fruit; poor substitute.
balls, aerosols -- quince, a rinse. frangipanni, sister's fanny;
wattle; full throttle. midcourse, English gorse. holly, Miss Molly.
chestnut, breast put. jacaranda, cousin Amanda. kauri, young Maori;
tree, to pee? liquidamber, did clamber. Liquidamber, did clamber;
Liquidamber, did clamber; maple, a ape'll. gap, must tap.
mesquite, Lizzie's feet, buckle, she'll knuckle." know, down below."
mulberry, Valerie's cherry. mulberry, Emily's cherry. Dundee, with glee.
oak, of bloke. Muntry, the country. crow, you know.
palm, her aplomb. palmetto, sexy libretto. spree, "Holy Gee!
can, that pecan. Pecan, still shriekin'; pine, got mine.
plum, friend's mum. peach, a breach. sap'll, and grapple.
fair, could compare. pomegranate, my Janet. poplar, Virginia O'Copular.
Keys, mangrove trees? rosewood, throes; would hedge, the sedge,
Joan, her phone. Jolla, long-lived sequoia. sycamore, sick galore.
teak, all week; teak, a week. teak, and meek
teak, and meek, tree; say "Oui". tree, its lee.
yew'd, the mood. come, as begun. swishin', be wishin'.
yew, in dew, yucca, and succa.


Kline, work fine. Toyah, acute paranoia; ponderosa, pretty-flowered mimosa,
cedar, cousin, Frieda. redwood, head good. Hill, would kill.
Sequoia, slut, LaToya. sequoia, slut, LaToya. spruce, to sluice.
spruce, to use. spruce, to deduce twigged, we frigged.
turpentine, and wine.


'em. explode 'em. seeding, I'm feeding. embark, the dark.
see, my knee. weeds; their seeds. roots, into cahoots
Sneed, and seed. Leeds, of seeds, seed; I need.
die; compute pi dust; has just chore, and sore.


anus, most heinous. queer, quite near Stanley, terribly manly,
shoe. I do?" York, a fork? exploring, worth adoring,
soon," trailblazer Boone, Mott, was wrought. Men, and then.
Paul, the wall. Scotty, of biscotti, disposal, this hose'll
deplora- ignore a ass, large mass. said: in bed.
blast, the ass. faggot! shag it! mystique, will seek.
caterwauling, as appalling, Tildon, fulfilled him, White, too bright.
Tim, and slim. Nexus; my Lexus. Torah, the hora,
dear, thing clear; transpires; lusty desires, Zimmer, a rimmer.
Dwight, the night. Euphrates, and penates, trite, a delight!"
Feebler, wheedle her. Lee, to tea. carol, the barrel!"
Lou, a shoe. fun, a tonne, Bruce, and loose.
cut, the butt.


stutter, butt her. stammer, ram her. Bruce; a truce.
wedding, the bedding, explorer, named Forrer. ass, I'll pass.
cliffs, international rifts. friends. you bend, find. often repined.
me; grind me. - vaginal delight riot? try it.
kind, from behind." math, with wrath, trade. his grade.
Norwegian, kinky Glaswegian. Phipps, niggardly tips, Verdun, anal fun.
retention, pay attention. Lance, of romance. Larson, deliberate arson,
Amos, quite famous. think, guy's dink. sedation, that location.
bubble, in trouble! crass: I'd pass. Mass. man's pass.
grew, to do. faultfinder, behind her. Blunt, her cunt,
come, her bum. unkind! you'll find. chum, her bum.
Chubb, buggery club. Ramnugger, a bugger, Jess, some finesse.
loose, trained caboose ken? the men knew, Lady Blue.
Beard, was weird. Fender, I surrender.


right. a fight. think. me pink! fast. full mast.
Cole, my pole: Marge, seagoing barge. pitch, uninterested bitch,
Freitas, anal pruritis, clot, to rot. Euphemia, of Bohemia,
afoot! did put Taft: and aft. Sebestian, a suggestion,
talk; just sulk. USA, will play Fear: the rear.
lazies, for crazies; octogenarian, protesting librarian. Annie; at granny;
Dudalk, could talk. Vedder, two-way spreader: Doris, flogging clitoris.
Madrass, the ass. unaware, sheepherder fair. Blum, the come.
Utah, devoted suitah: math, her bath. lass; of glass.
Annie, the fanny; doorway; No way! context; lover expects.
in?" my chagrin, Danny, called Lannie. class, the ass?
stacked, was attacked. Wapping, worth swapping Bierley, and squarely.
frown, face down. cold, so bold, Schenectady, to me!
slutty; her buttee. Shriver, the driver. Rugger, plug her,
Bear, pubic hair. Drew, Miss Sue. ass, the lass.
wife, my life. whore, coital lore. Ben, in Almaden:
Fay, all gay. Rochester, best her, Coker, my poker.
please", her knees. whore, coital lore. Gritswith, mitts with,
lass? your ass? back, to Jack, grudge, won't budge,
Mass. a lass. mass, young lass. toy;" into joy.
Ella's, us fellas: fear. the rear. sassafras, harassed ass,
Plummer, the summer?" know, a row. Peter, called Rita.
siss; Hershey's Kiss. Mario, from Ontario. Dawn; a shlong.
Ted, in bed. Vince, de menthes. Cooper, "Simply Super"
a-misting, little resisting, bugger, hug her. Bombay, strange way.
Butler, backscuttle 'er. Kelly, New Delhi. NYC, rather spicy.
Butz, the sluts. concern; to yearn. stern, slow burn.
low; the bow. date, that great. lass, the ass.
twat... deeper...I'm hot! Ben; humorous grin, bride, out wide,
Booker, perverted hooker. rump. to hump, Dexter, vexed her.
Avery, takes bravery! Wattick, not systematic.


