Explicitly vulgar you're not
(Though I tickle your G-spot a lot).
And your intimate questions
And subtle suggestions,
Leave both of us panting and hot.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

I caught a sight of your left peak;
You didn't mind me having a peek.
But was it what next
I did to your neck,
That made you leave in a pique?
--- Archie

At times the PICKER and PICKEE
Look almost the same thing to me.
Be they limerick checker
Or picker of pecker,
CheckER should be checked by checkEE.
--- MrMalo

I embraced on my pristine clean sheets,
A passionate lady who meets
My requirements for size,
Heavy bosom, big thighs,
And two merry cherries for teats.
--- Prof

My Jockey shorts lay on my blanket;
We opened a bottle, then drank it.
And while we caroused,
Those silk panties aroused
Big johnson (she started to wank it).
--- Prof

Her bare belly started to rock;
I could not keep control of my cock.
My conscience, it left
As with movement quite deft,
And I finally entered her dock.
--- Prof

I know you want more than just nixplay;
So come and see how all my tricksplay,
It's only just games,
But defies all the names,
And is often referred to as sexplay.
--- Anon

To stimulate sexual areas
Dr. Ruth offers Stimuli Various.
You'll eventually find
It's all in your mind,
And sex on TV is vicarious.
--- Jay Marshall P8607

An old British couple named Jones,
Who wearied of kippers and scones,
Turned to dishes exotic,
Smoked a Chinese narcotic,
And explored their erogenous zones.
--- Anon

Dejected and limp was young Morse,
And his girl was left full of remorse.
They confined their maneuvers
For so long to hors d'oeuvres,
That he failed when they tried the main course.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024 G0138

An African hunter named Pete
Would often play Lion with his sweet.
He requested she prowl
On her knees, with a growl,
Then proceeded to throw her the meat.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0291

That's okay if you just want to pout,
While you suck on the pole of this lout.
Then after a lick
Or two on my dick,
I know that those tits will pop out.
--- Anon

So welcome to game 24;
You're ready already I'm sure.
Strip down to your scanties
And (no need for panties)
Get down on all fours on the floor.
--- Peter Wilkins

Now brace yourself, Carol my sweet,
For 10 solid inches of meat.
You ready?
Humpty-rumpty! Wham-bam!!
Slide it out. Do ya wanna re-peat?
--- Peter Wilkins

I'm sure glad that you overcame,
Your fear of sex, women and shame;
And are free to enjoy,
Those in your employ.
For 24, please add my name.
--- Carol

Though barely did I just survive,
Game 24...I am alive.
So a re-peat type screw,
Sounds great; so please do,
Invite me to game 25.
--- Carol

Your pussy and nips are a treat;
In fact all of your body is sweet.
I've been missing your bosoms;
My favourite Wuzzums,
So stay here and play with my meat.
--- Anon

In these deep woods we'll wander like thieves;
I've a special plan right up my sleeves;
Where some sun hits the ground,
We will both dance around;
Oh, my love, we'll just wear big green leaves!
--- Allen Wolverton

The sea sparkles; the air's getting hotter;
You are looking like Venus's daughter;
Let's go drop off our duds;
(I might peek at your buds)
Then we'll skinny-dip in that blue water!
--- Allen Wolverton

Through the wildflower meadow, we'll run;
Let's be quick, get our clothing undone!
Underneath the bright sky,
We will not be shy,
We'll make love 'neath that warm, yellow sun!
--- Allen Wolverton

Sunset's ended a great afternoon,
And it's gonna get dark pretty soon;
Love, let's tarry a while,
And assume doggie style,
As we howl at that big old white moon!
--- Allen Wolverton

Shall we wrap up your cock in a tether,
And then tickle your balls with a feather??
If that pleases you,
We'll proceed to Step Two:
A technique I call "Hell-Bent for Leather."
--- Robin K Willoughby P8710 a

She said, "It's been many a day
Since we had a roll in the hay.
What I want from you
Is another good screw,
But this time, let's have some foreplay.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

