With hateful people who're ODIOUS,
The harmony's not melodious.
With no assistance
I keep my distance
And do seek spaces commodious.
--- Daniel Ford

An ODIOUS guy that I knew,
Did right rotten things through and through.
Folks tried to correct,
But you might suspect,
Words over his head quickly flew.
--- Chris Papa

The druggist's stores OFFICINAL
Contain the supplies medicinal
For soothing what ails
When illness prevails,
Just as some music fidicinal. (of a stringed instrument)
--- Caniel Ford

Problems outer or visceral,
With needs ungenital or clysteral.
You'll find galore,
In pharmacy store,
Warehouse of items OFFICINAL.
--- Chris Papa

My wife has just one major flaw:
She follows advice from her ma.
Which is a good reason
To have open season
On OFFICIOUS mother-in-law.
--- Observer

A young waiter to the mob quite OFFICIOUS,
Spoke too much while clearing their dishes.
His mouth went yap, yap,
The guns went rat-tat,
And now he sleeps with the fishes.
--- Sheryl a Lemma

My wife is extremely OFFICIOUS,
When I'm preparing my gourmet dishes.
But she hates fins and claws,
So when near she draws
And says "What's cooking?" I say "Fish is."
--- Norm Brust

Candidates all are OFFICIOUS,
Seeing constituents' wishes
Get their prompt due,
Especially if you
Send campaign cash so delicious!
--- Chris Papa

Supercilious folks OFFICIOUS
Make us exceedingly suspicious
And cause us to view
Their acts with black hue,
And their presence as quite pernicious.
--- Daniel Ford

A smart-ass young snob, quite OFFICIOUS,
Offered advice injudicious.
He got for his troubles,
A mouth full of bubbles,
Which he found not quite so delicious.
--- Chris Papa

A writer of limerick verse
OFTENTIMES makes his fans disperse
By stretching the meters
And frustrating readers
And makes what was bad, a lot worse.
--- Gary Hallock

Getting OLD, I have given a try.
It's not a bad thing, bye-the-bye,
When it is compared
With being earth-layered,
Or being today's teen, Oh My!
--- Chris Papa

OLEAGINOUS, to say the least,
Is another way to say the word "greased."
But he who butters you up
And mixes sex with smut,
Will leave you to pay. Oh the beast!
--- Barb

Watch out, lass, for wolves in disguise;
Those cool OLEAGINOUS guys,
Who at slightest chance,
Get into your pants,
And leave you with fetal surprise.
--- Chris Papa

She had OLEAGINOUS lover,
Whose work she could never discover.
When asked what he did,
He's flutter a lid,
While sly smile would on his lips hover.
--- Chris Papa

OLIGOPSONY one can embrace
If one sits in a very high place.
One can contract for
The oil spoils of war,
With no bids or cost ceilings to face.
--- Elois

Unless voter turnout is great,
Coming vote in our West Golden State,
With candidates funny.
Will determing their Governor's fate.
--- Chris Papa

Undue pressure's OLIGOPSONY,
Whose patterns do breed monotony,
Wherein the few rich
Give poor folks a switch
To gain support for their nominee.
--- Daniel Ford

To intercede, one calls OMBUDSMAN,
Whose part-time job is often woodsman.
We can only hope
That he's not some dope
Performing as Sell-Bill-of-Goods-Man.
--- Daniel Ford

The OMBUDSMAN is mediator,
A citizen's main advocator.
Though I'm suspicious
Of one so officious,
Who questions like interrogator.
--- Daniel Ford

An OMBUDSMAN's sure to amaze;
His love for all flowers, a craze.
With omni buds found
In garden all 'round,
While some are at home in a vase.
--- Chris Papa

An OMBUDSMAN is, truth to tell,
Supposed to treat all folks real well.
But there's one thing sure,
When he feels too poor,
His trust's just his product to sell.
--- Chris Papa

OMBUDSMAN's a delicate job.
He goes between nabob and slob;
He placates the one,
And truthfully done,
Must other appease -- he can't fob.
--- Elois

We should oft hold and then lather 'em,
In the hope that thence
They'd use common sense
Rather than ominium blatherum.
--- Daniel Ford

Despite intellectual tools
Intent on making new rules,
In Congress they sit,
Each greedy half-wit,
--- Chris Papa

The sky overhead looks OMINOUS;
I fear they'll drop a bomb on us.
But if we pray for peace,
Maybe wars will all cease,
Instilling a new sense of calm in us.
--- Sheryl

Gearheads think it is quite sufficient
In order to be tagged OMNISCIENT
To answer all FAQ's
About PC's and Macs,
While their social skills are deficient.
--- Norm Brust

If into my house you would come,
You'd see a true omnium gatherum;
Dust bunnies and books,
Fossils resting in nooks,
Art music and nothing hum-drum!
--- Barb

I scan my OMPHALOS with care,
And peer into its awesome lair,
But find a mere hint
Of comforting lint,
And wonder how it settled there.
--- Chris Papa

OMPHALOS defines central point,
Where once was placenta conjoint.
But now 'tis a well
For supine rondel,
Holding oils with which lovers anoint.
--- Daniel Ford

OMPHALOSKEPTIC looking for glint
Of Wisdom saw naught but navel lint.
His rabbi told him
"Abandon your whim
And go get a life! Sei gesind!" (be healthy)
--- Chris Papa

In dream reading ONEIROMANCY,
There is a certain connivency.
For glossification
Of prognostication
Requires both parties gyromancy.