Monique, looking physique. Tuttle-- by shuttle-- Sea, and knee.
bees, with ease. Deex, sexual techniques. plan, merry can!"
mystique, like McPeek, one. some fun. refined, will find.
Onossis, a colossus. art, so smart. Lautrec, from Quebec.
Carruther, one another. Greece, a piece, Tweek, and weak.
Troy, I enjoy, Thor, very sore. Eric, manner Homeric:
yore, a bore, Lee, libidinous spree. unkind. I mind.
pique, not chic. Creek, fat Greek. bezique, the Greek.
Kurd, dog-fashion preferred. turn, Backward yearn. Joan, a groan,
Silvanus-- extra anus. you, behind you. Greek, you speak,
Solon, were stolen. sojourn-- you return, Quebec, la Greque'.
SODOMY, number three" Berne, her concern.


Algiers, their rears. Algiers. for queers. Grace, try ass."
mode, dirt road. Bruce, are loose. disco, San Francisco.
leather, firmly together. Madrid, a kid. folk; Kiwis poke.
Bend, a friend. thumb! so glum. fat, she sat.
Bend, old friend. throat, their vote, Bend, squirting spend)
Carruthers, twin brothers. do; the goo. dear, my rear.
Russel, anal muscle. Goose, extremely loose. DeBeers, incestuous queers,
Grasty, -- pederasty. King's, and things. Bings, such things;
Kings, heavenly things, fellow, be JELLO. three, could be.
Siam, a damn. said, his bed, jowls, the towels:
Heft, so deft. year; were here. West, the best.
China. your behina. Cole, the soul: Ottoman, a man.
gave, my stave. fan, would plan. Wanamee, of sodomy.
Lance, slightest advance. seekin' we can vile," of bile
Celt, fur pelt. Monique, sexual technique. Oriel, rulings proctorial.
freaked; been leaked; dead, complex, instead, two; parents who;
Biggle, hysterical giggle, grudge, of fudge. Jewel, his tool.
Luntz, at once. Bentree, pederast gentry. appeared, they neared.,
friends, elegant bends. Kent, the rent. blue; the crew!"


Pinole, wrong hole. sperms; well burns. Ed, to bed.
Sears, two queers. dip; a pip. sparse, Tom's arse.
heinous; entertain us. Neil, other squeal. slipped, he dipped.
"Mary" quite hairy, Dick, galloping prick. again, it in.
Brighton, tight 'un. slut, the butt. Nick, dreadfully sick.
clean, is obscene. slick, cumbersome dick! whined. he pined.
jail, of tail. Francisco, all-gay disco. under, to plunder.
Yale, of tail. one, long one, dick, the trick.
Purdue, to screw.


thief, Mrs Heath. Stutz, had guts), astute, winning chute,
Crete, the street. Max, over cracks. dally, Jack O'Malley
more. front door." Calais, posh ballet. runt, "Lobsterman's Stunt".
wide, she replied, dame, to exclaim, hole, torn hole,
Thrace, right place!" pale, the gale: while, a smile,
bind! to find more, a score. lass, a pass.
McNear, a tear, Kelly, her belly. moose, to loose,
Turner, eager learner. Clack, his knack here, was queer.
said, the bed, lugger, hug her. Glasgow, ask, "Oh,
Mauritius, was delicious. Lynn, wonderful sin ... say "Please,
lass, of ass". Slugger, a mugger!" losers, and boozers.
Carson, of arson; Mutt, my gut; Carruthers, your brothers.
tremendous." boobs stupendous. coarse, for divorce, Flow, answered "No!
granny, named Danny. Bombay, a lay. barbarian, shooting ovarian
Jackson, and flaxen, Plum; than some. Schink, terrible stink,
class; strange lass. Sally; would dally.


Chen, and again. Buster, gor flustered. Wadham, of Sodom,
Australia, tail ya." starting, was smarting. Chris, a piss.
McQuig, the brig. Hector, the rector. bottom, about Sodom.
Sodomy, boddom; 'E Dike, a hike. jail, were male.
wide, slip inside. back, sore crack.


