Future Historians will laugh
Assessing my Presidency's path.
Campaigner without peer,
But no mandate, that's clear;
For I got less than half of a half.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Some of our country's youth are hell bent;
Now they've found what fellatio meant.
They said, "That old line's trite.
We don't want to be right.
We would much rather be President!"
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9901a

It cannot be denied he's a worm;
Come closer, we see Willy squirm.
Whether pro-life or not,
You'll like this a lot.
Late abortion of his partial term.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Clinton's gala that's now being planned
Will be presidentially grand.
After cruising the snacks
Bill may bring out his sax
And ask to sit in with the band.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If he wins, Bill can climb off the fence.
There will be no more need for pretense.
Like it or not,
We'll see what we bought,
And find out what we're all up against.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

On the messenger some place the blame.
We fight back and hope this will inflame.
A real Clintonologist
And licensed Proctologist
Have a subject that's really the same.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

To the gays, Bill has told many lies;
Frisco visit, there's fire in their eyes.
You can feel the rage;
They are rushing the stage;
Bill, get set for a rectal surprise.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"Forget history," said someone of note,
"And your bound to relive it," unquote.
The last several years
Have rekindled my fears
Of how easily we're made the goat.
--- John Miller

That Clinton's one hell of a chap.
Monica's dress? A mishap.
But when he gets off his balls,
Behind terrorist walls,
They get much more than stains on their lap.
--- Bob Mornington

"Now hear this, y'all," said the President.
"We'll exclude all talk that is dissident.
We'll smoke out the Far-Right,
With the Doles we will fight,
Then seal up the leaks in the residence."
--- Mike O'Conner

Poor Bill's now a figure of fun;
Though as president, second to none.
But listen, you guys
Just a word to the wise;
If you cross him, your days they are done.
--- Hamwic

There's a guy who is quite influential,
In fact he is quite presidential.
Though the Press tries to ruin
With tales of his screwing,
In the White House he's still residential.
--- Raymond Davies

Bill's done many things that aren't lawful;
Big decisions are clearly quite awful.
He'll go South and then North,
Change his mind back and forth,
And his brand new symbol's a waffle.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"For social injustice, I'm sure
High taxes will serve as the cure,"
Said Bill Clinton. "They'll bitch,
But I'll take from the rich
The wealth that they've filched from the poor."
--- John Sandler P9303

"To cure economic austerity,"
Said Clinton with phony sincerity,
"I've discovered a way
To make larceny pay--
By taxing you into prosperity."
--- John Sandler P9308

Hillary, Billary, Socks,
With the Clintons, the White House really rocks.
Can the Nation come to grips
With the spirit of "Read My Lips,"
We fill in the "Amount you owe" box.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Bill's new obfuscation's a doozy!
So he left to go dance the Watusi.
If he's boiled in a pot,
In some African spot,
We'll know cannibals just ain't too choosy.
--- Marsha Magee

"In memory of the Bambino,"
Said a baseball umpire from Reno.
"We screamed the first call
When Bill tossed the first ball,
And Pat tossed out the first Latino.

(Pat who? Buchanan? Which spic?)
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9606

That he's crooked we all would agree,
And quite soon some surprises we'll see.
Events become clearer
As Bill bumps the mirror,
He looks up and says "Pardon me!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I guess I don't have enough time
To put it all together in rhyme.
What Starr's taken from me
Will be in history,
As the ultimate Whitewater crime.
--- Dave

Netanyahu wants treatment that's fair,
And with Willy, he's ready for bear.
FBI leads the way
And they're not shy to say,
"Our own Yahoo awaits you in there."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Angry women and minorities aren't pleased
So Bill Clinton can't help feeling squeezed.
To get them off his neck,
Prop 209 he'll reject,
And just hope their demands are appeased.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When we voted and 209 passed,
Equal treatment was within our grasp.
But a judge did not like it
And decided to strike it.
I think we've been bit by an asp.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

At midnight the streets fill with crooks.
Now Bill want's them out shooting hooks.
They're not firing a gun.
While slam-dunking is fun,
Whites and Asians are hitting the books.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Bill again showed his bright yellow streak
Under cover of darkness last week.
He will work to suspend
209 for his friends,
He revealed Friday night in a squeak.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

GSA would not pay uptown rent,
So to a Harlem office Bill went.
That is so apropos
Because, as we all know,
Bill says he's first Black President.
--- Anon

Racial strife is a media attraction.
TV news thrives on violence and action.
Newsmen stir up the hate
Then they stand back and wait
And watch for the arrival of Jackson.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If their chances for futures are waived,
Oakland's black students may not be saved.
It sure seems ironic,
And almost demonic,
Ebonics could keep them enslaved.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The news media just loves to stir
Corporate pots to dig up racial slurs.
They're creatively lax
Publicizing the facts.
Cameras roll when the big fight occurs!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The traffic was honkin' and snarlin',
As Bill Clinton took new digs in Harlem;
His plans are obscure,
And probably impure,
But no doubt, he's the media's darlin'.
--- Dr Limerick

Bill Clinton was smilin' and gleamin'
In a blue suit made by Hickey-Freeman,
And custom made shoes,
But just look at that 'do'!
It's true! The man's really a demon!
--- Jenni Saqua

The sex taboo's gone without trace,
But a new one has taken its place,
Where you better not raise
(Not even in praise!)
Any hint on the subject of race.
--- John

Bill consumed far too many at Hooters,
And told secrets to some of his rooters.
You know boys will be boys
And my most favorite toys
Are my basement Big Brother computers.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

