Limeric Index



Boris, lore is. Laverne, the stern. falls, really enthralls.
m'cough, pish n'scoff, Fairy, is scary; shudders; theatre judders;
retiring, you untiring, demise, the size Joe, under-developed below,
Gwen, vocation again, Ann, feathery fan; ballet, and day.
Coppelia, de l'Australia; scenes, his teens; quits; that fits.
stage; of rage. Harry, him merry. Mary; a fairy.
Chris, little miss; spun, his tongue; politely, real tightly,
crew, named Drew disguise, my eyes; ballet, a play.
Page, terrible rage. passes, ballet lasses. production, heroine's abduction,
function, without compunction, Calais, wouldn't tally. ballerina, be leana;
more, couldn't encore. Calais, completely away Page, the rage.
flake, a rake, Lake, terrific mistake. school, young fool).
bulge; to indulge day, a way, laffeta; anything daffeta
tutu, bit too-too. ballerina, laughing hyena,


Jean, strangely obscene: Delhi, her belly. old, more bold.
frills, finger zils. back, no lack. twenty-five, club, LIVE!
dollar. to holler, tease, to please, exercise, prying eyes.
true, kidding you. before, I saw, true; mere twenty-two.
night, new height. Jakarta, Alma Mater. deliver, shimmies nearer,
room, haunting tune.


Low, slow show. Bess, occasional stress; patch, don't match,
Nelly. beautiful belly, Hinds, men's minds. Odium, the podium.
Oman, lowly-born man, guitar, a star. defined, routine undermined;
picturesque, called "burlesque". Lyn, original sin. Perth, generous girth,
stripper, parsimonious tipper, Dijon, has gone. stripper, bodice ripper;
Gay, one day. Manila, wasn't "vanilla". Fairley, and squarely.
Regina, refine her, Doris, double-jointed clitoris. Patrice, ancient Greece.
Strand, in demand. Cannes, excellent plan, Fran, a fan.
Ann, a fan. danther, of Canther, Pugh, in Kew;
grooms, wears plumes. Fairbanks, bare flanks; Treadwell, shed well.
canny, new granny. Danny's, their fannies; Kerrs, generous furze;
Jimmy, begged, "Gimme; -- her sweater, appealing, intently a-peeling;
Sid, she did. stripper; the zipper. Neon, hot peon.
carrier, marry her. Umber, judical slumber, palpitating, one rating.
Karen, men starin'. Lancet; dance it. complication, this aggravation.
Secaucus, enormous knockus. tease, to relieve. swatch, the crotch.
Shula, a hula; control, a pole. skipped, come unzipped
ex-stripper, so chipper? Anna-Maria-Christina, f Bosnia-Herzegovena stripper, flip her.
Heather, "no altogether," Piraeus, wouldn't dismaeus. Nicole, a stole.
Newcastle, to wrassle. Heald, she peeled; Isadore, and more.
stripped, barely equipped. Hinds, their minds. Heald, she peeled;
Regeena, mean macarena. Macleod, superbly endowed, stripper; my zipper,
Yvonne, have gone, skit, she'd flit. Gill, a thrill.
Gation, a sensation; Jean-Pierre, Folies Bergere. River, to quiver.
Florida, grow torrider, Noyes, and poise; strips, her hips,
bit, a fit. facile, twirling hassle. FACILE, lowly vassal.
boy; to enjoy Montreal, to fall. Duff, the buff;
Rose, her clothes, Valerie, every calorie; (money) a striptease.
Farge, and large, Guest, her best; Hythe, and lithe.


Gertie, on thirty. Morty, on forty. Lefty, on fifty.
Trixie, on sixty. Coventry, on seventy. wails; and quails,
last, watches aghast; spun, her bum. Mabel, she's able
Gump, the hump, Hynd, don't mind; Wendy; and trendy.
same, a flame, deeds, girl's needs; romantic?!!" quite frantic
don, long gone. funny! cute honey: glamorous, quite amorous,
permits, lady admits. soon. high noon. night; burning bright
dancing, was prancing. men, this pen. sit; dim lit.
water, you oughter. beat; in heat, drum, throated hum.
lace; startled face. blue; of you. end, then send
dance! to chance! Dante's, and shanties. cheers. drinking beers,
Guy, ain't shy. blind, the grind. Lee, in me.
low, the show. grind; to unwind, beat, the heat.
hips, my nips, tucked, get sucked, see. a degree;
slow, real low, bolder, my shoulder. glance, my dance.
in, my skin. crowd, are loud- enticing, temperature rising
bump, my stump, beat, my feet; body, are naughty.
sight; and bright. bit, I sit, seat, a treat.
shake, your sake. sit, likely get, remain. can refrain
rest, the best. fine, so divine. alone, my own.
behaved, just saved


a, A thighs, a surprise, McFee, on me;
fine, body divine. twat, that spot, dance, to enhance,
show; dance slow. eight; quickly inflate. hypnotic, little erotic.
reigns, over brains; blue, or two. hub, gentlemen's club;
frills; your thrills; pole; and roll; old; us cold;
health; some stealth; wait, strike eight. Birmin'ham, squirmin' 'em,
Bember, in December. sublime, I climb. whore, the floor,


Yvonne, customers on, depressed, meadow undressed. impressed; a test.
dell, as well. Eva, as Godiva. lurker, hard worker;
France, to dance. Falls, control balls. Towton, clout on;
Samarkand, the Strand. Ames, of dames. matinee, pert roundelay,
LaVerre, Folies Bergere. indiscrete, the street, Bude, be viewed,
Oola, dance Hula. Strood, rather rude. Ceylon, anything on,
Ceylon, of chiffon, Pomeroy-Paige, the rage; rain, new hurricane,
thing. dance ring? sight. all night. say, here today.
fun; hot sun. powers, wave showers. town, coming down.
bloom, lacy costume, O'Malley, the ballet. Francis, lewd glances,
Farrah, blazing Sahara, swell. as well. Kentucky, rather lucky.
rude, the nude. stones, clan owns, nose, watching Rose
keen; big scene. admit, they sit, discrete, are sweet
why, you shy. ewe, this view, Parker, the barker,
pornography, with choreography.


