An estrous young wanton named Webb
Can regulate flow, even ebb,
So at parties and proms,
Or in bed at her mom's,
She's more in demand than a deb.
--- Armand Singer

Admitted a pervert named Garms,
"Of all girls' endearing young charms,
The one I love most,
In which I'm engrossed,
Is sweat from up under their arms."
--- Armand Singer

There is a young girl down the street
Who stares at me square in the meat,
When out for a stroll.
And last night she stole
A feel, and my friends, it was sweet.
--- Anon

There was a young lady of Eccles
Whose belly was covered with freckles.
But the boys didn't mind,
For she made a good grind,
And she did it for love, not for shekels.
--- G1742a

In Warsaw men line up and cheer
A Four with a sex-pack of beer.
A girl with three tits
Who carries some Schlitz,
Rates Ten with the thirsty men here.
--- Larry Davis P8712

Now French girls don't need PhD's,
If they have pretty breasts and cute knees.
They don't know the word, "No,"
And they love a peep show.
The thing I like best are their oui's!
--- Al Willis

Girls have a magnetic attraction
To boys who are looking for action.
It just will not cease
Until he gets his piece,
And she gets all her satisfaction.
--- Tom Patton P9708

While strolling along by the Thames,
I delight in the height of girl's hems. (hhames)
If they were much higher,
I'm sure I'd catch fire --
I do like a shapely fem's stems. (fhame's sthames)
--- Norm Storer

She kept her libido concealed,
This passionate lady of Field,
As an idealist
With a will to resist
And another to gracefully yield.
--- Keith MacMillan 97b

There was a fair maiden I knew
Whose eyes were unusually blue,
And her naughty smile said
She was much fun in bed.
She had eager men up the Kazoo.
--- Jhlcat

There once was a hottie named Lasher
And every freeper wanted to mash her.
But she started to fret
And played hard to get.
So all we can do now is flash her.
--- Gene

A girl on a bus -- ah, romance!
The driver could see at a glance
That her outfit was breezy
And she would be easy.
Alas, he just missed his big chance.
--- Neal Wilgus P8507

I hope that I cause no distress
When I say I'm a woman, no less.
I'd be telling you lies
If I said I was nice;
My hand can both hit and caress.
--- Anneli Blomqvist

Never have I been a male,
Attached to that thing that you trail.
For all that it's worth,
The slit is from birth,
The legendary holy grail.
--- Anon

The teacher, commencing to teach,
Saw a beautiful girl within reach.
He began to despair --
Something was in the air --
And that's not just a figure of speech.
--- Keith Gilman P0107

In bed, gal grad student named Klein
Would confuse signifier and sign.
Show a phallus in text,
She became highly sexed:
"I'm not in the mood to decline."
--- Anon

My girlfriend has hair mousy brown,
And her looks will not win her renown.
Though her assets lie hidden,
They're not quite forbidden,
And the joys there wipe out any frown.
--- John Miller 0123

A young woman whose name is Lucille
Has extraordinary sexual appeal.
Men don't dare ask for much --
Here and there just a touch --
Or perhaps a more intimate feel.
--- Isaac Asimov

There was a young lady named Mays,
The queen of the courts in those days.
She was screwed by the dukes,
The lords and the flukes,
And she left all the knights in a daze.
--- Albin Chaplin 0324-0261

A delightful young maid of La Jolla
Lays around like the Maya de Goya,
Hardly conscious, it seems,
Of the copious streams
Of lascivious louts who enjolla.
--- Hugh Oliver A020B

Don't tell me you don't take a peek
At the masculine manly physique,
And the sensuous bulge
(When we dare to divulge),
Else life is exceedingly bleak.
--- Anon

My friend Wilson intends to abscond
With some beautiful blue-eyed young blond
Who will gladly agree
To any kink he
Might desire as to sex -- and beyond!
--- Isaac Asimov

