The dreams of the fisherman's wife
With octopus creatures was rife.
And she did something odd
With a large cephalopod,
To fill up her bored empty life.
--- Donald McGill

The habits of Dilkington Prodd
Are horribly gruesome and odd.
He dabbles small snails
In his ladyfriends' tails,
And lets them creep over his pod.
--- G1304

The morals of Filkington Frodd
Are unholy, gruesome, and odd.
He dabbles small snails
In the mantraps of frails,
And lets them creep over his pod.
--- Grand Prix Lim 182

A passionate girl from Madrid,
Once had an affair with a squid.
She said, "I've tried eels
And disported with seals,
But once you've been squid, you've been "did".
--- Cyber Geezer Playboy Mag

There was a young seaman named Sid
Who decided to bugger a squid.
But the squid squirted ink
On the pink of his dink,
And went down in the bilges and hid.
--- G1322

When Pete into Josey next slid,
He found her a-wiggle with squid.
"A cephalopod
Up your puss I find odd!
What a comical thing to have hid!"
--- Anon

"Not at all, my dear Pete, he is sweet!
A tentacly probing twat-treat.
Suck-cupping my G-
Spot as I pee;
He comes jetting ink on the seat."
--- Anon

There was a young man of Madrid
Who had an affair with a squid.
As he wore off his rod
In this cephalopod,
She squirted her ink--yes she did!
--- G1277

The squid is quite dear to my heart;
He's made flashy swimming an art.
He looks like my tuft,
Is yummy when stuffed,
And scoots under power of fart.
--- Anon

When your libido's blowing its lid,
Consider the virtues of squid.
There's nought to awaken
Desire like a kraken:
Two tentacles extra - no kid!
--- Martin Rand

It began with a horny squid's wink,
At a scuba girl, nude in the drink.
She grew hot as his arms
Foldled mammary charms.
Then succumbed when they tickled her pink.
--- Anon

There was a brave damsel of Brighton,
Whom nothing could possibly frighten.
She plunged in the sea
And, with infinite glee,
Was fucked in the ass by a Triton.
--- L0456

When John trolled for snails in the city,
He stepped onto some. 'Twas not pretty!
So sad when he cried
And then while they died,
He boffed them with remorse and with pity.
--- David Miller

My octopus, found on a bus,
Is quiet and won't raise a fuss.
When my lover feels dead,
But we'd both like some head,
That sucker will do both of us.
--- Frank

And then there was Benjamin Bright,
A contestant on "What's My Delight?"
They guessed at his habits
With little white rabbits,
But were stumped by his mouse and his kite.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The thought of the rabbit on sex,
Are seldom, if ever, complex.
For a rabbit in need,
Is a rabbit indeed,
And does just as a person expects.
--- Anon

A man who came into some money,
Decided to marry a Bunny,
But the thought of the ears,
And the tails of the dears,
Made him skip it as being too funny.

(Bunny - a waitress in the Playboy Club)
--- Explosion of Lims P0206

A sex-mad dyslexic, Maloney,
Whenever he grew him a bone, he
Would, thus was his habit,
To hunt for a rabbit,
And get him some cunny from coney.
--- Tiddy Ogg

There once was a farmer named Claire,
Who liked rabbits for sexual fare.
His pleasures, unbound,
Were dashed to the ground;
He was caught with a prepubic hare.
--- Donald Dimock

My girlfriend considered me funny
'Cause I didn't believe in the "The Bunny"
Well, tonight she had fleas
And a rabbit disease,
And a Faberge egg in her cunny.
--- Anon

Through the woods rabbits lustily flit
Just as fast as their legs will permit.
Fornicating non-stop,
They go hippity-hop;
If they're French, they go lickety-split.
--- Bob Giandomenico P9010a

A horny young man had the habit,
Of sating his urge on a rabbit.
He was asked, by some folk,
"Are they too small to poke?"
He said, "No, the hard part is to grab it."
--- G1184

