The coed who this is about,
Was tall and a little bit stout.
She was hot, but denied it,
Though unable to hide it,
When her sweater was on inside out.
--- Bob Birch P0207

A enterprising young lady from Pisa
Was known around town as a tease-a.
She would only permit
You to stroke her left tit,
If you paid, in advance, using Visa.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a singer called Beason
Who was thrown into jail for good reason.
While doing his best
His hands came to rest
On the tits of a lady policeman.
--- U K Snag

Said a helpless old fellow named Sands,
"I have lost all control of my hands.
When I see a big tit
I go into a fit,
For I'm partial to mammary glands."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0595

I simply cannot keep my mitts
From off of those feminine bits;
Those breasts or nice boobies,
The pointies and droopies.
I dearly love all sorts of tits!
--- Archie

You dearly love all sorts of tits?
Cold silicone gel in your mitts?
But would you like those
That droop to their toes,
And cover access to their slits?
--- David Miller

An able masseur of Hong Kong,
Massaging one time, did prolong
On buxom Miss Mabel,
Who reclined on the table,
But the way that he rubbed her was wrong.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2111

I sing of famed breast surgeon Franz,
An expert on mammary glands;
He thinks nothing is better
Than to lift a girl's sweater
And measure her girth with his hands.
--- Armand E Singer 919

A teat connoisseur from North Ealing
Said, "A flat-busted babe ain't appealing.
What you want's a BIG gland
You can knead with your hand,
And evoke groans and moans when you're feeling.
--- G0416

Dr Ruth showed how each lady's spouse
Should manipulate tits 'neath her blouse.
As the ladies all beamed,
In their panties they creamed --
Not a dry handkerchief in the house.
--- Phil Cannibal P9010

During a tour of Talisker,
Men grabbed my missus to frisk her.
I asked, "You suspect
She's a terrorist threat?"
They said, "No, she's just got some nice tits, sir."
--- Jarmo

As he fondled Miss Wister's bazoom,
Her fiance slipped into the room
And said, "Look, Snigglefritz,
Take your mitts from her tits,
Or I'll use your rear end for a broom!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 282

A fraternity brother named Crouse
Was telling the guys in the house,
"I take a firm stand
That a boob in the hand
Is better than two in the blouse."
--- David Miller

If just one of my glands make you harden
Then you may find you have to cry pardon.
Both would make you explode
At the Tottenham Road
And black out before Covent Garden.
--- Anon

The expert touch of your hands,
Caressing my mammary glands,
Makes the pain go away.
Now my mind is astray,
And thinking of something more grand.
--- Anon

When Schmidt dated well-bred Miss Alice,
They went to the new movie palace.
She said to him, "Schmidt,
You can play with my tit,
If you let me hang onto your phallus."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1925

A maiden who wrote of big cities,
Sang songs full of love, fun and pities.
Sold her stuff at the shop
Of a musical wop,
Who played with her soft little titties.

(Who played all her soft little ditties.)
--- L0020

"Let's play 'radio'," volunteers Ellie,
So they strip, and he climbs on her belly.
"I'll get India," he smiles,
While tweaking her dials
And broadcasting, "Come in New Delhi."
--- Jerry Nordal P0501

Said Suzie, the floozy, "I squeal
When a heel reaches up for a feel.
Though I really don't mind;
The big job, I find
Is to make the squeal sound like it's real!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 968

She fainted and fell on the bed.
"Why not rub her wrists, cousin Ed?"
He gave it a try
When a vendor passed by,
"RUBBER BALLOONS!" is what the guy said.
--- Al Willis P9711

Groused a well-endowed barmaid named Rust,
To a patron who fondled her bust:
"It sure makes me nervous
To furnish you service,
While I shield my best parts from your lust."
--- Armand E Singer 52

Are those bountiful mammaries real?
Come here, let me give them a feel.
Yes, both right and left
Have firmness and heft --
They've earned my Triple-A Seal.
--- Jim Thompson

I might have to accept that she's real.
To be certain, I'd need a good feel.
It would be a pity
To miss out on good titty,
So her bra I will have to unpeel.
--- Bob Mornington

Sobbed the wife of a worrisome veep,
"I'm so tired and worn I could weep.
It's my husband's demand,
For a teat in each hand,
And the bastard walks 'round in his sleep!"
--- L1230

A busty young biddy named Suggs
Remarked on her bounteous dugs,
"The way fellows get fresh,
And go mauling my flesh,
I'm afraid soon they'll droop like two jugs."
--- Grand Prix Lim 959 G0463

So I said to this Irish lad, Paddy,
Do take care, don't run into her daddy.
That hooter you're squeezin'
Could just be the reason
You'll end up a bruised sorry laddie.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

With my bust there is nothing phony;
No implants or silicone-y.
They're squidgy and soft
And held up aloft
By two hammocks and duct tape? (baloney!)
--- Joie de Vivre

Just the thought makes me ache with desire,
And it sets my whole body on fire,
With a yearning to play
With your bosoms today;
At this moment that's all I require.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Ms Pamela Anderson Lee,
A teacher from whom you can't flee,
Would catch you 'twixt her tits,
And hide you in her pits
Just to teach you the meaning of glee.
--- Dr Dirty

One evening on Crimewatch UK,
My heart was quite stolen away,
When Nick Ross confessed
He pinched Sue Cook's vest,
And was exiled to Botany Bay.
--- Bill Wall

Overheard down beside Lake Louise
Came her voice, wafting by on the breeze,
But I'll trade tit for tat
With the warmth of your hands upon these."
--- Keith MacMillan 94b

Said a sailor just back from Viet
To his sweetheart, "Be patient, my pet.
I'll be happy to play
With this breast today,
But I want to save that tit for Tet."
--- Norm Storer

