Limeric Index



class; at mass. use) that attacks John, leather thongs.
Worcester. seduced her. Ward, awfully bored; Kent, she went.
solon, hole in whose, her do-dos, Burnett, a vet!"
bit, would hit, Joel, a mole. Luby, pound ruby.
Dennis, nobody's binness. fourteen, sexual routine. lung- my tongue,
erection, marble collection. friend, you bend, Val, poor gal.
Nantucket, her bucket. Joel, his bowel. Troon, of tune,
yer- his wiener green, have seen. Heuge, Baton Rouge;
Harris, to embarrass, Stan, was grand. dear, very clear."
Kentucky, was lucky. boob, test tube. crass, his ass.
pee, my repository. Lancaster, a disaster. Poland, hole in
lass, of Mass. lad, became glad schtup, two pups.
soiree, good lay her, a sinner!" Ben, once again.
Cass, of class. cursed, to burst. inspection, own protection,


Clough: instantly stuff Wheeling, garden a-kneeling, Neil, to feel.
lass, a bass. Greer, out here... greasy, bit queasy.
Tucker, pluck her. here, your rear. irate; terrible state.
Kling, his thing. Troll, a mole. zoo, a gnu,
it, of picket, Swiss, to piss. Zambezi, be easy.
Mass, young lass.


lass, her ass; Annie, of bananny. Pagonia, phone ya."
leeds, of seeds, say: warm bidet. last; my past.
nut; the butt. thunder, no wonder, intent, for Lent;
Japan, brain scan, Schnieder; excite her. Nantucket, shuck it.
Watton, with Cotton. Mongolia, strange melancholia.


act, a fact: career, small beer) droll, Jim Troll
ass, imposing crevasse. molasses, upon masses Jim", a whim.
alas, smelling gas, stools, soft'ning capsules? boulders, his shoulders,
Dinwiddie, worlds pity; boulders, it smolders? Syndrome, new home,
Jim; than him. Herbert, a pervert. pass, his ass?
maneuver, his manure, wife; his life. wrist. a twist.
stools, softening capsules? boulders, his shoulders. pain, stuck again.


Scoop, couldn't poop, it! tear it. snatches, some catches;
Preston, rectal congestion." Martin, caught in Hensill, and tensile.
Dwight, sleep impolite; repository, semen depository. Castle, a tassel.
Nantucket, rusty bucket. Ben" of men. rush, not flush,
impacted, flatulence acted. adventure, named Bencher.


howl, most foul. Chittagong, worked long. lass, her ass;
dirt, vibra alert. weary; too hairy. rushed, cheeks blushed.
out, his mouth. idea, 'ya " Max, less cracks.
wry, prescribed MRI Phil. oil pill, Quaker; a faker!"
Kabul, the pool. Fife, his wife. queer, of beer,
Tasses; ass is. Cuba, a tuba.


cork, a walk. Yawk, a cawk. Giles, the stiles.
Korea, severe diarrhea. Dundee, plum tree. joke! us folk.
Seamus, his anus. lass, her ass. stork, in York.
York, one's dork. Phipps, drilling strips. Tim, a limb.
Gloria. the floria. coal, his hole. stuck, a truck.
crook, young duck. glee, him free.


Cole, his bowl, Bert, new skirt. Annie; always uncanny.
Knute, birthday suit. prop, or hop; O'Hare, pleasingly bare.
Blass, her ass. lights, wonderful sights! Chase, clock commonplace.
money. with honey. class; methane gas. Toronto, come pronto!
Keith, my teeth, Nancy, quite chancy. rare, bare derriere
uncanny, my granny, true; like you. Ayr, intuitive flair
Brussels, wear bustles. street, genital meat. Brussels, in bustles.
grass, his ass. bordello, to bellow: Shaw, faux pas;
wended, was splendid. stride, your pride. Lee, to see.
Frank's, river banks, Greer, maiden's rear. Madras, would pass
Lee, high fee. died, buried upside- Claire; ass bare.
stares. the stairs. Hugh, I do... -- lady's rescue;
see, like Marie. intellectual, the sexual. star, Carr --
under, a blunder. Madras, magnificent ass, basso, my lasso.
devinely, so finely. Rolen, it stolen?) Toni, exceedingly bony:
trapeze, when she Thumbelina, his subpoena. nude, be viewed."
Souder, be prouder. quirk, employers berserk. fanny, respectable nanny.
such, too much." arse, too sparse. Burns, always discerns
summer, each newcomer. blind. this unkind.


Alabama, a pajama. Bude, the nude. Bude, the nude;
Mitty, the City, sweetly; everybody completely. snapped, Barbara unwrapped;
Aird, kept bared; Annie, her nannie. Stench, unprincipled wench.
fun; only one. Valerie, a gallery suffice, sycophant vice.


dress, I guess. knew, the flue, Rose, difficult pose.
bleacher, my teacher. blind; this unkind. nuts, or buts!
Stamms, such lambs. Montclair, girl's derriere: thought, he ought.
Queens, risqu‚ magazine bush." quite hushed. it! a tit!
prude. the nude, taut; one spot do, the loo.
right, isn't polite,


creature, outstanding feature. glass, first class Rangoon, financial boon.
noon, a saloon Roseanne, room tan. same, her name;
Bonnet. on it. Hort, of tort: Raccoon? a typhoon.
rocket, dock it. snickers, her knickers. queen, Xerox machine.
Grasse, bare ass. style, a while. Square, with hair.


abound, not round, debris. we see Wight, eclipse flight.
lovers, and shovers. thrilling, than willing, day, the way.
flings, spectacular things. stone, is unknown. shows, radiance grows
white, so bright. Nancy, astronomers antsy. Floyd, was annoyed.
Bob, you slob?" course, by force, astrophysical, countenance quizzical.
them) resist 'em. enlighten, general, brighten schooling, was fooling.
suppose, would oppose. night, moon light: O'Toole, astronomy school.
it, of Corbett space, did grace. glance, expanse --
Ford, had explored.


