When Katrina made shove come to push,
Who was last to get up off his tush?
Very few seemed to mind,
He lagged so far behind;
Still the blithering, blathering Bush.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0512Q

Local Republicans ought,
Whenever by voters they're caught
Helping Bush subsidize
A bunch of rich guys,
To say, Bush is the one who was bought.
--- Dr Limerick 11-04-01

Well, it happened today at the White House,
When our President first opened his mouth.
As filmed by Cable NN
It showed exactly when
The swinging camera revealed him a louse.
--- Anon

Not caring if the polls say no,
So says the face Dubya does show.
But this song and dance
And the damn-the-polls stance,
He takes because the polls say so!
--- Phil T

It's not that I don't hate; I do.
It happens just thinking of you.
No healthcare, no job,
You're stupid; a snob.
Now the country's deep in your doodoo.
--- Anon

Although, by Allah, they caught Saddam,
Osama is still on the lam.
Taxes, interest rates are low;
Where did jobs and paychecks go?
I'm disappointed by Uncle Sam.
--- Lynn Mostafa

I used to like Texas a lot.
It's home of the Pun-off, and hot.
But it gave us Dubya.
Now doesn't that trouble ya?
Do I still like it? Well, not!
--- Cynthia MacGregor

Dubya says, "I thought everyone knew,
I just love all those people of hue!
I've been known to go bowlin',
With Condi and Colin,
And I once even talked to a Jew!"
--- Anon

George Bush has become a dictator.
Poor Laura should say "You've been greater!"
And those little bots,
The dictator tots,
Should say "So long, Dad, see ya later."
--- Anon

A right leaning trunk spewed a wad
So strong that it splattered Riyadh.
Deceit fills Bush goo
And tries to fool you;
On well laid plans he runs roughshod.
--- Anon

My aim is to needle and pester
'Til puns I inflict start to fester.
And now it appears
I have four more years,
Self-inflicted, to serve as court jester.

(Bush wins in 2004)
--- Limerick Savant

Hey, I've got some pics of my own!
Two nuns sucking mountain goat bone,
While G. W. Bush
Fucks the goat in the tush.
Well its gotta be him or his clone.
--- Anon

I've got some of house speaker Newt,
Blowing G W's skin flute,
While two negro pages
Are earning their wages,
By poking them both up the poot.
--- Anon

I'm a godless America-hater,
And abortionist anti-war traitor,
And a flag-burning fairy,
'Cause I voted for Kerry,
Though Dubya's a better dictator.
--- Charles

Where did Bush get the delusion
He's Gulliver, we're Lilliputians?
His success is on basis
Of Pop's friends in high places,
And contempt for the U.S. Constitution.
--- Dr Limerick 02-08-02

The protesters caused so much grief
By yelling out "Hail to the Thief",
That to prevent such abuse,
Until Florida's defused,
Bush won't let bands play "Hail to the Chief".
--- Dr Limerick 02-05-01

When you think that you run the Free World,
And your mind is all twisted and curled,
And your dad was the same,
Just who is to blame,
As your halfwitted plans are unfurled.
--- Sue Carey

All the rednecks who voted for hate,
Passing gay-marriage bans in their state,
Must feel great distress,
When Bush talks to the press,
And announces he has a mandate.
--- Charles

Bush cronies will not say goodbye
To a company named the Dubai.
But it's just been reported
Their vision's distorted
By big payoffs to sweeten the pie.
--- mdt1

We're not talking 'bout bowls of C Rice
Or small dollars of Lobbyist Vice;
The heavy is Cheney
Of Halliburton chicanery,
And Rummie's been paid off his price.
--- mdt1

All the loot is just there to be taken,
The Repubs say bring home the bacon.
The deals not stopped by J Christ,
Nor the insider, Bill Frist.
The Treasury is surely mistaken.
--- mdt1

