Old teachings were all IMMUTABLE,
'Til Copernicus proved quite able
To show that the sun
Is the center of fun;
Spaceships, rockets, now commutable.
--- Gene

Congressional issues beside,
This unworthy one should deride.
Congressional action's
Pain in our collective backside.
--- Daniel Ford

A gent of IMPECCABLE taste
Decided to live life quite chaste.
But one day it seems
Met the girl of his dreams;
Now thinks celibacy is a waste
--- Chris Papa

She slathered on sun screen, detectable;
Wore umbrella-sized hats, unwreckable.
Flaunted skin unblemished.
Said as she was Flemish,
Her skin was, therefore, quite unfreckable.
--- Luana Nemaste

Fully blocked IMPERFORATE anus,
Life incompatible like Janus,
Will bring for and aft
Proctologist's craft,
For space travel, toward Uranus.
--- Daniel Ford

That blocked IMPERFORATE anus,
Will make one behave like canis;
It's easily seen
What makes him so mean
And guilty of high crimes heinous.
--- Daniel Ford

Impervious gal with hard heart
Didn't get him to first base from the start.
So on a whim,
He turned to a "HIM"
And played to the hilt the "SHE" part.
--- Barbara Gorman

The chastity belt was impervious,
So he sent for a locksmith quite nevious.
Who fumbled with keys
And then, if you please,
Erupted like old Mt Veservious.
--- Chris Papa

Impulsive passion IMPETUOUS
Left unbridled is promiscuous,
And if still unchecked,
Careers will be wrecked;
Body parts will seem deciduous.
--- Daniel Ford

An IMPETUOUS youth, Handsome Dan,
Married the beautiful Anne.
They slept well together,
Were birds of a feather,
Just look what the flirting began.
--- Chris Papa

Three wonderful daughters they've got,
Two sons-in-law, like 'em or not,
With one bride to go,
I'm sure they'll soon know,
They're next in the grandparents slot.
--- Chris Papa

When a guy meets a girl and he flirts,
He may end up with his just desserts.
For a night he's a king,
With IMPETUOUS fling,
Then discovered that love comes in spurts.
--- Observer

There were two IMPLACABLE foes;
In eternal war they were froze.
Each fought to the end,
Unable to mend,
Till both finished with turned up toes.
--- Chris Papa

IMPOLITIC, it would appall a tick,
A flea on a canine to call a tick.
If, in ranking of pest,
You say flea is the best,
Well, that's a sure way you can gall a tick.
--- Jim Drew

French minister, extremely rude,
Criticized good English food.
Such arrogant schtick
For coming Olympics he's screwed.
--- Chris Papa

For English food, I'm in no hurry,
Be it London or Leeds or Surrey.
The Brits know the trick;
It may be IMPOLITIC,
But they go for pizza, Mickey D, or some curry.
--- Norm Brust

Slick Willy won't resign so soon,
Instead, will Senate IMPORTUNE,
To cop better plea,
And dance earnestly,
To harsh censorship's giddy tune.
--- Chris Papa

If a sin tax is IMPOST upon me,
With the things I like no longer free,
I'll have no money for bail
To stay out of jail.
An inmate I surely will be.
--- Barrie Eksteen

If tax is IMPOST on our roster,
The guy who collects it, IMPOSTER.
I wish on his head
A penalty dread;
A real painful case of H. zoster!
--- Chris Papa

"I'm pregnable," presaged her dress;
Could that in itself, impute "Yes?"
With judo black belt,
She stayed, although svelte,
Impregnable, nevertheless.
--- Nick

The opera boss, IMPRESARIO,
With women was a lothario,
So it's no surprise
That they scream of lies
Together in full tessitario.

(full melodic voice)
--- Daniel Ford

The surname that was given to me,
"Papa," most inevitably
Will mean, when I'm sure,
Amounts to a Papal decree.
--- Chris Papa

Sir Winston, well known for wit dark,
His quips repeatedly found their mark;
When questioned, he said,
"Well, to keep on ahead,
I just plan my impromptu remark."
--- Gunjan

A guy good at IMPROMPTU wit
Fell flat in a chat with a twit;
His bon mots so swell
Like lead balloons fell
With every dull, "I don't get it."
--- Chris Papa

And though it's like "pearls before swine,"
Or dunking hot dogs in good wine,
Our limericks we send
To who knows what end,
Though surely We think they're divine.
--- Chris Papa

She wanted divorce, was the rumor;
She said he did often IMPUGN her.
He meant not to dis;
The problem was this:
They had not the same sense of humor.
--- Elois

The Dems will poor Dubya IMPUGN
For starting Iraq war to soon.
'Cause they'd rather wait
Until it's too late,
Like when they thought we were immune.
--- Chris Papa

If integrity you would IMPUGN,
Be sure your arguments are in tune.
For if you neglect
Any facts suspect,
You may be hung on points picaynue.
--- Daniel Ford

At times I would like to IMPUGN
The singers of that too trite tune;
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes",
Just give's me the sighs.
I hope I don't hear it too soon.
--- Harold

The members of Congress IMPUGN,
Colleagues in that large commune,
While each career grows,
They'll not come to blows,
But sing the sweet hypocrit's tune.
--- Chris Papa

The way not to make a girl swoon
Is to bludgeon with words or IMPUGN
In verse or in prose;
Try, rather, a rose
And the sight of the midsummer moon.
--- Eva Amata

IMPUISSANCE no more, I'll have power.
He schemed as he thought of her dower;
Before banns, his jig up;
She insisted, "Pre-nup."
He signed but he rued plan gone sour.
--- Elois