France, to dance. chance, to dance. glance, a dance,
dance, tight-fitting pants. floor; lots more. Lancelot, a lot,
beat, very neat. easy, or sleazy. Onger, the Conga.
Conga, and longa. Onger, the conga. then, and when,
prancing, later advancing, meticulous, it ridiculous. rumba, a cucumber.
dance, in advance. gavotte, a lot. sin, I'm in:
tonight, get tight. mango, sexy Fandango, Lansing, for dancing.
Antilles, her frillies; romance, Brittany, France bereft; them left.
waltz; myriad faults; chance, new dance; dance, romance --
UNDULATE, to communicate; Vance, to dance. he, you see."
Lancelot, a lot. 'Watusi' youny Suzy pants. the rants?
sluts, with cuts, dancing; for romancing; Granada? the lambada?
queen, just seventeen. fawn, the lawn; you, ear too:
Lambada, and hotta; eyes, something rise; romance; the pants.
Latin, you're pattin'. you, a stew, bimbo, peculiar limbo;
bimbo. the limbo. sistra; been kisstra, dearest. am fearless.
dancer, enhance her. minuet, quite upset tease. the breeze.
May, to play; entrancing, ankles enhancing gigs, their jigs,
Pango-Pango, a mango. gingham, bring 'em; romance, to dance.
decree, past three. -- past one: entrancing, no enhancing.
girls! are pearls fun, by one. Mac, a WAC.
romance, to dance; risque, my way. pooped. I've recouped!"
passion; a fashion. purred. she demurred. floor. nothing more.
Nelly, to jelly; Albuquerque, very jerky. France, to dance,
dances; for romances.


monology, Smith's anthropology, Reno, M. Tarantino. theory; people leery.
Vic, Second Dick. censure, insensitive censor, heel" should kneel.
Gray, to say. Fiske, the risk fecund; the Second.
race, Saigon case, Ned, anyone said. be, rude repartee.
Liz, "Gee whiz! charmer, a farmer. tart, thespian art,
rage, on stage, Fays, of plays, Fays, conventional ways,
Rouse, a mouse!" Malay, a play. dance; a glance.
smart, a start; tart?" I start?" -- of Coriolanus!
Bruce, in puce. wit; a hit. cross-dressing, audiences guessing,
French. a mensch. today; turned grey. began, young Jan,
annoy, won't toy. Heights, in lights. "Perchance, look askance,
ovation, turned concentration site." your right." critic, (stinking)
play!" their say. Orton, had oughten. Gielgud; so feel-good.
lesbian, a thespian. stage, must guage Clure, fresh allure.
Miller, low-budget thriller. O'Hart, grand start. Jerry, a ferry.
Fleager, terribly eager heel. must kneel" fun! always undone
Grey, a play. here! good cheer. girl, a curl;
pearl, a curl), hair, of despair; rich, does hitch;
too, and boo. end, not bend), boo's, did choose,
tips, emotional trips: largesse, in MS. Hall, at all.
actor! Max Factor! Jay. named Ray. bastard; really typecasted.
stammerer, damn her. Brett, Holmes yet. dawn, did spawn?
seen, of spleen, screen, are keen been, Irish scene)
outrage, Jenny O'Sage, Broadway. the swordplay: Intentions? few abstentions.
word, Albee inferred, rue, naive ingenue. on! a darn.
chose, Japanese shows Slade, of charade:


plays; survive, nowadays. play, very day; dotties, three toddies,
brother, or another nexus, wrecks us. truth, and vermouth
demure, on tour, CLEF, old Broadway, view), is true.
lives, the Argives. fuss, thought ominous, tricks, dumb pricks.
street, rather sweet, tub, a scrub, unchivalrous, manner lascivious.
speak, and Greek. docks, to cocks; pocky, He
Cup; to tup. sieve, You Live", been, I've seen
sift, comma adrift. C, can be; Nicole, the dole.
Beckett, check it. vow, pantomime cow; sight, brilliant light;
m'lad, family mad, waiting, life demonstrating.


Mott, named Dot. Hart, X-rated start: Lear, (decidedly queer)
play. did sway sing; estatic zing; McNair, must bare.
skit, a bit, go, trumpeter, Flo clashed, real mashed,
astute, her flute, gong, dangling dong. Kirk, his work.
frown, a gown. today; the play drawers, a pause.
Voncielle, publicly peel. Georgia, Lucretia Borgia. stunts, the Lunts,
German, named Herman: success; the press. a, rehearse a


set, we'd get' caves, with staves, supports, all sorts,
at, called ziggurat; seems, surrealist's dreams, deal, scandal real.
appear, quite near. art, good start, stand, Acropolis grand,
pals, extreme surree-als, anew, of view; dimensions, and ascensions,
105, certainly strive, pretend, should bend,


will, feel ill; out, narcissistically shout: out, figuratively shout:
resemblin' Soviet gremlin. screen, so green, aligned, bizarre find.
screen, and clean. Then' Top Ten. grinned, he chinned.
campaign, Quiche Lorraine; comet! aplomb. It lam, troubles began.
yearning, been burning; Hartz, her parts. sublime, of crime.
fail, and Dale, reviewer, a sewer; Air!" or flair.
pricey? nachos spicey. dip!" your lip!" embargo, pick Fargo.
Springer, Latino lip-syncher. Biloxi, Century Foxi," say, the SPCA.
lack; a "Back frilly? Queen"?...That's silly. kissed, who're pissed;
fruits, new recruits; others, their mothers; dandy, land, see.
done. number one. jam, the man. choose, Mediterranean cruise.
Sally, an alley. find, less-popular kind, Sorn, of porn;
lazy, nearly crazy. taboo, Sadism too. Taymore, paid more.
sassy. is classy. prude! the nude. see, the marquee.
alert: your shirt!" dyin', or cryin', crew, his due.
lion, to dine, O'Malley, would dally. teens, her jeans.
Sematary, dead canary. mob! and gob, season; alien's reason.
pretty. above shitty. roots; were beauts; vanilla, high-budgeted thrilla'.
yawning, after dawning. bigger. huge figure kissing, and hissing,
break, we'd make. show; to throw. ethereal; such material.
week, to seek. sharks, the narcs, day, call May,
one, us 2001. his; it is pop's, the crops,
backers, hundred attackers; dark. and stark. scorn, were corn;
Bob, unusual job, quick: of Patric, task; just ask,
eyes, to advise. nook, a look. Kyle, the aisle.
ice, and precise view. don't you! indignation, Sex Education.
elation, Sex Education. read, growled Fred.


knack, Potters track: week; to peek. Harry, bit scary.
utter, Harry Butter; flies, and spies. witch! of Quidditch?
snitch; lingering hitch. stable. am able while, in style.
Potter; just gotter Potter, make hotter Potter", save bother.
guess; the mess; her, on daughter.) refined, Gambit Declined,"
Cotter, to water. aunt, you can't years, natural peers.
sent, were spent. adventures, getting detentions. night. to fight.
ends. his friends. best, the rest. affair, a millionaire.