-- morn -- Nantucket, a bucket. Grover, four-leaf clover.
fate!" named Nate. Bombay, by day Bryce, incredible price
Colen, pole in. Cod, diseased-riddled rod bad, a lad.
Hanoi, small boy, Tong, a gong. glass, called Cass,
Madeira, of Lira; khakis, his lackeys, reason, from freezin'.
Bar, two-bit cigar, limey, "Try Me! sternest, now churnest.
Aires, and prairies. horse, vigorous force. pool, quite cool.
queer, quite unclear. Teddy, make ready, Iraq, Arabian crack;
Ken, say when. Yussel, all a-bustle. Fern; it'd burn.
Persian, peculiar perversion: Humphrey, rum free. score; the core.
sea, made free. Butte, male prostitute: kneeling, sobbing, appealing:


Errol, a barrel. Rue, rear flue. Axminister, quite sinister.
tar, here to...thar. Boyle, to despoil, Buckingham, ducking 'em,"
Earl, a girl. brolly, trolley -- Siam, a damn,
Duke, Bishop's rebuke:


Maine, bunk-mate, Wayne. Uttocks, beautiful buttocks. Ramnugger: to bugger.
Loy, cabin boy? crew, he drew. hope; tie rope.
rum; is glum. Jim. be grim; boy; to employ.
God, a cod there, to share bid, a squid.
enhanced, surely advanced say, every way. Fred, the head.
sea, cried "Whee! apparel, the barrel; him; balled him.
sailor, first jailer. lighterman, a man, sloop, spirits adroop.
Randy, girl handy. Oswego, sea go." Balbriggan, from frigging.
sailor, a failure, Hermann, buggering mermen. Ned, the head.
Navy, be crazy!" melancholy, or dolly. Twickenham, object stickenham.
Nate, of late. Magee, to sea. sea. was free!
chosen, a hosin'.


Ralph, last laugh. Saigon, his dong, Arras, the grass.
alliance, in defiance, Chuboot, remarkable root. Chuck, had pluck.
Nantucket, muck it. Nantucket, suck it! Manny, his fanny.
Sid, a squid. "Why, own cock) Arras, the grass.
Howell, a trowel. Mayence, in defiance dumb, the bum.
Berlin, husband Flynn. Hope, a rope. Stu, the loo.


Drumrig, times frig. Tutt, wonderful butt, MacPherson, a person.
Saskatoon, hot-air balloon. Shumate, masculine screw-mate. Amarillian, the pavillion,
lugger, for rugger, Cretchmore, fetch more. cheer, a queer!
Delpasse, his class. Kevin; least seven! Peru, a Jew.
Frisco, of Criso, Madras, of glass. Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, a dingle,


mild, goes wild. Rhodesia, please ya, feet; to defeat.
Gretcha, let ya'. tapeworm, could squirm. McNutt, nastiest slut.
guts, without sluts Silesia, please ya, tapeworm, intestinal germ.
butt, lady-boy slut,


Rye, a pie, Binner, named Skinner; elf, a shelf.
Mauritius, and nutritious. making, ain't faking, Moonie, was loonie.
dream, quite supreme. Zimbabwe, stab me. society, first degree.
Peppard, a leopard. Clive, him alive; Connor, own honour.
what? my butt! Moon"; home soon Gus, his sarcophagus.
store, no more can, pre-processed man." tree, a spree.
pasty, too hasty, ado; drum-beating hullabaloo?" eh? fortnight today
King? last spring. Wicken, stew thicken. Guinea, too skinny.
elf, the shelf. gray, enormously bay, fakes, mens' aches.
Rosen, be chosen; Betty, all sweaty top-shelf, more pelf.
you, a stew. Timbuktu, mouth-watering stew. Timbuktu, mouth-watering stew.
Wall, my call. Omoo, decidedly few. Willie, bit silly.
Bride, to hide, Hungarian; strict vegetarian." carnivore, grocery store.
sea; to me; Kipps, to chips. cheese, over Louise.
in, of sin? shame, bad name. fright! in sight;
RESTIVE, best if Joan, (Jeffery Dahmer) cannibal, too small;
done, some fun, McGraw, up raw. heat, such sweet
rioting; most disquieting. Ganges, flange; he's smother, Earth Mother
Zhmed, presents instead. pot, she's got. Drew, one askew:
tone, the bone. indeed, just greed. Ned, in bed.
rocks, in crocks. hoods, ill-gotten goods. labs, mortuary slabs.
debrunch, have lunch. fishes, animal species, gumption, the presumption,
pole, a bowl, pets, dearly upsets sight, all might.
snow, till o- Paul, the hall. Spinks, those finks.
be, named Lee; McNaught, nasitest sort, clown, didn't drown).
Timbuctoo, would do. dead, your head. stout, Girl Scout.
arm, great harm, Annabel, old Hannibal, heard, ugly word.


