A passion-swept dame called Dolores,
Is the hottest of history's whores.
Though we fuck her with zest,
When we crawl home to rest,
Guess who's there waiting for us, Dolores, of cour-es!
--- L1012

A young friend of mine, a good looker,
Went out on the streets as a hooker.
After years at the game,
She had made quite a name;
It's strange that the cops wouldn't book her.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

A whore by the name of Carruther
Was rough on the one as the other.
If a lad pulled a blooper
She would swear like a trooper,
And then set him aright like a mother.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1467

Sue Beth is a callgirl from Yonkers
Who knows how to empty your conkers
In five seconds flat.
It's no wonder that
She drives all the customers bonkers.
--- Paul Westwood P9607

An irascible whore of Savoy
Said that lads who were young, gave no joy.
"When a job must be done,
Whether serious or fun,
Send a man," she said, "Don't send a boy."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1654

When men come about her, they stare;
Perhaps it's her long golden hair.
She lets it hang long
To tickle their dong,
And give them such pleasure with flair.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was an old fellow named Bunche
Who met an old whore with a hunch.
No time could she take --
It was time for a break --
So she fucked him while munching her lunch.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0070

Said a dainty young whore named Miss Meggs,
"The men like to spread my two legs,
Then slip in between,
If you know what I mean,
And leave me the white of their eggs."
--- L1036

A rapacious old broad of Paducah
Is in love with the lustre of lucre,
Which she makes, wall-to-wall,
'Cause she'll handle it all,
Whether midget or army bazooka.
--- Keith MacMillan A115B

To a whore said the cold Lady Dizzit:
"Lord D.'s a new man since your visit.
As a rule the damned fool
Can't erect his old tool;
You must have what it takes, but what is it?"
--- G1775

Casting spells, the slut her men vexes;
Near the Alamo, she bewitches both sexes.
Mused a cowboy from Lubbock
"It's magic when my cock
Is deep in the Tart of Hexes."
--- Thomas G Keller P9410

That one-eyed whore, Sally Crockett,
Always had money in her pocket.
Though a fuck was quite thrifty,
A nifty buck fifty,
'Twas twenty to shoot in her socket.
--- Anon

She always recived a big hand
As the whore who was most in demand.
And she made extra hay
From those who would pay
Just to survey the lay of the land.
--- Norm Storer P9607

When a lady has gone through abuse,
Her income is apt to reduce.
For engaging a client,
She must have a cunt pliant;
She must learn how to suck if it's loose.
--- Albin Chaplin

There was a poor lad they called Chrissy,
Who was unable to get a good stiffy.
Till a pro from Utrecht
Finally got him erect
And she left his tool rather spiffy.
--- West End Writers

There was a young lady of parts,
Not one of your lower-class tarts.
She had worked at St. John's,
Under ten learned dons,
And was certified Mistress of Arts.
--- John Ciardi

There once was a whore down at Rice,
Who cunt was as tight as a vise.
It was true, she could pinch
Off your outermost inch,
But you'd swear she was still worth the price.
--- David Miller

There once was a girl named Carlotta,
Who hailed from old Damariscotta.
And many a sailor
Had passed through her trailer,
And if you hadn't had her, you otta.
--- E S Lamprey

Said the army base nympho, Lenore,
Who screwed uniformed men by the score,
"I select in advance
Cause when they drop their pants,
They are not uniform any more!"
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0510Q

Continued the forthright Lenore,
"I rate men, adore or abhor.
I consider it blather
That size doesn't matter;
I consider the length and the bore."
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0510Q

"If a soldier is terribly hung,
A swan song need not to be sung.
Though it isn't first rate
For a casual date,
I consider the length of the tongue."
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0510Q

There was an old whore named McCord,
Who received a most fitting award.
At a harlot's convention,
She received the top mention,
For a member was she, of the bored.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1601

A whore who beguiles on the Nile
Brings out satisfied smiles with her style.
She has for her clients
Both pygmies and giants
In a line stretching miles double-file.
--- Isaac Asimov

