A jovial but plump Israeli
Decided to open a deli.
His proneness to munch
On a customer's lunch
Accounts for the size of his belly.
--- Pedro J Saavedra P8203

A greedy young actress once said,
As she gobbled down slices of bread,
"If I eat one more crust,
I'm sure I will bust!"
At which point her audience fled.
--- Anon

Ol' Bubba, since he is a glutton,
Eats truckloads of french fries and mutton;
But his favorite pastime,
Unchanged since the last time,
Is 'lint-licking' Lou's bellybutton.
--- Anon

There was a Professor named Chesterton,
Who went for a walk with his best shirt on.
Being hungry he ate it,
But lived to regret it,
And ruined for life his digesterton.
--- William S Gilbert

There was a young man of St. Just
Who ate of new bread till he bust.
It was not the crumb,
For it passed through his bum,
But what buggered him up was the crust.

(Published 1870)
--- L0795

There was an old man of Hawaii,
Who ate too much whale and shark pie.
So quaffing some sperm-oil,
He quitted life's turmoil,
Without even saying, "Good-bye!"
--- Anon

A man died while eating in Sydney;
Sausage, steak, chops, ham, liver, and kidney.
Said his wife, sad but proud,
"'E was boorish and loud,
But 'e knew 'ow to eat breakfast, didney?"
--- Stargazer

A gluttonous woman named Kay
Was seen at a local buffet,
And, devoid of all grace,
She was stuffing her face,
In a frightful and vulgar display.
--- Cap'n Bean

A greedy old gourmet called Woody
Found a restaurant's beef-steak so good he
Ordered five or six more.
Asked the chef after four:
"It's not that he couldn't, but should he?"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

There was a yong lady named Perkins,
Exceedingly fond of small gherkins.
She went out to tea
And ate forty-three,
Which pickled her internal workin's.
--- Anon

His escutcheon had boars on its fess;
Main family trait to express.
They stood not for strength
Or service at length,
But perfection in art of the FRESS.
--- Elois

Everything's fried at the Fair,
Including the people right there.
The sun and the beer
Cause the wisest to steer
A course to their stomach's despair.
--- Timothy Torkildson

His appetite was VORACIOUS;
Table manners: less than gracious.
He stuffed his face
At a furious pace,
With a meal that was truly bodacious.
--- Norm Brust

I just woke up feeling so great!
Like I barely had gained any weight.
Not so says my scale.
This despair it won't quail;
So I go pile food on my plate.
--- Anon

In the Great Fire of London, dear me,
The flames literally went on a spree
Between Pudding and Pie
Streets, so some did decry
From their pulpits the sin: Gluttony!
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P9809

Alice was walking through Putney,
Eating some mangoes and chutney.
The policeman she saw
Fell over in awe.
He never had seen so much gluttony.
--- Phil T

Ethnic food has its own small domain
In the middle of town. I ate chow mein,
And tacos and noodles
And blintzes and strudels...
Now I wonder which one gave me ptomaine.
--- John Miller 0108

Erasmus Emanuel Jones
Was awfully fond of grilled bones.
After eating a score,
He asked for some more.
That's why he lies under these stones.
--- Anon

There was an old glutton named Sam,
Who had a great weakness for ham.
When they brought him bacon,
He said, "You're mistaken,
But I'll eat it all, pig that I am!"
--- Anon

A mathematician named Rota
Had an inordinate fondness for soda.
To keep himself thin,
He took out his pen,
And Rota wrote a soda quota.
--- Anon

A little old man down in Hurst,
Whose throat was quite dry from the thirst,
Consumed a small flask
And then a large cask,
And then very suddenly he burst.
--- Limber Limericks

A skinny French lady named Suzie,
When eating was never too choosy.
She ate so much food,
It hardly got chewed.
Her metabolism sure was a doozy!
--- Bob Leclerc

There was a young lady of Michigan
To see her I never would wish again.
She'd gobble ice cream
Till with pain she would scream,
Then she'd order another big dish again.
--- Anon

