A TV repairman undaunted
Tuned in on the lady who taunted;
When he saw her crotch bare
He exclaimed in despair,
"Why this can't be the channel I wanted!"
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0634

Old Marge raised her curtains last night
And gave her new neighbor a sight;
With her long legs spread
Right there on her bed,
She showed him what used to be tight.
--- Travis Brasell

His wife had enough, called the fuzz,
Because her dear husband, he was
Spilling all his seed
While drooling, indeed,
As horny Old Marge got a buzz.
--- Anon

So pleased was that lady named Pyle,
When a Boy Scout assisted in style,
She inquired, "In what way
Can I brighten your day?"
He said, "Flash me that vertical smile!"
--- Albin Chaplin 3024 G0166

A discerning young fellow named Sy,
Paused to look at a young maiden's thigh.
And he said with a grunt,
"There is more to a cunt,
That you ever can see with the eye."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2326

There was a Russian named Boris,
Who led the Moscow Girls Chorus.
He laid the sopranos
On many pianos;
His aim, a collection of clitoris'.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A horny old spinster named Brook
Was undressed in the park by a crook.
She said, "Fuck if you will;
I'll lie perfectly still."
But he said he just wanted to look.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1974

I have a good friend, Dirty Gertie.
She's ribald and talks kind of dirty.
When she sits on a chair,
Her skirt's up to THERE,
And then she says, "Boys, watch the birdie!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The madam advised Mr. Perkins
That she thoroughly scrutinized gherkins.
But he refused to expose
Between his big toes,
Till she likewise displayed her own workin's.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1627

There was a young gal from Brazil,
Who sat every day on the sill.
And all men would stare,
At her dark pubic hair,
With fingers in up to the hilt.
--- Anon

A floozie-type filly named Flo
Will do any damn thing that pays dough.
Offer her enough salary,
And she'd pose in a gallery
With her legs spread as wide as they go.
--- G1788

Young Annabel, barely sixteen,
Sat in manner exceedingly obscene,
With her thighs opened wide,
And sans panties, astride
And a-straddle the Xerox machine.
--- Peter Wilkins

Then moaning in ecstasy, nudged
Her sweet button (and "Start") for she judged
She'd have orgasms plenty...
Sure enough, after twenty,
The next thousand copies were smudged.
--- Peter Wilkins

Since I am a red-blooded guy,
Who boffs chicks and never asks "Why?"
I'll spend my good cash
On Annebel's trash;
'Tis the smudged copies I want to buy.
--- Travis Brasell

The smudged ones are classic editions
And hung in the Louvre near the Titians,
But Annabel says
If you don't want high-res
Pics she'll happily take on commissions.
--- Anon

Said the Dad, to a suitor who seeked
To marry his daughter that week;
"My girl's flaw ain't too minor;
It's Acute Angina."
"I know," said the suitor, "I've peeked!"
--- Jeffrey L Lorentz

There once was a man in a punt
Who said "What a beautiful cunt!"
And the horny young lass
Then bared her sweet ass,
And said "You can have all you want!"
--- Jim Weaver Collection

My dear, ma cherie, let us couch.
Perhaps on all-fours you would crouch.
With your belle derriere
Up-thrusting in air,
I could glimpse that pink rose, your love pouch!
--- Tutta Gioia

Most fellows do love to be flashed;
As for me, that's quite true when I'm smashed.
When you sit at the bar,
Legs by chance, quite ajar,
I will take it all in, unabashed.
--- Allen Wolverton

You are naughty! I see in your eyes,
That you dare me to peek 'tween your thighs!
I will drool and I'll stare
At the treasures down there,
Be they lacies, soft curlies, or flies!
--- Allen Wolverton

You are "taking my picture" -- oh my!
Makes me lust for a piece of 'hair pie'.
As my mandibles quiver,
And my innards shiver,
You smile when I cover my fly!
--- Allen Wolverton

When you sat, it was suddenly plain
That my intellect's gone down the drain.
I was struck out of breath;
My voice had a small death.
Your Heaven's Gate wipe out my brain!
--- Allen Wolverton