Turks, that irks stand, his hand. Sue, in blue;
proclaimed. looks maimed!" Moines, bare loin. MacNeal, so real,
lass, first class. Rossetti: met he-- blotto, to Giotto,
Delacroix; in awe. Spacey, and lacy; Val, fighter's pal.
McGill, holiday thrill, Frank, he drank. saw, guy. Jackdaw
Lear, and near. Jude, Arctic mood, Gambart; lamb art,
Wriston, insist on; Stroud, her proud. touted, he shouted.
Hart, on art; Ali-- an alley, feeling, Vatican ceiling.
Art, my heart. Stipples, some ripples, restraint, some paint,
paint, and quaint. Light, and tight. Carrara, brilliant tiara
booze, Large Cooze." came, a plane. quaint, I faint!
attic, feel ecstatic. luscious, she blushes. Jake, madder lake,
ship, one trip. Zelft, in Delft, ink, a mink...


society's, quiet he's beholder; parts bolder. Botticelli, named Nelly.
Pirelli, S. Botticelli. Cezanne, frying pan. Monet, Spring day,
hay, truthfully say, Cecile, jeune fille, queers, Dali appears.
BOHEMIA, of Japan, Fiji, here, e.g. meany, brown-skinned wahine,
Tahiti. and preety. stewed, the nude; me, to free
Goya, my foyer." Goya, my employa; Dali!" some tomale.
Audubon, thought upon. Manet, the Quay, Matisse, fat niece,
kiss? of this? Mawr, the Bois. gloom, and doom,
Buonarroti, his body, Maude, was awed. Picasso, groan basso
Picasso, "Ah, so, Picasso: remarkably basso, older, grew bolder,
years, other careers Rijn, their skin, fine, or supine.
crudity; is lewdity. Rubens, their pubens, VICISSITUDE, soft nude,
Dali, in Bali. Dali, men's folly. Dali, was jolly!"
Mission, befuddled condition, Mission, real Titian?" Bray, tedious day,
Vermeer, the rear; her, knock her.


nth, brought tinth. Toulouse-Lautrec, ambulant wreck. Quebec, by Lautrec.
biblioteque, a deck; "J'accuse!" to abuse. Tolouse, some booze.
Quebec, on deck. Quebec, to spec. neck. and peck.
Toulouse-Lautrec, the heck! Toulouse-Lautrec? ambulant wreck. sings, his flings.
quite, were right. yawn, it's dawn. LaFoose, own goose.
Toulouse, to lose... booze, his fuse.


guile, mystical smile. Lisa, a teaser. highbrows, why browse
scrawls, lavatory walls, 'Lisa', to Pisa. a, old geezer.
Vinci, and flinch-y. highbrows, why browse Phipps, generate quips,
Pi-a, be a cows; no eyebrows. busy; thoroughly dizzy.
proud; you're endowed. deep, she'll keep.


Gogh, of dough. Gauguin, a man Gogh, ear-splitting cough.
rash; one slash, Gogh, medical wogh. Gogh, ear off.)
humble; he'd mumble. Joe, of dough. say, a day.
beer, good cheer... excusable, was usable. Nantucket, suck it.
lay, as pay. Gogh, Scottish loch. know, with "dough";
loch, a shock slim, a lim, dough, you know.
devil-may-care, 'The Chair'. Manet, one day. Gogh, you know.
Gogh, his chapeau Bloch, Van Gogh";


mild; were defiled. tribal, or Bible. Monet, closely, display
laugh! a gaffe! Renoir, Titian repetoire. me, the sea,
stylistic, you, artistic. green. nightmarish scene. paint, me faint,
pride. it dried.


Burunda, social blunda, Fink, in ink. Fling, most anything;
cerise, his niece. said, so red, drew, canvases. "Oooh!"
pissed, not gist. art, Quinn, Bart. McNeff, and deaf.
McNapt, tremor apt, Truro, his bureau; said, as lead.
Australia, a dahlia. stall, a scrawl; blue: a-doodle, do;"
flair, many rare. tea, and me; start, I fart,
Nate, were great. funny; forgery, sonny. Foxx, the docks.
Otto, expensive Giotto, Brose, he chose. Tahiti, and meaty,
Greely, suited ideally. Bonnet, a sonnet, Josh, won't wash!
born, in 'Porn'; through, Dutch Avenue. Jacques, to shock.
Revere, mostly unclear. Asgalun, the moon. distractedness, her impactedness.
Tate, to mate; me; you see clients, frequent reliance
-- with despair. Swinoujscie, a tusch. sees, will seize,
Dubai, the sky. fart! Anti-art! glance, a trance!"
wet. as yet. geese, the increase. portray, cart display.
paint, voice complaint. poet? show it. "POINTE", a joint.
Halls, gallery's walls Gretchen, and kvetchin'; Wheeling, the ceiling.
art, at Wal-Mart; Tate, and debate, remanded, was branded.
Pat, her hat. Bess, I guess. Eyck; it's like.
decide, (so wide VERNISSAGE, called "sauvage", right, my plight.
shocker; clock her. ache, a lake.


just, plagiaristic must. catharsis, his arses. youth, than truth.
measure, or leisure. pleasure, a seizure copy; author, 1983.
remark: a spark. lake; they make. mine, of mine;
lines, brilliantest minds, extinct. I think, queer; I fear.
bed, some head. kitchen, was twitchin') me! could be.
sight; in flight. me; the tea meet? metrical feet
adverse; be worse, Kew, into view. Delury, in fury.
rhyme, and time. suppose. new clothes. Reeder, is sweeter.
thee, attend thee; Peck, great check, Bern, he'd earn
Gregory, in beggary", nation, cultural inflation. who, unlike you.
HAIKU, Mike who haiku, bike, Lou. sport, syllables short.
rude; quite crude; ever! that's clever. taste, from paste,
McNamiter, prodigious diameter. limerick, slimmer chick. send. I've penned.
MacHugh, ebony hue. class: "I pass." ode, different road.
Yates? the greats? explained, subjugation's ordained; Thusis, the Muses.
fan, their plan. glance, maybe enchants. seeks, by freaks;
magazine, lies within, contrary. mag literary, distraught; be fought!"
norm? a storm. Jeux, in Haiku. disburse, or worse,
knock? from Porlock! Porlock, the forelock. poet, show it,
letter. or better. heard, his THIRD. Partz, the arts.
nerd! be heard! Delores, to Morris. suspense; and immense;
Mariner; sharin' her. vermin, in ermine, call, at all,
neat, challenging feat, sea, breaking free, pine, so fine.
thing. the wing! dark, the park. cold, to gold,
cloud, a crowd clod, now trod. pain. to rain.
Grassmere. bloody drear. lake, or skate. Dot, infernal spot.
Khan; a barn. ice, sound nice;


dry, I try, boar, I soar. Book, a look.
verse; a curse. quatrain, my brain. villanelle, to hell.
Clerihew, very few. clerihew, merry brew. fabulous; they're syllabulous.
gorilla, of Priscilla... theme, "Doigts Obscene," sublime, into rhyme;
norse, horrible vorse bonanza, an extravaganza. Cash, if rash,
pretty, and witty. rhyme, the time. throes, I suppose.
smirks), (I quit). poet, he wroet. Isle, Limerick Style.


