Said the groom, "Please believe me my dear,
You have nothing whatever to fear!"
But his bride sadly said,
"It's the nothing I dread
That you'll see when I doff my brassiere!"
--- Goldie Tusselman P8302

"No matter," said Aunt Mary Jo,
"If you've no chest attractive to show.
Just puff up your vest
And you'll look your cute best,
And haul in the boys with the dough."
--- Mike O'Conner

No need to be rude 'cause you're rusty
At dealing with gal's who ain't lusty.
My feelings are hurt --
I know you won't flirt
With me just because I'm not busty.
--- Anon

Do not fret since you're small in such haste,
To think less of yourself is bad taste,
When it comes to your bust,
In this put your trust,
Anymore than a mouthful's a waste!
--- Anon

On the breast size, attention's misplaced;
It's all, friend, a matter of taste;
More than one, less than three;
Side-by-side, hanging free;
But all of it, please, 'bove the waist!
--- Anon

There are breasts of a size to be propped,
Some so large that my eyes indeed popped,
But in time they will drag,
'Neath the waist they will sag,
Like two melons that must have been dropped.
--- Anon

A flat female, baring her chest,
Confessed disdain for the usual test.
"No natural selection
By the size of erection,
For the biggest ain't always the best."
--- Kathleen Martin P8809a

Wailed Van der Rohe's daughter, Ms. Mitty,
"Regard the small size of this titty;
And what of it's mate,
In no better state? --
Dad, less isn't more, more's the pity!"
--- Armand E Singer 738

His lover had very small breasts,
And in spite of her tepid requests,
He started in feasting
On her lovely bee-stings,
And she made some lusty requests.
--- Al Willis T9710

Her hair was her joy and her pride,
And her beauty could not be denied.
But her breasts were so small,
They became her downfall.
They resembled a pair of eggs, fried.
--- Al Willis

On her wedding night, said a young bride,
"My appearance was not bona fide.
Though I tried to augment
This most special event,
I regret that my living bra died!"

(probably of starvation - McW)
--- Observer TP9901

In the quaint little town of Biarritz
Lives a girl with two very small tits.
I don't think I'd mind them
If once I could find them.
Why, once I mistook them for zits.
--- Al Willis a

Those implants just don't look the same,
As any real natural dame.
And now Erm is slimming,
Her bra isn't brimming
With flesh, it's a criminal shame.
--- Tiddy Ogg

There once was a woman named Nor,
Whose chest was as flat as the floor.
It is sad to be said
That in dark, in the bed,
Men sucked on her shoulder blades more.
--- Lims For Year - 01

Obviously I have good taste,
And I do not speak in haste.
Whilst handling tit,
In hands they must fit,
'Cause more than a mouthful's a waste.
--- Jayne

My friends are all hooting and mocking
My choice of young girls for defrocking.
They all have small tits,
But I think that it's
All the same, when your bed starts rocking.
--- David Miller

I guess we have similar taste;
I also would never make haste
To get up and flee
A girl with mere "B",
'Cause more than a mouthful's a waste.
--- David Miller

My membrum virile's too minute
For a woman's cunt, shaved or hirsute;
And I can attest
That big breasts are best
As a soapy-tit-wank substitute.
--- Jester Jon

The flat-chested girl felt so rotten,
After a date she finally had gotten.
But God's oversight
Served the bastard right,
When he'd gotten a mouthful of cotton!
--- Laurence Craft

Tired of A-cups, poor Shirley U. Geste
Sought to purchase a burly new chest.
Well her doctor threw fits:
"What, me transplant tits?
Oh Shirley, but surely you jest!"
--- Norm Storer

There was a young lady named March
Whose mien was exceedingly arch,
But her breastwork dimensions
Would be helped by attentions
From either brassiere or some starch.
--- Cliff Rather P9009a

The con man who'd never INGRATIATE,
With models young and emaciate,
Can never be happy,
As was his dear pappy,
For their mammae never satiate.
--- Daniel Ford