This is sort of what lightning bugs do;
Warm summer evenings, they flash ring-dang-doo;
'Tis their signal to start
And here's ours, dear heart;
Saddle up, babe, we're long overdue!
--- Allen Wolverton

Let me stick my hand in your bush --
Come now, my darling, don't push!
I'll capture your bird
'Cause, sweetheart, my word!
You have such a beautiful tush!
--- Marlene Lewis

The Bermuda Triangle, I think,
Is dangerous clear to its brink.
But seeing it bare
In a young lady's hair,
It's the place where I'd most like to sink!
--- Lance Payne P8601

Wrote pollster George Billingsly Blaine:
"Most men prefer sex in the main;
A male referendum
Ranked parted pundendum
Far higher than booze or cocaine."
--- Armand E Singer 196a

There was a young lady from Flushing;
Her manner was girlish and gushing;
When she stood on her head
In her nightie, she said:
"You can't seem my face but I'm blushing!"
--- Travis Brasell

The boldness that I now discover
In Playboy -- I may not recover.
For they show pubic hair --
But I fear they don't dare
To display a bouquet on the cover.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2017

There once was a coach they called Lance,
Who never left winning to chance.
His cheerleaders had knockers
They'd shake at the blockers,
And then cartwheel while wearing no pants.
--- Bob Birch P0900

The wind caught the dress of Miss Rand,
Exposing her organ so grand.
A young man saw her plight
And set matters aright,
When he covered her snatch with his hand.
--- Albin Chaplin

My brother's new wife's name of Dawn;
She's cute -- innocent as a fawn.
But I'm here to say
Each and every day,
He woke up at the real crack of Dawn.
--- Anon

The night was almost gone;
I opened my eyes with a yawn.
I was quite amazed
With her thighs on my face;
I was seeing the crack of Dawn.
--- VOL 7 a

A cunt is a thing of great beauty,
When viewed in the crotch of a cutie.
But the same cunt's a bust
And is viewed with disgust,
When the lady is homely and fruity.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0394

This is file bdl

Said a pretty young whore of Hong Kong,
To a long-pronged patron named Wong,
"They say my vagina's
The nicest in China,
Don't ruin it by donging it wrong!"
--- L1019

While she lies on her back, legs asunder,
Her crack is an object of wonder.
She shows it to me,
Being Aussie, you see,
'Cause she know that I like it down under.
--- Michael Horgan

In Maryland, there is a honey
Who spreads her cute cunt when it's sunny,
Or snowing or raining;
The scent has guys straining
To give her a lick, boff, and money!
--- Travis Brasell

At the Circus, the midget named Pine,
Married the fat lady Maude Hine.
And that night full of glee,
He cried, "Holy Gee!
Enough for ten men and all mine!"
--- Clarence E Boyle P8711

Sue said to her neighbor's young son,
"Would you take my dog Rex for a run?"
He said, "Any day
With your dog I would play;
With your pussy I'd have much more fun."
--- Arnie Schoenbrun P0410

A vagina, the organ of Venus,
Looks soft and inviting between us.
But that's enough looking
Get on with the fucking,
Wishing fucking good luck to our genus.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

Your golden ponanny, I'll woo;
Gold is rare in a ring-a-dang doo.
How the sight makes me choke;
I'll still gently stroke;
All evening, I'll croon to it, too.
--- Allen Wolverton

When Katie is not celibate,
She knows the way to celebrate.
She does split handstandies
Without any panties,
And shouts out loud, "I'm feeling great!"
--- Archie

"My goodness! Your pussy is gorgeous!
Let me gaze at it a little more -- just!
Spread your legs in the air
And I will just stare,
And I promise I won't cause any more fuss."
--- John Chastaine

One day at the beach, it was sunny.
Lying down was a curvy beach bunny.
Her swimsuit, cut high,
Revealed lots of thigh,
And I spied just the edge of her cunny.
--- Al Willis TP9806

O, my love's a bonnie red rose
Newly sprung from her dropped panty-hose...
Her petals be-dewed
Arouse me when viewed,
In that florescent labial pose.
--- Anon