To give away our ports for some gravy,
(New Jersey now wants its own navy)
Neither Calvin nor Hobbs
Nor even Lou Dobbs
Can stop Capitalists who have gone crazy.
--- mdt1

Cash in, again and again,
And do it with just a smug grin.
The Saudi's wear a smile;
Bush Senior's beguiled.
Impeachment's the place to begin.
--- mdt1

Impeachment's not what it was then.
Today, take a HORRIFIC sin.
Thousands are dead
And still more ahead.
The Democrats now must begin.
--- Dennis M Hammes

Inauguration's planned demonstration
At Dubya's inauguration,
Is drawing the eyes
Of undercover-cop spies;
They complained of this infiltration.
--- Election 2000

In his final four years, we've been stuck
With a leader whose judgments all suck,
And his ratings thus far,
Have been so below par,
He seems dubbed to the realm of Dame Luck.
--- Bob Giandomenico

Poor Dubya has run out of luck.
His own party says, "Man, you suck!"
Now what can he do?
The Red White and Blue
For dinner is having lame duck.
--- Anon

I do not like all these old Bush's
Political party that pushes.
It's shrubbery to fore
And naught but a bore;
Let's kick 'em out on their big tushes.
--- Anon

The buffoon's now begun to explain
How mistakes may have caused U.S. pain.
Since Iraq's gone so well,
And Iran's promised hell,
Now that Shrub needs him, where is John Wayne?
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0607

They say he's most charming and debonair
And his moral lapses are really quite rare;
And our Pres is a whiz
At the fund raising biz;
But as for the White House: He's never there!
--- Lynn Mostafa

There was an ex-president named Bill,
Who ran the nation with great skill.
To the Repubs surprise,
The surplus and job rise.
Now Dubya has deleted the till.
--- Anon

King George hates to be second guessed;
He'd rather see nods and be yessed.
Which is why he adores
The officer corps
And hand-picked Republican guests.
--- Dr Limerick 05-17-02

There are drinks that are known as Punch
And in England, some cartoons, a bunch.
Thanks SFA and Marty
Who have come to the party,
But afraid to eat Dubya for lunch.
--- Anon

This is file cgm

Never mind where those nukes of Iraq's is!
Disregard that evildoer Axis!
We the people don't care-a!
Bush'll vanquish the terra!
More important, he won't raise our taxes!
--- Charles

The election is over; we're dead,
Since by the Pied Piper we're led.
Now the blatant deceivers
Have shown their true believers
How to dance on their Dubya's pinhead.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0503

The right wing would call me impertinent,
But I wish on the stars in the firmiment,
That there was a way
On a very near day,
To make Dubya's vacation more permanent.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0509

The President of France named Chirac
Gave Dubya's domination a shock.
It's not either-or;
"'Tis war I abhor.
You're not the only kid on the block."
--- Anon

There was a young man in a rush,
Whose head was the same as his tush.
His rectum and brain
Contained one and the same;
Never short of manure: George Bush.
--- Chris Cleirigh

Bush wants you to think it's a sign
Of his confident aura sublime.
But most of us see
The old tendency
To return to the scene of the crime.

(Bush goes to Florida)
--- Dr Limerick 03-11-01

In the White House we have Dick and Bush,
Which is symbolic for pull and push.
With Bush at the head
And Dick by his stead,
They'll screw our American tush!
--- Anon

Chickens come home to roost and that's that.
Shrub's now done so in nothing flat.
The appointees are fleeing
And what we are seeing,
Are sinking ships leaving the rat.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0607

Not to morbidly overembellish,
But this second term's gonna be hellish.
Playing catch up like Heinz,
While the right goes and dines
On what's left of our country with relish.
--- Charles

I'll accuse George of everything vile,
And point out he lies with a smile.
I will slander his wife
And his mother; his life
Will be open for public defile.
--- Jeanie