There was a young lady called Maud
Who was the most terrible fraud.
To eat when at table
She never was able,
But when in the pantry, Oh God!
--- Anon

My dad had a theory like that:
"Clean you plate, son; now only a rat
Would leave stuff on his plate
When some kid in Kuwait
Starves to death in an unheated flat."
--- Anon

Now I no longer grieve for Kuwait,
But I still feel I MUST clean my plate.
My guilt trip for that
And the blame for my fat,
I lay square on my dear old dad's pate
--- Anon

I'm puzzled how self-deprivation
Adds one jot to some poor person's station.
But, hey, what the heck,
It's politically correct,
And adds credence to dad's declaration.
--- Anon

With your honey, you do some sweeting,
'Tween her thighs, a tongue-in-groove heating;
Like parsley on steak,
Pubic hair do not take;
You push it aside; keep on eating!
--- Anon

While busty Ms. Jen bumps and grinds,
Not all men have her on their minds;
One would rather eat
Than beat his dead meat --
He sits munching crisp pigskin rinds.
--- Anon

There was a young lady of Wycombe
Who loved to pluck apples and lick 'em.
One day, after tea,
She devoured eighty-three,
And her friends said,"You sure don't half pick 'em."
--- Mary Danby Armada 1

I dine at the best spot in Cork,
On the best of pig's head and of pork.
I eat spuds and boiled eggs,
And turkey-cocks legs,
And I don't have to use knife or fork!
--- Linda Marsh Coll

I ate and I ate and I ate.
I ate every thing on my plate.
My gut's bloody sore.
Can't fit through a door.
I've never been quite so oblate.
--- Anon

There was a young fellow from Europe,
Who loved to eat pancakes and syrup.
He ate a huge stack,
And then he went back,
To make some more batter to stir up..
--- Ina Chapman P9208

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There was this guy called Peter,
Who drinks Coca Cola by the litre.
The pies that he eats
Contain veggies and meats,
And have a radius of at least a metre.
--- P Copeman

Lean and hungry gunfighter, Sorrell,
Put up a good fight, then he fell.
The whole town was abuzz
For what did him in was,
His pig out at the Golden Corral.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0312

A giant of a man from Barbados
Set a record for eating tomatoes.
"There was nothing to it.
I knew I could do it.
Pardon me while I drain my potatoes."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A greedy young girl from East Cheam
Ate fifty-five pounds of ice cream.
To bring up the heat,
She ate burning peat
And expired in a great cloud of steam.
--- Mary Danby - 2nd Armada

There was a young lady named Ida
Who did not know rhubarb from cider.
She drank up a quart,
Which was more than she ort,
And had very strange feelings inside her.
--- P8209

There once was a gourmand from Greece,
Who munched mutton down to the fleece,
With retsina wine.
"SATIETY's fine,
But I think I'll have just one more piece."
--- Chris Papa

The Greeks simply gorge upon mutton;
It's an honor to be called a glutton.
Greek society
Applauds SATIETY
And cheers when you pop a button.
--- Norm Brust

A cheerful young glutton named Ben
Ate some very large meals now and then.
He fastened his lips
Around steak, egg and chips,
Bacon, sausage and barbecued hen.
--- Funfax Limericks

K is for kind little Katy,
Who weighs near a hundred and eighty!
She eats ten times a day,
And her doctors all say
That's the reason she's growing so weighty.
--- Anon

Mon went to the Borscht Belt last fall.
"How was it?" I asked in my call.
"I didn't enjoy, son,
The food was like poison,
Besides that, the portions were small."
--- Bktep

Said the Prof, "Human stomachs, it's true,
Hold at most just a quart, never two."
Disrupting the class
The usual wise ass
Said, "Wrong, and I'll prove it to you!"
--- Anon

Thus saying this miserable jerk
Taking two quarts of milk, set to work.
To increase his renown
By drinking them down,
And then he declared with a smirk...
--- Anon

