How to write a limerick that will surely make H laugh

(and maybe even wet himself)

1. Read it out loud and be sure that it sounds natural, i.e.,
   do not ask H to stress syllables and words that are not accented
   in normal speech.
2. Make lines one, two, and five metrically indistinguishable - same
   for three and four.
3. Have at least one punch line and put the meat of it at the very
   end of the last line.
4. Allude to or specifically mention at least one fart.
5. Allude to or specifically mention H's extraordinary genitals.
6. Don't use prissy words like genitals.

H's tastes in limericks are a bit non-traditional. He thinks Ogden
Nash's work is for the most part boring and lame. H's most admired
lim author is Peter Wilkins. One of Arden's lims, probably through
adhering to the above items 3 through 6, gave H a simultaneous giggle
and stiffie.  MrMalo often disregards all of the above enumerated
suggestions yet somehow achieves H's highest laugh-per-stanza average.
H hasn't a good idea why this is, and likes to keep it that way.

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