There was a young woman named Claire
Who went to a party all bare.
She said, looking harassed,
And very embarrassed,
"I thought only men would be there!"
--- Anon

A local young lady called Claire
Dropped her drawers so her pussy could air.
She sighed with delight
As a barber named Dwight
Got his comb and then parted her hair.
--- Tim Fisher

A horny young farm wife named Claire,
Used a cuke when her Luke wasn't there.
And by filling her quim
With brine to the brim,
Made pickles to sell at the fair.

(cuke - cucumber)
--- Rowdy Jack

A thoughtless young woman named Clare
Sprayed all sorts of goo on her hair,
Then powdered her torso
And face, only more so,
And I said, "You're polluting the air!"
--- Alsops Foibles

There was a young recluse of Clare
Who was hotly pursued by a bare
And tumescent young buck,
Desirous to fuck
And shoot a great load in her hair.
--- Hugh Clary

A buxom young farm girl named Claire,
At eighteen had golden blond hair.
She grows apples and peaches,
And you know when she reaches,
That she also has grown quite a pear.
--- Bob Birch P0310

That pretty young model called Clare
Has a beautiful mane of blond hair,
But everyone knows,
When she takes off her clothes,
That she's really a brunette down there.
--- Michael Horgan

A desperate spinster named Claire
Once knelt in the moonlight all bare
And prayed to her God
For a romp on the sod;
A passerby answered her prayer.
--- Anon G1535

A Salvation Lassie named called Claire,
Was having her first love affair.
As she climbed into bed,
She reverently said,
"I wish to be opened with prayer."
--- Anon L0820A

There once was a woman named Claire,
Who'd walk around perfectly bare,
Saying, "All that I show
Are my publics, you know.
My privates are covered with hair!"
--- Isaac Asimov

There once was a woman named Claire
Whose ass was uncommonly square,
But she hid it with scads
Of her custom made pads,
So that no one was ever aware.
--- Cap'n Bean P0204

I knew a hairdresser called Claire,
She trimmed up my thick pubic hair.
She then asked if I,
Wished her special blow dry...
It's the best I've had yet, I declare.
--- Tiddy Ogg

As aspiring young bimbo named Clare
Has a twat with a hole that is square.
When she chose to turn pro,
She found business was slow,
Because men with square pegs are so rare.
--- William N Nesbit P9608 a

A modern Eau Claire girl named Claire
Remarked as she sprawled in a chair:
"I can tell by your glance
I forgot to wear pants,
So stare at my crotch -- I don't care!"
--- G2325

There was a young woman named Claire,
Who couldn't pass up a good dare;
The weirder, the better,
It just made her wetter,
When people would stop by and stare.
--- Rod Harden

There was a young woman named Claire;
Trombonist Jim gave her a dare:
With dildo on slider,
He played right inside her;
High C gave them both quite a scare.
--- Rod Harden

The naughtiest nurse is young Claire,
Whose cleavage is worth a close stare.
As she passes by,
She will undo your fly,
And give you a quick squeeze down there.
--- Archie

The Coq-au-vin bistro is where
I first met the waitress, young Claire,
And quite made her jump
By requesting some rump,
As I lunged for her sweet derriere.
--- Peter

The mother of buxom Miss Claire
Discovered her secret affair.
She admonished her child
For her antics so wild,
"This is something we both have to share."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0083

There once was a hooker named Claire,
Who greeted her customers bare.
"Every other damned trade
Keeps its stock well displayed,
So now guys who care know what's there!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 602

When Tom had a lady named Clair,
He was the first one to get there.
She said, "Copulation
Can result in gestation,
But I swear, now you're there, I don't care."
--- Grand Prix Lim 174

The curly cunt-hair on cute Claire
Makes the men in the nudist camp stare.
And like tigers they fight
To see who spends the night
Splitting open Claire's pubical hair.
--- G0296

There was a young lady named Clare;
A wig-maker who used real hair.
The result was fantastic,
Not like those of plastic,
Her wigs must be handled with care.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

While sunbathing naked, young Claire,
Saw her yoga instructor. "But where
Are his vest and his pants?"
She thought, sneaking a glance;
'Twas the first time she'd seen Yogi Bare.
--- Peter Wilkins

His assistant, young Master BooBoo
On his rod had a dainty tattoo
Of Claire's pussy lips
And saucy, sweet nips;
So embareassed, she knew not what to do.
--- Anon

Said Janet, "You're starting to rankle.
It isn't your foot to the ankle
That bothers me, Toots,
But the spurs on your boots.
What that doesn't tear up, your shank'll.
--- John Miller

A well-traveled lady of Crete
Was sunning herself with young Pete.
He said, "Tell me, Irene,
Why your back is so green?"
She said, "Grass never grows 'neath my feet."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2526

A passionate lady named Jan
Said, craving a sexy young man,
"Oh, why am I slighted;
My fire is ignited;
I'm waiting as fast as I can."
--- Irene Livingston

Said a beautiful babe name of Jana
"It's lonely out here in Montana.
I'll fuck for real cheap,
But the men here like sheep,
And the store is sold out of bananas."
--- Gene Brady

The bearer, nom-de-plume Lady Jane,
Hadn't sense to come in from the rain.
So she got pneumonia
And would constantly phone you
Just so she could bitch and complain.
--- Jane D Hughes P9009

Jane said to her manager Pete
"That memo you wrote was so sweet
About how men harass
Today's working lass --
I hope they learn soon, I'm in heat!"
--- Anon

An irascible woman named Jane
In the ass was rather a pain.
On weekdays she would rage
Like a beast in a cage,
But on weekends she'd only complain.
--- Warrick Elrod