Quarm, its warm. Chase, in space. Cole, black hole.
astronomy, enormous anomaly; track, holes black. agape; can escape.
distress, is less, Cole, his goal; Nantucket, suck it.
plot, will not talking, Stephen Hawking: prudence, hole's refusance
event, was bent


today, to repay, said, will imbed books. their nooks.
miss!" a hiss. orbits; sure fits. Seth, of breath.
light, the night, kerPOW! "Holy cow! Nancy, were fancy.
nigh, the sky, planet, of granite. destroyed, recently-found asteroid:
"Shoemaker-three" Caspian Sea;


doff, I scoff. aviation, space stations; "10"; and then.
sworn, been torn UFO, to glow? near, I hear?"
light, the night; fear, likely appear; Kitts, he admits.
fire, a pyre. - get - Nancy; her fancy.
bath, the path, pass, will amass -- seen yet!
Chevy, was heavy: said, been led." space, no face.
Halley, prefer Halley), cheers; but tears; high, the sky.
sky, or dry. sky, on high. nice, a trice.
II. witches' brew! down, George Brown. spaces, sunny places.
Linear, but skinnier. pass, the grass. meteor; desert floor.
hours, town's candlepower, night, quite bright. grass, amazingly fast
cop: must stop." Comet, upon it. it; a comet.
it. a sonnet. rock, a block,


Sagan, did begin. emotions, orbital motions. hoax. some folks,
reply, to deny. Halley, dance ballet, condition, awkward position.
Hawking: the squawking. Hoyle, and toil, weed, balding, indeed.
engineer, good ear. Jeans, Universe" means. this: but ellipse.
mind, quickly devined: discuss; we must. brass; spy glass.
displayed, Galileo made, goals, their roles, compare, the square
go. all know. ORRERY, as horrory true. to do.
extraordinaire, with flair. spot; to plot.


proves, that moves. motion, the notion confused, greatly amused
inquired, he retired? opinion: will then, ban; you can.
dissident, quite different. sent, stated intent: inquisition, their position;
motion, and devotion. Florentine, Vatican quarantine; imbroglio, Copernicus' folio.
Nuncius, were defunctus, dissuasion, the occasion.


determine, confirm in dice! with ice. adroit, did exploit.
cryptic, great mystic. Pismo, wonderful gizmo, Iapetus, at us.
heavy, regular bevy. Jupiter. my computer. all; helium ball.
Percival; most unmerciful. red. looks dead. by; our sky.
for, since Thor. sky, did espy. nations. with elation.
sky; from high. missions, surface conditions, stars, on Mars,
flips, eccentric ellipse. Mercury; a hurry. ices, barely suffices,
blue, it's true. June, the moon; all. is small.
double, in trouble. nine, just fine. resplendence, in extendence.
sing, type thing. June; us soon; bare. cabs anywhere.
one, is fun. us, of Venus, Venus, between us.
emerges, luminous splurges. Burton, rather uncertain; dread; melts lead.


know, does go. station, conduct observation. Earth. our birth.
air, Fred Astaire. please, at ease. Rabat, Earth's flat.
Gaiea, a player. Earth, of mirth. flea, a tree,
grime, to climb. Terra, in error. Earth, great girth,
ear, cosmic frontier.


greenish-blue, the new. Janus, train us, side, and wide.
grayness, astronomer Janus, shy, to cry, absoid, you hoid?)
Yearly, acted queerly Janus. entertain us. odd, old sod),
Janus, gain us, tit, you frostbit. heinous. restrain us.
tell, Miss Nell:


Arcturus. inure us star, quite far. created, highly inflated,
afar, than par? you, another view, moles, their poles.
star, and far. sight; shine bright. grand; a fan.
night; a knight. McBain, did fain, Arecibo, of Leo.
profession, a depression, Sol, gaseous ball. cellar, smell 'er.
Gemini, stand presently, fail, traversing trail. male! the pale;
Zodiacal, almost maniacal, swirling. are twirling.


found, they abound. McTavity, not depravity old, they told
so; a no-no. sang, telescope gang, Leary, cosmological query.
recite, to write who, universe grew Trinity, pure asininity.
recorded; getting sordid? day, some say. surprises, asteroid sizes;
lights; such frights. nigh, on high friend, will end.
pith, pinch with. Neeve, to believe dipped! be skipped.
chief, of relief. delight, sad plight. dealt, I felt:
Hubble, a bubble. notion, that potion flatter, and chatter
hissing! our wishing! observed, somewhat unnerved. space, will trace.
gas, medium mass. Dingle, nerve-endings tingle. matters, suddenly shatters.
pride, to collide. ephemerist, to insist drunk, Tsarist monk.
yen, back then, science, total compliance not, monopoly got
oligarchy, who see clergy, in synergy; same, there" game.
pretend, to send. light, exactly right.


