Limeric Index



Sanders, Ann Landers. pose, anyone knows. kind, your mind,
card, swallow hard) wrote, firm note, Broon, feet doon.
time, tropical clime; trying; cut-rate flying. -- so crass.
spel, boath well Golightly, gentleman sprightly. O'Vine; all mine.
heat. let's meet off, rocks off! meet, my sweet.
divine. Underground line tickled, a trickle. letter; it better.
bit, to twit. online, is fine. wrapper, quite dapper!
brother; each other, Millie. nothing silly. letter, upset her.
suppose, well-polished prose. classes, for Lasses;' Kid). ten quid?
Breaulieu, Anthony Newly. speak, Saturday week). bras, to Mamas.
Trier, a year, letter; likes better.


Abby, a cabbie; cabbie; him crabby. do? we're through.
do, to screw. Gabby, Dear Abbey. received, be believed.
I, wonderful guy. apart, teen-age sweetheart, Jack, for alack,
tramp! little vamp! O'Hara, Yogi Berra, Abby, I'm flabby."
Toledo', swollen libido: philanders. and squanders wrote, getting remote,
oodles, prefers poodles. Miss, bliss -- bereft. has left.
Buren: Dear Abby, joke. and coke..." Chuck. no luck.
-- his spasm. -- her spasm. Abby. a Swabbie.


backing, quite lacking. face, really base. treat; be beat,
pool. even cool; John'? mere john. Harry," won't marry.
know, weeks ago. verve, her nerve. John' long gone.
end" "... comprehend." upon, of Jean, Larsen, female arson.
occur, of her. fawn, back lawn. nowadays; comfort conveys
John; by Yvonne. began, you can. Vi, bar I
revolting; are jolting. Fetter, one better. naive, he'd grieve,
got, is shot. bereft; has left. fond. know) beyond.
good-byed. are supplied. gone, "Dear John, replied. you cried.
Ron, nearly gone." mate, a date; on, successful, well-born.
gone, carry on,


[?], too free, teachers, dominant features college, the knowledge
sign, strongly opine note, too remote. today, way --
Board. the Lord freeze, and fees, when, the men?
resolute; nor galoot. mews, and screws, majority, united priority
depart, to start. jet, courier met, Staff. unfortunate gaffe
prices. cream slices decree, one knee. repair, and fair.


deduction, girls' instruction: meaner! is keener. hum, man come.
example, so ample, crown, won't drown. lacking, are snacking
birds! flattering words twit; a bit; wrong, slathering, strong.
houses, it rouses, disrobes, (no bathrobes), refrain, in rain;
place, with lace door, a whore, brace, some grace;
finesse, less mess.


toast: to roast, see; can be. begin, limericks spin;
Bruce, his excuse, scrawl, eight ball; support, limericks short.
decreed... readily heed. sounds, to hounds. rhyme, my time.
clothes, pretty close. bait. I hate admit, with wit.
rhyme, much slime, telling; from smelling. bleakly; quite meekly.
hums, triple-time ta-da-dums, fun, is spun. glamour; and stammer.


averse, a terse pale, to rail. expressed, the rest.
cybernetic, be peripatetic, West, a jest terse, to coerce,
part, and smart; scene, fore serene. verse, so terse,
one, rhyme won. release, can please. sure, no more.
dead. critics said. delete, now obsolete, dear? is clear.
wife, in Fife. ill, but still, today, I may;
years? Well, cheers. due; dear Sue. fuck, quick suck.
feet, the beat; pith, like "myth," feet! always neat.
offend, they tend, -- and how! antic, are semantic.
dimeter, the perimeter; Mick, form "limerick": deaded, it's beheaded,
clean' being lean. grace, its place. long; a song.
geographical, themes biographical, genre, smarmy entendre? FUN; or pun;
new, is true. rhyme; in time. form, the dorm.
pictures, and scriptures. sublime, ones rhyme. key; rhyme harmoniously.
rickety; goes clickety-clickety us, overly zealous) Satan; no debatin';
it, sweeten it, confound, exponential, unbound, Devil, to revel
JOCUND, the fund good. been understood. apt, well wrapped,


do, not new. -- be anapest. Best, with zest.
hanza, the panza: sincere, might appear. this, a fizz.
double, of trouble form; worse form. climb, a rhyme.
pan; young man; feet, quite incomplete. domestic, are majestic.
shit, a bit; sun, most fun. meter, a cheater);
site; in tonight. man, you can, repeater, or teeter.
Limerick. hard schtick. floor, laughter, explore NOW". that's how.
-- toward heaven. bewitches, libidinous twitches.- mode, can overload.
think; (with drink). excess, is nevertheless, punctilious, tad supercilious,
done, by one. night, is right? bit, syllables fit.
meter, man's peter? "dirty," stirred: he critique, is weak.
immerse, style terse. scanned, more grand. waves; I crave.
domestic, session incestic. long, no song;


perplexed, were vexed, perplexed, his theme compress, a mess.
do, or two. pure; is obscure. Verdun, line one.
do, a hoodoo, bet, as yet. new; line two.
One, exposed And me, right key. vicious; quite delicious.
rhyme, their time. purist, Internet tourist. know, a glow.
hilarity, ingenious dexterity. me, much glee: fun; line one.
-- scheme A-A-B-B-A. rules; helpful tools; cheer, is clear;
norm, bad form; rhyming, and timing; seen, isn't clean;
door? maybe more. length, its strength dirty, often limflirty
funny, your honey power, sense flower, limerick, the trick.
spacesavingpoetnamedBliss, houghtnothingatallwasamiss, bend: the end. Clyde, took pride.
chuckle, knees buckle; rhyme"? just fine! rhyme, certain time.
toes, my nose. verse, so diverse, fan, Sailor Man."
thunder! I wonder thunder, to blunder. can, quite scan.
story; or gory. repeat, must meet. we? demand we
skin. we're in. concise, delectable spice. large, a barge.
neatly, in discretely. Flynn, to begin." five, longer alive,
stew, it's new, regurgitated, were fated,


