Said the dwarfs to their friend Snow White,
"We want to gang bang you tonight!"
(Said she) "Well, let's see,
Seven of you, one of me!
I guess it would be alright!"
--- Anon

Happy was the first to begin;
He stuck his dick in with a grin.
He stroked in and out,
Finally did spout,
And shot his load all over her chin!
--- Anon

The next dwarf in line was Doc;
She then gently straddled his cock.
Up and down she did bounce,
Then swallowed each ounce
Of his hot, molten, gelatinous schlock!
--- Anon

The third dwarf to bang her was Sneezy;
Needless to say, conditions were breezy.
In his own funny way
He was a good lay;
But, when finished, he was tired and wheezy.
--- Anon

The fourth dwarf to mount her was Grumpy;
Who was just in the mood for a humpy.
He did her with style,
On her face put a smile,
And covered her with jism that was lumpy.
--- Anon

The next one to fuck her was Bashful,
Who claims he was brought up in Nashville.
When she saw his bit,
She damn near did shit,
And knew she was in for a gashful!
--- Anon

The sixth dwarf to pork her was Sleepy,
But first he had to go peepy.
Then performed a great stunt;
Licked her ass, fucked her cunt.
The whole thing was really quite creepy!
--- Anon

Dopey was the last dwarf to do her,
But he had no clue how to screw her.
He got coaching from Doc
In control of his cock,
But he damn near stuck it right through her!
--- Anon

Snow white was sore and content
After being fucked by seven small gents.
But when she arose
To put on her clothes,
She was all alone, they all went!
--- Anon

Every cloud has a silvery streak,
When the mirror so plainly doth speak,
That Snow White is most cute.
Her survival is moot...
But forget castle scrubbing technique.
--- Prof M-G TP9806

The Prince, with an ardor intense,
Kept assailing young Snow White's defense.
When at last she was racked,
He found her intact,
Though her cherry had seven small dents.
--- Anon

These seven midgets stood behind
Me in the unemployment line,
And sadly sang, "Heigh Ho,
It's not to work we go."
And when I asked, said "Walt is fine."
--- Irving Superior P8701

Snow White had two dwarves up her nose,
With a pair in her ears and the hose
Of the fifth in her mouth,
And the others down south;
So that covers all holes I suppose.
--- Anon

Among dwarfs who serviced Snow White
Was one who was not very bright.
But when it was done,
Got cheated and slept through the night.
--- Chris Papa

Handsome and Beauty are drunk;
Beauty sure smells like a skunk.
In a casket of glass,
She's been sweatin' her ass
Off. She needs some soap and a dunk.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I'm one of just seven small men,
Who kept a dead maid in our den.
This quail under glass
Was a poor piece of ass,
But I had her again and again!
--- Anon

"Shall I kiss this sleeping young lass,
Or else let the next Prince who'll pass?
Though pretty is she,
What's bothering me--
Those seven small houseguests she has."
--- Irving Superior P9307

STERNUTATION, a weird name of sorts,
For one engageed in sneezing sports,
The classic is found,
You you'll look around
For one of Snow White's wee cohorts.
--- Chris Papa

A horny young princess, Snow White,
Took seven small lovers one night.
But some of the crowd
Were so highly endowed,
That her pussy no longer is tight.
--- Hugh Clary

Yes, admittedly, she's now rather loose;
Her vagina can pass a caboose.
It's like a rail tunnel,
From gunwale to gunwale,
A large lifeboat just gives her a goose.
--- Ward Hardman

Your fable has had me impressed,
But one of the runts has confessed.
It wasn't their jack
That widened her crack,
But taking all seven abreast!
--- SFA

There once was a lady named Brite
Who felt sleepy and grumpy at night.
When she saw a physician
And described her condition,
He suspected she might be Snow White.
--- Don Moore P0501

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
With more children than she could handle.
And when they were grown,
And all left home,
She moved herself into a sandal.
--- Anon

A homeless young lady from Shrivenham,
Whose new pair of shoes had no give in 'em,
Said, "I'll stretch them a touch"--
Bbut she stretched them too much,
And now they're so big she can live in 'em.
--- Mary Danby Armada 1

An old woman who lives in a slough
Is surrounded by damp and mildew.
She's rolling away
And that's where she'll stay,
Till she runs off as liquidy goo.
--- Esther Koch

The old woman who lived in a shoe,
Beat all of her kids black and blue.
If only she had
Seen a birth control ad, (Seen an F.P.A. ad)
She would have known what to do!

