A musical man from Ontario
Plays the part of a 'sex impresario'.
For orgies sublime,
He leads and keeps time,
To produce the orgasms in stereo.
--- Alex Heydon P0506

To play was a young lady's dream
With the Ottawa Rough Rider team --
Inside guard or fullback,
On defense or attack,
In an orgy of mud and whipped cream.
--- Hugh Oliver 53b

But then I met Georgie the Porgie,
Who invited me out to an orgy,
Where boys came to play
And all I can say
Is I wish I could sit, but I'm soregie.
--- Anon

A compliant young girl of South Bend,
Ever eager to follow the trend,
Was invited to screw
At an orgy or two
But was soon tuckered out -- in the end.
--- Keith MacMillan A047A

A nympho who dates only jocks
On night took on five of the Sox --
With one in each ear,
The third in her rear,
And the rest in her mouth and her box.
--- David Miller

At the orgy, I humped twenty-two...
And, MAN, was I glad to get through!
A whole night of sexing
Turns boring and vexing...
But at orgies, what else can you do?
--- Grand Prix Lim 209 G0788

At a party at Jodrell Bank,
I'd forgotten just how much we drank.
The snag was an orgy;
As I said to Boy Georgie,
"When you leave, you don't know who to thank."
--- Bill Wall

There was a young woman named Jackie
Who considered straight sex to be tacky;
But with five or six pals,
(Some guys and some gals)
The results were delightful, by cracky.
--- Isaac Asimov

Click here to go right to the source
Of my thoughts on a man and his horse
Or a man and his man...
Just think, if you can,
It's really the same thing, of course.
--- John Miller

If "straight", you'd be choosing a mare;
If queer, It will be you don't care.
Though sizes may differ,
And some parts get stiffer,
A threesome can still beat two pair.
--- John Miller

A man, and a horse, and two girls!
The mind on that thought really swirls;
With really no middle,
Just who gets to diddle,
Gets diddled, just suck, or just hurls?
--- John Miller

Two men, two girls and a mule:
That should make Hollywood drool.
Who gets which ass
As they roll in the grass,
And who gets to play "pocket pool."
--- John Miller

Which one will the crabs all infest;
Which dick will get into which nest.
And which one the zero
They'll paint as the hero,
As he rides his girl off to the West?
--- John Miller

This Carol I'd sure like to meet!
I think we'd together be a treat.
She'd be sort of perverse,
Not chaste, the reverse,
To make my small orgy a treat.
--- Eugene Griessel

Let me give you some very good advice:
Though orgies with her are quite nice,
It's best not to chance, sir,
To woo or romance her,
Or I'll squeeze your nuts in a vice.
--- Gearhart

Young Sue, in the Lincolnshire fen,
Has done it with thousands of men,
In threesomes and foursomes
But frequently moresomes,
And often as many as ten!
--- Peter Wilkins

Despite all this sexual action,
Poor Sue has had no satisfaction.
"I need someone wide
To touch on the side,
In hopes that I'll get a reaction."
--- Tim Chimera

From the current debates I'll refrain
For it's hurting my simpleton brain.
Let's get back to the biz;
I'm beginning to fizz;
Is it time for an orgy again?
--- Peter Wilkins

For those less pre-occupied here,
I've got whiskey and soda and beer,
And a matress so large,
It would fill up a barge,
And some interesting foul-looking gear.
--- Peter Wilkins

It's free and it won't cost you cash,
(Though you have to supply your own hash).
So come on in here
For a night full of cheer,
And a bawdy and riotous bash.
--- Peter Wilkins

A bawdy and riotous bash?
With whipped cream and sticky pistach-
io syrup that drips
On ambrosial nips?
And naked, male buttocks to flash?
--- Ericka

A voracious, rapacious good time?
With whiskey and bloody good rhyme?
With young naked males
Serving double cocktails
To AJL ladies? Well I'm...
--- Ericka