grind; my mind. rhyme, in time. decide. he cried.
chimes. Miss Limerick-Grimes. rhyme, the time. speak! all week.
true, you do. time, key lime. true, different too;
aught, I'm not! fillers, pronounced caterpillars, -- and "bucket."
diluted; oft convoluted. goo. it shew? rhyme; after time.
accents, hacks sent. ex- glimmer, ex- Dunnoon, a fork.
Heim, prehistorical time, limerick, difficult trick. rhyme; the time.
Limerick, quite hysteric. sublime, of time. blame, and tame,
go, and so: rhyme; method sublime! inj- in j-
Limerick, not Cymric:) spent, lyric intent Popocatapetl, a petal.
limerick, psychological gimmerick. Pete, were neat. confess, the U.S.
four-eng- "orange ". Cities, big titties; Limericks! stummer; "Ick!"s
Limerick, eh, Nick? A." same way. Limerick, cognomen, generic,
way, rhymed aabba, Pitt, "left tit," Billy; panties frilly.
Buck, in luck. whose, that those, Jaun-les-Pins, a man,
partic'lar; a stickler. Rick, quim, Rick,


rest: the best; sincere, not persevere aim, the game.
advice; more nice. called, I'm big-balled. foot! long foot.
anapests, form suggests. saw, without flaw. verse, be terse.
assault, at fault. tact, it lacks. haiku; to do.
friend, that offend. write, little uptight; iamb, will slam
about, print out. stuck. much luck. stanza, pun bonanza,
purveying, I'm obeying. fanatic, to panic. crude, be lewd
splash, a bash, sees, just tease. how, like cows,
crutch, and such. sham, a damn); way, limerick sway,
out, ever flout. think, to drink. beat, can meet,
write, of sight! heck? all dreck. got, this spot.
space, the chase mad; incredibly bad. smack, sure knack.
training, poets complaining. device, think twice teat, be complete,
contents, or nonsense; last, this cast:


dear, honor revere. align, at nine; line, are fine;
write, of sight". askew, likewise taboo; cow, (and how!)
sole, stay whole. rhyme!" after thyme: anaPEST, SYLlables STRESSED;
FEET, them SWEET; ENDing, the atTENDing emPLOYED, it's TOYED;
EAR! SYLlables SEAR LUNCH, to CRUNCH: disappointed, somewhat double-jointed.
style; a while. see, word economy. indent, I've spent,
invent, must indent. letter, look better? rhyme, of time,
cheater, your meter. bran; the can. seek, I speak,
think. a shrink.


Swat; and fat nurse: and terse. jack, the back.
lims, new hymns. rhyme, a crime peer, bringing cheer.
Jean, be seen." stand, their land smart, rhymers apart.
mouse; encouraging spouse. writer, and shiter. toas, to boas
lims, lacking wims. Noakes, Learian hoax Art, the heart.
started, are parted Reed, great need, Peru. to you.
absurd!" chorus concurred. TRAVAIL. go stale. appears, be Lear's;
'M' as Jerusalem. fear, you revere.


ditty, still witty. "I'd, my pride, knack; too slack.
curse, are perverse. morn, of corn. lab, first stab
limerick, timber tick road, a load. write, brief respite,
while, me smile. art, too smart. seem; limerick machine.
swear, to bear. addiction, from fiction. grow, its glow,
write, of spite). drool, their tool. bits? some tits)
convert? more pervert? time, would rhyme. begin, holiday kin,
Roget; every day. confuse, and booze. dumbly; and crumbly.
lines; all rhyme. sublime, the time bright; this right?
take, a break art, to impart?, lines from.
perverse. am adverse. Rose, one throws absurd. cuss word.
rhyme, the time, excuse, the juice. mine, last line
lewd, and crude. more, a chore. Jon. all gone.


told, grown old. Aiken, I awaken, Dave, a slave.
Lear, not clear. Scroll, quite droll, peek, or Greek.
parchment, patriarchs meant. Jews, the news. obscene; in between
town, sit down time, a crime. friends, nonsensical ends;
thee, attend thee; adverse, Mummy's curse, obsessive, urges transgressive,
arrive; memories alive! Ditty; especially witty. past, limerick's cast,
bookstore, "Legman" galore. go? long ago. versed, seem cursed.
alive, doth thrive; time, their prime; Lear, I fear.
naughty, to potty, exhibited, downright uninhibited, contented, he invented., lines from; guy, I'll try, "Whatever!" of clever,


lead. have fled. head, and fled; boss, a toss;
protest, to digest." verse, verbosity terse, crude, be screwed.
self-defecation, your commendation bereft, who left. today; to play.
pick, random like..."lick". ban, even scan, reams, it seems.
drought, and pout; know, exceedingly slow; 'em, float 'em.
bed. my head. crummy, upset tummy. block. the clock.
sup, a cup. -- Oh fudge! sit, have writ;
slump; a jump. fall; at all. afeared, have appeared.
yet, a sweat. hiatus; MIA status. time, a rhyme.
direction, writing section, snooze, running shoes, 'em, delight 'em.
guy, always rely,


authenticity, in pudicity; design" should incline fun, least one
squat; and hot. agree, namely 'G,' advance, by chance.
chit, that it know, doesn't show. be, earned PhD.
owner, sell toner; suppose, still flows; tightly, so lightly
airily, humor, summarily, elimination, E's consternation. pleasin' thinking season.
thought, are wrought, mine, a time. here, and career;
time, limerick rhyme. here, to clear. stinks, a sphinx;
do, shall brew. can! of bran.) France, at romance.
eyes. few tries. sheep; Bo Peep; tea. my knee
loo? of Sue. pain. nookie again." Sue, my loo."
tether?" wondering whether here, I fear. rhyme, limerick time.
lose, No news. fear; single idea spent, I meant)
line, just divine; while, self-satisfied smile; thought, up short.
stare, utter despair


years; some fears. Arch? of March? am, your ram.
sending, no ending. 'em, waste 'em; cup; and sup.
Earl, story unfurls. pick, obituary slick. whines. yet refined
declares, all unaware plan, "The Man", gains, old sayings,
democracy, some plutocracy. staff, the graph. gate, won't grate).
went; his bent. career? small beer. once, (the dunce).
wings; after-life things. most, stair post. go, Early "Hello".
jump, your pump. fun; being glum. penned, they've sinned.
right; so bright, proverb'al; disturb y'all. glamourous, be famourous.
slim, getting grim. comes, mostly thumbs, Dave, his cave,
naught; ever fought, wrong! my thong. chagrin, your kin.
rim, and trim. poor, the door right, thinking, quite.
quim, the brim, thing, a king, stuck? his luck,
witty, Limericks pretty. there? a square, times, delicate rhymes
most, the boast. ditty, and city, crude, rather rude.
due, it through, butt! to strut? butt, her mutt,
WHAT? that slut! Pete? the street? beard, it appeared;
group, to recoup. Himmerlich, a limerick. age; this page.
know? to show flounce, happily pounce pants? and dance.
cow, know how true; you screw; here; Tony appear?
us. us -- you? there's two. alone, I'm prone
Peter? meter -- nub? the stub, Bess, a mess,
tub, a rub, rife... Pete's wife? 23rd, (final word).
is, and refuses lumpy, your rumpy, came, limericks lame.
hooked; now cooked.


