When Hortense came into full bloom,
Her bristles were worse than a broom.
As I buried my head,
I could swear a voice said:
"You be Livingstone, now I presume?"
--- Frank Sfa

Hortense sounds a little like Betty
Who's shaggier still than a yeti;
To tackle her growth,
You would surely need both
A pith helmet and jungle machete.
--- Peter Wilkins

An Eskimo maiden named Horner,
Was inspecting her puss-in-a-corner.
She said, "Jesus, what hair!
It looks like a bear.
If papa goes by, I'm a goner!"
--- G0362

There was a young lady named Duff,
With a lovely, luxuriant muff.
In his haste to get in her,
One eager beginner
Lost both of his balls in the rough.
--- L1159

A stalwart old fellow named Hatch
Made love to a maid with dispatch.
She was charming and merry
But her cunt was so hairy,
That he lost his toupee in her snatch.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0711

This hooker was hurt by the slurs
Of those mocking parts that were hers;
They claimed that her snatch
Lay buried in thatch,
And johns lost their way in the furs.
--- Armand E Singer 560

A hair loving fellow named Murray,
Has screwed all the women of Surrey;
He deplored the whole lot
Who had shaven their twat,
But he cherished the ones that were furry.
--- Cap'n Bean P0800

A rugged old captain named Schwartz
Carried cargoes abroad of all sorts.
At each port he got laid,
And a mattress he made
From the cunt hairs of whores of the ports.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0604

The cunt hair profuse of Miss Steiner
Was better than steel and much finer
For it fashioned a net,
The strongest one yet,
Which captured a whale and a liner.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0623

A raunchy fellow from Zig Zag (OR)
Kept pubic hairs in a big bag.
Some fur and some fluff,
From each lady's muff,
The stench of it would make a pig gag.
--- Larry Davis P8805

In the beauty salon at Fort Flavier,
One observes some eccentric behavior:
Said one girl, "I don't care
For my straight pussy hair.
I came in to have it made wavier."
--- Grand Prix Lim 71 G2338

Penelope Fortescue-Smythe;
Your body is lissom and lithe.
But frankly your quim
Is in need of a trim,
With no less of a tool than a scythe.
--- Anon

Penelope Fortescue-Smythe
'Bout personal hygiene was blithe.
If there was hair tax,
Then these are the facts:
She'd have to pay more than a tithe.
--- Anon

The scything is merely foreplay
'Cause Penny is no easy lay.
For when one is done
And ready for fun,
She starts them on baling her hay.
--- Anon

Penelope thinks it is weird,
To take tools to trim at her beard.
I said to her: "Pen,
It's puts off some men,
But, like sheep, I like 'em unsheared."
--- Anon

Lucinda was certainly hairy;
Her bush was so thick it was scary.
For a man to attack her,
He'd need a Weed Whacker;
So it's unlikely she'll lose her cherry!
--- Anon

There was a young lady named Betty
Whose hair was as dense as spaghetti,
And her pussy was hairier,
But this was not a barrier
For the man with an ax or machete.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0402

A singer named Ursula Grevil
Had a lousy affair with the Devil.
Her bush was so thick,
It obstructed his prick,
So he sent for the Barber of Seville.
--- Jim Weaver Collection

A girl who had a big thatch
Of pubic hair right on her snatch,
Said, "What I most crave
Is a really close shave,
So I don't have to itch and to scratch."
--- Anon

A hairy young lady was Kay;
Her cunt hair grew faster than hay.
She was fucked by a lush,
Who got lost in the brush,
And he's never been found to this day.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0496

For blondes, though, I'll still play the clown,
Or auburn, brunette or just brown.
But kinky and black
Seems to mount an attack,
That drives me to wish I could drown.
--- Anon

A hirsute young maiden named Doris
Had a practical lover named Morris,
Who would sigh "Oh I swear
I could kiss you right there,
But I can't see the trees for the forres'."
--- Gordon & Eisenberk P8203

A smart strip-teaser, Silky Khundt,
Is well-stacked in back and in front.
Her labial hirsuteness
Accents her cuteness,
For her fur piece you'll not have to hunt.
--- Ed Wolfert P8302

