When Clinton and Paula did meet,
He asked her to kneel at his feet.
She said, "You're the Gov.
And I know you need love,
But your meat is too crooked to eat!"
--- Ray Hemphill TP9804a

Paula knows what she saw on that night;
To be proving her claim, what a sight.
So the line up is set;
She'll spot which one she met.
Number three, turn your head to the right.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Clinton told her, "I'm glad that I met ya'."
At the Marriot she said, "I'll let ya'."
She was stunning and dark,
So Bill asked as a lark:
"Ubangi?" and she said "You betcha!"
--- Doug from Upland T9707

His pecker is like any other;
Most all are bent one way or t'other.
The real question isn't
If it's bent or 'tisn't;
It's whether it was kept under cover!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Miss Jones saw the man's tool;
It's more that she learned in school.
He'd not get a blow job;
She wanted a nose job.
End of the tale. April Fool!
--- Sam Pittman TP9804

Now Hillary's known as a leader,
And Bill is a pure bottom feeder.
His touch, it ain't bad,
And his mood ain't too sad,
But poor Paula just wants Bill to need her!
--- Kevin Drizen T9711

The judge took her foot off the throttle;
Slick Bill's evil ways he will coddle.
So the case is on hold.
They hope Paula will fold
And the weenie is back in the bottle.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Paula said, "There's really no use
In claiming that this is a ruse.
I'm not merely hintin',
I'm swearing that Clinton
Wears pants with a zipper that's loose."
--- Everett Parke

Al Gore says our planet is stewin';
Our ecology's going to ruin.
But the source of this heat
Is Bill Clinton's meat,
And all of the screwin' he's doin'.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Says an announcement on Clinton's behalf --
"His popularity's gone right off the graph.
There's no sign of it dimmin',
Especially from women
Who would like to be put on his staff."
--- CA A

Now Bill, don't look so glum;
We all know that you got you some.
Just stick to the tale;
Say you didn't inhale;
Say you screwed her but you didn't come!
--- G Kelly

King Henry had already shown
What Clinton now wished he had known.
A guillotine is better
For a stain on a sweater,
When the truth must never be known.
--- Anon

There once was a slicker from Hope,
Who did not inhale his dope.
He stuck in his schlong,
Were it did not belong,
And now's at the end of his rope.
--- Doug Obrecht

The President, bursting with pride,
Made public his energy guide;
Do not fuck in great haste --
There is far too much waste.
Fuck slow as you lay on your side.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2240

It was big, but not quite a tsunami;
At Bill's victory speech, it was balmy.
Bimbos thought it was swell
At the Excelsior Hotel,
In his suite he played hide the salami.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Bill Clinton has promised that life,
When he's prez, will be stripped of most strife,
But doesn't it follow
His pledges are hollow,
If he's willing to cheat on his wife?
--- John Sandler P9204

Said Bill to the stewardess, "Quiet.
The john is where I'd like to try it.
With plane at full throttle,
Just twiddle my twaddle;
If Hillary wakes, I'll deny it!"
--- Marsha Magee

Viagra, the little blue pill,
A favorite of President Bill;
He randomly screws
Anything that moves,
Gennifer, Monica or Hill'"
--- Anon

Since Clinton's sex drive's in a parch,
He has soaked his limp dick in some starch.
This weekend there's fun,
Who will be number one,
Among those in "The Million Mom March?"
--- Anon

The President swore to the sky
He'd never asked someone to lie,
But the chance was then missed
To request that he list
Positions he'd told them to try.
--- Scandalous Limerix

Asked the poll, "Would you answer yes when
Asked for sex in the President's den?"
Here's how the poll went:
Told the pollsters, "No, never again!"
--- John Miller a

There once was an Arkansas candidate;
As President, he wanted to circulate.
He gave it to Flowers,
And other meowers,
To prove that he was not celibate.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Slick Willie, out seeking a score,
Met a ragged, diseased D.C. whore.
She gave him a lay
Without any pay;
Now she autographs books at the store.
--- Cole

There once was a man named Slick Willy
Who tried to make love to each filly.
He took every chance
To drop down his pants
And show off his left-hooking dilly.
--- Popsicle TP9807

Bill Clinton has now started dating,
And Hillary sure finds it frustrating.
But to us, it's no matter,
'Cause we love a tomcatter;
That boy has a penchant for mating.
--- Al Willis P9610

Clinton's legacy is now in doubt;
Not knowing what his office is about.
By example you lead,
Was never his creed.
With a poor start, he just petered out.
--- Tom Simon

For the Chief, it's a red letter day;
I think the red letter is "A".
But don't poke a rod
In the CO's wife's bod,
Slick Willy was just there today!
--- Marsha Magee TP9807

One can tell the wheat from the chaff,
If church-going Bill makes you laugh.
Like the 23rd song,
Which Bill got all wrong:
He comforts his rod in his staff.
--- Annie Jay a

Getting caught really makes Bill irate.
His number one rule on a date:
If limo be rockin',
You'd better be knockin'.
How fitting for our head of state.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was a young lady named Titehouse,
Who lived all alone in a lighthouse.
She had an obsession
To see Congress in session,
But was fucked on her way through the White House.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2337

The Prez felt his bent pecker surgin';
He'd screw a knothole or a sturgeon.
He snuck in, while hard,
A nearby lumber yard,
'Cause he heard that the lumber was virgin.
--- Frank Fazed

There is this White House folk lore,
'Bout dear old Clinton and Al Gore.
Gore's duties were light,
And he'd just check every night:
"Now pal Billy, just what is the score?"
--- Gunjan Saraf

Bill said, "I swear I'm mystified;
Anyone would think I lied.
Besides, if I did it,
I'd never admit it.
Oh shit! All the witnesses died!"
--- Marsha Magee

