Closeted there in her GARDEROBE,
Exercising the patience of Job,
The young swain's crooning,
'Midst much June mooning,
With which he hopes to pass guard robe.
--- Daniel Ford

Young man with GARGANTUAN grin
Returned from a wild night of sin,
Met Mom at the door,
Who gave him 'what for.'
And said, "It's no time to get in!"
--- Chris Papa

A GARGANTUAN lady of night
Would take on all comers who might
Her wares try to sample.
With a bosom ample,
They smothered in excess delight.
--- Chris Papa

The largest living thing is a fungus.
Not merely GARGANTUAN, it's humongus.
As mushroom soup,
It would feed a troop
With plenty to share among us.
--- Norm Brust

With GARGANTUAN tool stuck "out there,"
John was ready to play truth or dare.
One lady, quite ample,
Was ready to sample,
But she could not quite get him to care.
--- Barrie Eksteen

Give me wine, red meat, and Marmite;
I have a GARGANTUAN appetite,
Said the boy to his mom,
After a night at the prom
And more than a little bit tight.
--- Esther

So she turned to her favorite trick
To extract some fun from male stick.
With a touch and a stroke,
She cornered the bloke,
And convinced him with one expert lick.
--- Barrie Eksteen

Marmite, however it sounds,
Is eaten in British Isle's bounds;
With vitamins laced.
An acquired taste,
Which a foreigner just astounds.
--- Chris Papa

The grotesque, fantastic GARGOYLE
Rainwater's wood rotting does foil,
Spiriting away
The floods of today
So mold gothic beams won't embroil.
--- Daniel Ford

The Notre Dame rainwater roils,
From out of the mouths of GARGOYLES.
It's okay they're there,
Not face on gal fair,
Which even blindest date spoils.
--- Chris Papa

Parsley, that GARNITURE green,
In "La Boheme" mentioned, I ween,
To parrot fed,
Just left him quite dead.
At least it says so in first scene.
--- Chris Papa

Annoyed by chatterbox GARRULOUS?
Rejoice if that one's not querulous,
For such a complainer
Is a backside painer,
And makes everyday seem perilous.
--- Daniel

GARRULOUS is a foolish word.
Why should talking be deferred?
There's no thing such
As talking too much.
Brevity is the refuge of the nerd.
--- Norm Brust

A GARRULOUS guy, what a PISK!
I can tell you without further risk.
If later is newish,
It means that in Jewish,
A mouth larger than an obelisk.
--- Chris Papa

Said GARRULOUS bride to the groom,
"I assume it is safe to presume
You know I'm outspoken!"
Said he, calmly jokin',
"My dear, you're outspoken by whom?"
--- Observer

The garden within cloister is GARTH,
While the grassy outer field is swarth.
In either place, sisters
Reject those ham fisters
As Franciscan Fathers of fine farth.
--- Daniel Ford

The fras would line up to get peek,
Of nuns for whom they were weak,
As they hustled through GARTH,
On the way to their hearth,
And privacy that sisters would seek.
--- Chris Papa

If hubby may try to gaslight
A spouse who just isn't too bright,
She'll just hop into bed
To the clues, instead
And give cad a hearty good night.
--- Chris Papa

A food lover is GASTRONOME,
Over Earth's face one will roam,
In search of good meal,
Experience real
Good tastes, abroad or at home.
--- Chris Papa

To make someone gag and turn red.
To be truly GAUCHE, be it said:
"Merde en cloche", don't you know
How the saying must go.
"And pull it down over your head."
--- Elois

Left handed and clumsy since birth,
Word GAUCHE fits my penmanship's worth.
But I'm right, by gosh
That of word brioche,
There is no limerickal dearth.
--- Elois

Senorita was a quite willing bride,
But wedding night wounded her pride.
For once when in bed,
The GAUCHE gaucho said,
"I don't take off my boots when I ride."
--- Phil Kinay

