Three girly-men, all dressed in leather,
Played a game with two whips and a feather.
Before all their sessions,
They asked the same questions:
They asked "When" and "Where" but not "Whether."
--- Phred

A student of business at Yale
Lacked cash and he thought he would fail,
But he had no concern
When he made the right turn
And he found that his ass was for sale.
--- Al Chaplin P9409

Said an unhappy female named Sears:
"The world is just full of those queers!
Every party I go to
There's no one to say no to;
The men swish about waggling their rears."
--- G0180

There was a young fairy named Nate,
Who was shy and reserved on a date.
He broke down and wept
When a cock he'd accept.
He's afraid he'd become what he ate.
--- Donald Dimock

In a gay troupe, an actor named Freed,
Was consumed by a cocksucking need.
When they found him in bed,
With the star, the chap said,
"It's a game where I'm blowing the lead!"
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

If your asshole is longing for cock,
I've nine inches as hard as a rock.
It's also quite thick
This marvelous prick
And ready to fuck round the clock!
--- Anon

A young fairy who'd eaten raw meat
Maintained sex relations discreet.
He received Eskimos
In the holes in his nose,
And buggered a horse with his feet.
--- G0695

A lady became very dizzy
And got herself in quite a tizzy.
She moaned "It's so mean
But I've GOT to be Queen;
So I'll just call myself Busy Lizzie!"
--- Anon

I know it may sound quite obscene.
But the Queen is a deaf man (and mean).
When folks call him Liz,
He's all in their biz,
Screaming "I'm not a lez... I'm a Queen!"
--- Anon

He's head-over-heels for the girl;
Both his heart and his mind are a whirl.
Of his eye, she's the apple;
Such feelings to grapple!
As centerfolds go, she's a pearl!
--- Anon

She's his diamond, his ruby, his pearl;
Such a huggable, kissable girl.
Of his eye she's the apple;
He aches for the chapel.
Too bad she's a trucker named Burl.
--- Anon

A gay guy said at the zoo,
When asked if a parrot he blew,
"I've never consorted
With fowl that sordid,
But I have sucked a mean cockatoo."
--- Irish

If cocksucking is what you like best,
You have come to the end of your quest.
You can wiggle and squirm
And swallow my sperm,
As I fuck down your throat with great zest.
--- Anon

A counterfeit master named Phil
Was caught with a queer in Brazil.
Behind his new press
They found a pink dress,
And the plates for a three-dollar bill.
--- Anon

"No, never," said the bitchy old queen.
"I'm afraid your habits aren't clean.
There'll be a long month of Sundays
Ere I lend you my undies.
Go shit in your own crepe de Chine."
--- Anon

There once was a fag named Tim Young,
Who liked big sweaty dicks in his bung.
He blew rednecks and hicks,
From midnight to six,
And licked all their jizz with his tongue.
--- J Strackokiovic

A naive young fellow named Harry
Met dozens of loose girls in Gary.
But he kept on ducking
His chances of fucking,
Unaware he was a latent young fairy.
--- G0087

"I'll do it for Art, I'm no prude!"
He said, as he posed in the nude.
But, on viewing his ass,
The whole fairy class,
Decided it ought to be screwed.
--- L0507

Said the doc to his patient, fag Fred,
"You've got herpes from anus to zed;
Who left you this way?"
"Good God, I can't say;
Who has eyes in the back of his head?"
--- Armand E Singer 30a

The friends of a sweet-faced young man,
Made fun of his name, which was Jan.
But don't blame his mother,
He was named by another,
His father, whose name was Diane.
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

Beneath the big chestnut tree leafy,
The blacksmith stands, thick-set and beefy;
With triceps the size
Of his biceps and thighs;
He's well known in the village as Fifi.
--- Anon

There's a reason Barton is queer,
When you meet him, the reason is clear.
A godess named Venus
Gave him a penis,
But Ma Nature filled up his brassiere.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A sensitive fellow named Harry
Thought sex too revolting to marry.
So he went out in curls,
And frowned on the girls,
And he got to be known as a fairy.
--- L1433

