It's true what you say, no one's won
And everyone's under the gun.
There's plenty are pouting,
And some are back-outing,
And of Sis Chris, we ain't getting nun.
--- Anon

My back, it is now on the mend;
I'm back here where I can depend
On this limerick crew
To be straight and true,
And never to savage a friend.
--- Anon

Though to party with Sister's the pits,
When drunk I was one of them twits
Who took a last belt
And succumbed when he felt
Optimistic, the booze and her tits.
--- Hugh Clary

Now what's left of my pork is a pittance;
No more will I move for admittance
Into Chris's crass crater,
Since the last time I bade her
Goodbye and good luck and good riddance.
--- Hugh Clary

Ten pints and Chris looks altogether
Too cute for my passion to tether.
Quite woozy, I wonder
Which one I was under:
The influence, her spell or the weather.
--- Randog

"It's heaven or I'm totally daft,"
I thought as astride me, Chris laughed.
"Quite soon you'll be musing
'Bout whether your losing
Your sanity, virtue, or shaft.
--- Randog

The boombox was blaring Tejano.
Her flesh had the taste of poblano.
A nip -- my cock's stinging.
Will I soon be singing
Her praises, the blues, or soprano?
--- Randog

A bite followed nip; now it's gone.
Like Bobbitt, I've not any brawn.
I hope I'll discover
A way to recover
My settlement, pride and baton.
--- Randog

I hope that was just a nightmare,
That you were nowhere near her lair.
Once you've had a kiss
From lustful Sis Chris,
All I can do is say a prayer.
--- Carol

'Twixt a rock and a hardplace I'd be --
'Tween the lines, that denotes amputee.
'Twixt her legs 'tween the sheets
My knick-knack she mistreats
All because I neglected to flee.
--- Randog

Just out from the convent among us,
It's Sister Christina. Humungous
Just isn't the word
For her size; she's absurd-
ly grotesque in that wig and face fungus.
--- Peter Wilkins

She's rampaging all over town
In her wimple and vestments of brown.
And she's looking for fun
With a gentleman; one
Who won't mind if she looks like a clown.
--- Peter Wilkins

Now some of you just may remember,
The funs with those nuns in November.
Well, Sister Christina's
New mission is "Penis
For All" having once felt a member.
--- Peter Wilkins

For years she had used a courgette (bail basket)
Or a marrow or corn cob and yet
At the first taste of dick,
She came hot, wet, and quick;
An experience she cannot forget.
--- Peter Wilkins

I'm Sister Christina, a nun,
Just looking for some carnal fun!
I need me some meat
To screw or to eat --
And nobody's safe 'til I'm done!
--- Chris

Where is that old Archie I met
At the Convent of Perpetually Wet?
I was ready to bite
When the bugger took flight.
He's around here somewhere, I'll bet!
--- Chris

I've heard about "H" and his load;
He carries a big nun-sized choad!
I've heard he gets suuggly
With dames that are ugly,
As long as they eat 'a la mode'!
--- Anon

I'm looking for the sex athlete
Who goes by the name of Pete.
If I catch him, I'll do
What I've wanted to,
Till there's nothing left but mince-meat.
--- Chris

Christina, you ugly old nun,
Now you've asked for it. Fondle my gun.
Though you're built like a barge,
I'm enormously large;
You'll regret that you went on the run.
--- Peter Wilkins

Okay. You can swivel just here
On my hugely inflatable spear.
Well there's no need to frown
As you bounce up and down.
I can screw you until the New Year.
--- Peter Wilkins

Your quivering shuddering thighs
And your moaning and groaning and sighs,
As I make my first lunge
And repeatedly plunge,
Drives you mad with desire, I surmise.
--- Peter Wilkins

You cannot disguise your emotion;
A throbbing pulsating commotion.
You're putty, my dear,
As you ride on my spear
With a clenchingly up and down motion.
--- Peter Wilkins

Oh Fuck! She's as ugly as had-
dock and built like a tanker. She's bad.
Well I warned all you guys
Of her nutcracker thighs;
Now she's roaringly rampaging mad.
--- Peter Wilkins

She'll sniff out your dick at ten paces
And gird up her loins and give chase,
At the speed of a bullet
And catch you and pull it
To pieces and sit on your face.
--- Peter Wilkins

Oh God! What a horrible thought,
To be mince-meat in seconds. I ought
To find somewhere to hide;
Archie, H: move aside;
I, for one, do not wish to be caught.
--- Peter Wilkins

But Hey! I've just thought! She's enorm-
ous and rampaging 'round like a storm.
We should hear the thud, thud
Of her feet in the mud,
So we'll know when she's getting too warm.
--- Peter Wilkins

Yes, I'm out hunting for meat!
But I've always been light on my feet!
I'll sneak up behind you
And grab you and grind you
Before you even know it, my sweet!
--- Chris

Don't bother to hide in the closet!
You know that once in my jaws, it
Will snap like a little
Piece of peanut brittle!
I know pain and just how to cause it.
--- Chris

There's no place for you to be hidden,
When I am looking to be ridden!
I'll search you out, Peter!
And get to your meat or
I'll hurt you. You know I'm not kiddin'!
--- Chris

Over here, little Chrissy, my sweet!
I've got a fine funk on my meat!
Ain't cleaned it in months --
It smell of twelve cunts
And spittle and spoo and mesquite.
--- H Welchel

It needs a good kissing again;
Or maybe a sisterly train.
I'll keep it rock-firm
As Perp Wets all squirm,
And you'll lick up the goo and the stain.
--- H Welchel

Guess Pete didn't need the distraction;
He's giving Sis Christine the action.
That bum would fuck shit,
If it had one tit
And two nanoNewtons of traction.
--- H Welchel

