Having worked Dubya's campaign like mad,
It will be a career launching pad,
If young George is anointed.
She'll soon be appointed
Ambassador, country of Chad.
--- Scott

This state, California, so blue,
We voted against him, that's true.
Bush gets his erections
From stealing elections;
With Diebold, oh what can we do?

(Diebold Accuvote - touch screen systems)
--- CM

George Bush is the top man to beat,
Which could turn out to be quite a feat.
Though his spending is huge,
There could be a deluge
Of Bush votes from Saddam's defeat.
--- Tomer Shiran

Tonight we set clocks back an hour,
To save some electrical power.
But the chance is now here
To turn clocks back years;
Just vote Bush and Helms into power.
--- Dr Limerick

Bush heads the American nation,
Though in doubt was his call to this station.
For the vote was rejigged
Bu a court that was rigged,
Yet he still wants a standing ovation.
--- David McKay

Oh dear, it's the smell of hypocracy,
For Dubya upholding democracy.
He wants Yasser ejected
Though truly elected,
Not pushed by a legal bureaucracy.
--- Tiddy Ogg

We thought our election was through,
Till lawyers demanded their due.
If Al Gore wins now,
Then George Bush will vow,
The courts were his sad Waterloo.
--- Chris Papa

Bush's reasons for invading Iraq
Have all turned out to be a crock.
Have left him up a tree,
Despite all the awe and the shock.
--- Norm Brust

They'll be rushing to have three or four
Anti-missles by 2004;
Their haste means we know
Their principal foe
Is Daschle or Gephardt or Gore.
--- Dr Limerick

President Bush, it is clear, is quite mad.
Why else wage a war on Baghdad?
It pissed off the Iraqis,
And all Saddam's lackeys,
And now the situation's REALLY bad.
--- Coralie Venus

Dubya's mid-terms provided a shush
To objections re: his warlike push.
Per White House instruction,
Weapons of mass destruction
Are to be found behind every Bush.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0301

King George has committed his Reich
To the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes.
Beware, Minnisota
And South Dakota,
If you vote a way he doesn't like.
--- Dr Limerick

He comes now to give us the score
In the neocon's unprovoked war.
The dollars we've sent,
Have been so well spent,
That they'll need only several times more.
--- DC Dave

Of course, the new Prez is a twit
And much worse -- does that make him unfit?
To bomb little nations
And their populations,
Brains could be a drag, you'll admit.
--- Edward Leer

I'm rewriting the final exam:
Pass, fail, honors, or spam.
Recall how the Queen's taco
Was refitted more macho,
To bring peace to all of Iram.
--- Anon

To attack or not to attack?
That's the question proposed on Iraq.
But Its Arabic neighbors
Don't favor such labors,
Which they see as another Bushwhack.
--- Limerick Savant

Some say Bush is running AMOK
And in quagmire will soon be stuck.
But history will show
He struck the right blow,
While Chirac his thumb he did suck.
--- Norm Brust

Said a Liberal the election dismayed:
"Now for Canada, plans must be made."
Said George Bush, "Where's the point?
Once Iran's out of joint,
Who d'ya think I want next to invade?"
--- Anon

Seeking Weapons of Mass Distraction,
Ashcroft and Bush find real satisfaction.
They warn us of doom;
They say 'twill be soon.
Change the color and watch the reaction.
--- Anon

Dubya said, "I promise you this:
Saddam will be gone, I insist.
I'll drop some J-dams.
I will get my man.
If you don't survive, you'll be missed."
--- Dave Winer

When those who now die in Iraq
Meet those who were under attack
That September day,
Do you think they will say,
"Let's give Dubya a pat on the back?"
--- Jo McGahey

They say now, Osama Bin Laden
Away from our soldiers has gotten.
Those making such claims
That we've met our war aims,
Are clearly by power besotten.
--- Dr Limerick 02-24-02