There once was a girl from St. Paul,
Whose breasts were so firm and so small,
Hubby said "My dear,
Please burn your brassiere;
It's performing no function at all."
--- Isaac Asimov

A limerick point can be smart
In describing the cle(a)verest art,
When there isn't a vestige
Of feminine breastage
On the girls who parade in the mart.
--- Arthur Deex P8311

A flat-chested tart from Vancouver
Took silicone shots to improve her.
But alas the effects
Were concave, not convex,
Which utterly spoilt her whore d'oeuvre.
--- Hugh Oliver 105a

A proud mother, whose name was Hermione,
Had her hopes all glistening and shione,
That her daughter, young Erica,
Would become Miss America;
But alas, the girl's breasts were too tione.
--- Isaac Asimov

A flat-chested girl of Noorat
Loved a sensual fellow named Tat.
Friends said, "This affair
Won't get anywhere--
She hasn't enough tit for Tat."
--- Robust Ribald Rude P9703

Anorexic in lingerie, Kay
Would languidly lounge through the day,
Bemusing her suitors
With glimpses of hooters,
That measured no more than an "A".
--- Norm Storer

The rhymes, dear, you won't find in books,
But in the back of your head where it cooks.
So take off your sweater
'Cause I've got a better
Surprise that is "harder than it looks."
--- Anon

A crazy young student named Pitts
Went all over school popping zits.
They put him away
One Friday last May,
For popping a cheerleader's tits.
--- David Miller

"Oh, Darling, you have such warm hands."
"Yeah. Where are your mammary glands?
Good grief, you're flat-chested!
I thought you were breasted.
Your bras are made of rubber bands!"
--- Marlene Lewis

A deluded young man of Trieste
Was impressed by his ladyfriend's breast.
But he soon was distressed
And he lost all his zest;
She came out second best when undressed.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0361

It's easy to be full of glee
When your bra is a 42-D.
But the gal worthwhile
Is the gal who can smile
With bosoms the size of a pea.
--- Larry Wilde P8909

This is file ptm

A lass named Veronica Mapes,
Sported mammae the size of small grapes.
She started to scratch 'em,
In an effort to hatch 'em,
Till all that remained were the scrapes.
--- G0398

So much for that "Size doesn't matter,"
And all of that "Small is cute" chatter.
Who wants them great big?
Some guy who's a pig
And who never would flatter flatter.
--- Marlene Lewis

A surfer who scores on St. Kitts,
Refuses to ski St. Moritz,
Claiming babes on the beaches
Have perkies like peaches,
While the tiny Swiss nubbies St. Tits.
--- Travis Brasell

"When breasts are," said Dr St. Pellans,
Enlarged to the size of St. Helens
Big peaks, just for show,
Let everyone know
Those mountains from molehills St. Melons
--- Travis Brasell

There once was a fellow named Blatt
Whose girlfriend was built rather flat.
But I've heard that he'll say
To his friends any day,
"I'm glad to exchange teat for twat."
--- G0259

Fair Jennifer's hair is beyond compare;
Her eyes are bright and shiny.
Her lips are divine,
In fact, she'd be fine
If only her tits weren't so tiny!
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A flat-chested girl was denied
Entree to a nudist camp pride.
After being so bold
To bare breasts, she was told
That hers was a tit to be fied.
--- Bob Giandomenico P9410

A lass with small breasts wished to raise them,
For when guys saw their size, it would faze them.
Till a lad, Mark by name,
Said he swore that he came
Not to seize her berries, but to praise them!
--- Stargazer

A skinny young lass on a whim
One morning went topless to swim.
The men she'd have wowed
Thought her underendowed,
And many took her for a him.
--- Pedro J Saavedra P8210 A

Said a girl who bought things at Gimbels,
"Men all think of sex and sex symbols.
And they just feel disgust
For my tiny, wee bust--
For brassieres, all I use are two thimbles."
--- Grand Prix Lim 522 G0342

Young Kate from the village of Totham
Has far less up top than at bottom;
In fact so much less
That it's anyone's guess
As to whether she's got 'em or not'm.
--- Anon