explorer, loud snorer, be. shouting "Yippee!" me: must see.
view, hanging true, Clune, the moon. all, glowing enthrall,
gazing, heavens amazing. -- one me. Hubble, some trouble.
Hubble, much trouble. cars, the stars. morn, sun's sojourn;
ascends, now extends; height, shining birthright; pervades, dazzle cascades;
hand, shadows expand; light; be bright. Herschel, be contraversial.
Hubble, a bubble, Hubble, space-platform bubble. Hubble, boondoggle bubble.
inspected, been detected. wrong, before long. repairs, it shares,
nocturnal, manner infernal, "Why, the sky, night; and bright.
galore, and more! appear, than here. cloud; so loud.
cluster, their luster. more, could explore; disaster; lens-filled refractor.
curse, a purse. night, too bright. projectors, top-notch reflectors.
dark, a lark! Mark, great lark stargazer, a laser.
rouses, he browses.


Greenwich, with spinach. finich, the spinach, delight, saddest sight.
Lear, with beer. Malones, his stones. Eskimo, to sew,
stroke, he spoke, chap, 'crotch trap.' Cooley; dangled unduly.
Falls, men's balls Walljasper, fur-lined ball-clasper. Greece, greatly increase,
way, not gay. Clyde, his bride. balls; through halls.
do. limited to beauty, little cutie. Nylon; try on.
whiner. yellow liner; yet, to pet. hairy; quite scary.
jock, his cock appals, our balls; clan, of man.
Ruel, pool -- Wranglers, become stranglers, Paul, and McCall's.
grandfather, a feather. Hind, too unkind, McGill, walking uphill.
Cato, a date-o. Avon, clean shaven. Tate, little pate.
Kew, hideous blue.


KGB; to see. fraught, got caught, No!" the snow.
Tariq, the Garrick, Peru, of blue, Glenchasm, tremendous orgasm.
Rawls, St. Paul's, Bender, the blender. West, any rest.
Porcellian, a hellion. Jack, his sack. Gore, was sore.
appalls; his balls. Gilhooley, temper's unruly; Odom, of totem.
Pendrake, a mistake. Mysore, an eyesore. Berlin, his chin.
Rangoon, and maroon. Falls, bad calls. fellow, and yellow.
Bubungi, with fungi. scrotum, coat 'em, Parade, she made,
Stoneham, own 'em. shawls, Sioux Falls. scrotum, coat 'em.
Purvis, church service. conversation, the nation, flirting, think, disconcerting,
Smith, pure pith; Burt, like dirt. dunce; come once.
Dubuque, her peruke. greet, their meat. McCue, steadfastly true.
gold; twenty-year old, Cadiz, to jizz, Nepal, terrible fall;
Ballbriggan, to frigging. poor, neighborhood whore, stoner, his boner.
laws, dingy halls. tight; just right. fashion, were thrashin'.
Coblenz, was immense. Mears, and gears. Seattle, to rattle.
'em, kick 'em Dash, the crash June, a spoon.
balls, afternoon calls. Franks, the Shanks. McGivery, the livery,
scrotum, coat 'em. saddle, my cattle, saddle, 'cause that'll
trot, a hot, Brice, like dice. crap, a trap.
rock, electrical shock; Grasse? certified pain-in-the-ass; Cox, his socks.
Cosham, wash 'em. Beane; be seen. Calcutta, to butter.
Rhodes, into toads. jangled, awkwardly angled, time, of sign.
resist; his fist,


hills, cheap thrills. Mulgoa, any lower. Walls, his balls,
Hicks, new tricks. trapeze, powerful sneeze; Melitus, Nubian Foetus."
Caroline, engagement decline. Caracas, ill-tempered jackass. lechin', named Gretchen.
refrain; incredible pain. factotum, the scrotum, nomads, the "so-sads."
Kiel, a feel. attacked, was backed. Caracas, the maracas.
Geneeve, little naive. Louise, a tease; Nickel," strangled testicle!"
Falls, his balls.


lacked, and tact." Bombay, all day. Fellows; a bellows.
sense, electric fence. Norway, a sleigh. Wilts, enlarged milts.
dire, a pyre. snow, you know, Meyer, in barbed-wire.
Pease, his trees. Miller; a griller. holy, of Stromboli,


Falls, new coveralls. Batasse, of glass. bucolic, brew alcoholic,
recalls, he falls. Lutz, to nuts. calls; then y'alls
radiation, wrong gradiation. Hugh, was blue. geezer, the freezer.
DuBois, ben wa. balls, old overalls. scrotum, coat 'em.
Iran, beautiful tan; halls, my balls. scrotum, human teetotum.
Walls; the Falls. it; the planet. fickle; a pickle.
dude, the nude. scrotum, quote 'em: Savannah, a tanner.
low; You know, scrotum, coat 'em. think, a drink,
reign, sanity's rein;


Brock, his cock. Brock, his cock. Provence, simply immense.
Provence, vraiment immenses. shore, Yo-Yo Galore. fart, is smart,
galore, the floor. these; with ease. fart, a cart.
Hart, a cart, yore, the floor. smiles, Doc Wiles,
balls, that enthralls. grows, nomadic negroes; balls, crapper stalls;
sack, "Stand back." Falls, gargantuan balls. Jude, a snood.
Falls, huge balls. oz. and boz. defies, great EMPRISE
factotum, massive scrotum. McNall, magnificent balls. Fred, as lead;
sun, trousers undone; Helens, and swellin's. Dunn, a ton;
walls; in malls. Odum, his scrotum. Coblenz, simply immense.
Coblenz, very immense, Halls, his balls. Perth, on earth.
Ned, your head. Nello, luscious Jello Tongas, really humongous.
Webster-Merriam, parry 'em. Pete, of meat. Torem, gore 'em.
Falls, spectacular balls Joe, too low; wheel- and steel,
Falls, his balls.