contribution, firm resolution: agree; limerick tree. fetish, now fev'rish.
rhyme, stanzas sublime. curse: our purse." Dave, a slave.
gumption, misguided assumption. Skye, don't die. online, I opine.
verse, and terse. then; my pen. birds; his words.
time, new rhyme. all, the hall. here, cold beer.
Frye, rolling by, Australia, can regalia. so! Billy Blow!
Thomas, of promise. Wall, to scrawl. lass, so crass;
Okies: the Smokies; watermelons; St. Helens Damature, an amateur.
Treadwell, read well; wines; of steins. suppose, in repose.
express, deepest distress, poet; know it. all, to recall,
verse, get worse. contented; fantasy's invented. Trad. morally bad:
said: frequently read oft, his loft. eudaemonisms, of Jisms"
France, called Hans, Morris, before us. fighting, named Whiting,
bitch, to itch, Spence, did dispense. in, a Puffin,
found, into sounds. wide, in stride. crass. Susie Bass.
fame, his name, Knob, slow job; Pitt, a snit,
it, grow it. obscenity, about masculinity. verses, and curses.
Hank, never shrank. Kevin, until ninety-seven. urbane, and far-from-mundane?
garret, a carrot. parrot, a carrot, words-- the birds.
recitals, their vitals. Harriet, marry yet. Verse, commonly terse;
retired, having conspired Grimes. at times, castle, with asshole.
rhyme. easier time. intellectual; quite effectual. Healey, rather freely;
smile, a mile. averred, a bird. Sean, laid upon.
embraced, so straight-laced. joy, prowess employ, bed, his head.
poet, know it; times, and dimes; Hackett, Joyce's jacket
poet; blow it. Tilson, verses upon late, at eight,
Kent, one cent: dapper? or wrapper? soul, a poll.
away. to say, Beeton, to sweeten room, to bloom.
crap, to rap. entries, limerick sentries. crass; their ass,
dumb, not succumb. say, assessments today. condiment, with wonderment
power, a tower, flustered, a bustard. haiku, like you.


dough? me so! Al. a gal, gander, Ann Landers.
died; he plied. night; taken flight. -- gold --
brainy, hysterical, zany. majestic, foreign, domestic, Seuss, was loose.
Millay, at bay. sweaty, and Yeti. all; the wall.
Joyce, from Monasterboice. Wilde, somewhat defiled Bay, of dismay,
con, hit upon. whit, by permit. pants, the chance.
free, I be? grand, the land, voyeur, my lawyer.
clear, right here." fiddle, the hospital. "gob" a "nob".
crawl, neighbors call stated, he hated, see, attack me.


wrecked, your trek?" hoar, church door. precocious, things albatrocious,
man, to scan. preamble, tiresome ramble. reverse, similar verse,
sails, South Wales, dense, present tense. Dream, the beam.
Dublin, were a-troublin', tore, did pour. around, be drowned.
Liliputian; all rooshin', Lemmy. am semi- Liston: fist on.
pin? of sin, shag, does flag. funny, isn't punny,
overstated; is X-rated? know. and so, curse, worse --
rime, the time. heck, that wreck. Old, albatross cold:


Hatter, the matter?" Alice, substitute phallus. tea?"... cups dirty."
dying; me sighing. Jabberwocky, blathering talky. is; the biz.
tree; never see. Liddell. life's riddle. class; to pass.
deacon, help peekin' funny," his bunny. Carroll, a barrel.
funny; white bunny." stole, their goal, "Lo! you know.
well, did tell. hatter, interminable chatter, keep, fell asleep.
plea, to me, score, maybe more, grand, the land,
her; thank her. quibbled, Alice nibbled PIDDLE, riddle griddle.
Carroll, in peril. Hearts, fun starts. malice, little Alice,
Alice, my phallus. me, seat me


Dante, en flagrante. vigilante; named Dante. limbo, his bimbo,
Ciardi, that's hearty Bea, was he. Sordello, fun fellow.
should. the wood. Virg' a purge. well! of Hell.
see? drift endlessly footy, the goody. Cazzo, marble palazzo.
Rimini, in Bimini. Beatrice!" reading Nietzsche.) complaint. dead faint.
hell, as well; Alighieri, monstrously hairy. scheme, and cream.
books, say, "Gadzooks!


dear! I fear. Lear, of cheer Lear, terribly drear.
Lear, a sneer. unclear; to Lear. Lear, children cheer.
Lear, to sneer, Lear, much cheer; pier, most queer!
Foss, his boss. Lear, somewhat unclear, sign, it assign;
displayed, his aid. designs, he confines-- songs, and Dongs,
ride, his stride. here, and cheer, here, Edward Lear,
Lear, I fear, Lear; a beer,. fear! is clear;
swears, the stairs Lear, printed here, they've, anad deprave,
Lear, and beer.


unclose, to disclose. Dove, uncommon love: Auden, but mod'n.
Browning, from drowning. Robert. ears hurt. Byron, of Yron.
sister, he kister; Como; Wop Major-domo. albatross, half cross.
lock; my forelock. lock. my forelock. Patmore, shat more,
Jeffers, the zephyrs. done. is one card... whiskeys...toped hard!
Flusher, and blusher. he, Annabel Lee," crow, does know
NO. Allen Poe. Usher? much plusher. ways. my praise.
plays, with praise; some, a-lickin' some. spouse, sleeved blouse,
war... all rapport. Mound, was profound. Stein, her shine.
cello, more mellow... irritations! her narrations! Joyce, effeminate voice.
Euge, heartiness huge: none, Joan Hunter-Dunn. Donne, the sun.
Yeats, the States. tarred, Gaelic retard. Keats, bicycle seats.
Keats, on sweets. Keats, the streets. Endymion, gimme an
prize, she sighs, a, about Isabella, Keats, their seats,
learn, a churn. Bees, is 'Trees'; Bulwer-Lytton, was smitten:
Byron, quite uninspirin'; Byron, cast iron. Augusta, columns lustre,
heard; your word. Milton...sublime! full time... away, in disarray,
-- is he; Nash, would trash. Nash, for cash.
fashion, consuming passion Ogden; been fogden. trust, we discussed
Joyce, ribaldly choice, misses, himself hisses, Frost, got lost.
Service, named Jervis. Mandalay, Manda lay. lay, who'll say,
spawn, was drawn me; for me. Shelly, heighborhood deli
Shelly, to belly. wish, Ilalian fish? Swinburne, skin burn!
rhyme-- nursery crime. "Resubmit!" snit fit. loss, bustle across
Hughes; the muse." Balham, had Hallam. Hall's, always enthralls,
Peacock's, wee cocks see, "The key," Cullen, skull 'n
Yeats, on dates;