(foretelling by walking in circles - McW)
--- Daniel Ford

ONEIROMANCY, "Dream and tell",
Once practised by charlatans swell;
They sang a sweet song,
Till Freud came along
And blew them all straight to Hell.
--- Chris Papa

This is file jcl

ONOMATAPOEIA to listening does
Imitate sound of bee on peach fuzz.
And then lets you hear
In syllables clear,
The winged flight as its buzz buzz.
--- Chris Papa

For many was just what made ya,
Strategy winning
For frequent grinning
In manner of coprophagia.
--- Daniel Ford

When nail-biting ONYCHOPHAGIA
Reveals what anxiety's made ya,
Some solace is found
With each fewer pound
Resulting from your bradyphagia. (slow eating)
--- Daniel Ford

A bad social habit arose
From out the same pack
That have the great knack
For publicly picking their nose.
--- Chris Papa

Our Dubya sometimes mangles his prose,
But his speech does not seem operose.
Though he's no Cicero
His words often flow,
With much help from the writers he chose.
--- Norm Brust

Such diligent efforts OPEROSE
We see not from Dubya, not even close.
Despite the speechwriter,
The bumbling speech blighter,
Does leave me feeling ever morose.
--- Daniel ford

Public speaking, for Dubya, I suppose
Is considered quite OPEROSE.
With a Texas drawl,
Words move at a crawl,
Along with ideas he'd compose.
--- Chris Papa

It's painful awaiting next phrase,
Which seem to be spaced out by days,
While speechwriters squirm
Awaiting a germ,
Of their clever thought out essays.
--- Chris Papa

True to his parents predictions,
As son with fallacious addictions,
Brought OPPROBRIUM fame
To his father's proud name...
'Cause they were both men of "convictions!"
--- Observer

When it comes to ladies, men all
Try to understand it's a task tall.
Some OPSIMATH will
Strive at it, until
His penis, he finds, is too small.
--- Chris Papa

Now that I'm in life's aftermath,
I learn that I'm an OPSIMATH!
But what was truly earned
Was that knowledge I learned
While trodding down a primrose path.
--- Barb

Late learning joys for an opsimath
Likely include now seeing the path
By which he can grow
More and more to know
And one day become a polymath.
--- Daniel Ford

In eighth grade, to spell logorrhea
Ain't everyone's winning idea.
'Cause learning delayed
Till the twentieth grade
Is an opsimath's philosophia.
--- Prof M-G

OPUS is the creative work
Of artist, author, rug-making Turk;
Taken together,
Bundled in tether,
And presented without a smirk.
--- Daniel Ford

Contrary, our OPUS, our lives,
Is just to satisfy our wives.
(I can't be bolder,
Over my shoulder,
She's standing with two butcher knives!)
--- Darryl

Ladies say, "Men like to grope us.",
Only they could give some hope. Us,
With testosterones,
Deep in our bones,
The drive is poor gent's life OPUS.
--- Chris Papa

A little work is OPUSCULE,
Although creations miniscule
May be difficult,
For stress, if occult,
Can damage in manner most cruel.
--- Daniel Ford

As a whole, PIR seems to me
Famed OPUSCULUM some day may be
Portraying our times
In humorous rhymes,
All completely hyperbole free.
--- Elois

Short story, according to some,
May rank as great OPUSCULUM.
Like Poe, with his shivers,
O Henry's gift givers,
All tales to which we will succumb.
--- Chris Papa

Her style of dress was ORCHIDACEOUS.
Her display of cleavage, ostentatious.
A crowd soon collected,
Though no one objected.
But one chap muttered something salacious.
--- Norm Brust

The showy display ORCHIDACEOUS
Does now have meaning ostentatious.
Wherein the windy
Pot-bellied Hindi
Do orate in manner loquacious.
--- Daniel Ford

Don Trump's "arm candy" outrageous,
With well stuffed figures, curvaceous;
Well gowned from his horde,
He keeps them on board
For entrances ORCHIDACEOUS.
--- Chris Papa

Orchidectomy, my goodness gracious,
"Deflowered," no way ORCHIDACEOUS,
Will fix it so stud
Is a resounding thud,
And out of the main stream salacious.
--- Chris Papa

Otto ogled ORGULOUS maid,
Who was just so lovely, men paid
To see her undress,
With charms that impress.
Silicone-ized beyond degrade.
--- Chris Papa

But perhaps that is reason enough
For this observer not to be chuff.
For Clinton has shown
That thing's overblown
And smooth is the channel for great stuff.
--- Daniel Ford

Since the east is Jerusalem's place,
Most synagogues to the east face.
But how orientate
When you're in a state
Due north, south, east, or in space.
--- Esther

The leading standard, ORIFLAMME,
Less inspiring to modern Sam,
Is, nevertheless,
The national dress,
When competing, making grand slam.
--- Daniel Ford

A rallying flag, ORIFLAMME,
Most likely inspiring sham.
For those on the line,
Such sentiment fine,
It really just ain't worth a damn.
--- Chris Papa

ORIHON text, do we need it?
It may save some space, I concede it.
The problem I see
Is eventually
You'll need a good iron to read it.
--- Chris Papa

Muraski's love story so bold,
In ORIHON print, I am told,
Will fantasy feed;
I can't wait to read
And see this tale horny unfold.
--- Chris Papa

Our Senate is sure OROTUND,
Well paid by a large public fund.
It likes to debate
While real work can wait,
And tends to be quite moribund.
--- Chris Papa

Sonorous speech so OROTUND,
As heard on Senate floor or rotund',
Falls heavy on ears
And has so for years.
But still no one has asked for refund.
--- Daniel Ford

OSCITANT's "sleepy," I swear,
But in back of my mind somewhere,
It seem more to fit
Where my aunt would sit
Right on her old derriere.
--- Chris Papa