"I have just proved your statement untrue, man!"
But the Prof in response told him, "You can
Just toss out your 'proof,'
I in fact did not goof,
I distinctly and clearly said 'HUMAN'!"
--- Anon

There was a young gourmand of Johns,
Who'd a notion of dining on swans.
To the Backs he took big nets
To capture the cygnets,
But was told they were kept for the dons.
--- A C Hilton

There once was a fellow named Sutton,
Who was a notorious glutton.
When he sat down to feast,
Neither man nor beast
Was safe from a quick-flying button.
--- Phil T

I've been by the health police chased,
Complaining non-stop of my taste,
For doughnuts, meat pies,
And burgers and fries...
It's all such a terrible waist.
--- Tiddy Ogg

A few days before she deceased
An old woman ate two pounds of yeast.
But she couldn't absorb it,
And went into orbit
On a course that was North by Northeast.
--- Lims Unlimited

There was a young maid of Manila,
Whose favorite ice cream was vanilla.
But sad to relate,
Though you piled up her plate,
'Twas impossible ever to fill her.
--- Anon

"Two pastries and chips, please" he quoth,
"With plenty of salt on them both."
But the chip shop had closed
And the floor had been hosed,
So he let out a blasphemous oath.
--- Cyberkeats

A gourmand eats burger and fries
Like a glutton and might have large thighs.
Always in the mood
For all sorts of food;
Watch out, if your meal gourmand eyes.
--- Gary Hallock

At a picnic, a fellow named Shaw
Consumed so much chicken and slaw
That, believe it or not,
The others forgot
To eat as they watched him with awe.
--- World of Eric Lim P0609

At a picnic, a fellow named Fred
Consumed so much roast beef and bread
That, believe it or not,
The others forgot
To eat as they watched him with dread.
--- Arthur Deex P0609

At a picnic, a fellow named Brock
Consumed so much beer and ham hock
That, believe it or not,
The others forgot
To eat as they watched him with shock.
--- Arthur Deex P0609

At a picnic, a fellow named Lee
Consumed so much ice cream and tea
That, believe it or not,
The others forgot
To eat as they watched him with glee.
--- Arthur Deex P0609

At a picnic, a fellow named Roy
Consumed so much cake and bok choi
That believe it or not,
The others forgot
To eat as they watched him with joy.
--- Arthur Deex P0609

There was a fat lady from Eye,
Who felt she was likely to die;
But for fear that once dead
She would not be well-fed,
She gulped down a pig, a cow, a sheep, twelve buns, a

seven-layer cake, four cups of coffee and a green apple pie.
--- T J Spencer

A honky, white trucker, named Keith
Choked to death when he swallowed his teeth
At a roadside cafe.
They were out of pate,
So he devoured a whole side of beef.
--- Candice Cunningham P9505

My Morganstern buddy named Shelley,
Did ponder while stroking his belly:
I wonder if Frank
When faced with some skank,
Prefers it to bagels and jelly.
--- Anon

When picking 'sophistical' nits,
Shell Morganstern must call it quits;
He knows that his buddy,
Ol' Frank, is plain nutty
For not wanting clits -- but hot grits!
--- Anon

There is an old cook in N.Y.
Who insists you should always st.p.;
He says he once tried
To eat some that was fried,
And claims he would rather ch.c.
--- Anon

A leprechaun from County Cork
Had not once in his life seen a fork.
Since he was in a stable
Rather than at the table,
He pitched it at pigs not at pork.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The back and the side of a swine,
Immersed in a bucket of brine,
Then smoked or just dried,
Sliced thin and then fried,
Makes bacon. Mm-mm, mighty fine!
--- Rory Ewins

While the chef was preparing a treat,
The waitress stood by so discreet.
When she asked, "What is love?"
He said, "Heavens above!
It is when I am basting my meat!"
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2341

A woman in Thief River Falls
Was a glutton for beef liver balls;
When she yelled, "Dinner's ready!"
Her spouse muttered, "Steady!
The beef-liver grief-giver calls."
--- William K Alsop P8910