In our town, it's a yearly tradition
To hold a Miss Whore competition.
A good shag is an art,
So all girls work real hard,
To get in the best pole-position.
--- Dirruk

There was a young lady named Maxine,
Whose customers found her relaxing.
The wise ones would plan
Before she began,
By taking a triple-dose vaccine.
--- Anon

Says a kinky old hooker named Bond,
"I've a wile of which clients are fond:
When I've hairsprayed some gold
Where my labia fold,
I'm a gilt-edged negotiable blond."
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

There was an old harlot so quaint --
Her profession she managed to taint,
For she offered much more
Than was right for a whore,
Which confirms that she had no restraint.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1642

A pert little lady named Bobbie,
Used to stroll through the Fontainbleu lobby,
Attracting the stares
Of chance millionaires,
Not entirely, I think, as a hobby.
--- John Ciardi

On nights that are hottest or coldest,
Claire goes to her job with the boldest
Intention to make it,
Refusing to fake it,
And proud her profession is oldest.
--- Travis Brasell

There was a young lady from Lincs,
Who was known as the area minx.
She was liked by the men,
Who'd return now and then.
What they played was not tiddley winks.
--- Arthur Pattaffy

There was a young lady cavernal,
Who learned how to fuck with a colonel;
And to peddle her ass
To the army top brass
Just by reading The Ladies Home Journal.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0417

In flight a young harlot named Jane
Improved on her pay with no strain,
But she peddled no meat
Below ten thousand feet,
For she worked on a much higher plane.
--- Al Chaplin 3024 P9005

A good business head had Miss Spence;
With niceties she did dispense.
A private named Steve
Could not get any leave,
So she screwed him on top of the fence.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1667

This is file gjm

"In the public rooms here," Madam said,
"A girl has to show she's well bred,
And has some social grace,
For there's only one place
Where she acts like a whore -- that's in bed."
--- A N Wilkins P9205

There once was a hooker named Ruth,
The most popular girl in Duluth.
Special sex, men request
And what makes her the best,
Is the fact she has only one tooth.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0605

A woman who lived in Des Moines
Was rather well known for her loines.
It was so tender,
Those not of her gender,
For her favors, paid many a coin.
--- Macsam

Quipped the witty Greek whore named Aspasia,
Often given to paranormasia,
"I admit I've this yen
To 'kill' young Eastern men,
For I both love and hate euthanasia." (youth in Asia)
--- Armand E Singer 164

This whore was so famous, named Dending,
What she was reserved for special vending.
To prove she was rare,
When you'd see her ass bare,
On both cheeks were stamped, "Patent Pending"!
--- Laurence Craft

A whore from the Isle of Ascension,
Just trying to get your attention,
Will suck off your dingus,
Perform cunnilingus,
Plus acts too perverted to mention.
--- Armand E Singer 469

While ladies who cater to Johns
Say convicts are not paragons.
Some thugs disagree,
And I'd like to be free
To listen to both pros and cons.

(pros - hookers, cons - convicts - get it? - McW)
--- Norm Storer P9409

Old Mars in a fit of caprice
The mad dogs of war did release.
But young Xaviera
On the French Riviera
Unleashed all the pussies of piece.
--- G1753

In Dodge City, prostitution's lair,
I tried to act 'tres debonair',
But she saw through my guise
And, spreading her thighs,
Said, "Howdy, young man. Put 'er there!"
--- Norm Storer P9205

There was a young chip from Brazil,
Who fucked like a veritable mill.
There was never a whore,
When she'd finished her chore,
More prompt to present you her bill.
--- L0997

"When you buy ass from me," said Miss Curry,
"There is no need to fret or to worry.
I can give you a lay
Which will last you all day,
Or a quickie for men in a hurry."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1481

"I've been to Tibet," said Rene,
"Also Singapore, Nice, and Bombay.
But my sister Lenore
Is a Montreal whore
Who goes 'round the world every day."
--- Michael Weinstein P8709a

