When Nursing, no mother should spare
To breast-feed her baby with care;
Squeeze nipples real tight,
Shake with all your might,
Then let go to let out the air.
--- Travis Brasell

Young Mary and those of her ilk,
Are blessed with smooth bosoms of silk,
For licking and sucking
And even tit fucking,
So baby has cream with his milk!
--- Archie

A midwife-cum-hooker named Hample,
Whose breast milk was overly ample,
When queried politely,
Replied almost nightly,
"From one or both boobs take a sample."
--- Armand E Singer 670

I had Anne Marie in my crib
When her mother chanced by and turned glib:
"This sight makes me sick!
There'll not be one lick
Till I properly fasten your bib!"
--- John Miller

To fasten the bib she stooped down,
And falling out of her night gown
Were breasts so divine,
You couldn't decline
A lick 'fore she made you leave town.
--- Randog

I guess I can say for that age,
Firm nipples were always the rage.
But I must admit,
That nursing a tit
Was all I could hack at that stage.
--- John Miller

When I grabbed a boob smooth as silk,
It was only, no doubt, for the milk.
It was a good week
Before I would seek
Greater joys from this gal and her ilk.
--- John Miller

It is noted in girls who've been breeding,
Who partake in the art of breastfeeding,
Are truly the best,
In the game of big chest,
They're a handy bookstand when you're reading!
--- Anon

There was a young lady named Bragg,
Who nursed with her breasts that did sag.
She left baby alone
And she ran to the phone,
And thus left him holding the bag.
--- Albin Chaplin

There was a young girl who begat,
Three babies named Nat, Tat, and Pat.
It was fun in the breeding,
But hell in the feeding;
She found there was no teat for Tat.
--- L0913

The mammary glands at their best
Do more than adorn a girl's chest:
They nourish the children
And (somewhat bewilderin')
Help keep the kids' dad in the nest.
--- Norm Storer

I can't, I no longer give milk,
I'm no longer one of that ilk.
I nursed babies three
And between you and me,
That tit cream I used was like silk.
--- Anon

I remember when I was still nursin',
I spent most of my days sadly cursin'.
For when I bent down low,
From both nipples did flow
Sticky mother's milk, I was dispersin'.
--- Anon

My husband enjoyed it, though, see,
The way my milk flowed out so free.
He nibbled and suckled
Each time that we coupled,
And sometimes used it in his coffee.
--- Anon

Breast-fed babies are hearty and hale.
But this process is strange to the male.
What tells babies to tipple --
Those bumps 'round the nipple
Reading, "Suck her when thirsty", in Braille?
--- H Myers TP9804

A certain young pervert named Whit
Said, "Nothing's like milk from a tit;
It tastes kind of spoiled,
As if it's been boiled,
But think of the source and the fit."
--- Armand E Singer 668

There was a young lady of Spuzzum,
Who harbored two snakes in her bosom.
She explained, "It's my fate
That I overlactate --
So I just drop them in and they does 'em.
--- Keith MacMillan 104c

A lovely Bronx waitress named Mandy
Had a pair that was really a dandy.
She would give the right one
To her new baby son,
And the left to whoever was handy.
--- Larry Wilde

A wet-nurse of Portage la Prairie
Has a bosom both massive and hairy.
Nonetheless, since eighteen,
She's provided a clean
And productive and portable dairy.
--- Keith MacMillan 80c

From mothers we fixated so,
Though they merely fed us to grow.
We just can't give up,
Both in and out cup;
Breasts provide us pleasure, you know.
--- Chris Papa

I once knew a girl who had zilch;
She lived on the stuff she could filch;
Then pregnant she got,
Her tits grew a lot,
So she bottled and sold all her milch.
--- Anon

Since the mother of stubborn twin sons,
Finds the prospect of weaning them stuns,
It remains to be seen
If the two boys will wean,
Or continue to stick to their guns.
--- Jerry Nordal P0310