This is file vzm

Those wise guys who hold up Congress,
Just love to poke this sore mess.
They don't know their butt
From a hole in the gut;
In this country, they cause such distress.
--- Karen

Bill's circle of friends is still growing.
Foreign interest show no sign of slowing.
In a note to Khadafi:
"Let's meet and do coffee."
Beside java, what else will be flowing?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The President dodges and flinches,
As scandals tighten 'round him by inches.
His mind's occupied
Trying to save his own hide,
Leaving others to feel all the pinches.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Why isn't Bill Clinton more curious
About White House activities spurious.
The evidence shows
He already knows.
Otherwise he would no doubt be furious.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Many men ponder Clinton's effect
On the females he seems to collect.
Well, here's what I think:
Bill is pudgy and pink,
"Just a child" Moms forgive and protect.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

As he watches his future turn dim,
They'll be hanging Bill out on a limb.
His troubles aren't pretty;
He'll find even Liddy
Would refuse to be quiet for him.

(G Gordon Liddy, Watergate conspirator)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When the fund-raising iceberg floats by,
You can see just the part that rides high.
The rest of the floe
Lies hidden below
In the murk, out of view of the eye.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

What the heck's going on at Long Beach?
Just how far does the treachery reach?
There is no excuse
For this power abuse.
We demand that it STOP with a screech.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Now the spotlight is pointed their way
But the White House has little to say.
They cloak their warships
With "bi-partisanship"
To avoid a melt-down expose!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

We all know deep in our guts,
That a White Water deal has been cut.
The crooks will go free
If they all will agree
To mark time and to keep their mouths shut.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The handwriting's now on the wall.
The sword is poised ready to fall.
To avoid giving answers
About White House "cancers"
The only trick left is to stall.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The reports of a John Huang defection
Will not stimulate White House affection.
If the base of Bill's throne
Is torn down, stone by stone,
Mr. Huang may need full-time protection.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I think most of us can agree
The White House must be panicky.
They scramble about
Hoping we won't find out
The stuff they don't want us to see.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was once was a man from Arkansas
Who had secrets not everyone saw.
But it's still not evident,
Even though he is president,
That Clinton's not wanted by the law.
--- Lawrence Craft

The media has had plenty enough
Of Clinton's escapades in the buff.
Was it all an act
To cover the fact
That someone stole nuclear stuff?
--- Anon

White House visitors taking a stroll
In the garden should watch out for holes.
You will not find slugs
Or othere bad bugs
But the lawn has been riddled by "moles".
--- Jim Weaver Collection

If Senator Dodd has his way,
He'll derail the DNC expose.
If there's nothing to hide,
Why not just step aside?
What secrets are hidden away?

(DNC - Democratic Nation Committee)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

With their eyes closed, they say Bill is fine;
"He's protecting those freebies of mine."
But I say to you fools,
You are Slick Willy's tools,
And your head's where the sun never shines.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Using loopholes, Bill glides like an eel,
All over the world, making deals.
He enters the lairs
Of both tigers and bears.
U.S. assets are served with each meal.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The White House computer debut
Has proved our suspicions were true.
The Big Brother hacks
Are digging up facts.
Is the Watch Bird at work watching you?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

For a guy who's barely escaped the clink,
Bill Clinton's not remorseful, I think.
Turn Los Alamos into a joke,
But it's high time we awoke --
In national security, it's a chink.
--- David A Brooks Q

Bill Clinton's barely escaped the clink.
And he's not too remorseful, I think.
Joking about Los Alamos,
Where secrets did vamanos;
In our security, this is a chink.
--- David A Brooks Q

I really don't see what is the fuss;
Don't worry about this theft or cuss.
For quite a long while
We knew not their stockpile;
Now they have the same weapons as us.
--- David A Brooks Q

A computer could help in detecting
The secrets that Clinton's protecting.
If there's no Watergate
In Clinton's home state,
They'll need rapid Whitewater inspecting.
--- Larry Dahl

There lives a president namd Bill,
Who fucked us all, while on the hill.
We thought it was strange,
But his opponents are deranged.
What great advertisements for the Pill!
--- Jersey City

A win for the radical right?
Now it's Al Gore they must fight.
And it's highly unusual
If not unconstitutional,
To use feds on the Prez in the night.
--- M David Tilson

I'm Clinton, I'm bad through and through,
And there's plenty of folks know that too.
But they are afraid
(Or else have been paid)
There's damn little they're apt to do!
--- H Welchel

With "bipartisanship" ready to sail,
Democrats snubbed their place at the rail.
Their petulant balk
Left them back on the dock,
Voices raised in an indignant wail.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

They have now hit a big wall of stone,
To delay and obstruct and postpone;
Avoid in any way
The reckoning day
When they'll have built Willie a throne.
--- Puff Adder

Whereas both of the Clintons are crass,
And if tested on truth, they can't pass.
A new broom has swept clean --
What a refreshing scene --
The White House graced with Bush family class.
--- Anon

I'm Chelsea, and I feel so sad,
To have such a creep for a dad --
It's all over T.V.
For the whole world to see,
And laugh, 'cause the country's been had!
--- Kaylin Brandon

Then they looted the White House with zeal;
It was just, they thought, part of the deal.
From the White House collection,
Make any selection --
It's not beneath the Clintons to steal.

(republican lie)
--- Anon

Tricky Dick has been made to look sick
By Billy, the King of the Slick,
Who by actions demeaning,
Has given new meaning
To the term that applies, "Crooked Prick!"
--- John Miller

Brave Willy! You didn't inhale,
So I guess then can't put you in jail.
I'm so glad your creed
Embraces the weed;
I'm sure your crusade will prevail!
--- John Miller