Philadelphia: Man caught with a horse:
His wife quickly files for divorce.
He does not dispute
The grounds for her suit:
"Infidelity in filly," of course!
--- John Miller 0152

There was a horse fancier Adair;
His love with his horse he did share.
Now he wasn't a queer
As at first may appear,
For the horse that he loved was a mare.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1118

There was a young man of Adair,
Who thought he would diddle a mare.
He climbed up on a ladder
And jolly well had her,
With his backside a-wave in the air.
--- L0574

I used to think zoos were perverted
But was by a nice mare, converted.
Her smooth pussy walls
Drained both of my balls
And squeezed on my dick till it hurted.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The Algonquian Indian Sagamore
Grew old, yet remained a strict bachelor.
He was loved and respected;
They never suspected
The chief's favorite mare was his paramour.
--- Actaeon

A mare quite enjoyed being fingered,
And licked as a man cunniling'ed her.
He buried his face,
And got a good taste,
Of what makes a mare such a zinger.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

She answered to his beck and call;
When he mounted her she gave her all.
She did all that he asked;
In contentment he basked;
Then he led the mare back to her stall.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0209

It's bad to fall hard for a horse
(That matter of quick intercourse);
You would need a stepladder
To get close up and at her,
While shoving with all of your force.
--- Armand Singer

A young man in love with his horse
Found bestiality an irresistible force.
When asked "Do you care
If it's stallion or mare?"
Replied , "A mare - I'm not gay, of course!"
--- Anon

Tom, 'A' mare just ain't near as thrillin'
As two mares or three for my fillin';
I'll tell ya the truth,
When I was a youth,
Four fillies I'd do that were willin'.
--- Anon

When the crowd saw a fellow from Dilly
Compromised with a horse, he felt silly.
Lest the onlookers posit,
He was stuck in the closet,
He assured them, the horse was a filly.
--- Robert Elliot

Such passion! Such love for the horse
As to die for in hot intercourse.
But let's not get silly;
The horse was a filly;
This fellow was not queer, of course.

(man dies during sex with horse - supposed headline)
--- John Miller

The mare milked Joe's dick till it hurt,
Yet she wouldn't stop playing the flirt.
She pinned the man down,
Moved her horny ass 'round,
And got herself off on his shirt.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a man from Caerphilly
Who liked, in the barn, to get silly.
With horses and sheep
He uttered a peep,
But he yelled when it came to the filly.
--- Lims For Year - 01

Just go to your old horse's stall,
(Leave all the tack hung on the wall,)
Then lift up her tail,
And stand on a pail,
And go give that filly your all.
--- Anon

No WOWSER was our red neck Willie,
Though most thought his morals quite silly.
"No sex" he'd define
Not like yours and mine,
As healthy fine fun with a filly.
--- Chris Papa

A Muslim, just new to the force
Was caught making love to his horse.
"Don't think me a fool
For screwing my mule;
I'm horny, but not gay, of course."
--- Tom Allen

There's many a miner would bust a
Gut, as he seeks, for his lust, a
Mule for the trail,
Or a lift on the rail
To the whore-pits of Antofagusta.
--- Anon

The mule wanted love right away,
So he sniffed through a big bale of hay.
When he found an old ass,
He bent to his task,
Making the poor gardener bray.
--- Heather McCabe

There was an old hostler named Rains,
Possessed of more ballocks than brains.
He stood on a stool
To bugger a mule,
And got kicked in the balls for his pains.
--- L0633

A muscular Turk of Stamboul,
Tried to screw a recalcitrant mule.
He climbed on a haystack,
Overlooking a racetrack,
And dived in all covered with drool.
--- L1734

A man climbed a tall milking stool,
To ram his long horn in a mule.
But just as he started,
The animal farted
And blew all the gas up his tool.
--- G1331

There was a horse trader named Benny
Who traded his wife for a jenny,
That no louder did bray,
And she made a good lay,
And he claimed that she cost not a penny.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1121

A sturdy young fellow named Dwight
Was known for his sexual might.
Once, playing the fool,
He buggered a mule
And the ass kicked his ass. Served him right.
--- Limericks Naughty & Gay

Bestiality's the ultimate sleeze,
Making donkey's weak at the knees.
Is sicked and perverted;
My eyes are averted
To avoid seeing the mules that you please.
--- Anon

One time I was muffin' the Mule;
I'd heard they like plenty of tool.
I went in so deep,
My tool went to sleep;
Now I just use the tip, as a rule.
--- Anon

There is a lady who you'll
See sucking the tool of a mule.
When the mule does bray,
She had best get away,
Or she'll gag on a pool of its spewle.
--- Speckle Bird TP9901

Said a man with a turbulent penis:
"I wish the whole world could have seen us.
For I stood on a stool
And buggered a mule
And created a whole brand-new Genus."
--- G1299

The miner, it seems, undertook
To fucking his mule by the brook.
He said, "Bless my hide;
I'd make her my bride,
If only she knew how to cook."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1182

Clem said to his wife, "Use this jelly --
Just smear it around where you're smelly;
Then use this vibrator
And I'll see you later --
Just after I've screwed my mule Nelly."
--- Travis Brasell

A dude down Colombia way,
With wrinkled old mules, like to play.
"You carry my stash,
And I pay you in cash,
But when you come, please do not bray!"
--- Marlene Lewis

Well, I used to think it was cool
To pack me an oversized tool.
But Nellie complained
About how it pained,
So now I just water my mule.
--- Frank

My last with a mule, was a farce.
"Again?" I asked. She said "I'll pass."
It's not that I mind
Getting reamed from behind,
But you're just a pain in the ass."
--- Loz