"Mr. Jones," said Miss Smith, "is quite rude,
Impolite and a boor, even lewd.
But I wonder," said she,
"If perhaps he'd be free
To discuss it with me in the nude?"
--- John Miller 0053

"Miss Smith, I am told, is a prude,"
Said John Jones, "even vulgar and crude,
But just to do good
I'll meet her in the wood..."
I'll leave you to guess what ensued.
--- John Miller 0053a

"Oh play with my what-not." "Your what?"
"You know what." "You know what? I do not.
What the hell is your what-not?"
"A thing for your hot-spot."
(Oh dear; am I losing the plot?)
--- Anon

I have to admit and confess
That I often prefer a caress
To a hot sex night;
It's a dreamy delight
And relieves me of work-a-day stress.
--- Peter Wilkins

Though foreplay is wonderful stuff,
There are times I don't want the kerfluff.
When horny as hell,
I like plumbing a well
Prepared wet, yet unsatisfied muff.
--- Peter Wilkins

When kissing my love's labial blush,
So fragrant, so pink...I'll not rush...
If you haven't the time
For foreplay sublime,
Wank in the loo, then just flush.
--- Tutta Gioia

I agree with you but it is tricky;
With both lovers horny and sticky
And limited time
For the passion sublime,
There is nothing as good as a quickie.
--- Peter Wilkins

Said a constable stern, on his beat,
To a couple more fond than discreet:
"Though a Miss miss a kiss,
Give the next kiss a 'miss',
For a kiss is amiss in the street."
--- Anon

In days of my youth I could sprint
And sex was no more than a stint.
But sadly today,
There's lots of foreplay
Before I can go "in like Flint."
--- Anon

Of all ancient puzzles that vex
One causes the greatest perplex:
Why can't we rise above,
She with sex getting love,
And he using love to get sex?
--- Bob Giandomenico P9102

This is file exm

In a Michigan town, Bunny Run, (MI)
There's a game that they play just for fun.
They leapfrog at night
Which tends to excite,
And many a girl there's undone.
--- Allan Ottley P8805a

Oh, that slit in that gown's at your thigh;
And my hand, I'll sneak in, bye and bye;
Love, you're giving me fits,
'Cause your two perky tits
At your neckline, are teasing my eye!
--- Anon

I dunno, what's that flick on the screen;
Is my hand at your thighs, in between?
With my head on your shoulder,
I'm getting much bolder;
Your nipples will soon be licked clean!
--- Anon

Show is over; my hands on your thighs
Must pull back, but they know where's the prize;
When we get to our den,
We will start once again;
We'll go nuts 'til the sun starts to rise!
--- Anon

On my shoulder here, love, lay your head;
While your hands 'tween my thighs, that are spread.
Don't care 'bout that show;
I feel such a glow;
Don't think anything needs to be said!
--- Anon

On my cleavage, your breath is so hot;
To move now, oh no, I think not;
Their rise and their fall,
Yes, love heeds the call,
Remember that night on the Yacht?
--- Anon

Her eyes were as blue as the ocean.
They filled me with such an emotion.
I asked, "What's your name?"
She asked me the same.
Seems we shared the same naughty notion.
--- M D McFarland

There was an old couple of Seevile
Whose habits were all quite medieval.
They would strip to the skin,
Then each take a pin
And pick lint from the other one's navel.
--- G2496

There was a young lady named Shirring,
Who started a-trembling and purring.
Said the man, "Are you ready?"
She replied, "Not yet, Freddie.
I believe I still need some more stirring."
--- G2205

If the powers that be, got you rockin',
And bobbin' and bouncin' and knockin',
40 minutes of fun,
And we ain't yet begun,
'Cause I haven't got one inch of cock in.
--- Anon

I could gaze at your beautiful bower
For a year and a half, but an hour
Is enough for my spear.
(Fondle gently my dear
For we don't want a premature shower.)
--- Jim Weaver Collection

They waltzed to the music of Strauss,
Filled with pride, it expanded her blouse.
The effect was inspiring;
Caused glances admiring.
Not a dry handkerchief in the house.
--- Jane D Hughes P9009

