In a land once obsessed with consuming,
More and more folks have now begun pruning.
'Bout spending they're nervous
And the debt that they service.
Could this mean recession is looming?
--- M Silverstein P0304

States with right-to-work laws often gain
Economically, while others wane.
That's proved time and again,
So I'd like to know when
PA will pass laws to stop the drain. (Pennsylvania)
--- Al Bienstock

For a state's economic success,
It's work force can't be under duress,
To pay union dues.
Each, for himself, should choose.
Pensylvania for Right To Work -- Yes!
--- Al Bienstock

Uncle Sam said to industry, "Please
Ship more of your goods overseas.
Some simple tax breaks
Are all that it takes --
You'll capture their markets with ease."
--- Dr Limerick 08-30-02

Superfund's breakthrough solution,
Was Polluters must pay for pollution.
But naturally Bush,
By puppeteers pushed,
Gave polluters complete absolution.
--- Dr Limerick 02-24-02

A down market's up for George Bush;
His tax cut would be easy to push.
Alaskan oil wells
Are an easier sell,
And in '04, he'll draw a straight flush.
--- Election 2000

The Bush regime's policy's forming
To slow or to halt global warming;
It's paralysis
By analysis,
So we can keep SUV's swarming.
--- Dr Limerick

He nixed filters on water supplies;
When people asked why, he replies,
"It's Clinton's reliance
On unfounded science."
That's more arsenic and old lies.
--- Dr Limerick 03-29-01

The US uses the Earth like a john,
So everyone gets shat upon.
We say "Kyoto!"
Dubya says "Oh no!
I much prefer making a pong."
--- Anon

Polluters and tax cheats will find
That rather than jail time or fines,
When entering bids
For work for the Feds,
They'll see that they set first in line.
--- Dr Limerick 12-31-01

Dubya has a solution for trees
That's brought the country to its knees.
Don't let them burn brown;
Just cut them all down.
No fuel, no fires! Yesirree!
--- Julia Bunting

The economy would improve;
The country would get up and move.
Let lumber lords flourish,
To small critters be boorish,
Let the atmosphere get plenty poorish.
--- Julia Bunting

The G.O.P. house has elected
To cut funds by which beef's inspected.
"We'll have laissez-faire,
Not Upton Sinclair;
So what if some folks get infected?"
--- Dr Limerick

The Prez-elect Bush, acting nice,
And warning of immenent cris-
Is; A fossil-fuel shortage,
So he want's to mortgage
The tundra, and drill under ice.
--- Election 2000

America won't help clean the world,
'Cause old Dubya's got his flag unfurled.
His head's up his ass
With the pollutant gas;
We'll have to wait 'til he is uncurled.
--- Anon

We've stopped throwing trash in the street;
We are really so much more discreet.
With catalytic converter,
Our cars will not hurt her;
When are YOU going to get clean and neat?
--- Anon

I can't cut pollution from fuels
When Bush and his corporate tools
Wreck all my efforts,
Then scheme and endeavor
To eviscerate all of the rules.

(head of EPA)
--- Dr Limerick 02-28-02

Bush stands up in front of the nation
And claims he'll promote conservation.
But on the Big Board,
Fossil Fuels soared --
No one's buying this characterization.
--- Dr Limerick 05-18-01

As a candidate, Dubya came courtin';
The moderate mask he was sportin'.
But for savin' the Earth,
He could hardly do worse
That the Watt protege, Gale Norton.
--- Election 2000

To help Bush decide what to do,
D.C. lawyers gave thorough review;
They found a direct
And chilling effect
On their clients, so to Clean Air, adieu.
--- Dr Limerick 05-27-01

Why is it that George W
So totally hates caribou?
In Europe these same deer
Are a/k/a reindeer;
Maybe Santa once stiffed you know who.
--- Dr Limerick

Conservatives in this administration
Their name and deeds bear small correlation.
They put loopholes and flaws
In environmental laws;
Those conservatives don't practice conservation;
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0312

In Federal Court the brave judge
Said, "Mines must stop dumping their sludge
In streams Appalachian,
In this wanton fashion;
They're the color and texture of fudge."
--- Dr Limerick 05-09-02