dictator, but later. Cannibals, with animals? discover, the cover.
Kitts, with grits. Zoth, much froth?" terrific, the Pacific."
Skinner, getting thinner! tall, and all. serve, named Merve,
lickin', and kickin'. dig, and big. MacLean, cannibal queen;
Zaire, and beer. imperial, of cereal, Fred, "You shithead!
Botswana, sheer Nirvana, varlet) Italian harlot. McVeetie, a treaty.


winner, people thinner. Towcester, roast her. Moffin, to soften
May, that day. bunch. for lunch. Krupp; did sup.
well-oiled, be spoiled. Malta, a halter. brother, as Mother,
wife, serrated knife. grunts, for lunts; river; me shiver;
slaughter, McCavity's daughter; yet, a vet, Grinner, to Pinner.
Maloney, terribly bony. -- for ingestion! do." the stew.
bun; the sun. flaccid; and placid. brandy, had handy!
lovin', our coven; winner. old sinner, guy, ask why;
Annie, so canny, Hannibal, a cannibal, wood, he stood.
Jigamafloo, we do. dine, did whine, grass, from gas.
winner, get thinner, Penzance, his aunts, Flynn, a sin:
Swisser, bliss, sir.


Maine; a refrain: protector," livestock inspector, Hector, a detector.
here, an ear, Gibbs, their cribs," Phil; a grill,
shrink, a sink. then, his chin, among, cooked tongue,
lot, middle-most spot. increased; of yeast. Hannibal, aa cannibal.
should, quite good. Bryan, just dyin'.


Bengal, named Paul. aghast, comrade's reppast. Spence, the gents
priest, the deceased; snit, a fit. guest, liked best.
deliver, Nile River. Kitt, to submit. delight, God's fight.
limey. untie me." Skinner, a winner. fires, named Meyers,
Hugh, that's true. grange; foreign exchange. true, oft screw;
creature; of teacher. Town, Father Brown. hot, he got;
nullifidian," from Gideon, Hun, corn-fed nun. Munda, the wunda,
duck, fingers suck, York?" his fork. dinner: real winner!"
Skinner, the sinner, stew! to you..." mad; be had.
Decatur, red-hot potater. chewy, of hooey.


Hannibal, easily plannable: Chatham, irascible madame. nigger, Reverend MacTrigger.
unmannable, is bannable. daughter, iced porter, Proctor, Chinese doctor.
them, mistreat them. Stub, his club. Kleppers, male lepers.
Drew, human stew. clothes, our nose." Roulette? good head,
Palmer, local embalmer. boast, finest host. Paul, sexual stall.
deaner, be keener. tea? and Brie. Bill, the grill.
Clyde, and wide, Malaysia, call Anastasia.


klutz, or buts; Camus, a zoo, fame, a dame,
slurp, just burp. shock, jaw lock! fond, a bond.
Cecilia, feel ya, heard, politely demurred. Russell, mere muscle.
hoax, did coax Barnard, baseless canard," Santayana, to Nirvana,
planet, man it, action, of distraction. depravity, lady's cavity.
abound, gravity found. chimp. the pimp. Mill, a thrill,
Kinsey, were flimsy. tots? the hots? Lawrence, vicious abhorrence,
wrath) and math. Missouri, a brewery. Malta, a psalter,
McLuhan, be soon me, an "E." Lundelle, a bell.
Pepys, who sleeps doodles; with oodles Stylites, iron pyrites,
book, a hook. scAMP, van kAMP; fossilology, of brachylogy.
Mao, a cow. Durant, just can't!" Bragg, to brag.


Harry, was wary. plane; and again. Pacific, nothing specific.
blunt, navigator's stunt. breeze, South Seas: Lias, without bias,
truth, immoral, uncouth. Behring, so daring. Samoa, . .
frown, a clown? Rhodes, natterjack toads. blessed, the best,
Ian, tea in. it, spelled it. Speke, natural freak,
Norse, the source worse; off course. Frost, had crossed.
Booth, of Youth, Shauna, a sauna, hope, without telescope.
Basin, start raisin', grand, my hand. Buenavista, a lista;
Perouse, cheap booze. shores, your oars! Clark, the dark.
Clark, a lark, Clark, until dark. a... get gonorrhea?"
obsess, demanding finesse. west; the best. faced; was traced.
Brost, or frost. years, few fears, gloat, their boat,
week, a leak. song. all long. creek, did seek.
Rust, bare bust; Craft, spiced giraffe. Lunn, no fun.
Cole, the Pole. Pizarro, Harrow - mount, fabled fount.
own, unturned stone; us: freeze us. is, adventurer Cortez
house, brave pose. away, Cristobal's day, Livingston, Stanley won,
Phipps, wilderness trips, freaky, of Tahiti Thule: your school;
Gama, one-legged pajama, twitch, his itch.


