A musher from upper Sandusky,
Came on to me, avid and musky.
For a girl, she was cute,
But I gave her the boot.
I'd rather curl up with her Husky.
--- Lassie's Lover TP9804

There was a lad from Sandusky,
Who wanted to mate with his Husky.
"But because she's Siberian,
Our goodbye was a teary one,
'Cause my daddy won't harbor a Rusky!"
--- Actaeon

A lonely old trapper named Goggs
Would hunt in the muskeg and bogs.
He had huskies and sled
But no woman to wed,
And in time this man went to the dogs.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024 P8307

Took my Lab to the vet, Dr Reeve.
He said "Castration's the cure, I believe."
I looked at Rover,
Who said, "Think it over.
There are some balls I just can't retrieve."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There once was a fellow named Tab,
They caught him in bed with a Lab,
They thought it disgusting,
After a canine he was lusting,
But think of the puppies they had.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There's only just one thing more scary,
Than a woman who's overall hairy.
You wake up in the night,
'Cause you've had such a fright;
You've just screwed your Labrador Larry.
--- Dudeshead

The best thing about malamutes
Is their ever-inquisitive snoots.
They're cold and they're wet,
But you never forget
How it feels when they nuzzle your root.
--- Lassie's Lover TP9804

Suzie preferred canine action:
Dachshunds for sure-clitted traction,
But a Mastiff's long tongue
Proved a G-spotting bung,
Sue's labia-lapping distraction.
--- Anon

I once knew a girl, A go-getter,
Who bought an enormous red setter,
Which licked her left tit,
Then nuzzled her slit
Till she couldn't say stop. Then it et her.
--- Michael Horgan

No fellow could fuck with Miss Bright,
For it seems that her cunt was too tight.
So she called her retriever,
Who sniffed up her beaver,
And he licked on her pussy all night.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1123

There once was a Duchess of Beaver,
Who slept with her golden retriever.
Said the choleric Duke,
"These girls make me puke--
And but for the dog I would leave her."
--- G1186

A beautiful Golden Retriever
Asked a zooman if he would relieve her.
He fingered her cunt,
And she let out a grunt,
Which turned on the dog's ham receiver.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was a young lady of Deever
Who doted upon her retriever.
In her manner sardonic
She said 'twas Platonic,
But not one of her friends would believe her.
--- Albin Chaplin

A runner who was quite a miler
Vowed nothing would ever defile her.
She was then offended,
Virginity ended;
Grabbed by a speedy rottweiler!
--- CM

They tell of a woman named Hauser
Who didn't need much to arouse her.
At the sight of some man
Simply getting a tan,
She up and attacked her pet schnauzer.
--- Armand E Singer 320

Joy's husband, right after he plows her,
Jumps up and says stuff that just wows her;
Like: "I'd like to watch
Our friend lick your crotch!"
So she whistles for Snoopy their schnauzer.
--- Travis Brasell

An old lady's pet Giant Schnauzer
Has a penis as big as a Mauser.
When she bends down to pull it,
It shoots white hot bullets,
And the taste of his ammo sure wows her.
--- Actaeon

There was a dog lover named Towser
Whose girl was a charming arouser.
When she asked him to state
What he liked on their date,
He said what he liked, was her schnauzer.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0358

My neighbor's old Spaniel called Sparks,
Lurks in bushes and hedges and parks,
Where inflamed and impassioned
With Bertie the Daschund,
He scratches his bollocks and barks.
--- Peter Wilkins

A heterosexual male
Found a female he wished to impale.
But the female had fleas,
(She's a small Pekinese);
Now he scratches his crotch while in jail.
--- Twisted Lims P0512Q

A heterosexual male
Found a female he wished to impale
But the female was with crab
(She's a small Golden Lab)
Now he scratches his crotch while in jail.
--- Arthur Deex P0512Q

A heterosexual male
Found a female he wished to impale
But the female had lice
(She's Alaskan Klee Kais)
Now he scratches his crotch while in jail.
--- Arthur Deex P0512Q