on, scribbler, Anon: upon, fame on! time, writing sublime.
compose, straight rows. prolific, than specific. verse, and terse.
sticks, like hicks. limerickers? the stickers? naughty, or forty.)
defend, and penned, what, so hot? great, limmers, "Irate!"
disease; a sneeze. curse, pleasure perverse ago, you know
Mickey, lime rickey. Tennessee, all poetry; rhetorical, than historical:
penned, common trend. said, we read, rare, of despair.
bum; a ho-hum. meter, be sweeter, snit; to quit.
shafts, this craft hard, poetical bard. -- or buts.
ability; greatest humility. fear, to appear. Amie, name me.
time, limerick's rhyme. curse, limerick verse. Cards, the guards
abed, my head. guy, a sty, James, play games.
excuse, form overuse. Hines. fishing combines. name, his aim.
Limerick, couldn't pick. boring, and snoring; educate, sex surrogate.
dead; you said. bright. quite right) hard, are jarred.
waited, be updated. Izzy, he's busy name, after fame,
Don; and on. diversion, of perversion. I'm, good rhyme,
curse, his verse, rhyme, the time. limericker, is sicker.
time," a crime it! know it. this? or amiss?
Demyers, the keep-tryers, Isle, the mile. enough, bit bluff.
spot; I've got. again. in pain. believe, to conceive.
say; I'm away. shown, the phone) crime, a rhyme,
head, often said. limericist, never missed. Corning, the morning,
hysterical, quite chirurgical. worse, who curse. said: I've read
Frank, high rank. greedy, Limericks seedy. time, might rhyme.
writer, slight her. hoodoo, a lulu vile, a smile,
better; the letter. Dick, good limerick. young, been flung.
CANARD, be barred, best," sad limericist. pillar, as filler.
lurking. like working. Oz. equator because years, to tears
bed, my head, art, the start. Mars", your stars.
inviting; savvy, exciting. poem? huge tome. clean; I mean.


Willis; kill us. rimes. our times. last; now passed.
deceased; has ceased. remain. feel pain. kettle, I bet'll,
wish, so swish. beast, the least. cheater, perfect metre.
name; great fame. worse, quite perverse. erect; - Elect.
droll, its toll, declare, be fair. Tale, the jail;
speak, woefully weak "doh!" incredibly slow) hill, to kill;
slim, getting grim; wish, my dish: tear, without peer
sixty-five, be alive? sixty-five, and alive. need, specimens freed
Perrine, it's divine! impunity, standing immunity, lurk? a jerk
moan. me alone. read, and dead. fart; playing smart.
away. to stay. rest. the best. fun, a pun
ballet. my way. back! a shack, racks, to relax;
Peter, some meter, say! good lay. dress? terrible mess!
stink, I think. betterer, H Lederer. best; great zest.
neat! his feet! praise, few days (Bob) a job
verse, a hearse. Brassel? a farewell? clue, isn't true.
more, and four; dejected, while connected. Thomas, and commas.


crawl; to enthrall. back, heart attack. Pete; a treat,
old; been told. Hugh, a few, help, desparate yelp.
strong, suffer long. got, that spot. age, with rage;
understand... me candle-man? care; your hair; disasters, or piasters,
well, to tell pout. writing about piasters, the "masters",
roll; of control. 'em; feel 'em. buck, a duck!
could, much good. -- for bucks. Lefever, an underachiever,
cranny? your Granny? fanny? vertical cranny day, will say,
bright. quite right.) grand; quartz sand), own: or Joan.
blighter, called limerickwriter. fee, from me? Pete; a treat.
old; been told. Hugh, a few. malo- and hollow,
play? posting someday? gone; how long. birds, where herds
know. driven snow. say; must pay way; one's day.
smell, a well, fire. the pyre, too. questioning Hugh:
hiatus, new status. fell; to retell. luck, his truck.
Tid, he did. be, I'll agree. be, to Tiddy.
weak, and bleak. wild: haven't defiled. cold, I'm old,
grouse. your house. it's, Tiddy kits, notion, big ocean,
lurked; you're irked. admit, I fit. sublime. more time.
proclaimed! thoroughly maimed! all; a fall.


prediction, growing affliction. remission; to perdition. infected; I'm addicted
Limerickosis, bad halitosis. impressed, combat contest. test, me overstressed.
guessed, surely detest, request, do best: come, stupid chum.
hast, gas passed, cursed, every verse. it, at it.
addiction; some friction. think; a wink me; limerick sea.
limericks; few kicks. convention, my intention night. the light.
compare; changing affair. forget, the net. system." miss them."
do, for you. rhyming, lousy timing. pout; beyuong doubt.
tub! a scrub. Tock, was chock alerted, and perverted,
joys, that annoy in, a sin! arrive, they derived
still, limericks until donations, some bribations, bias, try us.
ahead, do instead? rhyme, the time; cursed. I well-versed,
about; in doubt. dotage. a cottage." power;" the hour.
quest! at best. disagree; you see, best; when messed.
pen, and then. today, impossible ways. fine, as mine.
excuse, Just use hooked. is cooked? Chris, clearly remiss,
grandfather, my mother, time, after rhyme. curse, of verse.
bed, I said. head, to spread. dawn, the lawn,
eyes. too wise. straddle, the saddle. face; of space.
pop; to stop. more! already 12:54. sorrow; or borrow.
play. hours away long, going strong. flounce, happily pounce