depraved. and enslaved. Siam, Omar Khayyam. dame, the same;
"Now, and how! Bough, yelled, "Thou, linger, sweet singer;
aback, neat wisecrack: writ, your wit spawn, reflect upon.
thee" lover passionately! again, my brain. said, passionate bread.
booze, to lose?" tree, you see. divine," are fine,
Siam, I am Fahd, Arabian bard, gaga, West Gaza,
told, of old. Burton, dirt on most, uncommonly boast.
sheikh, would take, compunction; wanted conjunction sister, "Hey mister,
twat, a lot. her, wang her, cock; her frock;
years, my dears.) mystics, the logistics, boat, your goat,
enough, whores enough, Khayyam, being subliam.


do't, sour do't, do't, braw do't, spy't, fa' to't,
do't, a' do't, do't, quails do't, do't, wrens do't,
do't, cuckoos do't, do't, cheese do't, do't, Pasha do't,
do't, sma' do't, day; run away. concern, a return.
verse, and terse, gutter, him mutter, M.?" looked grim.
sneeze), a breeze). ways; his days, arts, and farts.
gist: excessively pissed, "thwuck" of luck, -- to pass:
-- of slop. cat, a bat. hard, the yard.
eye, fate. Aye. Fieldmouse, dirty louse. inventions, defying intentions,
fair, never compare Burns, party turns. noo," or two;
too; tim'rous gnu..." is, bag is guy, understand why
mail, long tail. fable, you're able. Burns; in turns.
again, it again!


admirer: you afire. cheer, all queer; Chatterely, that qua'terly.
Gertie, so dirty, pits; the splits say, they may)
Incredible, are spreadable. century, British Gentry, Max, marvelous climax:
TV, eyes see? vignette; still wet. thriller, the killer.
Miller, sexual thriller? Miller, good thriller; edition, frank recognition
name) Chatterley's shame; Batteries" pink-printed flatteries, Fitzackerly, Lady Chatterly.
nattily, quite cattily. nattily, is rattley, spells, Lawrence tells,)
undercover, and plover. coneys, at Shoney's. note, pornographers dote.
life: a knife, smut; a rut free! would be:
drag, hooker hag, rumps, between humps. Guccione, your pony.
shot, a lot. hopin'; and mopin'. antiporn, He's torn.
scene, porno queen, heard, peculiar bird amazed, them dazed.
book. I shook! desire. I retired.


sea, prisoners three: away, the play Camus, a zoo,
Oldham, sold 'em, vain, to restrain. off, my prof
sell, rustic dell, Dacca, a shocka, book, little nook.
deft. money left, SCENE, what might-have-been. ladies, their paydays.
Providence, own evidence, doleful, bowl full. few, reverent too;
knight, at sight, cob, and clob- Gray, did stay.
why? to lie. slow, snail's flow. pardon; the garden.
unpleasin' without reason.) ink. a drink! Vesuvius, of Vitruvius;
so, his chateau, books, and spooks; stuff; to snuff.
church; he'd perch chump. he'd jump, plane, never regain.
mate, to state pair. above stair, those, autobiographies disclose
tale. life prevail? longa; and stronga. yearning, manners discerning,
sight, so White. maintained, somewhat strained, fail, a whale.
Ishmael, the whale. Ishmael. the Hell." quick, and sick.
Dick, and quick. taint, with paint. Flanders' with panderers,
success, horrible mess. unlock, take stock. mind, to find.
abstruseness, patent diffuseness. king. queer thing. recent, something indecent,
Crane, shall remain assailed, she prevailed. smart, and apart.
discerned, hollered, concerned, sew. crew sow. -- I know.
hay, was away. say, their way, be; for me!"
Prynne, her sin buffing, of stuffing. fuss," named Russ,
(Me.) (Monte.) ring; shall sing. fate: too late;
bad, little Chad. snatch, mettlesome match. twin(s) lovable grin(s)
lean, turn green. jerk, this work. hay, unfortunate day
pulchritude, maids wooed, spectre, no protector prude, to brood
sale, Melvillean tale sleety, Psyche's entreaty, 'Vexed' been hexed.
Utopia, Greek cornucopiea, story; and gory. queer; about here.
finer? epic designer Race, utter disgrace. within, a pin.
ranch, a branch. clothes; my nose. Porter, if shorter,
Pearl, manuscripts curl. plights, sleepless nights.


incisive, somewhat devisive. space, human race. do, that's true.
tree, for me!" certify, understand why Fred, virtually dead
things, butterfly wings. East, evil beast. appear, are clear.
prose, a rose. im- rough time; war, the shore.
Harry, bit scary. lark, a shark. sensation, the nation
heat, act indiscreet; not, he got, white, No trite-
last. main mast, pleading, be heeding; "romance"? like "who's-in-whose-pants"
me, the S.E.P. note, Terkel" unquote. shitty, a titty.
Ross, Mafia boss. wrong, Done Gone. sped, the dead;
guess. a mess! Liffeyside, iffy side; Ulysses, his misses.
Molly, insufficiently jolly, forlorn; and torn. bombardier; no fear;