(FPA - could be Brits family planning association)
--- Joyce Johnson

That hooker who lived in a shoe,
Spawned kids and knew not what to do;
Too dumb to be careful,
They came by the lair full;
She poisoned the lot, two by two.
--- Armand Singer

The old woman who lived in a shoe
Learned finally what she should do:
She straightened her keel
And threw out the heel,
Who had pitched her a bundle of woo.
--- Lims Unlimited

The old woman who lived in a shoe,
When she had nothing better to do,
Would bed down her dears,
After boxing their ears,
And relax with a cobbler or two.
--- John Ciardi A

An old woman who lived in a shoe,
Who with children, knew not what to do.
She took to the streets,
Trading blowjobs for treats.
Now she's full and the children are too.
--- Richard Long

An old woman who lived in a shoe,
Getting pregnant, knew not what to do.
She had learned almost nil
'Bout the condom and pill,
But Oh!, how that woman could screw!
--- Al Capetown

An old woman who lived in a shoe,
Loved many young men -- knew what to do.
She teased them, then pleased them,
Alone or in crew,
And didn't stop coming until they were through.
--- Richard Long

There once was a hideous Beast,
Who upon luckless peasants would feast.
He encountered a Beauty,
Who showed him his duty,
And his wicked ways then he did cease.
--- Joe Long

This is file lcl

And when this fell Beast had reformed,
His visage was truly transformed!
A now dashing fellow,
And really quite mellow,
Bride Beauty his castle adorned!
--- Joe Long

I sat to break bread with a Beast,
Looked forward to a wondrous feast.
We counted the booty,
Then in came a Beauty.
Now riches won't worry me the least.
--- Ham Sandywich

One Beauty and a well dressed up Beast
Concerned me not in the least.
The Beast and the Beauty
Sang, "Doodly Doodly!"
And danced right in front of the priest.
--- Ham Sandywich

In race between tortoise and hare,
The bunny had hours to spare.
It was quite clever, it
Gave birth to a LEVERET...
Conceived from a former affair.
--- Observer

The hair, though, miscalculated;
Finished the race quite belated.
Sitting there in the shade,
Sipping cool Gatorade,
Her opponent patiently waited!
--- Observer

Testudinate fable we share,
About an event very rare,
'Bout lumbering bugger,
A persistant plugger,
Who always beats dawdling hare.
--- Chris Papa

It says race goes to slow, steady;
If believed, then you may be ready
For bridge that I sell
And other deals swell,
With promise of much delights, heady.
--- Chris Papa

Mother Hubbard in search of a bone
Heard Rover, her hungry dog, groan.
The top cupboard was bare;
Not one bone in there;
If there was one, it would be alone!
--- R F Bardsley

Bending, she looked for a bone;
Lower cupboard it was the bone's home.
An idea got Rover
While mother bent over,
'Cause Rover'd a bone of his own.
--- R F Bardsley

Mother Hubbard was sore for a while,
And scared she would bear Rover's child.
She thought of a doctor,
But the thing that most shocked her:
The fact that she liked doggy style!
--- R F Bardsley

Mother grew more fond of her dog,
Now that she'd discovered his log.
For hours they'd play,
Until the sad day
Mother Hubbard fell for a frog.