McClain, a train. Robles, some nobles. Cowl, an owl.
expectation, out perspiration, Halz, asymetrical ball. Japan, rape Marianne,
Tahiti, his sweetie, Woonsocket, bicycle sprocket. balls, orchestra stalls.
understand, the band. Sue; to do. wet, throbbing Spinet.
tell! their spell. Munich, a eunuch. yet, a lariat;
man; never can. pursuals, further renewals. Collette, boy, Manolette!
her, her beaver. gutless, a cutlass, castration, morbid elation,
wife, her life. blue, the zoo?" army, the navy,
Murray, terrible worry popsicles, ex-husbands's nickels. Australia, lost paraphernalia:
Bridge, a midge. tent, he went. sail; terrible gale.
Malay; off today. Munich, a tunic. Paul, golden ball,
Hussars, with scars. Munich, his tunic. elate, massive estate.
forget, all wet. wrong, on long. Seattle, mere chattel,
Dag, would shag. Kitty, of pity. Zeke, of plastique.
dumps"; the mumps. Booder, and ruder. Hall, the ball.
calls, just sprawls. harem, you harem-scarum! Messina, his Christina.
Celt, chastity belt. Spence, "Come hence," Dennis, hen is...
Antietam, beat 'em. Venice, named Ennis Straight, is great;
Yale, and pale. small, at all. place, to trace.)
tonguey, and cunny, Falls, he calls Frost, they crossed
befall, examiners, Paul, Rawls, old overalls. "Yech! is feck.
sister, kissed her: Ottawa, all shottawa; fate, one Kate.
Malone, or prone, Dunn, a gun, Eunuchs; their pricks.
distraught; has brought. need, kitchenhands creed, Falls, bird calls.
Houghton: caught on Crete, sexual treat. squalls, his smalls,
Bengal, one ball, too, it's true. recalls, the Gauls,
Austin, from Boston, Fraser, a razor; Roylem, "Boil 'em.
Fife, his wife. Joe, a blow, Burls, two pearls.
Siam, named Sam Wat: jungle rot! Reading, his bedding;
Butts, with sluts.


Queen, be seen, West, his breast. Munich, his tunic.
"placidest" is "flaccidest", online; quite fine, crackers; his knackers,
poet. show it. none, his fun. ghetto; sharp stiletto.
intestate, life's fate, Rhodes, pens odes; sinecure, harem pure.
seems, dreams! -- sheik, a week) in; or men.
Falls, his balls, Munich, star-studded tunic. life, terrible wife.
Avery, into slavery.


balls, (in crawls). Rawls, loud calls: McCall, at all.
Hull, a bull. nut, large rut. Cooley, speak truly.
Paul, nasty fall. York, of cork, testicular, an extra-curricular
Halls, her walls. Tickle, and pickle Lee, to see,
Sneed; was three'd. spherical, lesser (numerical) investment, pipe extant.
calls; four walls. fret! two yet! uncanny! my granny
nanny; hot cranny. Zerubbabel, rubber ball. Sol, one ball.
Seattle, a battle. Paul, one ball. Taoist; well endowist.
sad. singular 'nad; nose, I suppose) hope, but nope.
shy, said, "Hi." day, brothel. "OK", blue, young Sue,
kissed, didn't resist); dad, went mad. spring; his thing,
true, does spew; Brill, was nil: McGee, testicles, three.
Todd, bit odd; ball. at all. Just, with rust.
tree, had three. whore, the door. befall, named Paul.
hall. is small. perpendicular, that particular...


Ukiah, straddled barbed-wire. advancement, artificial enhanacement: wonder, a blunder?
Rio, Sole Mio. ghetto, his stiletto. choir, with fire."
Joyce, his choice. leather, rainy weather. me: it Be".
Danno, his piano; Shore, a door. bravura, at Ventura.
said, to bed. Springer, the wringer. Dwight, dangerously tight.
wringer, tenor singer. Paso, thrown lasso. swimmin'. needed trimmin'.
Paso, a lasso. Knut, to Beirut. Paul's, the stalls,
Steve, his sleeve. Hanno, his piano; Paul's, the stalls,
Dwyer, and higher. Havana, a banana.


brass, non-metal glass. appealing! all feeling, steel, the reel,
wood; in d'hood. leather, damp weather. lead, be said.
cloth; fall off. stone. terrible tone. ice, quite nice.
candy, quite handy. plastic, quite fantastic. skin, tubules within.
quick, from brick, Lubber, of rubber. Madras, of brass.
Schwarz, his shorts. camphor; damn for. moth; full wroth.
Nepal, crystal ball. Board, horribly gored, Smith, of pith,
bed, of lead. Green, Stork margarine. spastic, of plastic.
Fred, of lead. bong; would gong.


peripatetic, very pathetic. testicle, awful spectacle. gall, left ball.
Bob, terrible job; lyrical, a miracle Sea, you'd agree.
BIGGER; a chigger. like, my spike. retraction, hardsoft reaction?
force, lovely resource!) ball, wonderful tall, Hall, massive ball,
Noah, to door. Hasdrubable, rubber ball. 'em, per diem.
Mahler, a dollar. Devizes, different sizes. Assize, same size.
moon; barrage balloon; know, did grow.