A bee sting, a blister, a bite.
Over anything which seems it might
Swell up quite a bit,
She thinks is a tit
And staples a bra at that site.
--- Anon

An unfortunate woman from Bramalea,
Was flat where she should have been mammally.
She shared her stuffed bras
With her sisters, because
This attribute ran in her family.
--- Alex Heydon P0506

A man there was from Kansas City,
Who dreamed all his life of big titty.
He drooled with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
And played with his wife's itty bitty.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was a young girl named Dinwiddie,
With a brace of voluptuous titty.
But the boys squeezed them so,
That they hung down below,
And one drooped behind and got shitty.
--- L1157

"Now Johnny," said dad, "Mrs Beecham
Has lessons you'll love -- she can teach 'em.
Besides the old bag
Has big boobs that sag;
The short boys in class call all reach 'em.
--- Travis Brasell

Now Ermintrude's real well endowed,
Of tits, and is suitably proud.
Of this recreation.
I've tried emulation,
But failed, and I don't know how'd...
--- Anon

...He do it, she must have been slack,
Her bosom just two empty sacks.
To stuff her old dugs
In each of his lugs;
Of substance there must be a lack.
--- Anon

There once was a whore of Belize,
Whose tits carried down to her knees.
While showing her pair,
Saying, "They pay to stare,
For not a man can handle these."
--- Phil T

"No marriage!" they said, "It's the pits!
Our commitment's as firm as it gits!"
But it sagged as time passed
When his flag flew half-mast,
And she sported now-navel-length tits!
--- Ann Gasser P8711a

Enormous Joanne was a whore,
Whose breasts reached right down to the floor.
So she pushed them along,
For her back, it was strong;
But bejaysis her nipples were sore.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a young girl called Kate,
Who was shy and demure, but looked great!
But when she was older,
And randy, and bolder,
Her tits had begun to migrate.
--- Loz

A ripening lady named Grace,
Had methods to hide aging pace.
Her system was flawless;
She always went bra-less
To smooth the age lines in her face.
--- Observer

Reminds me of Jane, growing older,
Whose methods were, I think, even bolder.
She shouted "Hurrah!
Tossed over her bra,
And threw her tits over her shoulder.
--- John Miller

Old Buford, observing that sight,
And trying to be quite polite,
Then stated to Jane,
"No need to explain.
I know it's real windy tonight!"
--- Observer

There was an old lady of Clapham
Who oft took her tits out to flap 'em,
And cool herself off;
But should anyone scoff,
Then she'd use 'em, quite rightly, to slap 'em.
--- Anon

When younger, that lady would tease
The boys with her 44d's.
But as she got older
They drooped from her shoulder,
And now they are down by her knees
--- Anon

She never shows any compunction
For havoc caused 'round Clapham Junction.
The railway men say
It's her mammary sway
That causes the trains to malfunction.
--- Anon

A loathsome young lass named Nelly,
Had teats that would wobble like jelly.
They could tickle her twat,
Or be tied in a knot,
And could even swat flies on her belly.
--- L1498

A cute go-go dancer named Kit
Grew a tooth on the front of one tit!
A swinger named Jack
Said he planned an attack.
Kit said, "Jack, if you do, you'll get bit!"
--- Don Tidwell

Have you heard of the buxom Miss Keyes,
Who was proud of her tits, if you please?
Not to seem arbitrary,
But they weren't ordinary,
For they hung all the way to her knees.
--- Al Chaplin P0310

Big-busted Amelia Shawm
Went bra-less, though ample of form.
But as Amy aged,
Her bosom, uncaged,
Went south, now they keep her knees warm.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Every time Lady Lowbodice swoons,
Her bubbies pop out like balloons;
But her butler, the cad,
A most forward lad,
Grabs 'em and plays "Kiss the prunes.".
--- Arthur Deex P0001

Her titties were double DD's.
In her bra-burning days of ease.
Now when she walks,
Her lumbar joint balks,
And her tits interfere with her knees.
--- MrMalo