I'm sad and I'm tired to see
So many do not think like me.
What good is a fight?
It won't prove who is right,
Just who's strongest -- a poor thing to be!
--- Eva Bekker

An old tarnished hippy like me,
Can do nothing, my dear, but agree.
But the whole human race
Found its dominant place
On this planet, by slaughter, you see.
--- Eva Bekker

Lombroso said criminals are born as such,
They're not developed quite as much.
Their most obvious traits
Are their deviant gaits.
They're weird and different from us.
--- Alisa Tavani

Differintial Association
Says crimes are committed through motivation.
Duration and frequency,
Intensity and priority,
And don't forget rationalization.
--- Moneka Walls

Once a theorist named Durkheim,
Pondered 'bout life all the time.
"Ah, 'tis easy," said he.
For it is Anomie
That leads us all to commit crime."
--- Jona Meyer

There once was a man named Durkheim,
Who believed each society has crime.
An anthropologist
Became a sociologist;
We all have anomie from time to time.
--- Shannon Cabrera

Crime is a problem of our nation.
The state exists for exploitation.
The Capitalist State
Came to just dominate.
Crime occurs due to administration.
--- Kristen K Letterman

There are five responses to anomie.
The first consists of conformity.
Hard work is ritualism.
Drop outs have retreatism.
Inovation and rebellion finish enormity.
--- Bob Nehring

Old Freud was an odd one at best;
He said crime springs from mental distress.
To old Siggy it seems
Crime escapes from our dreams,
And we all need treatment, he guessed.
--- Jona Meyer

Sigmund Freud had said long ago,
The id outweighs the superego.
The unconsciousness
And mental illness
And some theories got him some dough.
--- Brian Hobson

There once was a Limey named Hobbes,
Who opined on British law-jobs.
"Ain't no tax without State!"
Now, isn't that great!
The state gets the fines when one robs.
--- Dr Z

Karl Marx theory of conflict:
The "Haves" are always the rich.
They sell their goods
The oppressed become hoods,
And the rich rejoice in their profit.
--- Judy Yi

Berresford Ellis did state,
That beliefs are the cause of all hate.
Though true, it's too heavy
For this group, where levi-
Ty is the means of debate.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Herrnstein said low self-control leads to crime.
Thugs so low they'd steal from March of Dimes.
These people are lame.
They have no shame.
When caught they will do the time.
--- Shawn Wright

The Marxist Theory states,
That Capitalists we hate.
Oppressed by their wealth,
We steal for our health.
We need to emancipate.
--- Kristen K Letterman

Conformity is the first adaptation;
Stealing requires innovation.
Hard workers are riualists;
Lazy losers are retreatists.
A rebels goals are his motivation.
--- Anon

Ours is a material nation;
The response to Anomie is variation.
Attitudes toward goals;
Merton plugged all the holes,
He's an answer for all situations.
--- Anon

Crime stems from a type of anomie,
In accordance with Merton's theory.
Keeping up with the Jones
Is steeped in our bones.
One is robbed 'cause another is greedy.
--- Michelle Hanssen

Merton's theory of Aspirational reference,
Consisting of goals and of preference,
This phase controls
The acceptable goals.
His ideas are extremely intense.
--- Leslie Miller

A guy in the 30's named Merton
Invented five principals certain.
Conformity, innovation, retreatism,
Rebellion, don't forget ritualism.
That's our funky rhyme; Drop the curtain.
--- Jason Romeo

Robert Merton once said,
We've a material culture and big head.
Woking hard, it is ritualism.
Not working hard, it's retreatism.
That's why he is so widely read.
--- Anthony Basantis

Beccaria said Punishment should fit the crime.
Commit the act -- you must serve the time.
This was not the case,
This would not save face.
And this is the end of my rhyme.
--- J M Student

There must be opportunity,
Before crime can take place fruitfully.
Not any dumb fool
Can steal the Crown Jewels;
In the end, know-how is the key.
--- Jona Meyer