A young man too full of good brew,
Was accosted by a matron, who
Behind her guilloche (interlacing grillwork)
Shouted out, "How GAUCHE!"
Said he, "Jush fine, how goesh it with you?"
--- Daniel Ford

There are folks quite GAUCHE, I suppose,
(I'm sure you are not one of those)
Who talk when you meet
Out there in the street,
While fishing for dirt up their nose.
--- Chris Papa

Most times when the GAUNTLET is thrown,
Response of the sane is a groan.
They're sure it will start
A fight not too smart,
With chance for some harmony blown.
--- Chris Papa

Each AWAD is a GAUNTLET thrown,
A new word chance, not to be blown.
To compose a rhyme,
Which may, in time,
To the rest of our little band be shown.
--- Norm Brust

Long ago in an earlier day
Words didn't mean what they do today
Some definitions
Have made transitions
Although I'm happy, please don't call me gay.
--- Puff Adder

She asked for "a screw in her bed,"
But he was a hopeless gearhead.
No piece did she find
For what went through his mind...
"Does she need a fine or a coarse thread?"
--- Gary Hallock

An eager young GEARHEAD I knew,
Smart about things, through and through,
In depression fell
'Cause he couldn't tell
Just what to fix in a screw.
--- Chris Papa

GEARHEADS I often do find
Think with a one track mind.
They can figure it out,
But without a doubt,
Sex with them is just a grind.
--- Barb

Particulates increase GEGENSCHEIN
And whether from industries main line
Or from Providence
Give strong evidence
To counter the Bush and Reagan line.
--- Daniel Ford

GEGENSCHEIN, which in night sky lies,
Is there, if you've very good eyes.
It's not easy to spot it.
Though some try to swat it,
Believing it's from fireflies.
--- Chris Papa

Old Robert Service wrote of GELID
And cheechako tricks with annelid, (tenderfoot)
Wherein the ice worm
In drinks could confirm
The drinker's worth his salt and swell id.
--- Daniel Ford

This is file ixl

GELID? I am not at all,
Curled up in a warm fetal ball!
You can bet I won't rove
Very far from the stove,
When winter has me in its thrall.
--- Barb

I don't get caught in the lurch;
I burn only wood that's called birch.
The logs burn all night
In a cabin snug-tight,
So for comfort I don't have to search.
--- Barb

I hear when it isn't so cold,
There's a surfeit of mosquitoes bold,
Who'll rip at your hide;
So I think I'll reside,
In New Jersey, that "Garden State" gold.
--- Chris Papa

When Germans start acting quite queer,
Full friendly to folk far and near,
GEMUTLICH they are
'Cause the nearest bar,
Has sated their taste for strong beer.
--- Chris Papa

Le Roi Soleil, quite GENTEEL,
Considered by all a big deal,
Disposed of chateaux
For pert madames, so
From them he might cop a nice feel.
--- Chris Papa

The Sun King, Louis Quatorze,
Though GENTEEL, has his own set of mores.
Thought himself great
And said, "I am the State",
But blew wad on way too many wars.
--- Phil Kinay

Is your future real bright and romancy?,
Consult pattern in GEOMANCY.
Find joy, perhaps hurt,
In a handful of dirt,
Or anything else you might fancy.
--- Chris Papa

From lines and patterns GEOMANCY
Tries to divine life's relevancy,
Though there is no dearth
Of things from the earth
That are brought forth in necromancy.
--- Daniel Ford

GEOMANCY, the lay of the land,
Determines where standing-stones stand.
It marks out the paths
Of the ley-lines in graphs.
Fortune telling? No, rather more grand!
--- Eva Amata

A GEORGIC girl, I'll never be;
A rural life is not for me.
I can't milk a cow;
I just don't know how!
Plus roosters crow much too early!
--- Maggie

Some think that the GEORGIC life's neat,
There being with Nature complete.
But I think it's a curse
And am quite adverse
To getting much mud on my feet.
--- Chris Papa

The rustic scene is right at home,
In Georgic, fete champetric poem.
With few trees above,
And a lady love
Who minds not where his hands may roam.
--- Chris Papa