Commission hearings quite recent,
Display government IMPUISSANT,
To terrorist threat,
Unable to get
Intelligence timely or decent.
--- Chris Papa

This is file iql

The powerless people IMPUISSANT
Consider bullies public nuisance
And would just rather
Regard their blather
With calculated airs insouciant.
--- Daniel Ford

I hear that we our youth saddle,
With huge debt helped old pols addle.
While our seniors are hung
And with large taxes stung,
Left up the creek without a paddle.
--- Chris Papa

In both parties it's "Tax and Spend",
Neither bunch is the workers' friend.
And it is quite certain
That at your last curtain,
They'll be there to tax in the end.
--- Chris Papa

I had a great taste oportunity
To eat my fill with IMPUNITY.
Now I carry a pail
Due to stomach travail,
From germs to which I'd no immunity.
--- Elois

The old folks in my community,
Show some remarkable unity.
In school taxes rejecting,
Yet still they're expecting
Grandkids will be raised with IMPUNITY.
--- Chris Papa

He thought he'd INALIENABLE right,
Like that practiced on wedding night;
Instead he was stumped,
By "bad headache" trumped.
So he found himself damsel of night.
--- Chris Papa

The practice of droit du seigneur,
Was common in dark days of yore,
Before smart DNA's
Could point out who's the dad for sure.
--- Elois

The blood red pink of INCARNADINE
Just might be evidence brigandine
Of the Hannigan's
Teen's shenanigans
Behind steamed windows in car, Nadine.
--- Daniel Ford

The virtue of brides is complete
Only, in some ethnic street,
If after first night,
There's confirming sight
Of an INCARNADINE sheet.
--- Chris Papa

Mother Nature most certainly vexes
Relations between the two sexes,
Who battle anon
And feel put upon,
To find out just which the rex is.
--- Chris Papa

Dear ladies' INCARNADINE flow,
Unseen so the gents never know
To stay far away,
And abjure all play,
Though PMS acts often show.
--- Chris Papa

This is a stanza, a prime example,
Of a limerick that is nonample.
If you discover one,
INCHOATE for fun,
Just curse, because it is a sample.

--- Larry Falk

Perot chooses Choate as running mate.
Though he may suffer VP's fate.
At least, as we heard,
He turns a good word.
In Econ he's not INCHOATE.

--- Daniel Ford

There's INCHOATE like those of mine,
That end a line without a rhyme.
I get excited
With eight syllables righted,
And forget I need rhyme all the time.

--- Larry Falk

I once knew a struggling poet
Who tried to rhyme INCHOATE.
The result was a hash;
He broke out in a rash
And his wife said, "Wouldn't you know it!"
--- Norm Brust

My emerging career as a poet
Is best described as INCHOATE.
I can do the trick
With a limerick,
But if I tried a sonnet, I'd blow it!
--- Norm Brust

To those with an INCHOATE view
Of ideas that are recent and new,
I'd like to declare
What comes with white hair,
Is state where you don't have a clue.
--- Chris Papa

INCHOATE, the imperfect form,
For some folks, is the thinking norm.
They speak, I do fear,
Without brains "in gear",
And spew forth nonsensical storm.
--- Chris Papa

INCHOATE often gets my goat,
Implying need for learning rote.
If one would know it,
To become more choate;
Why should the prep school be called Choate?

--- Daniel Ford

INCHOATE, unfinished, chaotic,
Virtual, unreal, abiotic,
Down-market and boring,
The Web leaves me snoring,
Though some people find it hypnotic.
--- Eva Amata

Inconsiderate, INCOGITANT,
The old fool is quite incognizant
When it comes to others,
For even his brothers,
Find that they just cannot dodge his rants.
--- Daniel Ford

There was an INCOGITANT fool,
Who lived by his own "Golden Rule".
So to others did
As suited his id,
And thought his bad habits "real cool".
--- Chris Papa

The sonnets of Willy the Bard,
And our rhymes, which most folks discard,
Should bring no surprise.
The great diffence lies
--- Chris Papa

When into the house mailman strode,
To drop post for open abode,
The lady was shocked
Since she wan't frocked
And consequently INCOMMODE.
--- Chris Papa

A lover of parties, Bernardo
Downed too many drinks and went blotto;
His wife would have yelled,
So him his friends held
--- Bob Dvorak

If you're INCONNU then you're a stranger;
The usage implies certain danger.
Could be a new friend
Around the next bend,
Or maybe just a babe in a manger.
--- Eric Seaberg

It's okay to wear your toupee
When you drive a hardtop coupe,
When you drive a convertible.
Top down, there'll be a bill to pay.
--- Norm Brust

The old man seemed quite imperturbable--
We think that your dog could be curbable.
'Round puddles we schlep,
But it's gross when we step
--- Bob Dvorak

Congress, INCORRIGIBLE lot,
Even with lives on the spot,
Will politics play,
With our Nation's fray?
Always ready for elections hot.
--- Chris Papa

The Bible, INCUNABULUM prime,
Was written over period of time.
The Koran was later
To provide the hater
With excuse for genocide crime.
--- Chris Papa

Our friend Hitler wrote his own book,
So that fledgling Nazis might look
To show what might be
With the recipe,
For millions of Jews they might cook.
--- Chris Papa

To investigate we INDAGATE,
A concept that's hard to indicate
When the local gang
Would prefer to hang
Their rivals and their wrongs vindicate.
--- Daniel Ford

INDEFEASIBLE things are quite rare,
Since on Earth, there's little that's fair.
With no hope for cure,
Death, taxes are sure.
Other pledges just vanish in air.
--- Chris Papa