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The folks at alt.jokes.limericks tolerate the posting of a most amazing variety of subjects and styles - just as long as it's a limerick! Anything else, no matter how well-meaning, is SPAM, and will be attacked viciously. That's part of the game at AJL.

If you like limericks and want to join the AJL "Regulars" -- or just have a clever limerick you'd like the world to see -- please check out the links below and be sure you know what a limerick IS. And please check out the list of mouldy oldies and spare us the ones we've already seen a million times!

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Limerick Links

A good place to start: Pentatette's home page
A large collection of lims: Tony Davie's archive
A comprehensive discourse: Limerick Discussion Page
DemonPeter's Limerick Pages
Archie, gone Artistic
HOURS of entertainment: Tiddy Ogg's Opus


How to write a limerick that will surely make H laugh
John Miller

May editors steal our thoughts
May lit students embellish their theses with our wisdom
May many a masturbating lamer turn master limmer
May spammers' balls be crushed slowly, painfully, and repeatedly in the vise of our glorious vice
May Velcro replace the zipper
May Malo rule the Universe
And may the world communicate in jolly rhyme for ever more!

-- thanks to H