sail, without fail. Spain, was insane. line, is mine!"
forth, wethterly courthe! quest; the west. Ninety-Two, the blue.
two, ocean blue. heel, with zeal. round; be found;"
world; sails unfurled;


sailor, steadily staler. diversion, Mad version train, Karenina slain.
blamed, feel ashamed. stir, buzzing whir, Jeeves; Bertie believes.
nose, I suppose, flower, his tower. knew, Dan McGrew,
Juan, what'cher doin'?" man, sometimes ran. Quixote! and goaty.
now, a row. butter, DOVECOTE a-flutter, effete, ever complete.
chumps, of Gump's. bright; at night. Din, his skin.
Tujunga, friend, "Cowabunga! Clarice, given release. hike, shout, "Yike!"
pissed; they hissed. Sapphic; Holland's topographic? adventure, Her
adventure, chipped denture. adventure, a debenture. adventure, of censure!
goer, the lower Jones, old crones. Clouseau, calamity, though
Dallas, neurotic malice bike, the dike. hide. Hyde hied.
Hyde, one denied. Jeeves, he achieves. Jeeves, of peeves.
Mars, named Tars, Carter, steely carvers. swine, strong brine,
Barsoom, his doom. who, was through, Lilliputian, the solution
floated, was noted: sprightly, too lightly. brick, the quick;
before, it galore. Fortunato. til blotto, me, the Sea."
Portnoy, the goy. Esmerelda, beheld her, story, and gory;
Triomphe, a thump, bunch; gone crunch. Farm, with alarm.
Rip. a kip. mates; there waits, quirk, to jerk.
diedy, pride. He knew, they do. Crusoe. askew, so
Hester, obsessed her divinity, a B. O'Schwartz, Cohen courts;
more, the score; way; Labor Day; chagrined, to rescind;
Percy, all controversy. agility, sister's ability; Legree's, villainous Sleeze-
cough, he'd scoff. Sinbad, chin pad; powers; golden shower.
immortal, a chortle, Cleaver, penis receiver.


Wooster, used ter. circumlocution, a solution. village, a spillage,
off, a cough, pills; your ills. 'do'," a few
aunt's, a dance, a-quiver, and deliver." know, usually show,
contextual, quite sexual. holler, to foller; excitation, girl's titillation,
priest. is released. showing, fairly glowing. complain, in twain.
choat, storm-ravaged boat. cry, his eye, interred, and bird.
label, to enable.


bold, and sold. PA, can't stay." fire. go higher.
chilly, the silly year, her rear, now, the Dow,
expires, the wires, Ebeneezer, seize her, caboose, buttons loose,
there... take care! kink, of drink; bewail, tale,
him, Tiny Tim? a-breaking, is faking you're, cute, you're


Motson, pot, son." Motson, pot, son." Doyle's, hollow gargoyles.
hound, a bound. calls. my balls. spill, Lady Baskerville
Devonshire, or queer. Junction. great unction, Hannah, formal manner,
yellow, quite mellow, cried, got inside. pantry, jars condimentary,
B., should be. satisfied, gone, died? concur. I'll refer.
see," Lady B." ponder. down yonder. whore. so sore.
found, it astound- known! a bone, can, good scan,
tough. quite enough! stink, to drink. horse, of course)
start! the heart! hound! it found?" fame, The Game,
Holmes. garden gnomes. clerk, a jerk! Escott, was not.
suction. you instruction, Moriarty; a smarty. beguiler, and filer.
flowers, of ours. Hell, said: "Well?" fled, I said.
way, gets away, alas, first class "Alas! the ass
raising," named Blazing, cried. "I decide... smile, a while.
wise, for spies." Holmes, fine tomes, hound, and round.
run, the sun. fire! to expire!" scent, a tent.
do, quite blue. Red, in bed, detective, and objective.
Adeline. in line.


Jane, and pain. swoon; a boon. Poirot, you know;
assume, a tomb. wild, a child. vine, so divine.
toiling, was a-coiling; fear, swinging near, Chiquita, pissed-off senorita.
Porter, all quarter. Oswego, my ego: bint, subtle hint?
thin, beastie within. thick, my prick, socks; flowing locks.
Hugh) "horrible hullabaloo," Bong, very strong, along, are wrong;
Tarzan, a man! Jane, of champagne; again, the strain.
awe. no more limp, a wimp. Jane, a pain,
thong, foot wrong, name"; her game? trees, the breeze.
Jane." and again. he) to tree, Greystoke, were broke.
many, weren't any, downhearted, we've departed, man, himself orang-utan,
barbarian, fair, vegetarian,) fruit? would suit? ponder, will wander.
rain, young Jane, Jane." she plain. charms; under arms.
sweet, a treat, son, the pond, man, a "Utahsan,"
weird, Tarzan appeared, where? a care. elephant, my element,
dopes, aptly elopes. fellow, he bellows.