It's Friday, Black Friday the thirteenth;
The moon's also full and has teeth.
The coven is meeting;
There's no trick or treating;
They're planning a shitload of grief.
--- Archie

This is file qyl

So now watch the story unfold.
It's tragic that some won't grow old.
Our ranks will be thinned;
We shouldn't have sinned;
Now all of our bodies are cold.
--- Archie

For Tiddy and Travis And Hugh
And Barfy and Archie and Too(l),
The result of a bet
To the Convent of Wet,
Adjourned after pints, quite a few.
--- Archie

Now the Convent of Wet's situate
Along the dark Street Fornicate.
They're over the walls
And into the halls,
Where dangers to males do await.
--- Archie

For this is the wing where they greet
The postulants the older nuns beat.
And these novice nuns
Must watch how it's done,
While Chris gets to eat all the meat.
--- Archie

Now climbing the stairs Toolman stumbled,
And created a noise when he tumbled.
Sis Chris heard the noise.
(The rest of the boys
Escaped in a scrambling jumble.)
--- Archie

As Christina hoisted her habit,
So Toolman reacts like a rabbit.
His five and a half inches
In her twat, Chris clinches;
Her vaginal muscles just grab it.
--- Archie

He simply can't move due to dread
So Chris uses him like a sled,
From the top of the stairs,
Which really impairs
His brain and his bones and his head.
--- Archie

The stairs which were bouncing his bum,
In Chris made his prick fairly thrum.
By the end of the ride,
Poor Toolie had died,
As Christina started to cum!
--- Archie

Suspecting more males still around,
Sis Chris puts her ear to the ground.
Ecstatic soft cries
From where Carol lies;
For Jon it's a fatal soft sound.
--- Archie

So, opening the novices door,
The tongueman is licking some more.
So Chris grabs her flail
Lands one on his tail;
To Carol says "Watch this, you whore!"
--- Archie

Gets Jon on her clit with his lips,
Striking time on his back with her whips.
The faster he licks;
The faster she flicks.
The flesh from his back she soon rips.
--- Archie

Her unguarded feverish cries
Before Carol's horrified eyes,
As Jon's feet are drumming,
And Christina's cumming,
It's sad but he finally dies!
--- Archie

With all of her senses now heightened,
The noose around Tiddy has tightened.
T'was under the bed
That Tiddy had fled,
She's found him and now he is frightened.
--- Archie

Sis Chris wants a taste of his log,
And soon she is sucking at Ogg.
The end comes quite quick;
She bites off his dick,
So blood loss is his epilogue.
--- Archie

Mistiming his run for the door,
Poor Barfy is tripped to the floor.
Though still filled with lust,
Christina has just
Had a sudden thought he'll abhor.
--- Archie

"A perfect tame butler he'll make;
But first his balls we must break.
He'll be our own eunuch,
So lift up his tunic,
And then these two bricks I will take."
--- Archie

On camels this works rather well,
Though sometimes their eyes start to swell."
At her sudden sharp stroke,
His poor heart just broke.
His fall to the floor, his death-knell!
--- Archie

For Archie and Travis and Hugh
Still hope to make it on through.
Surviving this night
With only a fright;
All three Sister Chris couldn't do!
--- Archie

A shocked gasp was heard in the ceiling.
Soft John had been up there a-kneeling.
That's where he had gorn
To study hard porn;
At the fate of poor Barfy he's reeling.
--- Archie

Sis Chris, for a way in she looks.
Invasion she never can brook.
He seems safely sealed in
Thick timbers revealed in
The area surrounding his nook.
--- Archie

So Chris for a chainsaw has called;
This adventure for John has now palled.
As the saw starts to bite,
He's way beyond fright,
For soon his poor flesh will be mauled.
--- Archie

As Chris wields the saw with elan,
She's cutting to some sort of plan.
And when she has stopped,
The blood has all dropped,
Along with the parts of our man!
--- Archie

Now Hugh had found a good spot;
With Jeannie and Kitten he's got
A poker game going,
And how he is crowing.
He's giving it his very best shot.
--- Archie

Hugh dealt and now he's on a roll,
Although he's endangering his soul.
In his hand there's two pair,
And he's hoping that there
May soon be an ace in the hole.
--- Archie

When Chris marches in on the scene,
(John's blood gives her body a sheen)
The girls only squeal
While Hugh tries to deal.
On living he still is quite keen.
--- Archie

While on him the mad nun advances,
His last hope, the privy, he chances.
But on locking the door,
He slipped on the floor,
Head first in the hole he mischances.
--- Archie

While his feet are up kicking the air,
His head now is drowning down there.
When Chris sees his plight,
She laughs at the sight,
And leaves him without any care!
--- Archie

Now Trav' trys a quick getaway,
But Chris can still chase all the day.
He ducks through a door,
The same one where poor
Old Hughie had been caused to stray.
--- Archie

And slipping like Hugh, Travis tried
To avoid the way his mate had died.
It is way too late;
He's had the same fate,
And both are intered side by side.
--- Archie

Now Archie had hidden with Jayne
Who was wearing a habit quite plain,
Though it zipped up her front
Right down to her cunt,
And no thought of risk in his brain
--- Archie

He's buried his face twixt twin mounds
And making some wet suckling sounds.
While fingers are roamin'
(You know where they're homin')
Little knowing he'll soon be hell-bound.
--- Archie

Jaynes cries of delight are quite loud
And rapidly draw a big crowd.
And Chris arrives soon;
It's still a full moon,
And she's brought along Archies shroud.
--- Archie

Demanding he satisfies her,
Sis Chris's in that bed in a blur.
And starting the play
That will end that day
With Arch, in a cruel massacre.
--- Archie