To think of it does make me shudder,
That scientists feel they must putter,
Around with a tube
And some hoses like Rube
Goldberg, just to suck on an udder.
--- Marshall O'Levin

The latest device for the farm
Is a sucker attached to an arm.
But if you get randy,
Don't stick in your Jim Dandy.
Believe me, it causes great harm.
--- Marshall O'Levin

Are those bountiful mammaries real?
They provide ten sextuplets a meal.
Just one nipple's a sin
And a gross waste of skin--
Udder waste--all the dairymen feel.
--- Poet Lariat T9707

There was a young man of Racine,
Who was weaned at the age of sixteen.
He said, "I'll admit
There's no milk in the teat,
But think of the fun it has been!"
--- L1520

I think one day I'd like to go,
To mountain tops covered with snow.
To solve this omission,
A substitute vision:
Whipped cream on the nipples of Flo.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The teenager Britney Spears,
Has been augmented, so it appears.
She grew quite a lot,
And all in one shot,
And all in one spot -- her brassiere!
--- Tom Myers

This beautiful harlot from Lubies,
Won fame for possessing two rubies.
It's not big red stones
That makes her so known,
It's the nipples on mountainous boobies!
--- Laurence Craft

They say, "More than a mouthful's a waste";
"Need's only be big enough to taste";
Well for this I'm in luck
For I've not much suck,
But the cream is as thick as toothpaste
--- Anon

The daughter of Ms. Zazu Pitts
Was blessed with the largest of tits.
She'd inflate them nightly
Each time larger slightly.
Now her parts are bigger than bits.
--- Tom Patton P0112

Our topless bartender, Miss West,
Serves mixed drinks direct from the breast:
The right tit yields cherry,
The left one strawberry,
And there's Moxie, by special request.
--- G0485

It appears with the right medication
Plus massage, exercise, dedication,
I'll provide quite a shock,
When men glimpse down my frock,
For my breasts will succumb to inflation.
--- Anon

This is file pdm

A beautiful girl is Ms. Kitz
And everyone loves her nice tits.
They're beauties, it's true,
Expensive ones, too...
She bought them at Charles of the Ritz.
--- Michael Polo P8604a

It takes not a voyeur's CLAIRVOYANCE
To discern some women's flamboyance.
The decolletage flirts
From plastic inserts,
That in the pool give the pair buoyanace.
--- Daniel Ford

There was a young lady from Crewe;
Had marvelous tits of bright blue...
She loved to display them.
Quite often she'd weigh them...
And wore a tight blouse you'd see through.
--- Ogni Gioia

There was Sonia, a very slow learner,
And Shirley, a common wage earner.
But you might have guessed,
That the girl I liked best
Was Terry, a buxom bra-burner.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A woman viewed with dejection
Her grocer's chicken selection.
She thought them too skimpy,
Tiny and wimpy,
And requested some sized to perfection.
--- Res Ipsa

The grocer said he'd prepare more,
While she shopped for her foodstuffs galore.
On the P.A. to his guests,
"The woman wanting bigger breasts,
Come and meet me in back of the store."
--- Res Ipsa

The lake water shimmers and ripples;
It's so cold that some muscles it cripples.
Coeds scream with delight
When they plunge in at night,
And the guys ogle prominent nipples
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0508

Poor flat Lynnie the lottery won,
So she pumped up her tits just for fun.
And now, two weeks post-op,
She's enormous up top;
And at long last, her cups over-run.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A gal with Dow-Corning implants
Said, "They sure enhance customers' pants,
But I needed a pair
For the pair I had there
Were concave and stayed still when I'd dance.
--- Arthur Deex P9801

'Tis a far better thing, and they're pretties,
Dow ad copy said, sent to cities,
You buy one, you get two,
As a woman, you're new.
Just this month we've a sale of two titties.
--- Anon

Weekends are the times that I pop
Quite frequently into the shop
That's closest to me,
For a peek at Marie
In her skimpy and eye-popping top.
--- Peter Wilkins

