PeterW's FAQ

Hello and Welcome to AJL.

We'll give you a welcoming cheer
If you follow the rule which is clear;
     You must post only rhyme
     In a limerick time
As is shown by these verses just here.

But should you depart from the norm
We'll consider it very bad form;
     We'll flame you and roast
     You if prose you must post
And if spam we will kick up a storm.

Now NOtice the RHYthm and BEAT
di DAH di di DAH di di NEAT?
     Too WIDE of this MARK
     And we'll BITE like a SHARK
di DAH di di DAH di di SWEET?

Take care of the pattern of rhyming
As well as the meter and timing;
     Just give it a try,
     There's no need to be shy;
Soon that limerick bell you'll be chiming.

And finally maybe you've seen
That a lot of our verse isn't clean;
     But we can and do vary 
     The themes, but be wary;
Of old ones we're never too keen.

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