There once was a man with no spunk,
Whose cock was incredibly shrunk.
His friends called him tiny,
And fudge-packed his heiny,
And came in the mouth of this punk.
--- Bluesman

To the shrine which was Pallas Athena's
Young Bito, who'd learned about penis,
Brought her needles and thread
And scissors and said,
"You can stick them, I'm changing to Venus!"
--- L0808

"Alliance, I think, would be silly,"
Said a hustler of sex, name of Billy.
"And in my opinion,
To join the queens union,
Would sort of be guilding my lily."
--- Limericks Naughty & Gay

An effeminate fellow named Ron,
Had been teased 'til his patience was gone.
A fight, he declared,
With no holds to be spared;
They dueled with handbags at dawn!
--- G Watson

There was a Scots boy scout from Airdrie
Whose bottom was always kept bared. He
Explained, "The scout master
Can enter me faster,
And a boy scout must aye be prepared. See?"
--- Linda Marsh Coll

A Phi Delt known as Carruthers
Will never make little girls mothers.
Around the old brown,
He is covered with down
To wipe off the dongs of his brothers.
--- L0460

The homos who swish down on Greene
Have rented a ladies' latrine...
One said, "It's so arty
We're giving a party,
And I have been picked as the Queen."
--- Grand Prix Lim 996

A wornout saucy old fruit,
Reamed out in the rear of his route,
Said with a shy grin,
"I can take your foot in,
As long as you take off your boot!"
--- Straydog

A fairy named Archibald Brown
Has an exquisite penthouse in town,
But the ride up the lift
Always leaves him quite miffed,
For he'd really much rather go down.
--- Norm Storer

There is a young faggot named Mose,
Who insists that you fuck his long nose.
And you'll double the joy
Of this lecherous boy
If you'll tickle his balls with your toes.
--- L0324

This is file gam

Seems things for Gary do not glitter.
By now he's had one up the shitter,
While singing, "Come On.
I'm one sad anon,
'Cause I've lost my best baby-sitter."
--- Anon

A mincing old faggot named Kelly
Reads sissified verses by Shelley.
This homo, this wimp,
Whose penis is limp,
His backbone's confected ofjelly.
--- Armand Singer

There once was a queen from Akron
Who was asked if he screwed in the john.
"Oh Mary!" he said,
"I'd rather be dead."
And swish, the gay fairy was gone.
--- Limericks Naughty & Gay

There was an old lady of Bingly,
Who wailed, "I do hate to sleep singly.
I thought I had got
A bloke for my twat,
But he seems rather queenly than kingly."
--- G0015

"Though I'm pretty broadminded," lisped Roy,
As he sat at the bar and looked coy.
"Though the women who think
They can thway me with dwink,
Thoon thee I'm not that thort of boy!"
--- Barrie Collins

There was an Old man with a poker,
Who painted his face with red ochre.
When they said, "You're a Gay!"
He replied, "I'm that way.
You see I'm the Queen, not the Joker."
--- Edwardian Leer 005 P9306

Said the Dean to my Dad, with aplomb,
"We have need to discuss your son, Tom.
You have cause for distress
Since he oft wears a dress,
And he's been chosen Queen of the Prom!"
--- Observer

A postal inspector named Dale,
Who's limp-wristed, mincing and frail,
Will attempt an inspection
To detect an erection
As he cruises to pick up the male.
--- Jim O'Conner P9111

There's a gay prison chaplain named Locke,
With a weakness for hard convict cock.
For his assholy ways
In his Alcatraz days,
He was nicknamed "The Piece Of The Rock".
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

A pervy young fellow named Claude
Often fell down and crawled
On hands and knees,
In order to please
The kind of head that's always bald.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was a cute chap from Bombay,
And people thought he was gay.
By the way that he walked
And the way that he talked,
But his colleagues prefered him that way.
--- Anon