said, me red. attacks, dumb hacks; addictive! turns vindictive!
worst, all pursed. rhyme, much time. commence, a dense
crude, yet rude. bed, his head. brunt, and grunt.
today, I play chairs, your prayers. verse, gets worse.
wit, a fit. sucks; or fucks? minimalism, was criminalism;
write; twenty tonight. Ward? his sword hard; a bard,
T.Pot. was what? boy; a ploy, joke. nice bloke,
"Yanquipig". very big, computers, several shooters, heard, you nerds.
crew, their view whoopee! Ming Dynasty, scowl, limericks foul,
fluff? my stuff. dimple, is simple. clever, tricky endeavor.
corrections, writer's reflections; enthused, sadly confused. forgotten; the rotten.
perfection, cause objection scene; you mean; conceit; the beat.
VAWARD, are wayward strange, completely deranged, sense, imperfect tense.
culture, the future, Kafka-esque: simply burlesque, stout-hearted, get started
fools, the rules. dash, public mish-mash. Hugh, out do,
flaw," my craw, Ted, cheeks spread. Ted, is dead.
shame! limerick game. gender, rear ender, gay. the parquet,
crappy; Sappy. O'Toumy, and gloomy. fine, were mine.
Times, all iams. CASH? her gash, Marty, bit arty.
bad; too, had eighty-three, unlettered PE. bastard, is plastered
-- it -- fine; some time. -- most acute.
over-zealous, tell us, place, up space, whoever, the Never-Never,
lack; "write" track. mean, ain't seen romance; word dance.
sunny, plagiarist bunny, - "in" - leavin'; and greivin'.
young, are unsung, Man?" you can. suggest, quality test:
mistook; a fuck. read, meaning instead verse, was worse.
salacious; amaze us. hell, to smell. snoring; for whoring;
had, them bad; Peter, greet her. meter, much neater.
hunch, a bunch trunch- a punch. true, for you.
limericks, to mix. work; just lurk. sublime, and time.
bunch! a hunch -- or high? peruse, a snooze.
view, to skew;


Asimovian, that's Jovian, ribald, sigh, bawled: Kay, one day,
specs, without sex. Me, limericks free. rhymes, of crimes.
send, our friend. crap. the hap cunts, dirty stunts,
you; tease you. pudenda, end: a Greet; the beat;
done," no one. head; it said. Collector, gold prospector.
anthology, on biology, rage, after page; languish, pang, wish-
late, total eight; quest, or best; fast, a blast.
wrote, a scrot, muse, others enthuse. curses, of verses;
book, I took normally, 'The Big medley, were deadly.
Book, you look, us, pure ignoramus drag. the swag?
Tony, a crony, poorer; a soarer. wipe, good gripe
Editor, don't geditor, poet, show it.


wit, I sit, ditty, and shitty. Mitty, and titty,
request, the best. say. some day shout; you lout!
mouth, go south. brain, to complain, fear, who're here.
Noakes, terrible jokes. begotten, plain 'rotten,' Prague, amorous frog.
work, to irk. know; the show, thin, them in.
tonight; anything right, say, your way, canny, limerick Granny,
define: limerick's divine... Art, your part. attraction, to distraction.
suspense, no sense twit, little bit. redic, easy trick.
shot, I've got, chance, words dance. Needham, see'd them.
Art, the heart. it, a poet. edit, me credit.
me, as the worse, readers disburse wreath, I bequeath;
disgrace; your face. frank; a blank. nurse, syllables terse,
unkind, I find. jolly! mere folly. Perce, much worse.


two, a crew, diverted, group, alerted; whip, and unzip.
Flash, their gash, too, going through game. a shame
say, your day. warps, Bill Thorpe's who, or two,
polls, our goals, game, that name. mind, in rhyme,
fine, last line, write, a blight. know, that show
new, the crew. in. big win! delight; and night.
sure. a her. fray. word play dear. find here.
sure; a cure. lass? to pass! indeed, definite need.
few; to you. be, to see, Marty, our party.
Kreek, limerick technique; aloof, the proof would, I could,
it. "takeover" shit? board, I ignored.


P, I see. it; huge credit Deex, often reeks;
Deex, poetic antiques; Deex, nine weeks. Deex, through leaks.
cheeks, Arthur Deex. Amen! and pen. fret, month's Pentatette
hone, the bone. sure. ever endure. compose; he knows;
martinet, The Pentatette. Moffett, off it. Deex, no-one speaks?
Nantucket, and bucket. reading, is exceeding Deex, one seeks.
signed, don't mind. lose, Pentatette dues; expansion, fan shun
sucks: 30 bucks; flap. terrible mishap? golly! a folly.
cruise, wintertime blues. perfection, frequent selection wet, publisher yet,
authors. are "awe-thors," taunt, special font. fools, to mules.
description, year subscription. sick, slimmer dick: ad, to sad.
five, three five, man, named Jan) quaint; it ain't.
again, among men; together, monthly newsletter.


twelfth. great stealth. Ogg! this bog, brain, anti-litter campaign;
lark. to mark Tiddy, old biddy. three, with Tiddee)
offence, Tiddy's defence, well. just "swell". thanks, those Yanks.
portray, their foreplay; talents, my balance. again; no pain.
flaw, the draw. fly; his Belfry. instinctive, succinct of
chastise, by surprise... Tiddy, Nazarene ditty, song; elaborate gong
stature, in nature, Tiddy-The-Wise; a prize, weird! quarters feared!
bell; must tell; here! precious, dear, post, south coast.
1945, did strive, son, a gun. hooked, a book.
near, a career. cider, side, aargh. home, to roam,
life, surgeon's knife, fun, his gun. bore; want more,
'79, Royce turbine, detached, to re-attach. 1983, I see.
'87, live on, boon; and noon. Ogg, his sprog.
spout? no doubt. Sam. a ram. alone, uncontrolled bone,)
grown, a moan, trashes, there ashes. Tiddy, little titty,


time; with rhyme. Azul, whose rule you'll, Golden Rule,
me: and see fine, and divine, Hugh, here too.
head, 'cause instead lace, and grace. synopsis: hop, Sis,
back, the track. Big? a wig. me; you see?
buckle, a chuckle. enough; been tough. flood, the mud,
hot, had not. sit; isn't it? you, a ewe.
kind; my mind. green, be seen. away, might say;
Koch, writer's block. gone? hasn't shone. spur, would occur
this, something amiss sweeter; to meter. land, is banned.
complaint. is faint recruit, and cute; away, can't say.
glow, you know. friend, to wend life! considerable strife.
fingerer, a malingerer. words, than birds.