This is file nuk

There was a young fellow named Tony
Who once tried to bugger a pony,
Which he blithely confessed
He preferred to Miss West--
A statement I think is baloney.
--- G1338

There was a young fellow who fell in
An affair with and old whore named Helen.
And now his prick itches
For all kinds of bitches,
Or even a burro to swell in.
--- G0585

The European Union's no soul!
They won't let you lick from the bowl.
Or weigh by the pound
Or piss on the ground;
I can't even fuck my new foal.
--- Archie

That randy young stable hand Shoney
Examined his thing, stiff and bony;
Full-flushed with romance,
He lowered his pants
And buggered his favorite pony.
--- Armand E Singer 698

Their once was an ass named Bun,
Who mounted his missus for fun.
With a grunt and a roar
And several pumps more,
He filled up his missus with come.
--- Anon

There was a spoiled girl named Toni,
Whose parents had bought her a pony.
They would not have suspected
That her love, unaffected,
Was the pony was giving her bony.
--- Kevin

If you're horny, you needn't despair
If you can find yourself a willing mare.
Just get under her tail
And you'll find without fail,
The best pony ride anywhere.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

She and the pony were lovers.
She diddled him under the covers.
When the stud came,
She call him by name,
And his gratitude sailed high above her.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

An Indian chief, a Shoshoni,
Was interested in matrimony.
He could not find a bride
He wanted to ride,
So he married his spotted pony.

(only fools and indians ride a paint)
--- Thomas Patton

Billy was driving his tractor;
Said, "Sex isn't really a factor.
Whenever I'm lonely,
I dress up a pony,
Thanks to Maybelline and to Max Factor."
--- Anon

The miniature horse was a-snorting
Round standard-size mares and cavorting.
"Could you girls please
Get down on your knees,
While logistics of this, I'm assorting?"
--- Marsha Magee

A farmer's young daughter called Nick
Bought a "My Little Pony" called Dick.
She watered and fed
It and took it to bed,
Where she played with it's dear little prick.
--- Anon

Too often young girls are sallyin'
To pastures, and there they're a-dallyin'
With ponies; this action
Gives dissatisfaction,
'Cause men can't compete with a stallion.
--- Anon

A cavernous cutie named Miller,
Finds very few fellows can thrill her.
So she goes for a pony
With a big pink baloney;
Too bad for the chaps that can't fill her.
--- Grand Prix Lim 869 G1282

Since men were disturbing to Marge,
She lived all alone on a barge,
In pure sanctimony,
With naught but a pony,
But they say that his pecker was large.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1162

There once was a clergyman's daughter,
Who detested the pony he bought her.
'Till she found that its dong
Was as hard and as long
As the prayers her father had taught her.
--- L0591

She married a fellow named Tony,
Who soon found her fucking the pony.
Said he, "What's it got,
My dear, that I've not?"
Sighed she, "Just a yard-long bologna."
--- L0592

A slapper, a pro and a honky,
Took turns on the cock of a donkey.
For hours they would glide,
A wet sticky ride,
Now their legs and their knees are so wonky.
--- Anon

A young girl undressed on a hill,
Hugging horses to ward off the chill.
One big Shetland pony
Called out to his crony
And together they gave her a thrill.
--- Actaeon

A shetland, I've heard's, a small horse,
And I'm just assumin', of course,
That though, you say it's ewes
You'd prefer to abuse,
You'll take either creature by force?
--- Anon

A stallion looked out of his stall
At all the hot mares down the hall.
If it weren't for the doors,
He'd have opened their pores
And ensured that they'd all had a ball.
--- Actaeon

There was a young man of King's Cross,
Who amused himself frigging a horse.
Then, licking the spend,
Which still dripped from the end,
Said, "It tastes just like anchovy sauce."
--- L0780

A farm girl was tilling her field,
But her plow horse was slowing her yield.
To urge the stud forward,
She'd strut like a whore would,
And flash her slit 'til the horse squealed.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A horse-loving lady named Dove
Met a stallion who gave her a shove.
She lubed up her hands,
Massaged the stud's glans,
And was bathed head to toe with his love.
--- Actaeon

The Black Stallion and Alec would play
With each other's members all day.
Alone on the beach
With no females in reach,
These two horny guys castaway.
--- Actaeon

A lady looked 'round with a shiver,
As a stallion's rod started to quiver.
She went down on her knees,
Used her tongue as a tease,
And his semen flowed out like a river.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A faggot who called himself Abel
Went cruising one day in a stable.
A stud of a horse
Fucked his ass with such force,
That his bowels blew out of his navel.
--- H Whelchel

An equestrienne Master of fame
Taught her stallion a wonderful game.
Bare-bellied she'd hang,
Accept his long wang,
And canter until they both came.
--- Dick Buenger P9006

An Empress called Catherine the Great
With horses her libido would sate.
But one fateful day
While having her way,
She was killed by her own equine date.
--- Donald McGill

The horse's magnificent pizzle
Made Catherine's temperature sizzle.
But, while she was rapt,
His harness unsnapped;
Quite crushed, she expired with a fizzle.
--- Randog

Sixty-seven was the end of the line,
Though she said she'd been feeling just fine,
And that it was no joke
When that harness broke,
'Cause she wanted to make sixty-nine!
--- Donald McGill

The thought of her twat by his muzzle
In hopes that those horse lips would nuzzle
Her old greying nest,
Is quite nasty at best,
Not to mention the spunk she would guzzle.
--- Randog

Horses to nibble are apt;
Grass proffered by ladies unwrapped
And the grass on her green,
Though grey and obscene,
Would surely soon have zapped.
--- Donald McGill