To see you remember this time,
I'll give you reminders sublime:
Some nice cheesecloth panties
And whisper-thin scanties,
Then I'll tip you more than a dime.
--- Anon

Whenever I wear winklepickers,
The footsteps behind are the vicars.
It's the backs of my shoes
He likes to peruse,
Or perhaps it's the cut of my knickers.
--- Bill Wall

The work I am doing these days
Here at home isn't finished; no ways.
For I frequently lose
Concentration and muse
On the pleasures of panty forays.
--- Anon

I fear there's a glaze in my eyes
As I conjour up visions of thighs.
There in front of my face
Those sweet panties of lace,
Barely cover the ultimate prize.
--- Anon

My fingers are itching to slide
'Neath the fabric or pull it aside;
Press my face to her ... groan,
It's the boss on the phone!
"Have you finished yet?" "Nearly", I lied.
--- Anon

The new women's styles are first-class,
For revealing the shapely young lass.
But though better to view her,
It's tougher to screw her,
With her stockings up over her ass.
--- G0549A

You know that I frequently wear
Your adorable panties. The pair
That I have on today,
Well, they're starting to fray
And I don't have a pair that are spare.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

So will you, my love, lend me more
Of your panties; the red I adore.
To ensure a good fit
Will you kindly permit
Me to search through your underwear drawer?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'll start here with drawer number one.
Ooh, I say, these are silky and fun;
But although they look fetch-
ing I need them to stretch
To prevent them from coming undone.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Dear Petal, I don't need a clue
To the contents of drawer number two.
It's apparent to me
That they're edible, E;
Put them on and I'll give them a chew.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

But what have we here in drawer three?
Oh, how wispy and tiny and see-
through. Oh, please wear them now;
They're delightful; but how
Do you think they would suit me, dear E?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

May I see what's in drawer number four?
Wow, they're kinky black panties for sure,
With their PVC shine
And their crotchless design;
But I've not seen you wear them before.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I see that we'll soon be arriving
At drawer number five. I am striving
To stay in control
Of my stiffening pole.
(The excitement I'm barely surviving.)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now drawer number five has the lot!
Oh my god, these are hotter than hot!
And they're red and they fit
And I have to admit
That I'm ready to shoot on the spot.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Remember, I searched through your un-
derwear drawers, but before I was done,
Something very important
Came up and it shortened
My not inconsiderable fun.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'd got to drawer five, I feel sure,
But I noticed last night you have more.
When you went back to sleep
I crept out for a peep
In that drawer numbered seventy-four.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Well, I spent several hours I confess,
With those panties just gently caress-
ing and sniffing 'em, dear,
While I fondled my spear;
Now that drawer's in a helluva mess!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm sorry, I feel so ashamed;
But the feel of those panties inflamed
Me and gave me a bone.
Oh, don't leave me alone
For my hollyhock needs to be tamed.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A pretty young girl called Jean
Jumped high on a nice trampoline.
The boys laughed in roars,
At the sight of her drawers,
The first bloomers they'd ever seen.
--- Anon

His hankering for girls was unquenchable,
Though his old pollywog was insensible.
So Angus McGloam
Just lolled around home,
Lustfully fondling some fluffy unmentionable.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I once knew a Chappie called Randy;
He kept womens' underclothes handy.
They were not for his guests;
Frequently he jests.
In a bikini he likes drinking brandy.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

There was a shy girl made of plastic
Whose figure was really fantastic.
But one sunny day
She melted away
Still clutching her knicker's elastic.
--- Funfax Limericks P9705

A battle-scarred knight named Sir Wade
Great courage and strength had displayed.
He collected his forces,
Some on foot, some on horses,
And embarked on a panty crusade.
--- Al Chaplin 3024 P9812

Hey No and a Hey Nonny No;
Packing bags, once again here I go.
Surreptitiously hidin'
These panties to slide in,
At bedtime while dreaming of Flo.
--- Anon

Hey girls, is it true? You admit,
If you wriggle around as you sit,
That the smaller your pants
Then the greater the chance
Of them getting caught up in your slit?
--- Peter Wilkins

It sounds like you're conducting polls
On how us girls cover our holes.
If you ask our lovers
About manhole covers,
Then "scanty" or "sexy" are goals.
--- Joie de Vivre

I suppose you researched M & S,
Where the sizes and shapes can distress;
There's such an array
Of pants made today;
In the interests of science, I'll confess.
--- Joie de Vivre

Though partial to thongs and to G's
(Whose style and scantiness please.)
Lycra high legs are best
In the comfort test;
No tweaking or tugging, you see!
--- Joie de Vivre

The M & S shop nearest me
Has positioned the girls' lingerie
Near the shirts and the suits
And the gentlemen's boots,
So I've studied the merchandise, see.
--- Peter Wilkins

There's bloomers in cotton (I know,
They're not very sexy, but so
Very practical, yes?
And you have to confess
That they cover much more than they show.
--- Peter Wilkins

Apart from the bloomers so fair,
I agree with you, M & S wear
Isn't all that it's made
Out to be; I'm afraid
That their underwear's lacking in flair.
--- Peter Wilkins

Now G-strings and thongs I suppose
Are okay but they over-expose.
I prefer on a wench
Something silky and French,
To send shivers right down to my toes.
--- Peter Wilkins

That's exactly just why I don't wear 'em;
I just go around with my bare bum.
Underneath my clothes,
I'm naked, you know;
It's so much more easy to share some.
--- Karen

This is file wim

That is true, but a pussy bare
Gets quite cold when you sit on a chair,
That is made of metal;
Stings like a nettle,
So I covered mine with silky hair.
--- Petunia