There once was a rabbit from Nice
Who had a hair-trigger release.
A lapin du cirque
Was four seconds work --
'Twas only two seconds a crease!
--- H Welchel

An old rabbit fucker called Hora,
Was shagging a doe in Gomorra,
When, boy, the earth moved,
Which thereupon proved
The saw: Hare today, gone tomorra.
--- Tiddy Ogg

That rabbit was taking a dare
To jump on your hose unaware,
That her reputation
(Now in disputation!)
Would earn her a name as "loose hare!"
--- Anon

There's a rabbit in high Colorado
Who will cringe all the day in the shadow,
But at night will bestow,
On some trembling doe,
All the frenzy of pent-up bravado.
--- Keith MacMillan A025A

That horny old rabbit out there
Was eyeing the does at the fair.
He said, "Even money
I'll lay every bunny
Unless she's a prepubic hare."
--- David Miller

There was once an unbalanced he-rabbit,
Who had the deplorable habit,
Of viewing the cunny
Of each female bunny,
Then using his pecker to jab it.
--- Isaac Asimov

It is the unfortunate habit
Of the rabbit to breed like a rabbit.
One can say without question,
This leads to congestion,
In the burrows that rabbits inhabit.
--- Anon

The sheep in the meadow stand baa-ing,
While goats, nibbling grass, stood there maa-ing.
Just gazing and grazing,
I find it amazing,
While rabbits are ma-ing and pa-ing.
--- Sheila B

A penurious goon from Green Bay
Likes girls, but won't pay for a lay.
Among his odd habits
He raises she-rabbits,
But how they are used, who can say?
--- Grand Prix Lim 639

A Bostonian Person had habits,
Which induced him to fondle young rabbits;
When he diddled eighteen,
He turned perfectly green --
In full sight of the Lodges and Cabots.
--- Edwardian Leer 043

"Do people have more fun than rabbits?"
I inquired of ten thousand fat Babbits...
Their sleeping and feeding
And incontinent breeding
Shows they have just about the same habits!
--- Grand Prix Lim 923

This is file npk

A hillbilly from West Virginia
Was humping pet rabbit, Davinia.
He said, "Rabbits, I stew 'em,
Right after I screw 'em;
I'll skin ya', Davinia, while in ya'."
--- H Myers T9801

The hills are alive with the sound
Of the regular humping and pound-
Ing of thousands of hares
In their underground lairs;
For they reckon that spring is around.
--- Anon

The noted biologist Hugh
Taught rabbits to dance and to do
Many tricks very well
At the sound of the bell,
So the rabbits taught Hugh how to screw.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2116

A randy young rabbit quite fertile
Loved a cute little bunny named Myrtle.
When she said, "You're to fast,"
He said, "Kiss my ass!
Perhaps you should go with a turtle."
--- Anon

One strange night, just about three,
I found myself down in the sea.
I had a wish
To swim with the fish,
And fell in love with a Manatee.
--- Puff Adder

I met her down in the sea grass,
Introduced by an old sea Bass.
I stroked her fin,
Thinking I will get in,
And get me some Manatee ass.
--- Puff Adder

I came up short, when she said,
"No sex big boy, not till we're wed."
Then a great big shark
Spoke out of the dark,
"If you leave now, buddy, you're dead!"
--- Puff Adder

The preacher was a great big Whale;
Ten thousand pounds he tipped the scale.
In wedded bliss,
My bride I kissed;
What you won't do for Manatee tail.
--- Puff Adder

Then the Octopus made a motion
To have the reception in the ocean.
Then the Squid
Did second his bid,
So it seemed like a pretty good notion.
--- Puff Adder

A school of smelt did play and sing,
When I thought, did I hear a ping?
It wasn't a fluke,
Subs powered by nukes
Were keeping an eye on everything.
--- Puff Adder

The Sea Horses frolicked and played;
The Oysters and Clams did parade;
Everyone's eyes
Then opened wide
For a sexy strip by a drunken Mermaid.
--- Puff Adder

The party was a raucous rave;
We were swept by a big ocean wave.
I had in sight
A very long night,
And my energy I needed to save.
--- Puff Adder