It's not that I'm aiming to see
Much more of the lovely Marie;
It is just the defiance
Of physical science
That's hugely intriguing to me.
--- Peter Wilkins

Defiance of science? Why yes;
I'm trying to figure the stress
That's caused by her bust
And her nipples when thrust
Into such a diminutive dress.
--- Peter Wilkins

Great engineers figured the stresses
Involved in the making of dresses,
To give such enclosure.
But hands-on exposure
Resulted in much sticky messes.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The woman gave her doc a request
To enlarge the size of her breast.
With the increase in size,
She could capitalize
And have fun in a life with more zest.
--- Edwin J Weinstein

Getting older is mostly the pits,
But I have to acknowledge that it's
Not as bad as I'd worried,
Since life is less hurried
And I finally have my own tits!
--- Hugh Clary

There was an old actress named Madden
Whose boobs were fleshed out with foam paddin';
This mild subterfuge,
Which made them look huge,
Caused hearts in her fan clubs to gladden.
--- Armand E Singer 831

Accountants most always imply
That figures do not ever lie,
But if a girl' bust
Does not inspire lust,
Mr. Fredericks can sure amplify.

(Fredericks of Hollywood)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There's a woebegone starlet named Saxe
Who told mother she'd just got the axe,
"I'm a failure at cinema
For they claim I'm too skinny, ma --
Though I've pumped both my boobs full of wax."
--- Armand E Singer 733

There was a young lady, flat-chested,
Who thought her physique was detested.
So she saved a few bits,
And bought some new tits,
And for showing them off, got arrested.
--- WhlCat

A young girl, through her exercises,
Increased her breasts nearly twelve sizes.
At the start they were small,
Hardly bulges at all,
But now they're so huge they win prizes.
--- Anon

A buxom young woman named Bess
Wins board games from scrabble to chess;
She confuses her foe
By appearing to grow
Her tits, till they burst under stress!
--- Mark Levy P9511

Are those bountiful mammaries real?
He asked with unusual zeal.
His dick started to rise
But then got the surprise;
When he felt them, they're harder than steel!
--- Doug from Upland T9707

Big tits and small tits I've sucked;
And all sizes of nipples I've plucked.
Can't say size is a measure
To give maximum pleasure;
It's the way how the bearer had fucked.
--- Anon

Now my ears keep warm on the whole;
We make love to wild rock 'n' roll;
I twist her left nipple
And decibels triple!
'Cause it's now the volume control.
--- Q

There was a young dancer from France,
Who had her small boobies enhanced,
And now when she shakes,
Her boobies do quake,
Which causes the young men to pant.

She kept her boobs stored in the fridge,
Which frequently gave her a twidge
Of code in her dose,
And chills head to toes,
When she wore them out to play bridge.
--- Anon

Pneumatic drill in his hand,
Paddy came right to a stand,
At the sight of his Kate
With her oddly vibrat-
ing left mammammammamary gland.
--- Peter Wilkins a

There was a young lady named Schmitz,
Who wanted to augment her tits.
Her boobs were so loaded,
The left one exploded;
The right one pops out when she sits.
--- Popsicle TP9807

I don't mean to be bombasty,
To most men I stand contrasty.
D. Parton's conely
Appeals to me only
With reduction mammoplasty.
--- Daniel Ford

Beware of the man-eating mams --
You're taking your life in your hands.
That echoing cleave-
Age still grip and then heave,
And pull you clean out of your jams.
--- Lucy

You'll end up a tragical stat --
Missing, thought dead, and that's that.
Your pic on milk carton
Just 'cause of a hard-on;
Up-chewed, you poor thing, and out-spat.
--- Lucy

Once said a young fellow named Bill,
Who took daily the birth control pill.
It's all covered, man,
With my medical plan,
And I've grown tits to play with at will.
--- Phil T

The lady wore under her dress,
A tupperware bra on her chest.
It didn't fit great
Or lift and separate,
But it kept what she had, nice and fresh.
--- VOL 7 a