A British man's knees turned to jelly
When he looked beneath a stud's belly.
A camera within
Recorded his sin;
The event was seen worldwide on telly.
--- Actaeon

That thing you see smiling at you,
And that you're attempting to woo,
Is the end of a horse.
You could do it, of course,
But it's shameless self-love if you do.
--- Jim Weaver Collection a

Confession is good for the soul,
So, therefore, I'm telling this whole
Damn group that my mare,
Expressed not a care,
This morning when I fucked her foal.
--- Travis Brasell

I stood in a warm summer rain
And held to my horse's long mane;
I stepped around back
And poked her wet crack,
She only flinched twice from the pain.
--- Anon

There was a bold woman calle Bell
Who got on with horses quite well.
Her charms were well known
Though she still lives alone,
On account of her strong horsey smell.
--- Chris Young

An estrous mare winked at a stud,
But he proved to be more than a dud.
Though she was in heat,
The horse held his meat,
So she ended up sipping his bud.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Well Countrygirl, if you are able,
Just make your way down to the stable,
Where this handsome roan
Will soon make you moan,
By slipping you plenty of cable.
--- Anon

But during this meeting of lips
The female's all scrotum and hips.
To stay there at length
Requires great strength,
And trusting in god when she rips.
--- Anon

A man in Southeast Arizona
Had a ranch, and a mare he'd named Mona.
When breeding time neared,
He stood to her rear,
And served as official sperm donor.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A beastialist out on a mission;
Horse sex! That was his ambition.
He lifted her tail
She kicked! He did sail.
And now he's in stable condition.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I can see why my kid brother Billy
Is driving his new girlfriend silly.
The randy rapscallion
Is hung like a stallion,
And she has a cunt like a filly.
--- Michael Horgan

A mare, when she comes into heat,
Has a vulva which tastes, oh so sweet.
A stallion, likewise,
Elicits great sighs,
At the delectable taste of his meat.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When plowing a mare there's a trick:
Weight down her hind hooves with a brick,
Or else your damn nuts
Will dance with your guts,
While you sing soprano real quick!
--- Anon

The trouble with boffing a horse
Is public opinion. Of course,
I don't think it's wise
To award him a prize
'Less we're sure that he didn't use force.
--- John Miller

The method of boffing a nag
Is fitting a trusty nosebag.
'Cause muffled with hay,
You can't hear a neigh,
No matter how savage the shag.
--- John Miller

'Twas not sex with a horse that was wrong;
His performance was just not that strong.
He was young, he was rude,
And his ineptitude
Showed the boss that he didn't belong.
--- John Miller

This young man needs help, so you say?
Let's rush to his aid, right away!
We mustn't falter,
You grab her halter,
I'll calm her down with some hay.
--- John Miller

This lad's not long from his mother.
The stable wants to hire another;
Someone with more skill,
And someone who will
Know one end of the horse from the other.
--- David Miller

Fat Brits whip them over hill and dale;
The French will eat all 'cept the tail;
And vets on stud farm
Can insert a whole arm!
But don't boff a horse or it's jail!
--- David Miller

'Tis said the Lone Ranger would screw
Old cowpokes and horse 'Silver' too;
And I'm sure Mr Ed
Took Wilbur to bed,
Before being made into glue.
--- John Miller

At the site, you will just get the story;
No action, just stills of the quarry.
If he'd been any good,
I'd think that they would
Show a real human stud in his glory.
--- John Miller

Makes me think of the flea, clearly queer,
Who mounted an elephant's rear.
Before the third stroke,
He urgently spoke:
"I hope I'm not hurting you, dear!"
--- John Miller

A zoo's habits oft interfere
With his carefully-chosen career.
The horse inseminator
May sneak samples later,
Thinning sperm counts, whenever he's near.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

When a non-estrus mare showed resistance,
Two frustrated studs pumped like pistons.
They swelled up and blew;
Their semen fair flew
And moistened her lips from a distance.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I hate to fire women, of course;
It gives me a state of remorse.
But she, in the nude,
Today acted rude,
When she saddled up under the horse!
--- Travis Brasell

"Your horse seems a little bit hobbly,"
Said Malcolm, the good village cobbly;
"But it's not his shoes,"
Said owner Hung Loos,
He's hobbly from screwing with Wobbly!"
--- Anon

I bred a young filly called Della;
A spirited Arab so bella...
Riding that horse
Caused my divorce;
I could come with that mare, a capella!
--- Ogni Gioia

A bigot, she was not too wise
Was seized by a Arab stud's thighs.
She confessed he was better
Than the men who had wet her,
To say naught of the difference in size.
--- Actaeon

A zoo with a job at Budweiser
Worked the stables, which proved quite a riser.
He loved giving head
To the horses he fed,
For a Clydesdale spews forth like a geyser.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A man bought a cute Falabella
And took the small horse to his cella.
The horse loved fellatio
On a 1:1 ratio,
Which pleased both the horse and the fella.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A girl had the sudden desire
To make loved to a big handsome Shire.
He put it in hard
And she flew 'cross the yard
From the force of the semen he fired.
--- Actaeon

A horse-loving lady from Baltimore
Brought into her house the stud Man-O-War.
She lifted her skirt
And started to flirt.
He fill the great hall of her corridor.
--- Actaeon

A zebra, aroused by the wipes
Of a woman massaging his pipes,
Was up to the task
Before she had asked,
And showed the girl more than his stripes.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

This is file nvk

Concupiscent young Miss McGarrity
Finds men who can please her a rarity.
So she uses bologna
And a small Shetland pony,
Both of which get her off with celerity.
--- Grand Prix Lim 706 G1274