idea, see ya'. class, his lass. has, girls ass.
here, I fear. knob; ears throb..." Horatio; he go.
risen, be his'n, pits, to fits, disputin', the solution.
"Indy", got windy. reports, really retort. hied, would hide.
Hyde." Hyde hied Hyde." to hide. Cheevy; believe, he
story, Richard Cory, around, gardening ground, news- substantial clues.
wear, a scare. dead, the bed, wore, still more.
read, named Fred fat, top hat. lace, some place.
trois? by Dumas? years, French queers. made, a glade,
sword-play, rapist away. conned, the Sorbonne. version, Porthos' curtain.
led, gamely said Syd, you did. Mitty" a pity.
pocket, a rocket.


twice, their vice Bligh, of supply, jail, of bail,
said, penis. Instead, extol, his goal, Casanova, is over,
Casanova, passion's over, water, taught her." said, bald head;
Spain, private domain; drawn. packing brawn. few, to screw,
disgrace. earthly place, lie, to cry, sly. will cry!
Cid, the need. break, accuracy's sake, Havana, Castro's banana,
fatigues, Cold-War intrigues Reuben, you been?" -- for mendacity,
lassie, Haile Selassie, Selassie, large POSSE. elephants, the elements.
Marx, in parks. teen, peculiar mien, broken. have spoken.
sunny, that honey, Zedong, the young. Nostradamus, harm us.
end, believers intend hellion, of rebellion, Iran, must ban,
dream, 'twould seem. Generalisimo, real fortissimo, Bede, his seed.
Tell, so well, Tell, to Hell" old, ball, rolled.
bowman. fraudulent showman, me, Norse deity.


Harrison, a garrison. Manila, son Attila. Hun. was done,
Hun, the fun? Hun, for fun. clung, have sun:
engaging. for caging run. and fun. Attila, genuine thrilla.
true, and screw. young. been sung, small, at all;
Attila, muderous killer; mine, your shrine, me? for thee.
me! a tree. pissed, doesn't exist.


David, day fed. think," the pink; lose, can muse.
amused... awfully ill-used, Pepys, were leaps. Pepys, were leaps.
sleeps, secretly keeps Pepys, in heaps. crepys, lady slepys.
creeps; he leaps, shun, so none Abbey, be shabby.
see, could be. folk, good smoke, lake; Francis Drake.
tread, be spread. star, went far. starter, themselves smarter,
agree; his century. dressed, not impressed,


willing, is thrilling. DERIDE, of bride. charm, the norm.
Paul, masquerade ball... hair, stay bare. pride, remarks snide,
fairest, and harassed, peak, to pique year, Coventry here,
Godiva, I've a find, in mind." quipping, was skipping;
Godiva, hide her. Ivor, Lady Godiva. slow; a pro.
pop, would stop. stallion, in Italian. PRAD, be glad:
Godiva, menfolk saliva.... arrested, bare breasted. bare, would stare;
tack; him bareback. mane, with disdain. aplomb, from mom.
cash, to flash. Godiva, I've a


Khan, a lawn, banks, gave thanks, edge, watering ditch,
green; the mean, streams, down seams, thereabout, and throughout,
around, hallowed ground, rules, magnificent pools told, from old,
cried, true bride, cried, and sighed; rocks, and blocks,
rushed, it gushed, stone, distance unknown, loud, and bowed,
kneel, chariot wheel machine, a scene recrossed, waters embossed.
"War," and more. war, red gore; fed, were said,
great, tempted fate, flowed, were old, blazed, were raised.
played, she swayed, hue, was true, sweet, white teeth,
fill, might spill, know, its flow. see, over me,
under, musical thunder, sighing, he's trying, crying, its flying!
air. and flare, thrice, his eyes, eyes! as wise
lant- fellers pant. men, and then gestation, the manifestation,
Xanadu, for two, fun, a nun.) hordes!" and doors.
Alph, his health. more. orgies galore. day. Cross way,
oration; with medication. tell, to hell. song, with Mendelson's
blunt, great stunt:


Carnegie, day library? kite," just might." flag, to brag.
costin', of Boston mind, a find?" shore, contend anymore.
Clay, super bidet. soprano. turned gay. Australia; them today.
dick, after lay. winner, public sinner. recreation, on plantation.
signed, into mind; Standish, did brandish. blandish, of Standish,
Standish, wholly outlandish, Hale, final inhale, he, necktie party,
me, by sea." Revere, of career; ride, his bride;
Miles, their wiles. niece, must cease. Thoreau, to borrow.
bends, Age" trends.