I will hold up his sins for inspection;
His past business deals lack convention.
And make certain he's hung
For all sins done while young;
Hint he's guilty of murder, sans conviction.
--- Jeanie

While I'm at it, I'll make fun of his kid.
And shine light on each thing that he's hid.
I will lay at his door
All those horrors and more...
After all, that's what the GOP did.
--- Jeanie

As he signed farmer-aid legislation,
He praised values that support our nation.
"Unlike a federal clerk,
Farmers value hard work!"
Then 'twas time to resume his vacation.
--- Dr Limerick

So now it's two thousand and six,
And Bush is still up to his tricks,
And many still think
That his policies stink,
And there's much that he really can't fix.
--- Cap'n Bean

Good wishes to twenty-ought-three.
First: the return of prosperity.
Better weather'd be nice;
And less CEO vice.
Stop saber-rattling; try diplomacy.
--- Lynn Mostafa

Republicans fight with the dirt
'Cause Dubya is now a dead cert
To lose when he runs,
Because the big guns
Of business have now lost their shirt.
--- Archie

As we're climbing up out of recession,
The House, in a triumphant session
Approved a fine bill,
Its sponsors say will
Give stimulus, after a fashion.
--- Dr Limerick 03-07-02

For people, when working they're not,
Will get more checks than they had thought.
For business, a write-off
Of costs that they bite off;
And a few scraps to sweeten the pot.
--- Dr Limerick 03-07-02

Consumers are drasticly easin'
Spending, this holiday season.
The experts are guessin',
A comin' recession
Is some little part of the reason.
--- Election 2000

The bears are outrunning the steers,
Exponentially stoking our fears;
George Dubya Hoover
Was not the prime mover,
But he's in there now, earning jeers.
--- Dr Limerick

Whether it is the national debt
Or some terrible terrorist threat,
You can see from the smug
And bored look on his mug,
Such things do not cause Bush to fret.
--- Phil T

In New York I heard Ed Rendell speak.
What he had to say made my knees weak.
His fiscal solution
Is pure convolution
Of budget management. Things look bleak.
--- Al Bienstock

Mississippi is ahead of us
And he thinks that for them it's a plus.
Take on bond debt, says he.
Those with sense don't agree --
That non-starter we shouldn't discuss.
--- Al Bienstock

If Rendell gets his way, you can bet
One of the things we're sure to get
Is a mortgage to pay
By our children some day.
He says that we don't have enough debt.
--- Al Bienstock

The legislature must have the guts
To impose deep and tough budget cuts.
We should not just borrow
Against some tomorrow --
If they adopt Rendell's plan , they're nuts!
--- Al Bienstock

The impending election truce'll
Return us to business as usual.
Approaching disaster
Means interest falls faster,
Which for a healthy market is crucial.
--- Election 2000

What is the latest update
On the national jobless rate?
It's growing faster
Than an Oleaster (Russian olive)
On abandoned real estate.
--- Timothy Torkildson

The economy's hitting the brakes,
Giving brokers and traders the shakes.
Now experts opine
Interest rates will decline,
But that may not be all that it takes.
--- Election 2000

The Dow-Jones did nothing at all,
Despite Bush's clarion call.
And reiteration
Of "self-regulation"
But of real reform, none at all.
--- Dr Limerick

The White House gets blame or gets credit
For the way the economy's headed.
But with every word
We're not reassured,
As Bush shows he just doesn't get it.
--- Dr Limerick

When jobs are quite easy to find,
You needn't endure the old grind.
Now things are much harder,
So you play the martyr,
And pray your old grind don't unwind.
--- M Silverstein P0304

It's clear that our make-believe POTUS
Is hoping that no one will notice
That fiscal disaster
Came deeper and faster,
Than promised last spring when he snowed us.
--- Dr Limerick

It's official; we're in a recession,
Together with war and repression;
Throw in some anthrax
Or airborne attacks --
If you ask me, it's a depression.
--- Dr Limerick 11-26-01