The Criminal Justice System was bad;
There was death for many a lad.
The fit to the crime;
All should do their time.
A good system would make all people glad.
--- Ivonne Rivera

Low self-control leads to crime;
Some guys believe this all the time.
Tell a child he'll become one;
He'll steal just for fun.
He'll remember in the back of his mind.
--- Anon

The laws should be publicized
So that the public would abide.
Vice laws were opposed,
For no harms arose.
Punishment to be too quick to hide.
--- Michaela Jones

Sykes and Matza had their theory;
'Twasn't their fault they were leery.
You can deny pain
And reassign blame.
When you speak to the judge, please speak clearly.
--- Anon

Sutherland thought that crime is taught,
Whether you get away or get caught.
With peers you will yearn;
Like your friends, you will learn.
Differential association was his thought.
--- Marc S Goldberg

Bentham liked punishment with pain,
Countering potential gain.
This rough sort of measure
Was, to his displeasure,
They need swift punishment to refrain.
--- Kristen K Letterman

Sykes & Matza[s theory of neutralization
Says criminals try decriminalization.
Of the crimes they commit
They don't have to admit,
Using denial, appeal, and condemnation.
--- K M

It must have been Thorsten Sellin
Who found neighboring cultures get mean.
Often, it's conquerors
Who label newcomers'
Acts as criminal and unclean.
--- Jona Meyer

Beady eyes and those with ugly faces
Should be confined in other places.
Criminals atavistic
Are now thought ballistic
And no longer used in today's cases.
--- Kristen K Letterman

Certain people can be born bad;
This ideas is what Lombroso had.
So if your looks go astray,
Lombroso would say:
"You're a criminal!" That's pretty sad.
--- Marnee Jackson

This is file zzm

"I've just been attacked", said the cop,
"As I made my way out of this shop."
And he stood there with mud
On his trousers and blood
From his nose streaming down on his top.
--- Anon

"Your assailant; which way did he go?"
I said. Blankly he said, "I dunno."
"Was he short?" "He was tall."
"Was he fat?" "Not at all;
He was thin as a rake don't you know."
--- Anon

"What clothes was he wearing?" I said.
"I dunno", he replied, "Ooh, my head."
"Did he have a moustache?"
"I don't think so; but gosh,
I remember some writing instead."
--- Anon

"No Parking" it said, "fore and aft."
And I looked at him, grinned and then laughed.
"It's this lamp-post right here
You bumped into." "Oh dear",
He said, looking quite sheepish, "How daft."
--- Anon

I've heard some great maxims from cops,
But this one I judge to be tops:
If ever your shot,
Don't worry a lot,
All bleeding eventually stops.
--- Lilsil

Now that's a comforting thought,
One I feel sure that I ought
To feel good
When down in the 'hood
And the farm in the sky I just bought.
--- Arden

A blonde, living in Baltimore,
Once had her house burgled. The poor
Dear phoned for the fuzz.
The door bell did buzz,
A dog patrol man's at the door.
--- Anon

She stares in surprise, then she finds
Her voice, and dismayed says: "What kind
Of service is this?
I'm robbed, then they piss
Me off, sending cops that are blind."
--- Anon

"New Year's Eve would turn into a drag,"
Said the Watch Sergeant to Copper Skag.
"And it would be doubly
Bleak without bubbly,
Your stash, and my pack of Zig-Zag."
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9703

"I agree," said Skag, the lady cop.
"It's too risky for a traffic stop
Of the young scofflaw folk.
Hit me with one more toke,
Then look out man, I'm climbing on top!"
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9703

A fun-loving copper named Yates,
Sought out bosomy doxies for dates.
He'd say "Put down your gin,
Cause I'm turning you in
For packing concealed 38's."
--- Anon

The doxie cried, "Please! Oh no, Please DON'T sir,
Turn me in for attempting to bolster,
My figure with stays,
And sheer overlays.
If you're kind you can fill up my holster!
--- Anon