At the poles all the water was pooling,
And the eco-freaks said Mars was cooling.
But business-as-usual
Was thought to be crucial,
So the leaders said, those guys were fooling.
--- Dr Limerick 05-30-02

All at once, they were right on the brink,
With no time remaining to think.
They'd left it too late
To remediate,
And the Martians by now are extinct.
--- Dr Limerick 05-29-02

The Earth is all festering and pus;
Dubya says, "Why y'all makin' this fuss?
We ain't doin' no cleanin',
If y'all get my meanin'.
It just ain't convenient for us!"
--- Tony Burrell

The question, it seems, of the day,
And one that just won't go away,
Is, "What's the solution
To water pollution,
And water we going to pay."
--- Cynthia MacGregor

Thought our lake could avoid "silent spring"?
Now Eirie has an ominous ring,
Since researchers have learned
That the dead zones returned,
In a plot line that's pure Stephen King.
--- Limerick Savant

New rules will increase air pollution;
For utilities, a cost diminution.
As all of us know
It was quid pro quo,
For a large Bush campaign contribution.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0312

For outbursts of bodily gas,
Old Dubya is top of his class.
When asked why, says he
"It's practice, you see.
For years I have talked through my ass."
--- Tiddy Ogg

The Christian Right long has been wishin'
To claim that October position.
I think it's a sign
Of God's Will divine;
Leave November for actual Christians.
--- Dr Limerick

The Framers, in Article VI
Said that religion is nexed
As qualification,
For serving the nation,
To prevent just his sort of cheap tricks.
--- Dr Limerick

To dodge legislative distaste
For relying on outfits faith-based,
The Bushies now say
They can do it their way,
Sans democracy's annoying time-waste.
--- Dr Limerick

This is file cfm

When the budget is drafted in haste,
And revenue forecasts are waste;
When defense gobbles up
What's left from the tax cut,
Social Services all are faith-based.
--- Dr Limerick

Mr Bush now controls our democracy;
He's pushing us toward a theocracy:
Church and state separation.
He'll destroy in our nation;
It's all part of the Bush team hypocracy.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0505

"With God's help," said George at the end,
"I'll Govern." What does this portend?
It seems pretty scary,
Putting trust in a fairy,
Or other imaginary friend.
--- Anon

A strange thing about democracy;
Dubya's gang demands theocracy.
While they mouth purity,
And Homeland Security,
They bind us in kleptocracy.
--- Loren Fitzhugh

Lying Bush and his bureaucracy
Are trading our Democracy
To the mideast's Iraq,
But he'll see we get back
His own Christian-based Theocracy.
--- Loren Fitzhugh P0510Q

So, here's to our President G Bush
While trying to make his last push.
Send science and not Creationism
(A certified form of Neo-Nazism)
To see light refract with a prism.
--- Anon

Some are speaking of votes and of fraud;
Still others of faith and of God.
But Dubya's all smiles;
He'll be staying awhile,
While the rest are all moving abroad.
--- Norm

Public funds for parochial schools
Is a goal for which the Right Wing drools;
Acadamies Christian
Will make it their mission
To brainwash the kids to their rules.
--- Dr Limerick

Another big point in its favor
Is the harm it does organized labor.
Will wither away,
And their Democrat PAC's go to vapor.
--- Dr Limerick

You'd think that the big Day of Prayer
Would be organized with some care.
But King George, the POTUS
Says he didn't notice
That Muslims and Jews weren't there.
--- Dr Limerick 05-02-02

There's a prick in the Whitehouse named Bush;
Set the country right back on its tush.
The world keeps exploding;
He just keeps reloading;
Wants to give Armageddon a push...
--- Anon

George's claim the decision's historic,
Is not merely words allegoric;
Restoring the legal
"Separate but equal"
Standard makes racists euphoric.
--- Dr Limerick

Mr Bush's agenda is long,
As he sings his conservative song.
Church and state separation
He'd destroy in our nation,
As he panders to the religious wrong.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0512Q