Would all the nice ladies come here,
And I'll gently undo your brassiere!
I'll massage your breasts,
And take you to the crest,
Of an "O" that will please you my dear!
--- Anon

This is file pwm

From my youth I recall nothing better
Than a girl in a tight-fitting sweater
Who allowed me to trace
With my finger the space
Round the curves of her cheer-leading letter.
--- Laurence Perrine P8502

I thought that my dreams had come true,
Till the masquerade party was through.
Then the one so appealing,
I'd been covertly feeling,
Turned out to be no one but YOU!
--- John Miller 0142

This woman's brassiere had to house
Two boobies like udders on cows!
But she was damn proud;
She occasionally allowed
Two boyfriends at once in her blouse!
--- Laurence Craft

An elderly man was depressed;
His sex life was over, he guessed.
Then two girls in their teens,
Made him cream in his jeans,
As he fondled each tender young breast.
--- John Miller

My knockers are up on my chest,
Which good Mother Nature has blessed.
My boy friends can steal,
A slow or quick feel,
Which I think is all for the best.
--- Anon

On the pavement, all warm and bituminous,
The sunset we watched was so luminous;
Then I slid both my hands
Round her mammary glands,
And I found them quite round and voluminous.
--- Cap'n Bean

A beautiful woman named Joan,
When Billy-Bob got her alone,
He deftly caressed
Her voluptuous breasts,
And her nipples grew hard as a stone.
--- Cap'n Bean P0209

Ain't nothin' like wall-to-wall tits
To give me the blues-kickin' fits.
I'll lick 'em an flick 'em
And come-sticky-dick 'em.
Without 'em I'm lame, I admits.
--- Anon

Lothario might take a week
To give you the answers you seek.
So while you are tarrying,
Excuse me for harrying
Your boobies, but I want a peek.
--- Travis Brasell

There was a young girl oriental,
Whose strength lay in matters non-mental.
When her boyfriend said, "Kit,
Would you like a tidbit?"
"No, I like men who are gentle."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0567

Beware of young Septimus Sands;
He's the guy with the wandering hands,
Which are frequently found
Groping around
Convenient mammary glands.
--- Michael Horgan

Sometimes in good old Britty,
You can get a bit of titty.
You must wine and dine
With compliments fine,
Before you get your bitty.
--- Anon

We could have a bosom contest
With Peter as judge to attest
The size and the feel
(Silicone or real)
To determine just who is more blessed.
--- Joy Clare

Silicone implants are just
Not a natural part of the bust.
So I hope you're endowed
With what nature allowed;
You've made no enhancement, I trust.
--- Peter Wilkins

If so, I'll be willing to play
With your titties for most of the day.
I have often expressed
An obsession with breast,
So you know that my judgment's okay.
--- Peter Wilkins

I'll test them for size and refinement,
Of shapely design and alignment.
And just as important
Is nipple deportment.
I think I'll enjoy this assignment.
--- Peter Wilkins

Now let me massage your shoulders,
Now let me loosen the holders
Of those mammary glands.
(Oh, you've caught these wild hands
Testing the size of your boulders.)
--- Archie

I'm sorry I rushed things so fast,
But now that milestone is passed.
Can we move on quickly?
I'm feeling quite sickly.
The heft of your bust is a blast!
--- Archie

Before we are wed, ask my Mooter.
If she disagrees, don't dispute her.
I think she'll agree,
My sweet chickadee,
In the meantime, let go of my hooter!"
--- Al Willis P9707

"If a 'no' is said by your Mooter,
And I have no way to refute her,
I'll have no one to please
And nothing to squeeze,
So I think I'll hang on to this hooter.
--- Al Willis P9707

What's that? A knock I hear?
Through the peephole I did leer.
With a devilish grin,
I let her come in,
'Cause my hormones were in a high gear.
--- Anon

She is such a pretty and sexy lass
That I gave her some wine in a glass;
It wasn't until
She had her fill,
That she would let me make a pass.
--- Anon

I asked her name. She said Helen,
And I do not go out with felons!
If you do the crime,
You'll do the time!
Baby, I just wanted to fondle your melons.
--- Anon

At that she huffed and walked away
Turned around and had this to say
You're pretty clever
But I will not ever
Let your hands in my shirt to play!
--- Anon

I'm caught in a blizzard of tits!
They're in and they're out of my mitts...
I'm longing for bliss,
But I can't plant a kiss
On a nipple that's having these fits.
--- Tutta Gioia

I stopped all the swinging about,
So my tits need no longer be out
Of your gentle grasp.
You're making me gasp...
Now you're making me shout!
--- Karen

To gaze at your breast would be heaven,
And the hours to caress -- more than seven.
Of their size, I've no doubt,
But you must let them out,
Then between them I'll put my eleven.
--- Anon

But wouldn't you rather, my dear,
Instead of a wink and a leer,
Come here on the bed
And feel them instead?
Just wait until he isn't here!
--- Anon

Erogenous pips or well grown,
I love to poke nips with my bone.
And as for this chap,
He won't need a map.
I'm sure he will locate the zone.
--- Anon

A's are too small for a squeeze;
I like handfuls of B's and of C's.
But for ultimate bliss
I go visit my sis
And I suck on her 38D's.
--- Anon

To bosoms we offer our praise;
At their roundness we happily gaze;
Their bounce is so fine
And their feel is divine;
I can bond with those suckers for days.
--- Cap'n Bean P0512Q

"Here's a tip for the smart newly-wed,"
The voice on the radio said.
"To retain your mate's favor,
Let him savor the flavor,
Of Mrs. Baird's famed breast in bed."
--- Laurence Perrine P9410

To men traveling down in the South,
Of women you'll find there's no drouth.
But it's best to be wary,
For there are some contrary,
And you might get a bust in the mouth.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2314