A heterosexual male
Found a female he wished to impale
But she had an itch
(The Saint Bernard bitch)
Now he scratches his crotch while in jail.
--- Arthur Deex P0512Q

A heterosexual male
Found a female he wished to impale
But she had a cootie
(That Shih Tzu cutie)
Now he scratches his crotch while in jail.
--- Arthur Deex P0512Q

My preference (don't think me a sorehead)
Still leans toward canine and purebred.
I wouldn't exchange
One Shar-Pei with mange,
For all the bears in your bed.
--- Anon

I once took a sheep dog to bed;
Fabulous sex, someone said.
And try as I might,
That bastard would bite;
All I got was a pat on the head.
--- Anon

There once was a woman named Red,
Whose dog followed her into bed.
She didn't want to be peppered
By the load from her shepherd,
So she gave him a blowjob instead.
--- J Fitts

The police dog of Officer Cotter
Was trained as a copulate spotter.
He would sniff with cognition
An illicit coition,
And would douse it with buckets of water.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2956

There was a young fellow named Quinn,
Who was living a bad life of sin.
Not Murray or Lassie
Could grease up his chassis,
He much preferred Rin Tin Tin!
--- Anon

There was a young girl from Ionic
Who maintained a friendship Platonic.
She went out with Emanuel,
But was had by his spaniel,
This experience was quaintly ironic.
--- Albin Chaplin

When asked to confess to his sin,
The lover of spaniels did grin.
"If it weren't for my Brittany,
I just wouldn't get any,
And her coat is much softer than skin.
--- Actaeon

There was a young lady named Hensley
Who put on a smoker intensely;
What she did was a shocker
With her cute little cocker,
Who appeared to enjoy it immensely.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1149

I'm seeking a gal with big tits,
And false teeth with hairy armpits.
Her burdensome job
Is gobbing my knob,
While mounted behind by my Spitz.
--- SFA

This is file nbk

A man feeling cold in Spenard,
Made love to his huge St. Bernard.
When he entered her ass,
She released lots of gas;
He was hoist on his lovers petard.
--- Actaeon

A mongrel was looking quite glum;
Did not know his dad or his mum.
A Saint Bernard beauty
Came along, did her duty;
He burped and said "Thanks for the rum!"
--- Anon

An urbane springer spaniel named Billy
Wooed a slinky saluki in Philly.
But she sprang at the chance
Of a swift spring romance,
And a sheep dog won out willy-nilly.
--- Gail Koontz

From the Kremlin, the rumors took wings;
Their wolfhound were fellating the kings.
It caused an uprising,
But that's hardly surprising,
Since Russia's quite used to such things.
--- Actaeon

It seems that our neighbor, Miss Gray,
Has odd sex desires, so they say.
She delights in her folly
With a pedigreed collie,
And each year gives a litter away.
--- G1218

There was a young girl from Dubal
Who went to a masquerade ball.
She commited a folly
To dress like a collie;.
She was had by a dog in the hall.
--- Albin Chaplin

It's dollars to doughnuts, that Dolly,
Will someday regret her low folly.
This nympho craves men,
But is known, now and then,
To borrow the neighbor's big collie.
--- Grand Prix Lim 587 G1225

A girl known as Molly O'Maddy
Was dicking her collie beau, Laddie.
But after she came,
She said, "I'm ashamed!
To think that a Scot has so had me."
--- Lassie's Lover TP9804

I think Lassie's lover has gone;
She's bitching that she's getting none.
With Balto away
And no sign of a stray,
She hopes that the cat has a dong.
--- Big Bob TP9807

I tell you, I'm lucky, my chums;
My Lassie's a plum among plums.
The best of her tricks
Goes beyond fetching sticks;
When I ball -- I mean CALL -- her, she comes!
--- Anon

Lassie is really a male.
What an exciting tale!
When with a collie,
It can be folly
To find an opening to nail.
--- Anon

Since porno is no longer sin
In Denmark, their movies are in.
They will make one, first class,
Where a man licks dogs ass,
And where Lassie will fuck Rin Tin Tin.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2303