...All ears now, my dear, tell me more!
(Oh sweet long-limbed guy I adore!)
Let's get out that wide
Big mattress and ride,
Right here on the sitting room floor!
--- Ericka

Remember Lord Peter of Buckingham,
Entertained ladies by fucking 'em?
Gamekeeper Fritz
Shot his bollocks to bits;
Now he's known as Lord Peter of Sucking 'em.
--- Anon

He's moved from his country estate
To a mansion in Notting Hill Gate,
West of London. I'm told
That next Friday he'll hold
Bacchanalian revels at eight.
--- Anon

As butler I'll buy in the wine
And invite all you ladies divine
To this orgy, bar none,
And assure you of fun
With some gentlemen colleagues of mine.
--- Anon

The last time we held such a bash (in
The country estate), we were thrashin'
Around in a haze,
For some two or three days,
In an orgy of infinite passion.
--- Anon

Lord P's balls I've got in a jar,
In the boot of my new motor-car.
I bought them from Fritz,
Who readily admits
They're the largest he's shot off so far.
--- Anon

What good old Lord P doesn't know yet,
Is just before dinner, I'll go get
His missing preserves,
And make them hors d'oeuvres,
And serve them to guests at his beau fete!
--- Anon

What ho, it's Lord Peter whose bits
Got shot orf by his gamekeeper Fritz;
But to you I'll reveal
I've replaced them with steel
Ones; we'll see if my rapier fits.
--- Anon

Ah yes, those ball bearings inside
You, sure make my new rapier glide
In and out without hitch;
May I press on this switch,
And go galloping off for a ride?
--- Anon

I went to a party today.
When I got there it was well under way;
There were bodies and limbs,
Nipples, titties and quims,
In a writhing and steamy affray.
--- Anon

I ripped off my clothes and piled in
With a whoop and a yell and a grin,
And was buried in busty
Curvaceous and lusty
Young chicks who were panting for sin.
--- Anon

This is file yfm

They started to tease me and stroke
Me and begged me to give 'em a poke.
As they opened their thighs
And grabbed hold of my prize...
And then, dammit and blast, I awoke.
--- Anon

You know I am just so depressed;
Don't know what to do for the best.
Does anyone care?
Is anyone there?
If there is, please, a hug I request.
--- Anon

There is nobody here but us chickens.
Quick, feel how my pulse sudden quickens
At the thought we're alone;
Oh, look what has grown!
It's not only the plot that now thickens.
--- Anon

The best thing to do for depression
Is find an orgy that's now holding session,
Then let yourself go
And put on a show,
After wiping your bod in oil Wesson!
--- Anon

Our Les, all alone in his garden
Had a strange, telepathic good hard'n.
His surprise grew no greater
When two minutes later
In walked the most lovely Miss Arden.
--- John Miller

Frank next arrived with his cow
And proceeded to demonstrate how
A session with Bess
Can be not a bit less
Of a hit than that German's Jungfrau.
--- John Miller

Our next was a guest who'd instill us
With pride in our verse: Mr. Willis.
(Al's made Pentatette
And likes pretty girls yet
And can show us some tricks that would kill us.)
--- John Miller

Mr Malo, that surly curmudgeon,
Arrived with his nail-studded bludgeon.
He adroitly hammers
On idiots and spammers
And carries a permanent grudge on.
--- John Miller

Any chance that this party was failin'
Blew away when in blew Ms. Kaylin.
Then Peter dropped in
With a lovely named Lynn,
And a Faerie jumped over the railin'.
--- John Miller

Shagnasty just sauntered on by;
I've never figured that guy.
He posts lots of verse
(Of which I've seen worse)
And no one takes notice; so WHY!
--- John Miller

Paar Swensen, what happened to him?
He used to do limericks with vim.
His fine verbal fencing
Had some of us sensing,
Our chance to beat him was slim.
--- John Miller