boys", had poise. Aristophanes, on knes... Bale, named Gail.
Fletcher, fetch her. faint, you paint. Manchuria, painful dysuria.
news: lady whose Briton, Ed Bulwer-Litton. dud, of crud.
pyromania, soneone unzanier. man! the ottoman. sir, named Chaucer.
Chaucer, a saucer. Rosetti, her petti- Keats, the sheets.
Lawrence, in torrents. Florence, H. Lawrence. Lawrence, in torrents,
drag, a jag. supreme, his theme. prevails, in Wales;
sea, in me, shore, news, "Nevermore." man, poor also-ran)"
hid, and id, Fender, is tender, he, "to B"
niche, me rich; Paris, ever embarrass, Newcastle, a parcel,
Huns, death-destined nuns, Moore, and pure, Alberta, for Goethe,
Spark, the dark. running, his cunning. it. rowed it.
line, mostly opine James, narrative games. note, travels remote.
clear, no peer. Cooper, your pooper. James, Bostonian dames,
Joyce, tenor voice. Bloom, the tomb writ; big hit.
ignoramous, Kingsly Amis. in, by impartin' Pool, (Korean liquor)
led, a shed. write, virtue's delight. Machiavelli, spermicide jelly.
librarian, voted Spencerian, day, the way. Genet, of today.
-- Shelly's style began, a man. raced, be traced.
deleted, composure defeated; Coward, and flowered. Wilde, quite reviled.
code. great vogue. Stephen, and uneven. Proust, girls goosed.
Hyde, couldn't abide. fare, Jane Eyre. men; least ten.
poor, a cure. guilt, storyline wilt; Kipling, a stripling.
Maugham, off form. Maugham! a norm? Erewhon, a don.
A. at play. Jakarta, progressively smarter. Lewis, by loose
Solzhenitsyn, pits in. Steinbeck, noble redneck. Crockett, a rocket.
prose, he chose. Peke, was unique. spa. fecund Mamma.
Fred, changes ahead. found, move around. Wood", from good.
Stoke, a joke. Tess, and Bess. niece, named Lys?
Sergeyevich, little niche. Fair, sad disrepair. Walt, my fault.
Nome, critics afoam. Yeats, my hates."


me, was, see? cerebellum, or vellum. Lovecraft, incredibly daft.
Asimov, to doff. mention, to contention. day, to portray.
Maine, for pain. far, above par. serene, was green.
King, each spring. Shining", story designing. winner; getting thinner.
wits, and Its. below; beyond slow. he, very musty.
where, foreboding stair, in, might burgeon);


Dodger? little codger! Twist, at whist. intense, planned offense.
Advent, be spent then, a yen bent, of discontent.
agree, would decree: Dickens, always thickens: Cities," nor titties.
Cities", numerous pities. Coketown, bloke down; Dickens, your chickens.
Gargery, named Marjorie. biddy, male kiddy, bowed, so proud.
Esmeralda, tells ya. able, the table? naive, showed Eve,
coy. this boy. desired, was attired. bore; so poor,
antipodean, now fleein', Estelle, now dwell, witty, some pity,
got, the plot. trait. on fate. guy, meat pie.
BLITHESOME, rich lithesome. Straines, his banes. Dickens, you chickens!
Twist, the gist: Twist, him grist Twist, a cyst.
Twist, couldn't subsist; Ebenezer, miserly geezer, Cities; or Mittys,
Scrooge, with rouge. sneer, Holiday cheer.


Sarah, Scarlett O'Hara. sham; a ham. O'Hara, called Tara.
Tara; Scarlett O'Hara. Era: Scarlett O'Hara O'Hara, and mascara;
girls, and curls; grinned, she'd sinned. Lynd, sexually sinned:
do?" "Oh, boohoo..." Lou, to screw. enough, the stuff.
drums, form crumbs:


freak, and Greek, aspires, of spires, Obscure," I'm sure.
Jude, and crude, Obscure", I abjure. objected; be rejected,
freak, and Greek, maid, can evade, collar. a scholar,
How's, to arouse, coven, the oven, now, almighty row;
1; much fun. aspires, of spires, Sue; will rue.
lack, swans back, Sue, to do, lunk, him drunk,
emotion, quaint notion, brew; it's true, tale, to fail.
voracious, proved efficacious,


Lizzie, very busy. prim; a whim. mighty, them lightly.
Fred, to wed. Lydia, teenager giddier. aided, people paraded.
Australia, or failure. Park, a lark! fruition, heart's intuition
Bingley, live singly. Price, but nice; girl; us whirl.
Lizzy, a tizzy. head, was dead. Kitty, the City.
Bennet, a sennight. such, emotions clutch. Jane, in vain.
head, of Fred, vain, a pain. Jane; in vain.
respects, repressed sex. proud; very loud.


vein, laughter's refrain. slaughtered, oughta d- Stowe, you know.
begin... Huckleb'ry Finn, hippy, quite nippy, cabin, was nappin',
cold, then poled diff- and stiff- or, peel her
unsighted, be frighted, caresses, impress us, benighted, they've decided,
explore, find four ornithological? think meteorological? knew, sweet Sue,
assignation, your 'magination. bored, well applaud, sight, quite right,
lawyer, Tom Sawyer spell, as well. plot, a lot;
claim. his name. hack, his back, everywhere, they spare
male, like ale. Twain. peculiar stain, Clemens, large lemons.
yer, a lawyer. got, but not


sign, in line; Jones, his bones. boar, did lure.
gone, was on. top, a flop. built, to wilt.
changed; real strange. low, long ago. money, as honey.
story, named Flory well, by Orwell; seer, that year.
again, and then pissed. Brother hissed. through, it's true.
"How, a cow allow, reasoning now; obsession, nascent oppression
deplore, of war sour, noblest hour: courant' without warrant.
there. by air, beseech, government's reach mistaken? all shaken.
Oceania, a mania.


knight, in flight. fart, clean apart, note, old goat.
say, exceedingly gay. fame, too tame. oil-seller, old feller.
Psycho, "Why go?" -- a hypo. woes, the throes
dwelling, the telling; skirts, or perverts. blown. back home.
bed; be dead? lot, nefarious plot. what? particular spot?
rest; were blest; aspire; shall tire; name, American fame.
again? Fennimore's men? words, buffalo herds. quiet. buy it.
straight. I hate. spite! may fight, folk; and joke.
Clara; much fairer; Duck, his luck. "Whew! than you.
Prynne, to sin, her, blessed her. amassed, a cast,
exclaims, and names!


thought, him caught Keith, the heath, past, is cast,
Johns, in bronze, Clonsast, public aghast, Gust, great bust.
May, of clay, China, be finer. highlife, a figleaf.
class, and mass. Hobart, of art. pristine, innocent mien,
abhorrence, in Florence, Dan, a pan. fool, his stool.
Gray, in clay; Calais, good lay. Moncrieff, so brief,
-- millionaire -- metropolis, virgin, Papapoulos. Pygmalion, almost Daedalian;
master, of plaster. concrete, and neat. grand, whole land.
Savannah, skimpy bandana. Jacques, in rock. course; use force.
mark, Hyde Park. nice, by ice, Teddy; was ready.
Scotia, not koshia. funder, to plunder. charmless, quite harmless.
known, when blown. Cantabile," a mobile. art; my heart.
grief, in BAS-RELIEF. pale, without fail, Day, in clay;
McNaught, I bought, II, from view. crated, battle abated,
Moines, his groin; Antoinette, her lorgnette: Dwight, all right.
Routh, the south. totem, wrote 'em. Phidias, was invidious.
Roo, shaped poo. Dewalt, of salt, square, does stare.
omission, the commission, Palace: one talis- hit, and sit,
Puckett, chuck it, cold, mystery mold. unthinkable, is linkable
Rodin, pose began. enfin, par Rodin blinker, Rodin's Thinker
Wells, unusual shells deluded, model concluded, know, from snow.
Jinx, the sphinx, Marvin, him starvin'. Louvre, that you've
all; quite small, cow, sculpture somehow; Rodin, a man.
shit, labelled "clit". Hannet, the planet, prevails, the males."
Jo-Jo, Milo -- rubber; in blubber, began, to Milan.
Venus, between us. afraid, my trade. Cass, from glass.
Toulouse, try self-abuse.


