Zoom IN ~ in Franklin County ~ Z oom OUT
This map probably gives you the best feel for our local. Interstate 30 runs from Dallas through Sulphur Springs (no label), Mt. Vernon, and Mt. Pleasant. The kids go to school in Mt. Vernon, which is about 12 miles south of us; Mt. Pleasant is about twice that far southeast; Sulphur Springs three times as far to the southwest; and we follow Rt. 271 northwest to Paris (north of Sulphur Springs and off the map) about 40 miles to shop. The water visible towards the bottom right is an arm of Lake Cypress Springs: 22 miles to the nearest swimming and boating area we know about. The river cutting across the map is White Oak Creek, and the Sulphur River forms the border between Franklin County and Red River County on the north. (Red River County goes right up to the Red River, which forms the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma.)

Not shown on the map is Mt. Vernon's airport, about six miles southwest from our house - I'm a pilot with about 4500 hours experience, very little of it recent.