Turn Backward, O Time, Backward turn
And tell us why Greeks Backward yearn.
In orgies Olympus,
Did Gods cry, "O limp us,"
And all other apertures spurn?
--- Irving Superior P9210

While in Athens, a tourist named Joan,
Told her guide, with a trace of a groan,
"Though a fuck is just fine
When I'm lying supine,
It's a pain in the ass when I'm prone."
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

A Greek--let us call him Silvanus--
Is strange: he has one extra anus.
The one up in front
Can be used as a cunt,
Which makes him a queer sort of Janus.
--- G2505

In Athens, the tour guide reminds you
To always keep looking behind you.
Like pickpockets pick
And Superman quick,
A blink and they'll start to...behind you.
--- Irving Superior P9210

I knows of the French and the Greek,
But these Portuguese about whom you speak,
It gives me a puzzle.
Does they start with a nuzzle,
And end with a poke on the cheek?
--- Q

There was a Greek ruler named Solon,
With a fondness for joys that were stolen.
He claimed Alcibiades,
Whom he buggered on Fri-a-days,
Had the nicest tight ass for cornholin'.
--- G1044

Regarding Ed's Grecian sojourn--
His doctor said, "If you return,
And if you go walking,
They're everywhere stalking.
So Vaseline or it will burn.
--- Irving Superior P9210

There was a young girl from Quebec
Who preferred to make love 'a la Greque'.
To this method perverse
Was a waltz in reverse,
As composed by a prominent Czech.
--- Albin Chaplin

In checking the Websters for SODOMY,
"In sexing, when using hole number three"
Then further defined
With quote marks, "behind,"
And ends with the words, "it's all Greek to me."
--- Irving Superior P9210

A frustrated lady of Berne
Had problems that cause her concern.
She married a Greek
Who male partners did seek,
And she knew not which way she should turn.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0904a

The long-peckered Bey of Algiers
Loved to spear chubby lads in their rears.
A demon for semen,
This buggersome he-man
Shot the chute till it seeped from their ears.
--- G0927

This two-balled old Bey of Algiers.
Sent his head eunuch shopping for queers.
"Mohammed," he smirked,
As he casually jerked,
"Just be sure they have overdrive rears!"
--- G0928

A native of Havre de Grace,
Once tired of cunt, said, "I'll try ass."
He unfolded his plan
To another young man,
Who said, "Most decidedly, my ass!"

(Published 1879)
--- L0473

There was a young fellow whose mode
Was taking it up the dirt road.
He maintained pedication
Cured acute constipation,
And no enema beat a good load.
--- G1015

Confessed an old cripple named Bruce,
"Can't even get chicks who are loose.
It may seem a bit odd of me,
But I'm deep into sodomy;
It's cheap and it beats self abuse."
--- Armand Singer

Alfresco, I've done dancing disco,
While visiting in San Francisco.
Twirl, bump, grind and thump,
A sharp pain in my rump.
Bent over, you better use Crisco!
--- Anon

Three girly-men, all dressed in leather,
Tied Hans and Franz firmly together.
'Pumped them up' all night long,
Though they started out strong,
Now they're so tired, they can't lift a feather.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was an old man of Madrid,
Who cast loving eyes on a kid.
He said, "Oh, my joy!
I'll bugger that boy,
You see if I don't." And he did.

(He out with his cock, and he did.)
--- Norman Douglas L0487

Those Aussies are such funny folk;
They think it's the sheep Kiwis poke.
In reality.
It's Ockers who we
Screw - yet they don't get the joke!