cruel, a tool, fag, murderous jag. Georgia, family Borgia:
Fidel, look well. middle, I piddle! gross. be "Adios!"
us; fight us. awoke, a choke. counts, ounce --
day, I'll say, work, and quirk, crew, I knew.
land, every man. us," as Ghengis. chap; terrible rap.
Amin, be keen. Amin, fucking machine. Amin, a scene:
explanation, that decimation Skipper, feeling chipper. Ripper, strip her,
other, Wales' brother. Dahmer, an embalmer. irate; so great.
guy, to buy. mark, the park. bunch, a hunch,
Brown, feet down. Will, stood still; day; her stay.
believe, surely receive. her, in horror, Keating, terrible beating.
Duke, a fluke, Ho!" too low, pits; low-class half-wits.
Truman, quite human. Kent; she went. Report. all sort,
kicks, old dicks. delay. tongue-in-cheek say, horrendous. were endless.
gurney; life's journey. nights, murder sights, excuse-- parental abuse.
taught-- of fraught. alas, of gas. pie, plausible lie.
Ollie, GOP folly. peers, their rears. czars, at Yars,
Rasputin, no disputin'. shootin', I'm rootin'. Loretta, of "Baretta";
bride. and hide. strife. his wife. Scott, a spot
rich! a ditch; quick, his prick. skater, devout masturbater.
box. knit socks. Impaler, "Hello Sailor!" sailor, an inhaler.
am; a sham. weather, and Heather;


site, in flight. boast. than most. OJ; they say.
dutiful, found suitable," swagger, a nagger, Hill, from Bill.
O.J. June day. O.J. some day. cards. in shards.
free, can be. fear, have here. tell, in hell.
gents, the fence. Garcetti, of spaghetti knife, his wife.
tops, giving chop-chops. woes, I suppose. solly, by golly.
laddie, with Daddy, Darden, a pardon; less-- to confess.
guess, to caress." Darden, a garden. OJ, year everyday.
raid, his aid. say, -- DNA. it, poo-poos it.
Mark, the dark, amok, a buck. spun, Monica's fun,
OJ, go 'way. "Juice"; the loose; O. a blow.
trolley, vengeful svengali, jailed, severely assailed, use. too obtuse


Una, and tuna. Fred; ramshackle shed. Una, been sooner,
mathematician, him coition. Ted; was red. see, and me.
Ted, his head, nice, explosive device. rabbit, grab it.
Kaczynski, deadly intentski. so, good go Ted; saw red.
Ted; to dread. enough; quite rough. him, bound him.
aroma, through "Oklahoma". Ted, Montana shed, Kaczynski, intern Lewinsky),
geek; pathologically meek. day, to say: mate, The State.
sigh. went awry. dough, all go. excuse, a techno-recluse.
Ted, people dead. shack, big pay-back. Ted, his shed.


dictator, a translator). mean; a scene. vigor, did trigger.
smile, of style. Berlin, Charlie Chaplin, Hitler; territorial whittler;
categorical, an oracle clout, Normandy rout. pout, could shout!
Mussolini, seven bambini. ball, very small. smock, dis clock!
Goebbels, with pebbles. dead, bright red, Kieth, down underneath,
Goering, loud snoring. swirlin', in Berlin, Maience, Hitler defiance.
boss, a loss Austro-Hungarian, an Aryan, knees, half geese,
endure; a cure; Stukas, big bazookas. unitesticular, too particular,
luft, he stuffed, Heinkel, a teinkel, sick, a dick,
down, a frown; moustache, foetid gash, dampf, would clampf;
tears; 6 years. shorn, in dialect) monorchid; found awkward.
release, his peace, style, seldom smile. Athene, Fredrico Fellini.
Mussolini, brown bikini. Nazi, sound hotsy-totsy. star. railroad car.
Kulit, misconstrue it. Jews, the news. Ness, Rudolph Hess.
he, and artsy! Dock; the clock. Hainz, took pains.


choice. Let's rejoice! trolled, about old Dock, cuckoo clock.
Bell, device nouvelle, tizzy, him dizzy. <1892> be true!
invented, not intended. yell, to jell." birth, diatomaceous earth.
test; upside-down vest. converter, stink-smell subverter. twat, your slot.
test. poot-tastic fest. think; the brink liars. War fliers.
Fred, well read. Green, seen -- stripper, testicle gripper;
statesman: would ban. said, her head right, to fight;
kite, stormy night. son, older woman. told, with gold.
Bean, to clean. air, inventor declare, Dan, to plan
mention) unresolved tension. voices, choice is, unthinkable; be Brinkable.
spot-on: tease cotton. Phlitte, well benefit. Percy, amidst controversy;
Hague, excessively vague; buck, such muck. anew, they do.
plastic, something drastic. invention, short comprehension Mobile, the wheel.
know) would grow; trilby, Jack Kilby. ProCoS, complete hocus-pocus.
January) dark veil; knowed: battlefield code. phooey! do we?
dots, a lot. orange, and syringe, Dread, he said,
percenter, time inventor. Prague, old log. invent, of cement;
Sparta, one daughter. tireless, the wireless, ago, transmitter, Marco-
care; I'll share. Dene, unusual latrine. said, to dread.
blunder," I wonder, Perkins, the 'Merkins blinkin', much drinkin',
mother, Yankee brother. tonic, bits, electronic, sport; a short.
store, telephonically bored; Doris, was porous. Schlepper, was hepper.
invented, fully resented, true. the screw, Day, would pay
sprocket, the socket. feel, square deal. Sneem, by steam.
Pitt, a spit. Medicent. I'm reticent Pruitt, do it.
lark. classic spark renown, to town, Jones, and moans.