I don't like the hair of a beast
To greet me, no not in the least.
Not having to chop
Through a lifetime of crop,
And jungles of bush for my feast.
--- Anon

And I do not like it so smooth
That it reminds me of a youth.
I want it between;
Gals know what I mean;
A little bush can really soothe.
--- Anon

I used to go streaking on dares;
The police used to chase me when bare.
One day I got caught;
Barbed wire it was thought.
Now I shave my vagina with care.
--- Dudesdead

There's an unbroken babe from Toronto,
Exceedingly hard to get onto,
But when you get there,
And have parted the hair,
You can fuck her as much as you want to.
--- L0108

I love a young pussy all dewey,
But pubics galore makes 'em chewey.
And pubies last sound
Before hitting the ground,
Goes something like this one: Patooie!
--- Irish

If you'll take a quick peek down beneath
You'll spy a luxuriant wreath
Of hair that's like wire
Or rare species of briar --
Oh-so-useful for picking one's teeth!
--- Robin K Willoughby P8601 a

Though the Boers on South Africa's veldt
Perhaps don't appear very svelte,
Those sexy Boer dollies,
They sure get their jollies
When the Boers poke their pricks in their pelt.
--- Grand Prix Lim 28 G0214

A cadre of hippie coeds
Were natural freaks and potheads.
They didn't shave pits,
Spurned bras for their tits,
And rolled all their pubes into dreads.
--- H Welchel a

Both redheads and blondes, at the crown
Are silky and fine. Still I frown
With my cheeks in blonde muff,
'Cause it's scratchy and rough,
While a redhead is lighter than down.
--- Anon

The dark pubic hair of young Sadie,
Is the longest you'll find on a lady.
You must guess at the angle,
When you push through that tangle,
But once there, the surroundings are shady.
--- Isaac Asimov

This is file avl

There is an old maid from North Derry
Whose snatch is incredibly hairy.
Though she trims without ceasing,
Her fur keeps increasing!
I fear that she never will marry.
--- Magyar

A bald girl who had a big thatch
Of pubic hair covering her snatch
Said, "What I most crave
Is a really close shave,
So my bald head and snatch will then match.
--- Anon

To his girl, a young fellow named Flock
Said, "Show me a fine curly lock
Of that beautiful hair,
From between your legs bare,
And I'll show you the knob of my cock."
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0144

That Suzy did sport quite a thatch;
The hair on her head was no match.
Right after the plunge,
It would act like a sponge,
Thus avoiding the evil wet patch.
--- Anon

The whimsy of Constable Trent,
He follows with filthy intent:
For he's stuffing a chair
With the curly cunt hair
Of the unfaithful housewives of Kent.
--- Grand Prix Lim 59 G2535

"First we gather the cunt hair," said Ford,
"From ten thousand girls, quite a hoard.
Then it's dried and compressed
Shaped, cut, and dressed.
And that's how we make beaverboard."
--- Michael Weinstein P8601a

I love your tongue making those swirls,
And twisting around making twirls.
And this time I'll trim.
Some hairs from my quim,
So your teeth won't get stuck in my curls.
--- Anon

There once was a woman from Surrey,
Plagued with a bum that was furry.
She'd wax it and pluck it
And then tried to tuck it
In places that caused her to worry.
--- Annie Jay

There once was a Queen of Bulgaria,
Whose bush had grown hairier and hairier,
'Till a Prince from Peru
Who came up for a screw
Had to hunt for her cunt with a terrier.
--- L0138

A destitute trapper was Skinner;
His catch was so poor he got thinner.
He set off in pursuit
Of the beaver hirsute,
To provide him with warmth and a dinner.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2306

Now snatches, there are a gazillion.
Why is it that men love Brazilian?
For that slim landing strip
Good waxers to rrr-rip
Out the bucks, and they make near a million.
--- SFA

This Colette to whom you were attended
Was so fucking hirsutely pudended;
My intentions made known,
I'm left holding my bone;
Not quite sure which end I intended.
--- Anon