There was an old madam named Lize,
Who carried some fine merchandise.
You could view her collection
And not make a selection
Until you sampled a couple for size.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1585

The TV gourmette's know for cookery.
But when off the air she sells nookery.
Her clients she'll grapple
In vats of pork scrapple;
To print details would fill a large bookery.
--- Bruce Thompson

A patriot, pretty Miss Moore,
Our Marine Brigade's favorite whore,
Explained to the nervous,
"I service the service,
And thus serve my country the Moore.
--- Lance Payne P8406

I know an old whore from La Jolla,
Whose specialty might just annolla --
Unless you like mooing
Along with your screwing;
In that case, perhaps you'd enjolla.
--- Norm Storer P9212

A sweet-talking belle named Magnolia
Will, with two lips and juleps cajole ya'.
Your drink the bitch baits
With barbituates,
Then you snore, and that cute whore'll roll ya'.
--- Sex to Sexty P8808

A prostitute working on Guam
Sets each customer off like a bomb,
By twirling her boobs
And venting her tubes
While singing the Twenty-Third Psalm.
--- Norm Storer

A philosopher, finding a stone,
Was as giddy as a dog with a bone.
He traded it for
Three nights with a whore,
To this day, he's still lying prone.
--- Anon

A young London tart with big titties
Went to Paris to sing some French ditties.
When all's said and done,
She had lots of fun,
In her roll as the tail of two cities.
--- Tom Patton P9709

With a harlot, Professor McHugh
Was fumbling his way through a screw.
With a learned rendition
He explained his position,
So she taught the old fuck how to screw.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1602

A fellow named Teeter in Vaughter,
Popped the cherry on his hostess's daughter.
Life then became boring,
So she's gone in for whoring
With the technique that damned Teeter taught 'er.
--- G1624

Said a whore (who was blind) from Hong Kong,
"I've been in this business so long,
I can tell who is which
With a vaginal twitch --
Yes I can tell a white from a Wong!"
--- John Miller

In a boat armed with oars at the front,
An amorous guy he would punt.
Once while on the go,
He picked up a pro,
And sailed off to the end of her cunt.
--- Anon

She would eat her apple by noon;
Mid-night her Joes would swoon.
All her students would learn,
Whips or rulers she's stern,
And can place child or man on the moon.
--- Anon

A wordly-wise tart named Miss Hunt
Said, "Girls! Vaseline in your cunt
Makes the big peckers slide
With great ease inside,
And the darn thing won't cause you to grunt."
--- G1806

Her intellect made an impression,
But she freely made this confession:
"My trade I do ply
From Bonn to Shanghai,
As I have the world's oldest profession."
--- Al Willis P9702

A tousled old harlot named Hough
Lost her trade on account of her muff.
But the men came in flocks
With inquisitive cocks,
When she broke out her virginal duff.
--- G0984

Hi boys, I'm insatiable Gwen
And always on the lookout for men.
With my boobs as a lure
I will catch you for sure,
Not a question of if, rather when.
--- Anon

Each night I am here on the beat,
In the best part of town on broad street.
Have each hour some hits;
I'm well known as top bitch,
'Cause I give every guy the best treat.
--- Anon

I'm kinky; have the looks of a beau
As a hooker I'm really a pro.
Before each nice fuck
I give a good suck,
In exchange for some valuable dough.
--- Anon

So boys if you do feel the need
To loose down there some of the heat,
There is one place to be;
It's the corner, you see,
Downtown Fifty Sixth and Broad Street.
--- Anon

When the census man called upon Gail,
Whose clients were all strictly male,
And said, "You career
Should be written here."
She entered the one word, "Wholesale".
--- George McWilliam

A vicious old whore of Albania,
Hated men with a terrible mania.
With a twitch and a squirm,
She would hold back your sperm,
And then roll on her face and disdain ya.
--- L0990