Dr. patrol clr. (doctor) (Proctor) Dr. stern pr.?
(pound) (round) (ounce) (accounts) mr. my sr.
co. to do. (great) (straight) (ounces) (pounces)
(Daryl) (carol) MA, an GA, (inch) (pinch)


Flaherty, a rarity. Poughkeepsie, slightly tipsy, Septeele, a heel.
Shit; a bit. Clown, than down. maraccas, in Caracas.
Clyde, ride -- Kyle, and vile. Krause, a louse:
pride; will bide. Skipwith. flip with. Maxie, a taxi.
two; amber brew. lewd; the nude. ponder; I launder.
twat, get hot. Rob, first job, Falls, his balls.
society, and piety, Steve, to believe. Cape, well-trousered ape;
perplex; ego complex? roared; would board. wine? not mine!
wet) herself yet. week; do creak. in, and sin;
doom-monger, life wronger. away, yes, today. add. I had
in, a grin again, late train Mort, a quart
claimed, man, unashamed. luck, a fuck. ear? would fear;
repression, constant obsession. said, my head. cooed, getting nude,
knob? hand job?" confer, would prefer. bluesy; and oozy.
Roxy, not poxy, quench; this bench. part; my heart.
parts: the heart. concerned, be learned. clean; real mean.
ool-fay, playing ool-pay. coke! new cloak, you, partying crew.
due, or few. tricks, who licks. nun, are done,
off-guard, a fart. Nick, everyone sick. lewd, boorishly, dude.
simp? a wimp? money. quite funny. Australasian, quite Rabelaissian;
estrangement, mental derangement; unique; person's mystique; gems, the hems
Nims, than Houyhnhnms. lad, terribly bad. "Fiddle-faddle! to skedaddle!"
fumble, I stumble; -- not screwed. Nat, was at.


day, a tete. begun, zookeeper's son. rating, currently mating?"
detail, quite well. pro, Oh ho! Frank, be spanked;
Joe; you know. "Maxine! blithely obscene! Celeste, the best.
way, busy cafe. Schick, him sick. Burkas, two Gurkhas.
Huck, the muck. Ruth, and uncouth. Nantucket, a bucket.
Tenn., her pen, McGraw, and raw. succor, struck her:
Ron." hold on. limp; a pimp. Blerot, her hero,
Brenda, U.N. agenda. Joan, the phone. grey, or dismay
creeper, depravity's deeper. plump, her rump; athletics, wrenching hyperkinetics.
Nantucket, a bucket. Simms, irreverent whims. educations, human relations;
lass, her class marm, the harm, Tritt, to sit.
Shoreham, extreme indecorum. breast? they guessed, Eutoxeter, at a
growler, steadily fouler; Bude, got stewed. way; such disarray.
Pluckett, for Nantucket. cheek, to speak: Mabel, the table.
Connecticut, about etiquette. Kidderminster, a spinster; Eutoxeter, at her,
pig, infra dig. lewdest, the rudest.


Toole, her mule, affection, pulsing erection Cologne, named Joan.
cellar, named Geller. Bliss; was amiss. Shore, shop floor.
York, her fork street, his sweet; relief; your belief.
Loar, the floor, Fry, could deny. pile, and guile.
discover, great lover; Pierre, girl's hair. Merce, a hearse;
Lewin, wants screwing"! heck! the neck! Fleckers, were wreckers.
block, in shock. Conne, be won: Peak, to squeak,
boss; big loss. Pitt, was unfit. guts; benefit cuts.
headwaiter, rottweiler maitre tits, Mr. Fritts, peasants, their pheasants.
Buell, a rule, Croylett, coil it. Bend, without end.
McGaffick, things pornographic. Rawls, at Halls! Presk, appeared picturesque.
Schilling, babes willing school, the fool sighs, stocking-clad thighs,
Forch, the porch. Kane, with disdain.


grey, must say. folk, a joke. now, figure how
-- suffering nits, place, his face; chest; to breast)
mind, the behind; Cologne, his own. stone, dictatorial tone,
Joan, customer moan, Louise." "Yes please." dear?" you here?"
get; my pet, rear, my dear.) red. you instead
perplexed; I'm vexed." Simone." the phone. tea?" for me
dear. I fear what, i've got screw, make do
Christine." awfully keen 38C's?" they're D's." me, degree ..."
knob." old Bob. "OK." 'bout today? dummy, the money.
do, like you. Brandon, aren't outstandin'." say, this way;
honor; her offer; yearning, of learning. me, academy --
done? of fun. fun, there's none; I, one eye;
dread, the bed outside, I ride there, a chair
who, to Hugh around, (I've found said, of red?
lunch, a munch. back. a snack.) shirk, was work);
brain, the strain; snob, her job; boss, not cross).
champagne; (Even Jane, attack! and snack!" didn't, young bint.
went, always frequent) strain, last train. week, to eke