Confession is good for the soul.
I admit that I've dreamed of a hole,
That was not round but square,
And had silky green hair,
So thick it was like a mink stole.
--- Anon

There was a young fellow named Jones,
Whose fiancee had prominent bones,
And more than her share
Of superfluous hair
Around her erogenous zones.
--- G0371

This portal beplumed with it's thatch,
Yields to entrants so flawless a match,
That few males, to be sure,
Can resist its allure,
When offered so snary a hatch.
--- Bob Giandomenico

An ornithologist named Mary,
Had a cunt excessively hairy.
'Midst the bramblous thatch
That covered her snatch,
Roosted three owls, a duck, and canary.
--- Jim Weaver Collection a

There was a young lady named Wong
Whose cunt hair was thick and so strong,
That workmen were able
To fashion a cable,
For constructing a bridge a mile long.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2394

A talented weaver named Lou
Gave up weaving, but took up in lieu
The making of string
From the hairs on her thing
Which she braided while perched on the loo.
--- Theo Heller P9112

There once was a girl named Louise
Whose cunt-hair hung down to her knees.
The crabs in her twat
Tied the hair in a knot,
And constructed a flying trapeze.
--- L1468

A lock-keeper's lass in Upavon,
Had locks that were black as a raven;
On her head they were straight,
But they curled near the gate
Which led to her innermost haven.
--- Harold C Bibby

The beaver of hot-pantied Pearl,
Incredibly just didn't curl.
When a hot-handed date
Said, "Your twat hair's so straight!"
She suggested he give it a twirl.
--- Playboy Mag J F O'Conner

The peach fuzz of young Miss McSweeney
Curls out from her teeny bikini.
It's a glorious sight,
To be viewed with delight,
And it stirs even grandpappy's weenie.
--- Grand Prix Lim 742 G0394

There was a hairdresser named Pierre,
Who dressed a girl's hair in his chair.
And he dressed it so nice
For a nominal price,
That she asked him to dress her affair.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2229

So Pierre with a feeling of bliss
Went to work on the cunt of this miss.
And he dressed it so fine
With his skillful design,
That it reached out and gave him a kiss.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2230

There was a girl named Yeti
Who's cunt hair was thick as spaghetti.
The crabs in her twat
Tied her hair in a knot;
And to get in you had to use a machete.
--- Anon

A lazy young girl named McGlore
Trimmed her pussy fur often, below her.
For she got up quite late,
And her hair was so straight
That putting in curlers was a bore.
--- G2413

A strident fem libber, DeVries,
Had cunt hair that hung to her knees.
It was good to shine brass,
Or for wiping her ass,
And the crabs used it for a trapeze.

(The crabs in her twat, Tied the hair in a knot,)
--- Anon

A fastidious hairdresser named Hatch
Prepared a girl's hair with dispatch.
It looked neat and so prim
That she asked him to trim
The hair on her pussy to match.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-2102

Women are devious I fear,
With their sly, man-trapping weir.
They should, I submit,
Have tattooed near their clit:
"Abandon hope, ye who enter here."
--- John K Roberts P9302

A fussy young lady named Brinkage,
When fucking, would raise a big stinkage.
But a simple mechanic
Avoided a panic
By adjusting the stops on her linkage.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0061

A lady now living in Brighton,
Erotic sensations to heighten,
Used a Mountain Dew bottle
As a dildo full throttle.
Now she douches with alum to tighten.
--- Arnie Schoenbrun

An intrepid explorer named Barr
Once encountered a pussy bizarre.
Though at times he did bungle
And got lost in the jungle,
Yet this cunt beat the jungle by far.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0391

An erection she called a hard "woodie,"
And her foot she has labeled her "foodie."
Seems her office computer
Has been dubbed her "puter,"
And her twat she has christened her "poodie."
--- Bob Birch

A fussy old plumber named Bokum
Would not stand for fooling or hokum.
Before diddling a whore
With an oversize bore,
He would carefully caulk her with oakum.
--- Albin Chaplin 3024-0651