Cheney says, "Dubya's feeling just great,
Since he's finally set Iraq straight.
Now he's scored one more coup,
Being reborn anew
As Ron II, albeit inchoate."
--- Loren C Fitzhugh P0409

With his brand of commandments to follow,
The justice's judgment seems hollow.
He's unwilling to jettison
His religiose 'medicine,'
But those tablets are too much to swallow.
--- Jerry Nordal P0310

Abdullah the Second of Jordan
Gave Cheney and Bush a stern warnin':
"If you fight Iraq,
You're in for a shock;
To their aid, will their neighbors come swarmin'."
--- Dr Limerick 03-12-02

To Israel, Russia, Japan,
Venezuela, China (twice), Pakistan,
And all the EU,
Now add Canada too
To the countries annoyed by our man.
--- Dr Limerick

Said Baldwin to Bush, "I'll mail ya
A letter from southern Australia,
If it happens we should
Meet in Cal., Hollywood,
As the President I will hail ya."
--- Tom Patton P0206

To Iran and Iraq and Korea:
I'm sure that you get the idea --
As the Usurper's grip
On Washingon slips,
He'll be tossing you missiles nuclea.
--- Dr Limerick 01-30-02

In Bush and Le Pen we have Fascists
Emerging from Cold War's hot ashes.
Xenophobia, fear
Will strip their veneer,
And lead to more Third World clashes.
--- Dr Limerick 05-10-02

Said Putin as he signed the treaty,
"I know that I'll soon be the cheatee --
Right after elections,
I'm sure you'll reneg on
Any clause for which business is greedy."
--- Dr Limerick 05-13-02

Whereas Clinton gave China the store,
Bush's actions say "not any more!"
Though to some it seems rash --
No more secrets for cash!
And their protestations we'll ignore.
--- Anon

Bush dealt with a tense situation
With a clever and sly innovation;
What read in Chinese
As apologies,
Fell just short of that in translation.
--- Dr Limerick

Grinning devilishly at the joke,
Dubya got his, but our nation's broke.
We've become with great ease,
Chattel of the Chinese,
Which he managed with mirrors and smoke.
--- Loren Fitzhugh

Libs like me may be loath to admit it,
But Dubya quite well acquitted
Himself in the crisis,
Though our spy devices,
Chinese aircraft will soon be outfitted.
--- Dr Limerick

George Dubya a tall Texas dude,
Who thinks that he's tough, cool, and shrewd.
"Saddam must be removed!
The UN is to be eschewed!"
An example of West Texas Crude.
--- Munaiba Khan

The checks and the polls, George agrees,
Have Bill and John choked to cerise,
While the masses adore
All the thrift of Al Gore,
Whose campaign is still flying Chinese.
--- Anon

If you read today's headlines, you'll see
Why I must veto I.C.C. --
A court with a role
Beyond my control,
Would probably soon indict me.

(Internation Criminal Court)
--- Dr Limerick

Once Dubya, the top man from the States,
Played 'round with folk's fears and their hates.
Of color, of creed,
And of word, and of deed;
Well, he's got John and Tony for mates.

(John Howard and Tony Blair)
--- Jo McGahey

Coming soon to a TV set near ya',
Libya, Cuba and Syria;
A new bad-guy axis
'Cause what King George lacks is
A fresh dose of public hysteria.
--- Dr Limerick 05-07-02

They say the Crown Prince of Dubai
Is just a regular guy;
Loves boobs drawn by Vargus
And junkets to Las Vegas,
To give the crap tables a try.
--- Anon

But someone has noticed his picture
(In a movie, Mr Moore made a feature,)
Doing glad-hand with Bush #1
To whom he loaned his harem,)
In exchange for some oily debentures.
--- Anon

Bush 2 was then drinking his way
Through a tour of duty far away,
From real serious strife
Where he might lose his life.
The Nat'l Guard was SAFE in those days.
--- Anon

Dumb and dumber aren't fun anymore,
And I must say that I totally deplore
This plunder of our country
For the national "security"
While the enemy is landing on shore.
--- Anon