This is file vsm

Of all this talk I am sick;
So much coverage on just one dick.
Before you know
He'll have another go;
That's why they call him slick!
--- Jen

All the moms whose kids like soccer,
Have had to face up to a shocker:
Gals who enter Bill's lair
Will find no easy chair,
Just a broken down old bentwood rocker.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Oh give us some leaders at home,
Who won't from the hearth-fires go roam,
Seeking titilation
Far beyond their station,
Just hoping to hear a hormone.
--- Daniel Ford

I'd have more respect for the heel
If he said "Yeah, I had her. Big deal.
That's between me and my wife,
It's not my public life --
Let's discuss issues that are real."
--- Kaylin Brandon a

In Chicago Slick Willie will want
To go on the prowl for some cunt.
It really won't matter
If she's thinner or fatter,
But he would like her big in the front.
--- Cole

News Flash! From the President's id.
I just didn't do what I did.
I swear on my life,
'Twas old Billy Blythe!
He does stuff and then remains hid.
--- Marsha Magee

Would Clinton submit to castration?
Would anything less cause cessation?
As long as he sees
A girl on her knees;
We'll just have to wait for cremation.
--- Ray Hemphill TP9804

A politician from old Little Rock,
Had screwed every cunt in the block.
The troopers did lie
For Arkansas's horny guy,
But he caught clap and they cut off his cock.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Old Bill ain't no dumb Gus;
He'll try to bamboozle us,
Like pot he'd not inhale,
He'll tell us all a tale
All about coitus interruptus.
--- Joe McGee

Clinton's ship sails along in retreat;
Captain Billy, you've been indiscrete.
Hands off those udders;
Tend to the rudders,
And try to control the first meat!
--- John Griffin A

When it comes to Bill's sexual flings,
Will the troopers keep quiet or sing?
Come clean with the facts,
Or cover Bill's tracks?
Do they fear what their stories may bring?
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Into the closet Bill slips,
And with passion, his member she grips.
With climax anew,
He says "Ooo ooo ooo ooooooo."
Pretty much like a cow with no lips.
--- Friar

Bill's scandal is quickly expanding,
So with journalists grandly demanding,
"Did you tell her to lie?"
His simple reply
Is "No." -- Meaning they did it standing.
--- Jerry Nordal P9805a

Come on all you people, admit it.
I know that you know that he did it.
You're as sly as they come,
But you know that he's scum,
And I'm not going to let you forget it.
--- Mike Hunter

A man of well known affection,
Decided to stand for election.
A blonde got his vote;
She bent and they note,
Poor Bill had attained an erection.
--- Bellal

With experience so grandiose,
And such shining examples up close
And a leader so coy,
You can bet every boy
Will be great -- if they don't overdose.
--- Anon

That Sally was sure lots of fun.
To think that she was once a nun.
She once was a saint,
But, trust me, she ain't,
And now she's on Air Force One!
--- Al Willis TP9802

My God! Can you stand the foul swill
'Round the White House and Capitol Hill?
With this smoke, are there fires?
Are those ladies ALL liars?
Just ask what I think fits the Bill.
--- Annie Jay

A single instance I can ignore,
Or once being caught with a whore.
But it appears our Pres Billy
Can't control his old willie,
And has been fondling at least three or four.
--- Lars

Now we have Clinton the greenie,
With nothing upstairs in his beanie.
A character midget
Who's still chasing Gidget,
And fooling around with his weenie.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Stuck under Bill Clinton's armpit
Was a G-string of fine silken knit.
"What's that?" questioned Hill,
To which replied Bill,
"It's a patch, 'cause I trying to quit!"
--- Friar TP9804

Not once did I ask you to lie.
I'll admit that I opened my fly.
John Thomas was bent,
`nd now we are spent.
Go get us some burgers; I'll buy.
--- Al Willis P9805

The President, as we know well,
Was savaged for trysting a belle.
No one really knew,
But if it were true,
He'd been through both heaven and hell.
--- Scandalous Limerix

The story's beginning to break;
They've given this thing the wrong take.
It's that old line again,
"Let me feel your pain",
She just happened to have a toothache.
--- MrMalo

There once was a young man from Hope,
When asked if he poked her, said "Nope!"
If the GOP hang him,
I'll have to say Dang him!
He's the one that gave them the rope.
--- MrMalo

They're making poor Buddy an "it."
Let's jog our thinking a bit.
The one they should neuter
Is the one with the "hooter"
That's keeping him in all the shit.
--- Marsha Magee

He cried when he lost the election;
He just couldn't take the rejection.
He showed them his hose,
But he wasn't chose
As President of Big Erections!
--- Mike M T9801

Yes, Bill feels the world is ag'in him,
And the press is just waiting to skin him.
But the world wouldn't care
About Bill's underwear,
If only he'd just stay in 'em.
--- MrMalo

Incontinence though sad, invites scorn;
It's a horrible burden you've borne.
If you need BVD's,
Take three dozen of these;
Bill Clinton's -- they've hardly been worn.
--- MrMalo

Old Bill got his start in Arkansas,
Not knowing where to put his handses.
Now he just chills
'Cause all his old thrills
Are holding open their pantses.
--- Rusty Smith

Long ago Clinton brashly deduced
That his sex life sure needed a boost.
Now he's getting the bills
For all the cheap thrills.
Clinton's chickens have come home to roost!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The Prez says this whole rap is bum,
(We know perjury's dumber than dumb)
But he's really quite tense
For his final defense
Is to testify: "I didn't come!"
--- CB P9803

"I swear to defend and uphold
With all of my body and soul
This Land, under God...
(Wow, that chicks got some bod!
With big tits -- sitting there behind Dole!)
--- Theo Heller P9212