botch; suicide watch. self, from Guelph; metatarsal, Frederick Parcel.
moot, his boot. more." the boar, screw, not do.
Sunkist. be pissed. Potts, have lots... day; I stay
food, very good. suppose, been froze. marinade, all day.
House, Max Strauss, Nome, fine-toothed comb Hurley, bit prematurely.
spiel. and squeal. pokes, afterwards, smokes?" fun; be one!
Rube, a tube. ape, to escape. escape, duct tape.
screw, facilitate you. space, in case. lim? were slim.
spot; so hot. wall! terribly tall) fail; turn pale.
Garden, at Arden. gentry, long century. flesh, to enmesh,
bright; feign fright, hedge, the sedge, satisfied, minutes beside,
fed; and said, Stokes, between jokes. Clyde, you provide."
pocket, the socket. blew, such screw! here, good cheer,
Doe, a row. Ted, grandfather's bed. street. he weep,
Elaine" of pain. proclaims. our aims. class, often trespass
desire?" I require. Hugh, a screw, stinks. anyone thinks
should, one could day." the fray. brood, terribly rude,
mastriculations, brains mentralations fox, named Cox. muff, the cuff.
Willy, so silly. Khartoum, in gloom. bonnet, a sonnet.
Holts, named Colts. Louise, three, please. Wilberforce, his horse.
guile, a while. hesitation. his vocation. lies, his size.
three, I be. Biddle, a riddle: Buffy, no toughie:
nick, a prick. fella. and Stella. Cod, you scrod?",
placating, deemed, "Fascinating." me! for free! moon- or spoon).
moon, in June Loon, and maroon. June, around noon.
noon; massive balloon June, pee soon." booked, I'd hooked,
joke, great poke!" took, sex?" book. Dutch, too much,
Bursa, now worser. serene, invited fourteen. it, clear it.
Cox, his stops, chain; the same. foggy, a froggy,
Darryl, a carrel; Virginia, its insignia, pets; and vets?
alas, and crass. election, slight imperfection. stirred, he preferred.


Sue, is due; ball. my fall, X; either sex.
fair, went there. gall, dress ball. night? certain delight
year, I fear undressed, in jest; Louise, of Ceremonies
pray, you say?) Ling, Mai Ding. President...Hush! to rush
hand! can stand; Quiet! Amelia Hyatt O'Tite. snivelling shite."
please, lovely Louise. Tool, "Fool; Hell: wearing, Michelle?
Brenda! Defender stand, the band please, lovely Louise
e're long. gong, great nong. Blunkett: services junket.
page: with rage; ball, in Glenstal, Crouch, on couch.
Sue, of brew, Bess; a mess! mustered; and Lacklustred,
Paul, costume ball. hearty...? Years Party! are! by far,
Hunt, a cunt. balls, marvelous halls. perchance, (In France)
divine, lying supine. right! down tonight!" charade, I've made;
do, good brew, he, with glee. Deeming, most unseeming.
grand, your hand. McW) a ball". noise; their toys.
Canon, of Shannon say. lickin' today, true; Boy Blue.
jumpin' Sheep Humpin'. affair, her hair. maid, I'm afraid.
monk, the hunk. Lanier, office queer, over; old Grover.
flunky, too drunky. party, himself hearty. day. Miss Gray,
bleary-eyed, you hide? pain, their daisy-chain. Kincaid, getting laid.
arose, their toes, bequeath, a wreath. teeth, some grief.
great. at eight; fear; (*). door, the floor;
Hank, perfectly frank. amorous, it's glamorous. recalls, those halls;
mood; been rude. behest; so dressed. slow, a glow.
wool, no bull! sunk. got drunk. detaining, Customer Training;
oration, CEO's humiliation, Hector, Software Director Assurance, greatest endurance.
wimp, a crimp bone; had flown.


limp, boring wimp, West; the best; aroun', Lou down;
door; his whore; sounds; sixteen pounds! lout: monster-sized spout;
sure; smash furniture; coition; in submission? hid, a squid!
hours! the flowers. slouch, yodel "Ouch!" white; with delight;
dumb; had come. maid, not afraid, Berdoo; pretty too;
that? a cat; cellar; fine feller; true; were through,
stew; and through; door: fine whore." screw, scrofulus crew;
sumbitch; year itch, more; finest whore; Missin-Tail, and wail:
guest, perverted quest, long. yer dong, air, a hair.
"See, the sea; old, can hold.


woe! to go falls, gentlemens' balls five; I arrive,
eyes) very wise. intense, is immense; panties; nice scanties
pants, my chance. warm, my form- doss- old boss
maid, gently persuade quay, the sea gleaming; 'twas streaming.
beam- you dream?" lime, in rhyme, quay, to me,
bar; a star- go, dear, no. tide, with pride;
preamble, long ramble. boy, called Hanoi, bell, soft sell,
palindromic, slump economic, quizzical, things metaphysical. way. to stay.
chime, my time, intercession, of recession, two, palindromically true.
you, me, too. glass. it crass, wand, been conned?
same. you again. day. the bay. port, to court;
trawling, baby a-crawling,