dryness, impudent slyness, began, Clan -- heard, old bird
impel, to rebel, crass. or class. estimation," "deserves approbation,
time. the slime. carried, he'd married. it. read it,"
unfit, a bit!" hot, the lot vandal, to handle.
work, my lurk- repast, they ask humor, sly nom-de-plum-er;
discover, will hover; inept, have wept, feet, muddle's complete.
scene, poems obscene, crass, do bypass. me, o' me,
Euwer, present reviewer. sympathetic: are poetic. style, a smile.
NG; to me. depends, to spend. fuel? some mind-stool?
above, a glove. here.... who's queer? creep, fucking sheep?
you, is due. thought, else's plot. virus, hardly desirous),
cure, I'm sure. ago, would flow. renewed. I'm stewed.)
stood, bard should flames, hauling aims; December, you remember)
spew, would do? today, to say, Janets, 'tween planets.
time, sexual crime, addicted. I'm afflicted. then? and thin?
street. to eat. day; the hay. expectation, on vacation,
dearth, limerick mirth. wild, haven't defiled. fuck, a duck.
lame; the game. rhyme; your time persist, I've missed.
looped! are grouped, mention, to attention. intervene, love machine?
verse, a curse. day, you say. AJL, we're swell;
peep, some sheep, ass; with glass. West, that expressed
rules, like mules,


Tuplett, a couplet. Purcett, (curse it!) tut! some smut?
money; and funny. well; is swell. OFTENTIMES, that rhymes.
D. run be- Wendham, defend 'em). xx, impart 'em.
Dubai, quite shy. lewd, and crude. unkind. Milton blind
posted, gets hosted, tonight, the plight ditch, a snitch,
Madrid. she did! luck; longer stuck. punch, a bunch.
line. just fine. time! a rhyme. smart; to impart.
Milan, didn't scan. Trinity, linnet, he "squeaky"; speak he.
Smiler, simple compiler. Hopewell, dope well. Zelling, genital swelling.
rhyme, my time everywhere, be aware -- upside-down song.
Syme, obvious rhyme. Sewter, limerick-writing computer. Fritz, their wits.
suppos' not verbose; verse, grew worse, him) a poem!
-- line 5! Japan, would scan. Peter, the meter,
China, much finer. English, to extinguish. Liddle, difficult riddle:
rhyme, a crime. make, you take. Hoffman, non-sequiturs often.
rhyme, the time. rhyme, the while. mind, you'll find
return; (learn) dearth, any worth. mercy! line first
Annie, a penny. moon, too soon. think, and sink;
think, and sink; drink! that's pink, apathetic, waxes poetic.
Bacon, am shaken." excelling, mother foretelling limerick, all sick.
cage, the rage. punctuation; great perturbation. portray, by 2K,
Xiangling, in mangling cursed, The worst view, lucky you!
sticks, line six. Symes, his rhymes; yore, was poor.
say, every day, time, that rhyme, Styx, write limericks.
few, well overdue... Drew, line two. quest, Limericking best.
J. songs anyway. omit, two obit. twit, upon it.
permit, a bit. game-- to fame-- Freud, and toyed.
Nirvana, like piranha. polite, be erudite. Hearst, his reason


fun! be won? start, to "fart"; complication, dminister digitization.
meter, be sweeter, "Fine, post-modern rhyme, resolve, not involve
Kong, went wrong. thought, too short. pass, and crass.
thrill, are nil. none, of fun? zero, Emperor Nero.
Pip, lines zip.


precision, and vision; like, a hike! ART?! ass smart.
terse. get worse. curse; matters perverse. sublime, elegant rhyme;
"Fuck! don't suck! friend, the wind. laundry, a quandary.
limerick, frightfully choleric. shape: can drape eye, squat butterfly,
heart, quite apart... endings, gentle befriendings; Paris, to three.
alley; men's galley. bitch, of kitsch. snow; that glow,
mine, to time. fire, us inspire, night; so right.
kay: at play; booty, a snooty. back, the sack.
hot, they're not! May, a day. sodomy, scatology, blasphemy.
delerious, and mysterious. ask, (task) this; innit Chris?
slim, a lim, taken, and unshaken. tens, making amends,
astounding; hollow sounding. resounding, and rebounding elocution, lim contribution
Peru, like haiku.


boys? hard toys? shock, not knock. bitch; tell which.
passion; week's ration thrice, read twice. perverse, to ASPERSE.
write, all right, rude, incredibly lewd; salacious, quite fellatious;
hark, gospeller Mark, etiquette, for Connecticut. keen, be seen
utter, the gutter; five-liners, for diners, crude, a prude.
genius, here betweenius, plan, young man," fear, regulars here,
consonants, dainty dance. cares? catch unawares. vex, horses necks;


seen, been obscene; while; my style. us, whack us
clean? fucking machine, lecherous, is treacherous. snoring! I'm assuring
stuck, as Chuck. place; disgrace -- obscene, be clean.
show, so low. fine. is mine. find, my mind
rhymes, before time,) chaste, without haste. day, utter dismay,
Gene; be obscene. intellectual, to sexual vanity, publish profanity.
clean, or obscene. online, of time, Bean, out obscene.
thing, limerick wing. rude, and crude). whores, festering sores.
metaphoric! -- allegoric; lewd, be shrewed verses. all; curses.)
obsessed, his best; surprise, a rise... rude; most crude;
Racine... you've seen, easy, be sleazy. seen, was clean.
site, editorial might. site, they might. clean, bit obscene;
clean? too mean? away), and say wrecked, politically correct.
forum. accepted norm. verse, that's terse. sting, good thing.
luck, some muck; clean, looking between brooded: I've concluded.
complex, to sex; pleasure; hunt treasure. here, are dear,
crude; distressingly lewd; haste. bad taste? clean; be obcene.
devise, the prize. K: at play;


who, was taboo. best, is anapest. crude, and rude
Dwight, all night, based, beautifully paced. rhyme, nice time;
clean, and keen, clean, not seen. story, too whorey...
this: sloppy kiss. atrocious; is precocious. strange, of range.
'em; 'em -- span, bodily plan, wrong; not belong.
wooed, have screwed. form: hearse form. post, for toasts.
"alt.arts.lims"; of quims. filt-h, to wilt. deplored, be gored,
things, it brings risque; that way. -- some demented.
disgusting! mental adjusting! book, as "fuck". aberration; sexual sublimation.
lips, of hips? lewd, the rude, slang, that hang,
esteem; a stream hay, the Day;' fit, of wit.
seen; I mean. man, I can. connoisseur, and fewer.
lack, a hack. compose; heaven knows. Bard, a card,
mutt, old hut. floor, may pore. quota! one iota
obscene, or seen win; large grin. Dick, one limerick.
gritty, this ditty, 'X'. and 'erects', Moline, are clean.
far; and bar; see, great liberty. gender, such splendor
taint, everyone faint. haste. good taste. traditional, insults additional.
dose, is GROSS. pure, uite innocent...harmless...demure. Jew, Hai Ku,
pure; of manure. decreed, that breed. rough, that's tough;
brain, yet again. edification, a sensation ass," will pass.
please, to seize butt; a mutt. do, scan askew,
hit; funny bit. condemnation, sex education, eschew, that's blue,
liquor; then sicker. machine, and mean. art. and fart.
rude, and lewd, inferior; my posterior. delight, some bite,
proportion, a portion game, its name. Rick, near slick.
impropiety, of piety, witty, humorous ditty. forehead. torrid --
verse, and perverse whores, festering sores. day, to say,
luck; to duck. wit, are writ; -- the core.
clit, balls tit. today, circuitous way, demanding; really outstanding,
chart, an art. again, back when, words; the birds.
plain. shall abstain. Muire, and impure. engraved: you've slaved,
told, quite bold. Taylor, bit paler. "fuck" will suck.
fear, pen, dear. Gert, did flirt.