American President Shrub
Is in love with the thud of a Scud,
So he wanted a war
To drop bombs galore,
But it's terror we're fighting, G'Dub.
--- Chris Cleirigh

Wasn't finding Hussain just sublime,
Grimy, dirty and not in his prime?
But something went wrong,
It's been planned all along
To unearth him at election time.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0402

Survivors of bullets all tell
That war as we know it, is hell.
But there's dough to be made,
So our soldiers are bade
Go fight for Halliburton and Bechtel.
--- Arnie Schoenburn P0305

Said Bush, "The Iraqis have hidden
Weapons that I have forbidden
And I'm Chief of Police.
In the name of world peace,
I'll invade them. By George, I'm not kiddin'!
--- Lachlan Dengate

The bookies, (I read in the press,)
Are now asking gamblers to guess
Which first will be found:
Saddam's weapons mound,
Or the beast that lives in Loch Ness.
--- Tiddy Ogg

Americans claim nothing's dearer
Than the right of free speech but I fear a
Great need is to push
This to President Bush,
Who wanted to bomb al Jazira. (Arab TV station)
--- Tiddy Ogg

Now here, sir, you're downright insulting;
George Bush's gulf war was revolting.
Once Iraq was pushed back...
After years of attack,
Have you seen any great good resulting?
--- Anon

Said Dubya: "Now it's time to make war;
It's irrelevant what it is for.
'Cause I'm for it as long
As it makes me feel strong
And I'm able to settle Dad's score!
--- Lims for 2003

Bush at Guantanamo Bay
Lets prisoners all have their say,
As long as they hide
Any truth from their side,
And agree to the "Amercan Way".
--- Will Lobban

Guantanamo's evilly brainy
As a place to imprison detainees.
No meddlesome lawyers
Or media voyeurs
To ask about rights miscellany.
--- Dr Limerick 12-27-01

The Bushies will be up all night
Devising excuses to fight.
Bush can't go to war
Without saying what for --
In your heart, though, you know that he might.
--- Dr Limerick

This is file cym

The presumption of physical force
Appeals to the mind of a horse;
In deference to
What presidents do,
A horse is a horse, of course.
--- Paul Bowman

"The axis of evil," said Bush,
"It is clear, must be given the push."
So with Howard and Blair, (Aussie and Brit PM's)
(Such a charming wee pair.)
I'll blow up Iraq with a whoosh!
--- Noela Maletz

A declaration with a date it must meet,
To be credible, must be complete.
But how will we know?
The inspection will show;
George says either way I'll defeat.
--- Anon

Cried Dubya in the White House one day,
"My marbles have all gone astray!
By the time they got back,
I'd invaded Iraq.
What on Earth can I possibly say?"
--- Sue Carey

There once was a rich boy from Dallas,
Who had a very small phallus.
To make up for this lack,
He invaded Iraq
And got toxic with oil greed and malice.
--- Graeme Dunstane

George Bush the second, cried "War
Will settle my Daddy's old score."
Well, Saddam may have lost,
But Iraq bears the cost.
But they're worse off than ever before.
--- Jo McGahey

There's now a way, much simplified,
To warn when with the terror threat high:
Check news sites to see:
Is Bush in D.C.?
If so, then it's okay to fly.
--- Dr Limerick 05-18-02

One clue that will help you to know
If the terrorist danger is low,
Is to log on and see.
If Bush's in D.C.,
There's probably no danger, if so.
--- Dr Limerick

Dubya, a top German did mention,
By turning domestic attention
To warrin' and bombin'
Is acting in common
With Hitler's despotic ascension!
--- Anon

Tigers are dangerous without fail;
We know this from the World War II tale.
Japs kicked a sleeping one,
Setting the Rising Sun,
And now Dubya has one by the tail.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0312

The State of the Union oration
By Bush promised lower taxation,
For those whose high living
Needs oil to keep giving,
And war for the rest of the nation.
--- Lims for 2003