The prettiest women are lasses
Who relish my profligate passes,
Have tits, large or small,
Are short, or they're tall,
With legs from the floor to their asses!
--- Travis Brasell

Why must my thoughts be so dirty?
I sit here and write for Mr Squirty.
A gal to make my heart thump,
Good looks and nice rump,
I doubt I'd stop being just flirty.
--- Ima Blast

There once was a lady named Charlotte,
Whom many mistook for a harlot.
Through her dress, you'll see tit,
And just a wee bit
Of pudenda, which she's painted scarlet!
--- Sam Pittman

A fine-figured woman, Ms Tanner;
You could tell, by her profile and manner.
When she fill up the screen,
With her cleavage, I mean,
No wonder they wanted to ban her.
--- Libby Corrie

If I had a sexual planet
With only one beauty to man it;
The choice would be clear,
Whose orbit I'd steer:
A nova, a new star named Janet.
--- Travis

There once was a girl named Trish
Who was a very well endowed dish.
She liked to flirt
And wear a short skirt.
Will I get to bed her -- I wish!
--- Anon

A restive young lady from Goshen
Was frequently seen in the ocean;
It settled her nerves
While rounding her curves,
And gave her a fabulous motion.
--- Lims Unlimited

Young Penny has come-to-bed eyes,
Sweet nipples that point to the skies,
A body curvaceous,
A manner flirtatious,
And fuck-me-to-heaven-ly thighs.
--- Peter Wilkins

Think of the brain waves you'll get
From observing the maidens coquette,
With their perky young tits,
Not to mention their slits,
Which are always so fragrant and wet.
--- Anon

The cooking and menus are Anna's;
Though Iberian, she won't wear bandanas.
She just loves talking
'Bout hot Spanish porking,
And the things that she does with bananas.
--- Anon

My sister's a modern young miss;
She's not averse to giving her kiss,
To a laddie she'll meet,
In a park or a street;
To her, doing that is sheer bliss.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

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A whorish horsewoman named Trott
Just loved to give samples of twat.
Every day without fail,
There were males on her tail;
All the horsemen knew 'er as hot!

(only saddlemakers daughter but all the horse manure - McW)
--- G0210

One day on the banks of the Liffey,
On Guinness I got rather squiffy;
But one look at Mary
Who worked in the dairy,
And lo! Instantaneous stiffie!
--- Peter Wilkins

Well, I checked out that beauty, Miss March.
She makes all your throats feel real parched;
With big dewey eyes
That quite hypnotize,
And in your pants, something well starched.
--- Anon

The youngest sister is Jayne,
She's often described as insane.
She's usually skint,
But her heart's worth a mint,
And her life is more pleasure than pain.
--- Jayne

I sit here and wait for my kin
Near the store where they're shopping within.
As I watch the girls pass,
I see much tits and ass,
And generous portions of skin.
--- Parker Waterman P0203

There was a young maid of Cape Hatteras
Who said, "I don't know what the matteras--
Men all lose their nerve
When they see how I curve,
I wish that I had a much flatteras!"
--- E Fox

Some Southampton lasses are phoney;
If you kiss them they'll want matrimony.
Nicer gals are near by,
That you might like to try;
They're referred to as "New Forest Pony"!
--- Anon

A meat slicer's great in the kitchen.
Whenever your meat starts to itchin'
There is nothing nicer
Than a sexy meat slicer.
Just tell her, "Scratch here and no bitchin'."
--- Theo M Heller P9304

Men will find my name is not A. Hill;
I require a real male for a thrill;
I'm no iconoclast,
But would not feel harrassed,
And effeminate men make me ill.
--- Ann Gasser P9111

Many men do not make wild passes
At girls who keep wearing their glasses.
The result's contact lenses,
From the hills to the glenses,
Being worn by millions of lasses!
--- Arthur Pattaffy

Understanding, her father was not,
When I told him his daughter was hot.
He forbade me to see her,
So I just have to steal her;
Oh Lord! I Pray I'm not caught!
--- M D McFarland