Some of the frat-rats at Purdue,
Have the habit of saying "Fuck You".
But one man did say
In his own queer way,
"Well I don't mind if you do!"
--- Anon

An unliberated young gay
Tried his best to be "Queen for a Day."
But the place where he strove
Was called "Cherry Grove,"
So he wasn't quite built the right way.
--- Pierce Evans

There was a young fellow named Oakum,
Whose brags about fucking were hokum.
For he really preferred
To suck cocks and stir turd.
He was Queen of the Flits in Hoboken.
--- L0498

There once was a man named Amanda
Who, as a queer, was in high demand-a.
On the streets of Madrass,
He would peddle his ass,
'Till the police read him "Miranda."
--- Anon

A much-abused fairy named Miles
Did buy him a set of round files
He could run up his ass,
Before friends made a pass,
To smooth off a bad case of piles.
--- Armand E Singer 572a

There once was a young man named Jay,
We came to find out, he was gay.
He'd get fucked up the butt
Till his old brown-eye shut.
And then he'd shit semen all day.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A Kokomo cop named O'Toole
Kept his gat in his shorts as a rule.
One day this young clod
Whipped out the wrong rod,
And a gay crook cried, "Shoot me, you fool!"
--- Michael Weinstein P8807a

There was a young man named Tweet,
Who minced as he walked down the street.
He wore shoes of bright red,
And playfully said,
"I may not be strong, but I'm sweet."
--- L1547

There was an Old Man on a hill,
Who seldom if ever stood still;
He ran up and down
In his Grandmother's gown,
And gave all the Pansies a thrill.
--- Edwardian Leer 056

There once was a guy with an odd gait,
Thought it strange that most fellows did walk straight.
His hips he wiggled,
And to fellows who giggled,
He said, "Queer you took the bait, mate."
--- Jim

There was a old man from Kieth,
Who never could get any peath,
By asking young men
If they hadn't the yen
To get sucked off by one without teeth.
--- L0407

Results can be quite unforeseen
When scientists mess with our genes;
A well-endowed fruit
They tried to transmute,
Creating a peach of a queen!
--- Mark Levy P9403

Said Jane to her mother, "I fear
My husband's turned into a queer.
On Sundays and Mondays
He irons my undies,
And he secretly wears my brassiere."
--- Anon

A gay lost his boots in a game...
And his shirt, and his pants, but no shame --
Was it poker? No way!
That's no game for a gay.
He played "poke 'em." To lose was his aim!
--- Shakes Younger Bro TP9802

A raucous young fairy named Fred
Would never consent to give head.
He always would pass,
Liking it up the ass,
And eating the results instead.
--- Anon

I happened across Wilbur Lawson
With cheeks spread and letting his boss in!
"As you see I'm a fairy,"
He started his query,
"Is there anything you'd like to toss in?"
--- Jeff Iverson

There once was a man from L.A.
Who was so incredibly gay,
He took off his clothes
And struck a queer pose,
And went off to use the bidet.
--- Woodward

A randy young sailor named Mace
Got a fright that he couldn't erase.
As he lifted the skirt
Of his highly paid flirt,
And found balls staring back in his face
--- Jim Weaver Collection

At a strange chick's place, getting fellation;
Saw a picture which gave consternation;
I said: "Who is that dope?
Not your hubbie, I hope?"
"That's me, love, before my operation!"
--- Anon

At the bar I'd thrown back a few beers,
When in walked a bevy of dears.
I exchanged a few winks
And bought them some drinks,
Then learned that the bastards were queers.
--- John Miller

A fellow from North Caroliner,
Was caught in the act with a minor.
But it wasn't so bad.
It wasn't a lad,
But a friendly gold-diggin' forty-niner.
--- Limericks Naughty & Gay

My spouse says I should be discrete,
And not wear my clothes in the street.
If Smith could just see,
My spouse is a he --
My bedsheets would stay much more neat.
--- Anon