Steins, with signs; Steins, with signs. Bude, England tatooed.
see, back, knee, Jamie, of Remy. Larue, to screw.
blues; I choose. tattoo: upon you. Saskatoon, tattoo on.
remote, my scrot. below, says "Lo"; -- blue one,
-- wrinkles -- cock, a shock Greer, round rear,
Lydia, walking encylopidia. absurd; Jonathon Byrd. inspiration, this nation.
Sturgis, not miss. Alice, of malice. Deluze, much booze,
mine. indelible sign fine. of mine. bush, the push.
Brewer, sexist tatooer: Nelly, a deli. Slim, named Kim.
frieze, be sleaze. arrived, and thrived, Kitts; make hits.
tattoo, and blue, not, I'm hot. tattooed, the nude.
choir, mini-skirt higher Bude, the nude. manner, and tanner.
Cincinnati, go pitti-patti. Kirkham, his bum. Ann, Tokyo man.
Cass, must pass front. be blunt. pet; would get.
arrayed; charges displayed. Krupp, fed up. man, on Pan.
Ewing, had tattooing, butt, to put. whatchamadink, of mink.
Ken, on men; siren, try one!" man, I can
tatoos, my shoes, Brown, some clown. -- tattoo --
West, her chest. blessed, your breast. quick, this chick
one, fitting one: you; locations too.


ripple, a cripple, ploy; will enjoy; grouch; the couch.
Hans, the glans, chick, wick -- fine, is devine.
tattoo, piercing anew. friend, up-to-date trend insertion, healthy aversion
grips, their lips, bits, or clits; nose; you suppose
suppose, who knows? piercings, dear things: nip, his lip.
nips, inner lips; here, quivering spear; Beijing, small spring.
-- a sling. ring, your thing? again. some pain
Ken, say when; store; the score. -- rings --
Springs, and things; lot, her twat. piercings, ear things.
Teresa, please her. Sam, his scam. piercings, for earrings.
bring, his thing. Maggie, and baggy. pierce, to tears.


pretty-ass, but invidious. bung, thereunto clung, food: They should
rabbit, a habit?" Watts, customers' cots. Chypre, a wiper,
daresay, its way. gas; my ass. farces, a catharsis.
Algiers, chubby rears. Chivy, the privy, Bister, his sister.
Brister, the "twister," Roos, too loose. thirty. I'm nerdy.
Cass, first class. Mass. her knees. lick; too thick.
Gene, quite clean. Malcolm, with talcum. Gertie, at ten-thirty
Howells, his bowels. hung, long tongue. Madras, would pass.
Pfister, a clyster.


doubt, Miss Trout. jerk," a smirk; Warders, optic disorders.
Gurk, a quirk. Tripoli, rather nippily. Witton, is written),
Eunice, some pumice. futter, with butter. lass; chapped ass.
Skokie, the pokey. vaster, swell faster. Amarillo, a pillow.
Russia, toilet flusher. Faber, his sabre. Jocasta, playing canasta,
science. high sense. goof, the proof. Cass, body mass.
Alice, to Dallas. Rheims, in teams. Rheims, in teams.
Pottem, frostbitten bottom. off, gas off. Shasta, grew vaster,
ore; the core. in, no paddin', ass. its class.
crack; was wracked. France; my pants. low, to blow.
Potrero, peon's sombrero. Sue, the loo. gas, he'd pass).
Anna! plausible manner, Ghent, horribly bent. Wilford, of Milford.
Burma, my derma. yabby, be crabby. Hatteras, the matteras.
Kit, to shit. committee, your sittee. Natchez, nettle-wood patches.
Clyde, foot wide, Piney, shaped heinie; Britain, their knittin'.
Cattuck, wild duck, a-rustle, a tussle, joke; a poke.
chair, know where. at? say that! Cass, had class,
Vitus, in "-itis": Diehl, of steel! decision: print provision.
Grove, the stove. show, bucking bronco. Royds, the boids.
middle, me fiddle. Fritz, the shits. Pau, the snow.
Monique, maiden's pique, Gluck, to fuck. Hannah, of banana.
sun, had begun. plumber, the summer. nation, bad constipation,
terrier, the derriere. Keith, degenerate thief. lass, triangular ass.
towel, ear-piercing howl. (methylated), second debated, Havana, of banana.
hoodoo, for voodoo. Lima, anal eczema, Tyre, the fire.


queer; right here. alack! the back. Savannah, of banana.
Twenn, the men! Madras, of glass. fiddle, its middle.
Ectam, eject 'em. succincter. linked her. Pete, his feet.
fiddle, its middle. Uttoxeter, buttocks sore. surmised, the skies.
alluring, is enduring." enduring, lady alluring.


repeated, painfully treated. Penznace, cast-iron pants. Long, sharp prong.
Pinter, all winter. class, his ass. senorita, of mesquite-a.
heels, in squeals; Kay, one day. Vintry, bit wintry,
Nantucket, a bucket. find, left behind, Rose, some repose.
McGee, explosively: "Whee! Max, with tacks. thistle, short whistle.


Ealing, centuries kneeling, bustle, maximus muscle. lass, her ass,
sweet; you repeat? Kissel, a thistle. Schmutz, his putz,
displays, and amaze. Uttoxeter, and purr. Bill, diplomat's skill.
Cutter, own butter. Anna, of Havana. Ames, jolliest games.
nativity) extreme sensitivity) Wales, chew nails. unguessed, they're best
Day, and play. Strensil, a utensil. Porter, up water.
Granner, curious manner. smart; of art. REET! she'll meet!
Norwood, provokingly forward. tricky, quick, see, ass, Cape Hatteras.