The farming land's atmosphere GEORGIC
Presents bucolic scenes, but allergic
Folks with the sneezes
Escape to breezes
And beauty of Grand Canyon gorgic.
--- Daniel Ford

Bucolic cultivator GEORGIC,
Who made his own tools in ways forgic,
Once fell on the plow
With consequence now,
He no longer has dreams engorgic.
--- Daniel Ford

The ruling regent is GERENT,
The uncle, aunt, or a parent,
Who reigns for a royal,
Remaining loyal,
Till rightful one is apparent.
--- Daniel Ford

"Yo, Brutus, your face is quite pallid;
I don't think your action is valid!"
These words from the GERENT,
Made the facts apparent,
Said Caesar, "I think that's my salad!"
--- Observer

Just wait till the "outs" take a gander
Of what the "ins" will GERRYMANDER;
They'll see votes a-flying
To new district lying,
Which they will lose in a style grander.
--- Chris Papa

Redistricting of GERRYMANDER
Exemplifies clout of commander;
Of details grimy,
In a manner slimy,
Like toxic skin of salamander.
--- Daniel Ford

When politicians to minorities pander,
They oft create a GERRYMANDER.
They corral those votes
Like a herd of goats;
Demagoguery ensues, free of candor.
--- Norm Brust

A pol who freely meandered
With girls of low moral standard,
Was said to have won
When voting was done,
In district of girls GERRYMANDERED.
--- Elois

GESTALT, as it seems to suggest,
Is a buzzword that should get a rest.
It's oft used by phonies
To impress their cronies,
A paradigm of intellectual incest.
--- Norm Brust

She valued his loving GESTALT,
Which eschewed quick frontal assault.
But prized sweet foreplay
In a languid way,
And tenderness to a dear fault.
--- Chris Papa

This led to much heavin' and fussin'
And sweatin', with damp hair mussin',
In ecstasies throes,
And a runny nose,
That's here hardly worth discussin'.
--- Chris Papa

There once was a GESTAPO guy;
Sado-masochist sex he would try.
Between whips and chains,
He inflicted big pains,
And liked the barbed-wire in his fly.
--- Chris Papa

The love of a most brutal type
Brought from his partners no gripe,
Who certainly knew
That when he got through,
For Hermit Dave, they'd be ripe.
--- Chris Papa

The brutal state police, GESTAPO,
With Hitler's loss quickly went floppo.
For without a head,
The snake will be dead;
Repeat ad libitum da capo.
--- Daniel Ford

Pfizer, rebating drug maker,
Of Viagra, impotence slaker;
Kick-back is no crime,
Fund GEYSER is fine,
If government is the taker.
--- Karen

Urban GHETTOES, reduced to waste,
Once the inhabitants are displaced,
Become things they ain't
Like town houses quaint,
With charm and affectation graced.
--- Chris Papa

This urban renewal, it seems,
Is stuff of developer's dreams.
They buy in dirt cheap,
Then sit back and reap
The wealth of all of their schemes.
--- Chris Papa

"GIBBOUS this day our bread."
Is exactly what the preacher said.
By sending "daily"
To liturgical jail, he
Gave meter to the line which I led.
--- Norm Brust

The curve of a hump so GIBBOUS
On the back of kyphosis gives us
Notre Dame's ringer,
Whose love for a singer
Was dismissed by cynics as glib lust.
--- Daniel Ford

The osteoporotic spine
We see with its GIBBOUS decline,
From neck to the rump.
The "Dowager's Hump"
Is something for which she might whine.
--- Chris Papa

Bachelorhood, young mens' GIBRALTAR,
Where resistance is likely to falter
When a certain miss
Can seal with a kiss
That reluctant walk to the alter.
--- Chris Papa

Their solid, GIBRALTAR-like stance
Was not really open to chance.
Green helmets they wore
As they stormed ashore,
In long-ago Normandy, France.
--- Gene