Not Sister Christina my friend! A
A most gruesome old bat; she's horrend-
Ously rough for a boff.
I'd be much better off
If I stuck my poor dick in blender!
--- Anon

I traveled south west of Messina,
We thought we had trapped a hyena,
But cheers of surprise
Turned to blood-curdling cries
Of fear... it was Sister Christina.
--- Anon

The constable, while at a luncheon,
Heard something that sounded like crunchin'
Of bone, and when he
Looked down, he could see
Sis Chris with her twat 'round his truncheon.
--- Travis Brasell

I'm here on my knees Sister Chris,
With my head up your habit, like this.
I shall bury my face
In your virginal place
And I'll suck you to heavenly bliss.
--- Anon

Christina is flexible, if
A dude isn't done in a jiff,
But when I was quick
To empty my dick,
She left me a little bit stiff.
--- Anon

When catching one's dong in one's zipper,
One must keep a stiff upper lipper.
Pretend naught's amiss!
Watch out for Sis Chris,
And her hideous vaginal snipper.
--- Ericka

Pope Archie, If I catch your ass,
Armageddon will soon come to pass.
Those parts you adore
Will be mine evermore.
I patiently await your Mass.
--- Sis Chris

I'm SisChris, a nun on the hunt.
I've seen each and every last stunt.
But this time, my goose,
There'll be no vamoose!
Which one of you shall I confront?
--- Anon

Sis Chris is now with Inquisition,
And useful for their imposition.
She quickly becamber
A Star in their Chamber,
At finding those preaching sedition.
--- Archie

Sweet Sister Christina has e'er
Been around having fun, be aware.
Even eons ago,
If us guys were too slow,
She'd be dragging us back to her lair.
--- Peter Wilkins

Christina's contented to 'F' all us,
Bedevil, and quickly dishevel us,
But part of her plan
Is that every man
Must depart with a phallus acephalous.
--- Hugh Clary

She done a real number on me.
I came with three inches times three.
But one fateful night,
She took such a bite,
That now I am squatting to pee.
--- SFA

If "Bite my schlong"'s heard in the abbey,
Christina will purr like a tabby.
Her face 'tween your thighs,
She'll pilfer your prize,
The nub of which will be quite scabby.
--- Randog

If schlong-head's her next Pascal Lamb,
He'll nevermore vex us with spam.
Her Passover feast
Will render this beast
A piggy without any ham.
--- Randog

I'm off pitching woo in the dark,
And hoping that I'll make my mark
With Sister Christina,
Whose habits are cleaner
Than Bessie or Brucie the Shark.
--- Anon

I did not know Brucie or Bess
Had habits that were such a mess.
If your aim was better
Than Clinton's red setter,
You'd not have made stains on the dress.
--- Anon

Already I see 'tis the morrah
And visions of Sister Deborrah
Have gone without trace;
But instead in their place
Is this vision of absolute horrah.
--- Anon

It's Sister Christina, bejabers,
Intent on performing her labours.
Like Hercules (whom
She resembles). Oh doom;
Now she's practising chewing up cabers.
--- Anon

Sis Chris has a crush on the Pope,
(I've told her she's not got much hope.)
For he's not a sinner,
Don't want to get in'er.....
And too old to go for the grope.
--- Anon

This Pope has a long way to go
And many more seeds left to sow.
That sweet Sister Chris
Keeps bringing me bliss,
Though soon all her teeth gotta go!
--- Archie

Where Sister Christina once dwelt
Are prints of her knees where she knelt,
And cried, "Holy Father,
A damnable bother
Is loosing those knots in your belt!"
--- Travis Brasell

Sister Christina, oh nun so hot,
My manners I totally forgot.
Though only a priest,
I find that the least
I could do was to tie a slip knot.
--- Jonners

Why now, my sweet doll, let's not fight.
Why not come and visit tonight?
Right here in my cell,
We'll go at it like hell.
I promise I won't take a bite.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Because of Sis Chris's attraction,
I'd like to get in on the action;
But first I need proof,
So I will not goof,
That she's had a masher extraction.
--- Travis Brasell

Now that was a meal and a half.
I thought 'twas a bloody giraffe!
It seemed his extendin'
Would be never-endin'.
Turns out he was hung to the calf.
--- Anon

On Travis's stalk did you snack?
More filling than any Big Mac.
When you bite and de-male,
Like a lizard's long tail,
Instead of a stump, it grows back!
--- Randog

My brain's in a bit of a pickle
And limericks are now at a trickle
I'm here in my dump
Engorging my stump,
To offer Christina a tickle.
--- SFA

A tickle's not much of an offer,
Some humour's much better to proffer;
My tip is so simple;
"Just shit on her wimple,
Then run for your life, and I'll boffer."
--- David Miller

Just call me your man on a mission
To make you my latest addition.
When you hear "Knock knock!"
There under your frock,
You'll know who is seeking admission.
--- SFA

I think your perspective is skewed.
"Addition" ain't in my book, Dude.
I only deduct;
You could say you're fucked.
But for sure you ain't geting screwed.
--- Sis Chris

We may not now pay the dread price
For rattling the nun's special dice.
It's winter, you see.
In Canada, the
Perpetual Wet's turned to ice.
--- Archie

Just do as the Eskimos do;
Drag her into your cozy igloo.
Warm her cooze by the fire
And frequently try her,
Till the ice forms a warm sticky goo.
--- John Miller

A naughty old nun was Christina;
Her habits were less than pristina.
She pulled at the peter
Of the Pope on his seater,
In front of the chapel Sistina.
--- Archie