Wright, first flight, grand, must understand. levity, nonsensical brevity.
it!" try it!" Wright, highest height sight, a kite.
Wright, too bright!" tight! first flight. Wright, of flight.
flight, motorized kite, Wright, of sight.


see, might be. scary, does vary. Godzilla; a thrilla.
fun, the ton. shark, and dark. hit; couldn't sit.
despite, blood-feasting rite. rest, the best? re-read; my head.
sees, Jekyll's keys. rat, my flat." Jekyll, to heckle
defiant, Green Giant.


Kong, humongous ding-dong. Kong, carried along. strong. done wrong.
Fay; his day, say, at play. Kong, a sarong.
Kong, unspeakably long. Kong, and song. Kong, great dong,
Kong, are wrong. John; our Kong. palm? salami salaam?
sum. your bum? it. riiiiide it. shur. kin endure.
true? and you? Godzilla, superior 'filla'. lassie, curvaceous chassis,
Wong, incredibly long. wrong! don't belong hung, hero, unsung.
hour. huge power. Kong, all wrong. Kong; and strong.


actor; attract her. Astaire, dancing pair. around, rhythmical sound.
whirl; a pearl. night. a fright. bitch. the witch.
all, Lauren Bacall. Jolie, Holy Moly! God-only-knows, his nose;
disciplined, and grinned. split. a nit-wit. Gloucester, Jodie Foster.
star; does jar! silly, from Chile. Cruise, the news.
slouch, old grouch, fishbowl. and Nicole. Berlioz, to compose.
eel, must feel." grunt, his front, frank, the tank,
Ryan; all a-dyin'. would, in Hollywood? kicks, their pricks,
Plummer, one summer... Furst's, the worst. groovy, a movie;
act, bit cracked. game; no shame. large, my entourage.
President, my sentiments. wives, the side. time, my prime,
superstars, to trooperstars. entertain, to explain, tease. achromatic sleaze.
night, did smite, truly, to be


you, marvelous screw. Albergett' eating spaghett'. Judd, her blood.
confession... favorite impression star, her bra. cable, wearing sable.
Crandall, the handle. fate, to bait. Eve, I'd receive.
Bo, her toe. come, I'd succumb: Brigitte, and sweet
Blaire, and prayer. you! for you! Trish, a dish.
Cybil, a nibble hit, of clit. Demi, that she
hill, a thrill, "Pocahontas" want us Lamour, and fewer?
Drew, a hullabaloo. Barrymore, liquor before sailor, Norman Mailer;
ho-hummers, all comers. Lolita, of tequila. Pearl," to nerl,
journey, yearn we. moans. the phones. Swede; definite need.
clone? in tone. tone, erogenous zone. elusive; others intrusive.
me, certainly be. Jane, cable domain. Honda, to ponda
Russell, terrible tussle Joe, to know. told, and bold.
Gloucester, Jodi Foster. said, in bed." PENTATETTE, wittiest yet
try. go awry. features. the teacher. wine. my mind.
bain, always remain (Kathleen) back burner. honey. ain't funny.
masses, Levantine passes; Dickens, Slim Pickens; Bacall, one fall.
fogy, his stogy. Clinder, drawing-room winder enough. against love,
- hay - appeal, would steal. West, a pest.
West, to rest. star, consider P.R. lacks, a battleaxe,
cried; have tried. Monroe, long ago. Nanny, were uncanny!
cure, for sure! 'uns, the cop-ins. Michelle, Mag sell.
Scrooge. man Luge impressed, with incest. days, and stays.
Lee, -I-S-S-I-N-G Sue, a screw. movies; quite groovy.
Gellar? the cellar. Sharon; was darin'. stunning, and cunning,
adventure, her denture, Maclaine, so inane Lollipop, candy shop,
Tawny, actress Sigourney. Sarandon, hand in. Bara, desert Sahara.
ideal, we feel Blake, could slake, take. a fake.
Jake, a take. Winona, grown a


Moore, truly adore. Roswell, well -- true; will persue.
discloses, of roses, thinner," Oscar winner, Haley. thrice daily.)
teens, my dreams. crave, objections waive, all. the call.
because, in Oz! cones, up bones; hustle, a tussle!
Rose, a pose, some, a threesome. chore, any more.
Ernie, follow Sigourney. not", movie's plot.