Joe, the foe Glass, his ass. Wheatley, so discreetly,
mingle, all a-jingle, Astoria, Fletcher's Castoria. moon, a spoon.
bum; brown come. Tarsus, needed catharsis. lass, a pass.
Snodgrass, his ass. got, "Mein Gott!" hairy, does vary.
bloom, we assume poo, can do: done, have fun.
Peru, the dew. Wise, First Prize, keen, Mr. Sheen:
funny, my tummy. Daisy, infernally lazy, caboose, incredibly loose,
girl, a whorl disgusting; excrement crusting. rise, did apprise.
Maggie, and saggy. behind. you'll find, bathe, a lathe.
back, and alack, divan, her can. too; the loo.
Kelly, terribly smelly. word, "How absurd!" Bloom, from Khartoum.
bind. had whined. time, of grime. Belfast, it past
Fred, his bed. what?! unkindest cut.


Primmer, a skimmer. toll, and soul. McScrew. knew you.
Russell, a bustle; Superior, was inferior. Drew, she flew.
Kissel, a missile. Reubens, size-42 buns; Newcastle, collapsible arsehole.
Louise, some bees. Pau, the snow. alas, year-old Cass,
Bas- first class. truck, bad luck. saint; 'wet paint'.
store: NO MORE Alsace, her ass, lefty, and defty).
doors, some whores. -- for air. stones, Liv intones.
Runnel, a tunnel, Duns, three sons. Vancouver, a Hoover.
crass, wonderful ass. Flock, a shock. Bronx, cruise honky-tonks.
Australia, a azalea. perforce; a horse! Cade, has laid...
Bend, a friend. dear, Mrs. Revere; taste, with grace.
Morse, nuclear force. Kevin, to heaven. sow, thought how.
blind. this unkind. Valk? with talc. tiny, little hiney;
suffer, grown tougher. appeared, and cheered, fitting, was knitting;
meeting, the greeting. enabling; from tabling. Anus, of Janus.
shop, on top. poll, leader role.


Annie, oversized fanny. Crete, the seat, Marge, so large!
Nebraska; as Alaska. Manus, large anus. ass, blind me.
Brum, enormous thumb. figure; with vigor, dirt, his skirt.
you! is true. gloat, her coat. Marge, too large?"
Mass, large ass. Triskett, the brisket, Hendon, end on.
Newcastle, large asshole, "Alas! can amass, Revere, Oh Dear!
Alabama, wham her, Anne, to tan, fence... nubile Hortense.
find, Hortense's behind dear, around here. chum; huge bum.
bums, Nature's plums. cheeks, mammary peaks, ass, order, alas.
along, or wrong! wide, sitting astride caladiums, taken radiums;
founded, decidedly rounded. hairy; plain scary. Bass, protuberant mass;
Harrow, a sparrow, companion, a canyon. Mudge, and fudge.
flocks, for blocks. lasses; my passes. Stone, severely alone,
Barse, two cars. Batasse, marvelous lass. Cape, peculiar shape.
Bryde, came untied. Chatham, fat ham. Alice, a palace.
arse, life's course. McCall, exceedingly small. Bhogat, so fat,
bikini, Miss Sweeney Annie, oversized fanny. lass, ass --
you, ride you. STEATOPYGIA, hips, callipygia, a, your STEATOPYGIA.
hurt... my skirt! Zaire, protuberant rear. slut; her gut.
immense; the fence. Danny, a fanny, Revere, the rear,
Ayers, dining-room chairs, Golders, of boulders. fours, the floors.
stuck, (rotten luck).


bleak," a freak. Mobile, to steal Keatts) large teats,
unsung, Marylou's tongue. alas, and harass. tractor, one factor;
Jackie, were wacky. unabridged) every chance... kinder, behind her,
top-hatted; been fatted. Butch, a touch. tv-set, the Met)
faire, laissez faire." chat, was fat, Reggie's, of veggies,"
Loire, Prussian Hussar. Damietter, and better... lass, were crass.
McNiel, unexpected feel; yummy; and tummy. France, a dance.
jerks, his quirks finger. to linger, sky, college try.
Burton-on-Marsh, uncommonly harsh. kissin'; of dissin'. Danny, called Annie.
Saskatchewan, you on; Bister, kissed her, club, a rub,
prude, a dude. ignore: men adore. fault, quickly halt.
passes, wear glasses. Dabbers; or crabbers. Munns. holy nuns);
blunder. stunned her. Giovanni, Windermere's fanny. Blass, a lass.
Baird; he fared. Greystokes, of blokes. Madras, cream-colored ass;
lotion, circular motion. aromatic, motions emphatic sum, my bum."
Hatteras, her ass. Crumm, fiancee's bum, wise, and surprise.
lass. won't harass free, you see. Faversham-Finch, could pinch.
rule, fairly cool, toys, what joys! clothes, kinda froze,
confused, he's abused. cockers, her knockers. Fife, his life,


Russia, hush her; Brewster, goosed her. Spruce, a goose.
dour; always sour. obtuse, ] loose, the goose.
Toulouse, her produce. Shuster, amused her. Portugal, excessively nautical;
Brewster, goosed her. Marian, local librarian. snicker, her knicker.
tired, get fired!), DOUCEUR, deals looser, Lucy, I'm goosey.
Paul, and all? juice, you loose; Bruce, a goose,
Brewster, seduced her. Proust, being seduced. Tucson, to goosin',
Huntz. a dunce. fount." to surmount produced, it used,
Brewster, goosed her, behind, you find Nanoose, too obtuse.
seducer, conduce her, Worcester, goosed her. Wooster, old rooster.
Lucy, over goosy. Cooser, goose her. Toulouse, the goose.
Wise, a surprise. fear, competitors' leer. Proust, violently goosed.
Drill, a thrill. Rose, her hose. rooster, in Worcester.
rooster, goosed her.


"Lex, of sex! Bantry, the pantry. Humby, numb be?)
Cathay. one day, lass. were crass. lass, was crass.
Legion, tropical region. dame, callipygian frame. fine, some wine;
Butte, exceedingly cute. mass, no class. dear, sweet rear.
seen. too lean. stump, your rump, passes, wearing glasses,
fair, round derriere Claire. to share offense, common sense.
Legion, desolate region, Greer, the Year", Racine, and keen.
not; little snot. scold? so bold? excessive, more aggressive,"
Brenda, of agenda; Siberia, tempting posterior, jeanology, reversed phrenology;
lass, heart-shaped ass, Tess, lovely excess. "Monsieur," song, connoisseur,
air, cute derriere, Pass, feminine ass. Anny"; was uncanny.
vicious, spam injudicious, Anny, well-rounded fanny. sale. Forty-Inch Tail,'"
lass, nice ass. Goshen, their motion. Syria, be drearier.
Irene, a queen. Bright, charter flight, brave, them rave.
treat; be discreet. ass! or crass,