(ockers - boorish Aussie men)
--- Anon

There was a young man from South Bend
Who wanted to bugger a friend.
His friend, a bit nervous
About anal service,
Agreed it felt good in the end.
--- Limericks Naughty & Gay

Hold back with that downward turned thumb!
Thrust onward and don't be so glum.
You'll work up a lather
Of thick fanny batter,
Then flip and repeat with 'er bum!
--- Anon

His plain quarter-pounder was fat,
So he rammed it in where she sat.
Then heard her exclaim
The moment he came,
"I really would like fries with that."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A tourist in Rome, from South Bend,
Decried sodomy to an old friend.
Leered a visiting Bulgar:
"Sir, you may say it's vulgar,
But you'll find that it's fun, in the end."
--- G0669

Young Will warbled tunes from his throat,
And girlies all phoned in their vote,
At 10 pence a throw.
Now they don't want to know,
Since they've found he's been browning his choat.
--- Anon

An adulterous lecher from Bend
(as he filled Mrs Day, squirting spend)
Remarked with a leer,
"I go for the rear:
There is nothing beats sex at Day's end."
--- Armand Singer P0203

There was a young man named Carruthers
Who buggered two crippled twin brothers.
And he felt some surprise,
As you may surmise,
When they both announced: "We are mothers!"
--- G0943

You know just what I want to do;
Just don't get upset with the goo.
Be a good lass;
Let me stick it up your ass;
It will make you quite happy too.
--- Julie

You are not the first one, my dear,
Who has expressed a desire for my rear.
We could have more fun
For aren't you the one
That can stretch all his tongue to his ear.
--- Julie

There once was a bugger named Russel
Who adored a tight anal muscle.
To enter with ease
Required bear grease,
With that tool, 'twas a real hustle-bustle.
--- G1039

There once was a bellhop named Goose,
Who had morals extremely loose.
His portal of choice,
As he often would voice,
Was to put it right in your caboose!
--- J T. Snake

I sing of the brothers DeBeers,
A pair of incestuous queers,
Who, citing the dangers
Of sex with male strangers,
Reserved it for each other's rears.
--- Armand E Singer 842

There was an old man named Grasty,
Whose favorite sport -- pederasty.
He'd bugger with joy
Any innocent boy,
But thought fornication was nasty.
--- L0472 G1001

There was a young fellow of King's,
Who was weary of women and things.
Said he, "My desire,
Is a boy from the choir,
With an ass that's like Jello on springs."
--- L0553

This is file qnm

There was a young parson named Bings,
Who talked about God and such things;
But his secret desire
Was a boy in the choir,
With a bottom like jelly on springs.
--- Anon

There was a young rector of Kings
Whose mind was on heavenly things,
But his heart was on fire
For a boy in the choir
Whose ass was like jelly on springs.

l thank you! Now that's a good fellow
But, Sir, it has got to be JELLO.
That jiggles on springs,
Like cute other things
That make horny gentlemen bellow

Said a pederast in cellblock three,
"I'm as happy as I ever could be.
On the outside, it's rough
To get half enough--
Inside, the judge sends them to me."
--- Arthur Deex P8909

"Indeed," quoth the King of Siam,
"For cunts I just don't give a damn.
They haven't the grip,
Nor the velvety tip,
Nor the scope of the asshole of man."
--- L0512

A diarrhoetic young sodomite said
To a nancy-boy sharing his bed,
"I regret that I find
That your spunk doesn't bind,
So leave in your penis instead."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was an old man with fat jowls,
Who said, as he spread out the towels:
"I know pederasty
Is sometimes thought nasty,
But think how it loosens the bowels."
--- G0988

A horny musician named Heft
With his packer was sharp and so deft.
But he thought nothing finer
Than to stick a lad minor,
For the asshole was his major cleft.
--- Albin Chaplin

We are nearing the end of the year;
So I wish all the limerists were here.
Great guidance from heaven,
A great ninety-seven --
And a twenty inch cock up your rear!
--- Writerman

An old friend by the name of West,
Thought that anal sex was the best.
"It's clean as a whistle",
As he looked at his pizzle,
"All the chunks they get caught in her nest!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

My crank is as massive as China.
It hurts when I poke your behina.
But if you'd just push,
Relaxing your tush,
You'd never feel nuttin' mo' fina.
--- Anon

There was an old preacher named Cole
Who did what was good for the soul:
Pederasty, his game,
Which he did without shame.
He was good, so they say, on the hole.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0913