She honored the onager's offer,
To use his large sex tool to boff her.
His urges were strong
And all night long,
Yes, it was onager, off her.
--- Anon

I once knew a girl from Madras
With a sexy voluptuous ass.
I fondled her rear
And her crack, but I fear
She preferred it with asses, alas.
--- Claire

There was a young girl named Lenore,
Who liked to be screwed by a boar.
They brought her battalions
Of Percheron stallions,
But she always hollered for more.
--- G1271

The Percheron stud bobbed his dick
At the sight of the mares he could stick.
He rubbed on his belly
Till he spilt all his jelly
And he came 'til he made himself sick.
--- Actaeon

His wife caught him at it, aghast!
In the donkey, his penis pumped fast.
Said she, "You're deranged!"
Replied he, "It's not strange.
I just needed a nice piece of ass."
--- Actaeon

A math-loving fool, a Parisian,
Fell in love with a stallion, a Friesian.
He'd measure the size
Of what hung 'twixt his thighs,
And plot all his curves in Cartesian.
--- Actaeon

Our donkey, while standing at stud,
Got caught in some Arkansas mud.
We think we see traces
In very high places
Of this very proud creature's fine blood.
--- John Miller

A girl had a sudden desire
To make love to a big handsome Shire.
He put it in hard
And she sailed 'cross the yard,
On the force of the semen he fired.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The minature stallion looked up
At the shire he'd been asked to tup.
He made the mare gladder
With the help of a ladder.
When it fell, he was stuck till sunup.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Tabby, whose really a talker,
Spent the night with a Tennesse Walker.
His smooth roling gait
Made a wonderful date.
And the horse rode on top -- that's the shocker!
--- Actaeon

She awoke with a donkey pressed near,
Said, "Damn! Too much party, I fear!
God I must have been tight!"
Said the donkey, "That's right,
But only the first time, my dear!"
--- John Miller 0083 A

In a stable, an amorous Prussian
Ended up with a painful concussion,
When he swallowed the seed
Of a Trakehner steed,
And was stunned by the force of the gushin'.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

His action had harsh repercussions:
He became the farm's major discussion.
He was taunted and teased,
But was secretly pleased,
For the stallion himself was still blushin'.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

He knew that with fate he was brushin',
But the ardor within him was crushin'.
So he went to the mares,
And showed them his wares,
And entered with rapid percussion.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The farmhands, their voices all hushin',
Said, "The time's come to send the man flushin'.
He was sent to the front,
Where the lad bore the brunt
Of the horses who spoke fluent Russian.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A lady philologist (Libra),
Was raped by an oversexed zebra.
She cried out in anguish,
In every known languish,
Including Swahili and Hebra.
--- G2490

"I've got problems, my friends, I've got bevies!"
The zebra mare sighed, her heart heavy.
"I just had a spree
With a sports referee,
But he told me that he was a Grevy's!"
--- Actaeon A

George has the direst of need
For zebra and such, but not steed.
It's got to be wild
And not yet defiled
By Scottish pricks and cattle feed.
--- H Welchel a

One ought not to express remorse
At having had sex with a horse.
They don't smell as bad
As some women I've had,
But they are a bit looser, of course.
--- MrMalo

A zoophile born under Cancer,
Joined up as a cavalry lancer,
But he died of despair,
When his favorite mare,
Was replaced by a motorized panzer.
--- G2487

I hope that folks want think I'm silly,
For eating, last night, some hot chili,
And Mexican cornbread.
And on this cold morn bred
A beautiful, feisty young filly.
--- Anon

A mare-lover started by soapin' her,
And once she was clean, began gropin' her.
With slow even strokes
And occasional pokes,
He learned what was needed to open her.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Old Jake, by the lake, sits and stares
At geese swimming gently in pairs,
And then has the thought:
I'll do as I ought...
Go home...Give a goose to my mares.
--- Travis Brasell

When boffing my mare in the rain
I always grab hold of her mane,
To keep her from slipping
And me from near ripping
Her twat -- since she can't stand the pain.
--- Anon

There once was a man from Gwinette
Who had a fine mare for a pet.
He loved her each day
In a zoophile way,
And went home with underwear wet.
--- Toccatta

A mare showed her slot to her trainer
And winked it so he'd entertain her.
He loved his big student
As much as was prudent
And asked at school's end to retain her.
--- Actaeon

With his shoes some two feet off the ground,
The farmhand one morning was found,
With his prick, to the belly
In the ass of old Nelly,
But he said, "I'm just horsing around."
--- G1249

A crusty, tough cowboy named Mills
Each day took his mare to the hills,
And on a high summit,
Mill's prodder would plummet
Into his mares twat for some thrills.
--- Anon

Then one day Mill's mare had enough,
She thought he was being too rough;
When he went to mount 'er
He met with encounter;
She kicked him clean off the high bluff!
--- Anon

Now, cowboys, this truth can be found
In Mill's tale, and by it you're bound:
There's always a bluff
When cowboys act tough:
Don't get your kicks horsin' around!
--- Anon

True, Mills was quite hurt by the kick.
But fate was much worse for his dick:
While his pleasure was beasty,
The horse was quite yeasty.
Now Mills has an infected prick!
--- Anon

A mule-skinning logger named Billy
Always acted a little bit silly.
I just ain't too sure
All his actions are pure,
Since he's started to eye-up a filly.
--- Frank Ward P9310

The filly was winking her slot
And squatting and peeing a lot.
The ranchhands took turns
Plying her stern
And she proved she was quite hot to trot.
--- Actaeon