There was a young woman named Jane,
With a character free from all stain.
Except, I confess,
For sexual excess;
A talent of which she was vain.
--- Isaac Asimov

This is file gyl

Then there was Janie from Hamble,
With a figure like Naomi Campbell.
She'd lay on her yacht,
Displaying her twat,
Then onto my beam she would scramble.
--- Tiddy Ogg

There is Jeanie and her double D's,
A beautiful girl...aimed to please.
But sadly departed,
To waters uncharted,
With pirates off the Florida Keys.
--- Carol

Excuse me, but what's that I hear?
You've a dearth now of females? No fear,
Sweet Jeanie is back
And I might take a crack
At limming and playing in here.
--- Jeanie

I missed all you gents, don't you know?
I've fond memories of long ago.
It's time to stop lurking
And get down to working.
A year's long enough a furlough.
--- Jeanie

Jeanie, you were missed by all;
We're glad that you've answered the call.
But if Myrtle's your aunt,
I know that you can't
Get in a rush when you're on call.
--- Cyber Wizard

So Jeanie, please take you time
And write us some limericks, sublime.
We know you're up to it;
Just sit down and do it,
And by the way, make the things rhyme!
--- Cyber Wizard

For that I can't take all the credit,
And though I've a good brain, my head it
Don't always appease
With the words that will please,
And you know that I've been known to edit.
--- Jeanie

There was a young girl named Jen
Whose body rated a "10".
But the guy she was dating
Had questioned the rating,
And he never was heard from again.
--- LambMan

I once had a girlfriend named Jen,
I loved her and held her and then,
She bedded one brother,
And then yet another.
She'll not be my sweetheart again.
--- Anon

Now Jenny, the multiple comer,
Jump-started that boy with a hummer.
At his tender age
His hormones did rage;
He serviced her all through the summer.
--- Jim Weaver Collection A

In our dotage, I noodle sweet Janet;
Every other third Thursday we'd plan it.
Though she'd rub it with lard,
I couldn't stay hard
When into that dry hole I ran it.
--- Temujin

Janet had creatures with fur
And menfolk that all lived with her.
They each had a bone
To hone on his own,
And she made every one of them purr.
--- John Miller

The bones of the kitties were rough,
But Janet, though silky, was tough.
Though some of those wedges
Were thorny as hedges,
She never could quite get enough.
--- John Miller

Said Janet, "I can't really tell
In the dark, by the touch or the smell,
Of the heft, or the pitch,
Which dogbone is which,
But I think almost all of them swell.
--- John Miller

She kept some fine pigs, one or two,
Which did all the things that boars do.
She said, "You should know
That the way that they go,
Upholds the true meaning of 'screw'."
--- John Miller

"My cocoon," she said, "comes with a hook
That hangs in each cranny and crook.
Getting it off
Requires a brisk boff;
They don't always come by the book."
--- John Miller

The fellows were Tom, Dick, and Harry,
Her brothers and old Uncle Larry.
"But small nephew Ned,"
Janet once said,
"Has the bone that's most likely to vary."
--- John Miller

"We've visitors here all the time,"
Said Janet, "but still it's a crime;
Tiddy Ogg never came,
Randog's just a name,
And H still refuses to rhyme."
--- John Miller

Sometimes she will visit John Miller
To give her hot box a light filler.
"I find less than granite
Can please me," said Janet.
"Each bang needn't be a real thriller."
--- Randog

It's true that the thing where I pee
Is soft more than hard, but you see,
As long as my wang
Responds with a "Twang!"
With Jan, it's a thriller for me.
--- John Miller

"The rich frothy brew from your tap,"
Quipped Janet, "I've downed. 'Twas a snap!
But after a blow,
I crave a quid pro quo.
Unleash that long tongue! Mind the gap!"
--- Randog

Said Janet, "I search with great vigor,
For sweets that are kind to your figure;
Jelly Babies are neat
But just girls will I eat.
The boys are that little bit bigger."
--- David Miller

Espying a bulge in his lap,
Sweet Janet went down on the chap.
With plenty of pluck,
Her lips ran amuck,
Since, lacking twat, cock filled the gap.
--- Randog

There is a loose woman called Jenny;
I think she has slept with too many.
A tingling rush
Like cystitis or thrush
Occurs when she's spending a penny.
--- Chris Young

There once was a typist called Jenny
Who couldn't spell Abergiveny.
She tried and she tried
Till she broke down and cried:
"I know there are E's, but how many?"
--- Chris Young

Attractive though Jennifer be,
She won't get a shagging from me;
She's not only got
A maloderous twat,
But she won't let me do it for free.
--- John Miller

Oh, Jennifer! Jennifer! Jen!
No douching since heaven knows when.
There's Pete's and my wad
And the dog's; only God
Knows what's in the muck of than hen.
--- John Miller

Though Jenny can never smell nice,
I paid for her twat once or twice.
I'm under her spell;
So what if I smell?
It's better than wearing Old Spice.
--- SFA

Because of Jen's grimly bad fetors,
Though free,no many would eat hers.
The stench from her culture,
Will knock off a vulture,
From shit-carts at four hundred meters.
--- David Miller

Regarding this matter of fee:
If she won't let you do it for free,
You fee should be large!
(When you overcharge,
That's all the more business for me!)
--- John Miller

Methinks if the price were reduced,
Our Peter could well be seduced
By Jennifer's grim
Unsanitary quim,
No matter the smell it produced.
--- Ericka

Regarding malodorous twat:
Since that's all the pussy she's got,
You wouldn't be mean
Suggesting she clean
It with Lysol before it will rot.
--- John Miller

While Jen does not smell like a rose,
She often can wilt one of those.
I think you will find
That men who are blind
Could find her by using their nose.
--- SFA