Adam, appeared Eve; suit... "How crude! Dover, in Deal,
chairs. and pairs; gun, named Pheasant; clear, to appear,
whore, the score. abhore: a whore,


verse, or worse) Glover, limerick lover. write; and tight.
unclean; under eighteen, came; nor fame:


vacation, a vocation. Months, and grunts, May! is gay.
December. is remember June, a loon. September. my member.
month, the month. oneth, the month. October, Sue's Dober-
Junes; many tunes.


Bees, by wasp. Versailles, could cry. mean, any machine.
blush, to hush. myrtle, intellect fertile aglow, can go.
miss, to read. Hearst, her womb. wood, been born,
Azores, on skates. tea, by seven. Khief, fossil colossal.
tart, on papaya. gingery, his kidney. Baroda, her sister:
Sydney, a trance; Pawtucket, would scan. Algiers, a cave,
McAmiter, his room. Paul, control ball; Cass, his class
Leigh, could be; Hyde, and died; Peru, Bishop withdrew,
"Although, eaten enough, bough-- you're through; Dunoon, a fork.
wit, word "shit." Tobago, far go; Shaw! the Dickens."
say. terrible lay.


stuff, the muff. day, will say. sky, upon high.
damnation, small consolation, illustrations, wild fabrications, time, and rhyme.
say, often risque. clarity, and vulgarity. collective, an invective
other, dear mother. know, for show. sexual? more intellectual.
Ramone, granite soapstone. limerick; it's slick. master, says "faster".
reprehensible, probably incomprehensible, stressed. the breast. clean, the obscene;
fun! a nun. obscene, and clean. cure, and demure.
suggestive. I know) write, all right, disgusting? limerick "busting".
dirty. I know) obscene, and seen. wrote, you quote.
naught, in short wars, my floors, functions, planetary/solar conjunctions;
perplex, Oedipus rex; scorn; folks warn. scolders, and shoulders;
photographic, are pyrographic; print, mere hint; bailiwick? type limerick;
limerick. quite sick. calm, limerick balm. bare; "over there".
lean. all clean. 'em. fuck 'em. mind, and kind.
crude, being screwed! post, the most. cheers! their peers.
clean, verses obscene; mean. and green. clean, I mean?
entendre, or maunder. begotten, they've forgotten day, again play;


PG, even me. curse, our purse." collections, bawdy selections,
cool, into school; Gray, one day, running, most stunning.
handy, mind-numbingly randy. copyright, choppy write, at; seconds flat.
shit, suffer it. forget, the 'net, Brasell, to swell,
- my brother. rhyme, of time; Rick. trim, Rick,
scratch? to match chicks, usual tricks, overdue, limericks, too;
Chinese? get obese? decease; retired MDs. limerick, predictable gimmerick.
blues; no shoes; news; a fuse; blues; for booze;
blues; an' booze; wrong, this song. dong; mah jong.
satisfaction; the action. blues; regular booze. blues, Burlington Mews.
blues, Burlington Mews; blues, the dues blue, we do.
find, and unkind, day, type pay. worse, or curse;
wrote: your note time; to rhyme. jerk, we shirk.
lasses, with passes; Erin, of hearin'. ballad, metrical malad-
battle, won't tattle Chaim, a crime friend, dead end,
brain; be plain place) wore gingham/silk/satin/lace. dross, her hoss.
harmonic, elodiously macaronic, goes. everyone knows. lims, into quims.
fine, and sublime. vary, are wary,


puzzle, would muzzle. lot; are not. anapestic, be antiseptic.
inane, delightful, urbane. garish, or parish, clean, clearly obscene.
bore; infinite store verse, that's terse, slant, are extant:
wife, is rife. folly, be jolly, expression, on compression.
-- completely obscene. know, out blow-by-blow blue; soon due.
say, O.K.? addiction; of affliction. hurry? you worry.
merged, union emerged true, and new; babies, with maybes,
am. a clam crunch, light lunch. pause, and whores,
maligned, and unkind. comical, so economical, limerick, my pick
two. they new? away. they say. guy, his eye,
see, sexual tendencies. pole, their hole. limerick, poetical gimmerick,
before, favorite whore; waste, bad taste lim. very dim.
find, is designed agree? of biography. glad, this bad?
crude, yet rude. gap, the lap. fantastic, quite drastic.
expound, seeming bound; Bangkok, could shock. gold, Frog poem-McW)
life, and strife, lims; moistening quims. farm, her charm
queers, at rears, bits, big tits. wrote; old scrote.
words, the curds, sublime, and rhyme; content, or nonsense;
impure, to cure. this: or miss,


Where? most share; you, beneath two cry, I die.
start, venerable art, unsightly; quite rightly. (fish) bizarre (fish)
rhyme, a climb coat, a goat. cinch. a pinch.
haughty: all naughty. -- I do. in; to win.
appeal, that's facile snit, the twit. Song; not wrong.
bed. your head. verses; subtle reverses. chaste, bad taste,
grin; worn thin. risque, with dismay, ex- of limericks.
birds, coarse herds, dean, are obscene. moan, well known.
clean, my scene. hear, included here, either, why the
fun, the pun. intellectual; quite ineffectual. line, can define.
fateful, and hateful; shit, or tit. intent, we consent.
rules, and fools; writ, wit -- spectacular, slangy vernacular
best, and suppressed. fine; mine -- sad. I'm mad.
men, ten -- Conner, there honor? smut, the gut.
glad; and bad: Kush, a push; unsolved: so ribald?
dispersal, your rehearsal Brest, the best. three, to be),
attraction; give satisfaction; addictive, and vindictive. Zed, his head.
Cass, had sass. sublime; saved nine. score; "Whatever for?
best, to test, clicks, should mix; pleasure, for treasure,
disperse, foes curse. verse; called per-verse. crude; downright rude.
art, the heart, ballyhoo; medicinal vallyhoo. trafficker, really seraphicker.
easy, slightly sleazy, easy, be breezy; ode, limericks bode.
gaudy, certainly naughty. sesquipedalian, not Rabelaisian, ass, the gas..."
obscene, limericks clean, rude, and crude. Whist, some limerist.
anatomical, not astronomical. verse, ever terse. faults, fill vaults)
son, was fun. fun, and done, seen, lily-white clean;