There once was a maid from Morocco,
Who dated a sex freak named Paco.
He said, "Wait here please,
I need lettuce and cheese,
'Cause your snatch looks just like a taco!"
--- Anon

There were two young brothers named Pakenham,
Intrigued by the way girls were stackin' 'em.
But a girl got them hot
By exposing her twat,
So they unzipped their flies to start whackin' 'em.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1888

A Maiden from the South of France
Traveled occasionally without her pants.
When walking and talking,
All about her were gawking;
The men were all thinking "Romance."
--- Jim Weaver Collection

The ex of Miss North Carolina
Has pics of her boobs and vagina.
He wanted a fortune
Obtained by extortion;
He ought to be kicked clear to China.
--- Dr Limerick 09-08-02

Though the area denoted as pubic,
Doesn't take so much space in the cubic,
It's a double-dyed cinch
It gets more interest per inch,
From all but the prudes and cherubic.
--- Grand Prix Lim 774

A posh girl namaed Tabitha Vickers,
Wore her fur coat without any knickers.
Her soft furry mink
Caused young men to wink,
And ask if she'd like them to lick 'ers.
--- Jayne

When she sat down, I started to watch;
My eyes went direct to her crotch.
I spied her enchanties,
For she wore no panties,
And the view, I must say, was topnotch!
--- Al Willis

A comely masseuse known as Nancy
Was struck by a lewd passing fancy.
She lubed up with hot oil,
Brought herself to a boil,
All the while wearing no pantsy,

In a flat just north of Delancey.
--- Big Little Playoy Lims

Mighty proud of her snatch was Miss Datchett.
For hours she would just sit and scratch it,
And say with a smile,
"It has tone, it has style;
There ain't many snatches to match it."
--- G0305

Cold weather, when it's in the minuses,
Is hell on a guy's aging sinuses;
If you need a spot
To keep your nose hot,
A twat's the best place; at least Dinah's is.
--- Anon

For sinus relief from Miss Powell,
I covers me head with a towel.
My breathing improves
With her pelvis moves,
Unleashing the steam from her bowel.
--- Anon

Across from me Katherine sits
With her dusky brown body and tits.
She has long brunette hair,
Golden thighs and just there
(As a contrast) pink labial bits.
--- Peter Wilkins

Limericks are often quite cute,
Mention parts other rhymes do not suit.
For bollocks and titties
Don't fit other ditties,
Which reminds me, your quim is a beaut!
--- Prof M-G

An outrageous young lady named Kyle
Likes to flirt in a whimsical style:
She'll depanty, it's said,
And then stand on her head,
To display her most quimsical smile.
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

A girl with magnificent tits,
When dancing would wiggle her hips.
A wonderful flirt,
She'd lift up her skirt
And exhibit her sensuous lips.
--- Bertie

A curious thing, the vagina;
Besides being a lovely recliner,
It has lips that don't talk,
And goes 'squish' when you walk,
But I can't think of anything finer!
--- Lims For Year - 01

On the table I do pound and beat!
I drool! This sight is so sweet!
She makes my prick stir,
By "taking my picture";
Mons veneris teases my meat!
--- Anon

The planets most beautiful cunt
Adorns the world's ungliest runt.
But Oh, she seem fair
When you cock is in there,
And only when spent are you stunned.
--- Hendrik van Oordt

I once knew a nice girl from Spain
Whose knickers got wet in the rain.
For wearing so little,
And the water's transmittal,
I thanked her again and again.
--- C M

A well-built young girl of Fort Knox,
Was rugged and strong as an ox.
When she wrestled, fans booed
For her wrestling was crude,
But they all loved to look at her box.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2061

Without panties went Kate somewhat late,
To the cat show where entries were great.
There were three judges wise,
And they gave the first prize
To the pink pussy shown there by Kate.
--- Albin Chaplin

The panties of old spinster Tweek
Dropped down in a mishap unique.
At a twat exhibition,
'Twas judged mint condition
And it won the first prize for antique.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-1399

Our office "girl" was, if you please,
Promoted with promptness and ease.
She straddled her box
Atop the Xerox
And sent copies to all the VP's.
--- Richard E Buenger P8209