How to link to SPAM putdown

If a newsgroup SPAMmer posts a line such as "For a free joke every day visit" and you leave the URL in that line intact in your reply to that SPAMmer, no matter how hot your flame may be you have HELPED that wretch achieve his/her/its miserable ends.

One way of avoiding this is to replace the URL with some insulting nonsense. However, this just inconveniences anyone who clicks on this URL with an "Error 404".

Another method is to replace the URL with "" or some other similarly useless governmental agency such as FEMA, the CIA, IRS, or The Pentagon. However, some people may object to this on the grounds that it wastes taxpayer's money -- although we can't see much validity to this argument, inasmuch as it is mostly wasted anyway.

The solution we propose here is that in your reply you substitute any of the following links for the one in the SPAMmer's original posting:

These are all really the same, just pick one that seems right for the substitution. They all have a link back to the SPAM page.

We get nothing out of hosting these pages but the satisfaction of doing a little bit to stem the tide of SPAM rubbish which is overwhelming the net. Please feel free to use them and share a bit in this satisfaction.