There was a young tease from Mount Chesser,
Who'd smile at the men who'd assess her.
So flirtatious was she,
When she had them for tea,
Then allowing not one to undress her.
--- Scott Hendricks

There once was a girl named Clarisse
Of whom every guy wanted a piece.
Big tits and nice ass,
Oozed nothing but class,
Unlike her nymphomaniac niece!
--- Anon

There was a young lady, Irene,
Whose smile was the biggest I've seen.
The sight of her back
Left nothing to lack,
Though the front was slightly obscene.
--- Archie

A lovely mature girl named Lisa,
Enjoyed good delivery pizza.
When he knocked on her door,
A guy could be sure,
He'd be met by an older cock-teaser.
--- Richard Long

There was a young lady named Lynn,
Who had a surprising big grin.
But the biggest surprise,
Was the look in her eyes,
Which promised original sin.
--- Archie

A lady named Heaven was bent
On pleasing 'most each handsome gent.
Men who tried her bed
And slid inside said,
That coming was truly Heaven sent.
--- Ken McNairn

Girls who have no practicality
And even no sense of reality
Can still survive
And even thrive
By practicing their sensuality.
--- Evelyn L

There was a young girl of Biloxi
Who protested, "I'm nobody's doxy,
Though a party that swings
Will provoke me to things
I would never let Benjamin Spock see."
--- Keith MacMillan A069A

There was a young woman from Great Britain,
With whom I was really quite smitten.
She was sugar and spice,
And everything nice,
And when I stroked her, she purred like a kitten.
--- Anon

An ESP expert named Vance,
Was walking the street, and by chance,
When he read a girl's mind;
Was disgusted to find
That she'd like to get into his pants.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2354

Ireland is the home of Colleen;
Red haired, with eyes that are green.
With nice round firm tits
And moist little bits,
And flys will explode when she's seen.
--- Anon

From Red Hook, the sexy Miss Booker
Wondered why on the bus folks forsooker.
When asked, "Where you from?"
She startled them some
By replying, "Oh, I'm a Red Hooker."
--- Grand Prix Lim 225

There once was a maiden from Butte,
Montana, with buttocks so cutte
That many a beau
Reported her seau,
Enticing his rutte to salutte.
--- Anon

'Tis not Mary you talk of, pray tell;
I'd damned that young (l)ass off to hell.
Last time she was 'round
My dick fell to the ground.
I don't know what my gal to tell.
--- Anon

A woman named Alma, it's said,
Took many great artists to bed.
Gustave, Walter and Franz,
(Maybe serveral named Hans),
But 'twas only the first three she wed.

(Alma who - McW)(could be Mahler's wife?)
--- Barry

There was a young lass at the lakeside,
Whose diminuitive waist was her great pride.
She'd sashay the shoreline,
Producing a low whine
From young bucks, all fixedly wide-eyed.
--- Bill Doern

A shady young lady named Kay,
When asked by a Georgian at play,
Why her nickname was Dip,
Would reply with a quip:
"Since I spread for you crackers", she'd say.
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

As I sit in the airplane's tight seat
What view will my wandering eyes meet?
A stewardess pert
In a tight miniskirt,
And when she bends down -- What a treat!
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0203

I know what I want for my present!
A woman so foxy and pleasant:
A lovely young thing
Who looks like a queen,
But sucks and fucks like a peasant.
--- Mike M. T9712

So she toned down her boisterous bluster;
And spoke softly, and called herself Buster.
A boys name, she figured,
Would make her seem bigger,
And give her testosterone luster.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Aw shucks, honey, you're Aphrodite,
'Cause under your long flannel nighty
You've got the right stuff,
Like titties and muff,
Which swells up my pride, gosh a'mighty!
--- Anon

Possessed by a chick name of Rose,
Great thighs and tight holes into those;
I confess being stirred
By the thighs of this bird --
The holes? Not her ears nor her nose.
--- Armand Singer P0101