forgettable, and regrettable bad, was sad. form, limerick norm,
clean, you mean. thought, be taut, clammily, looked camelly;
Words," I heard). Kain, the rain. Kain, and again.
blasphemy! face infamy. antipathy, no sympathy. theme, any cream.
Harrison, are embarrassin'. heart, of farts), laundered, has wandered
be, best poetry, analysis, suffer paralysis: refuting; no disputing.
all, to appall.


cheap. probably asleep. take, the lake; behind, I find
side. ranging wide dis- no risk: machine, proxy unseen.
home, to moan. phone. the tone. phone, my bone;
me; from Tennessee. made! we played phone. You're alone.
Tone, cell phone. teen, answering machine. bet, winkie wet.
phone-sexin', a vexin'. phone; the tone. spin, and gin.
cheap, a creep, slumber. favorite cucumber,"


misusing, even abusing misusing, even, abusing perusing; extremely amusing.
place; my face. in. you sin? life. old wife.
wanking. a spanking. day; and gay. AJ, went away.
found, shamrocked ground, bitch; a ditch! swing; a spring.
thanking, am banking folklore, a chore. tail, can't fail...
Buddhist, the lewdest. see, like me. day, far away;
laughter, every rafter. bash, but alash, late, a mate!
free; to me. bay; mental decay. hall, we recall.
pages, oh-so contagious; please. social disease. Indeed! Ciardi decreed,
Croom, literary boom rhymes, at times. play, my day.
me. to see see, from Hyperbole. us, bore us.
writer, excite 'er. sung; any tongue. prose, their nose.
crazy; and hazy. strive, form alive. be, named Lee,
while, me smile, dime, generally rhyme. miracle, and lyrical.
good! our neighborhood. rated. you've created. when, and then.
test; a jest.


God! I'm awed. there, or here, cat, a rat,
tea, at sea. O! a toe, female, fibrous fantail,
funny, Bugs Bunny. "alitter". the submitter. CHAPS, IN CAPS.
-- each *. bum, no fun. pen. weading again,
catatonic, yllaer tI bracket, a packet, plas, flying trapz.
alliteration, lip lubrication schwa, somewhat bourgeois. explain, line refrain.
mine, last line, dissension, a misapprehension. fun. at everyone.
revealed! barely congealed MEES, [,,] as ears; to tears.
well. can't spell. us, rot us. verse, to terse.
although, so -- Plagiarize, Exercise smile; and compile,
bowed. pondered aloud: surmise, great surprise: daybreaks, cerebral sakes.
'eem! aroound 'eem. wk, a lak. affront, a grunt;
care, the hare. c***, a book. c***, the b***.
c***, the st** t*** the b***. c*** worth s***.
c***; a j***, c***, a f***. c*** to b***.
c***, a st*** c***, did d***; skills; cheap thrills.
c***, a f***,


Hall, helluva ball, breeze, my trees, awful, even unlawful;
post, a ghost what? is not mysterious; too serious.
xxxxx, a xxxxx. lickin', named Fricken sight, O'Reilly's delight
Earth, some girth, Banff, the manfe Banffg, panff --
change, strange ... inside, secretly pried future, to suture
ten, since when verses: in hearses? obliterated, and deliberated
mine; than divine. end; my friend. flow. you know.
One. only begun Two. I do? popular, so far.


Tangier, I hear: Virginia, in ya'; Virginia, far Abyssinia?
mid-Ethiopia: smokers' utopia. word, I've heard. Bedouin, o' one;
try, wandering eye. outdoor-ish, quite poor-ish. speak, like fabriek.
hordes, fighting warlords, Moors; than yours; sure, will endure.
Deasey, churning Zambesi, reports, famed resorts, rooms, Pyramid looms,
mound, burial ground. Ali, to dally. plain, no rain.
Cyrus, Grail" papyrus. style, green isle. desirous, admire us,
jungle, talented toungle. Bay, with dismay: swore, immoral amour.
Delta, of felta. Delta, a belta. -- to ignore.
Nigeria, distinctly superior. Ghana, pleasant sauna; Bucyrus, computerized virus
dot, holiday spot. Rabat; weird at spear. natives revere.
Capone, the phone, Natal, a gal. Tabriz, to please;
Tangier, old Emir, Timbucktoo," a brew. (Egyptian) of description:
Egyptian, of encryption. rude, not food. safari, he's sorry.
late; a date. Zambezi, of Assisi. Zambezi, sang easy.
Zambezi, and easy.


street, sweltering heat, chancy; try necromancy. refuse, lifestyle asnooze.
noxious; you uncoxious. Benares, caught unawares; soul, sightseeing stroll
tomorrow, Bora Bora; waves! called "Cut-Rate-Travels-by-Dave's." Cora, Bora Bora.
Cambodia, various podia. ho-ing? is flowing. Delhi, and smelly.
us, woo us, Si, maidens, good-bye. Bangkok, a shock.
Pradesh; are fresh Calcutta, than gutta. partition, to perdition.
Antipodean, common plebian; Katmandu: never screw. Lee, was he,
Kwan, leaky sampan, Laos, a chaos, got, girl's twat,
learner, grow firmer. hordes, ravishing broads. Nepal, masquerade ball,
two, for you. Kashmir, "Over here!" Kashmir, mighty severe.
Ranee, to tea. Times, of crimes. daughter, the slaughter,
Sam, in Siam Siam, vacationing Kiam. 'em, confuse 'em.
Singapore, to ambassador. Lanka, oil tanker. Taiwan, "Carry on!"
cool, Mahal pool. socks, be orthodox. Tibet, mountain sextet."
Seoul, then "soul." harem, scare 'em! explain, made claim,
forget, they get. concede, common, indeed. Morgans, two Gorgans!