(those damn Frenchmen - McW)
--- R F Bardsley

Okay! So it's true! So I leap
At the sound of the baa of a sheep;
And the reason is clear,
I've a yen for that dear
Little girl with nice titties, Bo Peep.
--- Peter Wilkins

Just think, Miss Peep is thirteen;
I think it most awfully mean
Of you to crave twat
Of a age you should not...
An estrussy ewe's less obscene!
--- Tutta Gioia

There once was a whore named Bo Peep,
Who smelled like a water-soaked sheep.
She didn't screw well,
But once past her smell,
Her price for a piece was quite cheap.
--- Bob Birch

Bo Peep, now, is someone I've had
When I was an innocent lad.
But I'd much rather sleep
With one of her sheep,
'Cause they're free and don't smell quite so baaad.
--- Bob Birch

Sweet Carol went to the cupboard,
Just like that old gal, Mother Hubbard.
She stooped and she bent
And inside her I went,
With a willie 'twas not even rubbered.
--- Jon Gearhart

She cooed and she giggled with glee,
As I ravaged her vaginally.
My cock struck G-one;
Come started to run,
And dribbled down legs past her knee!
--- Jon Gearhart

Then Carol, just like Little Muffet,
Sat right down upon her nice duff; it
Looked so good that my slider
Popped deep inside her,
Proceeding to thoroughly stuff it.
--- Jon Gearhart

Jack Horner sat thumbing his plum,
And watched as I started to hum,
Upon Carol's sweet
And sticky pink meat.
His thumb on his plum made him come.
--- Jon Gearhart

That Little Boy blew such a spurt,
While watchin my tongue deep insert.
Then Mary Contrary
With pussy quite hairy,
Came in and fucked Jack till it hurt.
--- Jon Gearhart

But Jack being nimble and quick,
Proceeded to pull out his dick
And tongued softly sweet
On Mary's sore meat.
He soothed her with every tongue flick.
--- Jon Gearhart

This orgy was certainly great;
So good that I had to relate
Our lovely fuck feast.
'Twill soon be released
On tape for just ten ninety-eight! [$10.98]
--- Jon Gearhart

This story, Lucinda's a wreck of
Some Afghan thing written a heck of
A long time ago,
And not, you should know,
A ripoff of some play by Chekhov.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Three sisters all went for a walk,
And did, as girls do, nowt but talk.
Their perambulation
Thus lacked concentration.
They might be in Hayle or Dundalk.
--- Tiddy Ogg

'Twere neither the former nor latter,
And when they at last stopped their chatter,
Much ground had been crossed;
They find themselves lost,
As rain on the leaves starts to patter.
--- Tiddy Ogg

As thunder roars, rain starts to pour,
When, though they've not seen it before,
They now apprehend,
Around the next bend,
A castle, with wide-open door.
--- Tiddy Ogg

I see, bawds, you're interest is waning.
I'll kindle it thus: Once they're gaining
Relief from the drips,
Each one of them strips;
Their clothes 'round the fireside are draining.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Bare-footed, bare-armed and bare-faced,
They set out to see where they're placed.
So take their bare fannies
To search nooks and crannies,
'Till all of the old joint is cased.
--- Tiddy Ogg

The place is no palace of fun.
They find when their searching is done,
No porridge, no chairs,
No three grizzly bears;
Each room's bare as them, except one...
--- Tiddy Ogg

And this one is locked, but the key
Is perched on the lintel. The three
Form a pyramid, hoist
One babe to the joist,
Insert into lock; door swings free.
--- Tiddy Ogg

And as you'd expect in a hoary
Old legend like this rancid story,
On bed spread with chintz,
Lies sleeping, a prince,
Erect in his priapic glory.
--- Tiddy Ogg

They stand there in rapt admiration,
So ere I resume my naration,
The background I've missed
Of these tarts, who've been kissed
And more, by the men of their nation.
--- Tiddy Ogg

At least that's the case with our Goldilocks,
The youngest in age, while old Moldipox,
The eldest, prefers
Goats, donkeys and curs,
While virginal mid-sis in Holyhocks.
--- Tiddy Ogg