We heard a complaint from a Tuna;
It couldn't have happened much sooner.
I asked a crab
To call me a cab,
And we left to become honeymooners.
--- Puff Adder

The moon shone through waves above;
My honey was ready for love.
Our bodies in line;
A moment divine,
As I moved in and started to shove.
--- Puff Adder

Locked together we floated upstream
Then she let out a passionate scream.
I increased my stroke,
And then I awoke!
It was nothing but a messy wet dream.
--- Puff Adder

Desiring a partner sans vanity?
Consider a bout with a manatee.
They are soft, wet, and plump,
With a generous rump,
Comporting quite well with humanity.
--- Ward Hardman

I seduced my 'roo on the couch,
She had a live one in the pouch.
And whenever we hump
With my over-large stump,
Her wee Joey keeps yelling "Ouch"!
--- David Miller

The sex life of the kangaroo,
He jumps the she that he'd woo.
Once, two of them jumped;
In midair they bumped,
And broke both their peckers in two.
--- Irving Superior P8611

I asked an Australian named Dale
Where they kept all the pussy for sale.
He replied, "For a screw
You can try kangaroo,
But your buddy must hold up the tail."
--- Albin Chaplin P8611

There once was a lady named Thalia;
Who with men, was an absolute failure.
But what she could do
With a male kangaroo,
Astounded the men of Australia.
--- VOL 3 a

A randy marsupial, Reeves,
Spent some time with some whores 'twixt their knees.
When they ask him for money,
He'd say, "Listen, Honey,
A koala eats bushes and leaves."
--- Scott Hendricks a

An Australian redhead named Stu
Went out to see his new love, Pru.
"Outback," her Mom said,
"In the desert red?",
"No, outback fucking the 'roo!"
--- MrMalo

An Australian 'Roo' from down under,
Which I sighted, one day made me wonder.
Though she was no slouch,
Her marsupial pouch,
Seemed to be getting rotunder.
--- Stan Lee

In Queensland a farmer called Blue
Had sex with a wild kangaroo.
It must be fun humping
A 'roo when it's jumping--
I'd give it a go, wouldn't you?
--- Michael Horgan

A hillbilly farmer named Hollis,
Used possums and snakes for his solace.
The children had scales,
And prehensile tails,
And voted for Governor Wallace.
--- Playboy Mag G1255A

Unless 'twas a slip of the tongue
This "Hollis tail's" loaded with dung
A possum while hanging
Makes difficult banging,
Unless you are pretty well hung.
--- Anon

The possum, a marvelous creature,
Has a tail that is truly a reacher:
Wrapped firmly around
The waist of a hound,
It makes sexual exploits a feature!
--- Anon

Imagine the shock of that same
Rube farmer, poor Hollis by name,
When he found that the possum
Could wrap 'em and toss 'em!
It makes hanging and banging quite tame!
--- Anon

A keeper in Hamburg's great zoo,
Tried to have a young girl kangaroo.
But she zipped up her pouch,
And the rascal said, "Ouch!
You've got half a peter in you."
--- L0665

When you see your first kangaroo,
You'll wonder if it's really true.
Its front legs are frail,
It's all ass and tail,
How it screws -- I haven't a clue.
--- Larry Davis P8412A

There was an old pander from Perth
Who gave all the animals mirth.
He'd bend for a 'roo,
(How they love to screw)
They'd hump him for all they were worth.
--- Gearhart

Australians in Spring, most probably,
Will try to go down on a wallaby;
Like girls, they'll play dead
To avoid giving head,
But make knees of all Aussies grow wobbley.
--- David Miller

I'll ignore Chris' wise-crack 'bout size,
This group knows it's a whole pack of lies;
My large genitalia,
Cause vaginal failure....
And bring tears to marsupial eyes.
--- David Miller

That wallaby tale is revolting,
If I was one, sure I'd be bolting.
One peek at your head
And my feathers of red
Would be laughing so hard they'd be moulting!
--- Anon