This is file qal

I recall we were properly frocked,
As we sat on the steps and we talked.
"Didn't think it would hurt
To peek under your skirt --
Now it's my fault, you went off half-cocked!"
--- Archie

The philosopher, Gerry Gardena,
Asked a patron at Schlock's new arena,
If Marx he had read,
And was answered, "I bled
From the snatch of that Sister Christina!"
--- Anon

"Read Marx?" Why, of course, he's red marks
From scratches and burns caused by sparks,
When Sister Christina
Chomped his teensy weena,
To shreds with her fangs, long as sharks!
--- Anon

I was riding my steed at full flight;
Sister Chris fell in love at first sight.
She cried, "I've no pants!
So is there a chance,
I can ride bareback all through the night?"
--- David Miller

I thought this nun forward, of course
To go commando, I can endorse;
I said, "Sis, will you screw?"
She sighed, "Yes, but not you,
'Cause I've fallen in love with your horse!"
--- Anon

Sis Chris of the great many names,
Is one of the world's grandest dames.
'Cause she's always doing
Some screwing or chewing,
Or other wild sexual games.
--- Archie

With mammary giants she's blessed -
Defining her mountainous chest.
Though lovely to suck,
If you are in luck,
She'll give you a crack at her nest.
--- SFA

Sis Chris as a Sunday school teacher?
Her lessons there, no doubt will feature
A brief introduction
To fool-proof seduction,
With practical help from the preacher.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I believe in a "hands-on" type school,
One that uses the golden rule,
Seminal baptism,
And my catty-kiss-'em,
And other religious-type tools.
--- Anon

Pope Archie, you have been misled,
Sis Chris has no teeth in her head;
She's left them behind
(I think you will find)
In water, right next to my bed.
--- David Miller

Now David - just listen to me!!!
They're not in her head - can't you see?
So after your bout
They musta fell out
When dear Sister Chris took a pee
--- SFA

All gents going to Soggy Hollow,
Beware! Sister Chris will soon follow;
She'll make it her biz
To suck out the jizz,
Then gulp down your schlong in one swallow!
--- Travis

Now, you may be mistaken, old son.
She's not the "Hot dog" kind of nun.
Six or fourteener,
I just want the weiner.
I've no use for fixin's or bun.
--- Travis Brasell

Since orders for you come from higher
Authorities, and you're no liar,
I won't change my game,
But I'll change my name;
Just call me, dear Sis, 'Oscar Meyer'!
--- Travis Brasell

Sis Chris, you heard of "Black Widows",
The spiders that live in the meadows.
The male ends up dead;
She bites off his head
After sexin' and shaggin' in shadows.
--- Anon

Now Chrissie, you're very similar;
The things that you do sound familiar.
Like "Black Widow's" bite,
You chomp with delight,
But the head that you bite will now kill-yer.
--- Anon

The thing is, you don't seem to know
How poisonous just is my John Doe.
One bite of my willy,
Or Archie's dear Billy
Will end your short life as a ho.
--- Anon

My memory is but a haze,
Of the time that I indolently laze;
Then I woke with a scream,
As C, broad in the beam,
Leapt on me like somebody crazed.
--- Anon

She fought like a tigress, but stunk,
Like a dead putrefying old skunk,
And she bounced on my balls,
Ignoring my calls,
Till she'd drained me of all of my spunk.
--- Anon

She'll have either sex, so beware,
In case she might head over there.
She once boffed von Trapp,
And gave him the clap,
And all of the kids in her care.
--- Anon

To mention my name is a sin,
In the places that you wander in.
No doubt they're fearing
What I find endearing;
To eat for my unholy din. (ner)
--- Sister Christina

It's long been my habit to say
And do things that lead me astray.
Dissent? I don't love it --
Try to rise above it.
And hope you will rise the same way.
--- Sister Christina

So bless you, my son. Let me take
Your clothes off and see what's at steak.
Your meat and two veg
Will thrive, I allege,
Right here at my private clambake.
--- Sister Christina

Christina, I missed you so much!
Your hair, and your smell, and your touch;
And I've heard a rumor
That Doc's removed a tumor
Caused by a crucifix up your crotch.
--- David Miller

That could be the sign of a nun
Who bites off men's peckers -- no fun!
In case you should meet her,
Take care of your peter,
And don't walk away; better run!
--- Dirruk

Now Sister, I think you are droll
To care about one newsgroup hole.
With so many Daves
Who lurk in their caves,
And won't give one inch of their pole...
--- John Miller

Sis Chris is the best one to drill;
At drilling she really is brill.
And it's fun to milk
Her breasts, soft as silk
While grinding away in her mill.
--- Archie

Avoiding her cunical bites
While raising her up to the heights
Is the skill that you need
While spurting your seed,
Or else there'll be no more delights.
--- Archie

That's me -- I'm the ultimate thrill.
I work with the utmost of skill.
My scruples are known
To many a bone-
Head, most of whom run willy nil.
--- Archie

These robes? A removable feast
That cover a ravening beast,
Who will strip you quite bare
And poke you just there,
As long as you're not full of yeast.
--- Anon

Oh, sorry -- I've made a mistake;
Sis Chris I thought you're a fake.
But you're really you,
So "How do you do?"
And would you jump out of this cake?
--- Anon

It's for all the Boston padres,
Who think about boys for a raise.
So the sight of your snatch
Will make the whole batch
Agibber and quickly go craze.
--- Anon

Sis Chris, both your sin and regression
Are born of a wicked obsession
With Dick, their width and length
And then tensile strength.
It's time that I took your confession.
--- Archie