The orgy gained momentum when
Some newbies, excorted by Jen
Dropped their drawers in a pile
And wearing a smile,
Picked a partner or two -- maybe ten...
--- John Miller

Some others were present as well
(You know who you were, raising hell.)
What you were doing
'S more naughty than screwing.
(But I tell you that I'll never tell!)
--- John Miller

Yours truly was there all along
In the corner just suckin' his dong.
And watching the snatches
And sniffing damp patches
And dreaming up words for this song.
--- John Miller

This party was really a blast;
Everyone got to meet, at last --
John quite his smoking
And just started poking
Anything that just happened to pass!
--- Kaylin Brandon

Now it seems while I slept with you here,
You were having this crazy idea
Of a Full Monty Circus.
How hard would you work us?
I'm game if the others appear.
--- Frank

Too bad, but I have to decline,
Or maybe I could serve the wine.
I'd just be a bore;
Lost my dick in the war.
They shot off that prize which was mine.
--- Frank

Three couples through making a bet,
Decided they'd grunt, grind and sweat,
Through each combination
Of love permutation;
That's why they were called the sex-tet.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The news of this sex-tet is buzzin,
Since one of the six is a cousin,
And then there's a brother
And sister and mother;
They sure are a dirty half-dozen.
--- Anon

Oh yeah.... Oh yeah, Burghers now hear!
For you there's flowing free beer.
Pretty maidens a lot,
And believe me they're hot;
So it ends in an orgy I fear.
--- Anon

Throw off your frustrations and stress,
And make of the whole town a mess.
Forget troubles you're in;
Hip hip hurray for the sin!
Two long days, it's a feast of the flesh.

(SLOC - Salt Lake City Olympic Committee)
--- Anon

Morality rules, normally strict
Are lifted so there's no conflict.
Sister Lucy, head bowed,
To the men in the crowd,
Hands tickets to the red-light district.
--- Anon

As for women, I'm happy to tell:
For them, some surprises as well.
On a stage you can test
Who seduces the best --
To the onlookers funny as hell.
--- Anon

We didn't forget history;
Dusted off our old pillory.
They'll been blown off their socks
Those big studs in the stocks,
By a chick with the name Hillary
--- Anon

Would-be witches, girls we will make
You experience being burned at the stake.
When your pussies get hot,
We quench the whole lot;
Rest assured the procedure's a fake
--- Anon

Around the phallic white monument,
Will be held sort of a tournament.
But no brave men will die;
Lances stuck out their fly,
The loser's whose tool first is bent.
--- Anon

So lovers, go see Mistress Heather
With her whips and dressed-up in black leather.
As you're tied to the rack,
She will straighten your back;
It's a treat you can get nowhere better.
--- Anon

In the church next to the royal palace
Is a great show especially for fellas.
Women fight in the mud,
Bare except for their butt,
And the referee is Reverend Wallace.
--- Anon

For the not too blase population,
We have young girls with high expectation.
They throw a small ring
Around a man's thing;
There's a catch -- he had just copulation.
--- Anon

The ladies of Gwen's pleasure house
Will entertain many a spouse,
While the wives get to meet
The Chippendales for a treat,
So both get a fair chance to arouse.
--- Anon

Beneath a crane, John and Denise
Perform on the flying trapeze.
They'll show off their talent;
Nisie's arms backwards bent,
Hanging on to John's balls by her teeth.
--- Anon

For the dare-devils or downright silly,
There's a special in tattoo shop -- Billy,
While his assistant Sandra
Tickles your senses, sans bra,
He needles a pictures on your willie.
--- Anon

Have a go, girls, for fine body-art;
It gives a sensual feel for a start.
When the artist's brush stipples
The paint 'round your nipples,
They stand out -- become really hard.
--- Anon

At the damrak, sweet shoeshine-girl Joyce
Demonstrates one of her hot new ploys.
When you happen to meet her,
She will make glow your peter,
Whilst she hums with a sensual voice.
--- Anon