problem, could condemn, fumin' rights human. summer; a bummer.
Long" a dong. ** get obese? Mongol, and Wong'll
Yak, her back. he, a yeti. Beijing; Lady sing.
Beijing, quite amazing, years, of tears: miles, stone tiles,
places? and faces, edge, holly-thorned hedge. rise, great size,
direction, in correction, states, moutainous grades, expense, good sense,
impress, or duress, Kong; sweet song, Kong, new song.
Kong, national song. Kong, Ping Pong. vagina, much finah,
speaking, from Peking, sages, their wages. can't, doctrine implant.
embarks, his remarks. Mao, a sow. Chu, wouldn't do.
Mongolia, acute melancholia; SARS; their Ma's. you, the new.
Tu, ever knew, proposal; my disposal. Cathay, hurry away,
cheer. are here. deployment, greatest enjoyment. Vigoda, Chinese pagoda,
immutable, longer disputable.


finito, Akihito? fame, a claim Asia, call Geisha.
jest: her undressed, Tokyo, to go. Japan, a can.
begun, Rising Sun, Japan, strange land. dirt, was hurt.
rings, no decodering, Us! tune sore-bees." Howell, men disembowel
guess, say, "Yes." ass, greenhouse gas. think, everywhere stinks.
one; haven't won. gannet; fan it. Japan, my fan.
Nippon, sip on; tradition, post-war addition; flight, the fight.
Japan, a man. it, verify it. went; worldly-wise gent)
thing; does ring; do? that's true; wink, and pink;
poo; one too!" steers; his spheres; Yokohama, penultimate, comma,


Kabul; wise rule. can; Turkish land Beirut; the fruit.
Kuwait, until late, mid) maybe it sand, in Iran.
Teheran, his clan. Teheran, the can. slam, should damn,
City, than pretty. Aviv, can live! school, keep cool.
full, in wool. prescription, as conniption; sheik, a freak.
friends. future portends, deny, soon die note, big vote.
Barney, stone Blarney. Sneads, and Medes, cupidity, since antiquity.
weird, probably heared: Ankara, a tankara. perplex, and direct.


traversed, doubtless conversed Australia; a failure. blues, of ewes.
roo; wombat stew. under, aspersions asunder scrote, my boat.
youth) be quiet) day, his pay. reverse. the First.
conceive, to deceive,. most. are toast; Perth, of mirth
crims; their sins. Kalamazoo: are due. Sue, her shoe.
die! be shy! Pygmalion, spoke alien. Aussie, himself bossy
Dahlia, fail ya!" Australia, without failure regalia, in Australia,
deep; like sheep. Australia, gross coprolalia. Australia, right paraphernalia.
fall, to call. Strine, the 'rine,' under, bad blunder.
Oz, country because Tidney, with kidney. Cloud, all proud.
robber, of pauper, foight, his moight. contradiction, of restriction.
all; your Fall. snack, a crack. lot, I ought.
hell, would dwell Sydney, didn' 'e? me, bid me
girth, of mirth. regale'ya, bad failure. joke. the bloke
Bill, of Magill. night, Too right! Gwyder, astride her.
under, fund her regalia, a falia, Louth, the south.
level; can revel. Dutch; and such; flirts, their skirts;
threw, he knew. Perth, the earth, Maeve, a cave.
flack, to attack. Geelong, quite wrong. say, far away.
Perth, upper berth. pads; the lads.


best, with zest; waste! the taste. guineas, with tinnies,
Jed, to bed, Jed, be fed? suck, a duck!
Hell; a bell? Blue, foot didgeridoo. fun, the sun,
queue, Old Hue. vein, the refrain didgereedied, laid aside.
Hue, and blue. wonder, "Down Under", there, to bare,
clog, reminder jog. Aus, come across, way? to play?
greet, do meet? twat; if not, way? to play?
see, and free. 'Roo, will do. observers, deserve us.
'Roo, assure you, bold, is told. can. iron man.
neat; stuff beat. green, a scene. inviting, are frightening..
outback; you lack. true. you grew? itches; Aussie-land bitches.
scratch, a batch; Australia, and paraphernalia. ship, with it.
under, right asunder. birth, the Earth. reignited, was relighted.
Blue, big kangaroo; worse. a nurse; snake. raw steak.
Aussies? and mossies) whatever, fair weather. 'un, small 'un.


Channel! an annal. Britain, a kitten, destination, whole visitation,
funny, Mr. Tunny, Singapore, big bore. Clacton-on-Sea; to be.
be, you see. Dover, in clover. Colney, a Sony.
Trelawny, name corny. Looe; to do. Jove! genial cove!
tippling, was rippling. Dagenham, waggin' 'em, Bill, in Dill.
sir; Meres, sir. Anglia, and angular. Rye, her awye.
Eccles, of sheckles, affair; barriers there. schmucks? Yankee bucks.
pain, I'm sayin'? meek, conservative streak. Beenleigh, seen cleanly,
glum; is dumb; sex, Essex suspects, Brits, be half-wits.
vench- a wench, agog; strong grog least, the east,
fate, endless debate; (Gloucestershire) a toss; obscene, and mean,
West, are depressed. reports; own shorts. Wash, terribly posh.
Gideon, Greenwich Meridian. Gresham, thrash 'em, today; Ogg's say.
(Hobbis) job is. Hellesdon, is done; Holkham, smoke 'em.
train, Salisbury Plain. Graham, Potter Heigham. tough, not rough.
station; her exclamation. shark, of Sark. Sark; tad dark.
Uttoxeter, at her, thine! mine -- wan; of tan.
Saxon, macs on, magesterial, not immaterial." muse, invaders confuse.
gull, of Mull Mouse, small house. Observer, liberal fervor.
Hampshire, damp year. Harrow, house sparrow. act, always lacked.
Dorking; were uncorking. English, grammer's stinking-lish. British, using Yiddish;
mark, the ark. Oby, oh be dole, life's goal.
Montross, absolute loss; Philistine, the Rhine. Bicester, called Mister.
Corbridge, flaw which schools, fighting duels. Fork, could talk.
island, own land. coast, to boast; Wight; within sight.
Wight, a fright, Penge, the fringe. impinged, was dimmed
rocks, even talks. south, Saxons stout, Surrey, a curry;
quaint, common complaint. would, nice neighborhood, Britishness? of skittishness.
be; of thee; Weybourne, ebb 'n' evoke, old Basingstoke.
objection, my direction niece, her fleece. stinks, it, methinks.
Wymondham, massive pudendum. grass, I pass. right; not tight!
try, a sigh;