ago, dictionary o- Stu, your g-gazoo! Hicks, his kicks.
Klein. for PINES. lass, the class. Ringo, grannies lingo.
bets; his debts. mastered, night plastered, Toranna, I wanna.
sodomy, scatology, blasphemy. heck; must check sin. is in.
grade, I'm afraid---- sonofabitch, of which stuff, quite enough:
Dude; eat food. off. a cough. Bray, I say,
youth, was uncouth. Perce; but curse. in, Miss Cotten.
Trent, obscenity meant: toes, as those, Abel, the table.
Cologne, won't condone. neologist, were kissed. bring, the string.
thumb, which numb wit, were writ. Guinevere, somewhere near,
word; ever heard. me, of me: land, the sand.
notion. the ocean. glasses, and lasses, frails, wish prevails,
Edward, dead word. Hohokus, new focus, free, asked Lee,
Louie, knew he. Kay, by day. Brown, white gown.
sentences, Clinton's is, slang, certain pang; B'rith, of pith.
shit, and tit. yum), (yum, yum). Puckaway, Wisconsin, a-lack-a-day,
disagree; to me: taboo, excommunicate you; missin'; and kissin'.
Hunt, a punt. Yuk; your luck; Queen. word, "Vaseline."
swearword, a jailbird. Hogue, in vogue. Crabtree, and free.
Sioux, one canoe. Tobruk, terrible luck: "pecksniffian" like "dickwhiffian"
explain, word 'petomaine,' Iowa, my way. inclined, than refined,
found, does abound. absurd." my lovebird. stout, and doubt.
hunt, with cunt. Goshen: a notion! blue, or you
school, new rule; TABOO, adds SCREW. Sherm, man squirm
squares, and swears. triangles, that dangles, bed, some dread.
laurels, her morals? wood, the mood, parentis, dement us;
McHugh, and new, Calcutta, a shutter. Chisolm, lexicographical schism,
jizm, nd sesquipedalianism, it, love it; taboo, to boo.
psychoanalysis. callous is: WHORE? not sure, McGrew, to woo;
uncanny; my fanny Gene, language obscene; Lee, you pee?"
Bolivia, off-color trivia. Trent, he meant; adroit, to exploit.


thrill, hear: KILL! cute, to shoot abuse, I choose
priest, Synagogue feast; hang, the whang. bang, a skang?
past, BLUESTOCKING last, BLUESTOCKING, ad hocking, map, bubble wrap.
COPROLITE, new light. knob, anthropologist's job, fag, her bag.
true, to you. uncanny, of "fanny". salacious, women FELLATIOUS,
fuzz", sneezing buzz. obscene, must mean; "Hung, be stung
Bernard, the card. England, English friend. quick; of sick.
Franz, their hands. MASCOT, his ascot, cut, gas got.
words, the birds mass, look, crass, mule, would fuel.
word, as "merde". ROCK-RIBBED, just cribbed) SALACIOUS. with fellatious.
-- a dram. not? a knot. 'taint'; was quaint.
incredible; o' bull. thorn; so forlorn. snatch, a thatch.
mean, most obscene. ached, she quaked.


office, 'anal orifice', blunt, no cunt. please... at ease.
Dick; truly sick. Valdez, he says, Crocker, Miss Knocker.
wit, we omit. Reece, becomes 'geese'; Metters, no betters.
trifle: your rifle. class, nice ass; neat; a treat.
gauge, unnervingly sage.


Anheuser, surprise her, Buck, you suck); lute? to boot?
Fart: a start. galore, here more. "schlong" or "dong"
"twat?" that ought well, to tell. "quim" for him,
flu, feeling blue. present! but pheasant! chicken, and friggin'.
Smith; herewith -- Jones, in -ones. 'sheik' a snake,


Kent, not impotent. able, safety label; other, bar, brother",
convention, of attention. afternoon. clerk swoon.) Rick; D. Dick.
right, is white. examination, follow infatuation. me!" with glee.
seen, condom machine, name, every dame; condom, donned 'em.
affection; crowbar erection. letters? lambskinny sweaters, London, cummerbund on.
due, a clue, week, and Monique. bic!" really quick.
Breen, never seen. Shirley, so surly; Tralee, of three.
wide, latex hide. Greeks? for weeks, me! fly free.
produce, male abuse. coition, an admission. "Damn!" I am;
Keith, a sheath. see? to me. Pacer, wild woman-chaser.
it," swear it." Kent, was sent. "yummy", my tummy.
'em, all" conundrum. perceptive, so disrespective, Rafe, a safe.
crew, that's new. palace, with malice. rapist, the safest.
me! a tree. Gore, a store. episode, quietly rode.
Bob, His job Newsom, quite gruesome: Yankee, hankie --
Ron, the con: France, to chance; nurse, been worse.
dork, the stork. Pruitt, to it; Johnson, Charles Bronson.
emotions, population explosions. force, of course; loved, lying above,
ensure, no more, lion: just tryin?" me! I need.
me! a tree. weeks; list speaks. Oram, and decorum.
three, of Paris.