A pussy with soft silky hair
I agree is much better than bare;
Fore it makes me go weak
When those curlycues peek
'Round the legs of those panties you wear.
--- Peter Wilkins

I wear those big cotton bloomers;
They're loose for prevention of tumors.
The people who claim
That cotton is tame --
They're just running 'round spreading rumors.
--- Marty

But that's what I mean when I say
That huge bloomers are practical, eh?
For those knee-tremblers thrilling
And oh-so-fulfilling
At any old time of the day.
--- Peter Wilkins

Je m'appelle Chantal Desormeaux,
I have all my bosoms on show.
Ma petite undairwair,
Leaves my soft derriere
Quite free for les touches, yes, no?
--- Chantal

Here's where I must now confess
To wearing huge bloomers, oh yes.
Up my ass they don't ride
And you move them aside
After lifting my skirt or my dress.
--- Arden

Those panties of yours are divine
At enchanting your derriere fine;
And that small patch of wet
At the front of them, Pet,
Sends a shiver the length of my spine.
--- Peter Wilkins

The Vassar girls cooked up a girdle
Of plastic as tough as a turtle.
Between these and locked knees,
And their B.A. degrees,
It's a wonder the bitches get fertile!
--- G1664

A willing young chick named Cervantes
Cried, "Sure, you can feel in the panties!
I'd of course draw the line
If the panties were mine,
But these aren't my panties... they're Aunty's!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 263

A flying First Lady Named Nancy
Changed clothes when it tickled her fancy.
"They're especially nice
When I keep them on ice,"
She said, as she thawed out her pantsy.

(Nancy wife of Ronald Reagan)
--- Jerry Thomas P8303

By nineteen and forty, plus deuce,
Girls' bloomers were not still in use;
Your years must be old,
But with memories of gold;
Well flashed by fresh, tender young cooze!
--- Anon

Coed's panties a young college male
In the fifties considered a grail.
The guys came in swarms
To the young women's dorms
And stole pants where they couldn't get tail.
--- A N Wilkins P8802

He keeps stealing my pantyhose.
Why does he want mine, you suppose?
He's been robbing banks
And says he give thanks
Because mine don't flatten his nose.
--- Marlene Lewis

There was a young fellow named Deke
Who said, "There is one job I seek.
That's to work in the plants
That produce ladies pants.
I could pull down two hundred a week."
--- Bob Giandomenico P8802a

My eyes are so deep you will drown,
They're a wonderful deep shade of brown.
But it's such a lark,
And usually dark,
When I'm with you with panties pulled down.
--- Jayne

Those knickers so lacy and red
Have found themselves over my head.
With my stick and aplomb,
She applies hot lip balm,
While she panty-wipes up my cheese spread.
--- Randog

Rose's are red. Violet's, blue.
White are the panties covering Sue.
So when the winds blow
And up the skirts go,
Men passing by will quickly salu---.
--- Irving Superior P9803

A young student nurse named McFlickers,
Was watching the rugby at Twickers.
When her team got a try,
She would jump very high,
And the crowd could see all of her knickers.
--- Arthur Deex P9609

I'm old and I'm lonely, but if
All you girls sent your panties, I'd sniff.
'Cause your hot little snatches
Cause little damp patches,
Which makes my old pecker get stiff.
--- Peter Wilkins

My stars, it's now half-past two;
I misread the header, no clue.
Thought it said "Damn Patches"
So I got out my matches.
Thought Pete wanted a smoke, not twat goo.
--- Cheryl

Now I know how to make some fast dough.
I just won't wash my panties no mo'.
For fifteen ninety-nine,
It's a taste so divine,
Guaranteed to make certain things grow.
--- Cheryl

Well, this should throw you for a loop;
My wife's drawers are LOADED with goop.
There's a horrible blotch
That rots out the crotch;
You could boil the things and make soup.
--- MrMalo

'Bout panties? Most people would share 'em.
They'd happily send you a pair of 'em.
You could sniff them, all right,
From morning till night --
The problem: they simply don't wear 'em.
--- Kaylin Brandon

Thanks for your panties, my dear.
They haven't been washed in a year.
They're rather disgusting
But help with my lusting,
By cranking my dick up a gear.
--- Peter Wilkins

Those patches I sniff up my nose,
Send shivers from head to my toes.
The general effect
Makes my pecker erect,
So please send more panties like those.
--- Peter Wilkins

How many do you want in the set?
A lovely selection you'll get.
There's nylons and cottons,
And crotchless bare bottoms,
And you'll keep them so very wet!
--- Arden

Said the president, hiding a frown,
"In a sea of inflation we'll drown,
But I see a bright light;
Some relief is in sight.
I hear panties are still coming down."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2966a

You guessed it, I've had an attack;
My panties are wedged up my crack.
I can't fart or fuck,
'Til I get unstuck.
I might use this old hammer Jack.
--- Carol

A certain young lady named Lily
Likes knickers -- light, pink, and frilly.
In winter she wears
Maybe three or four pairs,
To keep her from feeling too chilly.
--- Limerick John

There once was a young man named Paul
Who went shopping one day at the mall.
But this was Pretoria;
(No Secrets Victoria)
He ended up with knickers too small.
--- Robert A Seely

A slobish transvestite named Brants
Wore lace panties imported from France.
He said, "What can I say?
This is the only way
That I can get into her pants."
--- William N Nesbit P9805a

Would you meet me today about one?
And we'll lie in the afternoon sun.
We'll caress all those parts
That are dear to our hearts.
Would you come with your panties undone?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a chickie from Spain,
Who tried on her panties in vain.
The legs fit just right,
Just ever so tight.
She wore them, forgetting the pain.
--- Anon