There once was a sinister Ottoman,
To the fair sex, I fear, he was not a man.
He evaded the charms
Of feminine arms,
"Quite frankly," he said, "I'm a bottom man."
--- G1028

I've taken what shit that you gave
And smeared it the length of my stave.
It's just a veneer -
Please give us more, dear.
I've got a turd highway to pave.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Ms McCann's fey son, Phil, was a fan
Of rear assaults which he would plan.
While attempting to spear (And once while astride)
A gay friend in the rear, (A sissy friend cried,)
His friend cried, "Oh, Phillip McCann!" (I love you, dear..)
--- Bob Giandomenico P9104

There was a young man from Wanamee,
Well schooled in the technique of sodomy.
He buggered with glee,
An old man in a tree,
And remarked with a shrug, "Won't you pardon me?"
--- L1619

A very gay fellow named Lance,
Would respond to the slightest advance.
It took too long to strip,
So he'd urge men to slip
Their tool through a hole in his pants.
--- L0492

Oh yes, we confess we've been seekin'
A way to make money so we can
Afford a large loophole,
To cram up your poophole,
Until your tight asswalls all weaken.
--- Anon

"You're wicked, evil and vile,"
Yelled Jane, "and a big glob of bile
For screwing my ass!
For payback, alas,
I'll suck your damn cock for awhile!"
--- Travis Brasell

In Scotland each sturdy male Celt
Wore nothing except a fur pelt.
They buggered the sheep
And men in their sleep,
Enjoying the way that it felt.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I once met this girl called Monique
Who advised me on sexual technique.
Oral sex, she did say
Can make your whole day;
Anal sex can make your whole week.
--- Friar TP9802a

There was a young student of Oriel,
Who flouted all rulings proctorial.
He ran down the Corn
With a hell of a horn,
And buggered the Martyr's Memorial.
--- L1506

John Miller's poor mom has just freaked;
Some bad news to her has been leaked;
Twenty thousand bucks bail
To free Johnny from jail,
For tail-gating the last time he streaked.
--- David Miller

My mommy, I fear, is quite dead
And my Oedipus complex, instead,
I slake at full moon
On a wrinkled baboon;
On the new moon, a moose give me head.
--- John Miller

My mom died when I was just two;
I was adopted by new parents who;
Alas, finally went
In a car accident,
So that makes me one up on you.
--- David Miller

Said a fruity young man name of Biggle,
With an almost hysterical giggle,
"Last night I was sick
With delight when my prick
Felt Brucie's delicious ass wriggle!"

(Said Oscar McDingle O'Figgle - reference to Oscar Wilde)
--- L0499

It's silly to hold such a grudge,
With matters of packing of fudge.
It may be a sin,
But getting it in?
It's hard for an anus to budge.
--- Jayne

A hereto fellow named Jewel
Says a twat's the best place for his tool.
But his brother, named Ray,
Who is openly gay,
Is a fan of the Tunnel of Stool.
--- Cap'n Bean

There once were two brothers named Luntz,
Who buggered each other at once.
When asked to account
For this intricate mount,
They said, "Ass holes are tighter than cunts."
--- L0316

It seems a fat homo of Bentree
Traffics nightly with pederast gentry.
It may strike you as frightful,
But he finds it delightful,
As they Vaseline up his rear entry.
--- G0935

Then two assholes suddenly appeared
And eavesdropped as closer they neared.,
"A coincidence, odd,"
Said one, with a nod,
"Right here is the place we were reared."
--- Hugh Clary

Two gay contortionist friends
Could make the most elegant bends.
They did it so well,
It became hard to tell
Who had fucked whom in the end.
--- MrMalo

There once was a young man from Kent,
Who had trouble paying the rent.
He went out with a smile
And returned in a while,
With his anal virginity spent.
--- Observer

The announcement came out of the blue;
"Two gay zoophiles in the crew!"
The keepers looked 'round
And finally found
A zoo in a zoo in a zoo!
--- Jim Weaver Collection