cautious; you nauseous. date, to homeplate, loved, be gloved.
regnant, Tolletanian segment, hump, to jump, Jack; in black;
remember, your member. risks, our midst, Cheryl, her apparel,
control, your pole. enamour, good grammar! IMPETUOUS! act lecherous,
bequeath, the wreath. McCoy. my boy. Lovett, really covet.
heap, really cheap. me! good environmentally. whores; their drawers.
'em, term "condom"); Southland-on-Sea, large chimpanzee, apprised, druggist advised,
her, called Jagger numb; it none. safe, real chafe.
Grubber, old scrubber. depressed; be addressed. go; both know.
Sanger, with anger. protection; that erection. best, your nest.
eyelashes, dripping-wet snatches ocean, crave emotion, it," Mr Hewitt.
Squire, a tyre, gut. fellows, but dine; his line.
Novorossisk, by Fisk. her, attack her,


purse, rubber (perverse!) Simon, wife's hymen, Madras, of brass.
London, turned on, tin-plate, to mate. lane. young swain.
dick. to lick." London, pure carborundum. Utah, of pewter.
Hoyle. her oil,


plastic, this prophylactic. strap, cucumber; wrap bane, old polyurethane.
ways, to pay, is, and sploshes, insist, do desist.
kissing, and pissing, lark, the park. tip, as Pip:
source, Race Course, Barundum, a condom. Barrrientos, marital divertimentos
wanton, a conundrum. apostasy, I see. home, Christian bone;
drastic, be orgiastic? London, a condom. rubbers, of landlubbers.
Afghan, mule caravan. me! of tea! you, than tissue
tell, used tortoiseshell. Moore, a store. Newton, cute 'un,


Delaware, well aware QUONDAM, conned 'em. Bubba, Hubba! Hubba!
Lincoln, the stinkin'; said, in bed. Turds, the birds.
spry; -- awry; young, respectably hung. WILLIWAW, she saw
back; never lack. Me! have three date, to anticipate
aids, protect maids, PRESCIENCE, and conscience, night, evening's delight.
be? girl's kidney? Yan, a man, Penzance, maiden aunts.
lea, with pee. injurious, never penurious. MacDubbers, the scrubbers.
me! you see... cool, her school. Perse. they disburse,
showed, not slowed. Denise, did lease. wizen, to BEDIZEN.
chick, be chic. Jill, the hill, Jack, unopened pack
Haitian, in creation. Gample, an example. screw, but two.
Mae, the hay, machismo, rubber gizmo, lamed, that claimed


pal, I shall PRUDENTIAL, judgment essential loved, am shoved.
follow; her hollow, where, her dancewear, said, condoms, instead!"
Clyde, I tried." Texas, use PROPHYLAXIS. his, packs his.
racket! rubber jackets! palm. used condom. read; I need.
-- for sure. today. usual way. aside, and cried,
waste, a taste. landlubbers, laundry scrubbers, perusable, feeling musable...
Wise, "What size?" twat. he bought unwitting, before quitting.
reign, simply insane. assert, of Bert."


race, in place. Grace, in place. Kong, a gong.
new; folks eschew. Birmingham, terrible jam. device, too nice,
loom, spelled doom. Hall, birth-control ball. Bakersfield, Dacon Shield.
Schott, she's hot Park, a lark. plains, took pains;
necessary, pleasure accessory. trip, to slip. hay, and pray.
'em, from spasm. 'em! dried 'em? penzance, Control dance,
scoop, control group. trailer, fail her. necess'ry, an accessory.
Sponge, the plunge


Fallon, a melon! Duquesne: to explain. McCassion, about passion,
huge, to douche, May, troublesome lay. my! quite high.
joke; some bloke, Pate, a date, vinaigrette, safe bet.
ahead!" upwardly sped. tried, deep inside. Claridge's, marriage is.
tears. draft beers. tears. deaf ears. douche, (shallow carriage)
today, and spray, douche," Duchess Lafouche. control, another soul.
Jean, and unclean. Marseilles, rotary spray. screwing, from Ewing.
whore, the door; Zumcoosha, da poosh-a. Rouche, la bouche'"
Givet, would say. Strother, a father, master, my pastor.
Snider, fresh cider. (devious) (shallow carriage) well, vinegar smell.


Jill, the pill." Kelly. hell. He Kelly, or jelly.
sublime, in rhyme. this, of bliss. him; with him.
Chisolm, called rhythm. it. blew it.) say, one way:
hollow, don't follow. rung, who'd bung Dolores, be porous.
Gambetta, French letter. 'em; donned 'em. queer, I fear.
Kate. till late. Marie, for free. dandy; was handy.
Bater, the matter. ironical, Miss McGonical, lad, he said.
passion, wee ration. takes, the brakes." bed, have said:
light, it right: Ellie, her belly, Rhine, a time.
all, feet tall. them, the gem, true; than you:
Peaks, some weeks. perceptive, was deceptive. said, my bed.
Cruther, and mother. Louise, catching disease, Jeanie, my weenie.
Norfolk, poor folk, worth, uncontrolled birth, Kent, a tent.
Horn, been born. Lorne, and torn. Peter, a cheater,
demure, shapely contour, fun, the sun. anniversary, the nursery.
Horace, a Tyrannosaurus. O'Rourke; the stork'. thirty-first; the worst.
Lytham, use rhythm. Jockey? more cocky. Grotton, been begotton.
Joy, they employ Horn, been born; salty, and malty,
say, frothy foray. McCoys, for noise: Tuscon, noose on,
Waring, how despairing! bore; say four. Whitter, While bitter,
Gail, with snails, place, so base. Potts, flaxen-haired tots.
Kemp, for wimps. Jill, a pill. Lyle, you dial:
car; too far!" Strand, of hand, whore, got sore.
heath, the sheath. McCune, rubber balloon Susan, was usin'
gift, thrift -- muses, reader amuses. bet; will get.
Waugh, a bore. disgusted, not lusted.