There once were two young people of taste,
Who were beautiful down to the waist.
So they limited love
To the regions above,
And thus remained perfectly chaste.
--- M Curtis(Untermeyer)G2527

I know a sweet girl who was chased
Through the meadow and then was unlaced.
She was caught by a gent
Who now pays her rent,
But before she was caught, she was chaste.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Sexuality is the human fate,
As they preen and they search for a mate.
The flesh is not weak,
As they insatiably seek
The final act on every date.
--- Joe the Jester

My flesh is not weak; Hell man, No!
It's hardening, starting to grow.
It gets so very strong,
That my big long dong
Can haul quite a few chicks in tow.
--- Nik Synytskyy

When she felt his hands touching her knees,
The girl, to her lover, said, "Please
When you've finished down there,
Would you kindly take care,
First of this, next of that, then of these?"
--- Barrie Collins T9511

A game-minded fellow named Pete
Played games such as lion with his sweet.
She would prowl on her knees
And would growl, if you please,
After which he would throw her the meat
--- Albin Chaplin Appeal 205

There once was a plumber hirsute;
Girls thought him exceedingly cute.
When their passionate sighs
Met his questioning eyes,
They joined through the regular route.
--- James M Menger P9311

Desspite her poor looks and dull wit,
Aunt Helena made quite a hit
At last evening's soirie
With Monsieur de Barray,
Who had drunk more than he would admit.
--- Paul M Hoffman

Share your toys, we were told, it's expected;
And selfishness must be rejected.
So we let our friends play,
Till we learned the hard way,
That the toys in our pants were excepted.
--- Larry Beezley

Each night the young girls of Plain Dealing (LA)
Are out in the park dishabille-ing.
And all the young men
With an obvious yen
Arouse lots of squealing and feeling.
--- Allan Ottley P8805

There can be no doubt that Rebecca,
For me, is a true lover's Mecca!
She will dress up and play,
Groan, moan and sashay --
Her juice tastes just like licca.
--- Richard Wall

A cuddly young creature named Cupp,
In bed with me feeling her up,
Said: "Man, you're a dinger
At playing stinkfinger,
But I'm past that since Heck was a pup!"
--- Grand Prix Lim 483 G2112

A man and his wife at Melliter,
Were sparking inside their bed-sitter;
There was no suspicion
Of faulty ignition,
For he was a competent fitter.
--- Harold C Bibby P9710

Was hoping for a tickle and slap,
Wink, wiggle and moan in a lap.
To bounce up and slide
Down low to provide
For whatever that I might unwrap.
--- Anon

Been keeping her busy, my dear.
Their auntie, girls love, it is clear.
Her boss is a louse.
We've looked for a house.
No sleeping allowed around here.
--- Anon

It's hard to talk dirty you know.
My big sister is watching this show.
She might tell my Mom.
Oh, what a big bomb.
Embarassment makes my face glow.
--- Anon

But we men are always the same,
Just looking to fuck every dame.
And we never brood
About being so crude --
PC's out the door in this game.
--- Anon

Sir Reginald Tipton Delancy
Fell in love with a cutie named Nancy;
When she sat by his side,
She tickled his pride,
And Reginald tickled her fancy.
--- Limber Limericks P9701a

When I was just learning to read,
A torch 'neath the covers I'd need.
The words were exciting
And books were inviting --
Of limericks, these were the seed!
--- Archie

But now I am grown and now old;
Those covers are still for the bold.
We'll snuggle rught under,
(God, where's the guzunder)
Please wait, I'll just put you on hold!
--- Archie

From the time that he started to woo,
She did as he asked her to do:
With a sway of her hips
She offered her lips.
She gave what he wanted (1- her to, 2- her two, 3- her too)
--- Lance Payne P8405

Some girls get unduly suspicious
When you paw at their corpus delicious.
They claim it's just rudeness,
When really it's lewdness,
And your intentions are wholly lubricious.

(lubricious - sexually stimulating)
--- Grand Prix Lim 549 G0195