They say they've deciphered the ciphers
And warned us of terrorist divers;
Planes, trains, and ships;
Alerts seem to drip
As needed from White House connivers.
--- Dr Limerick 05-25-02

There once was a young chap from Texas,
Who said, "Saddam, you sure do vex us.
We are coming to see
All your WMD, (weapons of mass destruction)
But they soon found themselves in a nexus.
--- Tony Kiek

Hans Blix under UN instruction
Sought weapons of massive destruction.
But none could be found
In Iraq on the ground.
What's more, there were none in production.
--- David McKay

There was a young Texan named Bush
Who, through to the White House, did push.
He invaded Iraq;
Clapped himself on the back;
May he fall ass over head on his tush.
--- Jo McGahey

Bush is pushing for missile defense,
Despite pressures which can be intense.
He will follow through --
It's the right thing to do --
Self-protection makes so much good sense.
--- Anon

Georgie, Bush, not Puddin' and Pie,
Crushed iraq from the land, sea, and sky.
The UN might return;
How old Gerogie must yearn
To pull out of this mess on a high.
--- Jo McGahey

Why does Dubya want to start a new war,
That the rest of the world isn't for.
'Cause without such a brawl,
There is no way at all
He can win in 2004.
--- Anon

When recalling ERSTWHILE day,
Don't let facts get in the way.
Try real hard.
Have the National Guard
Prove attendance through records of pay.
--- Phil Kinay

The Pentagon, strategy-wise,
On disinformation relies;
Explaining, perhaps,
Credibility gaps,
And denying October Surprise.
--- Dr Limerick

Dubya's terror war now is his foil,
And the country he's roiled to a boil.
But before he's all through,
He'll convince us anew
That he won't profit from Iraq's oil.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0301

The US exhibits its might
Because "W" says that it's right.
But our troops face the bomber
Without proper armor,
The way "Rummy" sent them to fight.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0508

Bush has done right at long last,
About captured guys at "Gitmo" amassed. (Guantanamo Bay)
The Geneva accords
For the Taliban hordes,
But no slack for the Al Qaida caste.
--- Dr Limerick 02-07-02

George Bush, they say, lives in a bubble,
Which often gets him in trouble.
CLAIRVOYANCE gets barred
By the palace guard,
Leaving war plans in a pile of rubble.
--- Norm Brust

Said the WMD expert Kay, (weapons mass destruction)
"We found no such weapons today,"
Bush shouted out loud
To a partisan crowd,
"This proves that my war is okay."
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0311

Tomorrow's the day to give vent (Memorial Day)
And to protest the lives that were spent
On a war waged in haste ,
And the millions we waste.
If you're blue, don't spend a red cent.
--- Limerick Savant

There was Bush, there was Powell and Rice;
And Rumsfeld et al with advice.
They saw money and oils
From the war as their spoils;
Never counted lost lives in their price.
--- Jo McGahey

For months I have wondered not if,
But when Dubya's Arabic miff
Would lead us to war,
With blood, guts and gore,
From women and kids cold and stiff.
--- Archie

A puppet, George Dubya Shrub,
Received two incredible snubs.
One from Bin Laden;
Another from Saddam,
So he bombed them; don't mess with George Dub.
--- Chris Cleirigh

There once was a President named Bush,
Who should have been tossed out on his tush.
But not getting the sack,
He waged war on Iraq,
And gave millions of protesters the push.
--- Coralie Venus

Bush tried diplomatical tact
That his previous efforts have lacked;
He told the U.N.
We're all allies and friends,
Now that we're the ones who've been attacked.
--- Dr Limerick 11-11-01

A reduction in arms sounds quite nice
But reread the document twice;
As per the accord,
The nukes can be stored
And from mothballs be pulled in a trice.
--- Dr Limerick 05-24-02

A coke-fiend and a confirmed lush
Has only a button to push,
So we'll glow in the dark;
Someone get a narc;
DEA save us from Dubya Bush.
--- Phil T