Due to her prior night's folly,
A student at college was jolly.
She'd spied the school's mascot,
Doffed cap, gown, and ascot,
And was seized by a Carnegie-Mellon collie.
--- Actaeon

Sorry Lassie, I must now tell my tale;
'Twas a white lie, so your ass I could nail.
But it was not a fib,
That I can not have kids;
Of course I can't, bitch, I'm a male!
--- Anon

A very low dachshund named Wally
Fell in love with an over-sized Collie.
Though his passions grew madder,
The story turned sadder,
For his dogged attempts were sheer folly.
--- John P8307

I advise Lassie's Lover take note
Of the Dog Breeders Handbook; I quote:
"You should muzzle dog's jaws,
When you mate them because
If frustrated, they'll go for the throat."
--- Anon

A misadvised dotard from Raleigh
Tried sticking his prick in a collie.
The doggie surprised him,
In fact, circumcised him;
Consensus: an old lecher's folly.
--- Armand Singer

Shy Sherman the Shepherd is sad
'Cause his sweetheart has died and the lad
Can't find 'mongst his flock
Another his cock
Suits like Lassie, the dog that he had.
--- John Miller

Now, Lassie, you know, was a he,
But you can't tell the he from the she,
When shaggy and thick
Hair hangs down past the dick,
So his gender is not there to see.
--- John Miller

I realized Love was a folly;
Lost Holly and Polly and Dolly.
Now I live a great life
'Cause I have a fine wife.
I married my cute border collie.
--- Anon

Lassie's Lover, I thought I was bad,
With all of the bitches I've had.
But I just don't know how
You could screw with a cow;
So I'm going to tell Lassie, you cad!
--- Anon

"Mounting canines may seem quite un-classy
When the option's a feminine chassis,
But I'd trade," exclaimed Wally,
"My gal for a collie."
Well, they say every lad needs his Lassie.
--- Rowdy Jack

Once a Chihuahua and Great Dane,
By mistake together were lain.
Great Dane jumped upon her,
Pledging friendship and honor
But Chihuahua she died of the pain.
--- Chairman Steve

There once was a Polack named Wayne,
Who dated a girl from Tulane.
When she said her passion
Was going dog-fashion.
He went out and bought a Great Dane.
--- David Miller P8208

To the poundkeeper said Shiela Lane,
"Your suggestion, you jerk, I would fain...
I view sexual connection
With delight and affection
With a man, Sir, but not a Great Dane!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 511

Cried a hopeless young nympho in Spain,
Who nightly took on a Great Dane:
"Caramba! senor,
I am just a dog whore,
So what is the use to complain?"
--- G1327

The anger of Dribblecock Frouse
We excuse, for he found in the house,
A Great Dane astride
His lovely young bride,
Who cried, "Fuck you, Frouse!" to her spouse.
--- G1241

A harried old hooker named Hicks
Remarked of the guys in the sticks:
"They give me arse pains,
For they bring in Great Danes
And watch 'em dog fuck me for kicks!
--- G1803

A dog screwed a lady named Madder
Who stooped as she worked near a ladder.
'Twas the neighbor's Great Dane
But her search was in vain,
For a hair of the dog that just had her.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1161

There once was a poodle named Dot,
In love with a Great Dane named Spot.
When she saw Spot's erection,
She said, with dejection,
"This Dane ain't as great as I thought."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Said the toy poodle to the Great Dane,
"Your altitude I'd never gain!
But your scent in full heat
Is a sweet, sexy treat,
So don't think, my dear, I complain."
--- Grand Prix Lim 258

A somnolent damsel in Ewing
Dreamed her Great Dane was on her and screwing.
She awoke and discovered
The beast had her covered,
And her asshole was plastered with blueing!
--- G1232

A Shar-pei with the mange may feel good,
To a puppy who would be a stud.
But if you want to profess
Your animal prowess,
Try a Great Dane, that should strain your manhood!
--- Anon

I've just had a fling with Lorraine;
I found her much tighter than Jane.
This sure was a tease,
The I realized that she's
A poodle and not a great dane.
--- Tiddy Ogg