Said Yates, "Empty that holster I will;
For to fondle those globes I would kill!
And there's a holster so scuzzy,
Down there where you're fuzzy,
That my eight inch magnum howitzer will fill."
--- ROE

He popped two Viagra straight way,
And unzipped the case where it lay.
It started to grow...
Got ready to blow...
But wilted, when told he must pay.
--- Anon

The rising crime rate has us baffled.
Our Judicial system's all snaffled.
Though we build jail on jail,
It is clear this will fail.
What we need to be building is scaffold.
--- Frank Ward P9402

The criminals don't seem to stop,
And each day we do get a new crop.
If they do some foul crime,
We should give them time;
The time that it takes them to drop!
--- Frank Ward P9402

Their penchant for crime we can check,
And their criminal empires wreck.
Rope is the right stuff.
If their ass weighs enough,
It will, sure as hell, break their neck!
--- Frank Ward P9402

The "Do-Gooders" call it, "Disgrace,"
These worthless lives to erase.
For they harbor these fears,
"Just a matter of years,
We will end up in the same place."
--- Frank Ward P9402

"The Net Of The Law," that's a screw!
Paid dearly for, by me and you.
Against all our wishes,
It traps the small fishes
While letting the big ones swim through.
--- Frank Ward P9402

Two punks kill their Mother and Dad.
The psychologists say, "They ain't bad,
We find on inspection
They suffered rejection,
And there's fourteen million to be had."
--- Frank Ward P9402

"If we get these two punks off Scot-free,
We'll have cause for some God-awful fee.
We can pay off the judge,
Give the jury a nudge,
And have lots of it left for a spree!"
--- Frank Ward P9402

The juggler thought he was the best,
But one day, he was put to the test.
He's mugged, comes a cropper,
And calls for a copper:
"Come officer, make an arrest!"
--- Tiddy Ogg

The dog-team arrives, but again,
The poor man is felled with great pain.
"I'm sorry, old sport,"
Says the copper, "He's taught
To go for the juggler vain."
--- Tiddy Ogg

Officers August and Rudy
Were partners their first day on-duty.
Academy newbies,
These dim-witted boobies
Were thought to be awfully fruity.
--- Anon

In a cruiser they loyally sped
To a sinister crime, a code red.
Seen fleeing the scene
Was a miscreant, mean,
And a large chested woman lay dead.
--- Anon

The car door caught Gus by the britches
And tore him apart at the stitches.
He thought to turn back
From this lethal attack
By a violent pump on his bitches.
--- Anon

But he tripped as he turned toward the fray.
Fast lodged to his utter dismay,
He started to rise
But was caught by the thighs.
In her cleavage his wanker did stay.
--- Anon

His partner ran up right away
And said, "I'll assist if I may".
Great force he was wielding,
But the pud was unyielding.
"She's stiffening up!" Gus did say.
--- Anon

A hole is the thing we must bore in her,
So we may release your stiff foreigner.
Do keep me abreast,
But leave all the rest
For the forensics team and the coroner.
--- Anon

To the pub went our off-duty Gus,
His heroic feats to discuss.
And bending their ears,
Over pretzels and beers,
Told them all how he made his first bust.
--- Anon

A thief, who had just robbed a shop,
Quite unwisely made a quick stop,
When passing the toilet.
The law, then did foil it,
When he was flushed out by a cop.
--- Observer

The thief, he was clearly a jerk;
His sense of reason did shirk.
Said the cop, "Don't gripe --
We'll be done in a wipe!
No sit still while we do paperwork.
--- Romath

A policeman who stopped in New York,
Went out in the nude for a walk,
But you can't stop a copper,
Nor can you cop a stopper,
If the copper's a stopper from Cork.
--- Prof

This stopper of a copper from Cork,
Walking his pet pig in New York,
Broke into a jog,
Chasing the hog,
And was seen to be copping his pork.
--- Bob